Totalizator Sportowy Sp. z oo WLA certification



Totalizator Sportowy Sp. z oo WLA certification
Totalizator Sportowy
Sp. z o.o.
WLA certification –
level 3 application
Year established
25TH January 1956
Totalizator Sportowy is 100% state-owned company.
Revenue in 2009: 3 401 063 157,71 PLN (approx. 827 871 855 EUR)
Products offered
Lotto – drawing 6 balls out of 49. Players can pick out 6 balls, in the system-bets they can
choose 7 to 12 balls and the price is relatively higher. Guaranteed pool for the highest price
is 2 million PLN. Draws take place 3 times a week. Lotto was introduced to the market on
2009 instead of Duży Lotek, which was on the market since 1957.
Multi Multi – drawing 20 balls out of 80, players can pick out from 1 up to 10 balls. Prizes are
stable and rigid. Players can multiply bets up to 10 times. Draws take place twice a day. If in
a draw nobody picked out the winning 10 numbers, then 1% f incomes for this game
becomes a bonus. Multi Multi was introduced to the market in 2009 instead of Multi Lotek.
There is also Multi Multi Plus – the last ball which is drawn out becomes a Plus, which means
it is a winning ticket. The price of one bet in “Plus” is more expansive than a regular bet.
Keno – drawing 20 balls out of 70, players can pick out from 1 up to 10 balls. Draws happen
every 5 minutes and can be watched on the monitors in points of sales. Players can multiply
Zdrapki – scratch cards. In 2009 there were 45 types of scratch cards.
Mini Lotto – drawing 5 balls out of 42. Players pick out 5 numbers or in case of system
betting 6 up to 12. Draws take place three times a week. Mini Lotto was introduced in 2009
instead of Express Lotek.
Joker – player chooses 1 number out of 36 and the machine chooses another 4 numbers out
of 50. One number decides about the prize. Draws take place 3 times a week. Game was
introduced in 2010.
Los Milionos – the game is sold only once or few times in a year. The number of ticket is
limited. The machine chooses the seven-digit number so the player cannot pick it out by
Zakłady Specjalne – occasional game which profits are donated to the charities. Players can
pick 5 out of 45 numbers. In 2009 it was not in the offer.
Horse racing – Totalizator Sportowy organizes horse-racing on the race-track in Warsaw
(Wyścigi Konne Warszawa Służewiec). Horse-track was leased by Totalizator Sportowy in
2008 for 30 years.
Totalizator Sportowy is obligated to extra charges on its games and lotteries. There is an
extra charge on games – 25% of a stake and on lotteries – 10% of a stake.
Totalizator Sportowy donates funds from extra charges to:
 Fund of the Development of Sport Activity
 Fund of Promotion of Culture
 Fund of Solving Gambling Problems
Competent Ministries operate these funds, therefore Totalizator
Sportowy can’t decide who is the final beneficiary. In years 1994-2009
Totalizator donated about 7 billions PLN to these funds.
Since 1995 couple thousand of sport areas have been built and
Besides extra charges Totalizator is a sponsor of many important events and initiatives. For
nearly half a century Totalizator Sportowy has been consequently building the company that
supports development in areas of sport activity and culture in Poland.
Totalizator cooperates with a Polish Olympic Committee and is its Sponsor in Olympic Games
2002, 2004, 2008, 2010, 2012.
Totalizator Sportowy has been also a Partner of Lotto-Bydgostia (canoe team) for 17 years.
Lott0-Bydgostia has been a Polish Champion in canoeing for 17 years and has won over
1 000 medals in Poland and abroad. Since 2005 we have been also cooperating with on of
the world’s best cycling teams in trial discipline (AQUILA-LOTTO). The main aim of the team
is to promote extreme sports and cycling among youth. Totalizator is a main sponsor of
Basket Ball Association.
Totalizator promotes not only sport but also culture. The company, for example, was one of
the sponsors of a Radio Zet Tour during which 80 concerts were organized. Totalizator funds
local events – in 2009 it sponsored “Multicultural Praga”. Praga is a district in Warsaw where
the headquarters of company is located. The aim of the event was to present many different
cultures (among others Jewish, Vietnamese, African, Indian, German etc.).
Totalizator also supports those who are in need – money are donated to social projects,
medical devices, ambulances, to those who suffered in flood, to disabled children, to
orphanages and organizations that promote sport, culture and rehabilitation. Our company
does not sponsor nor support political parties.
In years 1976-2008 Totalizator organized Zakłady Specjalne 160 times. The profits from this
game are donated to charities for good causes.
In June 2010 Totalizator established corporate Foundation Million
Dreams (Fundacja Milion Marzeń), which supports the company if
fulfilling its social mission. So far the foundation has started 2
 Help for those who suffered in flood in May and June 2010 – 1
million PLN was donated to people who suffered the most. The action was done
together with employees of Totalizator Sportowy who were involved as volunteers.
Many employees were very active and worked voluntarily and in first days after the
flood they were working until late evening hours.
 Responsible Gaming – this program supports Totalizator in terms of education and
prevention of pathological gambling. There are 3 projects that are being realized
Project 1 – national research on a specialists who treat addicted people.
Project was successfully realized. The report was discussed with
specialists and the results are fundamental for further more detailed
research and for developing Responsible Gaming Programme
Project 2 – national research on a scale of addiction to gambling products
in Poland – in realization.
Project 3 – the national conference for specialists – “Diagnosis and
treatment of pathological gambling”, which took place in October. There
were 100 delegates. Lectures were run by best specialists from Poland
and the United States.
Based on working materials the Foundation will prepare a handbook on
how to treat pathological gambling; based on the conference there will
also be prepared brochures about gambling addiction (they will be
available in our points of sale) – in realization.
Organizational structure
In order to implement the „Sustainable Development and Responsible Gaming Plan for the
years 2010-2012” in the company the project management approach has been applied. A
special organizational structure responsible for effective implementation of the projects
included the Plan has been created and implemented. All projects are run by the employees
of Totalizator, who are experts in their fields.
Within this new structure steering committee is the decision-making authority. The
committee consists of company’s CEO, four directors (who work in the Warsaw
headquarters of Totalizator) and the coordinator of implementation of the „Sustainable
Development and Responsible Gaming Plan”.
Company’s CEO is the supervisor of the entire project and decides on the direction and
scope of actions taken within the project. The committee additionally ensures that all the
actions taken are coherent with company’s strategy. The committee meets at least once a
month, but its members are required to consult and update each other on a weekly basis.
Additionally the Sustainable Development and Responsible Gaming Team is acting as a
support body for the committee.
Each of the four directors within the steering committee is a leader one of the areas
described in the previous chapter. Each leader is supported by a deputy who in turn is
supported by a team of employees from across all the departments in the company. Each of
the over seventy projects has its manager who is subordinate to one of the leaders.
Business lines
Totalizator Sportowy offers:
 Games
 Lotteries
 Horse-race betting
Totalizator Sportowy has stakes in other companies. At the end of 2009 the company had
stakes in the following:
LOTTOMERKURY sp. z o.o. – 100%
TS&TS sp. z o.o. in liquidation – 25%
Totolotek SA – 2,5%
PTE Polsat SA – 1,99%
In 2010 Totalizator got additional stakes of:
 Merkury Invest sp. z o.o. – 10%
 TRAF Zakłady Wzajemne sp. z o.o. – 33,3%.
These companies do not affect the activity of Totalizator Sportowy in any significant way.
That’s why they are not described in the social report nor here.

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