HistoryWall DM v1 english



HistoryWall DM v1 english
Interactive events browsing software
For long-standing enterprises, passing down the culture and historical value is the key to the sustainable
operations. nLighten’s HistoryWall software transforms the historical presentation from the traditional
and statistical way to an unique, dynamic and interactive operation. It allows viewers to travel through
historical information in an overwhelming and fun experience on the wall-like touch screen.
HistoryWall Features
Simple and Intuitive Interface design
Multi-touch support
It allows multi-user’s interaction at the same time and creates an
innovative information browsing experience.
Do-It-Yourself customization
The HistoryWall configuration tool allows operators to customize
easily the look-and-feel of the user interface for different themes.
Dynamic Display
Dynamic display presents the information clearly and attracts the
audience’s attention.
User Behavior Management
Collect and analyze the data of the user behavior to learn the
customer’s demand in depth.
(It’s the customized function and requires additional development cost)
The dynamic timeline allows users to select a year or an event
for browsing by swiping left and right.
Diverse Contents supportive
The software supports texts, images and even video clips navigation. It can display diverse media types and formats.
Easy installation and configuration.
(Video clip support requires the customization and additional development cost.)
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Edit look and feel
on the back
Input the
Sustainable Operations
Launch and
All the event contents are editable, so the information on the
HistoryWall can be well-maintained and easily updated.
Content Editor
Support 3 types of multi-screen combinations.
Single screen
1x2 screens
Museums and tourist centers
Art exhibitions and galleries
Press conferences
Enterprise lobby and demo room
1x3 screens
Easy switch between different multi-screens.
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