the 2016/2017 educational programs brochure!



the 2016/2017 educational programs brochure!
2016/2017 order form
Registration is due on or before Oct. 31, 2016.
Space is limited, and early registration is recommended.
Full payment is due by December 16, 2016.
YOung People’s concerts
Link Up: A Program of Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute
Morihiko Nakahara
Music Director
A K-12 In-School Program
The Orchestra Moves!
February 7-8, 2017 | 9:45 and 11:15 a.m. | Koger Center for the Arts
Contact Person
School Street Address
Your school can “adopt” one of our
professional musicians for clinics,
sectionals, presentations, concerts,
and more!
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Adopt-A-Musician is an opportunity for S.C.
Phil musicians to work with your students in the
classroom, with a presentation tailored to the age
of your students. Our musicians can:
School District (if applicable)
select a Concert date & time:
Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2017
◯9:45 a.m. ◯11:15 a.m.
Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2017
◯9:45 a.m. ◯11:15 a.m.
Student seats
Teacher/chaperone seats
Wheelchair seats*
Total seats
$5.25 x total seats =
Groups of 200 or more $4.75/seat
Recorders may be purchased from the S.C. Phil for $2.50 each.
Cancellations/exchanges may only be made before payment.
We request that wheelchair seats be used only by guests in wheelchairs.
Payment method:
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I’d like additional information about:
◯Adopt-a-Musician ◯S.C. Phil Youth Orchestras Program
◯Aesop’s Fables/Carnival of the Animals
Detach form and submit via either:
Mail: S.C. Philharmonic Education Programs
500 Taylor St., Suite 300, Columbia, SC 29201
Email: [email protected]
• perform for or with your students,
The South Carolina Philharmonic is excited to present The Orchestra Moves!
This interactive program provides students in grades 3-5 the opportunity to learn about music
by connecting, and performing, with the S.C. Phil during concerts in February 2017.
By any definition, music moves.
Melody, rhythm, and harmony all change, shift, and
develop. When the S.C. Phil plays for us, we may
notice more than one kind of movement. On the
outside, we can hear sounds move as the musicians
change their pitches, rhythms, and dynamics. We
can see the musicians’ bodies move as they play. On
the inside, we may feel our emotions moving and
changing in response to the music we hear.
Sometimes music might even create a sense of
physical movement as sounds become heavier or
lighter, rise up or tumble down. Through the Link Up
repertoire, hands-on activities, and a culminating
interactive performance with the S.C. Phil, we’ll
discover how the orchestra moves!
• help them prepare for concerts by leading rehearsals/sectionals,
• or present about the life of a professional musician.
Schools that adopt a musician are able to receive
special discounted tickets to select S.C. Phil
concerts and can visit a rehearsal to see “their”
musician in action, and meet Music Director
Morihiko Nakahara.
In the fall, teachers are provided with the repertoire
students will perform by singing and/or playing the
recorder (above, right) or violin, a teacher guide, and a
resource guide for each participating student.
The cost is $5.25 per person. Groups of 200+ are $4.75
per person. This fee covers concert admission and the
teacher/student resource guides. Recorders may be
purchased from the S.C. Phil for $2.50 each.
To register, use the registration form to the left, call 803.771.7937, email [email protected]
For Additional details: and
The base cost to hire a musician is $350. Cost
will vary depending on the amount of time
the musician is needed and amount of travel
required. Contact the S.C. Phil at 803.771.7937 or
[email protected] for details.
• Rehearsal attendance. Each ensemble rehearses on Sunday afternoons.
• The participation fee is $220 per student.
Visit for audition and program
information. Contact Youth Orchestras Manager
[email protected],
or the S.C. Phil office
at 803.771.7937 or
[email protected] for details.
2016/2017 concert schedule
Koger Center for the Arts
Sunday, Nov. 13, 2016 (3:30)
Sunday, Feb. 5, 2017 (3:30)
Sunday, April 30, 2017 (3:30)
Ticket sales begin one hour before each concert.
Just $10 for adults or $5 for students/children!
Seating is general admission.
Two traveling, age-appropriate
educational programs that serve as an
introduction to the symphony orchestra
– with a theatrical twist.
Aesop’s Fables
Written for orchestra and narrator, local
composer Richard Maltz brings to life through
music a collection of stories passed down for
many generations. Aesop’s Fables introduces
the instruments of the orchestra and teaches
students about basic musical elements such as
melody, harmony, and rhythm. Your students can
create artwork to be displayed at the performance
to complement each story: “The Hare and the
Tortoise,” “The Fox and the Grapes,” “The Ants and
the Grasshopper,” “The Oak and the Reeds,” and
“The Milkmaid and her Pail.”
Carnival of the Animals (Pictured)
Composed by Camille SaintSaëns, this piece has been
widely used to introduce
children to classical music.
From the majestic lion to
an aquarium full of fish,
each movement highlights
animal characteristics with
music. Students will have
an opportunity to create
artwork to be displayed at the performance to
complement the music.
Contact the S.C. Phil at
[email protected] for pricing information.
Morihiko Nakahara | Music Director
K-5 In-School Programs
• Students are selected by audition. Auditions take place each spring.
carnival of the animals
500 Taylor Street, Suite 300
Columbia, SC 29201
Educational Programs
Participation requirements:
• Students must participate in their school music program (if one is available).
Founded in 1964, the S.C. Philharmonic Youth
Orchestras program offers an opportunity for
string, wind, brass, and percussion players from
across the Midlands to rehearse and perform
together in our three youth orchestras: the String
Orchestra (age 8 and up), Repertory Orchestra
(grades 7-12/intermediate full symphony),
and Youth Orchestra (grades 9-12/advanced
full symphony). The orchestras perform three
concerts a year (see below).
Aesop’s Fables
South Carolina Philharmonic
Youth orchestras
String, Repertory, and Youth Orchestras