Tunisian Handicraft`s Finest Artisans



Tunisian Handicraft`s Finest Artisans
Republic Of Tunisia
Ministry of Trade and Handicrafts
Tunisian Handicraft’s Finest Artisans
National Office for Tunisian
Introduction to the (O.N.A.T)
Tunisian Handicraft Export Initiative
Caravan Serail
Souk Ceramic
NY Now August 17-21, 2013:
Introduction to the National Office for Tunisian Handicrafts
The National Office for Tunisian Handicrafts was established on October 14, 1959. It is supervised by the Trade and Handicrafts
Its mission consists in preserving the national cultural heritage and in rescuing numerous crafts from fading out and disappearing.
Such crafts should become artistic crafts matching the spirit of this era and consumer’ s tastes.
The ONAT has been restructured in 1990. This laid the ground for the sector’s reform. It renounced production and marketing
missions and directed all its attention and activity to shape up the sector, develop traditional product in both inside and outside
markets, promote investment, control the quality of the produce and encourage research and design.
Handicrafts in Tunisia
The history of Tunisia is rich with the different civilizations it has known and men who have perpetuated its brilliance through time. The
craft heritage of Tunisia bears today the imprint of each of them, whether Numidian, Carthaginian, Roman or Arab Muslims. Currently,
the craft sector serves some dynamism in the economy. Activities and professional craft practices are spread all over the country
and draw deep in the rich history of the oldest traditions of our ancestors.
Enjoying special care by public authorities, craft occupies 11% of the entire workforce. 85% of Tunisian craftspeople are women.
The craft generates about 300 thousand jobs and represents to this day, 4% of GDP.
It is a fact; job creation in the handicraft sector is characterized by a reduced cost of spin-off activities across the territory.
Today, contemporary Tunisian handicrafts are a mirror image of the country: modern, with a footprint of tradition.
Through a process which consists in rehabilitating traditional crafts, master craftsmen: potters and ceramists, weavers, wool silk carpet
artisans, jewelers, carpenters and stonemasons... perpetuate these traditions giving rise to great creations, certainly inherited, but
updated and redesigned to suit contemporary trends.
Many handicraft products made in the pure tradition, and in the secret of the artisanal workshops, are the result of an innovative
power, built up over the years under the guidance of the National Office of Tunisian Crafts.
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The tradition of hand and the modernity of thought united to
create exceptional products...
Tunisian Handicraft’s Finest Artisans
«The Craftsmen of Tunisia» Seven exceptional craftsmen meeting at the New York Now August 17-21
Booth 31012, 31014, 31016, 30013, 30015, 30017
Artisan Resources
Seven creators of Tunisian luxury craft whose expertise combines tradition and modernity, offer their Tunisian inspiration. Already
identified by individuals or professional, buyers they will meet this year at the International Exhibition NY Now.
A demanding and consistent selection
Real bridges between ancestral heritage and abundant creativity of designers and artisans eager to revive shapes, graphics and
old techniques, the selection consists of fashion accessories such as natural fibers baskets, and supplemented by the decoration
from carpets and weaving, mosaic, linens, to the art of the table kitchen accessories of ceramic and olive wood.
All these quality new collections are made of materials from traditional local crafts (flax, wool bunting, silk, natural fibers) and
revisited in the light of urban and international trends. An outstanding opportunity to learn about the latest innovations and the
Tunisian handicrafts trends.
A responsible concept
The trend is to safe values, objects which convey a story and whose ethical spirit brings its letters of nobility in the act of
purchase.»The Craftsmen of Tunisia» seek to be the actors of a more friendly trade of man and his environment.
Craftsmen selected benefit from the support of the National Office of Tunisian Crafts (ONAT) and of the Tunisian American Young
Professionals Association (Tayp) as part of Tunisian-American program to promote exports of handicraft products in the U.S market
Next Exhibitions
Tendence- Frankfurt 24-27.8.2013 Booth Hall 8.0 B70
Maison &Objet - Paris 06-09.9.2013 Booth Hall Ethnic Chic B104- C103
Import Shop Berlin- Germany, 13-17.11.2013
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Tunisian Handicraft Export Initiative
On October, 2012, the U.S. Department of State Grants Officer in Tunis signed a Federal Assistance Award, granted to Tunisian
American Young Professionals (TAYP) in support of the implementation of a two-year funding opportunity to work with the Government of Tunisia to implement an export support strategy. The award, subsequently signed by TAYP President Mohamed Malouche,
would be funded out of the Embassy’s Economic Support Funds (ESF).
Upon review of the approach presented in the TAYP proposal, and based on discussions with Tunisian government officials, the
TAYP team focused on the implementation of a product development approach with the emphasis on more innovative and sustainable elements.
The initiative was expected to demonstrate how support to Tunisian handicrafts producers would facilitate export access to the
U.S. market and contribute to adding value to Tunisian handicrafts to make them more competitive in overseas markets. This project
has a specific focus on tangible deliverables, such as sales, but also address capacity-building within artisan cooperatives, handicraft exporters, and Tunisian government export promotion organizations.
About TAYP
TAYP is a non-profit association whose main objective is to increase economic cooperation between the U.S. and Tunisia (www.
tayp.org). TAYP’s creation was inspired by the January 2011 events led by the youth of Tunisia to transition the country into a real
democratic state. TAYP was born in the belief that economic prosperity is a key ingredient in ensuring the successful transition to a
new Tunisia. The association aims at increasing the effectiveness of economic and investment flows between the U.S. and Tunisia.
The proposal submitted by TAYP to the U.S. Embassy in 2012 contained elements of an Implementation Strategy to help artisans
promote their products in the US market. To reach this goal the TAYP team proposes a value chain framework for promoting selected Tunisian handicrafts in the U.S., essentially through the Fair Trade market and the high value mainstream market. This plan requires
coordination among stakeholders and encourages innovation, creativity, as well as horizontal and vertical linkages.
This project is joint effort of different local and Tunisian partners mainly the: Tunisian Ministry of Commerce and Handicraft, the Office
of Handicraft (ONA), la Fédération Nationale de l’Artisanat (UTICA-FNA)FENA, Union Tunisienne de l’Industrie, du Commerce et
de l’Artisanat (UTICA) and other Tunisian agencies.
One of TAYP’s initiatives begun during this project was contact with Fair Trade organizations -wholesalers such as the Fair Trade
Federation (FTF), and the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) - among the most prominent organizations promoting fair trade.
TAYP consultants proposed that the Ministry of Commerce submit a membership application for supporting agency in the WFTO
and that TAYP would also submit an application.
TAYP team contacted major players in the Tunisian handicraft sector to research and exchange information about the Tunisian
Handicraft market and its needs. Previous Tunisian handicraft export initiatives in the U.S. and reports were discussed and lessons
learned were shared.
As part of TAYP’s efforts also took steps toward developing an approach to branding Tunisian products. This is important because
Tunisia is not well known in the U.S. TAYP published a photo book of Tunisian images that will be used in presentations to fair trade
groups and wholesalers.
An important goal of this project was to increase Tunisian artisan’s access to the US market. Each artisan participating in the NYNOW 2013, was selected from a pool of applicants based on criteria set by several experts in the handicraft sectors, as well as
representatives of local and international organizations and public agencies. These artisans represent eight different handicraft
specialties unique to the Tunisian culture and heritage. We extend our thanks to the US State Department and the US Embassy
for its continued support of economic development in Tunisia. We are pleased to be a partner in this inaugural event and are
expectant of the positive effect of this initiative.
For further information please contact: Mr. Anis Mnif, Project Manager, Tunisian Handicraft Export Initiative (TAYP) ,
email: [email protected]
Contact: Ms. Hager Messaoudi
Created since : 2010
Employees: 4
Presentation of the activity
Main activities : High end basketry and embroidery
Offered products : Baskets, bags, wallets, scarves, tunics
Raw material or major components : Rush, palm leaf, copper, trimmings, leather,
linen, natural silk
CARAVAN SERAIL reinvents the craft and elevates it to the luxury product
range. it draws its ideas in everyday life: the color of foliage, the embroidery
of a traditional costume, the transparency of a fiber... Thus, in its collections,the
old embroidery, the traditional weaving, the natural fibers and the silk meet
the new processing techniques and give rise to copper fashion accessories
combining the authenticity of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary
Company details
Adress : 72,Bis Ennouiri Sidi Fradj La Soukra 2036,Tunis,Tunisie
Phone: +216 21 628 078 / +216 70 858 250
Fax : +216 70 858 004
Email : [email protected] / [email protected]
Website : www.caravan-serail.tn
Contact: Ms. Neira HAMZA KHOUAJA
Created since : 2009
Employees : 4 + 13 subcontractors
Presentation of the activity
Main activities : Decoration furniture declined from heritage in unique pieces,
curtain and accessories
Offered products : Sofas, linens and fashion accessories
Raw material or major components : Hand-woven silk, weaving wire gold
plated silver. Antique embroidery, copper hand carved and inlaid in weaving.
Marketer by training, advertiser by experience, Ms. Neira HAMZA KHOUAJA,
founder of Tuline turned to products related to interior design. Passionate
about creation, she has found other virtues in order to express her senses by
combining the wish to communicate through products that can be admired
in our daily lives. Each decorative item set tells a story which heavily draws its
inspiration from the heritage of a Tunisia rich in civilizations.
Company details
Adress : 52 rue El Moez, El Menzah 1 - 1004 Tunis
Phone: + 216 71 766 667
Fax : +216 71 767 192
Email : [email protected]
Website : www.tuline.net
Contact: M. Wassim CHARADA
Created since : 2010
Employees : 42
Presentation of the activity : Ceramic Craft
Main activities : Ceramic items hand painted
Offered products : Clay, Glazes, oxides and pigments
At our studio, we do things the old-fashioned way. We make all our shapes
by hand using a variety of techniques, including the classic potter’s wheel. We
paint each and every piece freehand - we do not use any machinery or decals. The only modern elements we use are our kilns and the high-tech paints
and glazes. All the modern glazes we use are foodsafe for lead/cadmium
and the red clay we use is from the northwest corner of Tunisia.
Company details
Adress : Rue Abdelaziz Thaalbi, Z.I.n°:1, 8000Nabeul, Tunisie
Phone : +216 20 263 883
Fax : +216 74 833 261
Email : [email protected]
Website : www.lesoukceramique.com
Contact: M. Mohamed TRABELSI
Created since : 2007
Employees: 30
Presentation of the activity
Main activities : Frabrication of mosaic items, Tiles, Borders, Tables, Top Tables,
pool bottom, etc.
Raw material or major components : Natural stones and marbal stones
MOS’ARTIS is a Tunisian company founded in 2007 in the region of
Zaghouan and transferred after the revolution to the region of Sfax .We
produce decoration articles and ornamentation (for bathrooms, kitchens,
beds and wall fittings) as mosaic tiles of different sizes and shapes (United
patterns, floral patterns, geometric and figurative motifs etc ...) and three styles:
Greco-Roman, the Andalusian style and modern contemporary
style. We also produce paintings and mosaic tables (indoor tables and ovals,
round, square or rectangular garden tables).
Company details
Adress : Route de Tunis km 23 , El Ghraba 3043 Sfax
Phone: + 216 98 973 583 / +216 98 74 24 83
Fax : +216 74 84 20 95
Email : [email protected] / [email protected]
Website : www.mosartis.com
Contact: Ms. Amina BEN MILED
Created since : 1992
Employees : 2
Presentation of the activity
Main activities: sale of modernized handicrafts
Offered products: Fouta-textile-carpets-mat
Raw material or major components: cotton, wool
Our approach is to explore the different fields of the Tunisian crafts to produce authentic objects, made in the traditional way, but modern in their
forms, their uses, their colors etc.
- The wool is woven and even hand-spun to make scarves, throws and curtains.
- The Cotton Textile (bedspread, scarf, fouta) are made on semi-mechanical
jacquard looms.
- Carpets, mergoum and klim are home made by craftswomen in southern
Their dimensions, patterns, colors etc. .. are revised to accommodate currentneeds and tastes
Our goal is to promote our heritage, make it known and especially to ensure
tthe survival of the old skills by finding new applications and new markets.
Company details
Adress : 5, bis rue Ibn Mandhour El Gafsi 2046 Sidi Daoud - Tunis - Tunisie
Phone: +216 71 778 923 / +216 71 778 924
Fax : +216 71 778 925
Email : [email protected]
Website : www.etandart.net
Contact: M. Zouheir AYADI
Created since : 2005
Employees : 19
Presentation of the activity
Main activities : Fabrication of crafts items made of olive wood
Offered products : Olive wood kitchen ustensils
Raw material or major components : Olive wood
The olive tree is the symbol of light, peace and fertility. The olive wood is
characterized by its strength and robustness. It is a compact and very hard
wood, ranked among the noble wood. OLIVIA is a craft company specialized
in the manufacture of suitable products for kitchen utensils such as spoons and
forks, cutting boards, mortars...
OLIVIA a health friend offers authetiques and purely organic products.
Company details
Adress : Route de Mahdia km 10,5, Markez sebaï, BP : N°60, 3054 Sfax,
Phone : +216 74 833 273
Fax : +216 74 833 261
Email : [email protected]
Website : www.olivia-boisdolives.com
Contact: Ms. Jalila JLOULI
Created since : 1999
Employees : 35 permanent + 20 casual
Presentation of the activity
Main activities : Management of a craft production of carpets, klim and
margoum and also decorative accessories (cushions, mirrors, ottomans etc..)
Made by young rural girls and women
Offered products : Carpets, margoum, klim and decorative accessories including cushions, mirrors, ottomans.
Raw material or major components : Sheep wool, camel wool, linen, silk, and
cotton fabric
MONTAPI owes its success to its CEO Jalila Kheliaa Jlouli who grew up and
Lived in the city of Beja. She has dedicated her career to promote the rural
girl .she receives the Tunisian Presidential Award in 2005, in acknowledgement
for her effective contribution to job creation in disadvantaged areas and the
empowerment of rural women. Creation and innovation are at the heart of the
vision of MONTAPI which, since its inception in 1999 has undertaken a path
of innovation while enhancing the Tunisian traditional production practices of
weaving craft. This innovation is not only made at the level of the raw material
which has evolved from wool and cotton and than from flax and silk but also
at the level of form and design of its products which show a traditional and
modern touch.
Company details
Adress : 72, Avenue de la République, 9000 Béja, Tunisie
Phone : +216 78 450 213 / +216 98 247 832
Fax : +216 78 441 255
Email : [email protected] , [email protected]
Website : www.montapi.com (under construction)
Tunisian American Young
Professionals (TAYP)
Adress: Avenue de l’indépendance,
2011 DenDen TUNISIA)
Phone: +216 71610919
Fax.:+216 71610922
Anis Mnif, Project Manager
Phone: +1-615-569-3797
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