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guttering - Mitre 10
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For this project the following materials
and equipment are required:
Cordless drill/driver
Measuring tape
Chalk line
Hack saw
Set square
 There
are a number of corner joints and downpipes
available to use, so you’ll need to select the right parts
for your particular situation.
 For
this job we’ll be connecting the guttering into an
existing down pipe with a T-Joint, a 90° elbow joint,
and a short length of pipe.
PVC Solvent
Welding Cement
Spouting attachments
25mm stainless steel screws
Guttering and required attachments
 First,
we placed the elbow joint onto the downpipe,
positioned the T-Joint, and marked the section to be
removed from the existing downpipe. The T-Joint is
then glued into the missing section of the downpipe
and the rest of the pieces are simply glued into place.
the elbow joint, or downpipe into the expansion
FCB 9328
 Screw
M10 9328 How to install guttering v5.indd 1-4
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Firstly, you’ll need to select the right style of guttering
for your house. There are a few different profiles, so make
sure you match the style that’s currently on your house. If
you’re not sure, just take a photo and bring it into Mitre 10
and they’ll sort you out with the right guttering.
 Now
cut your guttering to length with a hacksaw.
Guttering generally comes in 3m or 5m lengths, so if
you need to join any pieces together just use a joiner
to connect your two pieces, glued together with PVC
Solvent Welding Cement. If your guttering is more
than 10m long you’ll need to use an expansion joint,
as guttering can expand and contract according to
 Establish
your high point and your low point. The
low point can be identified by existing downpipes or
stormwater outlets.
 Create
a stringline, or chalk line between the high
point and the low point. You’ll need a fall of 5mm per
10metres so the water can drain properly.
 Attach
your first bracket to the high point on your facia.
Inside the expansion outlet you’ll need to line
the guttering up with the marked temperature
graduations. Slide the guttering in until it lines up
with the temperature of the day.
 If
you need to, glue an end cap on the end of your
 Attach
the dropper or expansion outlet to the low
point – making sure you maintain your fall. If you
need an end cap on your dropper, glue it on before
installing using PVC Solvent Welding Cement.
Limitation of Liability
If you’ve got a roof structure, then
guttering is a must, because council
regulations require all your rainwater
to be contained. Installing guttering
yourself isn’t hard.
 Install
 Attach
the rest of your brackets no more than 500mm
apart, or 300mm apart in areas prone to high rain or
your guttering onto the brackets. Position the
front of the guttering into the front of the bracket,
then roll the spouting into the back of the bracket so
it clicks securely into place.
This project planner has been produced to provide basic information
and our experienced staff are available to answer any questions you may
have. Because this planner is general in nature, neither your Mitre 10
supplier nor their staff are responsible for the application of these
design principles in any particular case, as the contents of this brochure
may need to be modified for the particular site and circumstances.
Mitre 10 is not responsible for the quality of work carried out on the
goods by the consumer and is not responsible for the design or
construction of any structure in which the goods are incorporated.
Where applicable consumers should ensure that they comply with The
New Zealand Building Code and/or Local Body Bylaws in respect of any
such structures.
Consumers are advised to call a qualified tradesman such as a builder,
electrician or plumber where expert services are required.
Mitre 10 will not be liable for any consequential loss howsoever arising
from the use of goods sold, nor for any loss caused by defective or
inadequate structures in which goods are incorporated.
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