Presentation by OurSportsCenture



Presentation by OurSportsCenture
Proposal for Sunrise Sportsplex
Sunrise Sportsplex’s mission is to provide an environment that offers participants of
any age and any skill level the opportunity to further develop their interests in their
sport or recreational activity.
We will place a high value on sportsmanship
sportsmanship, teamwork
teamwork, fun and hard work
work. From the
friendliness of our staff and instructors to the cleanliness of our facilities, we pledge to
provide the best possible athletic experience. Whether your favorite sport is soccer,
basketball, hockey, baseball, softball, football, lacrosse, volleyball or golf, we fully will
add more fun to your game
j Overview
60,000 sq. ft. State-Of-The-Art Facility
• Two Regulation Indoor Soccer Fields – 185’x85’
p Volleyball
• 4 Tournament spec
• 3 Regulation Size Basketball Courts
• 4 Auto-Load Baseball/Softball Batting Cages
• Spectator Viewing Areas
• Meeting & Party Rooms
• Year-round facility for soccer, hockey, baseball,
ftb ll llacrosse, fl
flag ffootball,
tb ll and
d iindoor
• Youth and Adult Leagues for ALL skill levels
• Summer and Holiday Camps and Clinics
• Special
S i l youth
th d
t programs
• Children’s party packages
• Seasonal Tournaments
• Baseball/Softball hitting leagues
Sunrise Sportsplex will be operated by OurSportsCenture. OSC’s mission is to
provide the best staff, programs and equipment to fully meet the various sports
and fitness needs of the community. We are determined to create an unmatched
sporting atmosphere that will add enjoyment to every participant and employee of
the facility. We will aggressively market the Sportsplex using electronic,
mainstream and grass-roots approaches, while creating value through the
employment of a qualified and knowledgeable staff that can teach and promote all
skill levels. The staff and management teams’ goal will be to demonstrate genuine
concern for the patrons, while making them feel comfortable and confident that
we have met all their sports and fitness needs. OSC’s hope is that through the use
of our facility, the community’s enjoyment and appreciation for sports and fitness
will enhance their lives!
Name: Oronde Gadsden
EMAIL: [email protected]
Tel: 954.661.1986
ASTM A500 (46ksi) HSS tubular frame. It sh
hall be clear span and co
free. W
We will use aan open web
b column trusss design, en
nabling easieer field
installaation. The sttructure will be designed
d for loads du
ue to winds speeds
up to 1
146 MPH and additional 10 psf collatteral loads to
o meet or exxceed
ng code requ
uirements, design criteriaa standards and specificaations.
Steel Frame Specifiication
Fabrric Speccificatio
n Sheeet
Additional Drawings

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