April 2014 - Society of Cosmetic Chemists Midwest Chapter



April 2014 - Society of Cosmetic Chemists Midwest Chapter
April 2014 • Vol. XLVI No. 4
Next Event: April 9th
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The Midwest Chapter of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists
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Social NIght
April 8, 2014
April 9, 2014
2014 MWSCC Dinner
and Education
September 9
October 14
November 11
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Midwest Society of Cosmetic Chemists Teamworks 2014
“Meeting Market Demand: New Advances in Skin and Hair Care”
Keynote Speaker: Ethan G. Foster
Ethan G. Foster, founder & President of E.G. Foster Group, Inc. is a tour de force in the beauty
product industry. With over 30 years of experience in driving global & domestic sales and marketing operations, he has become a much respected figure for his ability to lead and transform companies.
Foster is a pioneer and expert in sales force automation and applied technology. He has gained
notable recognition as for generating the highest revenues in the Ethnic/Multicultural HBC industry
with $3 billion in sales. Foster‘s unique ability to build businesses from a concept to a success
has made him sought-after figure in the industry.
Foster attended the Queens College in New York, where he majored in Fine Arts. However, instead
of a career in the arts, as he’d planned, he began his career in Sales at J. Strickland, a leading
manufacturer of beauty care products for the African American consumer in the 1970s.
In 1980, Foster joined Soft Sheen Products, Inc. At the behest of Foster, Soft Sheen pushed their
products into the foreign market, Europe, Africa and Southern America, and this, along with the
introduction of the Care Free Curl brand. By 1989, Foster was at the helm of the company as Vice
President of Sales. Under his direction, Soft Sheen-Carson became the leading manufacturer in
the Ethnic HBC industry.
After the acquisition of Soft Sheen Carson by the L’Oréal Group in 1997, Foster was appointed to
serve as Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales for the new L’Oreal USA division, Soft SheenCarson through 2004. After leaving L’Oréal Group, he founded E.G. Foster Group, a firm specializing in CEO-level concerns and assisting established corporations and entrepreneurs in their
multinational consumer market ventures. Notable among the firm’s many success stories is Carol’s
Daughter LLC. Foster and his team developed and implemented a strategic business plan that
effectively grew Carol’s Daughter revenues significantly within four years, expanding distribution
to Sephora, Macys, Dillard’s, and independent Salons and Spas. During this time, he also launched
the Namaste Salon System to 4,000 salons in the USA, England and the Caribbean.
In addition to Soft Sheen’s boards, Foster has also served on the Board of Directors for the Behavior Research Association of Social Sciences (BRASS), Chairman of Operations Committee of
the American Health and Beauty Aids Institute, and is Vice Chairman of the National Association
of Special Market Agents (NASMA). He is also one of the founding members of the American
Health and Beauty Aids Institute.
Midwest Chapter
Board Members
Dusanka Colovic
[email protected]
Chair - Elect
Gina Cosby
[email protected]
Uma Kulkarni
[email protected]
Michael Mack
[email protected]
Treasurer - Elect
Nick Georges
[email protected]
Area II Directors
Perry Romanowski
[email protected]
Bart Maxon
[email protected]
House Chair
Abby Board
[email protected]
Program Co-Chairs
Debbie Zartler
Peggy Dorrance Bennett
[email protected]
Newsletter Editor
Janelle Asumang
[email protected]
Advertising Manager
Amit Ramakrishnan
[email protected]
National SCC Offices
For member address changes:
(212) 668-1500
Deep Thoughts by Duey....
Spring is finally here! Except, would
someone let Mother Nature know that?
Thankfully the weather cooperated for our
March monthly meeting and we were once
again treated to an exceptional presentation
with good food and great company. Jeff
Easley, Sr. Global Performance
Improvement Specialist from Stepan
Company gave an informative and
entertaining presentation on Hair Shampoo versus Laundry
Detergent. Mr. Easley did a wonderful job of breaking down the two
types of formulas and thoroughly explaining the different
components and their functions. Most formulators are now
expected to be knowledgeable in Home Care as well as Personal
Care and Mr. Easley’s presentation really was an exceptional
educational tool for even the most experienced formulator.
“Teamworks” is here! If you haven’t done so, please register today.
Remember, it’s free! Our Technical Symposium Education Seminar
will be held in the morning with the theme of “Meeting Market
Demand: New Advances in Skin and Hair Care.” We’ll start the day
with a light breakfast, coffee/tea and Poster Session with the theme
of “Advances in Hair Care”. Starting at 9am, the technical talks
begin with our Keynote Speaker Ethan G. Foster, Founder &
President of E.G. Foster Group. To follow we have technical
presentations from Induchem, Active Concepts, Lipotec, Hallstar
and Kobo Products. The complete schedule can be found online at
1761 S. Naperville Rd
Wheaton, IL 60189
Social Night will be held at Hofbrauhaus Chicago on April
8thstarting at 6pm. This event is always my favorite SCC event and
this year will be better than ever! I’m really looking forward to the
Keg Tapping Procession and the Beer Stein Holding Contest (I’ve
got my money on Perry Romanowski). A big thank you to all who
have helped sponsor this event to make it happen! I look forward to
celebrating the evening with all of you and kicking off another
successful Teamworks Event.
As I announced at the last meeting, our 65th Anniversay Book will
not be completed for Teamworks and our new deadline will be the
November New Officer Installation meeting. ! If you have any
pictures, stories, or information you would like to include, please
notify any of our board members. We understand it can be
challenging to write it yourself and we will be more than happy to
help you with that. I really encourage all of you to participate to
leave your thumbprint on this historic book.
Our next event will be our annual Golf Outing at Carriage Greens in
Darien, IL on July 22. More information will be made available as the
date approaches, so please save the date!
Lastly, I would like to thank all of our dedicated board members who
have done an amazing job so far this year. These positions are
completely voluntary and the effort that they dedicate to making our
chapter a success is very admirable. It’s because of them that we
have these amazing memories to share together and I look forward
to making more memories with all of you throughout this year.
Dusanka “Duey” Vos
Feel free to contact me at [email protected]
SCCoop April 2014 • Vol XLVI • No. 4
Social Night Venue
Join us at Hofbrauhaus Chicago, the first and only German micro-brewery and
beer hall to call Chicago home. We’ll enjoy a rowdy Oom-Pah band, have a special Keg-Tapping Procession, and host a Beer Stein Holding Contest. Oh, and
there will be plenty to eat and drink, too! So, pull on your lederhosen and lace
up your dirndl. You won’t want to miss it!
One network.
A world of solutions.
Tuesday, April 8, 2014
6:00 to 10:00 p.m.
+1 855 888 8648
Hofbrauhaus Chicago
5500 Park Place
Rosemont, Illinois
Schedule of Events:
Cocktails & Hors D’Oeuvres
Keg Tapping Procession
Dinner Buffet
Beer Stein Holding Contest Begins
Desserts & Coffee
Regular Ticket Price: $130 per person (March 15 - 31, 2014)
Registration strictly closes March 31, 2014
Visit www.midwestscc.org and click on Social Night 2014 to register.
Pay online via PayPal, or send check (payable to Midwest SCC) to:
Abbie Schimenti, TH Hilson Co., 1761 S. Naperville Rd., Wheaton, IL 60189
Special Sponsorship Opportunities Available!
Visit www.midwestscc.org and click on Social Night 2014 for details
Questions: Margie Best at TH Hilson Co.
773-294-5219 or [email protected]
BASF Personal Care
SCCoop April 2014 • Vol XLVI • No. 4
Feature Article
New Fragrance Regulations Will Affect Many
Common Fragrances
By Janet Blashke
Our industry has been familiar with the European requirements to list any of
the 26 listed fragrance allergens, in 2003, which require individual fragrance
components over certain levels, to be provided specifically on the ingredient
Now the European Commission has published a proposed list of other
allergens that will be required to be listed, too. The additional challenge with
this list is that instead of listing 26 possibilities, that list has been expanded to
89 potential allergens.
The new list includes: Ylang-ylang oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Mentha piperita
(peppermint), lavender species, and many others very familiar to perfumers
and flavor chemists. If at or above the threshold level, labeling will be
required even if not added directly, and is an intentional or unintentional
component of a fragrance blend.
This creates two very relevant issues:
1) Access of information from fragrance companies. This will require even
more information to be divulged by fragrance suppliers to their customers.
Some of this information previously would have been considered to be
proprietary. Of course, fragrance suppliers will spend a significant amount of
time and resources to this end.
2) Challenges in the size of labeling to accommodate all of the required
fragrance allergen listings on the label. Many of the additional allergens
listed are common and may trigger many additions to an ingredient list.
Discussion with the European Commission has continued for some time, and
there has been no labeling relief for industry that has been accepted.
Consequently, industry may have a dilemma where multiple allergens need
to be listed, and creating an aesthetically pleasing label.
Numerous options to placing these components directly on the standard
required ingredient list, have been discussed. Some of the options that have
been proposed, but not accepted by the Commission are:
• A QR (scan) code for each product, which can be scanned to get allergen
information. This has been dismissed due to the fact that not everyone has a
device that can scan.
• Publication of allergens on company websites. This was also dismissed as
not being accessible at the point of purchase
• A telephone number to reach the company for inquiries. The Commission
also rejected this proposal .
SCCoop April 2014 • Vol XLVI • No. 4
Feature Article
The alternatives do not seem acceptable as the primary focus is advising
the consumer on the packaging at the point of purchase. While
discussions are still ongoing, the options at this point are very limited.
In addition to the greatly expanded fragrance allergen labeling
requirements, three fragrance components will be banned: atranol,
chloroatranol, and HICC [3 and 4-(4-Hydroxy-4-methylpentyl) cyclohex-3ene-1-carbaldehyde]. Atranol and Chloroatranol are components of oak
moss and tree moss, so the use of these extracts, even if not in a
fragrance, will be impacted.
The European Commission “would like to invite any interested parties,
including authorities of the Member States, manufacturers of cosmetic
products, producers of the substances concerned and relevant industry
and consumers associations, to submit their comments on the proposed
measures and on their possible economic impact.”
Comments can be sent to the European Commission for their
consideration, by May 14, 2014. Any comments should be sent with the
reference: 'Fragrance allergens - Public Consultation' by standard mail or
e-mail to:
European Commission
Directorate General Health and Consumers Unit
Unit B/2, Health Technology and Cosmetics,
Office DM24 02/082
B-1049 Brussels, Belgium
E-mail: [email protected]
After the end of the comment period, the draft Opinion will reflect any
changes, and published later this year. Companies should then determine
what additional labeling will be needed for each of their fragranced
products. This is yet another example of the importance of relationships
within the supply chain, especially those between brand owners’ R&D
departments and their ingredient suppliers.
- Janet Winter Blaschke
International Cosmetics & Regulatory
Specialists, LLC
International Cosmetics & Chemical Services,
Ltd. UK
[email protected]
SCCoop April 2014 • Vol XLVI • No. 4
What’s Wrong with this Formula?
What’s Wrong With This Formula?
By Ken Klein
SPF 30 Lotion (Very water resistant)
oning Ag
ecialty Fu
unctional Silicones
Local Sale
es Represen
chael Mack
[email protected]
w w w . l i p o ch e m i ca l s . co m
A Vantage Specialty Chemicals Business
Propylene Glycol
Cetyl Alcohol
Disodium EDTA
Stearic Acid
PEG-40 Stearate
Zinc Oxide
C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate
Propylene Glycol level is too high
Cetyl alcohol level is too low
Cetyl alcohol should be placed in the oil phase
Disodium EDTA level is too high
Octinoxate level is too high (Maximum use level in US is 7.5%)
Octinoxate should be in the oil phase
Avobenzone level is too high (Maximum use level in US is 3.0%)
Zinc oxide is not permitted to be used with Avobenzone.
Carbomer is not compatible with zinc oxide
Stearic acid, when neutralized, will not be compatible
with zinc oxide
11. Stearic acid, when neutralized, along with PEG-40 stearate, will
promote washoff of this formula
12. Propylparaben level is too high and it should not be placed into
the oil phase
13. This formula is not adequately preserved
14. Fragrance level is too high
SCCoop April 2014 • Vol XLVI • No. 4
Community Outreach
Thank you Lisa Hilson for continuing to contact colleges and invite students to our chapter meetings! We have had
students at every chapter meeting and some have joined more than once. This is a great example of reaching out to our
community so that we can educate others in the field of Cosmetic Science.
One of these graduate students is the Co-Chair of the American Chemical Society (ACS) Chicago Younger Chemists
Committee. She sent us the following invitation. Hope that you can make it out for this fun event!
As a co-chair of the American Chemical Society (ACS) Chicago Younger Chemists Committee, I would like to cordially
invited you to our first Chicago YCC Kick-off networking event of the year, "Beers with Peers," on April 4th. The event is
geared towards helping young chemists discover different alternative careers in chemistry. It would be wonderful if you
would represent accomplished chemists in cosmetic industries. I have attached the flyer for the event in this email.
Please feel free to bring your colleagues and friends or spread the word at within the MWSCC. The link to RSVP is on
eventbrite webpage at http://tinyurl.com/lp3l7gf.
Beau Wangtrakuldee - PhD candidate in biochemistry/medicinal chemistry
Co-chair ACS Chicago YCC
Happy Spring (finally)! I’ll see you at Teamworks!
beers with peers
professional networking event
sponsored by
american chemical society (acs) chicago section
younger chemists committee (ycc)
An all-night professional networking event
to connect
Howl at the Moon Dueling Piano Bar
26 West Hubbard St.
Chicago, IL 60654
First two drinks $1 / All drinks afterwards $3.50 until 9 pm
EventBrite at http://tinyurl.com/lp3l7gf
Questions?Comments?Feedback?Please e-mail the YCC Co-Chairs!
Beau Wangtralukdee
Alyssa Avestro
[email protected]
[email protected]
Event is open to public / Transportation available for NIU students
Chicago YCC is a specialized American Chemical Society (ACS) group dedicated to promoting networking,
career and funding opportunities for Younger Chemists (35 and under) in the
Chicagoland area.
For more information, visit the Chicago YCC Facebook page or Chicago YCC at
SCCoop April 2014 • Vol XLVI • No. 4
Chapter News
Communications Coordinator Needed for MWSCC
Cosmetic, Personal Care and
Pharmaceutical Ingredients
• White Oil • Petrolatum
• Glycerin • Propylene Glycol
• Antioxidants • Additives
University Park, IL
We are looking for someone to help us manage communications to our members via our
website, social media platforms, and e-mail. This person will be responsible for updates to our
website and social media sites as well as registration reminder e-mails to Chapter members.
Other responsibilities include:
1. Updating website with new event information (familiarity with WordPress required),
including monthly Chapter meeting content
2. Updating job postings
3. Collecting and posting event photos
4. Maintaining and updating social media pages including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
5. Creating and sending e-mails to Chapter members (familiarity with MailChimp helpful)
6. Developing monthly registration spreadsheets reflecting event headcount
7. Updating website software (down-the-line)
The selected candidate will receive training from the incumbent, with the expectation said
candidate will assume full ownership of responsibilities within three to six months.
This is a volunteer position.
Interested and qualified applicants should send their resume and contact information to
Abby Board at [email protected]
Thank you for your interest!
The Powder & Dispersion Specialist
Delivery Systems
Film Formers
Sunscreen Technology
Custom Development
Global Manufacturing
Natural Ingredients
Surface Treatments
Special Effect Pigments
SCCoop April 2014 • Vol XLVI • No. 4
Chapter News
Naturally Kiawah Symposium
Kiawah Island, SC
September 24 - 26, 2014
Special Events
Sept. 24 - CEP Course
Sept. 24 Evening - Cocktail Reception & Supplier Showcase
at Turtle Point Country Club
Sept. 25 - Full Day Technical Seminar
Sept. 26 - Annual Golf Outing at Turtle Point
Spa Treatment at the Sanctuary
30 Two Bridges Road - Suite 210
Fairfield, NJ 07004
Tel: (973) 882-5597
[email protected]
for additional information
Michelle Linscott - [email protected]
Michael Licciardello - [email protected]
Foaming Agents
Pure Molecule ACTIVES
Novel Concepts
Biobased algae derived actives
U.S. Distributors for Expanscience, Sophim, Isaltis,
Stearinerie-Dubois, & Vedesqa
Discover more at: www.seppic.com
National SCC Courses
For additional information go to National SCC website
Apr 2 – Clinical and Instrumental Testing of Skin, Doubletree Newark
Airport Hotel, Newark, NJ, Instructed by Randall Wickett, Ph.D.
Apr 10 – Botanicals and Naturals for the Naturals Market, SCC National
Office, NY, NY Instructed by Arthur Georgalas
May 1 – Preservatives, SCC National Office, NY, NY Instructed
by David Steinberg
May 20 – Silicone Chemistry, SCC National Office, NY, NY Instructed
by Tony O’Lenick
Manufacturer of
& Functional Materials
Jun 25 – Cosmetic Formulations, University of Pennsylvania,
Philadelphia, PA, Instructed by Mark Chandler
Jun 25 – Basic Skin Science, University of Pennsylvania,
SCCoop April 2014 • Vol XLVI • No. 4
Chapter News
DECEMBER 11-12, 2014
Authors are invited to submit titles and abstracts of no more than 150 words for original
papers to be presented in podium format. All topics related to cosmetic science will be
considered for presentation. Topics of particular interest for submission of abstracts are:
• Color Cosmetics (Formulation and Performance for Skin)
• Fragrances in the Cosmetic Industry (Fine Fragrances, Regulations,
Fragrancing Personal Care Products)
• Basics of Cosmetic Formulations (Emulsion & Surfactant Chemistry)
• Topical Delivery Systems (Liposomes, Encapsulations,
Micro-emulsions, Devices)
• Current Regulations affecting the Cosmetic Industry (US Regulations,
OTC Products, cGMPs)
• Online Formulating and Research Tools for the Cosmetic Chemist
(Social Media, Computer Apps, Websites, Databases)
• Emerging Trends and Innovations in the Cosmetic Industry
All abstracts must be submitted online at our website www.scconline.org.
After acceptance of abstracts by the Committee, all presenters will be required to submit
preprints 12 weeks prior to presentation (minimum of 600 words, maximum of 2 pages,
including figures). All presenters will be eligible for the Shaw Mudge Award sponsored by
BASF Corporation, which is given for the Best Paper presented at the Society's Annual Meeting.
The honorarium for this award is $2,500. Presenters are required to register for the Meeting.
Save the Date
SCC Golf Outing
Carriage Greens
Tuesday, July 22nd!!
More information will be made available
as the date approaches.
SCCoop April 2014 • Vol XLVI • No. 4
Employment Opportunities
Nexeo Solutions - Chicago, IL
Sales Account Manager
The purpose of the Sales Account Manager is to sell Nexeo offerings and solutions to
current and prospective customers. The role is accountable for achieving volume,
revenue, and margin growth targets within a defined territory by growing Nexeo share
within existing customers through the sale of product and service offerings, and by
acquiring new customers by providing consultative solutions.
The role is expected to provide a mix of strategic and tactical solutions in a businessto-business selling environment. The role focuses on acquiring, penetrating,
managing and retaining customers. Being sales and performance driven with
dedication to achieving team goals will be critical to success of our overall business.
The role is accountable for successfully growing the sales and profits for one of the
Chemicals business’ Personal Care focused territories.
Position Qualifications:
• Bachelor of Science preferred.
• 3-5 years of chemical distribution sales or related industry experience is preferred.
• Proficient computer skills in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint are required.
• Experience with SAP and/or Salesforce.com is a plus.
• Applicants must be authorized to work in the United States.
• Industry specific experience in Personal Care end markets.
Younique Products, Utah
Cosmetics R&D Specialist / Product Developer
Younique Products, a rapidly growing direct sales cosmetics company that
sells exclusively through Independent Representatives (Presenters) and an
online business model, is seeking an experienced and self-motivated
Cosmetics R&D Chemist to join the product development team.
Responsibilities will include but not be limited to the following:
· Collaborate with cosmetics formulation chemists to develop and test
formulas and processes.
·Formulate a variety of cosmetics and skin care products for domestic and
international markets.
· Resolve formulation and manufacturing issues for new and existing
· Prepare accurate database for each Younique formula including, formula
composition, ingredients, testing, etc.
·Work with product development team to identify consumer needs and target
new and innovative product ideas.
Summary of essential requirements:
Requires a minimum of 3-5 years relevant work experience.
Energetic, detail oriented, organized and ready to hit the ground running
when joining the team.
Communicate with internal and external individuals in a highly collaborative
Please send your resume to: [email protected] along with
your salary requirements and availability.
SCCoop April 2014 • Vol XLVI • No. 4
Brenntag Specialties, Inc .
1000 C oolidge St.
South Plainfi eld, NJ 07080
Phone: 800 833 -8140
www .br enntagspecialties.c om
Fine Ingr edients, Miner als, C olors,
Surf ace Treatments
Beauty knows
no boundaries
Across continents…around the world…we’re
a leader in innovative, high performance, and
environmentally responsible technologies for
personal care. We translate our ingredient expertise
AkzoNobel Personal Care…where science is a
thing of beauty™.
Learn more at akzonobel.com/personalcare
Tel: +1 888-331-6212
Employment Opportunities
Universal Beauty Products, Inc
Senior Chemist
Duties and Responsibilities
• Product development of hair and related skin care products
and Hair color products
• Key contributor to the reformulation of existing product lines in
alignment with current regulatory guidelines.
• Develop prototype formulas for hair care products and perform
laboratory evaluations.
• Assist the regulatory team with high priority projects
• Formulate new products per the request of the new product
development team
• Input on standard Operating Procedures related to batching and
quality control and new products.
• Sourcing of new novel raw materials for use in Universal Beauty
Required Skills
• Must have at least Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, Biochemistry
or related
• Supervisory lab experience (clearly defined in resume)
• Candidate with experience in hair color products and skin care
products are must
• Must have at least 3 to 5 years of experience as an chemist
If interested, please forward your resume to
[email protected] No phone calls, please.
Seeking to reach cosmetic
chemists with your product
information in this
newsletter’s geography?
------------------------------Contact the chapter ad man,
Amit Ramakrishnan,
at 201-669-8114 or
[email protected]
for more details.
SCCoop April 2014 • Vol XLVI • No. 4
Employment Opportunities
Kemin Personal Care
Marketing Manager
Kemin, a profitable and progressive, privatelyheld international company headquartered in
Des Moines, Iowa (USA) with a vision to
“improve the quality of life by touching half the
people of the world every day with our
products and services” is seeking a Marketing
Manager for our Personal Care division. The
incumbent will oversee marketing projects,
sales support, events, communications and
trade shows ensuring that objectives are
accomplished within the prescribed time frame
and parameters. This position requires
someone well-versed in a wide variety of
personal and household care applications.
Seeking MBA with 3 years of industry
Throughout the year many of our members
change jobs or relocate and forget to notify
the National Office. Without notification, the
members may not receive important mailings
and eventually are made inactive. To change
your information with National and for the
newsletter SCCoop just send an e-mail to the
National SCC office [email protected]
Also, don’t forget to update your blastmail
address to receive e-mail updates directly
from MWSCC by hitting the red Join our
Mailing List! button on the right hand side of
our website page at www.midwestscc.org.
Apply on line at:
Rheology leadership plus so much more...
469 Old Trenton Rd.
East Windsor, NJ 08512
Main Office 609.443.2000
Your Contact Darius Derda
Tel 847.422.3625
Sustainability And Performance
(630) 364 5100
[email protected]
Rossow USA, Inc.
Specialty Cosmetic Ingredients
Cosmetic ingredients
your formulas can trust!
Developing ideas. Delivering Solutions.TM
5 Westbrook Corporate Center Westchester, IL 60154 USA
+1 (855) 7ROSSOW - [email protected]
SCCoop April 2014 • Vol XLVI • No. 4
For informa on call 708 551 2160 or visit www.ingredion.com
Midwest Chapter of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists
Janelle Asumang, Newsletter Editor
Midwest SCC Chapter
4740 N. Cumberland Ave. #364
Chicago, IL 60656

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