Canvass Letter - First Unitarian Church of Dallas



Canvass Letter - First Unitarian Church of Dallas
October 1, 2015
Dear Members and Friends,
I once saw a sign being held by a homeless man which read: “Don’t give me your money, give me your heart!”
I thought it was great that he cut to the chase, a quality I like in people, by reminding passersby that he needed
more than just a coin tossed at him—he asked that people genuinely care about who he was as a person.
Every year at canvass me, I feel like holding up this sign. I know many of you have read a thousand le ers like this,
telling you why it’s important to make a generous pledge. And while it’s true that your financial commitment
makes First Unitarian Church possible, the most valuable pledge you can make is one you make with your heart.
You know the facts, right? We don’t have a pope who sends us money—it’s all what we raise right here, nothing
from outside organiza ons or denomina onal offices. We count on every individual pledge to keep the mission of
our progressive church moving.
With many demands on our daily a en on, stopping to reflect on our commitments with inten on results in a
different kind of generosity. More than just a token of apprecia on, a gi from the heart says, “I see how valuable
this church community is in our city and for the people who come here to transform their lives. Its mission touches
me, so I am pu ng heart and soul into this pledge!” This affirms what I hear all the me from church members:
“I come to this church to be inspired and recharged for the week ahead.”
“I come here to deepen my response to the world.”
“I come to be of service to others and to help my children open their minds to the world.”
“I support this place because it is a beacon for a city that needs us!”
If this resonates with you, I hope you make a pledge which symbolizes your hopes for our future. This year we are
building a vision for the next 5‐10 years. We are broadening our reach in our city, deepening our path to leadership,
expanding our music program and its diverse offerings, and suppor ng service and jus ce in new ways in Dallas.
If you can increase your pledge by 10%, you’ll help our community move forward in important ways. However,
know that every gi makes a difference. Each contribu on helps this congrega on change lives for the be er,
stand for progressive values in an increasingly divided world, and build a community of love and peace.
Enclosed is your pledge card for 2016. Please take a moment to consider how you can support our church in
the coming year, then fill out the card and bring it with you on ConnecƟon Sunday, October 11th. That day we‘ll
celebrate the connec ons we make here—through engagement with First Church’s groups and ac vi es, through
service within and throughout our community—and express gra tude with our financial resources.
In faith,
Your generosity makes experiences like these possible, each and every day at this church!
Because of your generosity, this past year
150+ volunteers gave time and talent each Sunday to make worship possible
146 pastoral care team members
our congregation which reaches 3,090 people
volunteered 3,234
serving 604 children & youth
$135,690 was donated
lives in our community

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