On Lion June and July, 2016 - St. Mark`s Episcopal Church



On Lion June and July, 2016 - St. Mark`s Episcopal Church
St. Mark’s Episcopal Church
Connecting Spirits
Engaging Minds
Welcoming All
June/July 2016
What’s going on in Formation?
We will begin our Summer Formation programming Sunday June 5. We will be using Animal Crackers: A Global
Education, an educational resource for children and congregations to help them see themselves as part of the
global family and gain a deeper appreciation of the ways we I’ve in harmony as God’s good creation.
Volunteers Needed
Children’s Formation is looking for individuals who would prayerfully consider giving their time Sunday mornings,
during the 10:30 worship service, to share their talents and faith with the children of St. Marks. All volunteers
are required by the Diocese of West Michigan to take Safeguarding God’s Children before working with any
children. (4 hour workshop, or online course.) If you are interested please email the Director of Formation,
Jane Stidolph, [email protected] for a volunteer application.
Friends of Formation
This group will begin meeting regularly to discuss and explore ways to improve our Children’s Formation
programming. We will review our vision and mission in Children’s Formation and look towards strategic planning.
We will meet on the third Sunday of every month beginning Sunday June 19th at 9:15, in the upstairs conference
Children’s Formation Survey
In an effort to serve our church community better, Children’s Formation is conducting a survey. Please take a
moment to take this survey. You can take it online at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2P8PLVF
Episcopal Youth Camp
At our camp, children will be housed with campers in the same grade as each other, along with 2 adult counselors
(girls with girls & boys with boys). Our activities include swimming, boating, arts & crafts, archery, big-group
games, music, fine arts, singing and a lot of playing. We are able to accommodate special needs. Please contact us
with any questions. We pray, we play, we sing, we laugh, we make friends from all over and see friends that we’ve
known for a long time. While our life is centered on God and worship through the Episcopal traditions, please
remember that you do not have to be Episcopalians to attend camp, so invite your friends and send your
grandchildren. We live together for a week striving to create an intentional Christian community.
Senior Camp, open to grades entering 9-12th grade June 26-July 2, 2016 at Cran-Hill Ranch
Middle Camp, open to those entering grades 6-8th grade August 7-13, 2016 at Camp Newaygo
Junior Camp, open to those entering grades 3-5th grade August 14-20, 2016 at Camp Newaygo
*Financial assistance is available, contact [email protected] or [email protected] for
more information.
Jane Leacock Stidolph, Director of Christian Formation
The Right Rev. Whayne M. Hougland
9th Bishop of Western Michigan
The Rev. Brenton H. Carey, Interim Rector
The Rev. Susan York, Associate for Pastoral Care
The Rev. Dr. Hugh Dickinson, Priest Associate
Ministry Support Team
Dr. Gregory Crowell, Music Director
Brandon Hollins, Organ Scholar
Lauren Davidson, Children’s Choir Director
Mary Heintzelman, Office Manager
Jane Stidolph, Dir. of Christian Formation
Jeff Brown, Dir. of Youth Ministries
Pam Stevenson, Finance Manager
David Hawley, Facilities Manager
Julian Medrano, Facilities Assistant
Officers and Vestry Members
Dr. Jackie Taylor, Sr. Warden
Vijay Dillet, Jr. Warden
Sharon Buursma, Ex-officio, Treasurer
Cathy Capogna, Secretary
Through 2016: Chuck Bocskey, Catherine Frerichs,
David Kidd, and Laura Roy
Through 2017: Vijay Dillet, Dan Mc Donald,
Dr. Jackie Taylor, and Debbie Weinrick
Through 2018: Cathy Capogna, Nicolas Fletcher, Bruce
Johnson, and John Slagter
St. Mark’s Ministries
Fellowship Ministry - Judy Fetterhoff
Communications Ministry - Leigh Eicke
Formation Ministry
Children - Jane Stidolph
Youth - Jeff Brown
Adult - Fr. Brent Carey
Library - Charles Brown
Healing Racism - Becky Bocskey
Health Ministry - Mthr Sue York
Radical Welcome Ministry - Catherine Frerichs
Worship - Fr. Brent Carey
Altar Guild - Margaret Stretton
Ushers - Tom Burr
Stewardship Ministry
Finance & Facilities - Sharon Buursma
Endowment Board - Wendy Stock
Stewardship Committee - Roger York
Outreach Ministry
Outreach/Christian Justice - John Bosserman
Breakfast Café - Jennifer Julius
Connecting Spirits Engaging Minds Welcoming All
On Lion is published eight times a year by
St. Mark’s Episcopal Church
134 North Division Avenue
Grand Rapids, MI 49503-3103
(616) 456-1684 fax (616) 456-7506
From Fr. Brent
Lord God Almighty, in whose Name the founders
of this country won liberty for themselves and for
us, and lit the torch of freedom for nations then unborn: Grant that we and all
the people of this land may have grace to maintain our liberties in
righteousness and peace; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns
with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.
Collect for Independence Day (BCP p.242)
I spent much of each of my childhood and adolescent summers on my
maternal grandparent’s farm in Exeter, New Hampshire. It was named Fort
Rock Farm after a rocky outcropping in the woods about a quarter mile
north of the farm house. I woke up early most days so that I could join Bill,
the farmhand, for a ride on a real Willy’s Jeep. Our task was to drive
through the fields with buckets full of carefully mixed oats for the Angus
bull, or bulls, depending on the year. I was always surprised that an animal
as large as an adult bull could conceal itself so well in the wet morning
grass. Talk about fat and happy! These bulls had it made in the shade.
The Town of Exeter was a little on the peculiar side. While every
surrounding town celebrated the Fourth of July with parades, food, and
fireworks, the good people of Exeter sat on their hands. You see, way back
in 1776, Exeter was the capital of New Hampshire. It was to the capital city
of the 13 colonies that original copies of the Declaration of Independence
were sent and Exeter didn’t get its copy until 12 days later. So, July 16th, or in
our times, the Saturday closest to it, became Independence Day for the
residents of Exeter. It’s also worth noting that a certain amount of local
pride comes with being out of step with the rest of the nation. New
Hampshire is, after all, the “live free or die” state.
Underpinning our joy on the Fourth of July is a solid foundation of liberty
and freedom. As Americans, we enjoy freedoms that few other countries
can easily match. Of particular interest to religious people is the guarantee
in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution to freedom of religion,
expression, assembly, and petition. Through the Establishment Clause of
the First Amendment, the government is prohibited from establishing an
official religion or preferring one religion over another. This enforces the
separation of church and state.
On this year’s Fourth of July, take in a parade, eat copious amounts of
barbecued food, watch a glorious fireworks show, and give thanks to God
for the freedoms we enjoy as Americans. But please keep in mind that the
perfect freedom, of which St. Augustine of Hippo wrote, is what we find
when we freely turn our attention to serving God while serving those in
need in the name of Jesus Christ.
Father Brent+
616-456-1684 (Office)
[email protected]
From Mother Sue -I believe that it is true. It takes a village to raise
a child. And it takes a village, or an entire parish
to bring liturgy, ministry, formation, music and
outreach together to form a faith community.
This is the time of year when we look back over
the busy programs and all that we have
experienced together at St. Marks and we have
had a wonderful year.
What makes it all so wonderful is each one of
you bringing your gifts and talents to the table
and living out your faith in the body of Christ,
which is all of us. It also includes those whom
we serve, and those who will come.
I am excited for the future of this community
of faith, as the search continues for the next
rector, and give thanks for all who have helped
in any way this year to grow our ministries and
share the Love of Christ. This is what Jesus
asked of us.
I am waiting for the ground to get a little
warmer, and for the good organic fertilizer to
add nutrients to the soil and then, never sooner
than Memorial Day in Michigan, I will plant my
garden. What joy to see what comes up, and to
nurture those plants into bloom and then the
harvest. That is what we are to be about,
planting, nurturing, growing, harvest and giving.
Let this summer be a time for you of joy in family
and the Creation, of course, worshipping
together on Sundays, but also of reflection on
all that we have been and all that we can be.
Summer Blessings,
Good Summer Reading:
Jim Wallis’s book, America’s Original
Sin: Racism, White Privilege, and the
Bridge to a New America, calls
Christians to understand racism as a
sin, believe in the promises of God,
see a path to justice grounded in love
and a new America. It is a great
follow-up to City within a City, and
offers ideas for action as a parish.
Join us for discussions of the book in
Wendy Wenner
Wednesday night Oasis has completed for the school year, but will return in September.
We've had a busy month of May, including raising funds for, and walking in, the Hunger Walk, hosting
dinner and socializing with families in need staying at St. Andrew’s through Family Promise/IHN, and
helping to start a community garden at St. Andrew’s. We also had a great time of mini-golf, go-karts, and
pizza buffet at Craig’s Cruisers.
GREY will be selling spots in St. Mark’s parking lot during Festival of the Arts from June 3-5. The cost
is a low $5 and will support our youth group's programs and activities. Spread the word!! To volunteer to
man the parking lot, contact Jeff.
Upcoming Events:
The high school group will embark on a Progressive Mission trip with other youth from the diocese in lateJune, visiting other Episcopal parishes in our diocese. We will do mission work in the communities, reflect,
learn, and grow in our faith. We'll visit St. David's Lansing, St. John's Mt. Pleasant, St. Paul's Greenville,
and Grace Ludington.
The Big G.R.E.Y. Summer Mini-Camp!
All G.R.E.Y. (Grand Rapids Episcopal Youth) who will be attending 6th-12th grades this fall are cordially
invited to our August trip to Cran-Hill Ranch in Rodney, Michigan, East of Big Rapids from August 19-21.
We'll leave mid-afternoon from St. Andrew's on Friday the 19th and return on Sunday the 21st in the earlyafternoon. It will be a weekend of learning, worship, formation, service, and fun. There will be no cost to
families for this event this year. All interested campers should have their completed permission forms to
Jeff no later than August 3 to reserve their spot. Reach out to him at [email protected] for more
Jeff Brown
Director of Youth Ministries
Mission: We are an inclusive community of faith, reflecting Christ's love, ministering to all who hunger in body,
mind, and spirit.
Vision: Our strength as a faith community depends on our inner vitality, inclusive welcome, and outward action.
Grounded in these values, we continue our strong tradition of liturgical worship and education for all ages. We
affirm diversity, recognizing that genuine openness may require us to change. We advocate for justice, serving those
in need.
From the Vestry
The Vestry continues to move forward in creating strategic goals in all areas of St. Mark's, including facilities. Some
members of the Vestry joined David Hawley and John Savara for a walk-through on a recent Saturday and learned
a great deal, not only about the facility but about the history of the church. We also reviewed a list of needs in
relation to deferred maintenance and focused also on the necessity for an elevator(s). This remains a priority.
Please note the new Mission Statement on the Parish Hall wall, the refinished & beautiful front doors, and the
refinished floors in the Parish Hall. Thanks to David Hawley-Lowry and the members of the Finance & Facilities
Our focus on diversity and inclusion continues with several discussion meetings over home dinners, group
discussions and an upcoming “unintentional bias” workshop on June 1. Please participate whenever and wherever
you can.
Please also remember your Vestry is here to serve you and St. Mark's and share your thoughts, ideas, and
imagination with us. Thank You for all you do for St. Mark's.
Jackie Taylor
Senior Warden
Income as of April 30, 2016
Sunday Breakfast
Prior Year Pledges
Current Year Pledges
Offerings Not Pledged
Easter/Christmas Offerings
Parking Lot Rents
Misc. Income
Endowment Allocation For Operations
Expenses as of April 30, 2016
Diocesan Giving
Christian Education
June/July Birthdays
Carolyn Grover, Jamie Haithcox, Rachel
Weinrick, John Gracki, Victor Balser,
Sheona Nidefski, Jamie Schneider,
Sallie Bowie, Jane Stidolph, Jeff Brown,
Jodi Kivinen, Chad Dykema, Dylan
Kivinen, Paul Chol Luk, Phyllis Rood,
Dottie Wiersma, Remington Henry,
John Murphy, Joelle VanderVelde,
Naima Atem, Jack Wiersma, Sarah
DuPilka, Karen DeMattia, Jackie Taylor,
Ariana Rajah, William Auperlee,
Guillermo Venecia, Henry Dykema,
James Todd, David Kidd, Audrey Visser,
Daniel Weinrick, Jayden Karsen.
June/July Anniversaries
Robert & Rebecca Leacock
Jack & Dottie Wiersma
Chad & Kate Dykema
and Tom & Sandra Burr.
St. Mark’s Episcopal Church
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Grand Rapids MI 49503-3173
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Fax (616) 456-7506
The deadline for
the August
newsletter is
5pm Monday,
July 18th.

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