Sherds 4-6 2013 - Museum of the Red River



Sherds 4-6 2013 - Museum of the Red River
The Newsletter of the Museum of the Red River in Idabel , Oklahoma
April - June 2013 e-Edition
New Harmonies Exhibit
New Harmonies: Celebrating American Roots Music began its
10 month tour of Oklahoma in Idabel! The opening ceremony
began with Mayor Tina Foshee-Thomas cutting the red ribbon,
followed with concerts by several renowned artists. The day
ended with a free concert at the Idabel High School to kick off
the state wide tour. The exhibit is organized by the
Smithsonian Institution’s Museum on Main Street program,
and brought to the state by The Oklahoma Humanities Council
and Idabel Regional Arts Council with support from area
businesses and civic organizations.
Bill Grant and Band
Chalkline 259
Gail Davies and Rob Price
Dr. Harold Aldridge
2013 EVENTS (April - July )
Having just returned from our
tour of Italy (Venice, Florence,
Rome, with side trips to Padua,
Siena, Prato, Pisa, and
Pompeii), I can truly appreciate
the time for reflection and
contemplation afforded by
venues when the crowds are
small. While I am impressed
with the Vatican Museums
Henry Moy, Director
hosting up to 25,000 visitors
per day (at $20/pp), one does question whether the
majority of visitors actually gain anything besides
bragging rights. “I saw the Apollo Belvedere at the
Vatican” isn’t the same as “What an experience, standing
right there.” We were fortunate to see Michelangelo’s
David in Florence, with practically no crowd. Several in
our group of 22 were moved to tears, which wouldn’t
have happened if we were surrounded by a large number
of noisy guests. At the Museum of the Red River, even
our “crowded” times give way quickly to periods
when soulful reflection and appreciation can take place.
Comments from our visitors mostly refer to their
experience rather than the objects they see. “I loved it”
rather than “nice to see...” Would that our larger, sister
institutions could provide the same.
Saturday, April 6
Workshop: The Dulcimer Concert and Workshop with
The Sweet Song String Band from Bennington, OK.
Saturday, April 13
Workshop: The African Drum Concert and Workshop
With Jahruba Lambeth of Norman, OK
Saturday, April 26
Patrons Dinner (by invitation only), with special program
on Collecting Mexican Folk Art by Dr. Robert Brooks
Saturday, April 27
8th Annual Mary H. Herron Memorial Kite Festival
Thursday, May 9
Paleo Pals Program: Flying Reptiles
Saturday, May 18
Workshop: Pine Needle Baskets with Linda Lou
June 4 – June 7
Teen Camp: Touring Central Oklahoma
June 24 – June 28
Summer Explorers Camp: Contact! Aztec, Maya, Inka
July8– July 10
Allen Graffham Memorial Dino Camp
Shell-encrusted Ceramic
Late Roman Era, ca. 100-400,
recovered in Tyrrhenian Sea
Gift of Dr. Richard Weiss
Creek-Seminole Bag;
Jay McGirt ca. 1995,
Gift of Jan Herron and
Gamaliel Leyva
p. 1
Paleo Pals
In the first meeting of the year,
we covered Dinosaur Guts,
Prehistoric Plants and Fossil
Poop. Kids really enjoyed
making dino guts from yarn,
foam, and all sorts of craft
materials. We learned about the
types of plants that existed in the
Jurassic period and we had fossil
poop available for the kids to
McCurtain County’s ACRO co-discoverer Cephis Hall,
and world-renowned paleontologist Dr. Ken Carpenter
led the celebrations with a presentation, Anatomy of A
Dinosaur: The Ins and Outs of Acrocanthosaurus. This
celebration received support from the McCurtain Gem
and Mineral Club and Weyerhaeuser Corporation.
Best of Show awards were made in each of the two age
categories, 11-15 and 16-19, with works by Shade Alley
(Sulphur Springs, TX) and Lucas Kelly (Broken Bow,
OK) winning in their respective groups. In the ages 1115, 2-dimensional works category, submissions included
winners by Christie Sain (Ashdown, AR), First Place,
Carissa McGaha (Idabel), Second Place, Karis
Partridge (Broken Bow,OK), Third Place; works
submitted by Kris McKlaine (Broken Bow, OK),
Christie Sain (Ashdown, AR), and Jera Davis
(Texarkana, TX) received Honorable Mention awards.
Winning in the ages 11-15, 3-dimensional works
category, were submissions by Payton Amend (Soper,
OK), First Place, and Madison Harkey (Broken Bow,
OK), Second Place. In the ages 16-19, 2-dimensional
works category, winning entries were submitted by Lucas
Kelly (Broken Bow, OK), First Place, Katey Carrol
(Golden, OK), Second Place, Noella Leon (Wright City,
OK), Third Place and works by Erin Gallagher (Broken
Bow, OK) and Sean Provence (Valliant, OK) receiving
Honorable Mentions. In the 16-19, 3-dimensional works
category were winners Kyler Hardwick (Broken Bow,
OK), First Place, Jessica Martinez (Broken Bow, OK),
Second Place, and Blake Sorrels (Broken Bow, OK)
Third Place, with Honorable Mentions awarded to works
by Dalton Darby (Wright City, OK) and Steven Harris
(Broken Bow, OK).
The competition was coordinated by Sallie A. Webb,
with support from the McCurtain County Art Club,
Bob Terry Insurance and Financial Services, C.
Thomas Bagwell Bequest, and the Martha A. Johnson
Expressions of Youth
This biennial exhibition for young artists aged 11-19,
living within a 75 mile radius, was held Feb 1-17. Judge
for the competition was artist/art teacher Lynn Pollei of
Shawnee, Oklahoma.
Doris Perkins presents the winners of the Expressions of Youth
art show with their awards.
p. 2
March 16-28, 2013
Museum Director Henry Moy led 21 travelers through
Northern Italy visiting Venice, Florence and Rome with
stops in Padua, Siena, Prato, Pisa, and Pompeii. He
declared the trip “a success, since I came home with the
same 21 people I left with, all still talking and laughing
The next Museum trip is to Peru September 15-29, with visits to
major north coast sites, e.g. ,Chan Chan, Huaca Rajada (Sipan),
and El Brujo, plus the Sacred Valley of the Inka and Machu
Picchu. See our web site for more
p. 3
Christina Eastep has been
named Curatorial Assistant for
Interpretation, replacing Aurora
Pollei who left to pursue
graduate studies. “Chrissy” has
been a Museum employee for
several years, most recently as
Mary H. Herron Community
Conference Center Manager. She has voluntarily assisted
with many of the Museum’s educational programs, which
she will now help plan as well. Her other duties include
supervision of the Holland and Sallie Webb Family
Learning Center and assisting with exhibit development
and installation. She is completing her studies in history
and education through Ashford University.
Gifts and Support
Replacing Chrissy as Mary H.
Herron Community Conference
Center Manager is Laura Eastep
of Broken Bow.
(Jan – Mar, 2013)
Gifts to the General and Programs Fund
Rev. J. Edson and Jean C. Way– In Honor of Henry
Moy, Stephanie and Stephen Ratcliff
Bob Terry Insurance and Financial Services, Herron
Foundation, Inc., Idabel Regional Arts
Council/Oklahoma Humanities Council, International
Paper, McCurtain County Art Club, Tulsa Community
Foundation, Walmart Supercenter # 38, Idabel,
Weyerhaeuser Corp.
Gifts to the Collections Fund
Quintus H. Herron
Caddo Trading Co.
Gifts to the Libraries
Aurora Pollei (Shell Lake, WI)
Gifts in Kind
Eva Briley, Doris Perkins, Judy Petre, Sallie A. Webb
Walmart Foundation and Supercenter #38, Idabel
Corporate Sponsors
All Smiles Dental, Bob Terry Insurance and Financial
Services, Castelano Designs, Choctaw Electric Coop,
Colonial Lodge Independent Living, Complete Care
Medical, D & M Chipping, Don Shaw, Attorney, First
State Bank– Valliant, G.I Surplus and Pawn, Hill
Nursing Home, Inc., The Idabel National Bank,
International Paper, Janitor’s Local Supply, Jerry L.
McCombs, P.C., Native American Art Appraisals,
Judy’s Wholesale Furniture, McCurtain Co. Bar
Association, McCurtain Daily Gazette, Michael S.
McElroy Insurance, Routh Enterprises, Rustin Concrete,
Weyerhaeuser Corp.
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and Mary Washington
College Instructor, Dr. Johanna Minich spent a week at
the Museum studying design elements found on Caddoan
pottery. The results of statistical applications are more
confidently received when applied to collections of works
found together, from known sites. Most of the materials
she studied were collected during field excavations
conducted by the Museum’s first director, archaeologist
Gregory Perino in the late 1970's. Dr. Minich is
contributing to (and co-editing) a volume to be published
by the University of Florida Press. Unable to complete
her research in the short time allotted (“The collections
are more extensive than I originally believed...”), she will
return later in the year.
Ceramic Vessel;
Maricopa (AZ), ca.1970
Barbara Johnson (1925-2004),
Museum Purchase
p. 4
Gifts to the Collections
Storage Bag;
Sioux (Plains),
ca. 1890,
Gift of Don Herron
(January - March, 2013)
Hardstone mask [Late Preclassic Mexico, ca. 200 BCAD 100]; greenstone mask [Classic Period Mexico, ca.
100 -900]; carved wood head effigy from Peru [Late
Intermediate Period, ca. 1200 - 1400], carved volcanic
stone pestle [Central America, ca. 900-1400]; ceramic
amphora, encrusted with ocean material [Late Roman
Era, ca. 100 - 400]
Gift of Dr. Richard Weiss
Baskets (16) and other native artifacts from the northwest
coast and American southwest [native North American,
20th century]
Gift of June Beasley, to the Museum’s Baker-BeasleyWetherell Collection
Hardstone Masks;
Late Preclassic Mexico,
ca. L (200 BC – AD 100) – R (AD 100-900),
Gift of Dr. Richard Weiss
Carved ceramic blackware Jar by Effie Garcia [Santa
Clara Pueblo, ca. 2010]
Gift of Andrea Fisher Fine Pottery (Santa Fe, NM)
57 native American works, including Plains and
Southeastern objects.
Gift of Gamaliel Leyva and Jan Herron (Patagonia,
Carved, small wood figure of “Man with Monkey”
[Dayak (Borneo, Indonesia), 20th century]
Gift of Peter Rose (Tucson, AZ)
Ceramic Elk Effigy;
By: Jerardo Tena
Mata Ortiz (CH, Mexico),
ca. 2011,
Museum Purchase
Ceramic Vessel;
Angel Amaya
Mata Ortiz (CH, Mexico),
ca. 2012,
Museum Purchase
Museum Purchases
Stone Pestle;
Central America,
ca. 900-1400,
Gift of Dr. Richard Weiss
Painted ceramic Bowl [Zuni (American Southwest); ca.
Pascola Masks (11) [Yaqui (Mexico), mid-20th century]
132 regional pre-historic ceramics
Gift of Quintus Herron (Idabel, OK)
52 native American works, including, Plains and
Northeastern beadwork
Gift of Don Herron (Idabel, OK)
Basket [Havasupai (American Sothwest), late 20th
Ceramic vessels (5) by Angel Amaya, Alfonso Andrew
(2), Elvira Bugarini, and Jerardo Tena [Mata Ortiz
(Mexico) 2009 - 2012]
Ceramic Bottle by Barbara Johnson (1925 - 2004)
p. 5
[Maricopa (American Southwest,) ca. 1975]
Mary Bratton Curtis Gallery
Contact! The Aztec, Maya, and Inka
(May 7 - June 30, 2013)
Artifacts from the Museum’s collections which highlight
the major civilizations the Spanish encountered in the
Americas at the end of the 15th and into the 16th century.
Native American Basketry
Lifeways Gallery
(July 9 - September 8)
A large selection of baskets featuring the diverse
weaving methods of the native groups of North, Central
and South America.
Selections from the Museum’s collections which
illustrate the four ethnological themes Domestic Life,
Beliefs, Technology and Art, and Encounters.
Sacred Landscapes, The Photography of Lorran
(September 17 – November 17, 2013)
With the encouragement of native tribes, photographer
Lorran Meares captures the spiritual nature of several
sites in the U.S. at night, when many reached their
“sacred” peak.
Recent Acquisitions
(Opens November 26, 2013)
Perino Archaeological Study Area
Ceramic Vessel;
Luis Rodriguez,
Mata Ortiz (CH, Mexico),
ca. 2012,
Museum Purchase
Wooden Dance Rattle;
Tarahumara (Mexico) ca. 1990,
Gift of June Beasley to the Museum’s
Baker-Beasley-Wetherell Collection
Research collections of regional prehistoric ceramics,
plus stone, bone, and shell artifacts, honoring the
legacy of archaeologist Gregory Perino (1914 2005), the Museum’s first director (1975 - 1984).
Enameled Earthenware Vase;
Japan, ca. 1900,
Gift of Nathaniel and Lana Grey
Nathaniel and Lana Grey Gallery
Dragon Imagery features ceremonial and household
implements from Asia, decorated with the dragon
p. 6
\sherds\ n. [ME, fr. OE sceard, akin to OE scieran to cut] var: shards 1: pieces or
fragments of a brittle substance; broadly, small pieces or parts 2: fragments of
pottery vessels found on sites and refuse deposits where pottery making
peoples lived 3: highly angular curved glass fragments of tuffaceous sediments
Herron Foundation
Board of Directors
Tina Foshee-Thomas, Mayor of Idabel
William C. Gentry, Esq.
Donald Herron, President
Janet Herron, Secretary
Quintus Herron, Vice President
John Ramsey
Terry Walker
Lavetta Ward, Treasurer
Sallie Webb
Idabel Museum Society
Board of Directors
Dr. Robert Brooks
Dr. Bruce King, Vice President
Carolynn Neal
Judy Petre, President
John Ramsey
Dr. Lewis Stiles, Treasurer
Sallie Webb
Museum Hours
SUN 1 – 5 PM
Closed Mondays and national holidays
Idabel Museum Society
Museum of the Red River
812 E. Lincoln Road
Idabel, Oklahoma 74745
(580) 286-3616
Ceramic Bottle;
Mississippian, (Southern Missouri),
Gift of Quintus Herron
Museum of the Red River
Jeanette Bohanan, Head of Programs
Chrissy Eastep, Curatorial Assistant
Laura Eastep, Conference Ctr. Mngr
John Malin, Museum Assistant
Sherron Mitchell, Gift Shop Manager
Henry Moy, Director
Vickie Smith, Office Manager
Daniel L. Vick, Keeper of Collections
Free Admission/Donations Accepted
Reservations appreciated for groups
of ten (10) or more.

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