Vanier Intercom November 21, 2011



Vanier Intercom November 21, 2011
Volume M9, Issue No. 14, November 21, 2011
Intercom is published regularly and serves to inform Vanier staff and teachers of notices and special events. It is posted on the Vanier College Website and distributed
electronically. Submissions should be sent to inte[email protected] Submissions should be in WORD, and sent as an attachment. No formatting or bullets. Deadline:
4:00 p.m. on the Wednesday preceding publication.
Peer Tutoring Course
Institutional Development and Research Office
The Peer Teaching course is a special B-Block English course (603HS course) open to students in all programs and offered every
winter semester. Every fall, I recruit students with strong English
language skills who are interested in learning how to tutor/teach
and help other students. This course is an opportunity for
exceptional students to gain valuable pedagogical experience
while also obtaining a B-Block (603-HS) English grade. Please
encourage motivated and interested students in your classes to
apply for my course by Friday, November 25, 2011. The students
who apply must have already taken two English courses and
passed them with a grade of 75% or over. Furthermore, they
must be students who have yet to complete a B-Block English
course. Application forms are available at my office (N-554) and
at the Dean’s office (B-208). The applicants will be interviewed in
early December and will be selected according to their level of
excellence, commitment, and responsibility.
ARC (Association pour la Recherche au Collégial) is pleased to
announce that it is offering a workshop (in French) to those who
wish to apply for a PAREA (Programme d’Aide à la Recherche sur
l’Enseignement et l’Apprentissage) grant. The workshop will be
held online on December 15, 2011 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.
If you require additional information, please do not hesitate to
contact me at ext. 7271 or to send me an email at
[email protected] Thank you for your time and
«A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and
culture is like a tree without roots (Marcus Garvey) ».
Spiridoula Photopoulos, English Department
English Exit Exam Workshops
The English Department and The Learning Centre are holding
English Exit Exam workshops for any student who is writing the
English Exit Exam on December 14 . Please encourage your
students to attend at least one of these workshops, as they
provide valuable information in helping them prepare for the
exam. They will be held for the next three Wednesdays (Nov. 23,
Nov. 30 and Dec. 7), at 12:30 PM in A-320.
Kim Muncey, The Learning Centre
For more information about the workshop, you could go to (Note: there is an
underscore (_) between 3 and 1 as well as between 1 and
activites; or contact Pit F. Lan Chow Wing at 7513 or
[email protected] To register, write to [email protected] or
call 514- 843- 8491.
Pit F. Lan-Chow-Wing, Office of the Academic Dean
Contest: Black History Month Poster
For Black History Month, the Black Studies Major in conjunction
with the Positive and the Non-Stereotyped Minority
Representation Project are organizing a contest for students to
design a poster that will represent the true meaning of Black
History Month. The poster must reflect the valuable contribution
and positive role models of members of the Black community.
The deadline to submit your entry is Wednesday, November 23th,
2011 at Student Services C-203. The winner will receive a prize of
$400.00. In addition, the winning poster will be featured as the
2012 official Black History Month poster at Vanier College.
For more information, please contact: Danielle Altidor (7463) or
Mark Prentice (7652).
Danielle Altidor, French Department
Teaching Tip: Maintaining Your Enthusiasm for Teaching
As teachers, we’re use to how intense our work is and to its
certain rhythm – the exciting rush of the beginning of the
semester, the on-going development of lesson plans, the
adjustment to each new group of students with their own
dynamics, the pressure to keep-up with the marking, and so on.
Sometimes, though, after a couple of rough or extra-busy
semesters – or a decade of them – we feel worn out, and worst of
all, can lose our enthusiasm and passion for this work we usually
enjoy so much.
If you’re worried that you might be headed down that path, try
some of these detours, and be sure to check out some of the links
below, which will point you to a number of tried-and-true ways to
keep teaching enjoyable, despite the stress:
Try to plan your semester ahead of time
 Schedule correction time.
Shake things up
 If possible, ask to teach some different courses from
semester to semester, to avoid getting into a rut.
 Use some different texts, exercises, experiments, and so
on, so you’re not just going through the motions by the
time you’re teaching the same course for the fifth (or
fiftieth) time. Try to have fun while teaching. For
instance, try to make links between the course and
extracurricular activities you are passionate about –
connecting cooking with a chemistry course, anyone?
Schedule downtime
 Try to work in some physical activity. Exercise has huge
protective effects on our mental and physical health.
 Plan your assessment schedule so that you’re not
marking during every long weekend or all of the Reading
Week – spend some time with friends and family,
instead, and do something fun!
Keep your expectations realistic
 People who are perfectionist or pessimistic burn out
more easily - so aim to be a very-good-to-excellent
teacher, not a perfect one. And have the same
expectations of your students!
Make and maintain social connections
 Don’t wait for department meetings to get together with
your colleagues – hang out for coffee, lunch, or a
“meeting” at the R-building. Invite as many colleagues as
you can!
 Find colleagues on Facebook or other social media
 No matter how busy you get, make a little time to see
non-teacher friends.
Don’t be afraid to ask for help
 Talk to colleagues, come to the PDO, or take advantage
of our Employee Assistance Plan (514-231-5033 / 1-800-
667-2683) – it’s a confidential, third-party short-term
counseling service available to all Vanier employees.
Check out these great resources for avoiding burn-out, and leave
a comment here to share your own strategies.
See this and other Teaching Tips on the PDO web page.
Wilma Brown, Pedagogical Development Office (PDO)
Online Grade Submission for all Fall 2011 Semester – Day
Please note that the deadline is FRIDAY, DECEMBER 23, 2011,
All grades must be submitted online. You will receive a memo
summarizing the steps to follow in your OMNIVOX account.
If you need assistance using the Omnivox online system, please
contact Pierina Primiano at 7109 or Olga Mardas at 7124.
It is very important that all grades be submitted by the deadline
as the Registrar’s Office cannot determine those students in poor
academic standing nor graduate students until all the marks for
the semester have been entered.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
Thomas Ingerman, Registrar
Upcoming 2012 Scholarships
Top 20 Under 20 Scholarship for students who have
demonstrated a significant level innovation, leadership and
achievement but have not yet reached the age of 20
Toyota Earth Day Scholarship for students with great grades and
outstanding environmental commitment, community service, and
Future Aces Scholarship for students in financial need who
contribute to society through extensive volunteerism/community
Terry Fox Humanitarian Award for students who participate in
sport/fitness activities and engage in humanitarian
efforts/community service
Please note that students interested in receiving scholarship
information or help with their applications can see Joshua
0Joshua Berman, The Learning Centre
Critical Dates for Planning for 2012 – 2013
Sustainability in the curriculum at Vanier
Capital budget requests due Friday, January 27, 2012
Sustainability is thinking that our gestures and decisions have an
impact on the capacity of future generations to have a similar
quality of life as ours. This is fundamental in our role as educators
and this approach is applicable to nearly everything that is taught
Operational budgets due Wednesday, February 29, 2012
For procedure information ask your supervisor or coordinator or
consult Intercom September 5-9.
Bev Chandler, Vanier Communications
Academic Council Summary of Outcomes
Meeting November 11, 2011
• Motion passed that if Academic Council makes a
recommendation for additional Pedagogical Advisor
positions they come not at the expense of existing Academic
Advisor positions.
• Motion passed to approve changes to Academic Calendar in
light of cancellation of classes on Wednesday, November 9,
2011 due to student walkout.
Jonathan Goldman, Vanier Communications
Winter Biking workshop
If winter ever does show up we aim to make you ready. More
than ever, Vanier cyclists are braving the elements to come here
on bicycles, and by this time next year we should have a bicycle
path on Ste-Croix. Until then, why not try to cycle on those winter
days where it’s a little less cold and dry? If you are curious about
extreme commuting, come to our winter riding workshop. The
more experienced riders will benefit from sharing tips and tricks
with other seasoned cyclists. We will talk about bicycles and gear,
clothing, road choices, surfaces, lighting and riding techniques.
Winter biking is as fun and adventurous as it looks! November 23
from 12.30 to 1.30 PM in A-329.
Richard Dugas, Student Services
PDO Activity
Activity: Brown Bag Lunch
Wednesday, November 23, during Universal Break
12:30 – 2 p.m.
Board Room, F-216
Rubrics: Show and Tell
During the morning session of VCC Day, student representatives
made a specific request for teachers to use more rubrics. In the
afternoon, there was a workshop on using and designing rubrics.
As a follow up, the PDO would like to invite you to a brown bag
lunch about rubrics on Wednesday, November 23 in room F-216
during UB. If you have designed your own rubric, please bring an
electronic copy to share with others, or if you are simply curious
about how others are using rubrics, please just bring your
inquisitive self.
Wilma Brown, Pedagogical Development Office (PDO)
As an example, what is the pertinence of sustainability in
Nursing? At a very basic and little important level it is that the
Nursing Department has recycling boxes in their offices. At a
more advanced level, it might be that the students in Nursing find
out where the products they use come from, how they are
disposed of and of less taxing or wasteful alternatives. The real
meaning of sustainability, though, in the context of Nursing is
communicated at a much deeper level and has to do with the
fundamental base of the job: Nurses are care-givers and have a
social function to fulfill related to healing and prevention.
Analogies can be drawn between this role and the healing of our
planet. By understanding how their profession and the health
system relates to the health and healing of individuals and of our
society, the nurse has to approach his or her job as an engaged
citizen and understand the meaning of being a care-giver in a
broader global context. The links between the work our Nursing
students do on preventative medicine and their dynamic
outreach programs are demonstrated to them in a broader
societal context; they begin to understand inter-relationships
and see their role as linked and important to the future of our
society. Our graduates will start to see themselves as agents in
building a better world, not merely practitioners of a noble
profession. This is including sustainability in the curriculum
because it will help our students play a role in the ongoing debate
about the finances of healthcare. Fundamentally, we want these
students to see the big picture and to see themselves as actors,
not by-standers.
Sustainability means taking account of the social, economic and
environmental when making decisions, starting projects or
deciding how to deal with a problem. Vanier has a duty to
communicate this to our students. Let me just ask you now, how
do we do this together?
Richard Dugas, Student Services
Vanier College Choir To Perform Handel’s Messiah on
Friday, December 2nd at Église St. Laurent
This year’s eagerly awaited performance of Handel’s Messiah,
conducted by Philippe Bourque, will feature eight student singers
as well as two alumni singers accompanied by trumpets, double
bass, keyboard instruments and percussion. The performance
will be held on Friday, December 2 at 7:30pm at Église St.
Laurent (suggested donation $10). The imposing poster for the
event was designed by Pierre Grosjean, one of Joan Fee Taylor’s
students in the Micropublishing and Hypermedia Program. Do
come and join us for this celebratory concert.
Nadia Turbide, Music Department
Change of date for OPEN HOUSE 2012 – Revisited!
Update on Ste-Croix construction project
Thank you for your feedback.
Update on Ste-Croix Construction Project
After meeting with the city last week regarding the construction
project on Ste-Croix, I have be informed that the project will be
completed December 16 , as scheduled.
Note, due to open houses in other cegeps the date proposed is
now SATURDAY afternoon November 3, 2012. The change is
proposed for two reasons:
To permit publicity reaching English High Schools for the
Vanier Open House. We now do not meet these key
feeder schools until AFTER our Open House is held
To avoid road construction in front of the college
scheduled for August to October 2012
Two considerations have been brought forward from last week’s
Intercom notice: Admissions staff expect to be inundated with
Winter 2013 admissions work later in November and prefer this
early November date as the lesser of two evils, while Music
teachers object to the overlap with their auditions for Winter
2013 applicants and recommend staying with the mid-October
If you have any other thoughts, objections, considerations or
comments on this change please contact Annabelle Kennedy (F229) x7553, [email protected] or myself (F-229,
x7543 [email protected]
We still expect to announce this change to cegeps and high
schools before the end of the month.
Bev Chandler, Vanier Communications
Pentagon: Galerie Henry Lehmann Gallery
The upcoming exhibition at the Galerie Henry Lehnman Gallery,
Pentagon, will run through the week of November 21-25 and the
vernissage will take place on Wednesday, November 23 during
Universal Break. The show will feature the following artists:
Matthieu Guilbault "Insert Title Here" Mixed Media
Nairie Manoukian "Staying In" Individual Pieces: "Sit" "Dine"
"Relax" "Have A Drink" "Enjoy"Graphite Pencil on Carson
Illustration Board
Lauren Toutikian "The Bench" Mixed Media: oak wood, MDF
panels, fabric, 2 inch cushion, dark brown stain.
Anthony Perrotta "Pleonexia" Mixed Media: watercolor, ink,
pencil on paper.
Bianca Ambrosino "Self Portrait: Realism" "Self Portrait: Cubism"
"Self Portrait: Futurism" "Self Portrait: Pop Art" Acrylic paint
Please join us in the gallery, room B-305.
Dan Stefik, Communications, Art, Media and Theatre
The next phase of construction for this project is scheduled for
May 2012. Unfortunately, we have just learned that HydroQuebec will be renovating infrastructure between Cote-Vertu and
De l’église on the east side of the road during this coming winter.
This project should not fully block access to Ste-Croix, but may
cut down one lane northbound.
Winter Awareness
Winter is finally here and with that additional steps must be
taken to ensure the safety of the Vanier community and the
continuation of College operations. Please review the following
Winter safety guidelines.
1) Make sure to close all windows before leaving an office,
classroom or lab that you may be using. Leaving
windows open may cause water pipes to freeze resulting
in a flood.
2) If you find areas near entrances of the College which are
slippery or may be dangerous, please report it to
Security (ext. 7575) so that steps can be taken to ensure
everyone’s safety.
3) If you notice the formation of dangerous icicles around
the College, please report it to security (ext.7575) so that
appropriate measures can taken.
Thank you for helping us make Vanier College a safer community.
Loïc Boyer, Security Services
Reminder to All Staff and Faculty Members
We are again asking all Staff and Faculty members to please
return all borrowed items to the Library, before the end of the
semester. Furthermore, due to an increased demand for audiovisual material, Faculty may preview material for a short period
before use in class but are asked to please return the material
promptly. Many thanks for your cooperation in this matter.
Deirdre Blick, Circulation Coordinator
Retiree Cocktail Reception Postponed
Please note that the Cocktail Reception originally scheduled for
November 24, 2011 to honour this past year’s retirees and to
honour employees celebrating 20 years of service at the college
has been postponed to a later date.
Silvana Cannatelli, Director General’s Office
Vanier Life Photo Credits
I’d like to apologize to Pam Espinosa whose name was spelled
incorrectly in the list of credits for photography in Vanier Life.
Pam takes terrific photos and I want her to get proper credit for
her photographic contribution to the latest issue.
The time for the PAREA (Programme d’Aide à la Recherche sur
l’Enseignement et l’Apprentissage) grant application workshop
was incorrectly listed in the previous edition of Intercom
(November 14, 2011). The correct time is 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.
Marguerite Corriveau, Vanier Communications
Jonathan Goldman, Vanier Communications

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