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Issue #115
Jan/Feb, 2011
RCI Starts to Implement Settlement Terms
At the same time that RCI’s attorneys notified other counsel and TimeSharing Today’s publisher about the progress of RCI’s compliance with the class action settlement agreement, RCI
appears to have moved beyond its obligations in rolling out a new trading power initiative.
While the settlement only required RCI to respond to a member’s request about the trading power of that member’s week and
available inventory for which the member’s deposited week had sufficient trading power, RCI is now letting its members use the
trading power information to provide more flexibility in making exchanges and trading up to highly demanded weeks.
Resort weeks will reportedly be rated with trading power ranging from 1 to 60. Trading power ratings of several deposited weeks
can be combined to trade up to a week with a trading power higher than any one of the member’s week. If a member exchanges
into a week with lower trading power, the member’s account will be credited with the “excess” trading power and combined with a
subsequent deposit’s trading power to determine the trading power available for the member to use.
RCI began educating members on these new developments on RCI.com and in the October edition of
its Endless Vacation magazine, explaining how trading
power transparency, deposit credits and combining
deposited weeks will greatly assist them in their future
vacation planning and provide them with more choice,
flexibility and value in their future vacation planning.
RCI will provide further information to its members
throughout the next few months to help ensure confidence with the new enhancements and highlight the
benefits to members worldwide.
“In the increasingly transparent online vacation
planning world that we live in, this is something our
members have been consistently asking for. It’s one
of the most exciting things we’ve ever done for our
members – it’s really unprecedented,” said Geoff Ballotti, CEO, RCI. “Transparency is important because
people want to have more control over how they trade
their timeshare vacation for another vacation they’d
like to take.
Compliance with another significant part of the
settlement agreement - deposited weeks being held exclusively for exchange and not available for rental during
a 31-day post-deposit period - will be implemented on or
before April 11, 2011 according to the letter from RCI’s
attorney (recreated on the right side of this page.)
While the letter speaks of Section IIA.1 being
implemented on or before April 11, 2011, that section
deals with the trading power issue that has now been put
into place. So it is possible that members may likewise
see the exclusive exchange period implemented well
before the promised April 11, 2011 date.
Pack a skirt. A grass one.
Take a
For a limited time, we’re offering non-members
exclusive access to our exchange inventory. To view
our current listings, simply visit www.htse.net and enter “9999” for your username and
“tstoday” for the password. For more information, call us toll free or visit our website.
one year
three year
five year
return to home resort
any U.S. mainland resort
$ 49
More for less.
$ 79
upgrades (plus exchange fee)
Check our website for our latest world-wide inventory www.htse.net
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Page 3
Jan/Feb, 2011
RCI Class Action Settlement
As readers may recall, we were not pleased with many aspects of the settlement
made in the class action lawsuit against RCI. We particularly objected to the short
period during which RCI would hold deposits exclusively for exchange purposes.
We also objected to the fact that changes required by the settlement only had to be
in force for two years. However, the latest news from RCI is encouraging. As the
article on the front page indicates, RCI appears to be going beyond its settlement
obligations to make trading power information available. In letting its members
combine trading power from more than one resort, and carry over excess trading
power to a later exchange, RCI is almost giving its Weeks members the flexibility
of Points when making exchanges.
In view of RCI’s promotion of this new program, it is unlikely that RCI will
pull the plug after two years, as the settlement agreement would permit. This bodes
well for the not-yet-implemented exclusive exchange period for deposited weeks.
We look forward to the possibility of RCI’s expanding on its obligations for that
aspect of the settlement also.
The Editor’s Frustration
Although we have been writing about timeshare scams for at least fifteen years,
during the past two years we have had something about resale scams in almost every
issue. We have repeatedly published articles about the most common current scam:
“We have a buyer for your week for $22,000; send us $2,000 to cover search and
closing costs.” Yet, every week, we receive emails, sometimes several in a day,
asking if we are familiar with such-and-such company, which has a buyer for the
writer’s timeshare and needs a few thousand dollars to cover closing costs, or a
search, or something. We would understand if the people who write to us were not
subscribers and were not familiar with this common scam. Unfortunately, many
emailers indicate that they subscribe to TimeSharing Today. We know people read
our articles, so we can only ascribe the willingness of readers to fork over money
to these scammers to very short memories or very persuasive salespeople.
Read about the scams on page 20 and the tips on page 21. And remember
If you receive an unsolicited call that the there is a buyer for your week at a price that is unreasonably high, and you are requested to send money for some closing cost, it is probably a scam.
(I know that using the word “probably” means that we will continue to receive
email inquiries about a particular company, so just mentally eliminate that word
“probably” from the preceding admonition.)
However, if you cannot resist the temptations and the potential risk, we urge
you to do the following:
1. Do not, under any circumstances, rely on verbal promises, and
2. Get everything in writing, and
3. Have an attorney review the documents, handle the negotiations on your
behalf and place all fees in escrow until the closing.
Your Best Exchange
It’s time for another Best Exchange Contest. Tell us about the best exchange
you ever had in 750 to 1500 words. Make sure you label your article as your Best
Exchange so we can distinguish it from the articles that are regularly submitted.
We’ll start publishing them as soon as they start coming in and will publish them
all, probably into 2012. All entries must be received no later than December 31,
2011. We will award $500 for the best entry and $250 for the runner up, with win­
ners to be determined by the Editor and Publisher.
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Page 4
Jan/Feb, 2011
Letters to the Editor
Classified ads work
Frequent exchanger
fact we gift the kids and grandkids weeks
each year.
“I have all my trades on a spreadsheet so that I can keep track of them, and
I did include all the bonus weeks I have
gotten and used to get resort weeks, but I
think that is fair. So let’s do the math...20
years averaging 11 trades per year comes
to 220 trades. Some years, I make over 20
trades, since, like you, we are retired and
can travel 9 or 10 months a year.
“Steve Larson”
“Hi Nancy and Alan,
“Thanks for letting me know about
the TST letter. I would like to be able to
reply but I do not have my ID and password with me, so I won’t be able to get in
to the site. I’m a little irritated that this
man impugns either my intelligence or
integrity or both. He assumes that I only
have a basic amount of timeshare and
that I only use the weeks myself, when in
As a further note, my husband and I
are also retired and timesharing is a part
of our retirement plan. We have learned
well how to use the timeshare system from
Steve and his wife. We will have traveled
at least 26 weeks this calendar year and
many of them were through trades with
RCI. We own fixed weeks and many
Wyndham points. Trading Wyndham
points through RCI is one of the most
efficient ways to use them. We are meeting more and more retired folks who are
spending several months in timeshares,
especially in slightly off season locations.
It is great retirement living, you get to
see lots of places, meet new people and it
beats the expense of a second house!
Nancy Smiley, Roseville, MN
My wife and I have purchased a timeshare that was listed in your magazine and
last month, my sister purchased one.
Keep up the good work.
Philip and MaryRose Gardocki,
West Norriton, PA
I was very surprised to read part of the
letter to the editor from Earl Glenwright
in the Nov/Dec issure that challenged the
amount of exchanges that Stephen Larson
has made. Stephen is a friend of mine
currently traveling out of this country. I
emailed him the part of the letter that pertained to him and this is his response:
Unhappy with Ron
I just read Ron’s Select Holidays in
the Nov/Dec issue.
This guy is so full of himself, his
brilliance, his intelligence, his net worth.
I’ve never read anything in TimeSharing
Today as nauseating as this article and his
conception of himself. He probably kisses
his image in the mirror.
Please never again publish anything
from Ronald G. Helms.
Sterling Hartman
Wow, is Ronald Helms for real? What
a pompous obnoxious article!!! Did he
try to come off as a “Know it All,” which
he did!!!
Another friend mentioned the same
feelings to me as I have intimated above.
I agreed with her and therefore am writing this letter.
I would prefer that you NOT print
anymore of his musings. We normal timesharing people who only own 1 or 2 weeks
don’t need to read this drivel!!!
Oh, my friend said she even had to
look up two of the words he used!!!
Please NO more Ron.
Gayle Tegeler
Editor’s response: I appreciate your
thoughts on “Ron’s Select Holidays” and
have no doubt that some other readers
may also feel the same way. However,
we try to have articles and columns that
reflect different approaches to a vacation.
Certainly “Russ on the Road” is distinctly
different than Ron’s column, as are the
writings of our other frequent and occasional contributors. I suspect that many
readers enjoy “Ron’s Select Holidays”
precisely because they view it the same
way as you.
Unhappy with
I just saw the piece on page 35 of
the Nov/Dec issue about Marriott’s new
points program.
Considering that I’m a 4-week owner
at Marriott’s Desert Springs Villas I since
the early 1990’s, I too am feeling irritated
at MVCI’s business practices. I chose
www.tstoday.com for back issues, Resort Report Cards, articles on resorts and much more
TimeSharing Today
Marriott’s professional reputation and
industry leadership in an otherwise
splintered vacation ownership industry.
I was one of those owners who got them
where they are today. I no longer have
a need for the weeks in Palm Desert as
I now have a home in the area. Their
rental option, which they touted for
many years, was one of the reasons to
purchase for the flexibility. It appears
that they no longer offer this alternative.
In addition, Desert Springs Villas I
lost their spa licensing agreement with
the JW Marriott Hotel, which was a
definite ownership feature.
This new, alternative points program appears to favor Marriott, as they
will gain weekly inventory for their own
usage as a result of some owners opting
into this plan. It’s become quite a unilateral relationship and I’m paying for it.
I’m dissatisfied; I plan to sell my weeks
and terminate my 20 plus year, loyal
relationship. It’s just bad business.
Steven Weiner
Sales reps are
taught to lie
I appreciated Lisa Ann Schreier’s
forthrightness in this article about
training and managerial practices in the
timeshare industry. However I must
disagree with her conclusion that lying
is not taught.
There is also “taught by example,”
which is perhaps an even more powerful teaching device than what happens
in the classroom. The article makes it
clear that lying is rewarded and covertly
permitted by at least some sales managers. Managers tolerating lying by their
staff to improve sales are giving life to
lies. Senior managers who don’t take
the time to find out what is happening on
their sales floors are not to be excused.
Auto dealers have made great
strides to clean up the image of the used
car salesperson. When will the senior
managers of the timeshare industry decide that it is time to change one of the
worst reputations, for misleading and
dishonest sales practices, of any industry
Sorry Lisa, but lying is perpetuated
Page 5
from the top, even if it is just lying to
themselves about what is happening in
their sales rooms or industry.
Peter Jackson, Toronto, Canada
After RCI class
action settlement
I now do most of my RCI business
by computer. What I have noticed is
that the weeks inventory appears to
be tightly controlled. On the web site,
a person can search according to Exchange. Last Call, and Extra Vacations
(rentals). I have found that there are
rental weeks available which are not
available by using an Exchange search.
That concerns me, as it means my exchange is still under-valued .
Paula Tyner
We are RCI members, and I am a
Board member and former President of
our Association, Harbor Cove in Harbor
Springs, MI.
As a Board member, I am able to
use the RCI VIP exchange program.
I’ve gotten to know one of the exchange
coordinators, and he informed me that
sometime in November, RCI will be
announcing changes to the Weeks exchange program. The biggest change is
that a week within a color category will
be assigned a point value. (This is NOT
the RCI Points exchange program.) For
example, we own three red weeks. One
is a high demand week, early August,
while the others are Red weeks, but they
are “ski weeks.” I have been told by the
coordinator that the high demand week
will have 40 points or credits, while
the other two Red weeks will only be
“worth” 10 points or credits each.
Are you aware of these changes?
Joe Gromala
Editor’s reply: You are probably
referring to the new trading power program described on the front page.
Checked RCI’s web site today (November 5). For the month of January,
they have 184 resort weeks available for
exchange. They have 684 weeks for sale
as extra vacations. Enough said?
H Hoeksema, Ontario Canada
Jan/Feb, 2011
I called RCI Weeks for the $20
settlement fee. They said I was too late.
They said I was sent a form (which I
never received) or it was posted on the
Internet. I am not online.
Another RCI non-relationship with
their membership.
But for your magazine article about
the $20 settlement, I would not have
known about this payment that was
due to me.
Arthur Salvi
I have been trying since early September to find somewhere in Florida
other that Orlando area to spend three
weeks. Requesting mainly west coast
mid state south as we have never spent
time on the gulf side, we have found
nothing available in the months of last
of February to mid March on any coast!
unless we go to Orlando which I do not
want. So, anything change? Nah
John Taggart
Outer Banks
Timeshare Rentals
& Resales
Milepost 13.5 Nags Head
[email protected]
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TimeSharing Today
Page 6
The Good, the Bad and
By Scott Riddle
In my first two articles of this three
part series, I pointed out some of the good
and the bad points of timeshare ownership. I now turn my attention to some
of the aspects of the ugly side. During
my 30 years of developing, selling and
owning timeshare, I have communicated
with thousands of owners. My comments
represent both my views and what I have
heard from others.
In the early days of timeshare, the
exchange companies put the world at
the fingertips of a timeshare owner. You
merely had to figure out how to get to your
desired destination. The rapid growth
of these companies met the needs of the
expanding numbers of owners, and all the
resorts were new. The fees for exchanges
were reasonable; the exchange advisors
were customer friendly, knowledgeable
and easily available. There was a feeling
that ALL comparable inventories were
accessible ALL of the time to any member
who called seeking an exchange.
As I think most owners would agree,
the beautiful arrangement noted above
has, over time, turned ugly in many ways.
The exchange advisors are no longer as
friendly, often are not as knowledgeable
or accommodating, and they are limited
in the amount of time they can spend
with each caller. Wait times to speak
with someone are longer, and an owner/
member is forced to deal with automated
systems before having the opportunity to
talk with a real person. Has the number of
advisors been reduced to increase profits
for these companies at the expense of
Jan/Feb, 2011
the Ugly
customer service and
with no regard to the
owner/members time?
I believe it has.
The fee for an
exchange, once a very
reasonable $49 +/-,
has steadily increased
over the years and
is now as much as
$179 +/-. Guest certificates, once gladly
given for free, may be
as much as $59. The
list of new “revenue
stream” fees for the exchange companies
seems to grow every year. Owner/members have also learned the ugly truth that
certain exchange companies no longer
makes the entire inventory available to its
membership and now openly offers rentals over the internet at costs that are often
less than the maintenance fee paid by an
owner/member for the same week.
To me, it appears that some of the
exchange companies no longer exist to
serve the members. It now appears they
seem to think the members exist to serve
the exchange company.
As the number of timeshare owners
seeking to sell has increased, unscrupulous sales tactics have mushroomed. Who
among us has not received a postcard or
a phone call with glowing promises of
a quick resale, at an over-inflated price,
if we only paid several hundred dollars
(or more) to have our timeshare listed,
advertised, appraised, escrowed, etc?
Many owners quickly paid the fees and
quietly waited while their hope turned to
the ugly realization he/she had paid good
money for nothing.
Timeshare resale’s have recently
reached a tipping point where owners are
now being approached by other companies
who want a timeshare owner to pay them
to take away their timeshare deed. They
promise to take your deed for a payment
that is often 5 times, more or less, the
amount of the annual maintenance fee.
The ugly truth is the number of these companies is increasing and more and more
timeshare owners are agreeing to pay their
fee and go along with their plan.
This method of unloading a timeshare
may not be as simple as it sounds. Does
the deed to the timeshare go back to the
resort, or does it go off-shore for a while to
later resurface? Can it find its way back
to you after several years; and have late
fees and interest charges added to several
years of unpaid maintenance fees? If the
deed does not go back to the resort, does it
not logically follow that the resort has one
less owner paying the annual maintenance
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TimeSharing Today
fee? For each unpaid maintenance fee at
your resort, guess what happens to your
maintenance fee? If you guessed it will go
up, I think the ugly truth is you are right.
How high will your maintenance fee go if
your resort has hundreds of people paying
to make their deed and maintenance fee
go away, not just one or two?
When that first timeshare was purchased, does anyone remember hearing
the words, “special assessment?” Well,
many of us have become familiar with this
reality, haven’t we? For those of you who
have not, a “special assessment” is a bill
from the resort Homeowner Association
(HOA) for “special” (often unexpected)
expenses. How many timeshare owners
will it take to decide they can no longer
afford, will not pay, or have paid to make
their timeshare “go away” at your resort,
before the first (or next?) special assessment?
At what point will your maintenance
fee, and any upcoming special assessment,
go beyond being reasonable for 7 nights
of accommodations? $100 a night, $150
a night, or more? I would appreciate
hearing from you regarding your opinion.
With the exchange companies offering
rentals, often for $75 or less per night for
7 nights, what is wrong with this picture?
Did the timeshare sales person tell you
the day would come when owners would
pay more per night, with added responsibilities and expenses (membership dues,
exchange fees, etc.), than renters? I don’t
think so.
When your resort was new, there
were few, if any, maintenance issues,
so maintenance fees appeared reasonable. When your developer departed, he
also took all his “free” and experienced
maintenance workers with him. As your
resort aged, complex and expensive maintenance needs, such as structural problems
with buildings, amenity repairs, plumbing
and wiring issues, natural disasters such
as hurricanes or other storms, may have
blindsided your well-meaning HOA. In
addition, there are always the on-going
interior refurbishing and furniture replacement concerns. Over the years, 19
inch TV’s have been replaced with more
expensive wide screen HDTV models,
Formica countertops have often been
upgraded to granite, and appliances have
been upgraded. Each improvement brings
along another expense which is then added
Page 7
to your maintenance fee.
As timeshare has grown and matured,
insurance expenses have risen, utility
expenses have soared, several states have
decided they can tax your ownership, and
management companies and contracts
have often become a financial burden, or
maybe even a nightmare.
As the day to day expenses of your
resort have gone up, you have probably
seen your maintenance fee grow from
a once reasonable amount to one that is
bordering on being a problem (if it is not
already there). The ugly truth is this: Unless corrective steps are initiated relatively
soon, as your resort continues to age, those
fees are more likely to continue to go up,
rather than down.
At the end of day, all of us who own
timeshare must deal with some of these
unattractive aspects. If we first acknowledge the issues that impact our resorts
and then develop creative solutions, we
can continue to enjoy all the benefits
and memory-making possibilities of our
vacation ownership. Families will always
continue to desire to vacation together. As
almost everyone who has ever vacationed
Jan/Feb, 2011
in a timeshare will agree, there is just no
going back to a single room once you
have stayed in your unit and enjoyed the
countless positive aspects of timeshare
From my position, I see many new
companies developing creative ways to
control expenses, increase income, locate
new owners, and bring new life to the
resorts. If we can tap into the existing
knowledge and experience of the first
wave of owners, while adding the energy
and desire of the current generation, together we can build a bright future for
timeshare. Let’s get it done.
Scott Riddle is the owner of Trading
Time www.tradingtime.net, the CEO and
Chairman of the Board of 1800MyCondo
www.1800MyCondo.com and the President of Resort Synergy Inc. www.resortsynergy.com Scott has been involved in
the timeshare industry since 1981 and has
experience in timeshare sales, development, marketing and operation. He can
be reached by calling 1-877-TTI-1000 or
by email at [email protected]
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TimeSharing Today
Page 8
Jan/Feb, 2011
Two Weeks at Two Resorts in Palm Desert, CA
Shadow Ridge
By Jim and Mary Jane Gleeson
Beaverton, OR
We have exchanged into Palm Desert,
California on several occasions. At Interval International’s on-line trading site we
were able to book back to back weeks at
Marriott’s Shadow Ridge and Westin’s
Mission Hills.
Before the two-week period in Palm
Desert, we planned to spend 10 days at a
friend’s house in Surprise, Arizona, and
we wanted to fly in and out of Palm Desert.
We rented a car in Palm Desert upon arrival and drove to Surprise. We found that
renting a car and picking up ofF-site from
the airport was much cheaper than renting
and picking up at the airport. The selection
was not as great and required the cost of
a cab ride from the airport to the off -site
location; however, we were reimbursed
by Hertz. For the 24 day period, we saved
hundreds of dollars.
The Shadow Ridge and Mission Hills
both have pre-arrival services, so we
contacted both several weeks in advance
of check in to request particular units and
Check in at Shadow Ridge went very
well and there is a staffed outside kiosk
with full check -in availability, in addition
to the usual lines inside.
Our requested unit was ready upon arrival and was clean, comfortably furnished
and properly prepared to Marriott’s high
standards for new guests. The kitchen has
a full size stove and refrigerator and is well
appointed with everything necessary to
cook nearly any size meal. Outdoor barbe-ques can be found close to all of the
buildings. The units have a washer and
dryer, a Jacuzzi tub and stall shower ,and
2 vanity areas. The dining table seats 6
and there are two televisions in the onebedroom unit. However, since the signal
comes from a satellite dish company, the
local channels are blocked; news and
weather comes from L.A. stations.
We did encounter a minor access
problem with one of the card keys that
was fixed promptly.
Shadow Ridge has beautiful grounds
with studios (lockoffs from the twobedroom units), one- and two-bedroom
units, with many facing the Nick Faldo
designed golf course. There are multiple
buildings behind a gated entry. They are 3
stories with elevators. The entire property
is non-smoking; parking is adequate and
close to the units.
The property has 4 large pools, most
with cabanas that can be used for no
charge on a first come, first served basis.
One pool with a water slide is ideal for
children. There are many on-site scheduled activities (many now have a charge)
for both adults and children, and the Palm
Desert/Palm Springs area abounds with
things to do.
A restaurant, small but adequate, fitness center, business center, small store
and golf pro shop are located outside of
the gated area, at the main building used
for check in, concierge service etc. It is
within walking distance.
Adjacent to Shadow Ridge’s main
units is a new timeshare development by
Marriott called the Enclave which is currently being marketed. There was no contact at all for any type of presentation.
Shadow ridge is approximately 20
minutes from the Palm Springs airport. To
take advantage of the entire area I would
recommend a rental car.
Our second week was at Westin’s
Mission Hills. We made an advance request to be located in a particular building)
for our two-bedroom unit. Upon arrival,
we were told that our request was not
available for a couple of hours. We were
given a pass to one of the pool areas and
told we would be contacted via our cell
phone when we could move in. Check in
was very smooth, except for a somewhat
prolonged welcome stop at the concierge
desk which turned into a request to tour a
new Westin location in Palm Desert. We
agreed and later cancelled, not wanting to
spend the time required for the tour and
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TimeSharing Today
The two-bedroom units are very big.
The full-size kitchen is well equipped;
there is a washer/dryer in the main part of
the villa and the same in the second bedroom portion, which is essentially a onebedroom lock off with its own entrance.
Two full bathrooms with a large walk in
shower are in the main portion, which also
has a jetted tub and a tub/shower combination in the lock off second bedroom. The
lock off kitchen has a full size refrigerator
and small cook top.
Four televisions and two Bose radios,
along with a fire place, are in the main
portion. There are two balconies with
patio furniture; a gas bar-be-que is on the
balcony off the main living room.
The beds are Westin’s “Heavenly
Beds” and they are appropriately named.
The two couches contain hide-a-beds and
the two-bedroom unit can sleep 8.
The buildings are two story with no
elevators, so getting luggage up the stairs
can be a hassle. Plenty of parking is available and the property is guard gated.
A shuttle runs to the main Westin
hotel with additional pools, fitness center,
restaurant and lounge. The villas have
Page 9
Jan/Feb, 2011
Mission Hills
a small fitness center. The grounds are
beautiful and well maintained with plenty
of space for walking.
Activities to consider in the area:
College of the Desert Street Fair on Saturday and Sunday mornings and early
afternoons, Palm Springs Street Fair on
Thursday evenings, The Living Desert,
Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, entertainment at any of the four casinos in the area,
golf on one or more of the many golf
courses open to the public, hiking, hot air
balloon rides, shopping on El Paseo and
Cabazon Outlets and dining at some of the
best restaurants in Southern California.
Plenty of information and arrangements
can be obtained through the concierge.
We have stayed at both properties
previously; we will return and highly
recommend both of them.
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David McClintock as a service to fellow
subscribers. A combined ten-year index is
accessible in the Online Edition at www.
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ARDA-ROC refunds....................29 Sep
Ask Dave M....................28 Jan, 33 Mar
..........27 May, 15 Nov
Buying a timeshare – why?..........22 Sep
Calendar ......(precedes ads – each issue)
Celebrity Resorts bankruptcy......23 May
Charitable deduction denied..........8 Nov
Club memberships – beware..........11 Jul
Condo conversion to timeshare.....22 Jul
Dial An Exchange - Global...........9 Nov
Dial An Exchange - Redweek.....35 Nov
Diamond acquires ILX assets.......7 Nov
Diamond Resorts complaints.........4 Sep
Disney Hawaii expansion............20 Mar
Escrowing HOA funds..................6 Nov
Comments by readers........1 Jul
Comparison Chart...........28 Jul
Foreclosures...................................16 Jul
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GeoHoliday Club, NV......................8 Jul
Hilton expansion Hawaii.............23 May
Holiday Group gone......................8 Nov
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Owner lists........37 May, 36 Jul
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Inn Seasons, NH concerns..........33 May
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2 for 1 meals..................28 Mar Kelowna, BC...................................5 Jan
Lake Pend Oreille,ID manager.......5 Sep
Lawrence Welk expansion..........20 Mar
Lawsuits and formal complaints
Bluegreen........................22 Jul
Cabins at Green Mt, MO..5 Jan
Diamond St. Maarten.....35 Sep
Gurney’s Inn, NY....37 Jan, 21 Jul
Kauai Beach Villas, Kauai...25 Mar
Loch Rannoch, Scotland...27 Mar
Mustang Island, TX.......25 Mar
Point at Poipu, Kauai......23 Jan
Sandcastle, MA...............15 Jan
Silver Lakes, CA...........38 Nov
Jan/Feb, 2010
Southscape, MA.............15 Jan
Licensed R.E. brokers........3 May, 21 Jul
..........................32 Sep, 36 Nov
Maintenance fees – control..........13 Mar
...........................15 May, 26 Jul
Marriott expansion Orlando,,,,,,,,,29 Sep
Marriott points program,,,,,,,,,,,,,,35 Nov
Marriott stops development,,,,,,,,22 May
Nat’l TS Owners.............27 Jan, 30 May
..............35 Jul, 32 Sep, 36 Nov
Owner-controlled boards................3 Sep
Owners’ lists....................37 May, 36 Jul
Perfect Storm? Aging owners and
resorts................................Jul 3
Post Card companies................1, 11 Sep
RCI Lawsuit,
settlement................1, 3, 29 Jan
.........................1, 5 Mar, 4 Nov
Positive owner comments.4 Jul
Points – comments........35 Mar
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Shopping Perks...............20 Jan
Resort report card system
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Resort report cards
Brewster Green, MA......16 Sep
Christie Lodge, CO.......20 May
Cliffs Club, HI...............18 Nov
Club Donatello, CA......18 Nov
Coral Sands, HHI, SC.....12 Jan
Eagle Crest, Redmond, OR.12 Jan
First Cabin, Lk Havasu, AZ
..........................12 Jan
Flamingo Beach, DWI..15 Mar
Grand Beach, FL.........20 May
Grand Pacific, CA..........16 Sep
Grande Villas, Fl.............12 Jan
Inn at Los Abrigados, AZ..19 Nov
Jockey Club, NV...........18 Nov
Kala Point, WA..............16 Sep
Ke Nani Kai, Molokai, HI....20 Jul
Kings Creek Plantation,VA
........................18 Nov
Lawrence Welk Escondido, CA
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,20 Jul
Legacy Golf, AZ...........19 Nov
Logonita Lodge, CA.....20 May
Manhattan Club, NY........19 Jul
Marriott’s Barony, SC...19 Nov
Marriott Resorts
Custom Hse, MA........13 Jan
Grande Vista,FL........15 Mar
Manor Club,VA........20 May
Newport Cst, CA.........20 Jul
Royal Palms...............16 Sep
Mystic Dunes, FL.........21 May
Oceantime, MD...............19 Jul
Outer Banks Beach, NC.17 Sep
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Palm Springs Tennis, CA
........................15 Mar
Port O’Call, SC.............15 Mar
Quail Hollow, PA...........17 Sep
Sands Ocean Club, SC..16 Mar
Sea Garden, Beach, FL.19 Nov
Sedona Springs, AZ......21 May
Sheraton’s Broadway, SC
........................21 May
Stallion Springs, CA......17 Sep
Summer Bay, FL...........27 Nov
Westin, Kaanapali, Maui
..........................13 Jan
Worldmark Oceanside, CA
..........................13 Jan
Wyndham Bentley, MA
.........................17 Sep
Wyndham Bonnet Creek, FL
..........................20 Jul
Wyndham Grand, NV.....13 Jan
Wyndham Newport, RI.16 Mar
Wyndham Ocean Ridge,SC
........................21 May
Wyndham Palm-Aire, FL
........................16 Mar
Wyndham Panama City, FL
........................16 Mar
Westin Kierland, AZ........19 Jul
Woodstone Massanutten,VA
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,19 Jul
Aruba Phoenix, Aruba...34 Mar
Boardwalk Resort, VA...13 Sep
Desert Paradise, NV........24 Jan
Fairmont Vacation, BC.38 May
Four Seasons Scottsdale, AZ
............................7 Jul
Grand Okanagan, BC.......6 Jan
Grandview Las Vegas, NV
..........................7 May
Hiawatha Manor, TN.....23 Mar
Hilton Grand Vacation, FL
........................28 Mar
Houseboating, FL..........17 Mar
Jockey Club, NV.............7 May
La Costa Marina, Spain.24 Mar
Lawrence Welk Desert, CA
..........................24 Jan
Marquis Villas, CA.........24 Jan
Mariner Beach Club, FL.1 Nov
Mariners Pointe, TN.....24 May
Marriott Resorts
BeachPlace, FL...........32 Jul
Desert Spgs II, CA.....18 Sep
Grand Chat, NV........10 May
Harbor Pointe,SC........36 Jan
Manor Club, VA............6 Jul
Newport, CA.............12 Mar
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OceanPointe, FL..32 Jul, 21 Nov
Waiohai, Kauai...........14 Jan
Mediterranee Paradise,FRA
........................13 Nov
Monarch Grand Cancun, NV
..........................7 May
Mountain Club, India......16 Jan
Mountain Laurel, PA......6 May
Noosa Club, Australia...14 Mar
Ocean Club, RI..............37 Nov
Ocean Ridge, SC............30 Jan
Ocean Towers, FL.........36 May
Orbit One, FL..................15 Jul
PMV at Bell Rock, AZ...26 Jan
Polo Towers Suites, NV
....................8, 14 May
Ridge Sedona, AZ...........25 Jan
Rio Mar Beach, PR..........6 Sep
Royal Resort, NV.........11 May
St. James Place, CO......25 May
Sandy Point Tobago..........9 Jul
Sapphire Beach, USVI...25 Sep
Scottsdale Vill. Mirage, AZ
..........................25 Jan
Sedona Summit, AZ........6 Mar
Sheraton Vistana, FL.......17 Jul
Sunset Point, AL .............4 Sep
Vacation Vill. Weston, FL
........................39 Nov
Vacation Villages, MA....6 May
Villa Roma, NY..............23 Sep
Village at Loon Mt, NH.
........................37 Mar
Villas Cave Creek, AZ
.................25 Jan,7 Jul
Westgate Flamingo, NV..8 May
Westin Princeville, Kauai
........................29 Mar
Wolf Run Manor, PA........9 Sep
Woodstone Meadows, VA
........................22 Nov
Wyndham Beach St, FL.35 May
Wyndham Cypress Palms,FL
..........................8 Mar
Wyndham Nashville, TN..38 Jan
Wyndham Nat’l Harbor,VA
........................24 Nov
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Positive comments............5 Jul
Sales pressure...12 Sep, 31 Nov
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Page 12
Ron’s Select Holidays
By Ronald G. Helms,
Centerville, OH
Marriott’s Surf Watch:
Hilton Head Luxury
My travel experience confirms that
Ohioans and Midwesterners, as well as
many travelers from the Northern states,
delight in a seaside holiday. Those Atlantic destinations that are the closest are
not necessarily the most refined. Given
the ease of airline travel,
there is little reason to
forego the Hilton Head
experience for more plebeian ocean strip vacations. A holiday should
offer splendid amenities in
a serene environment.
Marriott’s Surf Watch
is located at 10 Fifth Street
on Hilton Head Island,
SC. The access from I-95
is uncomplicated, and
does not require the use of
a navigational device.
We prefer the off-season of a fall or
spring holiday with pleasant weather and
few tourists, and the absence of children
and young parents. William Hilton Parkway can be an unpleasant drive in the
summer season when southern hospitality is stretched to the limit. Off-season
visits will find the local residents and the
older tourists to be amazingly civil and
We have been Marriott owners and
fans for many years; Marriott offers a
premium holiday experience, and the
price tag is an indication of real value.
Marriott’s Surf Watch employees are
extremely well trained. The all-important
check-in experience is purely without
stress or undo impediments. Front desk
staff and management truly extend southern hospitality.
Our most recent visit raised a red flag
concerning Marriott sales. We maintain
that any sales approach uninitiated by
the client is an unwelcome invasion of
extremely valuable holiday time. The
standard pretense of a one hundred dollar
reward for a one and a half-hour (read four
hour) sales pitch is guileful invasion of our
time. I view the “new” Marriott practice
of assigning a “personal concierge” as
pure chicanery and distasteful. Marriott
patrons need to urge Marriott in the strongest of terms to forgo this deception.
As a newer Marriott property, this
resort avoids several mistakes of older
Marriott resorts, but provides a dilemma
for discriminating owners who value the
serenity of an Atlantic Ocean view. The
large whirlpool tub is absent due to lack
of owner use. The Hilton Head properties
would benefit from fireplaces. Marriott’s
Surf Watch eliminates the lockout units
and offer two and three bedroom units. A
couple should elect the two-bedroom unit
because the living space is larger than in
a three-bedroom unit.
We insisted on an Ocean Front unit.
The insider’s viewpoint nicknames this
property as “Marriotts Surf Walk.” This is
because several owners and visitors have
not properly prepared themselves for this
unique property. First, there really is only
one building that is oceanfront. Second,
it is a short walk on a boardwalk to the
beach. In one sense “Marriott Surf Walk”
is an apt description. Several other building provide serene Marshland and Atlantic
Ocean views.
Given nearly 60 years of Atlantic and
Pacific coast travel, I require an ocean
front property, and I am willing to pay the
premium cost for the view. Many of the
Marriott Surf Watch building are “garden
view.” These garden views provide a replica view of many tidewater areas, but fall
short in terms of providing the clientele
a balcony to enjoy a nice wine and sushi
Jan/Feb, 2011
and a vision of the Atlantic Ocean.
In my view, one of the essential
aesthetics of Marriott’s Surf Watch is the
preservation of the ecological wetlands
and creek, indigenous grasses, scrub
foliage, conifers, palm, and other flora
and fauna that are a prelude to the natural
grandeur of the ocean.
The seawater marsh that is integral to
Marriott’s Surf Watch is a vibrant ecosystem consisting of a creek and rising tides
that provide a congenial stroll to the beach
as well as provide an irenic 50-70 yards
of contrasting beauty to the
sand dunes, beach, and the
Atlantic Ocean.
Outlet malls, shopping
centers, and novelty shops,
convenience stores, art galleries, and grocery markets
are omnipresent. Some impulsive drivers are prone to
slow, stop, or turn without
signals or warnings. Beware
of the geriatric driver.
Nearby Bluffton, Beauford, Savannah, and Charleston offer historical, shopping,
theater, restaurants, and art galleries.
It is always difficult to recommend
Hilton Head restaurants because owners,
management, chefs are variables that may
change with the season. At the risk of
recommending two restaurants, we have
consistently been pleased with the water
views and cuisine of Charley’s Crab and
the Ocean Grille.
Hilton Head offers 300 plus restaurants from national fast food chains to
mom and pop restaurants to fine dining.
Our recommendation is to confer with the
Marriott concierge with a specific request.
We are careful to avoid the tourist traps,
those places that refuse reservations, and
the “discount” restaurants. Dining out
requires some research and effort, and
this experience will enhance the visit to
Hilton Head.
The several excellent Marriott timeshares will ensure many years of continued visits to Hilton Head Island. Hilton
Head is not the destination for the Disney
crowd. The visitor who enjoys the natural
beauty will be well rewarded.
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Guadalajara Vacation
By John Beyer
My wife Jeannie and I began our trip
a few weeks earlier in Nuevo Vallarta
before going to Guadalajara, where we
own about 15 weeks of timeshares and
make 2 to 3 trips a year. It started some
15 years earlier when my wife fell in love
with Nuevo Vallarta and we purchased a
timeshare as a result of an II trade. This
trip started with an II trade to Playa Del
Sol Grand and a week at our fractional
Playa Royal.
We checked out at the end of our
week in Nuevo Vallarta and boarded
an ETN bus to Guadalajara for a very
pleasant 5-hour ride. ETN has spacious
seats, with recliner and foot rests which
make into a lounge type arrangement.
When you board the bus, they give you
a little goodie bag with water, chips and
cookies; however, I suggest you also take
along something to snack or eat. The trip
passes through Tepic, Compostella, and
other small towns along the way. There is
lots of scenery to view, or a nap is always
There are two stops in Guadalajara,
so it can be helpful to know which one
you would like to use We chose the
second, which is in Guadalajara Central,
and then took a 40 minute cab ride to
our hotel, Guadalajara Plaza. This was
an RCI exchange. I used my Wyndham
weeks for the exchange, which was made
up of 28,000 Wyndham points or a blue
week studio.
We had a one-bedroom suite with
a fridge and micro wave. The Hotel is a
boutique type with a very modern front
and tower, along with a courtyard pool
surrounded by a two story hacienda style
building where our suite was located.
They offer free wireless internet in-room,
which for me is great as I work on most
trips to maintain my business which is
now very internet based. The check in
was easy; the concierge, bellman, and
front desk people are all working to make
your stay a good one.
On our first day, we took the city tour,
which has three separate routes connected
by a station in Central Guadalajara. They
offer six languages and you can get off
and on at different locations along the
way. In Central Guadalajara, using a
map of the sites, we took a quick tour
while waiting for the bus to Tlaquepaque,
which is where there are a lot of art galleries and other stores. It is a noted area
and hosts the Pottery Show which brings
together artisans from all over Mexico to
compete and show their ceramic pieces.
We had lunch in a restaurant that had a
central courtyard with shops surrounding
it. There are many choices in restaurants
Jan/Feb, 2011
along with the shops. The stores there had
some excellent art of many different types,
from leather and clothing to paintings,
pottery and sculpture.
The next day, we arranged for tours
on Tuesday and Wednesday with the
concierge, and then grabbed the city tour
bus to head back to see the churches and
the central Guadalajara Marketplace.
Arriving in the central area again, we
walked around, went through the city
administration building and headed off
to the market.
There are many buildings dating
back into the 1500s and 1600s which are
worth touring, including the administration building, the museum of Guadalajara
and others. We took a path which led us
to a large, very long outdoor area lined
with buildings on both sides. One of
the large buildings houses the Joyera
(jewelry) Market; we later went back and
purchased some jewelry for my staff and
granddaughters. At the end of this long
mall, we went down a street and shortly
realized we weren’t headed towards the
Market, so we hailed a cab which took
us back around to the Market, which just
happened to be across the street from the
Jewelry Mart, part of the excitement of
The Central Market covers a few
square blocks and is very large, with
hundreds of stalls and lots of shoppers.
There is everything from clothing, shoes,
electronics and other goods, to meat, fish,
chicken and vegetable stalls along with
prepared foods. It’s truly enjoyable to
get caught up in the sights and smells, and
observing all the little things taking place.
We had lunch in a place which proved to
be very good. We ordered vegetable soup
and fish filet for less than 100 pesos, along
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with diet cokes. One of the most notable
things about the meat stalls is that almost
every edible part of the animal is there and
you can be very adventuresome.
After the Market, we took another
bus on the third route offered, to Zapopan,
where there is a church for a famous Madonna made out of corn. The Madonna
was made by the local Indians and is
revered in the area. During the spring
and summer, it travels to other areas and
is kept in the main church downtown and
comes back in the fall.
We had 2 ½ hours between buses with
not a lot to do other than the church and a
small market across from the church. In
the market though, we enjoyed watching
them put together tacos, somewhat like
watching a pizza being tossed, and I took
a video to upload to Facebook as it was
so much fun. The large outdoor square in
front of the church has a Greek restaurant,
so we decided to wait there for the bus
while enjoying Ouzo, Greek Coffee, and
Baklava in Mexico.
On Tuesday, we took our first tour to
the town of Tequila and the Jose Cuervo
Tequila factory. The state of Jalisco is
Page 14
the home of Tequila and only producers in
this area (there are over 100) can use that
name on their product. At the beginning of
the tour, they also stop in Zapopan, where
we did the Huichol Museum next to the
church. The Huichols are an indigenous
Indian group in the area and you find their
colorful art all over, as it is quite an industry. They are most famous for bead work
which is applied to clay pottery, animals
and other media.
As we continued out into the countryside, we headed down into a valley
with fields of Blue Agave, which is the
plant from which tequila comes. It takes
8 to 10 years before a harvest from these
plants, so there is quite an investment in
time before the fruits of the farmer’s labor
produces a sale to the distillers. There are
many different types of tequila, starting
with white or clear Tequila, which only
ferments in stainless steel for 15 days, to
tequila which is aged from a year or more
depending on what the distiller wants to
produce.. Much like wine, you can find
tequila from a few hundred pesos up to a
few thousand.
Upon arriving at the plant, we saw a
Jan/Feb, 2011
short movie on the history of the family
and tequila making, toured the plant and
tasted the various kinds of tequila. We had
an opportunity in their stores to purchase
some tequila and other items to take home.
They also make syrup which is Kosher.
from the cooked root of the Blue Agave
Across from the factory was a restaurant which was recommend by our guide
and where we ate lunch before boarding
the bus for the return back.
On Wednesday, we were off on a tour
to Lake Chapala, the largest lake in Mexico, which is home to 7,000 Americans and
Canadians. The lake is not deep but covers an area that takes about 4 hours to drive
around, with many towns surrounding its
shores. While it was a very nice tour, it
was not the most notable or exciting. We
spent an hour in the town of Lake Chapala
and then went on to Chula Vista, where
most of the Americans are, with beautiful
homes and many shops with lots of nice
things to buy at higher prices. We spent
an hour there before going to a hotel on
the water with a restaurant on an outdoor
patio looking out over the lake. The food
was excellent, with an international flavor.
We had Indian Curried Chicken Salad.
Our last day, we ventured out on a
public bus to the town of Tonala where
there is a large outdoor crafts and art
market each Sunday and Thursday. The
ride took about an hour from our hotel.
The market covers blocks of stalls with
many of the local crafts and manufactured
goods, glassware, ceramics, flowers,
paintings, furniture, clothes and, of course,
tee shirts and food stalls. It’s the kind of
place I enjoy, and if only I had a truck to
cart some things home, instead of a flight
with a one bag limit.
After a couple of hours of window
shopping, we headed back to Central
Guadalajara for lunch at Sandy’s, which
is a on the second floor with a veranda
overlooking the square. They have a little
buffet with a salad bar, soups, tacos, meat,
chicken, rice and beans and some deserts.
Once we finished lunch, we toured the
Museum which contained a lot of local
artifacts and art from Indian, early Spanish
and Mexican history.
Guadalajara has 7 million people and
is a bustling city and, while it’s a little like
most other large cities, there is a quaint
charm to its many areas and well worth
the time to visit.
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Page 16
Ask Dave M
David McClintock has
been a regular contributor to
the message board at www.tstoday.com
for many years. We are pleased to publish
some of his responses to questions posted
during the past year.
Posted by kspar
Dave: We recently negotiated and
purchased a Marriott Aruba Ocean Club
through GMAC Realty in Florida. The
deal we made was the purchase price plus
$400 closing fees. No other fees were due
and owing according to the contract and
the realty company, which we have in
writing. We knew through research that
the Ocean Club had a special two year
assessment and was told that all was paid.
Our first usage is 2011.
Shortly after closing on March 18, we
received an invoice from Marriott indicating we were in arrears on the assessment
and they were now billing us for additional
penalties and interest.
We contacted both the realty company and title closer and got the fees
reversed back to the original owners when
they acknowledged that since we didn’t
have possession at the time the assessment
was due, it was not our responsibility.
Three months later, the original owners
have failed to pay the last portion of the
assessment and now Marriott has re-billed
us with additional fees and penalties along
with the assessment. So far everybody
has just washed their hands of this. Marriott’s position is “Let the Buyer Beware.”
GMAC has said they’ve tried to get the
sellers to pay but they haven’t, and now
it’s our problem. There’s no title insurance
because this was a Certificate and not a
deeded property.
Who was supposed to be watching out
for us? I thought we would be protected
since we purchased through a reputable
agency. How did this get by Marriott in the
Jan/Feb, 2011
sign-off papers and how did the original
owners get to use their property in 2010
(which they did) without having paid
their assessment in full? Do we have any
recourse? I would appreciate and advice
and help to get this resolved without our
having to pay this unfair invoice.
Posted by Dave M
kspar - It’s not clear to me whether
GMAC or another entity acted as the
closing company. However, GMAC, the
seller’s agent represented to you that all
fees were paid. The closing company
should have obtained “estoppel” information from Marriott, which would have
included written confirmation as to what
fees, if any, were unpaid. Thus, I believe
you should go back to GMAC (or the
closing company) and hold them responsible. Whether it’s worth pursuing this if
they stonewall you is something only you
can decide. However, if you do decide to
take legal action, be sure to include the
former owner in your complaint. If you
buy another timeshare, be sure to get that
information from the resort before you
close on the purchase.
Posted by Roland
What are your views of the new Marriott’s Point Program ?
Posted by Dave M
Roland - I believe most current Marriott owners would do well to skip joining
the new Marriott points program. Without
joining, you can still do everything with
your week(s) that you could before the
new program was introduced - use it,
rent it, exchange it through II or (if you
purchased from Marriott) exchange the
use for Marriott Rewards points.
There are a few situations where signing up might be worthwhile. If you own
a resale week purchased before 6/20/10
and want to be able to exchange the use
for Marriott Rewards points, consider
joining. If you can travel mid-week and
off-season, the new program allows you
to elect points for a given year and reserve
multiple short stays instead of using your
week for a single vacation. Depending on
how many weeks you own and what current fees you pay (lockoff, exchange fees,
II membership fees, trading for Marriott
Rewards points, etc.), your fees might go
down by joining points. There is no single
best answer.
However, Marriott expects that only
www.tstoday.com for back issues, message board, Special Reports and much more
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about 20%-25% of current owners will
join. That statement should be enough to
make you think carefully before joining.
Posted by debbrilacy
I want to put up for rent one of our
unused weeks, but am not sure how
it’s done. I thought I would reserve an
exchange in Florida during Presidents
Week. After I confirm it, do I need other
documentation to rent it out, and how to
I determine a fair price?
Posted by Dave M
debrilacy - If you plan to get an
exchange week through RCI or II, you
would be well advised not to try to rent it.
Both RCI and II have provisions in their
legal Terms and Conditions that prohibit
the rentals of exchanged weeks. If you
get caught, you risk a suspension of your
account and loss of any deposited weeks
and confirmed exchanges. Worse, imagine
the legal predicament you would be in if
you successfully rent the week and your
renter shows up at the resort to check in,
only to be told that the reservation has
been canceled due to a violation of the
exchange company’s rules!
Page 17
If you want to rent your own week
at your home resort, check TSToday,
Redweek and other online sites for what
people are asking for rentals comparable
to your week. Set your asking price at or
below the lowest price you can find. Potential renters will seek the lowest price
they can find. Also check with your resort
to see if they have a program for renting
your week for you.
Posted by debbrilacy
My exchange would be used by
friends/coworkers. In that case, and if I
get the guest certificate from RCI, would
I still be in violation? I don’t want to risk
suspension, but hate to see my deposited
week go to waste.
Posted by Dave M
I know that many people do rent
their exchanges and don’t get caught.
However, note that if you rent it - to
anyone - you are in violation. The RCI
Terms and Conditions language, which
RCI interprets as ANY rental: “The RCI
Weeks Exchange Program, including
without limitation, Confirmations, Guest
Certificates, Vacation Time and Alternative Inventory, may not be used by a Guest
Jan/Feb, 2011
or a Member for commercial purposes,
including auction, rental or sale. Such use
is grounds for immediate termination of
Member’s membership and cancellation
of any Confirmed Exchange(s).”
Posted by hotshot
Does anyone know anything about
a company out of Miami, Interval Relief
LLC, web site - timesharerelief.com?
It offers to take timeshares off owner’s
hands with no cost. No other information
regarding compensation for the timeshares
Posted by Dave M
hotshot - Timeshare Relief has been
around for a long time. Unless they have
changed their program recently, they
actually charge a hefty fee ($3,000+ at
last check) to take ownership of your
timeshare from you. Before deciding to
pay such a fee to rid yourself of an unwanted timeshare, please carefully read
my three-part post of 7/18/2010. There are
numerous options that should be considered before dealing with Timeshare Relief,
assuming they still charge a big fee.
You have a
in Exchange Companies
No mandatory membership fees!
No-cost search first!
Online exchange option 24/7!
Low exchange fees!
#1 in customer service, since 1973!
The most popular resort destinations...
we’ve expanded your options!
Over 35 years of vacation services
*Mention code: 1009TSTODAY. Full unit must be deposited by 1-5-2011 and at least 120 days prior to arrival
date. Not all weeks are eligible. Bonus week is subject to a $169 service fee and valid for reservations made
within 45 days of travel. Offer based on availability and subject to change without notice.
[email protected]
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Page 18 TSToday Anywhere
The wife of Thomas Gramesof Palos Heights, IL shows off her
TimeSharing Today while enjoying the pool during an exchange to
French Lick Springs Villas in French Lick, IN.
Millie and Ernie Sadowsky enjoy TimeSharing Today
at the Kona Coast Resort on the Big Island of Hawaii.
Richard Raymond of Old Bridge, NJ shows off his
magazine at Club Bali Hai in Moorea, Tahiti.
Jan/Feb, 2011
Francine Lynn of Boca Raton, FL enjoys her magazine
before dining with her husband Arnie at Papiamente while
on an exchange to Aruba.
Bob Battistone reads his TimeSharing Today while waiting
for the Giant Pumpkin during a week’s exchange at the Harbortown Point Marina Resort in Ventura, CA.
Fred and Sharon Altman of Perkin, IL share their TimeSharing
Today magazine while on an exchange in Northern Ireland.
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Page 19 Jan/Feb, 2011
Ann Gillet relaxes with TimeSharing Today in Williamsburg, VA while vacationing at the Wyndham Kingsgate Resort.
Mike Hanna of Massapequa, NY displays his magazine
on the beach at Gurney’s Inn in Montauk, NY, at the eastern
end of Long Island.
Bill and Mary Camp of Murrells Inlet, SC read teir magazine
during a stay at Horizons by Marriott in Orlando, FL.
Carmella Briguccia of Dix Hills, NY reads her TimeSharing Today at Club Marival. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
Timeshare Closings
Providing Professional Timeshare Closing Services Since 1996
JRA Services, Inc.
(954) 718-7076
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Page 20
Spotlight on Scams
Scammers Hit
Victims Twice
In a brazen fraud, the Florida attorney general says, two men paid crooked
companies that had ripped people off in
timeshare frauds for a “hit list” of their
victims, then victimized them again by
charging upfront fees of $1,500 apiece to
“recover” their money - and claimed to be
working with the Florida attorney general
while they did it.
Attorney General Bill McCollum
sued Kevin Bates and Anthony Passaro,
managers, respectively, of Inbound Marketing Advisors and Fortune Property
Management & Investments. Their companies operate under other names too,
including American Recovery Task Force
and National Recovery Task Force, the
attorney general claims in Palm Beach
County Court.
Bates operated Inbound Marketing
out of Boca Raton; Passaro operated
Fortune out of Delray Beach.
McCollum claims the men bought a
“hit list” of potential victims - sometimes
from the shady timeshare companies that
ripped them off in the first place - and then
offered to get the suckers’ money back in a
“recovery” program. McCollum says that
in making their telemarketing calls, the
defendants claimed to be affiliated with
the state attorney general’s office.
They claimed that the attorney general’s office had given them the victims’
names to help them get refunds from the
fraudulent timeshare resale companies,
according to the complaint.
But victims who fell for it were
burned twice: “The fraud targets who
were initially scammed when shady
timeshare marketing companies tricked
them into handing over thousands of dollars for timeshare marketing services that
ultimately were not performed, became
victimized a second time, at the hands of
the defendants,” the complaint states.
“Many of these companies took millions of dollars from consumers through
deceitful and unfair business transactions
wherein these resale companies untruthfully promised consumers that they would
actively advertise and guarantee the resale of the consumers’ timeshare. Most
of these activities took place from 2007
to present.”
McCollum seeks injunctions, restitution and civil penalties of $10,000
to $15,000 for each violation, and the
immediate dissolution of both defendant
Jan/Feb, 2011
Florida Men
Charged in Illinois
On July 21, 2010, a federal grand
jury in the Southern District of Illinois
returned an Indictment against Darnell
Disrow, age 38, and Michael Lentine,
age 32, both of Boynton Beach, Florida;
and Michael Starace, age 42, of Lantana,
Florida. Disroe, Lentine, and Starace were
each charged with conspiracy to commit
certain offenses against the United States
and mail fraud. In addition, Disroe and
Lentine each face four counts of mail
fraud and Starace faces a single count of
mail fraud. Each count carries a penalty
of up to 25 years’ imprisonment, a fine of
up to $250,000.00, or both, and a term of
supervised release of up to five years on
each count.
The indictment alleges that the three
operated under the name Real Timeshare
Marketing and conducted a telemarketing timeshare resale scheme targeting
timeshare owners throughout the United
States and Canada. The indictment alleges
that Real Timeshare Marketing falsely
represented that it had found buyers for the
consumers’ timeshare interests and solicited fees of up to several thousand dollars
from each consumer in purported pre-paid
closing costs and related expenses. The
indictment alleges that the purported sales
did not occur, closings were not scheduled
as was often represented, and, in fact,
Real Timeshare Marketing did not successfully sell any consumer’s timeshare
interest. It is further alleged that Real
Timeshare Marketing devoted essentially
no resources to marketing their clients’
timeshare interest and simply pocketed
the purported closing costs.
In just a five month period between
roughly December 1, 2009, when telemarketing sales commenced, and April 28,
2010, when the scheme was interrupted
by the United States Postal Inspection
Service, it is alleged that Real Timeshare
Marketing victimized approximately
615 consumers in forty-six states and six
provinces in Canada of over $1.3 million
All three defendants have pleaded
guilty and await sentencing early next
The company’s website is still up.
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TimeSharing Today
Look Closely to
Avoid Scams
The Consumer Fraud Task Force of
the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says
that complaints involving timeshare resale
scams have tripled in the last two years.
Because cases of timeshare fraud have
become so widespread, they are stretching
the ability of law enforcement, regulators
and consumer groups to keep up.
According to the Task Force, most
cases involve businesses that charge timeshare owners up-front fees, promising that
they can find buyers for their timeshares.
Owners desperate to get out of long-term
agreements often pay thousands of dollars
and end up with nothing.
The Task Force is urging consumers
to be extremely cautious when dealing
with any company that says it either
already has sold or can sell their timeshares.
Many victims have told law enforcement officials and the Better Business
Bureau (BBB) that they trusted the
companies to help them, convinced in
part by smooth sales representatives,
official-looking contracts and impressive
Recently, federal and state investigators have been looking into timeshare
recovery companies that claim to be able
to help recoup fees paid to questionable
timeshare sales businesses.
Here are some tips from the Task
Force and others for consumers trying to
sell their timeshares:
w If you want to sell your deeded
timeshare, and a company approaches you
offering to resell your timeshare, go into
skeptic mode.
Page 21
w Don’t agree to anything on the
phone or online until you’ve had a chance
to check out the reseller.
w Make sure you deal with a company with a legitimate physical address
before entering into any agreement. If
the company provides an address, confirm that the business is, in fact, located
at that site.
w Beware of a firm that asks for fees
or taxes before your timeshare is sold.
w Ask for references and contact
them to make sure they were satisfied with
the company’s work.
w Check a company’s Reliability
Report with the BBB at www.bbb.org or
by calling 314-645-3300. In addition to
the Better Business Bureau, contact the
state Attorney General (www.naag.org),
and local consumer protection agencies
(www.consumeraction.gov) in the state
where the reseller is located. Ask if any
complaints are on file.
w Ask how long a company has been
in business. There may be limited information on companies that have operated
for only a brief time.
w Ask the salesperson for all information in writing.
w Ask if the reseller’s agents are
licensed to sell real estate where your
timeshare is located. If so, verify it with
the state Real Estate Commission. Deal
only with licensed real estate brokers
and agents, and ask for references from
satisfied clients. Many licensed brokers
advertise in TimeSharing Today.
w Ask how the reseller will advertise
and promote the timeshare unit. Will you
get progress reports? How often?
w Ask about fees and timing. It’s
preferable to do business with a reseller
that takes its fee after the timeshare is sold.
If you must pay a fee in advance, ask about
refunds. Get refund policies and promises
in writing.
w Don’t assume you’ll recoup your
purchase price for your timeshare, especially if you purchased from the developer
and the location is less than well-known.
w Many telephone solicitors will
claim they have a buyer at a very high
price. If you want an idea of the value of
your timeshare, look in the TimeSharing
Today classified ads to see what sellers of
similar weeks are asking, or check with
a licensed timeshare resale broker who
advertises in TimeSharing Today
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Jan/Feb, 2011
TimeSharing Today
Page 22
Ratings are based on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best.
Jan/Feb, 2011
Report Card ratings for each resort are
averages based on a significant number
of reports received from readers.
Carlsbad, CA
Orlando, FL
Amenities and activities at resort: Pools, hot tub, concierge, exercise room, library, daily activities, crafts, children’s games & sports, playground, bike rentals, BBQ’s,
welcome party, sightseeing tours, Wi-Fi in lobby area.
Amenities and activities at resort: Pools, hot tub, sauna,
fitness center, activities center, tennis, children’s programs,
DVD rentals, playground, BBQ grills, cocktail lounge.
Amenities and activities nearby: Beach, restaurants,
shopping, San Diego Zoo, Coronado, Legoland, hiking, golf,
outlet mall, water sports, fishing, museums, theme parks.
Unit: Furnishings: 8.3
Cleanliness: 9.0
Kitchen inventory/appliances: 8.5
Maintenance: 8.7
Construction quality: 8.6
Amenities and activities: At resort: 8.7
Nearby: 8.8
Suitable for: Young children: 7.8
Pre-teens: 8.1
Seniors: 8.9
Teenagers: 8.5
Handicapped: 7.3
Resort: Restaurant facilities: 8.5
Convenience store: 7.5
Grounds and maintenance: 9.1
Security: 8.7
Staff: 9.0
General hospitality: 9.1
Exchange affiliation: RCI
Amenities and activities nearby: Disneyworld, SeaWorld,
Universal Studios, Wet n’ Wild, restaurants, shopping,
theaters, golf.
Unit: Furnishings: 8.7
Cleanliness: 9.1
Kitchen inventory/appliances: 8.4
Maintenance: 8.3
Construction quality: 8.8
Amenities and activities: At resort: 8.6
Nearby: 9.6
Suitable for: Young children: 8.9
Pre-teens: 8.4
Seniors: 8.7
Teenagers: 8.9
Handicapped: 8.2
Resort: Restaurant facilities: 8.0
Convenience store: 7.8
Grounds and maintenance: 9.3
Security: 8.8
Staff: 8.3
General hospitality: 8.3
Exchange affiliation: RCI, II
Comments: Family oriented location with beautiful grounds.
Much to do at resort and Carlsbad. Small kitchen but well
stocked; small dining area. Fee for parking.
Comments: Excellent location but need a car to take advantage of area. Well maintained resort with beautiful spacious
grounds and pool area. Some units are newer, but older
buildings are closer to main pool and bar/restaurant.
Las Vegas, NV
Orlando, FL
Amenities and activities at resort: Rooftop Pool, hot tub,
kiddie pool, playground, cabanas, exercise room, Wi-Fi,
business center, BBQ grills, concierge, shuttle to mall.
Amenities and activities at resort: Three pools, hot tubs,
poolside bar, lake, fishing, boat rentals, fitness center, game
room, bicycles, nature trail, activities, mini-golf, tennis, playground, basketball, volleyball, clubhouse, BBQ grills.
Amenities and activities nearby: Casinos, shows, tours,
restaurants, public transportation, Hoover Dam, Lake Mead,
nightclubs, golf, Marketplace, Red Rock Canyon.
Unit: Furnishings: 7.1
Cleanliness: 9.5
Kitchen inventory/appliances: 6.8
Maintenance: 8.3
Construction quality: 8.8
Amenities and activities: At resort: 6.7
Nearby: 9.9
Suitable for: Young children: 4.1
Pre-teens: 4.6
Seniors: 7.0
Teenagers: 4.6
Handicapped: 6.3
Resort: Restaurant facilities: NA
Convenience store: 7.4
Grounds and maintenance: 7.4
Security: 9.0
Staff: 7.4
General hospitality: 7.0
Exchange affiliation: II
Comments: Excellent location on the Vegas Strip, Walking distance to casinos One-bedroom units are small. Staff
is wonderful, daily maid service. No activities at resort, no
shuttle to casinos.
Amenities and activities nearby: Disneyworld, SeaWorld,
Universal Studios, NASA Cape Kennedy, Daytona Speedway, boating, fishing, golf, shopping, theatres.
Unit: Furnishings: 9.1
Cleanliness: 9.2
Kitchen inventory/appliances: 8.8
Maintenance: 9.0
Construction quality: 9.0
Amenities and activities: At resort: 9.6
Nearby: 10.0
Suitable for: Young children: 9.3
Pre-teens: 9.3
Seniors: 8.9
Teenagers: 9.0
Handicapped: 9.1
Resort: Restaurant facilities: 7.6
Convenience store: 8.6
Grounds and maintenance: 9.3
Security: 9.4
Staff: 9.4
General hospitality: 9.3
Exchange affiliation: II
Comments: Beautiful landscaping, Nicely appointed rooms
with screened balconies or lanai facing golf or lake. Great
location, but car is needed. Wi-Fi in unit, Friendly staff.
TimeSharing Today
Page 23
Ratings are based on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best.
Jan/Feb, 2011
Report Card ratings for each resort are
averages based on a significant number
of reports received from readers.
Anaheim, CA
Yarmouth, MA
Amenities and activities at resort: Pool, spa, fitness room,
wine/cheese reception, free Wi-Fi, activities, game room,
putting green, children’s pool and play area, crafts for all
ages, cookouts, video rentals, continental breakfast.
Amenities and activities at resort: Indoor and outdoor
pools, hot tubs, fitness center, recreation center, organized
activities, tennis, racquetball, playground, crafts.
Amenities and activities nearby: Disneyland, Knott’s Berry
Farm, restaurants, museums, Los Angeles area, beach, golf,
tennis, shopping, tours available to San Diego.
Unit: Furnishings: 7.3
Cleanliness: 8.2
Kitchen inventory/appliances: 7.8
Maintenance: 8.3
Construction quality: 7.1
Amenities and activities: At resort: 7.7
Nearby: 9.6
Suitable for: Young children: 8.9
Pre-teens: 8.7
Seniors: 8.3
Teenagers: 8.7
Handicapped: 7.0
Resort: Restaurant facilities: NA
Convenience store: NA
Grounds and maintenance: 8.4
Security: 8.9
Staff: 8.7
General hospitality: 8.9
Exchange affiliation: RCI
Amenities and activities nearby: Cape Cod, beach, whale
watching, biking, museums, golf, fishing, cruises, boating,
shopping, antiques, dining, Boston one hour away.
Unit: Furnishings: 8.0
Cleanliness: 9.0
Kitchen inventory/appliances: 6.3
Maintenance: 8.0
Construction quality: 7.6
Amenities and activities: At resort: 8.0
Nearby: 8.5
Suitable for: Young children: 8.4
Pre-teens: 8.3
Seniors: 7.4
Teenagers: 8.1
Handicapped: 6.5
Resort: Restaurant facilities: 7.7
Convenience store: NA
Grounds and maintenance: 8.6
Security: 9.2
Staff: 8.8
General hospitality: 8.8
Exchange affiliation: RCI, II
Comments: Excellent staff. Older well maintained resort
one mile from Disneyland. Quiet and relaxing but area is
very busy, No elevators.
Comments: Resort is small with good location for sightseeing, restaurants, museums. Units only have microwave,
coffee pot, and small refrigerators. Friendly staff. Three
story buildings with no elevators.
Scottsdale, AZ
New Bern, NC
Amenities and activities at resort: Pool, poolside bar/grill,
indoor/outdoor hot tubs, welcome breakfast, rec center with
daily activities, mini-golf, walking trail, children’s activities,
tennis, racquetball, BBQ grills, car rentals.
Amenities and activities at resort: Indoor and outdoor
pools, hot tub, recreation center, tennis, exercise room,
mini-golf, children’s playground and activities, lake, marina
with boat slips, fishing, golf, bike rentals.
Amenities and activities nearby: Golf, shopping, desert
tours, museums, art galleries, hot-air ballooning, hiking,
horsebackriding, Old Town Scottsdale, Sedona.
Amenities and activities nearby: Boating, historic sites,
restaurants, Beaufort, shopping, low country, museums,
aquarium, golfing, 30 miles to ocean.
Unit: Furnishings: 8.8
Cleanliness: 8.9
Kitchen inventory/appliances: 8.9
Maintenance: 8.6
Construction quality: 8.6
Amenities and activities: At resort: 8.5
Nearby: 8.7
Suitable for: Young children: 8.2
Pre-teens: 7.9
Seniors: 9.1
Teenagers: 7.8
Handicapped: 7.7
Resort: Restaurant facilities: 8.1
Convenience store: NA
Grounds and maintenance: 9.1
Security: 8.1
Staff: 8.5
General hospitality: 9.0
Exchange affiliation: RCI, II
Unit: Furnishings: 8.1
Cleanliness: 9.1
Kitchen inventory/appliances: 9.4
Maintenance: 8.6
Construction quality: 8.3
Amenities and activities: At resort: 8.4
Nearby: 8.1
Suitable for: Young children: 6.1
Pre-teens: 6.4
Seniors: 8.7
Teenagers: 6.6
Handicapped: 5.0
Resort: Restaurant facilities: NA
Convenience store: NA
Grounds and maintenance: 8.7
Security: 7.3
Staff: 9.1
General hospitality: 9.1
Exchange affiliation: RCI
Comments: Well maintained resort with private balconies.
Nice size units with washer/dryer, some with mountain views.
Pleasant staff. Rear units are quieter. No elevators.
Comments: Large resort with washer/dryer in unit; older
units showing wear. Units have two levels, covered parking.
Quiet area. A car is necessary.
TimeSharing Today
Page 24
Jan/Feb, 2011
Hilton Head’s Best Kept Secret
By Emmett K. Hammond,
Crestview Hills, KY
The Island Club Resort
is a 25-acre private oceanfront resort, centrally located in Port Royal Plantation.
It includes a beautiful freshwater lagoon and 24-hour
gated security. In reality, the
Island Club is the jewel of
the large timeshare industry on Hilton Head Island.
However, since the Island
Club does not advertise,
it is referred to as “Hilton
Head’s best kept secret.”
There are no 90-minute
sales presentations and free
gifts to attract buyers. In
addition to 102 luxury timeshare condo
units, there are numerous year around
residents, who provide a stable community environment.
There are two distinct timeshare ownership opportunities in the Island Club.
1. Seawatch is a Gold Crown interconnected 3-building (No. 7-8-9)
68-condo complex that fronts the Atlantic
Ocean. Buildings 7 and 9 each contain
24 two-bedroom/two-bath luxury condos. Building 8 is direct oceanfront and
contains 10 two-bedroom/two-bath and
10 three-bedroom/three-bath luxury
2. Ocean View is a Silver Crown
34-condo building (No. 10) that fronts
the lagoon and faces the 3-tier swimming
pool complex. It contains one-bedroom/
one-bath and two-bedroom/two-bath
luxury condo units and is located 150
yards from the beach. All of the Seawatch
and Ocean View buildings contain elevators and stairs.
The Island Club includes an amazing
cohort of on-site amenities which are far
superior to every other timeshare ownership program on Hilton Head Island! This
strong statement is supported by my list of
the “Top 10” Island Club amenities.
1. oceanfront 25-acre luxury resort
with 24-hour gated security
2. located at Folly Beach, which is
often considered the best beach on Hilton
Head Island
3. includes a large freshwater lagoon
stocked with fish (free fishing)
4. beautiful landscaped grounds include a children’s playground, new gas
grills, picnic areas and benches
5. nine tennis courts (7 clay; 2 hard);
free tennis; group lessons and individual
instruction available
6. three-tier modern
large outdoor swimming
pool complex includes a
very nice children’s pool,
heated adult pool, tanning
pool and a hot tub pool; all
open until 10 PM
7. racquetball and basketball courts
8. health center includes
treadmills, weights, exercise
equipment, sauna, hot tub,
and tennis shop
9. multiple walkway
ramps to the beach, including one with no steps and a
sand carpet which allows bicycles, baby strollers, wheel
chairs, wagons, etc., easy direct beach
10. seasonal organized children’s
crafts and educational programs
All Island Club condos are well
designed and equipped luxury condos.
Seawatch condos include a king bed in
the master bedroom and two twin beds in
the guest bedroom. Ocean View condos
include a queen bed in the master bedroom
and two twin beds in the guest bedroom.
All Seawatch and Ocean View units, including one-bedroom/one-bath, contain:
1. full kitchen with modern appliances, including a microwave oven and
2. washer and dryer, with iron and
ironing board
3. combined dining room/living room
with queen sleeper sofa (roll away beds
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TimeSharing Today
4. TVs in living room (with DVD/
CD/radio) and each bedroom
5. free Ethernet internet access
6. private patio or balcony with modern new chairs and small tables
7. modern digital control AC and
heating system
The administration and management
of the Island Club timeshare program is
truly exceptional.
1. SPM Resorts Inc. manages both
Seawatch and Ocean View and maintains
on-site full time General and Assistant
General Managers. SPM is dedicated to
serving the timeshare owners.
2. Both Seawatch and Ocean View
have independent 5-member Boards of
Administrators (BOAs ) who are uncompensated owners elected to 3-year terms
by their fellow owners. Both Seawatch
and Ocean View BOAs publish periodic
newsletters which include comprehensive
financial statements.
3. Palmetto Marketing coordinates
the purchasing, sales and rentals of the
Island Club timeshare condos. They maintain a full time In-House Sales Director
(Erin, 843-785-2031), who is dedicated to
assisting you, with absolutely no pressure,
Page 25
in the buying and selling of the Seawatch
and Ocean View timeshares.
The following seven “been there,
done that” tips, have been learned from
my mistakes and positive experiences during over 15 years of timesharing, including ownership in “floating” and “points”
programs. These tips might be of special
interest to people who are interested in
purchasing a good value family vacation
timeshare but desire to avoid making
common mistakes relative to (1) not buying into the most appropriate resort for
their family, and (2) paying an exorbitant
price resulting from a high pressure sales
1. “Fixed” Weeks: All Island Club
timeshare condos are “fixed” weeks in a
specific condo unit. I have found “fixed”
weeks in the same condo every year to be
far superior to “floating” weeks because
you know exactly (six years in advance)
when you will vacation and what condo
unit you will occupy. Another outstanding
benefit of “fixed” weeks is that all owners
have “fixed” weeks. Thus, every year you
look forward to seeing the same condo
neighbors, friends, children’s friends,
tennis buddies, etc.
Jan/Feb, 2011
2. Deeded Weeks: All Island Club
timeshares are individually deeded weeks
which have value and can be readily
sold. Island Club ownership may be an
exception to the general rule that you will
experience a significant loss when you
sell a timeshare. I have sold (via Erin, the
In-House Sales Director) two Island Club
condo units.
a. I purchased Unit 9402, Week
26, (a peak demand week) on January 8,
2002, for $10,500. On August 21, 2006,
Erin sold the unit for us for $13,500.
b. I purchased Unit 8301, Week
4, (a direct oceanfront 3BR/3BA condo)
on June 5, 2008, for $2,000. Nine months
later on March 5, 2009, Erin sold the unit
for us for $3,000.
3. “Fractional Share” Ownership:
My wife and I love the Island Club and
Hilton Head Island experience so much
that we developed the Island Club into our
vacation home. Essentially, we developed
a unique “fractional share” ownership
which we believe is significantly better
than traditional “fractional share” ownership.
The concern some “fractional share”
owners have expressed is that the annual
Leader in Timeshare Property Management
If you are looking for a professional timeshare management company, SPM Resorts has over 30 years of experience
understanding the needs of individual resorts, boards of directors and homeowners’ associations. We offer easy-to-read
financial reports, excellent communication and strategic plans that turn distressed resorts into great vacation destinations.
And, we do it all while offering hospitality equal to the best in the industry.
For more information, please contact SPM Resorts at (843) 238-5000 or email
Michael Schraibman at [email protected] All inquiries will be handled confidentially.
www.tstoday.com for back issues, Resort Report Cards, articles on resorts and much more
TimeSharing Today
weeks assigned to them changes every year. Sometimes, they do not want
or are unable to use some of the weeks
assigned to them. In comparison, we
own multiple specific condo units in
specific weeks at the Island Club. We
are not in the same condo unit each
of our ownership weeks. However,
we do know exactly which condo
units we will occupy and the exact
recurring weeks we will occupy those
condo units every year.
4. RCI: During the past ten years,
I have often utilized RCI to exchange
into the Island Club, but I have never
exchanged out of the Island Club . If you
own at the Island Club, you will look
forward to vacationing there, and if you
cannot go, your family or friends probably will be delighted to occupy your
unit. Thus, as I consolidated my timeshare
ownership into the Island Club, I cancelled
my RCI membership in 2008.
5. Bicycling: I do not own a bicycle
at home. However, when I vacation at the
Island Club, I always rent a bicycle (for
approximately $20 per week). Bicycling
on the beach at low tide is an incredible
experience for all age groups. In addition,
Hilton Head Island has an outstanding
network of paved bicycle trails.
6. Tennis: If you, or anyone in your
group, is a tennis player, the Island Club is
where you want to be. The nine courts and
tennis program, under the leadership of the
head pro (Jim), are possibly the best of the
numerous tennis facilities and programs
on Hilton Head Island. The tennis courts
are exceptionally well maintained and
each court has a cold water fountain. Each
Monday, there is a free “get acquainted
mixer” at 8:00 AM and a free pro doubles
match at 5:30 PM. Group and individual
tennis lessons are available.
7. Children: While the Island Club
consistently provides an outstanding vacation experience for the entire family, it is a
special vacation delight for children. They
instantly love the Island Club, the beach,
and all the wonderful fun activities. All
year long, they will talk about the Island
Club and eagerly anticipate returning
next year.
With complete confidence, I believe
that timeshare ownership at the Island
Club is (1) the best family vacation value,
(2) the best purchase cost value, and (3)
the best resale value timeshare ownership
Page 26
program on Hilton Head Island, and possibly in America! Consider the following
data relative to the fact that a “Red Week”
standard two-bedroom/two-bath timeshare
ownership at heavily marketed timeshare
resorts on Hilton Head Island often sell in
the $20,000- $27,000+ range.
1. Seawatch:
a. Purchase: You can buy a twobedroom/two-bath (sleeps 6) “winter
getaway” White Week for $1,500, or
a Red Week for $1,800. You can buy a
three-bedroom/three-bath (sleeps 8) direct
oceanfront White Week for $3,000. Obviously, prices are higher for weeks in the
high demand (e.g., summer) timeshare
seasons. However, on January 30, 2009,
I did buy Ocean View unit 10-201 onebedroom/one-bath (sleeps 4) Week 27
(usually July 4th week and possibly the
highest demand week of the year on Hilton
Head Island) for $2,500.
Please understand that “winter
getaway” weeks are a great time to vacation in Hilton Head Island. You can ride
bicycles, play tennis, etc. I do not recommend swimming, but the outdoor hot
tub is very nice. The weather is usually
very good and some flowers are always
blooming. Compared to summer, there are
relatively few tourists. It is a great time to
go to your favorite restaurants, and some
offer selected reduced “off season” prices.
(We own two “winter getaway” weeks.
The only time I see my sister each year is
during Week 49, in early December, which
is her favorite time to vacation with us on
Hilton Head Island.)
b. Total Maintenance Fees (includes housekeeping fees) for Seawatch
units increased 3.7% in 2010. This was
the first increase in two years! Thus, 2010
total annual maintenance fees are $660
for the 2BR/2BA units and $838 for the
Jan/Feb, 2011
3BR/3BA direct oceanfront units.
2. Ocean View:
a. Purchase: You can
buy a one-bedroom/one-bath (sleeps
4) “winter getaway” White Week
for $500, or a “Red Week” for
$1,500. You can buy a two-bedroom/two-bath (sleeps 6) Red Week
for $2,500.
b. Total Maintenance
Fees (includes housekeeping fees)
for Ocean View for 2010 are $547
for the one-bedroom units and $582
for the two-bedroom units. (In 2009,
there was a $10 decrease from the
2008 fees.)
Depending on your family characteristics, specific desired resort amenities,
preferred resort location, etc., there might
be some timeshare ownership opportunities that are just as perfect for you and
your family as the Island Club is for me
and my family. I believe that you would
be wise to consider The Island Club Resort as the “Gold (or Platinum) Standard”
and utilize pertinent information in this
report as a “value yardstick” when you
evaluate timeshare vacation ownership
at any resort.
Home of the
& Vacation Gallery
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Page 27
Jan/Feb, 2011
Russ on
the Road
By Russ Hiner, Hialeah, FL
Harder Hall Lakeside
Villas, Sebring, FL
Harder Hall is the name of a
close-by, once grand, hotel from the
early days of Sebring, (now possibly
being converted to a new use) and the
name of the golf course that is across
the road from this resort. Sebring
Municipal Golf course is just a short
distance away and there are nine
other golf courses in the immediate
area, so Golfers have a large variety
Check-in was very fast and easy.
We were a little early, but there was
no problem.
There is a DVD library with movies for rent, but no VHS library, even
though, in our unit, the DVD player
also had a VCR player. We were happy
to see that, as we had brought many
shows and movies that were recorded
during the Winter. There is also a
Lending Library with many books.
The door to the unit had a regular
key and no inside “night latch” other
than turning the knob for the keyed
lock and a chain-latch.
The unit was reasonably large and
had a mirrored wall (that I mistook
for a hidden room for several hours)
to make it look larger. An interesting
feature was a folding room divider
tucked away on one side, which would
allow the sleep-sofa users to have
complete privacy.
Upon entering the unit, the HVAC
system was behind the door on the
left and the kitchen was immediately
to the right. The refrigerator did not
have an icemaker, but had 3 trays for
do-it-yourself ice cubes. The kitchen
was brightly lighted with four 40
watt fluorescent bulbs in the ceiling
although all of that light
was behind you when you
were working at anything.
The stove-hood light was
better when left off. It was
still a nice place to prepare
food. There was a disposer
and all of the regular appliances. There
were enough pots and pans to prepare
a multi-course meal easily. The dishes
were heavy and modern, like Fiesta
ware, but the service was only for four,
so the dishwasher had to be run after
every meal if the unit was occupied by
three or four and, even then, was not
full. Adding more settings would save
detergent, water and wear and tear on
the dishwasher.
The bathroom complex was off
the hallway on the left, just past the
HVAC. There was a separate bathroom sink, properly separated from
the main bathroom and the hall. That
main bathroom had doors to allow access from two directions, yet privacy
at will. Both areas were very well
lighted. It was a tub/shower setup and
had a single lever anti-scald fixture,
which does not allow one to control
the amount of water, only the tempera-
You are our business.
We excel at timeshare management, sales and rental. But long
term relationships with our owners, based on communication
and trust, are the foundation of our success.
If accountability, quality and cost containment are important
to you – call us. With over 20 years experience, chances are
we can help.
20 Executive Park Road
Hilton Head Island,
South Carolina 29928
888-433-4762 x-11113
[email protected]
Resort Management
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Page 28
Jan/Feb, 2011
ture. I supposed there is no water shortage in this area. The
towels were very thick and luxurious.
The dining area had a table and four chairs, but the
lighting was a fan-light with three 25w candle-flame-shaped
bulbs; this was not a place to read or work. There was a bag
of necessities on the dining room table. In it were two rolls
of toilet tissue, a roll of paper towels, a box of tissues, some
replacement plastic bags, packets of dishwasher detergent,
and a bag of shampoo, cream rinse, lotion and a good sized
bar of soap. Very thoughtful.
There are two Lazy-boy type chairs in the living area,
a 5-foot glass topped rattan coffee table in front of them
0 and another glass topped rattan table with a massive lamp
between them. The lamp has a good 3-way bulb, but the
chairs could not really get close enough to take advantage
of the light to read. The 27-inch TV is directly across from
this, so maybe reading was not expected. A similar lamp
and table is on one end of the sleep sofa, so you could get
close to it. There is a large picture window behind the sofa
that allows a nice view of Little Lake Jackson, and plenty
of light. A screened patio is accessed from both the living
area and the bedroom thru sliding glass doors.
The bedroom is large, with a king bed, a table and lamp
on each side and room to spare. There is a large 8-drawer
chest that has another large TV on it and another massive
lamp opposite the foot of the bed. The lamps beside the bed
are on low nightstands, so that the bottom of the shades
are only 9-10 inches above the bed. Lots of light from the
3-way bulbs, but not a good reading area. The closet is
small but had a mirrored door. There is also a small closet
in the living area for the sofa sleepers, and one opposite
the extra bathroom sink.
This area is what I call lower middle Florida, just above
Lake Okeechobee (the 2nd largest lake that is completely
inside the U.S.). All of middle Florida used to be Orange
Country, but frosts, diseases, and development have pretty
well changed the north and middle middle. But here there
are still lots of orange groves. It is very nice to see the rolling hills with groves just like old Florida used to be.
The Unit book lists many things to do on site. There is
a pool and a Jacuzzi, fishing equipment to borrow (license
required), row boats and paddle boats, bicycles, a small fitness center, ping-pong and pool tables, two free computers,
(and free Wi-Fi if you brought yours), board games to use
and shuffleboard to play (Yes, all still free). Nearby is a
winery, Gatorama, if you want to see alligators up close,
the Sebring Raceway, freshwater beaches, Highlands Hammock State Park for the Nature Lovers and even Spook Hill
where “gravity is defied.”
Sebring is a nice quiet area where many six-month visi0 tors live. The resort does not recycle. Worth your visit, this
resort is a great place to use as a base for golfing, activities,
sight seeing or just relaxing.
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Page 29
Jan/Feb, 2011
Q & A With Howard Nusbaum
A : Founded in 1969 by developers,
Timesharing Today recently sat down with
Howard Nusbaum, president and CEO of
the American Resort Development Association (ARDA), to discuss ARDA’s 2011
goals for the association. Nusbaum stated
that ARDA’s primary focus for the coming
year will be on the consumer. One of their
most important projects launching in the
new year is a website for homeowners:
Q: What is ARDA-ROC?
A: ARDA-ROC is the Resort Owners’
Coalition of the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) created
to advocate to government on behalf of
timeshare owners. More than 8 million
US households own timeshare, yet these
timeshare owners have no vote in the local
and state elections where their timeshare
properties are located and taxed. ARDAROC is the voice that combats the “tax
the visitor, not the voter” mentality of too
many local and even state jurisdictions.
Without ARDA-ROC there is no watch
dog to fend off these abusive tax schemes
aimed at timeshare interests.
Q: Can you identify issues ARDA-ROC
has addressed on behalf of timeshare
A: On a federal level, ARDA convinced
Congress that timeshare HOAs deserve
the same protections as residential condominium associations and neighborhood
homeowners associations. As a result,
all timeshare HOA assessment-related
revenues and reserves are sheltered from
federal income tax, and timeshare HOAs
pay a flat 32% federal tax on all net nonassessment-related revenues (such as
vending machine revenue and interest in
reserves). This ARDA-ROC action saved
timeshare HOAs from paying several
millions of dollars in back (and ongoing)
federal taxes.
Just this past year (2010) ARDAROC successfully passed non-judicial
foreclosure in both Florida and Massachusetts. By removing uncontested
timeshare foreclosures from the court
system, it is now far less time consuming and expensive for timeshare HOAs
to recover title to uncontested delinquent
timeshare interests, thereby protecting the
rights of owners who pay their assessments and lessening the financial burden
on all owners. This is especially important
in these recessionary times. Additionally, ARDA-ROC successfully defeated
unfair transient lodging taxes in several
jurisdictions and ROC continues its battles
on both property tax and occupancy tax
issues in Hawaii, Missouri, New England
and South Carolina.
The list of ARDA-ROC successes
on behalf of timeshare owners is extensive
at every level of government, and I hope
your readers will visit the new ROC web
site: www.ardaroc.org for more in-depth
Q: Isn’t ARDA a developer organization? If so, how can it work on behalf of
timeshare owners?
ARDA has a rich history of working with
regulators and government officials to
establish strong consumer protections
and timeshare regulations which have
ultimately made vacation ownership a
popular lodging alternative offered by
most major hospitality brands. The reason
why timeshare has grown to become the
multi-billion dollar industry in the USA
is in large part because of these consumer
protections championed by ARDA and
ARDA-ROC. Because timeshare owners are buying an interest in real estate
or an implicit right to use real estate, the
governance of the resort is ultimately dictated by the consumer through the Home
Owners’ Association. Those HOAs must
have a strong voice to prevent unfair taxes,
and ARDA-ROC is the only organization
with a 24/7 commitment to safeguarding
the timeshare owner.
Q: How are the voluntary contributions
made by timeshare owners to ARDAROC used? And, who determines the
A : Requests for financial support of
legislation or issues impacting vacation
ownership can be filed with ARDA-ROC
by any ARDA member or ARDA-ROC
contributor. The application process includes a full explanation of the legislation
or issue at hand as well as how timeshare
owners are affected by the issue. The applications are vetted by the ARDA VicePresidents for Federal and State Affairs,
and qualifying applications are presented
to the ARDA-ROC Executive Committee
www.tstoday.com for back issues, message boards, Special Reports and much more
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for action. The Executive Committee is
comprised of developers, home owner association managers, lenders, lawyers, and
an owner representative elected directly
by timeshare owners.
Q: What issues are not appropriate for
ARDA-ROC to address on behalf of
A: ARDA-ROC does not get involved in
disputes between timeshare consumers
and their resort or exchange companies in
cases of customer service, property management issues, or HOA Board disagreements. ROC was founded to advocate for
timeshare consumers with government
regarding real property tax issues, transient occupancy taxes and other issues
affecting timeshare homeowners’ associations. Additionally, through partnerships
with ARDA, VacationBetter.org and the
ARDA International Foundation, ROC
offers education opportunities for HOA
Board Members, as well as research and
economic impact information to help
HOAs with local issues.
Page 30
Jan/Feb, 2011
Florida Owners Group Holds November Meeting
The Florida Timeshare Owners Group met on Nov. 28th, to a capacity filled membership meeting at the Pelican Pointe Golf & Country Club, in Venice, FL.
Keith Stephenson, the Director of State Government. Affairs for the American
Resort Development Association, discussed the new legislation sponsored by ARDA,
which addresses the many issues and concerns of all timeshare owners.
Scott Riddle, President of Trading Time, explained the new RCI exchange system,
and discussed the current rental activities of exchange companies, and their impact on
so many timeshare exchangers.
Karen Donohue, Trading Places International, and Sarah Goodwin, Platinum Interchange, offered presentations on behalf of their exchange companies.
Topics covered during Member’s Discussion included, “required sales presentations when owners check-in at their Home Resorts”, the issue of “non-timeshare owners
serving on Resort HOA Boards”, and “experiences with Dial an Exchange”.
The following Members were named to the 2011 Florida Timeshare Owners Group
(FTOG) Board of Directors: Marcia Ling, Jim Horan, Tom & Joan Bellovary, Bill
Chandler, Paula Tyner, and Bill Southworth.
Every Member will be receiving a copy of the 2011 FTOG Resort Directory during February, 2011, in order that they may participate in the Group’s Internal Rental/
Exchange/Purchase/Sales Program.
The next meeting of the Group will be in March, 2011. Brian Rogers, Pres. and
Owner of TUG, (Timeshare Users Group; tug2.net), has agreed to serve as one of the
two scheduled Guest Speakers for this meeting.
Advance reservations are required for attendance at all of the Group’s meetings. Further information can be obtained by contacting Frank Debar, Group Coordinator, (941)
351-1384, or [email protected] The Group’s website is: tsownersgroup.com.
Q: How can owners learn more about
ARDA-ROC and the legislation and tax
policies affecting their timeshares?
A: This past month (December 2010)
ARDA-ROC launched a brand new interactive website – www.ardaroc.org – as
a resource for timeshare homeowners.
The site provides information regarding
current and resolved legislative activities around the country. Users can stay
well-briefed on breaking news, current
legislation, and the latest headlines. The
site also provides easy search queries by
issue, jurisdiction, or state through an
interactive map. In addition, viewers can
find information and resources important
to timeshare owners, including consumer
advisories, guidelines and tips on how to
best enjoy a timeshare and how to navigate
the less regulated secondary market of
timeshare resale with links to governors’
offices, attorneys general, and regulatory
More than one million timeshare
owners participate in ARDA-ROC knowing their annual three, five, or ten dollar
voluntary contribution saves thousands of
dollars for every owner. We encourage
timeshare owners to visit www.ardaroc.
org regularly.
By Ed Hastry, President
As we look back on 2010 and all our accomplishments including a drastic increase
in our membership due to all the services and resources we provide to our members
with no up front cost.
We were able to help so many members who wanted to sell, rent or donate their
timeshare only through a licensed broker. We have also seen an increase in buyers who
have checked with us for references on properties. It makes us feel good at the end of
every day that we have helped so many people.
As we look forward to 2011 we hope to continue our passion of helping timeshare
owners with our motto”Educated and Informed Owners - Happy Owners”, a consumer
protection association. Remember we are the only resource to turn to when you need
help. Call us first when someone calls you with a huge offer that requires an up front
fee as it is probably a scam. If it sounds too good to be true - it probably is.
Another goal in 2011 is to have more educational meetings around the country with
our speakers bureau but we need you to spread the word about NTOA.
Here are just a couple of our upcoming meetings:
Orlando, Florida
Baltimore, Md.
January 30,2011
April 10,2011
We hope you will consider joining NTOA that is 100% on your side so we can
make a real difference when called upon. You will not be disappointed. To learn more
visit us on our web site www.nationaltimeshareownersassoc.com. To contact us e-mail:
[email protected] or call 410-536-0064 with your name, address and phone number.
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Page 31
Jan/Feb, 2011
ADVERTISING FORM Mail to: Ads, TimeSharing Today, 140 County Road, Suite 114. Tenafly, NJ 07670
Please Type or Print Neatly!!
Photocopy form for additional ads.
Fax to: 201/871-4305
Name: ________________________________________________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________________________________
City: ________________________________________________ State: __________ Zip: _______________
Telephone: Bus: (
)___________________________ Home: (
E-mail address: _______________________________________ Fax: (
FOLLOW EACH INSTRUCTION carefully and completely to avoid delays in your ad being run!
1. Where is resort located? ________________________ (State, Island or Country. For resorts in
Mexico, include city. For resorts in Florida, specify if in Atlantic Coast, Gulf Coast, Keys or Orlando area.)
2. Check ONE category only: _____AVAILABLE FOR SALE
3. Resort name and/or city/location should appear in the ad.
4. A phone number, e-mail and/or street address must be in your ad so people can contact you.
5. Avoid obscure abbreviations.
6. Three (3) line minimum. Two line ads are NOT accepted.
7. 34 characters per line allowed; include spaces and punctuation.
8. Print your ad copy neatly in the space below or on a separate sheet of paper.
Ads are typeset with proportional spacing; your actual ad may be less than the number of lines used in this form. TST reserves
the right to edit ad copy to conform to standard style and abbreviations used in TST. Rates are subject to change.
Ad rate starts at $10 per line and is discounted for multiple runs.
Using form below, select number of times ad is to run. Insert number of lines in parenthesis, multiply
number of lines by rate and enter amount due. (Note: We do not send tear sheets or copies of ads.)
One issue:
# of lines (
) x $10 = $.........
Two issues:
# of lines (
) x $16 = $.........
MyResortNetwork.com online ad - $10--$............
Three issues: # of lines (
) x $21 = $.........
RESALE DOCUMENT KIT- $25--$............
Four issues: # of lines (
) x $24 = $.........
Six issues:
) x $30 = $.........
# of lines (
RENTAL DOCUMENT KIT - $7.50--$............
BOTH DOCUMENT KITS - $30--$............
*Color option (add 12.5%)
Credit card #:______________________________ Exp: ______
TOTAL --$............
CHECK ENCLOSED (U.S. Funds only)
TimeSharing Today
Page 32
Jan/Feb, 2011
Please complete this Report Card after your visit to a resort OTHER THAN YOUR OWN. Reports
must be received within 6 months of your visit. You will receive a one-issue extension of your subscription for each completed Report Card. LIMIT: one per vacation per family, two Report Cards per year.
Mail the completed report to :
Report Card Editor, TimeSharing Today, 140 County Road, Suite 114, Tenafly, NJ 07670.
Name of resort: _________________________________________________________________
Location: _____________________________________ Date visited:(Month, Year)____________
What amenities and activities at resort?: _____________________________________________
Amenities and activities nearby?: ___________________________________________________
Excellent10-9; Above Average- 8-7; Average-6-5; Below average-4-3; Bad-2-1; Not available - NA
Unit furnishings: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Cleanliness: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Kitchen inventory/appliances: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Maintenance: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Quality of construction: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Amenities and activities at resort: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Nearby: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Suitable for young children: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
For pre-teens: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
For teenagers: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
For seniors: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
For handicapped: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Resort restaurant: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 NA (Not a gourmet rating, but value, service, cleanliness, decor)
Convenience store: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 NA
Resort grounds and maintenance: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Security: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Staff: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
General hospitality: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
OVERALL RATING OF RESORT: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Comments: ____________________________________________________________________
I certify that I am not an owner at this resort. Please extend my subscription by one issue.
Name and full address of subscriber (Please print):
TimeSharing Today
Page 33
Jan/Feb, 2011
FOCUS ON: Celebration World Resort, Kissimmee, FL
By Jason Farlam, Clawson, MI
Two things should be made clear
right away. The Celebration part of the
name has nothing to do with the town of
Celebration. The World Resort part of the
name has nothing to do with the Disney
World Resorts. It is ten minutes from
Disney and appears to be an unaffiliated
independent resort.
Silver Crown status seems well deserved, as resort features include a lakeside fitness trail, basketball and shuffleboard, children’s playground, splash area
and activity program along with a nice
pool and large outdoor hot tub. There
are fine touches like available grocery
delivery to your unit prior to arrival and
a good concierge service.
The resort comprises a dozen threestory buildings, with elevators, in an
architectural style that pays homage to
the Old Key West design school. They
are creatively identified by the names
“A” through “L”, and contain almost 200
timeshares. The property has room to
complete the alphabet. At least 4 distinct
unit layouts range from a 500 square
foot one bedroom up to a 1200 square
foot 2 bedroom and the unit amenities
are staggered through each level. For
example, the large 2 bedroom unit has a
52” television whereas in our 850 square
foot one bedroom we had to get by with
a 46” screen. Cable package is not the
usual abbreviated resort package but is the
enhanced Central Florida package of 70
channels in standard definition. All units
have at least a cooktop, microwave, fridge,
dishwasher and screened porch.
After passing security you are sent
to the large clubhouse with 24 hour front
desk, guest services staffed mornings and
an ongoing sales effort. We were never
bothered by the sales operation. Two
computers are available in the lobby. Free
wireless internet service is advertised as
available only at the clubhouse but I was
able to get a good usable signal in my unit
about 600 feet away. Most units are about
that distance or closer.
The pool complex is located behind
the clubhouse and includes a large freeform pool, a kiddie pool with mushroom
fountain, and a large 15 person hot tub.
Sanitized Caribbean reggae music plays
in the clubhouse and around the pool but
couldn’t overcome the 41 degree temperatures we encountered our first night
in March 2009. The next day, Caribbean
music or not, it was still cold. But with
the pool beautifully heated to about 85
degrees, lots of people were enjoying the
water. It got warmer each day, reaching
80 degrees as our week expired.
For research for this story, my wife
checked out each individual store in all
of the many Central Florida outlet malls,
sometimes more than once, and reported
that the economy, here at least, in March
2009 and with her help, is holding up
relatively well.
It’s hard to tell as a guest, but Disney
is hurting a little, even laying off a few cast
members. In case you haven’t heard, there
are some new programs in place that can
save you money. Most on-property resorts
have savings packages with discounts as
much as 44 percent. If you’re a Florida
resident, there is a new 4 day pass for $99.
If grandparents are Florida residents, they
buy the discount kids passes so only the
“up north” parents have to pay the full rate
if the whole family group is going.
Some resorts have something that
makes them stand out. This was our first
resort that had specific buildings that allowed pets. We saw a few cats and it was
a pleasure to see responsible dog owners
walking their well groomed friends around
the grounds. We did not see a single dog
mess left by a single owner the whole
week. Although pet friendly, they’ve
had to impose a ban on exotics like large
snakes and big cats. Who takes a large
snake on vacation? I hate to imagine
the incidents that caused them to impose
the ban.
At the resort, we enjoyed the outdoor
hot tub a couple of times just before bed,
as the pool complex is open till midnight.
Toward the end of the week, as it got
warmer, the tub began to fill with spring
breakers; we left them to socialize and
used our in-room Jacuzzi instead. Our
in-unit washer and dryer allowed us to
wash everything, so we could pack clean
Given it’s location, a car is definitely
required to enjoy the area. We would
2010 07 World
11.pdf Resort
to anyone.
Marriott, Hyatt, Four Seasons,
Hilton, Westin and other Premium
Timeshare Resale Specialists
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Page 34
Jan/Feb, 2011
A Cross-Country Wyndham Vacation
By Ann Viarengo, Clarkdale, AZ
We left our home in Clarkdale, AZ
to drive cross country on our Wyndham
timeshare vacation. Our first resort was
Wyndham Kingsgate in Williamsburg,
VA where we spent a whole week.
My oldest friend, Nancy from Pennsylvania, drove down for a few days to
spend it here with us. Our timeshare was
fantastic. A beautiful two-bedroom on
the first floor. The décor was lovely and
perfect for the area. Flowers and trees in
bloom and hunidity; we are not used to
that. They had a pool just for adults that
we used one day. There was also an indoor pool, an exercise room, game room,
a computer room and Wi-Fi in our unit.
We spent time in Jamestown, Williamsburg and Yorktown. We’re still
learning history. Jamestown needs a full
day for the historic area and another full
day for the reenactment area. Yorktown
can also be a full day to fully see and
enjoy everything. And Williamsburg
should be two days. This was my husband Vic’s first time here. The ships in
dock at Jamestown are replica’s of what
they sailed back in the 1700s. The boats
were small and some of the beds remind
me of coffins.
From Williamsburg, we drove to
Edisto, S.C. and stayed at the Wyndham
Ocean Ridge.
There we had a big four-bedroom
timeshare within walking distance of the
ocean and bay. We were here 4 nights.
Our nephews and nieces from the Atlanta,
GA area joined us. There were 9 of us, 6
adults and 3 children.
The houses in that area have to be
built up on stilts due to the storms, so our
first floor was a flight up. On that level,
we had a big living room, dining room,
kitchen and master bedroom with big full
bathroom and a half bath. The next flight
up had the washer and dryer, two big
bedrooms and two full baths, and the third
level had a big bedroom and full bath. So
there was plenty of room for everyone.
Each bedroom had its own patio and there
was also a big front porch.
We all enjoyed the ocean, where Vic
loved fishing and caught a small sand
shark (which we let go) and two other
fish that we ate.
The next day we went to the bay
side. We had a picnic lunch there and
after lunch, my great niece, age 7, and
I were out in the water together looking
for dolphins. I said to her lets pray for
the dolphins to come. So we did and just
after we prayed, God sent two playful
dolphins; we were all able to swim with
them. Then more and more came. What
a thrill. We also had a pool right in front
of our unit and we spent one morning
enjoying that.
There were some maintenance problems. I gave the office a list; some were
fixed and we were told the others would
be fixed when the parts came in.
When we arrived, there were only
enough bath towels for 8 and the unit
sleeps 12, plus there were no wash
clothes. After I called, they were brought
to our unit that evening.
There was no Wi-Fi in the unit and
we had to drive to the office to use our
I would like to go back and spend a
full week, as there is much to see and do
in the area.
We left Edisto for Daytona where we
stayed at the Wyndham Ocean Walk.
We had a fantastic view on the 14th
floor over-looking the Atlantic ocean.
Here, friends that we haven’t seen in
years joined us for a couple days. The
ocean was wonderful and warm and I
loved just jumping the waves. The pool
was lots of fun. Vic enjoyed the slide and
we both used the inter-tubes and enjoyed
floating in the pool. Edisto and Daytona
were humid and in Daytona my glasses
would fog up when we went outside. I
had forgotten about that problem.
Our unit was very spacious and perfect for 4 people. There was no Wi-Fi in
the modern units and we had to take our
computer down to the lobby for reception.
There was also an indoor pool, game
room and exercise room. This resort was
wonderful for all ages. We did take a nice
day trip to St. Augustine and enjoyed the
history and fort. Plus it was a National
park so we got in free, a nice advantage
for being senior citizens. We were here
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for four nights.
The main reason for our cross country
vacation was Vic’s Navy reunion cruise
on the Carnival ship Fascination. The
ship sailed leaving Jacksonville for Key
West and from Key West to Nassau.
After the cruise, we drove to Panama
City, FL and stayed at the Wyndham
Vacation Resorts Panama City Beach.
We had a two bedroom presidential
suite on the 25 floor with the most magnificent view of the beach and ocean. We
had WI-FI right in our unit.
Here, we again enjoyed the water;
there were some waves and I just loved
that. The beach was the cleanest beach
I can ever remember. Not one shell or
seaweed or anything. The ocean was clean
and clear and beautiful.
We had dinner out on the patio
watching a storm roll in the last night. We
stayed here two nights; I would definitely
go back here and spend more time.
We drove to New Orleans and stayed
at the Wyndham La Bella Maison.
Page 35
there was Wi-Fi in our unit. We stayed
here for two nights.
Our last stop was in San Antonio, TX
at the Wyndham La Cascada.
We were able to get an amazing
four-bedroom presidential suite on the
top floor overlooking the city lights and a
bit of the river walk. The suite must have
been between 2,200 and 2,500 square
feet. It was built in 2007 and the decor
is beautiful. Our friends Kathy and Dane
joined us there.
The first evening, we walked the
river walk and had dinner sitting out on
a patio enjoying the scenery. The next
day, we had lunch at the Tower of the
Americas, went to the Alamo, and took
Jan/Feb, 2011
a river boat cruise. We also enjoyed the
pool and spa.
Vic again, after 45 plus years of marriage, proposed to me there on the river
walk We went to the Mexican market
place and I-MAX, did more walking and
went out for dinner at a good Mexican
restaurant. Yes, there was WI-FI in the
units. We stayed here for three nights and
could have stayed longer.
It was a wonderful fun vacation
visiting with old and new friends and
seeing more of God’s country. There is
a difference between dry heat and humid
heat. The humidity wiped us out as we
were not used to it. We arrived home
filled with so many wonderful memories
of this fantastic vacation.
What we really like with Wyndham
is the point system and how we can split
the weeks.
We purchased our first timeshare in
1989 and have had 70 trades so far; we
have given vacations to our children as
well. We own Wyndham points and other
timeshares. We are definitely enjoying our
timeshare vacations home and abroad.
We parked the car and walked from
our two-bedroom timeshare to wherever
we went. The decor in the unit was excellent; the building had been an old, run
down warehouse. Wyndham made it into
this wonderful showcase. They have an
indoor pool and spa and exercise room.
We took an enjoyable tour of the
swamp and alligators. I took pictures of
a blue heron after it caught a fish right in
front of us. We saw alligators and beautiful flowers. I even held a live baby alligator. I think this was one of the best tours
I have ever taken. We were happy that
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Page 36 Jan/Feb, 2011
Second Class
If one of the touted benefits of owning timeshare is to be able to exchange
your week and travel to new places, why
is it that some resorts treat “exchangers”
as second-class citizens? I have owned
timeshare for 20 years and now enjoy 5
weeks of travel each year. When I exchange I take care of my assigned unit as
if I owned it!
Yet, I have found that these two
companies treat owners and exchangers
differently: Westgate in Orlando and
Ko’Olina Marriott Vacation Club on
Oahu in Hawaii. Exchangers are nickel
and dimed with extra charges such as
local phone calls and parking charges.
I’ve been told, “You are an exchanger.”
At Ko’Olina in Hawaii, exchangers are
assigned to lower floor rooms and to
those without a partial or ocean view - no
matter how far in advance the request is
made. Only owners can reserve upper
floor rooms.
Timeshare is sold as a “family experience,” building family memories.
Recently, while staying at Ko’Olina on
Oahu, my adult daughter and granddaughter were told that they had to park in
guest parking and that after five hours they
would be charged for parking!! When
I arrived with food for a family dinner,
their five hours of guest parking was up,
and they had left!! What kind of family
memories is Ko’Olina providing? (And
we are Marriott Vacation Club owners,
just not at this resort!)
I pay healthy maintenance fees, and
when I exchange I expect to be treated no
differently than an owner!! I am happy
to say that my favorite, all time resort is
Kona Coast Resort on the Big Island of
Hawaii! I see “exchangers” treated fairly
there. Rooms seemed to be assigned according to “when” a request is made - not
dependent on your “class of citizenry”!
I would like to see more discussion
on this topic! Have others had similar
experiences? Is there any way to get these
association boards or resort managers to
structure their perks more fairly?
Please withhold my name.
principal business segment, has been
serving the vacation ownership market
for more than 34 years.
Interval’s primary vacation network
comprises more than 2,500 resorts in
over 75 nations. Through offices in 14
countries, Interval offers exchange services to approximately 2 million families
who are enrolled in various membership
Interval said in a statement that it
hopes to expand the vacation exchange
segment of its business, as well as its
offering of specialty lodging. “Because
Trading Places operates vacation properties of its own, Interval can now offer
more options to people who are looking
to exchange their timeshares with someone else.”
Interval acquires
Trading Places
Exchange horror
Interval Leisure Group (ILG), the parent company of Interval International, has
bought rival Trading Places International.
Terms of the deal were not disclosed.
Interval Leisure Group operates
mainly through Interval International, a
membership-based organization that offers a comprehensive array of year-round
benefits, including the opportunity to
exchange the use of shared ownership vacation time. Interval International, ILG’s
VP Transfer Services, LLC
Providing Full Service Transfer, Settlement, and
Resort Notification Services - FROM $195.00
Also, If you “Want it gone!”, we have an affordable solution.
It was our 35th wedding anniversary
and no where else did we want to spend
it, but in Sedona in October! It would be
our fourth visit, three at Los Abrigados
Our unit was in the very back, across
from the kiddie pool. For 24/7 the loud
pool motor ran and we couldn’t even sit
on our first floor patio because the noise
was so loud. Our front door was behind
a six foot cement wall in the corner -what a horror story; location felt like a
The first night when I went to use
the shower, the handle came off in my
hand. Maintenance stated a screw was
missing and “how could Housekeeping
have missed that.” Our downstairs bedroom window screen was hanging half
off with a huge insect dead in it. Next
morning we were putting orange peels
down the garbage disposal and the whole
pipe burst underneath the sink and flooded
the kitchen. We had human hair covering
the sofa-bed.
Of course the defenders of our bad
luck say it was because ILX allowed
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the units to become uninhabitable when
Diamond Resorts bought them 4 months
earlier. My gripe is with both Diamond
and RCI -- the unit should have been
downgraded by RCI and Diamond should
close off a part of the resort and fix the
dilapidated units.
Bruce and Cathy Broker
Marriott’s New
Exchange Program
As an owner of a Marriott Vacation
Club property in Palm Desert I received
notice of the opportunity to become a
part of Marriott’s Destination Exchange
Program a couple of months ago. The concept was a little confusing, but it basically
seemed like a new type of Points program.
For a $600 enrollment fee, I would be able
to convert my week to points that I could
use in increments of days or weeks, go on
cruises and book airfare. This did not seem
too exciting, as I could already exchange
my week for Marriott Rewards Points and
utilize all Marriott hotels, as well as book
cruises, airfare and car rentals.
So why was this new program better? They were trying to show how the
new points system would give me more
flexibility with the length of stay, size and
quality of the resorts I could book. They
would all be timeshare resorts, not hotel
rooms. But the feature that really got my
attention was how it could reduce the fees
I paid to book my weeks. If I became a
member of the program and paid an annual
fee of $165, I could choose to not put my
week in the points and use it as a regular
timeshare, but I would not have to pay any
of the regular fees to use my week:
• No fee to lock-off my 2 bedroom
• No fee exchange through Interval.
• No fee to trade my week for
Marriott Rewards points.
These fees, that I was used to paying,
added up to between $200 and $400. And
my annual membership to Interval would
be included in the $165. This looked like
quite a savings and I decided to join. It
seemed like a no-brainer.
I still did not fully understand the implications of the program until I called to
inquire about buying extra points. I had received an email that said if I bought extra
Page 37
points in the first 90 days, I might qualify
to have my enrollment fee refunded. I
was told that my Palm Springs week was
worth just a little over 3000 points, but if
I wanted to go to Hawaii, for example, I
would need about 5000 points. If I bought
2000 more points, he would credit my
enrollment fee towards the purchase price.
“How much would that be?” I asked. The
points cost about $6.50 per point and the
minimum I could buy was 1500 points.
That would be close to $10,000. And 2000
points would cost $13,000! “That’s getting
close to the cost of buying another week of
timeshare,” I said. It was exactly like, he
said, so my yearly maintenance fee would
increase as well.
I would have to put up a considerable
chunk of money to purchase the points and
then pay a higher maintenance fee without
getting an extra deed to more property. I
declined to buy any more points, preferring to save my money and utilize the
Marriott Rewards points instead of the
more expensive Destination Exchange
Then I asked about my Interval International membership. A couple of years
ago, I had purchased a 5-year membership and that got added to when I bought
some other timeshare, so my membership
did not expire until 2016. The Marriott
guy said I should call Interval and they
would refund the membership money
I had already paid. I would have a new
membership just through Marriott.
When I called Interval, the rep told
me that I had not gotten the full story. I
actually had 2 options:
1) I could ask for a refund that
would be pro-rated and I would lose the
two weeks I had banked;
2) I could just keep both memberships and Interval would send me a Bonus
week (still subject to the exchange fee)
within 60 days, then another one in my
second year and a third one in my fourth
When I figured it out, the first option
would get me a check for about $250 and
I would lose 2 banked weeks. The second
option would have me paying for a second
Marriot-only Interval membership, but I
would still have my two banked weeks and
I would get 3 Bonus weeks. I would still
have an Interval membership for my other
timeshares, at least until 2016.
I was surprised to learn that the way
Jan/Feb, 2011
Marriott had set up this deal with Interval
meant that I had a separate membership
just for Marriott. I would have to use my
other Interval membership for the 3 other
timeshares I owned that are Interval affiliated.
This is a very convoluted scheme. I
have not even mentioned what another
reader said about not having enough
points to get back into your own resort if
you try to do so with points. You have to
book your week the regular way before
you deposit it for points. This whole program seems to be a scheme to get you to
buy more timeshare in the guise of points
and to pay higher maintenance fees.
I still think I may be better off being
able to avoid all the transaction fees, so I
will keep the plan, but not bank my week
for points. It is really unfair to make me
have two Interval memberships and expect
me to buy more timeshare without getting another deed. Marriott resorts are so
wonderful, it is still surprising to me that
the full implications of this program were
not explained by the Marriott reps.
Mark Wandro, San Mateo, CA
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Page 38
Jan/Feb, 2011
Planet Hollywood Towers by Westgate
By Debby Powers, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
In this article, I want to introduce
you to “the new kid on the block” as far
as timeshare in Las Vegas — Planet Hollywood Towers by Westgate, which was
pictured on page 21 of your March/April,
2010 issue. Your article reported that it
is the tallest timeshare in the world; its
beautiful blue glass structure with the red
fins is supposed to look like tail lights on
a ‘57 Chevy.
If you know and like Las Vegas, you
know that location close to The Strip is
very important; otherwise you are dealing with shuttles, taxis and buses. Planet
Hollywood Towers by Westgate is located
on Harmon Ave. directly behind Planet
Hollywood (formerly Aladdin). In fact,
one of the entrances to the Towers is in
the Miracle Mile Mall, which is part of the
Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. The
location of the new Westgate property is
just feet from the intersection of Las Vegas
Blvd. (The Strip) and Harmon Ave.
MGM has just finished building a
multi-billion dollar City Center consisting
Timeshare Resale Division
The Smartest and Easiest way to Buy
or Sell your Timeshare.
Our team has over 30 years of combined
Real Estate experience.
(800)541-5666 ext 325
(407)352-5800 x 325 Fax (407)393-5788
of several hotels, casinos, and a state of the
art Crystals Mall diagonally across The
Strip from the Planet Hollywood Towers
by Westgate. The Bellagio is also diagonal from the north side of the Westgate
Towers. It is an easy walk north on The
Strip to Bellagio, Caesars, Bally’s, Paris,
Flamingo, and, if you like to walk, on
to the Venetian, Palazzo, Wynn, Encore,
Treasure Island and the Mirage. To the
south end of The Strip are Monte Carlo,
MGM, Tropicana, New York New York,
Excalibar, Luxor and Mandalay Bay. So
you can see, at the new Planet Hollywood
Towers by Westgate, you are in the heart
of The Strip. This was one of the reasons
why my husband and I purchased a unit
at this property.
Now that we have determined the
location is great, let me tell you about the
units. I believe there are 1200 timeshare
units consisting of studio units that sleep
four, one bedroom grand, two bedroom,
three bedroom and four bedroom units.
There are 56 floors in the Tower with penthouse units on the top four floors. I believe
these units may have been sold as year
round ownership, rather than timeshare.
In the timeshare presentation, there were
some movie stars’ names brought up as
owning some of them. Those penthouse
units are probably unaffordable to the
average timeshare owner.
The unit that we own is a one bedroom grand, so that is the one I am going
to describe in detail. On a tour, I have seen
the others and they are all similar, being
very luxuriously appointed. Although, I
do not know the square footage, the one
bedroom grand unit is very spacious.
When you walk into the unit, the
kitchen is to the left. It is very modern
looking with granite counter top, state
of the art stainless steel appliances, and
a microwave which is also a convection
oven. There is plenty of storage space if
you want to bring in groceries and the unit
adequately supplied with pots and pans,
and a dining service for eight. Beyond
the kitchen area is the dining area with a
black granite dining room set seating six,
with white leather on the chairs. A flat
screen television is mounted on the wall
at the head of the dining room table. There
is also a beautiful very contemporary
hanging light over the table. Between the
dining room area and living room area is
a closet containing a vacuum cleaner and
ironing board. In the space between the
dining room area and living room, there
is a black contemporary decorative table
and black round mirror mounted above
the table.
The living room area has six cabinets
for additional storage behind the large red
leather sectional sofa. This sofa is huge
and I would say that 7 to 8 people could
sit on it comfortably. Part of the sofa opens
up to a queen bed. In the living room, there
are two other very contemporary leather
chairs, a glass end table, glass coffee table
and another end table which housed the
apparatus for the large flat high definition
screen television.
Now, for the best part of the living
room: the entire wall at the front of the liv-
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ing room is glass. It is blue glass from the
outside and you can see out very clearly,
but no one can see in. The views of The
Strip and the mountains are just incredible. You don’t want that sun shining in
while you are trying to watch your large
flat screen TV? No problem; with a touch
of the remote, a large shade comes down
to cover the entire wall. With a second
touch of the remote, a projector comes
on and the television show or movie you
are watching is now projected in high
definition onto the shade covering the
entire wall.
From your remote, you can also control the temperature of the room, check
out of the unit, check on any charges to
the room, check out what is going on in
Vegas, get connected to the concierge or
housekeeping, etc. This is a very “high
tech” timeshare unit.
There are two doors to the right of
the kitchen and dining area. One leads to
the bathroom and the other to the master
bedroom. If there is someone using the
sleeper sofa they do not have to go through
the bedroom to get to the bathroom which
is a nice feature.
As you walk into the bedroom, to
the right is a large Jacuzzi tub which was
wonderful after a long day of walking The
Strip for hours at a time. The king size
bed is rather high and has a large black
leather headboard with various types of
lighting for reading or lower lights to
set a romantic mood. A dresser with 9
drawers and a desk at the end (all in one)
provides plenty of room for clothing. A
large closet. has a safe in it. There is also
wireless for the computer. A complete wall
of glass is in the bedroom just like in the
living room ,with a remote to control the
shade. A very comfortable chaise lounge
is in front of the glass wall with those
incredible views. This was my favorite
place to curl up with a book. There is also
a large flat screen television mounted on
the bedroom wall.
The unit had four televisions as well
as the projection theater.
The bathroom has a private toilet
area which had a beautiful picture on the
wall and a telephone. The shower was
very large. There were his and her sinks
with plenty of cabinet space to store your
toiletries. Ample towels and linens were
provided with a mid week unit cleaning.
Also in the bathroom, was a combination
Page 39
washer/dryer. Since my husband had
spilled coffee on his jeans in the airplane,
we had reason to try out the washer/dryer.
It, too, was quite high tech and we ended
up going down to the lobby for directions
on how to retrieve the clothes once they
were washed and dried — again, very high
tech. The bathroom was the location for
the fourth television.
Overall, the unit is very high tech,
modern and luxuriously appointed. This
unit can sleep four people comfortably,
and allows privacy for two couples.
Now for the amenities: The resort
has a large beautiful tropical pool area
with palm trees, lounge chairs, sun beds,
tables and chairs at the pool bar, a whirl
pool and cabanas. Westgate claims there
will be gaming in the pool area, too, but
that hadn’t begun as of May 1, 2010. The
weather the first week of May was perfect,
sunny and 70s to 80s.
A state of the art fitness center is located on the fourth floor. My husband visited that a few times while we were there. I
chose to get my exercise swimming laps in
the pool. One has to do something to work
off all that great Las Vegas food!
The resort has a huge lobby area,
complete with a contemporary bar overlooking the pool area. There are several
groupings of furniture throughout the
lobby area with very contemporary glass
coffee tables and glass pieces of art, several paintings and color coordinated suede
benches under some of the paintings. This
is the largest lobby I have ever seen in my
23 years of timesharing and certainly the
most luxurious.
We took a very early flight and arrived
at the resort around noon. Although check
in time is 4:00 p.m. we were very surprised
to find a short line and that our unit was
ready. Check in was very easy and they
had a representative waiting to take us to
our unit. She demonstrated how to work
some of the high tech equipment such as
the high definition movie theater.
There are twelve elevators, so waiting on an elevator for the 56 floors was
never a problem. The lobby has three
exits. One exit goes to the pool area and
you have to use your room key to get
out that door. Another exit goes into the
Miracle Mile Mall which is the mall that
is attached to Planet Hollywood Resort
and Casino. There are also 12 shows or
various entertainment venues in this mall.
Jan/Feb, 2011
In addition, there are three free shows in
the mall — a fountain show, Thunder and
Rainstorm and a Laser Light Show. So, on
a rainy day, you have an entire mall with
170 stores and 15 restaurants as well as
the casino and all its restaurants without
even going outdoors. The third exit from
the lobby area is through the valet area
where there is a light to signal taxis as
soon as one is needed. Westgate also runs
a shuttle that will drop you off different
places on The Strip.
If you are a person that enjoys Las
Vegas you are right in the heart of the
excitement at Planet Hollywood by
Currently, there are good deals with
referral packages; of course, that would include attending a timeshare presentation.
If any readers are interested in checking
it out, I would be happy to give a referral. You can email me at: [email protected]
comcast.net and please note Planet Hollywood referral in the subject line. Also,
if any of you are enjoying Vegas and are
approached for a presentation, if you
have the time, the units are just incredible to see.
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Page 40
TimeShare Classified
Wk # Starts on
Starts on
RCI’s week #1 starts on the first Saturday
of the year. In 2011, Interval and Royal
Resorts start week #1 on1/6/11. Interval’s
week 53 is 1/1/11. Some resorts start
weeks on a Friday or Sunday. Check with
the resort to confirm check-in dates.
Jan/Feb, 2011
ESCAPES! To the Gulf at Orange Beach,
Orange Beach AL, $23000. [email protected] 479/636-6493
SEDONA-Red Rock Country!. Best Buys!
Specializing in the Gold Crown Arroyo
Roble. Voted one of AZ’s highest rated
resorts! Call Rod Goebel, Broker Sedona Timeshare Resales. 800/344-3763
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BUY RESALE weeks from $2400
SELL Timeshare weeks worldwide
Desert Vacation Realty-Since 1991
Virginia Zabella/Designated Broker.
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----------------------------------------------------LONDON BRIDGE RESORT: Lakefront
resort on Lake Havasu. Prime floating 1
and 2 bedroom deeded units.
Annual Use $995+. Contact Tony
for details: (714)841-4541 or
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------SEDONA SUMMIT- Red float, Annual,
2BR/2ba, slps 8, sell $2995, rent $895.
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City,Az.1wk/odd yr. $7800 Contact: Kent
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Scottsdale at Troon North. 2 BR lockoff.
Deeded Platinum, Gold, or Silver avail..
Starting at $1500. Contact Betty at
TRIWEST 800/423-6377
If there is an error or change in your ad,
do not telephone us. Please email [email protected]
tstoday.com, write or send a fax Include
both the old and the new wording. Contact:
Ad Editor, TimeSharing Today
140 County Rd, Ste 114, Tenafly NJ 07670
Fax: 201-871-4305
ORANGE TREE GOLF RESORT. Scottsdale. 1 BR, 1 ba. Floating, no black out.
$1500. [email protected] or 480/9409474
------------------------------------------------------HAVASU DUNES RESORT; near lake with
fun shopping area, casinos, London Bridge,
free bus to Laughlin; ghost town nearby; 1
BR/floating week @ $1200. Call 619-3031366 or [email protected]
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2BR lockoff annual floating wk, $500+close.
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------ORANGE TREE, Scottsdale, floating time
deeded wk 5, Unit 516, 1BR, $1500 OBO.
517/750-2038, [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------RIDGE SEDONA RESORT
$200 + closing biannual studio-even years
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------TIMESHARE-London Bridge Resort Lake
Havasu City, AZ 1 wk/odd yr. $7800 Contact: Kent 559/324-0902
------------------------------------------------------WYNDHAM SEDONA, Gold Crown resort,
154,000pts, deeded. Maint. $740yr. $7500.
[email protected] 931-381-2023.
------------------------------------------------------LOS ABRIGATOS RESORT & SPA.
Financing Available to fit all budgets!
Prices as low as $2000 to own; rentals
available also. 866/327.2707
[email protected]
----------------------------------------------------HYATT Piñon Pointe. 2 Bd L/O at beautiful Sedona locale! You can see the world
with this vacation ownership! $16000 obo.
Very motivated Call: 866.327.2707 or
Email [email protected]
Avoid Scams
Ignore telemarketers and
email solicititors looking
for upfront fees and
personal information.
Have your attorney
review all documents
before you sign. Fees
should be held in escrow.
Next ad deadline
February 10th
Add Color To Your Ad
Select the color option
on the advertising order form.
TimeSharing Today
LOS ABRIGADOS Resort & Spa, Sedona,
1 week, avail this year, 1 BR/1BA, 12K.
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT CANYON VILLAS, Phoenix. 2BR/2BA/lockoff. Platinum weeks.
$21,000. Call 262/547-6373
------------------------------------------------------SCOTTSDALE VILLA MIRAGE – 1 BR,
odd years floating, $3500/OBO. Email:
[email protected]
FREE 2BR/2BA @ South Shore Lake
Resort in Hot Springs. Annual dues $435.
1st wk of Dec. 713/819-2319.
------------------------------------------------------SOUTH SHORE LAKE RESORT, Hot
Springs, $500, Call: 603/505-7810 or
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------HAMILTON HARBOR, Hot Springs,
2BR/2BA, 2011 fee pd $999 703/799-2447,
[email protected]
Save 40 to 70% off Hilton Grand Vacation
Club units. I am an Accredited Buyers
Representative. and will be happy to
represent you in the purchase of a Hilton
unit. No Buyer’s fee. If you would like to
be put on my Best Buy list send an email
to [email protected] You may call me
at 1-800-541-5666 ext 622 or my cell at
407-921-0000. My website is
------------------------------------------------------SAN DIEGO CTY ESTES- deed, lg 1BR,
slps 4, 2 wk flt, red, GC, $3500. BKR
909/463-2219 [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------LODGE AT LAKE TAHOE: 2BR/2ba, Eldorado unit. High time floating. Walk to
casinos or Heavenly. Perfect for family or
2 couples. $1950. [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------TAHOE SEASONS, S Lake Tahoe, ski
seas. or summer, slps 8, can be divided,
$2000. 925/586-2853
See Discount Offers on Page 54.
We value your support!
Page 41 Jan/Feb, 2011
resort on Big Bear Lake. Prime floating
Annual use WINTER/SUMMER LAKEFRONT 2 bedroom deeded units $7495.
Contact Tony: (714)841-4541 or
[email protected]
----------------------------------------------------SNOW LAKE LODGE: Located at the
base of Snow Summit Ski Resort. Prime
Floating Winter 1 bedroom deeded units.
Annual Use $995+. Call Tony: (714)8414541 or [email protected]
----------------------------------------------------INN AT THE OPERA: In the Union
Square/Theater/Civic Center Districts of
San Francisco. Prime floating 1 bedroom
deeded units. Annual Use $1995+.
Contact Tony: (714)841-4541 or
[email protected]
----------------------------------------------------NOB HILL INN: In the prestigious Nob Hill
area of San Francisco. Prime floating 1
and 2 bedroom deeded units. Annual Use
$1495+. Contact Tony: (714)841-4541 or
[email protected]
----------------------------------------------------SUITES AT FISHERMAN’S WHARF: In
the popular Fisherman’s Wharf area of
San Francisco. Prime floating 1 bedroom
deeded units. Annual Use $1495. Contact
Tony: (714)841-4541 or
[email protected]
----------------------------------------------------RIDGE TAHOE RESORT: Lake Tahoe.
Prime floating deeded 2 bedroom units in
all buildings (Plaza or Terrace Building).
$1495+. Contact Tony: (714)841-4541 or
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------SAN DIEGO COUNTRY ESTATES- 2 wks,
6-8 persons, flex time, $5000, free golf.
440/871-4957 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------ALL WELK RESORTS- LWRV from $2500.
Villas on the Green from $1500. Desert
Oasis from $750. Welk Platinum Points
from $2000. www.calresale.com lic Calif
RE Bkr/Realtor 760/294-0073
------------------------------------------------------SC INN (beach), DESERT BREEZE (Palm
Desert)- $1000/ea, Prime (1-52). 951/6849142 [email protected]
FOUR SEASONS Residence Club Aviara,
Carlsbad.1 BR Standalone or 2 BR lockoff
Deeded Platinum or Gold available.Every
other year starting at $3995 Contact Betty
at TRIWEST 800/423-6377
----------------------------------------------------HARBORTOWN POINT Marina Resort
and Club, Ventura.Mariner-Studio / Voyager-1BR / Islander-1BR lockoff Deeded
Prime or High available.
Starting at $399
Call: Viccie at TRIWEST 800/423-6377.
-----------------------------------------------------WINNERS CIRCLE-Solana Beach. Wk 18,
1BD/2ba/slp 4. Convenient location.$1500.
724/853-0908 [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------RED WOLF LODGE at Squaw Valley Tahoe, Studio, Floating year Negotiable price
$15,000,Main,$400 [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------LAWRENCE WELK RESORT VILLAS,
Escondido, $8888, 619/546-0160, allows
lock out feature, [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT NEWPORT COAST VILLASNewport Bch, week 4, 2BR/2BA, $10000,
805/495-2447 [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------WELK RESORT VILLAS, Escondido,
$6000, [email protected] or 714/9643110
------------------------------------------------------THE INN AT THE OPERA,
San Francisco, $3000,
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------SHELLVACATIONSCLUB.COM (West)
SanFrancisco/ Anaheim 3750 pt/yr fee
simple title orig price $19,500 main Fee
$1140/yr make offer Jerri 314/608-1122,
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------CAPISTRANO SURFSIDE INN, 2BR,
sleeps 6, prime time $4500, Email Sharon
at [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------OLYMPIC VILLAGE INN, 2 winter weeks
& 1 summer week at Tahoe $12,000. Call
415/883-9050, [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT SHADOW RIDGE, Gold Private, 2BR/2BA w/lockout, $6000, 2011
dues pd. [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT DESERT SPRINGS II-2 Red,
1 White, $14,000 all. 2011 avail. Make 6
visits! Neg. 949/230-3357.
------------------------------------------------------NOB HILL- SAN FRANCISCO: GOLD
CROWN Resort; on cable car line; minutes
to downtown, Ghirardelli Square, Fisherman’s Wharf; 1BR/floating week bargain at
$1700. 619/303-1366, [email protected]
Tell someone you
know about
TimeSharing Today.
A gift subscription
is always appreciated!
Use the order form on
Page 55 and we will extend
your subscription by the
same number as the gift.
across from Hotel Del Coronado & beach.
$8995 OBO. [email protected]
TimeSharing Today
VILLAS I. 2Bdrm 2Bath Units W/Lockout.
Seasons: RED - $8,000
WHITE - $5,000
See us at www.htr4timeshare.com
Hotel Timeshare Resales
800/808- 651
----------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT DESERT SPRINGS –
2Bdrm 2Bath Units W/Lockout
Seasons: RED - $7,000
WHITE - $4,500
See us at www.htr4timeshare.com
Hotel Timeshare Resales
800/808- 651
----------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT NEWPORT COAST
VILLAS PLATINUM 2/2 – Weeks 23-51
GOLD 2/2 - Weeks 1-22 $6,500
See us at www.htr4timeshare.com
Hotel Timeshare Resales
800/808- 651
----------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT SHADOW RIDGE
2Bdrm 2Bath Units W/Lockout
Seasons: Platinum - $6,500
Gold - $4,000
See us at www.htr4timeshare.com
Hotel Timeshare Resales
WINTER PARK AREA- Pines at Meadow
Ridge, Fraser, 2BR/3ba and sauna. Plus
loft. Slps 8. Wk 24. Dues $500/yr. $3500
neg. 281/346-1312
------------------------------------------------------VAIL, SANDSTONE CREEK CLUB, 2BR,
week 25, unit 3304 (closest to creek),
$2500, [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------EAGLE POINT, Vail. Beautiful location
along Gore Creek and easy access to
Cascade Village Lift. I Bedroom with full
kitchen, dining and living area.
Annual usage; $10000 obo.
[email protected]
Save on Internet advertising.
Classified Ads in this edition have been
placed online at www.tstoday.com,
without additional cost
Place your ad today at
Page 42
exceptional all-year T/S in the Colorado
Rockies. 2BR/2ba, Newly upgraded. Managed by owners. Never spec assesmts. 3
wks:14, 35,46 @ $500 OBO. 970/328-3131
or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------SPINNAKER @ LAKE DILLON, DILLON,
wk 9, unit 206 $5000, Call: 301/871-1655
or [email protected]
CT. Rare summer week 25 priced at just
$2495! Licensed Broker. A+ Rating with
the BBB. 1 year Satisfaction Guarantee
with each purchase! 800-809-6020 or
[email protected]
Atlantic Coast
------------------------------------------------------JENSEN BEACH &
One offers over 2000 sq. feet, two and
three bedrooms, plus atrium in the unit.
Great amenities include pools and tennis
courts. No developer hassles. Forclosure
opportunity on prime red weeks.
Defender Realty 1-800-799-0798
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------DEERFIELD BEACH. Emerald Seas. 1
BR, 1 ba, full kit. Wk 51. Oceanfront resort, beautiful beach, convenient location.
$1100. 201/224-2706
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT OCEAN POINTE. Two Ocean
Side Silver Weeks. 2 BR with Lock-out
Feature-Sleeps 7. Motivated Seller-West
Palm Beach/Singer Island Location.
Each week priced to sell at $17,500. Will
discount for 2 week purchase- $33,500.
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT OCEAN PT - W. Palm, Fl.
Ocean View, 2 BR/2ba, Platinum, annual,
lock-off. Chuck Lopardo 262-742-2778
------------------------------------------------------FAIRWAYS OF PALM AIRE- Pompano
Beach, 5 Star Resort, Golf course, Wyndham 154,000 pts annually, 2BR deluxe
apt w/ terrace, w/d, whirlpool, king bed,
slps 6. Maint: $971.20. Asking $1199.
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT’S OCEAN PT- Palm Bch/
Singer Island, 3BR, ocean front, Gold Season- May thru August. $21,000. 630/9649064 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------These little ads are read.
Jan/Feb, 2011
Atlantic Coast
------------------------------------------------------SEA GARDENS Bch and Tennis ResortPompano Bch. Newly renovated Studio
steps from the bch. Wk 15. $1000 OBO.
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------TROPIC SHORES RESORTt Daytona
Beach Shores FL, Gold Crown Resort
Oceanfront, 1BR prime $500 1BR preferred $100. Add maint. fee of approx.
$500 plus $100 closing cost. Option to skip
2010 fees if not used. Many weeks avail.
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT OCEAN POINTE,
Palm Beach Shores, Platinum Wk 12,
2BR/2BA, $13900.
[email protected]m
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT OCEAN POINTE, Palm Beach
Shores $9950, Call: 954/370-5770 or
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------PALM BEACH SHORES Resort & Vacation Villas, Palm Beach Shores, $10000,
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT OCEAN POINTE, Singer
Island, Plat. Oceanfrt, 3BR/3BA $45000.
860/443-9495, [email protected]
Gulf Coast
------------------------------------------------------EAGLE’S NEST- Marco Island, oceanfront,
overlooks pool, 1BR/2ba, wk 37, $5999.
[email protected] 937/554-6912
------------------------------------------------------SANIBEL BEACH CLUB II Wks 45/46 on
beach. Deeded 2 BR/2BA laundry in suite,
bikes incl. $15,000 for both wks. 519/7468406 [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------SURF CLUB, Marco Island-Rm 605 wk
8, magnificent, ask for pictures. Buy/Rent
[email protected] or 631/7376200
------------------------------------------------------LONGBOAT KEY-Veranda-5 star wks 19
& 20. Eash has 2BR/2BA and sleeps 6.
Corner units & new kitchens & furnishings. Gorgeous sunsets. $3950 each.
------------------------------------------------------MARCO ISLAND. Charter Club 508. 2
BR, 2 ba. Wk 10. Gulf front, corner unit.
$26,000. [email protected] or 410/3748311.
------------------------------------------------------SUNSET COVE RESORT & SUITES,
Marco Island. $20000.
[email protected]
Do you get it?
We mean
TimeSharing Today Express.
Our monthly eNewsletter.
Contact [email protected]
for details.
TimeSharing Today
Gulf Coast
------------------------------------------------------BAY CLUB of Sandestin, Destin, FL..
Week 17 in a 1 bedroom unit overlooking
the bay. Only $1995! Licensed Broker. A+
Rating with the BBB. 1 year Satisfaction
Guarantee with each purchase! 800-8096020 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------EAGLES NEST, MARCO ISLAND, 2BR
Tower, summer flex. $5000, must sell.
863/984-8039, [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------SEA OATS, Englewood, on beach, deeded
wks 1, 2, 4, 18, 21, 42, 48, 49, 50. $1000
to $2000 per wk. 802/233-8472.
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT’S CRYSTAL SHORES-Marco
Island. 3BR/BA Penthouse Units (only 2
on property), Pres. Wk & Wk 13. 317/8730555.
------------------------------------------------------SAND PEBBLE RESORT, Treasure Island,
1BR, 1ba on Gulf of Mexico. Deeded wk 10
$5500. Also, 2 BR, 1 ba $8000, Deeded wk
11. 708-473-8628 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------KEY WEST:
The Banyan Resort
Luxury and charm
In the heart of Old Town.
Resales starting at only $4000.
Large inventory available.
Call: Amy Lachat Lynch, Banyan Realty.
Email: [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------KEY LARGO. Anchorage Resort. Week 7
(President’s week). One BR, slps 4. Resort
has own marina. Great fishing and scuba
diving/snorkeling. Deeded RCI. Must sell.
$16,500. 201/768-7124
------------------------------------------------------KEY WEST- THE BANYAN RESORTChristmas Wk 51, 2BR/1ba, slps 6.
$15,000 OBO. 262/966-2180
------------------------------------------------------GALLEON-KEY WEST 2BR/2BA lockout,
Week 12-Spring Break, Gold Crown,
$18000, [email protected] or
------------------------------------------------------HYATT BEACH HOUSE RESORT, Key
West, Wk 37 2BR, 1300 pts to divide for 2
wks or partial wks. Trade in II. Best of quality. $9000 or rent $1200. 414/350-6682.
------------------------------------------------------KEY WEST GALLEON RESORT-Wk 13.
Spring Break 2 Br, 2Ba Slp 6 $23,000 636/
677-3278 or [email protected]m
Page 43
Orlando Area
------------------------------------------------------DISNEY VACATION CLUB resales, all
resort locations typically available. Significant savings! Call DVC By Resale toll free
1-800-844-4099 or visit www.DVCbyResale.com for current listings. Shontell C
Crawford, Lic. Real Estate Broker email:
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------NEAR DISNEY. Florida Vacation Villas,
Presidents Week 7. 2BR, Sleeps 6,
Pool, tennis, playground, W/D in unit. Asking $4500. Email to [email protected]
or call 201-362-8151.
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT’S GRAND VISTA, 3BR/3ba,
slps 12, Platinum Lock-off option,
$25,000, motivated seller,
email: [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT GRAND VISTA- #1 resort in
Orlando, 2BR, Platinum season, motivated
seller, Lock off, Fl Club, $21,000 OBO.
Garry Rupp: [email protected] or
------------------------------------------------------Save 40 to 70% off Hilton Grand Vacation Club units. I am an Accredited Buyers Representative. and will be happy
to represent you in the purchase of a
Hilton unit. No Buyer’s fee. If you would
like to be put on my Best Buy list send
an email to [email protected] You
may call me at 1-800-541-5666 ext 622
or my cell at 407-921-0000.
My website is www.JudiKoz.com
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT GRAND VISTA, #1 resort in
Orlando, 2BR, Plat season, motivated
seller, Lock off, Fl Club, $21,000 OBO.
614/436-1678 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------VACATION VILLAS @ Fantasyworld- 2
New 2BR/3ba, slp 6, Floating, 2 dr lockout.
$4000 OBO. [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------WESTGATE VACATION VILLAS, KISSIMMEE, $15000, [email protected], 306/222-5964
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT’S ROYAL PALMS- 2BR/2ba,
deeded white floating wk, near Disney.
$5900 OBO. 732/742-5321
------------------------------------------------------HIGHPOINT- 3 mi Disneyworld, Xmas
wk, deeded, fixed. Bonus wk 53 2012 &
every 5 yrs. 2BR, 2010 fees pd. $4000
obo +closing cost. 423/650-6283
Next classified ad deadline
February 10th
Jan/Feb, 2011
Orlando Area
------------------------------------------------------VACATION VILLAGE @ Parkway- min.
to Disney. Double lock off unit, 1 or both.
Slps 8. Use 1 for 2 wks. Wk 47
Thanksgiving. $20,000 Make offer.
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------ORANGE LAKE- West Village- Fixed wk
2, 3BR/3ba, slps 12. A bargain $6000.
[email protected] or 631/3991375
------------------------------------------------------MAGIC TREE KISSIMMEE DISNEY AREA
2BR/2BA slp 6 full kit float/time deeded
$850 [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------ORANGE LAKE COUNTRY CLUB,
Kissimmee, $1500. 604/230-1429;
may leave text msg or
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------ORANGE LAKE-East Village-Fixed Wk
5, 2BR/2ba, slp 8, Gold Crown, on golf
course, near Disney, $2000. OBO 270/4730751 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------ORLANDO INT’L RESORT 2BR week 23
deeded, too old to travel $2000 or best offer
------------------------------------------------------KISSIMMEE-ORBIT ONE near Disney
2BR/2BA sleep 6, 705/627-9979, $1995
Wk 22, no agents, [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------WESTGATE LEISURE 2/2 quiet resort
near all Parks II-Red flt weks 1-52 in 2011,
m/fee pd & wk avail. $2900 OBO 616/9426018 [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------ORANGE LAKE COUNTRY CLUB.
Week 21 Clubhouse studio, right by
beach in West Village. MFs $697. $700/
BO/wk or $1,200 both. 716-372-2569,
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------WESTGATE LAKES RESORT & SPA,
907/276-7981, [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------STAR ISLAND, fixed wk 29 even yrs. Summer 3BR lockout slps 8 Trades for 2 wks
w/Interval. $700 OBO call Pat 281-3730448.
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT HARBOUR LAKE, Wk#36,
2BR/2BA. $10,000 Kathy Hepburn 214/9947503, [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------WESTGATE LAKES, 3BR lockout wk 20,
Unit 2131, $3000 OBO, 517/750-2038,
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------ORANGE LAKE COUNTRY CLUB, Wk
21 Clubhouse studio, right by beach in
West Village. MF’s $697. $700/BO/wk or
$1,200 both. [email protected] or
TimeSharing Today
Orlando Area
------------------------------------------------------DISNEY VACATION CLUB resales. Buy or
Sell with Licensed Broker. Save thousands
off of DVC Resorts. A Timeshare Broker,
Inc. Website www.atimeshare.com. Tele
800/275-0557 ask for Carrie.
------------------------------------------------------WESTGATE VACATION VILLAS, KISSIMMEE, $15000, [email protected],
------------------------------------------------------WESTGATE VACATION VILLAS, usually
Easter Wk/15, 2BR/2BA/loft, sleeps 10,
$6000. Call 262/662-3428.
----------------------------------------------------SUMMER BAY RESORT, Private 3BR/3BA
HOME, NOT CONDO. Your own private
pool, garage, 2 Master Suites. Lakefront,
yearly usuage, floating, rare find and a
steal. $10,000. 262/662-3428.
------------------------------------------------------ORANGE LAKE COUNTRY CLUB, Wk
21 Clubhouse studio, right by beach in
West Village. MF’s $697. $700/BO/wk or
$1,200 both. [email protected] or
------------------------------------------------------ORANGE LAKE COUNTRY CLUB, Kissimmee, $1500. [email protected]
604/230-1429; may leave text msg.
------------------------------------------------------VACATION VILLAGE AT PARKWAY, Kissimme, Wk 16, 2BR/2BA, $900, 317/6543825, [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------FLORIDA VACATION VILLAS, 3BR/3BA,
sleeps 8, floating time, $3900, 2011 fees
paid. 915/307-7765.
------------------------------------------------------VACATION VILLAGE @ PARKWAY by
Disney. 2BR lock-off unit. Both slp 8.
Deeded wk. Mk offer, all considered.
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT SABAL PALMS, $1, 937848-3799. White season, 2BR/2BA,
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------KINGSTOWN REEF CROWN PLAZA,
on International Dr. Odd/year 3 BR Suite
$4000 w/4 2011 wks included in Palm
Springs CA. www.worldmarktheclub.com/
resorts/kr/ [email protected]@hotmail.com
Riverfront, near parks & hiking. RCI & II,
low fees, $495, 864/579-1612
Page 44
1 & 2 BR units. Starting @ $ 3,500.
Contact Syed Sarmad, Hawaii Broker.
Specialist in all HI properties &
name brand resorts.
----------------------------------------------------WESTIN KA’ANAPALI BOTH PHASES1 & 2 BR units. Starting @ $ 4,500.
Contact Syed Sarmad, Hawaii Broker.
Specialist in all HI properties &
all name brand resorts.
------------------------------------------------------EXPERIENCE UNSPOILED HAWAII
On the beautiful West End of Molokai
Best Price in Hawaii for fee-simple deed
Annual Float / $2600 1-bdrm,
$3600 2-bdrm. [email protected]
Premium Exchange Property / II
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT KO O’LINA BEACH CLUB
PLATINUM - 2/2 w/Lockout $23,900
Fixed Week 52 For XMAS in Hawaii
See us at www.htr4timeshare.com
Hotel Timeshare Resales
------------------------------------------------------PRINCEVILLE KAUAI CLIFFS CLUB. Na
Pali coast, uncrowded white sand beaches.
Sale $2150. Rent $975. Call: 847/477-5517
or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------WYNDHAM KAUAI Beach Villas - [1/2
$299] & [2/2 $1299]. Odd years. 909/5533217 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------HONO KOA BEACHFRONT on Maui1 wk, flt 2BR, $5500. Ka’Eo Kai @
PrinceVille- HUGE Penthouse unit 1 wk,
flt, 2BR lockoff, $10,000. Ke Nani Kaiunspoiled Molokai, 2 wks, flt, 4 plexes w/
lots land, $3500/ea. Kona Billfisher- walk
to town, fixed, 11/15-12/13, 1BR, view
harbor, quiet/friendly, cathedral ceilings,
A/C & hted pool, $12,500 total for all 4
wks. 360/385-4216 Tim. Will split fees.
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT’S MAUI Ocean Club
22BR/2ba, platinum wks, EOY. Motivated
sellers! [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------CLIFFS CLUB, Princeville Kauai. Week
52, $2500.Bonus wk every 4 yrs. Ernie
314/517-4087 [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------KONA COAST II 2/2 on golf course.
OcnView, summer float. 2-every $6000,
1- OEOY $5000 RNT $900 972/239-9315
------------------------------------------------------Go ahead - Make an offer!
Jan/Feb, 2011
KA’ANAPALI BEACH CLUB Vacation Resort, Maui, 3500 points/yr. 780/467-4194,
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------KAHANA BEACH RESORT: Oceanfront
resort on MAUI. Prime floating 1 bedroom, 2 bath deeded oceanfront units.
$4995. Contact Tony: (714)841-4541 or
[email protected]
----------------------------------------------------SANDS OF KAHANA: Oceanfront
resort on MAUI. Prime floating 1 and
3 bedroom deeded units. Annual Use
$3995+. Contact Tony: (714)841-4541
or [email protected]
----------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT MAUI OCEAN CLUB:
Oceanfront resort in Kaanapali on
MAUI. Prime floating 1 bedroom
units. $9995+. Contact Tony: (714)8414541 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------ISLAND OF HAWAII COLONY 1 @ SEA
MOUNTAIN, point system 135 points &
1BR unit deeded, $1500 OBO. Call Bob
517-750-2038, [email protected]
-----------------------------------------------------Save 40 to 70% off Hilton Grand Vacation Club units. I am an Accredited Buyers Representative. and will be happy
to represent you in the purchase of a
Hilton unit. No Buyer’s fee. If you would
like to be put on my Best Buy list send
an email to [email protected] You
may call me at 1-800-541-5666 ext 622
or my cell at 407-921-0000. My website
is www.JudiKoz.com
------------------------------------------------------MAUI SCHOONER - Association & owner
resales. 1 to 3 bedroom; some every other
year. Call Judy toll-free 888-412-9961 or
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------HAWAIIAN PRINCESS AT MAKAHA.
Limited number of assn. & owner resales.
Call Penny Dumont 808-497-3052 or
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------KAHANA FALLS RESORT. Limited number
of assn. & owner resales. Floor plans to
match your family’s needs - great pricing!
Call Penny Dumont 808-497-3052 or Email
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------KONA COAST II-Deeded 1BR/2BA winter
float. II & RCI listed. Oceanview/golf course.
$3000 OBO 509/784-2530 No agent/sales
contacts. [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------IMPERIAL VACATION CLUB, Oahu.
Floating week in a 1 bedroom unit
priced at just $2495! Licensed Broker.
A+ Rating with the BBB. 1 year Satisfaction Guarantee with each purchase!
800/809-6020 or [email protected]
TimeSharing Today
2BR/2BA slps 4, 2 float wks avail (fee
simple) $4750/wk. Bill-408/206-6644, or
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------PONO KAI RESORT, Kauai,
$5000, 631/499-1696,
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------KAUAI BANYAN HARBOR, 2BR, sleeps 6,
7/30-8/06, annual, 54000 RCI pts, $3400.
weeks starting at $600, FYE 2011 maint
fees - studio $223.50, 1BR $306, lg 1BR
$386, 2BR $496. Cunningham RealtyDeanne Fultz- licensee. 208/437-2451
1Bd EY Game 3 Notre Dame Football.
Varsity Club of America - South Bend
Chapter - Mishawaka, Indiana.
Make Offer! Call 866.327.2707 or
[email protected] or
Garden District, Studio 2BR/2BA deeded
Floating wk. $2200. 573/552-6488 or
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------THE QUARTER HOUSE, New Orleans,
Week 48, 1BR/1BA, $6000, Amazing unit
& Resort. [email protected]
Club Ocean Villas II, Boardwalk One,
Ocean High and The Quarters.
We have it all from fixed flex, quartershare
to RCI Points. Studio to Two bedroom refurbished resorts. Own one week and vacation up to 39 nights each year. Call for
incredible resale prices and no hassles.
Defender Realty 1-800-799-0798
Page 45
$950.00 to $5900.00.
2 Bedroom, 2 bath
Ketch Real Estate Co, II, Inc.
Email: [email protected]
Web: octimeshare.com
------------------------------------------------------SUNFEST WEEK (39) IN OCEAN CITY,
2br/2ba, full kit, w/d, spa & pool, Lucayan
$1095, Lighthouse Pt $895, $1695 for
both weeks. Great wk! 267/733-7241 or
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------OCEANTIME, Ocean City, Wk 35,
2BR/2BA. Very low fees. $5500 or OBO.
[email protected]
HARBORSIDE INN on Martha’s Vine-yard!
Only 2BR/2ba, slps 6 unit. Summer wk 36,
$7500. Boat dock. [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------DEEDED 1BR UNITS- Cape Winds (Hyannis): wk 37 & Club of Cape Cod (Dennisport): wk 27. $500 each OBO. 781/7492877 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------VACATION VILLAGE in the Berkshires,
Hancock, wk 32,near Tanglewood.
2BR/2ba, Suites A & B (lockout), $26,000.
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------CAPE COD-Southcape Resort-Deeded
Wk 23; 2BR & loft, slps 8, outdr & indoor
pool & tennis $5000 OBO 813/634-7905 or
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------BREWSTER GREEN RESORT, beautiful fall week #41. Full kitchen, slps 6,
2BR/2BA, washer/dryer. Google resort
website, in MA. $2600/ 215/527-8677,
[email protected]
HARBOR COVE - Harbor Springs, MI.
2 bedroom 2 bath units. White & blue
weeks. Rock bottom prices. Beach, two
pools, (one indoor) near skiing & casinos.
[email protected]
2.5BA, Red week 39, pool,bar,grill, casino
n/b. [email protected]
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Jan/Feb, 2011
BRANSON SURREY Grand Crowne- Free
giveaway, 3BR/2-1/2ba, slps 12, MF pd ’10,
float, white, lock-out. 281/398-8255
------------------------------------------------------PALACE VIEW- 3BR lockout, 3ba, floating wk, odd years, slps 10, $15,000 OBO.
------------------------------------------------------BRANSON STONEBRIDGE VILLAGE
$500 2BR lockout, floating wk. 630/7731650 [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------Bi-ANNUAL TIMESHARE, Penthouse,
French Quarter, Branson, Missouri
314/220-7713 [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------SUITES AT FALL CREEK, Unit 1105,
Week 31, 2Bdrm w/lockout. Sleeps 8-10
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------STORMY POINT VILLAGE, Branson, Yellow Season, 3BR/2BA, $8500, 219/9872896, [email protected]
POLO TOWERS: On the Strip in Las
Vegas. ALLTowers 1,2,& 3 at the Polo
Towers. Prime floating and fixed, 1 and
2 bedroom deeded VILLAS and SUITES.
Annual Use $1495+. Call Tony: (714)8414541 or [email protected]
----------------------------------------------------RIDGE TAHOE RESORT: Lake Tahoe.
Prime floating WINTER/SUMMER deeded units in all buildings (Plaza & Terrace
buildings). $995+. Call Tony: (714)8414541 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------POLO TOWERS- VILLA: On the Vegas Strip. 2BR, slps 6 & deeded. Red
Wk. $4000. Alicia 401/413-8199 or
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------Save 40 to 70% off Hilton Grand Vacation
Club units. I am an Accredited Buyers Representative. and will be happy to represent
you in the purchase of a Hilton unit. No
Buyer’s fee. If you would like to be put on
my Best Buy list send an email to [email protected]
JudiKoz.com. You may call me at 1-800541-5666 ext 622 or my cell at 407-9210000. My website is www.JudiKoz.com
------------------------------------------------------www.thelodgeatkc.com - Maintenance approx $114 quarterly. $1800 OBO. 909/5965008 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------JOCKEY CLUB 2/3 next to Bellagio slps 6,
2 wks $4500 each $8,000 both Float $700
Rent, 972/239-9315 CST
------------------------------------------------------POLO TOWERS, LAS VEGAS, Deeded
1BR unit, on strip-across from new City
Center. $15,000 obo. Deal directly with
Polo Towers for usage, not RCI or II. Email
inquiries to [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------JOCKEY CLUB, Las Vegas Strip, 2BR, Wk
1 $5000, 1BR Wk 49 or 50 $3000. 978/9877944 [email protected]
TimeSharing Today
POLO TOWERS, Las Vegas Strip, 2BR
w/lockout, Wk 1 $4000, sleeps 6 978/9877944 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------POLO TOWERS 1BR, deed wk #12,
303/360-5126, $4500, Ask for Phyllis
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------VEGAS-WESTGATE 1BR/1BA near strip
even year, float, $8000, 414/463-1817 or
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------HYAT HIGH SIERRA LODGE.
Platinum 2/2 $20,900 Lower Unit
Handicap Access Fixed Week 26 Enjoy 4th of July in Lake Tahoe See us
at www.htr4timeshare.com
Hotel Timeshare Resales
------------------------------------------------------TAHOE SUMMIT VILLAGE, Stateline, Nev.
Floating red week, 2BR/2BA, $1,100, Jeff
------------------------------------------------------PLANET HOLLYWOOD TOWERS by
Westgate Las Vegas, $35000, negotiable,
403/703-2182 [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------POLO TOWERS, Las Vegas Deeded
2BR Lock-Off, Wk 22 $1.00
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------GRANDVIEW AT LAS VEGAS, $19999,
Wk #3, 2BR/2BA,
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT GRAND CHATEAU,
LAS VEGAS. $25000, 909/771-8932,
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------PLANET HOLLYWOOD TOWERS BY
WESTGATE, Las Vegas, $25000, 320/2695851, [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT GRAND CHATEAU, Las Vegas 2BR/2BA/lockoff. Platinum weeks odd
years. $12,000. 262/547-6373
------------------------------------------------------TAHITI VILLAGE,LasVegas,
Float, 1BR/1BA 10K OBO. Willie
928/636-6504,[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------HAVASU DUNES RESORT; near lake
with fun shopping area, casinos, London Bridge, free bus to Laughlin; ghost
town nearby; mini unit/studio/floating wk
@$1200, 619/303-1366, [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------Place your classified ad today for the
March/April issue. www.tstoday.com
Page 46
FULLY EQUIPPED 2BR w/d, fp, PGA golf
course.March, May or July at Cold Spring
Prop. Ashland, NH $2K OBO 508/6683256
906, slps 4, ann flt wk. $11,500 OBO.
973/377-7929 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------ATLANTIC PALACE in Atlantic City. 1 week
during August. $34,000. RCI for resort
swap. Pat: 973/714-7040.
------------------------------------------------------ATLANTIC CITY-Flagship Resort, beautiful
1BR, oceanfront, Wk 3, $15,000 price is
negotiable. Must sell owner is relocating.
718/974-1719 or [email protected]
Save 40 to 70% off Hilton Grand Vacation Club units. I am an Accredited Buyers Representative. and will be happy
to represent you in the purchase of a
Hilton unit. No Buyer’s fee. If you would
like to be put on my Best Buy list send
an email to [email protected] You
may call me at 1-800-541-5666 ext 622
or my cell at 407-921-0000. My website
is www.JudiKoz.com
------------------------------------------------------MANHATTAN CLUB NYC- Contract #237,
1BR/2ba, part kitchen, ideal location,
floating, annual use, steal at $7500. Bob
303/918-3344 or 303/298-1047
------------------------------------------------------MANHATTAN CLUB NYC Penthouse
Suite 1BR/2BA eff. Kitchen, sleeps 4,
near Rock. Ctr., Carn. Hall, 5th Ave, Bwy,
Museums, annual flexible use $32000
(20% below current price!) Candee
------------------------------------------------------HGVC W57th St. NY, $33,000, platinum
wk, 5250 Pts. Studio Plus, 561-753-8645
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MANHATTAN CLUB, NYC 1BR/2BA
Suite, Eff Kitchen Floating Annual Use,
Pay transfer Fees and it’s yours. Bob
303/918-3344 or 303/670-3189.
ATLANTIC BEACH, N.C. Oceanfront Resorts. Homeowners Association Closeouts and resales. Deeded weeks. Blue
start at $200.00, white start at $500, Red
start at $900. 1,2,3 BR.
Timeshare OutletDeanna Hull Realty. Rentals avail.
Jan/Feb, 2011
OUTER BANKS, NC- All resorts and
homeowner assn resales. 1, 2, 3, & 4
BR condos. Deeded wks.
------------------------------------------------------OUTER BANKS BEACH CLUB 1, Wk 38,
3BR sleeps 8, Oceanview, $6000 Call
757/890-0920 if interested.
------------------------------------------------------WYNDHAM 126,000 Deeded Points,
Sapphire Valley. Low Price! $2500 OBO
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------CHETOLA RESORT, Blowing Rock.
$4800, 2BR/2BA, Week 39, 704/263-6069,
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------FAIRFIELD HARBOUR, New Bern, $5000,
The Fairways-Double Share, 931/4565601 [email protected]
WHISPERING WOODS RESORT, Whelches, Or. 2BR/2BA, on golf course, at ft Mt
Hood, deeded, 5 wks over 2 yrs, trades
well, ground level. $1500. 509/299-5660
week, studio, bi-ennial. Best offer at fair
price. Great for exchanges. Casino close
by. Jim: 201/384-6062
Wk. 2BR/2ba, $1900. Wyndham Long
Wharf Resort- Newport, Floating Red Wk.
2BR/2ba, Kit, $5900. [email protected] or 978/490-7255, 978/352-7227
Maritime Beach Club, The Links, The
Beach House, Windy Shores II, Ocean
Forest Colony, Montego Beach Club and
Ataylaya Towers. We offer fixed, floating,
flex and RCI Points from studio to three
bedrooms. Oceanfront to golf course.
Vacation up to 35 nights each year and it
works! Low RCI Points conversion price.
Call for information at
Defender Realty 1-800-799-0798
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT’S BARONY BCH- Hilton Head,
5-Star, 2BR/2ba, ocean-side, Bronze wk,
$5500. 419/841-7154 or 419/283-9932
TimeSharing Today
Oceanfront Resort Hilton Head, Oceanview, 2BR/2ba (slps 8). Highly motivated
seller. [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------TOP RATED SOLD OUT oceanfront
Grand Ocean Marriotts. Slps 8, gold
season, oceanview. $22,000 ea.
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------NORTH MYRTLE BCH TIMESHARE2BR/2ba, slps 6, pool, beachfront. Owner
selling: Wk15- $1900; Wk45- $1500 or
$2900 for both. 864/646-8177. View at
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT SURF WATCH- Hilton Head
Island, 5-star Oceanfront Resort, Vacation
Club ownership, Gold season, 3BR/3ba,
garden view villa, slps 12. 2011 occupancy,
$21,.900- well below current Marriott price.
Motivated seller. [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------HHI South Carolina ISLAND LINKS. Tri
Annual Ownership. Available this year!!!
NO reasonable offer refused.
E-Mail [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------HILTON HEAD 5-star ocean-front Marriott
SurfWatch. 3 pools (1 indoor), 3BD/3BA
slps 12. Jul 22-29,’11 booked. Motivated.
540-230-4277, [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------HILTON HEAD- Marriott Surf Watch & Marriott Baroney. Most Desirous Properties!
Get in at a fraction of the current listed
prices. [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT HILTON HEAD ISLAND- 5-star
resort, 3BR/3ba, garden view, silver season, motivated seller, closing cost paid.
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------HILTON HEAD IS. Marriott’s Surf Watch
Resort. 3br 3ba, sleeps 12. Spring/Fall
week Must sell ASAP. Seller will pay all
clos. costs. [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------SURFWATCH RESORT- on Hilton Head
Island in the Spring/Fall time period.
2BR/2ba. Motivated sellers must sell ASAP.
Please contact at [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------HILTON HEAD- Marriott Surf Watch,
3BR/3ba. Beautiful location on the ocean/
salt marsh. Asking $15,000. Motivated Seller pays closing costs. [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------HILTON HEAD ISLAND, Marriott 5-star,
2BR/2ba, prime summer wks, motivated
seller, must sell immediately [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------THE CAROLINA CLUB, Hilton Head
Island, $7000, [email protected]
Page 47
12. Off season wk. Motivated Seller Sub.
below Marriott price. 800/473-6674 X-1428
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------WYNDHAM OCEAN BLVD-MYRTLE
BEACH-purchased in 2006 for $17,000;
points:154,000; will sell for recently reduced price of $9,250. (904) 399-1711 or
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTTS SURFWATCH RESORTHHI, 3BR/3ba, oceanfront, slps 12, Gold
Season. [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT BARONY BEACH CLUB,
Hilton Head, 2 gold week units$38,000 for both, 2bd/2ba sleeps 8,
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARITIME BCH CLUB, Myrtle Bch, studio,
slps 4/2 priv. Red Wk 40. faces bch, pool,
game rm, bar/grill, A/C, full kit, elevator,
many other amen. 864/316-3714
------------------------------------------------------TWO MARRIOTT GRANDE OCEAN
(MGO)- oceanside/oceanview, gold wks
available at $14,000 each or
$27,000 for both.
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT’S SURFWATCH RESORTHHI, 3BR/3ba, oceanfront, slps 12, Gold
Season. [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------HILTON HEAD- Marriott Surf Watch,
3BR/3ba. Beautiful location on the
ocean/salt marsh. Asking $15,000. Motivated Seller pays closing costs.
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT’S BARONY BEACH CLUBHilton Head, Bronze Wk, 2BR/2BA,
$4.500. My price is 55% below Marriott’s
Price. [email protected] or 919-9670439
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT GRANDE OCEAN: Two 2BR
units in mid-March. One of Hilton Head’s
best locations. Will sell one or both. All offers considered. [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------HILTON HEAD, MARRIOTT, 5-Star Resort, Direct Oceanfront, Off season wk,
2BR/2ba, Slps 8, Special Golf & Tennis
Pkgs, Motivated Sellers. Must sell asap.
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------SURFWATCH 3 bed/3bath DIRECT oceanfront PLATINUM wk. Marriott’s selling price
$73900 MOTIVATED $37950. All closing
costs/fees paid 843/422-1672
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT OCEAN WATCH VILLAS @
GRAND DUNES, Myrtle Beach, $15000,
508/942-1608 [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------ELLINGTON II At Wachesaw Plantation
East, Murrells Inlet, $15900, 269/274-9138,
[email protected]
Jan/Feb, 2011
Island, 3BR, 5th share, 10wks, $65000,
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------HILTON HEAD PORT O CALL. 3BR/3BA,
slps 8, golf pkg, 2011 fees paid. 60,500
points, $5900. 915/307-7765
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT OCEAN WATCH VILLAS, Myrtle Beach, Wk 19, Oceanview, 2BR/2BA,
$9000 OBO, 704/489-6420
GATLINBURG-Pigeon Forge-Laurel Crest2BR Lockout Deeded Red Wk 8 $7000
- Bob Meiers 863/438-2172
& Tennis Club (VRI). Annual 2 Bedroom
Luxury Condo Resort on the Beach
(sleeps 8) $12000 obo. Float Week
check-in Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------STD-ROYAL B&TC- San Padre, 19,600
pts, MF pd ap $3500. 734/421-1805 Bob
Dew [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------ESCAPES TO GALVESTON-1BR on gulf
bch, close to NASA, Schlitterbahn water
park, excellent for Mardi Gras in Galveston
as well as historic Strand for shopping and
restaurants. [email protected] or
------------------------------------------------------GALLEON BAY CLUB S. Padre,
2-2BR/2BA Units $200ea/OBO. Will help
with closing. Both float time, 715/4259627 [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------SILVERLEAF’S Holly Lake Ranch, Big
Sandy, RedWeek # 18, dmd clb mbrshp,$7000, [email protected]
HOA resales, fixed, deeded ownership.
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------PARK HOTEL-HOA resales
fixed, deeded ownership.
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------PARK REGENCY- Association resales deeded ownership.
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT MOUNTAINSIDE, Park City,
Gold (24-38), 2BR/2BA/lock-off, $8900,
623/780-3737, [email protected]
TimeSharing Today
WILLIAMSBURG PLANTATION- Jame2town Unit, slps 12, yellow wk 2, Tri-yearly.
$4000 NEG. 410/960-7669
------------------------------------------------------WILLIAMSBURG POWHATAN- biannual
Red Wk 23, 4BR/4ba Lockout (slps 12)
or use 2BR/2ba every yr. $775 + closing.
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT MANOR CLUB - Williamsburg
Platinum wk, 2BR/2ba, golf view, free golf.
Usage year 2011. Priced To Sell $6500.
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT’S MANOR CLUB- Fords
Colony- Williamsburg, Platinum week.
2BR/2BA. $16.500 Sold-out resort,
Special golf use. My price is 33%
below Marriott’s price. [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------WILLIAMSBURG PLANTATION, Williamsburg wk 13 A/B bi-yr $7000, 540/823-5029,
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------OCEAN BEACH CLUB, Virginia Beach,
Wk 26, oceanft, $39900, 540/448-1341,
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------VILLAS AT THE BOARDWALK, Virginia
Beach, Wk #30, 1BR/1BA, slps 6, $19850.
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------GOLD KEY RESORTS, Boardwalk Villas,
Virginia Beach, Wk 30, 1BR/1BA, $19850,
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------WILLIAMSBURG PLANTATION, Annual
Flt AB-Jmstwns Occ:12, $6300, 269/9328748, [email protected]
2BR/2ba townhouse borders golf course,
fitness & sports center, wk 15 slps 6
deeded, [email protected] or
215/887-8072 $1200
THE RUSHES. Gold Crown Resort. On
Kangaroo Lake. 1,000 ft of shore, plus
100 acre nature preserve. In the heart of
scenic Door County. Very limited number
of resale weeks available. Contact:
Tom Moeller, Starr Realty. 800/661-8555
Email: [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------Advertise your resort or company in
TimeSharing Today
Page 48
EAGLE RIVER. Lake Forest Resort
& Club. Where woods & water meet!
Attractive prices, many amenities. II
Resort. Deeded fixed weeks. All 2 BR,
2 bath, sleeps 6. On 28 lake chain, rec.
area w/golf, fitness center w/pool, boat,
fish, hike, bike, snowmobile or X-C ski.
4 forests nearby. Wi Travel Green Certified, Call Marcy: 715/479-2455 x204 or
visit us at www.lakeforestresort.com
-----------------------------------------------------TELEMARK RESORT – Cable, WI $299
Birthplace-American Birkebiener, pet
friendly, RCI floating time resort. Choice of
8 unit styles & color. $299 any unit. Some
Red lakefront units. X-C ski, hike, bike,
ATV/snowmobile from unit. Near national
forest. Adjacent golf course and airport.
Call Marge 715/798-3999 #522 or email
[email protected]
Hole Racquet Club Resort in beautiful
Jackson Hole, WY. Low season wks (April,
October, November) available starting at
$100 per wk. For more info please see our
website at www.jhrccondoshare.com
Club- wk 28, 2BR/2ba. Asking $1000 OBO.
[email protected]
-----------------------------------------------------FREEPORT RESORT & CLUB 2/2 fixed
weeks 1,2,3 & 4, $2500 each or $8000 for
4. Golf within walking, beach 10 min awayvan to beach & casino 972/239-9315
------------------------------------------------------HARBORSIDE @ ATLANTIS, Paradise
Island, 2BR Lockoff Villa wk 39, $18500.
[email protected]
MOUNTAINSIDE LODGE, Whistler B.C.1BR/2ba, E/O yr even yr, Floating Spr/Fall,
fireplace, jacuzzi. Asking $3000 & closing.
Contact Ellen at 207/453-7521
-----------------------------------------------------ELKHORN @ FALCON CREST, Canmore,
AB, $12999, 21000/yr RCI pts, 42000 pts
with sale, [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------BANFF Rocky Mountain Resort, Banff,
Alberta, $4700, [email protected] 403/2772432
------------------------------------------------------CLUB CRANBERRY, Collingwood,
Ontario. 1 Bdrm EOY (even) at considerably less than developer pricing.
$10000 obo. 90 minutes north of Toronto; Canada’s premier vacation spot!
[email protected]
Jan/Feb, 2011
BC, $3250, [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------WHISKI JACK AT TYNDALL STONE
LODGE, Whistler, British Columbia, $999,
Red, [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------RENAISSANCE ARUBA BEACH RESORT-Wks 4,5,6, starting from $8,500/wk,
1 BR Suites.Great location, 845/246-3227
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------RENAISSANCE BEACH RESORT 1BR
slp 4, Wk 15 $4000. 2 pools-swimup bar,
walk to casinos, restaurants, “A STEAL”
248/926-1309 [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------PARADISE BEACH VILLAS Wk 13, 1BR
Oceanview 3rd floor $7500 negotiable
978/580-1127 [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------RENAISSANCE ARUBA. Resort & Casino. (Marriott) Week 6, unit 311. PoolOceanview $10,800 [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------CPV www.cpvr.com, 1BR/2BA $2000
All offers consid. [email protected]
Cayman Islands
------------------------------------------------------MORRITTS GRAND RESORT- 2BR/2ba,
full kit, pool, oceanfront. 2 flt wks to
use/bank/sell. Original $27,000; sell for
$20,000. 972/742-1193
------------------------------------------------------7 Mile Beach Resort, our # 1 seller. 2
bedroom floating week priced at just
$2295! Licensed Broker. A+ Rating with
the BBB. 1 year Satisfaction Guarantee
with each purchase! 800-809-6020 or
[email protected]
St. Maarten
------------------------------------------------------PELICAN RESORT- Wk 20, unit C11A,
corner unit w/ views of ocean, bay, pool,
lagoon. $2950. 706/216-3879
------------------------------------------------------OYSTER BAY RESORT/SPA, studio
$23.67/mo, biennial flt odd, upgrade 1
or 2 bdrm $4950, [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------DIVI LITTLE BAY-Wk 45 Bldg 9A, 1BR/2BA
slps 4, pool, rest, spa, full kit $4500 right
to use thru 11/2036. [email protected]
or 443/324-9618
------------------------------------------------------TOWERS AT MULLET BAY. Week 31. Studio, slps 4. Great trade. $4000. 914/6665501 or [email protected]
TimeSharing Today
St. Maarten
------------------------------------------------------ROYAL-ISLANDER wk 19 2br/2Ba slps 6,
oceanfront $7500 941/429-2390 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------PELICAN RESORT. Red Weeks 19 & 20.
B266 & B208, Sat-Sat. Ocean views. $5200
for both. Call Joann: 860/489-6396
------------------------------------------------------PELICAN RESORT-Wk 46, unit C14A, w/
view of island & bay. $2500. 2011 maint
paid. 415/606-3219.
------------------------------------------------------PELICAN RESORT Wk 49 red, 1st wk in
Dec, 2BR w/king bds, slps 6, spectacular
views, wonderful location Unit D-10 SatSat. Must sell $2500. 203/206-7305 or
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------TOWERS AT MULLET BAY, wk 26, unit
601. Lge 2BR/2BA, fkit, balc. $9500.
551/486-1757, [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------TOWERS AT MULLET BAY, 2 BR/2ba,
slps 6, Wk 27, $1500, 678/576-8538,
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------SAPPHIRE BEACH RESORT. 2 bedroom floating week 42 priced at just
$1495 with lockout feature! Licensed
Broker. A+ Rating with the BBB. 1 year
Satisfaction Guarantee with each purchase! 800/809-6020 or
[email protected]
Virgin Islands
------------------------------------------------------WESTIN ST JOHN- Studio Unit,
Week 22, 37,000 Star Options, $7500.
[email protected]
THE OCEAN HIDEAWAY Resort and SpaBeachfront Hotel & 2BR units starting at
$1995 for 5 years/5 weeks INCLUDING
Maintenance! $99/wk offer for 2. See web
site:www.TheOceanHideaway.com Email:
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------THE OCEAN HIDEAWAY Resort and
Spa- 12BR/12.5 baths & Caretakers
houses, pool,Oceanfront, Tennis, Wi-Fi,
Furnished. Income!! $1,500,000.
TheOceanHideaway.Com 954/993-5635
------------------------------------------------------Your subscription keeps our voice
strong. Renew your subscription at
www.tstoday.com or see the back
page to order.
Page 49
1BR/1ba, annual usage, wk 45. Kitchen,
pool, bch nearby. $3000. Usage starts
2011. [email protected]
suite 5 persons, $3000, 97226728142,
[email protected]
Cabo San Lucas
------------------------------------------------------Prime units at all PUEBLO BONITO RESORTS and VILLA DEL ARCO and VILLA
RESORTS. Studio, 1, 2, and 3 bedroom
prime floating & fixed units starting at
$350+. Contact Tony: (714)841-4541 or
[email protected]
-----------------------------------------------I specialize in ALL PUEBLO BONITO
RESORTS in Cabo San Lucas. I have
an extensive inventory of Prime units/
weeks in all unit sizes with prices starting
at $1,200+. Contact Tony: (714)841-4541
or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------PUEBLO BONITO BOLANCO RESORTLuxury Suite, floating week, 11 yrs left .
$3000. 520/625-6917
------------------------------------------------------PUEBLO BONITO SUNSET- Executive
1BR/2ba, Slps 6. Wks 1-50. $4500 OBO.
[email protected] 530/412-2894
------------------------------------------------------PUEBLO BONITO AT MONTECRISTO
ESTATE, 6/16-7/01. 3BR/3.5BA up to 10
people. $59K [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------ROYAL ISLANDER- Wk 18, #4713,
Beachfront, 1st Floor, Corner, $5000.
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------ROYAL CARIBBEAN- wks 38 & 39,
2BR/2ba, 5 star, sell $4995 ea, rent $895
a. [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------ROYAL SANDS BEACHFRONT- wks 17
& 18, Unit 5501, overlook Mansions to
south. Quiet! Slps 6; Asking $19,000 ea
or $35,000 for both. Real bargain, selling
due to illness. [email protected] or
------------------------------------------------------ROYAL HACIENDAS- Wks 1 thru 5,
Biennial, All 5 wks in C313; $ 23,900
each, pkg deal. [email protected] or
Jan/Feb, 2011
------------------------------------------------------ROYAL ISLANDER: Wk 3- #4371 & Wk
4- #4372, 2BR/2ba,w/lock-off. $12,000
each, $20,000 for [email protected] or
------------------------------------------------------ROYAL ISLANDR- WK 42, ocean view
w/ lockout unit, slps 6-8; Incredible on/off
site amenities; Royal Sands now sells for
$28K our price $14,250. 510/523-6070
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------ROYAL SANDS, Wk 48, Luxury 2BR corner unit, overlooking Caribbean Sea. Sell
$16,995 OBO. 416/201-9208.
------------------------------------------------------ROYAL MAYAN 2BR, wk 18, $7000 firm,
Oct 2010, Dec 2011, March 2012 banked
with II. No Agents please. 480/861-5911,
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------ROYAL SANDS-Wk 12, Unit 5715.
2BR/2BA/lockoff. $23,000. Call 262/5476373 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------OCEAN VIEW- PACIFICA CLUB- Gold
medal accom for up to 6. Pick 1 wk out of
44 each yr for the next 24 yrs. $12,000.
------------------------------------------------------TESORO RESORT, Junior Suite slps 6,
2BR/2BA, Wk 48, oceanfront also Royal
Aloha Vac Club Oahu, Hawaii, 1BR float,
offers, [email protected]
Los Cabos
------------------------------------------------------OCEANFRONT! GRAND REGINA, Los
Cabos. Prime Week, 3BR/4BA, $49,000
Value! [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------FUN IN THE SUN!! Pristine beaches!! A
1BR at the El Cid Resort. $9000 OBO.
818/366-8480 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------THE INN AT MATZATLAN (www.innatmaz.
com) - 1 wk 1BR/2Ba Luxury Suite sleeps
6, floating red wks 1-50 expires 12/2039,
RCI, Maintenance $531; $11,500. Contact
[email protected]
Nuevo Vallarta
------------------------------------------------------VILLA DEL PALMAR FLAMINGOS:
Prime floating Studio, 1 and 2 bedroom
WINTER and SUMMER weeks. Annual
Use $350+. Contact Tony: (714)8414541 or [email protected]
TimeSharing Today
Nuevo Vallarta
------------------------------------------------------GRAND MAYAN RESORT, Luxurious
2BR/2+BA, Grand Luxxe Master Ste, Apr
9-16, 2011. $2500, 928/634-0707. Contact
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------PARADISE VILLAGE BEACH RESORT
& SPA, Nayarit, $14500, 239/599-8458,
[email protected]
Puerto Vallarta
------------------------------------------------------PLAYA DEL SOL COSTA SUR (Costa
Vida)- Dec Wk 49, Rm 1307; Jan Wk 2,
3, 4, 5, Rm 1308, 1BR, fixed time, 20
yrs. $3300 per wk + 2010 dues. 631/3245218
------------------------------------------------------VILLA DEL PALMAR: Prime floating
and fixed WINTER/SUMMER Studio, 1,
& 2 bedroom units. Annual Use $350+.
Contact Tony: (714)841-4541 or
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------LOGGING ACCIDENT! MUST SELL!
Puerto Vallarta by marina: Velas Vallarta.
15 yrs left. $4995 OBO. 253/857-3679
------------------------------------------------------LINDO MAR RESORT. Resales
We Have Motivated Sellers! Perpetuity
membership in Gold Crown® Resort. 1 &
2 bedrooms. All units ocean front.
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------WK 50, UNIT 06-306 AT LOS TULES. 9 yrs
left on the contract. It is on RCI so you can
look it up there. Magnificent and well kept
up. Numerous pools and a beautiful bch.
Near the airport. On bus line also. 3BR/4ba,
penthouse, 2nd & 3rd floor. $3500 plus current maint fee of $1100. Illness forces sale.
203/799-9328 [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------SHERATON BUGANVILIAS, studio/4,
Wk 47,Thanksgiving. $1000 Firm. Ernie
314/517-4087 [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------CLUB VELAS VALLARTA- 1BR/1ba, floating. $1250 +Bonus wk. Call: 702/606-0083
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------RANCHO BANDERAS VACATION VILLAS, north of Puerto Vallarta, oceanview,
480 points, right to use until 2047, $2000
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------PLAYA DEL SOL COSTA SUR, wk 20 for
20 yrs only. Lagoon in Pv, safe swimming.
$1200 studio. [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------VILLA DEL PALMAR, Oceanfront, winter,
Premier Studio, $10169/BO,
[email protected]
Page 50
Multiple Locations
-----------------------------------------------------VIILA DEL PALMAR- 2 locations, 1BR
floating Wk, slps 4. $9500.
[email protected]
-----------------------------------------------------RENTALS OR PURCHASE.Mayan
Palace (Puerto Penasco), Hacienda del
Mar (Cabo San Lucas), Grand Mayan
(Multiple locations) … many more! For
details. 866.327.2707 or [email protected] (Financing Available)
[email protected]
WorldMark Resales
Premier Reseller of WorldMark the Club
Dozens of Contracts, Thousands of
Satisfied Clients
Timeshare Liquidation Service, LLC
------------------------------------------------------Save 40 to 70% off Hilton Grand Vacation Club units. I am an Accredited Buyers Representative. and will be happy
to represent you in the purchase of a
Hilton unit. No Buyer’s fee. If you would
like to be put on my Best Buy list send
an email to [email protected] You
may call me at 1-800-541-5666 ext 622
or my cell at 407-921-0000.
My website is www.JudiKoz.com
------------------------------------------------------DIAMOND RESORTS World Wide. 5500
pts for $5500. Alex: [email protected]
or 805/434-0181
------------------------------------------------------MAKE AN OFFER. Shell, Wyndham,
Diamond available. Add to your current
portfolio or get that vacation home you
always wanted! All offers considered.
Contact: [email protected]
or 866.327.2707
----------------------------------------------------STARWOOD VACATION OWNERSHIPWestin & Sheraton vacation units;
significantly less than developer sales
price for 1 & 2 Bedroom units! For
details to make offer, 866.327.2707 or
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------CLUB WYNDHAM Access 690,000 Points
ARP Reservation to over 50 Resorts.
$.05PT-Make Offer. [email protected]
Jan/Feb, 2011
4000 points priced at just $99! Licensed
Broker. A+ Rating with the BBB. 1 year
Satisfaction Guarantee with each purchase! 800-809-6020 or
[email protected]
LONDON BRIDGE RESORT, LAKE HAVASU: Prime 1 and 2 bedroom Lakeview suites. $100+ per day. Contact Tony
for details at (714)841-4541 or
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------CHAMPIONSHIP BOWL WK 1/8-15/11,
Orange Tree Golf Resort, Slps 4, many menities. $1200/wk [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------LEGACY GOLF RESORT, Phoenix,
anytime! $625/wk Studio, $975/wk 1BR.
480/352-6652 www.legacyphoenix.com
------------------------------------------------------GRAND LODGE ON PEAK 7, Breckenridge. Jan 29-Feb 5, 1BR/1BA-family
friendly, [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------SHERATON DESERT OASIS, Scottsdale. Spring Training 3/12/2011, $595
[email protected]
BIG BEAR LAKE: Prime 1 and 2 bedroom
LAKE LODGE. $100+ per day. Contact
Tony for details at (714)841-4541 or
[email protected]
----------------------------------------------------LAGUNA BEACH: I rent out PRIME units
on a daily and/or weekly basis at LAGUNA SHORES RESORT for $100+ per day.
Contact Tony for details at (714)841-4541
or [email protected]
----------------------------------------------------NEWPORT BEACH: I rent out PRIME
2 Bedroom, 2 Bath units on a daily and/
or weekly basis at MARRIOTT’S NEWPORT COAST RESORT for $200+ per
day. Contact Tony for details at (714)8414541 or [email protected]
----------------------------------------------------OCEANSIDE: I rent PRIME units on
a daily and/or weekly basis at BLUE
WHALE RESORT for $100+ per day.
Contact Tony for details at (714)841-4541
or [email protected]
TimeSharing Today
OCEANSIDE: I rent PRIME units on
a daily and/or weekly basis at BLUE
WHALE RESORT for $100+ per day.
Contact Tony for details at (714)841-4541
or [email protected]
I----------------------------------------------------rent out Prime 1 and 2 bedroom units in
daily and/or
I rent
out Contact
Prime 1Tony:
and 2(714)841-4541
bedroom units
[email protected]
in all buildings on a daily and/or weekly
basis for $100+. Contact Tony: (714)841------------------------------------------------------4541 or [email protected]
1 abd 2
units on a daily
$100+ per
Tony for
abd 2
a daily and/or
or day.
[email protected]
at $100+ per
Tony for details at (714)841-4541 or
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------SAN DIEGO, WELK MT VILLAS, Gold
Cr, lg one BR. Ar. 11/27, $1000.WK $200
ni. For 2011 and 2012 same unit 1-52, 4
separate wks, $1000 ea, or $200 ni. golf
course view [email protected] or
------------------------------------------------------FOUR SEASONS Residence Club Aviara, Carlsbad.1 BR Standalone or 2 BR
lockoff Platinum or Gold Reservations
available/requestable. Seven nights
Starting from $1495 - $3995 Contact
Viccie at TRIWEST 800/423-6377
----------------------------------------------------Riverpointe Napa Valley, Napa Studio, 1
BR or 2 BR Rental Inventory available/
requestable Wks 1-52. Seven nights
Starting from $299 - $799. Contact
TRIWEST at 800/423-6377.
----------------------------------------------------HARBORTOWN POINT Marina Resort
and Club, Ventura.
Mariner-Studio / Voyager-1BR /
Islander-1BR lockoff
Prime or High Reservations
Seven nights Starting from $399 - $995
Contact TRIWEST at 800/423-6377
------------------------------------------------------PALM SPRINGS, CA winter getaway @
LAWRENCE WELK DESERT OASIS. FriFri. 2/4-11/2011 & 2/11-18/2011; Sat-Sat.
3/12-19/2011 & 3/19-26/2011. @ 1BR/1BA,
slps 4 w/pools & golf. @wk $750 or $2500
for all 4 wks. [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------LAWRENCE WELK RESORT VILLAS,
Escondido, $1399, 951/326-0417,
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT NEWPORT COAST VILLAS,
large 2 BR/2ba Oceanview, 6/12-6/19,
$1850. [email protected]
Page 51
POWELL PLACE; San Francisco. Weeks
booked New Year’s, Easter and 4th of
July. Large 1 Bd sleeps 4. www.powellplacesf.com (property details). Call or
email with your request 866.372.2707;
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------WYNDHAM OCEANSIDE PIER RESORT, Oceanside, $1395, 908/575-0444,
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------TAMARACK BEACH RESORT, Carlsbad.
In town, across from main beach. Large 2
BR/2ba o/front unit. 5/13-5/20. $1600 firm.
[email protected]
$400, 303/674-0010
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------APOLLO PARK @ VAIL, Vail, CO holiday/
ski wks Available from $1500, 1 & 2 BR’s.
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------THE WREN, Vail, wk 12, 1BR/2BA, slps
4, free shuttle, $1250, 608/985-8378,
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------GRAND TIMBER LODGE, Breckenridge,
3BR/3BA sleeps 10, can be spl, $4400,
720/941-6150, [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------ST JAMES PLACE, Beaver Creek, Wk
#5, 3BR/3BA, $3300 802/362-4224,
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------VANTAGE POINT, Vail, Jan 15-22, 2
BR/2ba, slps 6, $1600/wk, contact: [email protected]
Atlantic Coast
------------------------------------------------------WYNDHAM OCEAN WALK - Daytona
Bch, Wk 11, 2BR/2ba, oceanfrnt, $1610.
[email protected] 416/445- 7327
------------------------------------------------------BERKSHIRE BEACH CLUB, Deerfield
Beach, Wks 5 & 6, Beachside Unit $1350,
203/227-6327, [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------LIGHTHOUSE COVE RESORT, Pompano
Beach, Wk 9, 2/26/11, Studio, Rt on beach
$875, [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------EMERALD SEAS. Deefield Beach. Studio,
Week 7. Convenient location for all attraction. Beach, pool, $700. 201/768-7124
------------------------------------------------------THE COVE On Ormond Beach,
Ormond Beach, $1400, 504) 279-0238
[email protected]
Jan/Feb, 2011
Atlantic Coast
------------------------------------------------------EASTER TIME-Marriott Ocean Pointe,
Palm Beach Shores 4/14/11-4/21/11,
3BR/3BA Oceanfront $3200/wk 973/2633280, [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------WYNDHAM SEA GARDENS, Pompano
Beach, $700, Wk 8, 2/18/11, lge studio on
the beach, [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------LIGHTHOUSE COVE RESORT, Pompano
Beach, $1000, wk 9, 2/25/11, 1bdrm, faces
beach, [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------GRANDE VILLAS AT WORLD GOLF
VILLAGE, St. Augustine, $1000, 304/4293433, [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------WYNDHAM SEA GARDENS, Pompano
Beach $700 wk 8, oceanfront studio, 410604-3602 [email protected]
Gulf Coast
-----------------------------------------------------GULF TIDES OF LONGBOAT KEY, Sarasota 2BR/2BA, slps 6, beach & pool. Week
52. $895. 317/507-4814
-----------------------------------------------------GULF TIDES OF LONGBOAT KEY,
THE SURF CLUB RESORT- Marco Island, 2BR/2ba on Gulf of Mexico, $2100,
[email protected]
-----------------------------------------------------BONITA RESORT & CLUB, Bonita Beach,
1BR/1BA w/boat, $1100,239/849-6700,
[email protected]
-----------------------------------------------------VANDERBILT BEACH & HARBOUR
CLUB, Beachfront @BR/2BA, Naples,
$1495, 239/849-6700,
[email protected]
-----------------------------------------------------VOYAGER, Treasure Island, Wk 51, $400,
1BR/1BA, Wk 52 also available, 850/5768107
------------------------------------------------------THE BANYAN RESORT. Key West. Wks
7,8,9. 1 BR/sleeps 4. Beautiful gardens
& 2 pools 1 block off Duval. $1500/wk.
------------------------------------------------------FLORIDA BAY CLUB, Key Largo,
[email protected] 262-878-7566
Orlando Area
------------------------------------------------------SPECIAL RATE- 50% OFF Limited TimeNear Disney: $590 a wk (+ tax), M.D.
Services, Inc., 3BR/2ba (slps 8). 1-800949-2744 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------WYNDHAM BONNET CREEK RESORT,
Lake Buena Vista, $1400, 360/766-6681,
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------CYPRESS POINTE GRAND VILLAS,
Lake Buena Vista, $475, 2BR/2BA, slps 6
[email protected]
TimeSharing Today
Orlando Area
------------------------------------------------------WESTGATE TOWN CNT, Interval Bank,
float, 1BR or 2BR/2BA, $1000, 715/5821126 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------WESTGATE LAKES RESORT & SPA,
2BR/2BA Slps 8, 1 wk $800, 813/969-4239,
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------WYNDHAM BONNET CREEK RESORT,
Lake Buena Vista, $1095, 908/575-0444,
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------WESTGATE LAKES RESORT, $849, 3BR,
Apr 29, May 22, Aug 26, Nov 13,Nov 25,
Dec 11, [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------SHERATON VISTANA RESORT, $1195,
Wk 10, Mar 6-12, 2011 905/846-3750,
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------ORANGE LAKE – Gold Crown, Great golf,
minutes to Disney attractions. 2BR/2BA Wk
9, 2/27/11-3/06/11. Wk 10, 3/6/11-3/13/11.
$450 each. Call Sandy 269/637-5642.
Experience unspoiled Hawaii on the
beautiful West End of the Friendly Isle!
1 & 2 bedroom suites. Pool, Jacuzzi,
tennis, beach. 2010 & 2011 weeks
available. From $750/week.
Call: 800/490-9042
------------------------------------------------------LAWAI BEACH RESORT- Poipu, Kauai. 1
& 2 BR condos available for 2011. Prices
starting at $1000 per week. 808/7420185
------------------------------------------------------KONA COAST II. 5 star. 1BR/2ba. Wks
2/13 & 2/20/2011. $825/wk. 301/898-9622
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------PAHIO BALI HAI, Kauai 2BR/2ba 2 units
Sept 24-Oct 1, 2011 ea slps 6 $1250ea or
$2300 both. Perfect for a reunion or big
family! [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------WESTIN Kaanapali Ocean Villas, Maui,
2BR/2BA, Oceanfront 7/2-9/2011. $3500
or $2100 1BR side, $1400 Suite side.
949/859-5817 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------NIHI KAI VILLAS, Koloa, Kauai,
$900, 925/212-1100.
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT KAUAI BEACH CLUB, Lihue,
Kauai, $750, [email protected]
or 251/990-6031,
Page 52
Jan/Feb, 2011
MAUI WHALER Apr 17-May 1, 2011,
1BR/2BA max occ 5; unit 324. $3000
contact: [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------KUHIO BANYAN CLUB, HONOLULU,
eff, kit, slps 4, $625/wk, 2wks $1200 any
wk 2011, bch rst city bus @ dr. 732/8499094
------------------------------------------------------WYNDHAM AT WAIKIKI BEACH WALK,
Honolulu, Oahu, $1195, 908/575-0444,
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------WYNDHAM KONA HAWAIIAN RESORT,
KAILUA-Kona, $1195, 908/575-0444,
[email protected]
June 2011 For 7 nights $2150, part week
avail. [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------THE MANHATTAN CLUB, NY,
$2400, 978/401-9793,
[email protected]
bedroom, 2 bath, Oceanfront, corner,
end units located directly on the Sandy,
Safe, Swimmable, Rock-Free Beach of
Kahana on Maui. $1400 weekly.
Contact Tony: (714)841-4541 or
[email protected]
THE QUARTERS, Ocean City, Summer
2011, 2BR/2BA Unit, $1250,
[email protected]
June 2011-slps 6, TOP RESORT NEAR
FLATHEAD LAKE, Glacier, many amenities, $200/nt 760/471-4799 (min 7 days)
POLO TOWERS. On The Strip in Las
Vegas. ALL Towers at the Polo Towers.
Prime 1 and 2 bedroom SUITES and
VILLAS. $100+ per day. Contact Tony: (
714)841-4541 or
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------GRANDVIEW at Las Vegas:1 BR suite.
$900.00 for wk. Call Rene for details:
951/326-0417 or [email protected]
---------------------------------------------------LAS VEGAS DESERT CLUB Summer
Bay 2BR/2BA, slps 6, RCI points available
gold crown, gated $100/nt, 510/531-3023,
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------BLUEGREEN CLUB 36, Las Vegas,
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------TAH ITI VILLAGE, Las Vegas, Wk
52, 1BR/1BA, $800, 757/971-1780,
[email protected]
1, 2, & 3 BR condos. Oceanfront/oceanside. Duck to Hatteras. 252/441-2134.
VACATION PROPERTY FOR RENT- Located on Hilton Head Island, Marriott’s Surf
Watch Resort. 3BR/3ba, slps 12, ocean
view, special golf, tennis packages. Gold
season. Substantially lower than Marriott’s rate. [email protected] or
------------------------------------------------------HILTON HEAD 5-star ocean-front Marriott SurfWatch. 3 pools(1 indoor), gf
pkgs. 3BD/3BA slps 12. Jul 22-29,’11
booked: $2500. 540-230-4277,
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------Hilton Head-CORAL RESORTS, Hilton
Head-3BR, slps 8; 2BR, slps 6, pool, golf,
bch, activities, $1500-$1800. Pick your wk
based on availability. 772/287-5730
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT’S SURFWATCH RESORT,
Hilton Head Island, 2BR/2ba, slps 8.
Thanksgiving Wk 47 Nov 20-27, 2010.
Substantially below normal rental rate.
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------WYNDHAM EDISTO BEACH, SC, MAY
14-21 2br+loft, slps 8, 1000+sf, 614/7612543, $999. [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------PRESIDENTIAL VILLAS AT PLANTATION RESORT. Surfside Beach, $1000,
815/223-2536 [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------OCEAN PALMS RESORT @ HILTON
HEAD, $900, Free golf just pay cart fee,
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------WYNDHAM SEAWATCH PLANTATION,
Myrtle Beach $1195, 908/575-0444,
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT GRANDE OCEAN, Hilton
Head Isl, Wk 7 & or 8, 2BR/2BA, $1150
each, [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------Avoid scams: Ignore telemarketers and
email solicitiors. Consult with an attorney
on all transactions.
TimeSharing Today
Colony, July 4th week. 2 BRs. $1,400.
[email protected]
WAPATO POINT, Manson, Wk 29, 2BR,
SL7, on lake, $1950, 303-948-2209, [email protected]
PEPPERTREE, Wisconsin Dells, 2BR/2BA,
pools, tennis, fitness rm, near casino & waterparks, July 22-29 $800, 262/544-4104.
Island, $3,000, [email protected] ot
CHRISTMAS 12/26-1/1/2011-Club Intrawest Blackcomb, Whistler, 1BR, $1250,
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------PARADISE BEACH. 1 & 2 BR. Wks
51+52+1+3+4+5+8+9+31+32+ SALE. La
Quinta, 1 BR. Poolside, Wk 11, Casa Del
Mar 27+28. Call: 941/343-1088
------------------------------------------------------PARADISE BEACH Wk 5, 2BR/2BA slps
6, Ocean, Poolview $1400 or sell 14K,
717/799-8459 [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT RESORT & CASINO, Aruba,
ocean/island view .$6000, 801-556-5112.
[email protected]
St. Maarten
------------------------------------------------------DIVI LITTLE BAY. Wk 4. Completely
renovated. 1 BR Deluxe 2 baths, full
kitchen. Beautiful beach, pool. $1100.
------------------------------------------------------OYSTER BAY BEACH RESORT, $2499,
2BR/2BA. Oceanfrt, 815/623-3977,
[email protected]
Page 53
St. Maarten
------------------------------------------------------PELICAN RESORT, $785 Studio, slps
4, wk 5, Mar 5-March 12, 2011, B Bldg,
631/848-7955, 631/744-3666,
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------PELICAN RESORT-waterfront:
3/6-20/2011, two wks in M220, 1BR
king+LR Q-sofa, $800+50/wk.
[email protected]
Virgin Islands
------------------------------------------------------WESTIN RESORT-St John, USVI,
2BR/3ba, slps 6, Hillside Villa, 2/212/28/11 and 3/7-3/21/11. [email protected]
or 860/985-9364
$700, Aug 7-14, 2011. 3BR/1BA, slps 6.
[email protected]
Cabo San Lucas
-----------------------------------------------------PLAYA GRANDE- Gold Cr Penthouse,
2BR/3ba, slps 6, Ocean View, Wk 43 11/23,
Wk 44 11/30, Wk 45 12/6, $1600/ wk. [email protected] or 864/350-3233
-----------------------------------------------------SHERATON- HACIENDA DEL MAR: 1Jr,
4/4-4/18 2011, $1500. Also 1BR, 4/4-4/18
2011. [email protected]
-----------------------------------------------------Prime units at all PUEBLO BONITO
GROUP RESORTS. Studio, 1, 2, and 3
bedroom units are all available. $700+
weekly. Contact Tony: (714)841-4541 or
[email protected]
----------------------------------------------------PUEBLO BONITO RESORTS: PRIME
suites at ALL Pueblo Bonito Resorts
from $700+ weekly. Contact Tony:
(714)841-4541 or
[email protected]
----------------------------------------------------VILLA DEL ARCO RESORT: PRIME
suites from $900+ weekly.
Contact Tony: (714)841-4541 or at
[email protected]
----------------------------------------------------MEDANO BEACH RENTALS: From
700+ weekly. Contact Tony at (714)8414541 or at [email protected]
COM- Luxury 2BR/2ba, full kitchen, full balcony, Presidential Suite, slps 8, Holy Week
4/16/11-4/23/11. Not avail elsewhere. A
steal st $2000/wk. [email protected]
Jan/Feb, 2011
Cabo San Lucas
-----------------------------------------------------PLAYA GRANDE- Gold Cr, penthouse,
2BR/3ba, slps 6, ocean view, wk 4311/23, wk 44-11/30, wk 45-12/6. $1600/
wk. Email [email protected] or
-----------------------------------------------------PUEBLO BONITO at Montecristo Estate,
$3200, 352/344-3149,
[email protected]
-----------------------------------------------------PUEBLO BONITO RESORT AT SUNSET
BEACH, Super Exec w/hot tub & wifi.
$1850/wk, 303/570-5544,
[email protected]
-----------------------------------------------------PUEBLO BONITO SUNSET BEACH,
Cabo $1725, 2BR Suite, fltwk, flxchkindate
952/934-9010, [email protected]
-----------------------------------------------------ROYAL SANDS, Wk 7 & 8, 2BR villa, PV,
full kit, M5538, $1500, 612/720-3951,
[email protected]
-----------------------------------------------------THE ROYAL,Cancun, $2100,
[email protected]
-----------------------------------------------------MAYAN PALACE, Cancun, $1500, slps 6/8,
12/31/10-1/7/11. +27832261698, Email
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------BEACH CLUB INTERNAT, Royal Resorts,
1/15/11. Wk #2, 2BR, 1+, $947, Email
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------THE INN AT MAZATLAN, $1000,
[email protected]
Nuevo Vallarta
------------------------------------------------------VILLA DEL PALMAR FLAMINGOS:
Prime floating Studio, 1 and 2 bedroom,
WINTER and SUMMER suites. $700+
weekly. Contact Tony: (714)841-4541
or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------THE GRAND MAYAN, $1300,
[email protected]
Puerto Vallarta
------------------------------------------------------VILLA DEL PALMAR-2Br/3ba.slps 6 also
in Cabo, floating wks, $900/wk. Email
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------VILLA DEL PALMAR: Prime Oceanfront
Resort. $700+ weekly.
Contact Tony: (714)841-4541 or
[email protected]
TimeSharing Today
Multiple Locations
------------------------------------------------------CLUB SOLARIS- SLPS 4, in Cabo San
Lucas or Cancun. $1500 1 wk or $2500 2
wks. Balcony, Pools, Great Children play
areas. Additional all inclusive food and
liquor. [email protected]
Any location. $700/wk + fees. Contact
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------------------------------------------------------Anytime, Size, Place; Wyndham, II,
RCI, Worldmark. $700/wk+.Murdia-951/674-3040, [email protected]
No Up Front Fees
SINCE 1991
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Call 386/677-3431 Fax: 386/677-8284
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Jan/Feb, 2011
1.Set a realistic price, based upon current market prices for comparable units
in your resort. Don’t expect to sell your
unit for more than you paid the developer.
Like a new car which loses value when
driven out of the showroom, absent some
dramatic increase in the popularity of your
resort, your resale price should reflect that
you have already been repaid with many
years of vacation use.
2.Make your ad as descriptive as possible; include features of the unit and
the vacation area which would interest a
prospective buyer.
3. Unless the features of your resort
are very well known, just listing the
number of bedrooms, baths and price
is not enough. Tell the buyer about the
things that originally made you select that
particular resort. e.g.. beachfront. skiing
nearby. golf, heart of the city, etc.
4.State the asking price; if it is negotiable, say so in the ad.
5.Consider taking back a promissory note for a portion of the purchase
6.Don’t use obscure abbreviations.
Avoid the use of terms which are understood only by others in the same exchange
organization or resort Assume you are talking to someone who does not know your
resort, its area or your exchange network.
Look over the ads in TimeSharing Today
to see the abbreviations that are commonly
7.Don’t waste space by including your
unit’s number or building address. This
information is not meaning to prospective
buyers unless they happen to already be
familiar with your resort.
8.Be prepared to answer questions
about fees, maid service, activities, etc.
If possible, photocopy some snapshots or
brochures which you can send to a prospective purchaser.
9.After you reach an agreement with
the buyer as to price, financing, and
approximate date for closing the deal,
get a written contract prepared and
signed. You should consider contacting
your attorney at this point. However, if you
don’t want to use an attorney until the deal
is firm, you can buy a specially prepared
timeshare contract form such as found in
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