10-25-12 Winter Coats and Cold Weather Style



10-25-12 Winter Coats and Cold Weather Style
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Volume 7 Week 43
October 25, 2012
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Winter Coats and Cold Weather Style
A winter coat can be quite an investment. Wouldn’t you like to know the
coat you’ll wear all season is the most flattering one for you? It’s true--when you
wear a flattering style you really “up” your style quotient. It is also true the wrong
one will make you appear out of proportion and sloppy.
Whether you need a winter coat or only a cold-season jacket,
let’s find your best styles!
Fit is it! Fit is everything when it comes to looking good in your
winter coat. Don’t settle for less than a good fit. Alter, if needed.
Use these guidelines to find your best fit in a winter coat or jacket:
1. Shoulders. This is the most critical area of a coat or jacket. The shoulders
seams must come to the edge of your shoulders. Slight padding is fine, but
women with larger shoulders should avoid heavy padding. If a coat does
not fit correctly in the shoulders—put it back. This type of alteration is too
expensive and you are better off finding one that fits right in the shoulders.
2. Vertical seams. Choose a coat with vertical seams (princess seams). It
will always give you a more defined look vs. a boxy style (that is usually
3. Tapered waist. When a jacket or coat is tapered or nipped at the waist, it
gives your shape definition. This is always a plus for a woman’s shape!
4. Skimming fit. The right fitting coat will let you raise your arms and
reach forward and still have enough room in the shoulders, back and
chest. A Coat should button up (even if you never plan on wearing it
buttoned) easily—not too baggy and not pulling.
5. Armholes. The armholes should come up comfortably under the arms for
the leanest look. High armholes (may fit a bit snug) but should be
comfortable and will help lengthen your torso and slenderize your
arms too! Armholes and sleeves should not be baggy—if they are, try a
smaller size or another style of coat.
6. Check the coat’s stance. This term refers to where the buttons and
lapel meet in front on the chest. Average to tall women look nice with a
longer v-neck stance. Petite women look more attractive in a jacket with a
higher stance.
7. Arm length. Length should be long enough for a sleeved shirt. Usually
just past your wrist’s knuckle bone.
8. Length. This is where a full-length mirror (preferably a 3-way mirror) is
your best friend. Stand in front of a full-length mirror and try on different
lengths (cropped, short, hipbone length and long past the bottom) and see
what flatters you most. Avoid coat hemlines that stop at the widest
area between your hip and bottom.
The BIG trend this season is wearing a winter coat in a vibrant COLOR!!!
What color tickles your fancy???
Here’s a run down on coat lengths:
Cropped jackets and coats. These are at or below the waist to midhipbone. Cropped jackets are very feminine with princess seams and darts.
This type of style can help SYSters with heavier bottoms by filling out the
top half of the body. For those with thicker torsos a cropped jacket can add
definition to your waist. Try on a variety of lengths in a cropped jacket to find
the right length for you. A cropped jacket style is great for a petite too
because of the shorter length adds leg length (making you appear taller). One
obvious draw back to a cropped jacket is if you live in a very cold climate you
bottom will get cold fast! Cropped styles are best for milder days or climates.
Add a casual “edgy” vibe to anything you wear with this
moto-style jacket below!
Steve Madden Faux-Leather Moto Jacket
Helly Hansen Insulated Jacket
Dollhouse Plus Size Trendy Plaid Moto Jacket (1x-3x)
Peplum jackets. Need waist definition? Try on a peplum-style of jacket. It is
fitted to the waist and then flares out below with a skirted style. It can give
you ‘instant’ waist definition. This is a nice classic style that goes well with
both skirts and pants. You may also be able to find this style available in a
winter coat.
INC Lace Peplum Band Collar Jacket from Macys
Longer jackets. Lengths that go past your bottom and are fingertip length
(where your fingertips rest at your sides) also called mid-thigh coats. These
are universally flattering.
Keep in mind when selecting a longer jacket: the taller you are the longer the
length you can wear. If petite, only wear jackets and coats to the knee or
Preston & York Point-Collar Pant Coat (sizes 4-16)
Michael Kors Double Breasted Leopard Short Trench (s-xl)
London Fog Plus Size Coat w/ Scarf (ox-3x)
For really chilly weather get a winter coat with added insulation...
Kenneth Cole Reaction Belted Puffer (xs-xl)
London Fog Coat, Faux Fur Lined Hooded Puffer
A classic pea-coat. (A-line and mid-thigh length) covers heavy bottoms
and thighs and also works well for women with thicker torsos by
minimizing. A pea coat will show off the legs and divert attention from any
problem areas.
Jessica Simpson Houndstooth Peacoat (s-xl)
Jessica Simpson Simple-Breasted Coat in 5 colors (s-xl)
Kenneth Cole Plus Size Peacoat (in 3 colors sizes 1x-3x)
A trench coat. A great classic style... try it in a bright color this season! This
belted style gives any woman a feminine hourglass shape. A typical trench
coat is at the knee and looks great on most body types.
The shorter you are; the shorter your trench coat should be. Avoid doublebreasted styles if your bust is on the full side...
Vince Camuto Double-Breasted Trench (xs-xl)
London Fog Water-Repellent Trench Coat (s-xl)
DKNY Plus Size Trench (in 4 colors, 1x-3x)
Body specific suggestions for winter coats:
Full bust. Single-breasted styles are your best style of coat or jacket. Avoid
high-buttoning coats and baggy-full styles at all costs. Look for single button
closures and v-necklines on your winter coats and cold-weather jackets.
Calvin Klein Belted Trench Coat (s-xl) (Misses: coat on left)
London Fog Woman Clip-front Rain Coat (1x-3x) (Plus size: coat on right)
Small bust. Double-breasted styles are best as well as coat styles that button
up higher on your torso.
Free People Coat
Higher buttoned styles are flattering for a smaller bust...
Calvin Klein Hooded Cape Jacket
Betsy Johson Coat, Bell-Sleeve Trapeze Mod
Bottom heavy. Styles with lots of detailing on the top half are great for you.
Double-breasted coats add fullness to your upper torso. Mid-thigh length is
good. Try empire styles (if not petite) because the A-line raised waist styles
are flattering on most bottom heavy SYSters.
Wide collars add visual width to the upper half of your body...
Kenneth Cole Coat Wool-blend Zipper Trench (2-14)
Petites. Look for fitted coats in shorter lengths. No coat should be longer
than your knees. Keep detailing to a minimum and select a style that is
somewhat simple in design. Too much of anything (like poofy fabric and too
much embellishments) overwhelms your shorter stature.
DKNY Petite Coat, Turnlock Wool Walker (2 colors, 2p-14p)
Once you nail down the best style for your body type...don’t forget
these following shopping tips to make sure your coat/jacket purchase is a
worthy investment:
1. Go with the classics. Knee-length classic styles that are tailored are best.
2.Think investment. This is a big purchase in the fall/winter, budget
3.Get a good fit. Higher armholes, smooth fit when closed make a BIG
4.Look behind you. Check out your “junk in the truck” and be sure the coat is
not riding up in the back or catching on said “junk”.
5. Check out the drape. Coats should not only button with ease; they should
fall in a straight line down showing that the coat is cut correctly with ample
6.Check the hem. If you wear skirts/dresses often, check how this coat length
will work with them.
7. Factor in layers! Consider the clothes you will normally wear underneath
and be sure to allow for layers worn underneath on a regular basis.
8.Have a seat. Sit and move around in your potential winter coat/jacket. Can
you move around well or does it pull? Can you easily put on and wear your
purse over your shoulder with this coat on?
Don’t forget to make your fall/winter style uniquely your own...
Last but not least, top off your winter coat or cold-season jacket with a variety of
beautiful scarves this season! No look is complete without a cool accessory to
bring attention to your fabulous style.
Love, Leslie MSP
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