Good Shepherd Lutheran Church • August 2016



Good Shepherd Lutheran Church • August 2016
Shepherd’s Voice
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church • August 2016
Good Shepherd
Lutheran Church
Summer Worship Schedule
5 p.m. • Heritage
8:30 a.m. • Festival
9:45 a.m. • Celebrate!
11 a.m. • Celebrate!
The Well moves to
Wednesday for the summer
6:30 p.m.
Located on the corner of
Washington St. and Divide Ave.
Contact Good Shepherd at:
(701) 255-1001 or
Good Shepherd
Lutheran Church
Mission Statement
“Good Shepherd Lutheran Church’s
mission is to share the Shepherd’s love
with all of God’s Children.”
Core Values
Called by our Savior Jesus the Christ, Good
Shepherd Lutheran Church is a Lutheran
congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran
Church in America (ELCA) that is ...
• welcoming & accepting
• a worshipping community of God’s
• founded in adult and youth ministry and
• committed to serve others
Areas of Ministry Foci
Engaging the Faithful
Forming Faith
Holistic Stewardship
Outreach to Community
The Shepherd’s Voice ■ August 2016
“Freed and Renewed
in Christ”
Pastor Craig Schweitzer
As I write for the August newsletter, I’m making final
preparations for the 2016 ELCA Churchwide Assembly.
By the time you receive this newsletter, I will be in New
Orleans in order to assist with daily worship leadership
during the assembly. This is the third Churchwide
Assembly that I have been invited to participate in as
a worship leader and musician. Needless to say, it is
a great blessing to be called to serve Christ’s church
in this way. And I am blessed by Good Shepherd’s
witness and willingness to allow me to participate in
churchwide events like the Churchwide Assembly.
“The Churchwide Assembly is the primary decisionmaking body of the ELCA and gathers every three years. Voting members are
chosen locally from across the United States, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands,
representing the diverse communities, congregations, synods, perspectives and
geographic contexts of the ELCA. Together with other leaders of the ELCA, and
guided by the Holy Spirit, they discuss the work of the church in the world and
make decisions reflecting the challenges we face and the strengths we all bring
to loving and serving our neighbors — locally and globally — in the name of
Jesus Christ.” (from the 2016 ELCA Churchwide Assembly invitation letter from
Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton)
Gatherings like Churchwide Assembly are an amazing witness and reminder of
just how broad and deep the reach of God’s work through the church is. And even
though not every member of every ELCA congregation is able to be physically
present at Churchwide Assembly, every member is in fact present as the assembly
gathers. You and I are present in prayer
– see the daily prayers on the right that
can be used as the assembly gathers
August 8-13. You and I are present as
the assembly meets – visit http://www. for more
information on the many ways you can be
involved. And you and I can join with the
Churchwide Assembly each day at 11:00
a.m. for worship – the daily worship services will be live-streamed on the assembly’s
Good Shepherd is blessed to be in partnership with the ELCA. God’s work through
the ELCA is blessed by congregations across this church like Good Shepherd. And
each one of you who call Good Shepherd your church home is a blessing. A blessing
to God’s work taking place through Good Shepherd, through the Western North
Dakota Synod, and through the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Thank you
for being a blessing!
Serving in Christ together, Pastor Craig
Thank you
for being
a blessing.
Daily Prayer to be offered
during the Assembly
Monday, August 8
Holy God, hope of the poor and balm of
the brokenhearted, stir up in us the gift
of your Spirit that we may hear your good
news and proclaim it in word and deed;
through Jesus your anointed, our Savior
and Lord, who lives and reigns with you
and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and
forever. Amen.
Tuesday, August 9
O God, the giver of every good gift, you
set before us the feast of gladness. Gather
your fractured human family, welcome us
in our weakness, feed us with your mercy,
and clothe us with life itself: Jesus Christ,
our Savior and Lord. Amen.
Wednesday, August 10
Glorious God, through the waters of the
sea you led your people from slavery to
freedom. Through the waters of baptism
you bring us with Christ from death into
life. Roll away the stone of our fear and
doubt that we may sing your praise and
dance to your glory; through your Son,
Jesus Christ, our Savior and our Song.
Thursday, August 11
Almighty and all-merciful God, for
freedom you have set us free from every
power that would enslave us. Create in us
the heart of a servant and bind us to our
neighbors with the love of your Son, Jesus
Christ, our Savior and Lord. Amen.
Friday, August 12
O Light Unseen, O Love unknown, O Life
unending, your Word came as one among
us to draw us to your loving heart and give
us your abundant life. Pour out upon your
wounded world grace upon grace through
your Beloved, Jesus Christ, our Light and
our Salvation. Amen.
Saturday, August 13
O God, source of all life, you raised
Jesus from the dead and gave us the Spirit
of his resurrection. Unbind your church
from sin and the fear of death. Set us free
to praise you with grateful hearts and to
serve the world in Jesus’ name, who lives
and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and forever. Amen.
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
Called to Hear: A
Study of the Church
and Criminal Justice
Join us as we delve into the issues
of the criminal justice system from
a variety of perspectives – from
inmates to police officers to judges,
lawyers and victims – as we explore
the social statement adopted by the
ELCA Churchwide Assembly in 2013.
This study is meant to help us explore
the issues and then be moved to
This six session study will examine
the strengths and problems in the
system, as well as our commitment
as people of faith to care and
respond, asking, “What would God
have us do?”
The class will be offered twice
each week – Tuesday evenings at
7 p.m. beginning September 20,
and again on Wednesdays beginning
September 21 at noon with a lunch at
11:30 a.m.
Come join us as we explore this
very timely topic!
needed to help
prepare light meals
for Bible Studies
held during
the lunch hour
at GSLC.
Contact Wendy at 255-1001
if you are interested.
I read the strangest piece of information the other
day in a commentary about a Gospel reading, of all
things. The writer says that all the cells in the human
body (except brain cells) renew themselves, with old
cells dying and being replaced. The rate of renewal
depends on the type of tissue. Blood renews itself
completely three times in a year, the gut lining is
renewed every three days and the skeleton is renewed
every four years. This means that no part of the body,
even in very old people, is more than 10 years old.
So, except for our brains, we have entirely new bodies
Pastor Pam Power
every 10 years. We are constantly changing.
He goes on to say that he thinks the faith we have today is both exactly the same
and different from what God gave us at baptism. We might say that the DNA of that
faith remains constant, but our understanding, our knowledge, our responsibly living
of the faith is always changing.
I actually think that’s a pretty good analogy. In many ways, we’re not the same
people we used to be, and we’ll be different in a month or a year than we are right
now. Yet we’re still the same person. We still have the same identity as God’s
beloved children, are still claimed in our baptism, and we are still loved by God
more than we can imagine.
It’s how we live out that identity that
changes over time. It’s how we grow in our
faith and how all of our life experiences –
both good and bad – inform our faith. How do
we make meaning out of tragedies as well as
joys? How do we find ways to focus on God
and our spiritual lives? How do we witness to
our faith every day?
Our faith is not to be stagnant, but always
changing and growing. Like our physical
bodies renewing themselves, we renew
our faith lives, too. We do that through prayer, participating in worship, reading
the Bible, attending studies and classes at church, asking questions, being part of
different groups who support you as well as challenge you.
Faith is a fluid thing. It’s not a static, steady, unmoving thing. Faith moves and
changes and grows and challenges us throughout our lives. How are you being
challenged right now? How are you growing? How is your faith being supported
and encouraged and developed? As we have studied and examined the Lord’s Prayer
over these last several weeks, how has that challenged you and helped you grow?
If we’re not changing, we’re not growing. We have so many opportunities in
our lives to learn and grow. Keep an eye out for new things being introduced and
offered here at Good Shepherd in the fall, and see how God is calling you to grow in
your faith today.
How is your
faith being
supported and
encouraged and
Clipart by
The Shepherd’s Voice ■ August 2016
A little randomness
from Pastor Bob
Hi. By the time you are reading this, I should be
deep in the woods of Wisconsin with a bunch of
kids clearing a path. We are going on some trips
into the woods. Some of us are cleaning camp
sites along the Namekagon River, some of us are
clearing trail along the Ice Age Trail. Whatever
the task, friendships will be made, work will get
done, we will be thirsty and dirty and hungry
and hot and tired. Doesn’t this sound like fun???
Trust me, it is. It is also one of the most significant
things a kid can do with their summer. Ask some
Bob Caranicas,
of the kids when they get back. Ask them what
Pastor of Youth and
saw and what they experienced. I am sure you
Family Ministries
will get some pretty wild answers.
After all of this, we look forward to another year of confirmation. Can you
believe that summer is flying by? We have a new confirmation and senior
high youth ministry coordinator coming on board this month. Amy Wenzel
has accepted our offer and is scheduled to start on the 15th. Say hi when you
see her and make her feel welcome. I
know that we in the world of youth are
excited to have her aboard.
The confirmation registration stuff
should be up and running by the second
week in August so go on our website and
register your kiddos for that. We will be
running the same time slots as last year. I
know that might be tough for some, but
it is a necessity. If you have any questions
about the upcoming year, please do not
hesitate to ask. I will be happy to discuss whatever is on your mind. Now
listen, I really mean that. Discussion with all y’all is how we keep this program
up to speed.
There is a lot coming this year in the world of youth. I know Amy will
bring fresh ideas as well. The primary way that we communicate is through
The Youth Corner and email. If you do not get our emails and you want to,
contact the church office and get on the list. Also, we do a little texting now
and again so let us know if you want that as well.
Now, off to Wisconsin….
Peace, Pastor Bob
Work will get
trails, cleaning
camp sites...and
having fun.
Amy Wenzel
Hello my
name is Amy
Wenzel and I
will be moving
to Bismarck
to serve Good
Lutheran as the
and senior high
youth ministry
coordinator. I
am originally
from Sun
Prairie Wisconsin. I have spent the
past 3 years in Iowa, living in both
Davenport and Iowa City. I live with my
Border collie basset hound mix named
I have been in ministry since the
summer of 2009, when I worked on
my first summer staff at Lutherdale
Bible camp in Wisconsin. I worked
six summers in outdoor ministry, at
four different ministry sites across
the country including Lutherhill in
LaGrange Texas. I graduated from
Augsburg College in Minneapolis, MN
in December of 2012 with a degree
in Youth and family ministry and a
minor in Sociology. I have served
in congregational ministry both full
time and part time ministry since my
graduation and am excited to serve
Good Shepherd Lutheran and walk
alongside of the youth and help them
learn more about the Good News. My
favorite Bible story is the story of the
Prodigal Son.
I am excited to move to Bismarck
in August, after I complete my sixth
summer at camp!
August Readings
August 7: Gen 15:1-6; Ps 33:12-22;
Heb 11:1-3, 8-16; Luke 12:32-40
August 14: Jer 23:23-29; Ps 82;
Heb 11:29-12:2; Luke 12:49-56
August 21: Isa 58:9b-14; Ps 103:1-8;
Heb 12:18-29; Luke 13:10-17
August 28: Prov 25:6-7 or Sir 10:1218; Ps 112; Heb 13:1-8, 15-16; Luke
14:1, 7-14
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
Carrie Sandstrom will serve in the
Holy Land through YAGM
Endowment funds
“He has told you, O mortal, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but
to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?” - Micah 6:8
The Endowment Council of Good
Shepherd Lutheran Church was created
in 2004 and ratified at the annual
meeting in 2005. The Endowment
Council is vested with the authority
of making income available from the
GSLC Endowment Fund to support the
ministries, stewardship, activities and
projects of Good Shepherd Lutheran
Church. All requests must be sponsored
by a member of Good Shepherd and may
not be for activities or projects that are a
part of the normal operating budget and
shall be consistent with core values of
Good Shepherd. The goal of the council
is to distribute approximately 5% of the
average market value each year. We
have two separate accounts within the
Endowment Fund. One is the Dorothy
Bauer Fund, which is specifically allocated
to youth projects. The other is the Mission
Endowment Fund, which is designed for
all other projects. Any grant requests over
$999.99 must be approved by the Church
Council. We currently have $16,206
in Dorothy Bauer funds and $8,258 in
Mission Endowment funds to allocate for
this year.
By Carrie Sandstrom
Most college seniors spend a lot of their time thinking about
jobs, applying for graduate school and trying to figure out how
paying back student loans works. I guess I was no exception. As I
waded through my senior year capstone courses and internships, I
often found my mind drifting away from the tasks at hand and into
the future and all of its unknowns.
I was lucky in college to be surrounded by a faith community
that supported, challenged and encouraged me. My friends at
Christus Rex Campus Lutheran Center at the University of North
Dakota were there for me throughout my college career and even more so during that
daunting final lap.
As I wrestled with what to do after graduation, my pastors at Christus Rex were the ones
who pushed me to apply for the ELCA’s Young Adults in Global Mission (YAGM) program.
The application process is fairly rigorous and includes both a phone interview and an inperson interview in Chicago during a four-day discernment period with other candidates for
the program.
I am excited and thankful that at the completion of our period of group discernment I was
accepted to serve in the Holy Land with the program along with six other young adults. The
year-long period of service will begin mid-August, with a return date sometime in July of
2017. During my time abroad, I will have the opportunity to work with students in a K-12
school, along with being involved in the local faith community.
It’s a daunting prospect, to voluntarily agree to forego your traditional comforts, usual
haunts and easy access to your support system. It’s a lot harder to go home for the weekend
when home is on the other side of the world, and not just straight down I-94. But YAGM
is all about accompaniment, it’s all about walking alongside the people you’re with and
becoming a part of their lives, and so, they too in return, become a part of yours. It’s an
exercise in faith really, a trusting that God will provide for you in new ways and with the help
of new people. That faith doesn’t necessarily get rid of the fear that accompanies radical shifts
in your life, but it does allow you to walk through it and live into it.
I am exceptionally grateful that I had so many people in my life that helped me hear the
call to apply for YAGM. I am especially grateful to the folks at Good Shepherd Lutheran, who
saw me through my formative years of life and surrounded me with a loving and supportive
faith community, which has provided me with a solid life foundation on which to build the
next part of my story.
It seems my postgraduation plans didn’t really
reduce the uncertainty in
my life. If anything, they
opened up more questions
and more spaces for doubt,
thus also opening up more
spaces for faith and grace as
I prepare to embark on my
year of service in the Holy
Land. Throughout the coming
year, I will be blogging
about my experiences
at breakeverythingblog.
Carrie and other young adults who will be serving in
Jerusalem/West Bank for the next year.
The Shepherd’s Voice ■ August 2016
Endowment Council Members
Arliss Fleming
Joel Bird
Kellie Erhardt
Melanie Nicklos
Rita Keegan, Chair
Timothy J. Wahlin
Becky Parkin
Kathy Torske
Kevin Gader
Rhea Beto
Sheryl Zaun
Good Shepherd’s Endowment Fund
presented a grant to Carrie to support
her in this year of service!
Good Shepherd celebrated an
amazing week with Cave Quest VBS!
75 Preschool – 2nd graders spent time learning some
new things about cave and hearing all about Jesus!
O Lord, you alone are my hope.” (Psalm 71:5) We had such an amazing time at Cave
Quest VBS this year. “Take courage. I am here!” (Matthew 14:27) We found that there is
always hope. We learned that we need to have courage and know that Jesus is always
with us. “He will show you which path to take.” (Proverbs 3:6) We read that Jesus was an
amazing teacher and that he can still give us direction through our bible. We know what
real love is because Jesus gave up his life for us.”(1 John 3:16) Last but not least we heard
all about Jesus’ amazing love!
Thank you so much to all of the fantastic volunteers that helped through the week!
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
Library news
Check it out
Submitted by Marva Jorstad
Come to the Good Shepherd Library and check out A Time To Dance, A Time To
Dr. Rhea Rhymer, obstetrician and gynecologist at St. Michaels’ Hospital, awakes
to find that her head is in a restraining device and her right arm is immobilized. She
begins to realize she is in a hospital and on intravenous, all the while struggling to
throw off the night mare of what happened.
Her lengthy hospital stay proves rewarding: she falls in love with the attending
orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Michael Braemer. His skillful team saved her life the night
they brought her from the ski hill.
They discover their compatibility in faith and their desire to serve. Her vision
takes her to Africa to train midwives; his takes him to various medical facilities to
teach and research.
He shares her grief over the loss of her parents. She fears that they have been
apprehended, rather than believing that they were hit by a land mine in the Congo.
When her brother returns from Australia, they pressure the Canadian
Government to pursue the investigation. She discovers that her high school
sweetheart, now a prominent lawyer, has kept himself informed on the news of her
parents. He is ready to pursue an investigation.
He is also ready to renew a relationship with Dr. Rhea, much to the chagrin of her
new fiancé, Dr. Michael Braemer. The future looks bleak when it is discovered that
Michael has a particularly aggressive form of cancer.
Ella Sailer, the author of A Time to Dance, A Time To Mourn, is a well known
speaker, teacher, and counselor who has traveled extensively. She has written articles
for both secular and sacred publications, as well as the book, Flame of Freedom. She
holds a BA in Bible and Theology and an MA in counseling.
Together with her husband, Ella has spent twenty years in missions in Canada’s
Yukon, Alaska and Ontario. Her desire to help the hurting, her passion for things
holy, and her care for a needy world became apparent as her story unfolds.
She and her husband have three grown children and seven grandchildren. They
make their home in Saskatchewan, Canada.
Stop in the Good Shepherd Library and check it out.
The Library Guild will greatly miss Vadamay Kingsley. She was a vibrant,
inspirational guiding force in our group!
Pastoral care and hospital visitation
If you will be hospitalized, please let the church office know if you would like
to receive a visit from the Hospital Visitation Team or a pastor. We do not always
receive notification about hospital patients or nursing home residents.
Also, if you, or someone you know, is in need of pastoral care, please contact the
church office to schedule an appointment. Pastor Pam, Pastor Craig, and Pastor
Bob are always available to serve.
In addition to the Hospital Visitation Team, Good Shepherd is also blessed with
a Home Communion Team and active Stephen Ministry. Please know that these
grace-filled lay ministry teams and our pastors are available.
The Shepherd’s Voice ■ August 2016
Library news
New Books
Submitted by Marva Jorstad
Through purchase or donation
the following books have been
added to the library.
Title Author
Chicken Soup for the Golden Soul
Jack Canfield
Chicken Soup for the Caregiving Soul
Jack Canfield
Lessons in Boyancy
Kathy Vic
A Steadfast Surrender
Nancy Moser
Winter Winds
Gayle Roper
The Shape of Mercy
Susan Meissner
Bear HugsHallmark
Through Faith Alone
Martin Luther
Of Men and Angels
B & B Thoene
A Time To Dance
Ella Sailor
Harbor Hopes
Lynn A Coleman
Billy Goat Hill
Mark Morris
To Be a Hannah
Judy Frueh
Laughing & Dancing Solo Judy Frueh
Islam, For Non-Muslims
John Kaltner
Ruby Among Us Tina Ann Forkner
The End is the Beginning
Randall J. Upgren
Forever Hopeful
Raylene Nickel
Inside the Large Congregation
Susan Beaumont
The Girl From the Train
Irma Joubert
The Painter’s Daughter
Julie Klassen
The God Spot
Dean Briggs
Emma’s Gift
Leisha Kelly
Finding Anna
Christine Schaub
Worship His Majesty
Jack Hayford
No Compromise
Melody Green
The Wood’s Edge
Lori Benton
Refiner’s Fire
Sylvia Bambola
By Honor Bound
Alan Morris
The Lights of Tenth Street Shaunti Feldhahn
Logan’s Lady
Tracie Peterson
Poor Mrs. Rigsby
Kathy Herman
All Things Hidden
Kathy Herman
I Am Strong
John S. Dickerson
Prairie Romance Collection Hake & others
Janette Oke
Laurel Oke Logan
School supplies
by grade.
GSLC shares the
Shepherd’s love
with Tristan
• back pack
• facial tissue - 1 box
• broad-tipped classic
colored markers
• pencil box
• crayons - 16 count
• white school glue
• glue
sticks - 4 count
• Official
scissor - blunt
• folders
• b
• f
• c
• e
• w
• g
• b
• #
• composition
• p
*pencils provided for Kindergarten students
• s
• back pack
• n
• facial tissue - 1 box
• back pack
• c
• broad-tipped classic • facial tissue - 1 box
• • bac
colored markers
• crayons - 24 count
• • facc
• pencil box
• eraser
My son,
Tristan, was
at Good
and was
given a
blanket that
day. Tristan
and that
blanket have been through hell
and high water and it has kept
him safe for nine years. I have
sewn that blanket back together
and patched it many times – it
is Tristan’s best friend and his
• cra
• crayons - 16 count
• white school glue
• era
protection at night.
• white school glue
• glue sticks - 4 count
• wh
It has been torn to shreds
• glue sticks - 4 count • broad-tipped classic
over the years and he was in
• scissor - blunt tip
colored markers glue stick
• an
need for a new one. My wife
• folders
• #2 wooden pencils - 24
• composition notebook
told him to take it to church on
provided for Kindergarten
Wednesday to see if he could
• scissor - sets
of markers during
• #2
get a new one. So Tristan did.
806 N. Washington
ND(wide ruled) - 2 year
• notebooks
• scis
He bravely talked to Wendy and
• no
323-4000 St.,
806 N.701-223Washington
Bismarck NDFiskars scisso
Rev. Gretchen Deeg:
asked her for a new blanket and Kindergarten
• folders
• com
- 5th grade
pencils Blunt and• poi
she said that she would check
[email protected]
into it.
• col
back pack As the saying
• yel
1 if you ask
• back pack
facial tissue - 1 box
• backWendy
pack found
you may receive.
facial tissue
- 1 box
broad-tipped classic • facial tissue - 1 box
glue stick• and
• back
• back pack
colored markers
tissue - 14box
- 5thencouraged
grade • facial
• facial tissueKindergarten
1 box are
• crayons
to purchase
• facial tissue - 1 box
• eraser
to pick- 24
it up.
pencil boxShe called •meeraser
of the
- 24 count
• white• school
• crayons
- 24 count
Tristan and my wife to the
• facial tissue - 1 box
crayons - 16
• white school glue
• back pack
• glue
• eraser
1 sticks - 4 count
• school
- 24 count
white school
glue to get
• white
• white
school glue
• facial
- 1 box
• glue sticks - 4 count
- yellow
• •back
glue sticks - 4Wendy
count did
Blunt and pointed scissors.
• glue
• broad-tipped classic
-- 1fine
black- 4 count
• gluecolored
sticks markers
- 4 count • •facial
• back pack
• white- yellow
school glue
scissor - blunt
• highlighter
so wonderful
and very
•- 24highligher
- yellow
• •crayons
count classic
• facial tissue - 1 box
• broad
folders for my son •– words
• sharpie - fine black- 4 count
• eraser
• sharpie
say - 24
• crayons - 24 count
#2 wooden
markers- fine black
• crayons
- 16 count
• highlighter - yellow
composition notebook
• white school
• broad-tipped
• eraser
• broad-tipped
enough. Thank
• #2 wooden
pencils - 24
• pencil
• white- school
• sharpie
fine black
• glue sticks - 4 count
• sharpie
ls provided for Kindergarten students
markers- fine black
glue sticks - 4 count • •broad-tipped
• scissor
- pointed
Tristan loves
his new
• #2• wooden
pencils - 24
• glue sticks - 4 count
• broad-tipped
pencils - 24
• broad tipped classic
and says its• so
warm. I(wide
to - 2 • scissor
- pointed
• folders
colored markers
• composition
• notebooks
-•3 scissor - pointed
• composition
pencils - 24
say thank you
to Wendy and
• leaf
• pencil
sharpie - fine black
- wide•ruled
provided for Kindergarten students
• folders
• *pencils
notebook • •scissor
Good Shepherd
Quilters for your
• notebooks (wide ruled)• -#2
3 wooden pencils - 24 • pencil bag
• colored pencils
• folders
• notebooks
- 2 • - scissor
- pointed • loose leaf paper - wide ruled
acts of kindness.
• (wide
wide ruled
• composition notebook
- pointed
• colored pencils
• ruled)
- 3• scissor
• notebooks
ruled) - 4
- 3 (wide-ruled)
God bless you.
• •folders
• composition notebook
paper - wide ruled
• yellow highlighter
• composition notebook
Sidorglue preferred • colored pencils
• folders
• notebooks (wide ruled) - 4
Interfaith Potluck
August 13, 2016
4pm at Shelter 6
Sertoma Park
School supplies will be collected
for local students.
Official School
glue stick and white glue
Parents are encouraged to purchase multiple
sets of markers during the beginning of the
year sales.
Fiskars scissors preferred Blunt and pointed scissors.
• folders
Elmers glue preferred glue stick and white glue
Parents are encouraged to purchase multiple
sets of markers during the beginning of the
year sales.
• notebooks (college ruled) - 4
• colored pencils
(4th grade only)
• yellow highlighter (5th grade only)
• notebooks
(college ruled) - 4
• composition
• folders (5th grade only)
• composition notebook
• folders
Fiskars scissors preferred Blunt and pointed scissors.
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
Submitted by Valerie Otto, WELCA President
Bible study session three –
The Heart Of The Matter –
Reconciliation As New Creations
Theme verse: “So if anyone is in Christ,
there is a new creation: everything old
has passed away; see, everything has
become new! All this is from God,
who reconciled us to himself through
Christ, and has given us the ministry
of reconciliation; that is, in Christ God
was reconciling the world to himself,
not counting their trespasses against
them, and entrusting the message of
reconciliation to us. 2 Corinthians 5:
Reconciliation can bring us to a place
and a way of relating to one another
that Dr. Martin Luther King described
as the “The Beloved Community”. For
him, the Beloved Community was not
some idyllic place that only exists in
It’s time.
our imaginations. It is a reality rooted
in faith and love and the hope of Christ.
The Beloved Community is committed
to a way of being where violence of any
sort has no place, and all are fed. Conflict
and struggle are not the undoing of
community. Rather conflict gives rise to
creative tension, and community works
in love to solve problems.
This is the last bible study of the
summer. As in the past summers all
circle groups and anyone else who wishes
to come, will come together and study
all three of these lessons. We will have
coffee, fruit, and quick breads at 9:30
and start the study at 10. We should
be done by 11:30. It will be good to
all get together and visit members of
other circles. This gathering has been
scheduled for Wednesday, August 17.
Thank you for Bingo prizes
Thank you all who contributed prizes
for MSLCC. The staff said there was
a record turnout for bingo. I think
the residents know that when Good
Shepherd helps there will be a lot of good
Vice President needed
There is now a need for a WELCA vice
president. If anyone would like to help
out and take the position just let some of
the WELCA staff know.
It is rewarding to be an officer and
WELCA has so many important projects
we are involved in.
It’s time for every church to commit to adult faith formation. The
transmission of faith to the next generation lies not only in our work with
children and youth, but also with adults. Spend a day exploring ways to
enhance the development of the adult faith in your congregation.
Saturday, Aug. 27 Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
9 am-3:30 pm Register at:
part by
Funded in
in part
or contact the Church office at 255-1001
$30 per person ($25/person for teams of 4 or more)
Copyright © 2016 Vibrant Faith
The Shepherd’s Voice ■ August 2016
Gospel Seeds
August 2016
By: Bishop Mark Narum
Central African Republic
Partners Meeting
On July 8th, representatives of our
Synod, Eastern ND Synod, TexasLouisiana Gulf Coast Synod, ELCA
Global Mission, Lutheran Partners in
Global Mission, and Global Health
Ministries met in Minneapolis for
conversation, reporting, and planning for
our continuing work in our companion
• Rev. Doug Cox, Global Health
Ministries, opened our time with
devotions focusing on hospitality
from the perspective of host and
• Rev. Andrea Walker, ELCA Global
Mission, shared she had recently
visited the CAR and was captivated
by the hospitality and the generosity
of the people – even in the midst of
the recent unrest.
• Those in attendance were thrilled to
welcome Willie and Anne Langdji,
ELCA missionaries, to our meeting.
Their presence and voices brought
current and first person information
to the partners. Watch eNews for an
opportunity to hear Willie and Anne
at some of our congregations in the
next few weeks.
• “The life of the church and
community in the CAR are intimately
connected. Because of the church’s
relationship to the community,
even during the unrest, progress
continued… just at a slower rate.”,
said Willie.
• We heard from Anne, “As much as
people continue to live in fear…
life goes on (in the Central African
• Our money is making a difference!
Combined with support from our
Churchwide body and the other
partnering synods: *Over 5000
families received food and seed
pods for planting! *The livestock
herds of more than 78 families have
been rebuilt! (This includes more
than 1300 sheep and goats!) *The
goal of rebuilding 600 homes was
surpassed – 660 homes in 14 villages!
*Rural health outposts providing free
healthcare to children under 5 and
the elderly have reopened! *Over
7,000 people have benefited from the
seven new water sources accessed!
*The schools and seminaries continue
to function!
• I wish you all could have heard
the affirmations of our Synod’s
congregations continued faithful
financial and prayerful support
of the Central African Republic.
The Churchwide representatives
expressed a number of times their
joy in hearing stories of Western
ND Synod’s work on behalf of the
CAR. One of the other synod’s
representatives commented, “You all
may be small in number, but you are
Rostered Leader’s Gathering…
Registration is now open for the Fall
Rostered Leader’s gathering in Medora.
We are pleased to have President
Louise Johnson, Wartburg Seminary,
and President Robin Steinke, Luther
Seminary, joining us as our presenters.
They will speak about the changing
shape of theological education for the
sake of mission in Christ’s name.
Leadership Needs…
Within the next few weeks, fall classes
will begin again at the seminaries of our
church. There is a possibility that at least
two new people from Western North
Dakota will begin studies with the goal
of becoming pastors within the ELCA -
this is really good news!
I invite you to continue to pray that
God would lift up leaders in our midst.
You are very important in that process;
your questions and words of affirmation
to people who are in discernment are
crucial. Please take the time to pray,
look around you, and listen–seeking to
identify those who have gifts for public
It is important that for the future of
God’s church there be people willing
and able to lead. Help us identify and
encourage them.
Synod Council to Meet…
The Western North Dakota
Synod Council will meet in Bismarck,
September 16th and 17th. If you have
comments, concerns, or questions
about the meeting, please let us know.
A portion of the meeting will include
a Mission Support Consultation with
ELCA Director of Mission Support,
Victoria Flood.
• Wayne Van Kauwenberg has been
called to serve the people of Grenora and Zahl. His ordination
will be in Minneapolis-St. Paul July 28th, and he will begin his call
August 1st.
• Rev. Dorothy Williams was installed
Sunday, July 10th and serves the
people of the Dunn County Parish
(Dunn Center, Killdeer, and Halliday).
Blessings All,
Mark Narum
Serving as Bishop of the
Western North Dakota Synod
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
Making Ministry Possible with your Financial Gifts
Partners in Mission
Making Ministry Possible with your Financial Gifts
Making Ministry Possible with Your Financial Gifts
Thank you for supporting Good Shepherd Ministries! A complete financial report is attached to the monthly Church Council minutes;
located in the information carousels or on the
Good Shepherd
Possible with your Financial Gifts
YTD Budgeted Contributions/Revenue:...........$659,800.00
YTD Actual Contributions/Revenue:................ 599,956.47
YTD Budgeted Contributions/Revenue:
YTD Actual Contributions/Revenue:
Difference between Budgeted & Actual:
Holiday Offerings not budgeted for:
YTD Budgeted Contributions/Revenue:
$ 659,800.00
Total YTD Actual599,956.47
YTD Actual Contributions/Revenue:
599,956.47 between Budgeted and Actual:.....-59,843.47
Offerings not budgeted for:................. $ 646,735.08
YTD Budgeted Expenses:
YTD Actual Expenses:
Difference between Budgeted & Actual:
Holiday Offerings not budgeted for:
Total YTD Actual Contributions/Revenue:
$ 646,735.08Good Shepherd Ministries!
Total YTD Actual Contributions/Revenue:.......$646,735.08
Difference between Budgeted & Actual Expenses:
YTD Budgeted Expenses:
Making Ministry Possible with your Financial Gifts
A complete financial report is attached to the monthly Council minutes;
YTD Actual Contributions/Revenue $646,735.08 and YTD Actual Expenses
YTD Actual Expenses:
$653,034.28 = Net:
Ministry Possible with your Financial Gifts
located Ministries!
in the information carousels or on theDifference
Good Shepherd
Thank you for supporting Good Shepherd
between Budgeted & Actual Expenses:
Making Ministry Possible with your Financial Gifts
YTD Actual
$646,735.08 and YTD Actual Expenses
A complete financial report is attached to the monthly Council minutes;
located in the information carousels or on the Good Shepherd website.
$653,034.28 = Net:
YTD Actual Expenses:.........................................653,034.28
Difference betweenPage
Actual Expenses:............................................. -$43,254.74
TD Budgeted Contributions/Revenue:
TD Actual Contributions/Revenue:
fference between Budgeted & Actual:
oliday Offerings not budgeted for:
$ 659,800.00
YTD Actual
& Actual:
YTD Budgeted Contributions/Revenue:
YTD Actual Contributions/Revenue:
$ 646,735.08
Budgeted &Good
you Offerings
for supporting
not budgeted for:
Contributions/Revenue:................ $646,735.08
YTD Actual Expenses..........................................653.034.28
Net: ......................................................................($6,299.20)
YTD Budgeted Expenses:
YTD Actual Expenses:
between Budgeted & Actual Expenses:
YTD Budgeted Expenses:
$ 696,289.02
YTD Actual Expenses:
Total YTD Actual Contributions/Revenue:
$ 646,735.08
Shepherd Ministries!
Difference between Budgeted & Actual Expenses:
YTD Budgeted Expenses:
$ 696,289.02
YTD Actual Contributions/Revenue
$646,735.08 and
complete financial report is attached to the monthly Council
YTD Actual Expenses:
YTD Budgeted Expenses:
$ 696,289.02
YTD Actual Contributions/Revenue $646,735.08 and YTD Actual Expenses
or on the Good653,034.28
Good Shepherd
between Budgeted & Actual
$653,034.28 = Net:
usels or on the Good Shepherd website.
Difference between Budgeted & Actual Expenses:
YTD Actual Contributions/Revenue $646,735.08 and YTD Actual Expenses
A complete financial report is attached to the monthly Council minutes;
$653,034.28 = Net:
located in the information carousels or on the Good Shepherd website.
YTD Actual Contributions/Revenue $646,735.08 and YTD Actual Expenses
$653,034.28 = Net:
GSLC hoping to host a Dave Ramsey class by Financial
Peace University–need coordinator(s)
Good Shepherd is interested in hosting
a Financial Peace University class this
fall, but we need a coordinator(s) to
lead. If you are interested
Page 7 and feel called
to serve in a ministry like this, contact
Pastor Craig for more information.
PageIf7 you have the heart of a teacher,
you can make a difference in the lives
of hurting people as a Financial Peace
University coordinator.
Broke is normal in America today. In
fact, about 70% of Americans are living
paycheck to paycheck—regardless of their
income. That’s an epidemic! But that’s
also what fuels the mission of Financial
Peace University (FPU). For more than
two decades, people have used FPU to
rediscover hope and take control of their
finances. They’ve decided to be part of the
solution instead of wallow in the problem.
Over the years, coordinators have shared
their time and talents to help others find
hope. And each of them wrestled with the
The Shepherd’s Voice ■ August 2016
same two questions running through your
head right now: How and why?
How It’s Done Believe it or not, the
how is not nearly as complicated as you
7 Once those details are set, you can
7 Ramsey’s
start working with one
of Dave
stewardship advisors to start promoting
the class.
Your advisor can post your class on
the FPU Central site, where you will also
find helpful resources for promoting your
class to friends, family, and fellow church
members. And don’t be afraid to talk with
folks face-to-face. Your personal invitation
might just spell the difference between
them signing up and skipping out.
Why It Matters FPU coordinators lead
classes for any number of reasons. But
here are three really great reasons for
you to consider joining the ranks of class
YTD Actual Expenses
1. God will use you to make a difference.
As an FPU coordinator, you get to be
God’s hands and feet. You get to see
people’s lives healed right before your
eyes. And you’ll get to see family trees
changed forever—marriages saved,
kids encouraged, and legacies built.
2. You can be an agent of hope. Jesus
brings hope to the hopeless. That’s
part of the power behind FPU as well.
This ministry lets you share a message
of hope with folks who really need
it—including many who haven’t felt it
for a long, long time.
3. You become part of a revolution. We
don’t just see FPU as a product or
a class. We see it as a crusade. We
know it’s changed lives for more than
two decades, and we believe it will
continue to make a difference in the
lives of hurting people. But we need
coordinators to help. You can join the
team—and have a whole lot of fun
along the way!
July statistics
Baptized in July
Kelty Jean Anderson
Syler Alan Anderson
Nora Margaret Berger
Weddings in July
Jared & Amber (Caranicas) Woll
Jace & Karlie (Hoherz) Murschel
Marty & Lisa (Loken) Heim
Funerals/Deaths in July:
Glenn Schneider
Chuck Fleming
In memory of Vadamay Kingsley
Rev. Pam Power
Janet & Russel Rhoads
Mary Circle
Wayne & Jean Kranzler
Renee Hill
Renae & Dwayne Walker
Joe & Yvonne Carlson
Annetta Just
Roger & Marilyn Hagen
Dick & Donna Kupitz
Rev. Robert & JoAnn Lynne
Albert & Adeline Imhoff
Darlene Turitto
Karen & Dick Espeland
Linnae Brew
Becky & Scott Parkin
Rev. Craig & Wendy Schweitzer
Kerry & Rich Kingsley
Walt & Jeanie Were
Sandy & Gary Meidinger
Darlene & Ron Holtz
Sheryl Zaun
Karen & Gerry Lunn
Diana & Doug Hoffman
Art & Jeanette Oster
Ray Albrecht
Elaine Wentz
Earl & Dorothy Nelson
Richard & Marilyn Davison
Ted & JoDee Hanson
Milton & Hilda Mae Lindvig
Jerry & Charlene Lelm
David & Loretta Upgren
Gary & Claire Lorinser
Arlene Olson
Fran Loeppke
Darrell & Connie McQuay
Alvin & Esther Herman
Duane & Dorothy Nelson
Lyle & Myra Johnson
Loren & Delores Schock
Kent & Jane Morrow
Kevin Stadler
Robert & Linda Robinson
Roger & Paige Mattson
Marge Ketterling
Kirk & Nancy Pandolfo
Arnold & Sharon Burian
Rita Keegan
Judy Bahe
Toni Daede
Lyle & Julie Kinnischtzke
Rev. Tim & Susan Johnson
Bruce & Carol Howe
Ann Schwartz
Arliss & Chuck Fleming
Dorothy Rolfstad
Vita Moore
Mavis Anderson
Ardella Weishaar
Peggy & Doran Walth
Procedural Coders of Bismarck
Odney Advertising
Kevin & Lesley Bentz
Genvieve Kirmis
Norma Eslinger
In memory of Winnie
Julie Williams
In memory of Mike Lord
Diana & Doug Hoffman
Rev. Craig & Wendy Schweitzer
In memory of Jimmy Hill
Rev. Craig & Wendy Schweitzer
In memory of Glenn Schneider
Kevin & Lesley Bentz
Grant Caya
Rev. Craig & Wendy Schweitzer
Peggy & Doran Walth
Dick & Donna Kupitz
Paige & Roger Mattson
Strikepoint Handbell Ringers attend the Bell Festival
The Handbell Ringers attended
a conference in Sioux Falls, SD.
Thank you, GSLC Endowment
Fund Committee, for making
this exciting experience happen!
Back row: Karen Petersen, Kim
Motis, Rita Keegan, Judy Bahe,
Lael Hoerauf, Sandy Levorsen,
Barb Roberts. Front row: Debbie
Wolf, Kari Krein, Sue Howard
and our favorite composer/
director Kathleen Wissinger.
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
Thank you
Good Shepherd!
Thank you so much for the use
of your church! Our donations
received totaled $1,205.00. The cost
of the piano I have purchased is over
$15,000. Your donation will help
benefit tens of thousands of students
and parents over the decades to
come. I invite you to attend a Sunday
concert at the camp….you’ll be
Lyle Zimmerman
International Music Camp
Piano Project Sponsor
Thank you for the generous gift to
the ELCA for the ministry of Carrie
Sandstrom. Your generosity shows
a commitment to walking in the
newness alongside our brothers and
sisters in Christ around the world.
Andrew Steele, Director
ELCA Global Church Sponsorship
CD ministry to homebound
Each worship service at Good
Shepherd is recorded and put onto CDs.
These CDs are available to be delivered
to anyone who is homebound. Call the
church office if you are interested in
having them delivered to you.
Knitters Group
Knitters Group meets the second and
fourth Tuesdays in Room 112 at 4 p.m.
All those who enjoy knitting or who are
interested in learning are welcome to
join us.
Saturday quilting
Are you interested in quilting, but
are not able to make it on Thursday
mornings? Join us for quilting on the
third Saturday of every month from 1
p.m. to 4 p.m. Please contact Eldean
at [email protected] or Wendy at
[email protected] with
any questions.
The Shepherd’s Voice ■ August 2016
Get to know
your council
Hello, my name is Larry Fuller. My wife Pat and I grew
up at Napoleon ND and moved to Bismarck in 1987 and
have been members at GSLC since moving. I served on the
council at Trinity Lutheran Church in Napoleon as well.
We have three daughters, Terri Anderson, Stacy Slaughter,
and Jennifer Routledge as well as three great son in laws.
All are members of GSLC, all were married here and our
seven grandkids have been baptized here as well. I work for Cenex Harvest States as
National Director of CEO Selection Services traveling the US helping our customers
find leadership when they are in need. Pat is retired and spends a lot of time getting
grandkids where they need to be.
Having grandkids keeps us busy and we love following their events. In the summer
we spend time on the river in our pontoon. We also spend time with our retired
cooperative friends on various travel opportunities. We do spend some time in the
winter in warmer weather and plan to retire at the end of this year.
The last book I read was Killer Angels, it was about the battle at Gettysburg during
the civil war. Recently we took in the movie Free State of Jones. I have always had
an interest in the civil war. I was very fortunate to attend leadership training at
Gettysburg a couple of years ago.
Council Challenges
For me the business side is a challenge as it seems that members and your council
have great ideas on how to live and grow our mission here at GSLC, but making
it work usually requires more investment in people, time, and resources. First and
foremost for us is that everyone feels welcome here at GSLC and about coming to this
place for worship.
Exciting at GSLC
I feel very good about our current staff. We are currently getting membership
records up to date which has been needed for some time. I also found the recent
worship survey of members interesting and appreciated the feedback from members.
Members and others gain insight with the learning opportunities provided at GSLC
and it is so exciting to see the interest in our youth programs. I see God at work in so
many ways at GSLC and it is always my goal to help that to continue. I recently was on
the team that served the Banquet and I really felt it was very personally rewarding and
I plan to continue to volunteer when I can.
Musicians needed
for worship services!
Good Shepherd is looking for
musicians to help at our worship
services. We need guitar players,
bass players, and a drummer
right now, but if you can play any
instrument please let us know.
Contact Peder Gulleson
by calling the church office
at 255-1001 or [email protected]
July Council Minutes
Steve Madler - President
Kathy Torske – Vice President
Derrick Fehr – Secretary
Megan Anderson Larry Fuller
Curtis Jabs
Royce Schultze
Karma Anderson
Bruce Ellison
Pastor Craig Schweitzer – Senior Pastor
Pastor Pam Power – Associate Pastor of Congregational Life &
Pastoral Care
Pastor Bob Caranicas – Associate Pastor of Youth and Family
Melanie Nicklos – Parish Administrator
Sara Helbling – Executive Assistant Office Manager
1) The meeting was called to order by Council President.
2) Opening prayer was led by Pastor Pam.
3) Approval of Consent Agenda
a) Approval of Minutes
b) Monthly Financial Report
c) Human Resources Committee – No Report
d) Endowment Council Report – No Report
e) Benevolence Committee Report – No Report
f) Audit Committee Report – Report
g) Staff Report
h) Pastor’s Report
Curtis Jabs requested that the Finance Committee report be
pulled from Consent Agenda and added to New Business, as
committee had met the previous night.
Motion to approve the amended consent agenda (Torske/
Jabs, unanimous) motion carried.
4) Devotions & Bible Study
Led by Pastor Bob, discussing 1 Corinthians 12:24-26.
5) Old Business
a) Council Goal #1 – Membership database management;
communication with congregation regarding
membership status. Sara Helbling reported. Staff and
volunteers will continue to process the changes and
complete the data entry moving in to next month. The
goal is to have this project complete by the end of the
b) Council Goal #4 – Worship Schedule Review; response to
Annual Meeting motion. Discussion took place regarding
original motion, results of the survey and how to share
those results with the congregation. Motion was made
to continue services as they are, report to be written by
Council President and included in September newsletter,
and survey results to be published (Jabs/Torske,
unanimous) motion carried.
c) Council Goal #7 – Perform an accessibility analysis
of facility. Royce Schultze reported. Reviewed survey
results and recommendations for how to move forward.
Suggestion was made to use this survey as part of a
Facility Master Plan with the new Director of Facility
Maintenance, upon hire. Schultze offered to work with
the new person to move forward with any changes. The
Council expressed their appreciation for the many hours
of work Royce put in to this project.
6) New Business
a) Melanie Nicklos Introduction
Melanie is the new Parish Administrator for GSLC.
Council members took a few minutes to introduce
themselves to her, as well.
b) Rally Sunday
Pastor Craig reported. Rally Sunday will be held on
September 11th, 2016. There will be a service element
built in to the activities taking place throughout the day.
Worship will be held at 4:00 pm, with a meal to follow. All
events during the day will take place at Sertoma Park.
c) Staff Retreat and Office Coverage During
Pastor Craig reported. A two-day staff retreat will be
held August 22-23, off-site. One day will be dedicated
to training all staff on CPR and First Aid; the other day
will be dedicated to teambuilding and planning for the
upcoming program year. Decision was made for building
to be open during this time, but office will remain closed.
Sign will be placed on office door and phone message
will be changed; both will include an emergency contact
d) Synod Assembly Approved Clergy Salary Guidelines
Pastor Craig reported. Guidelines have slightly increased,
which will therefore affect the clergy compensation
budget for next year.
e) North Bismarck Demographics
Pastor Pam reported. Information was shared regarding
the growth of North Bismarck. Discussion centered on
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
July Council Minutes Continued
what the potential for ministry may mean with these changes and the current
opportunity we are faced with to build relationships. Suggestions are welcome
for how the church can get to better know our neighbors.
f) Finance Committee Report
Curtis Jabs reported. Financials reviewed. Simply Giving participation has
increased. Suggestion was made by Committee for a master plan of when
equipment/items are due to be replaced and upcoming facility plans for the
church. Another congregation member is needed for the Finance Committee.
7) Other Business
• Fair Labor Standards Act Overtime Rule Change – office staff is participating
in a webinar and researching how this will affect church staff and budget.
• Grace Gathering – team of 6 people from the church will be attending the
event in New Orleans, August 9-13.
• Missouri Slope Lutheran Care Center Board – representative from GSLC is
stepping down. Suggestions for possible replacement are appreciated.
• Food Truck Policy – a usage document is in development for any food trucks
that may want to use the parking lots.
8) Questions from the Floor
No questions from the floor.
9) Closing Prayer
Pastor Craig led us in closing prayer.
Respectfully submitted,
Sara Helbling, Council Recording Assistant
Girl Scouts clean GSLC nursery
Melanie Nicklos joins
GSLC staff team
Nicklos has been
named Parish
Administrator at
Good Shepherd
Lutheran Church.
Her official start
date was July 5,
2016. Melanie and
her husband, Ryan, have been coming to
Good Shepherd since they moved from
Fargo in 2009. They were married in the
church October of 2011 and their little
boy Jace had a reaffirmation of baptism in
2013. Together they enjoy being outside,
spending time with family and doing
projects around the house. When it’s
time to take a break from work they stay
grounded by traveling and taking in God’s
Melanie is a graduate of University
of Mary. She is dedicated to using all
the gifts God has given to her, which is
what led her here. Her vast knowledge
in finance, human resources, customer
service and budgeting will be a great
addition to the team.
Join us in welcoming Melanie to the
Sharing the
Shepherd’s Love
Good Shepherd Staff
A Girl Scout troop spent time cleaning the nursery at Good Shepherd Lutheran
Church to earn the final “take action” key on a Journey Badge. GSLC is very blessed
for their help.
The Shepherd’s Voice ■ August 2016
Kordell Bauer, Financial Specialist
Rev. Bob Caranicas, Pastor of Youth and
Family Ministries
Wendy Curry, Congregational Life
Nicole Fehr, Children and Family Ministry
Peder Gulleson, Director of Music and
Sara Helbling, Executive Assistant Office
Vicki Martel, Organist
Paige Mattson, Communications and
Graphic Design Specialist
Sandy Meidinger, Accounting Specialist
Melanie Nicklos, Parish Administrator
Karen Petersen, Organist
Rev. Pam Power, Associate Pastor of
Congregational Life and Pastoral Care
David Rohrscheib, Custodian
Rev. Craig Schweitzer, Senior Pastor
Non-Profit Org.
U.S. Postage
106 Osage Avenue, Bismarck, ND 58501-2673
Phone: 701-255-1001 • Fax: 701-255-3644
Email: [email protected]
Permit No. 419
Bismarck, ND
Sharing the Shepherd’s Love
All are
in the
August 17
Sertoma, Shelter 8
Worship-6:30 p.m.
Movie (Zootopia)-8 p.m.
Snacks and beverage
will be provided.
Bring your friends,
a chair, blanket,
bug spray...
Sponsored by a Thrivent Action Team.
Clipart by
In case of inclement weather, the event
will be held in the Lynne Center.
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

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