Home Pure Air Purifier



Home Pure Air Purifier
Recreate the Outdoors Inside Your Home or Office
Home Pure
Air Purifier
Ozone Generator
(Air Purification/Disinfection)
Negative Ion Generator
(Restores Ion Balance)
HEPA Filter
(Particle Filtration)
Ultraviolet Light
(Air Disinfection)
Compact and Portable Size
Up to five stages of air filtration
Low electrical use
Low maintenance
Quiet Operation
Variable Speed Controller
Solid oak wooden shell
Stainless steel frame construction
No chemicals/ no residual contamination
Energy savings: Only consumes 43 watts!
Dimensions: 8.2"L x 10.0"W x 12.0"H
Weight: 16 lbs ( 7.5kg.)
Electrical: 43 Watts - AC 110V
Ozone Coverage: 200 - 3000 sq. ft
Applicable Areas: living areas,
bedrooms, bathrooms, basements,
garage, closets, cars, hotel rooms,
hospitals, restaurants and schools.
Few things are more important
to our health than the air we
The average person takes 28,000 breaths in a day,
10,220,000 in a year and 766,500,000 in a lifetime.
The average person can live:
3 weeks without food
3 days without water
3 minutes without air
Negative Ions:
The air we breathe should also be filled with negative ions because of their cleansing and healing effects
on the lungs. As negative ions enter the bloodstream, they perform their alkalizing magic on the blood
itself. Positive ions have the opposite affect of acidifying the body and discouraging the body's selfhealing abilities. Negative ion generators pump trillions of ions per second into the air and restore its
negative/positive ion balance. They are especially needed during the winter months when the air is dry
and the doors and windows are shut.
“The winds which must pass over mountains to reach cities
do not only dry, but also disturb the air which we breathe and
the bodies of men, so as to engender diseases.”
~ Hippocrates - Father of Medicine
Improves indoor air quality
through disinfection
Reduces disease causing
airborne bacteria and viruses
Reduces allergy causing
mold and mildew
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