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A Shrubbery - Sheikha A
Love Is... - Tony Supreme
Premeditated Suicide - Beau Cauchemar
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The Pain of My Affection - Uniq Sistar
1066 A.D. Soldier love poem - Francis Xavier Labiran
A Shrubbery
Sheika A
Dedicated to
My Love 4
The night growing into day is the way of the universe;
I wait, in this longing, for the permanence of the moon.
These ghost nights have possessed the ambience again
Causing my being to rattle clueless in addiction, my eyes
Carry dark bags of memories that do not escape by tears
Or words to release me from the clogs of bellowing aches
Reverberating in my shrunken veins withered of waiting
And wanting the glass to now appear as full empty.
These parasitic memories have usurped my unkempt yard
Of stolid summers, and winters that I watered to thicken
Ice around a shrubbery of leftover words exchanged in
Between the mute sounds of gulping; your unmoved fingers,
The un-whispered hunger of the unspoken language, undid
And untrimmed our garden, alone and unfed.
Sheikha A
Love is...
Tony Supreme
Dedicated to
My Queen“
My Love 4
No matter how hard we might try.
It’s like we’re on a roller-coaster and there’s no end to this ride,
The lows have no comparison to the highs
Days filled with excitement and new beginnings.
But still there’s no definition.
Words can’t be used to paint this picture of us
Because love is personified in the image of us!
This love is a recipe of obsession and lust
You are my queen, ruler of my heart, keeper of my Crown Jewels.
Pure and untainted,
Love flows unconditionally like a river with no dam
Free to go wherever it wants with no obstacles able to stop its current
Like water it adapts and shapes itself accordingly.
There’s no describing what it looks like
Because it’s different for us all.
Love rarely shows its face at the right time
In fact; with no warning or expectation like a deer stuck in headlights
We find ourselves face to face with our nemesis
The kryptonite which subdues superman
Has no comparison to the power of love.
It drives us away from sanity and rationality
And you find yourself willing to lose yourself to find love.
Both amazing and destructive, there’s no manual to it
There’s no remedy when love strikes
And leaves you feeling alone and broken hearted,
But it is also the force that puts the pieces back together.
There’s no job description, it does what it does
Fixes the broken and comforts the lonely.
We’d be lost without it
We wouldn’t be able to sing and feel the rhythm without love’s blessing
My Love 4
Love resides within us forever whether we see it or not
We may choose to lock it away and not let a soul close
But if you don’t give it light how will it grow?
Let your love shine on my dark past,
Wake me up from this coma
Where pain is my reality and joy feels like a myth.
Hit me with your love until I can’t do without it
You have the power to pull me in and never let go,
Like an addict to a drug you’ll always have that hold on me
Love is what it wants to be.
We can’t help who we fall for, that’s why they say ‘love is blind’,
But I guess they were wrong because when I look at you I know what I
I see love in its purest form, a kind heart with beauty so raw
Love isn’t blind, I see all of your flaws,
But I overlook them because I want you all
All of you, all for me.
So after careful thought I finally see what love is
If I could describe it in an analogy;
Love would be the caption below an image of you and me.
Tony Supreme
Premeditated Suicide
Beau Cauchemar
Dedicated to
My Love“
My Love 4
I have to be careful of what I do,
Say and even feel.
You see what I dream may result in
Premeditated suicide quintessentially.
What I dream,
He has embodied and for the first time in a long time,
I’m feeling valued for what’s inside.
It is not the arch in my back that protrudes
When I stand tall like the Nubian queen I have grown to be
Announcing my presence from behind
Before his eyes even get a chance to meet mine.
Nor is it my concave waist that stifles a single breath
As it twists and turns to greet the fullest curve of my breast, no.
It is none of those things that have him intrigued.
You see I have this feeling, an impression even,
Yes the impression has been given to me
That he wants to strip my mind
Before he even reaches my thick distinctly moulded thighs.
You see that is not where he is headed,
But boy am I going to let him move in my direction.
The physical is a bonus and once he’s deep inside my thoughts
Who knows where that breath taking anxiety filled climax will take us.
You see I’m doing it again, stop girl.
You see this shit is suicide.
I have to be careful of what I do, say and even feel.
I wonder, if I continue to write about him in the way that I am, well...
How will he know that him is he?
As questions of “do I even want him to know?”
And “what if he already does” flit through my mind.
I can’t help but conclude that he is a beautiful man.
You see it’s normal to get scared
Re-evaluate and then decide that such unorthodox
And untoward passions of the mind are a problem.
My Love 4
You may think “there’s no justification in these thoughts”
But don’t take away from the fact that he, is a beautiful man.
There’s no problem in that.
The soul feels what it damn well wants to feel
With or without your say
In line with or completely away from what you ordinarily believe.
Just don’t take the beauty away.
The beauty of knowing your final destination prematurely
But even then still rolling through the motions… Just because.
There’s never a need to rush.
Acknowledging that there is no need to rush thus results in what?
The allowing of a slower pace to shape what is to unfold of course.
That’s what’s up.
You see I am fascinated enough to know very well that this right here,
Won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.
There’s a willingness to invest time that he ordinarily well…may not
bother to.
I’m free, you are free. Maybe let’s be free together?
You see there are still some vortexes of my nervous system
That he is yet to meet, to feel, to breathe.
Throughout the body of that grey matter is me;
Memorised lucid dreams, emotions and speech.
Now you see once again, for a split enigmatic filled second
I had forgotten that I have to be careful of what I do, say and even feel.
You see what I dream may result in premeditated suicide;
Beau Cauchemar
Just Words
Freda Nomo
Dedicated to
People who write and produce poetry“
My Love 4
These sentences, these confessions, these speeches have one thing in
They are made up of words, words that can leave a pessimistic or
optimistic mark on you.
Perception; perception is everything when it comes to words.
To me words are everything; it enables me to pour out the pain and
express my confused soul
Scribble and publish my sincere aims and objectives.
Use the letters which make up words that allow me to release my stresses
and burdens on the straight lines of page.
So are words just words?
What power do words hold? Words speak for themselves don’t they?
We hear them, see them and speak them every day,
Whether it is in piece of literature that lures us into another dimension
Whether it is in a speech declaring your love or
Whether it is unbeknownst to you words are everything.
So are words just words?
A form of love they are to me.
The letters that make up very detailed words,
Have aided a broken heart
Calmly reenergized my mind
Helped me pour out the passion in my soul.
So to me, words aren’t just words; they are the very reason of my
They are the love of my life.
Freda Nomo
His Love Memorandum
Leigh Asanya
Dedicated to
My Love 4
I feel you, hot flushes and vigorous delectations.
I see you, implausible perfection in the lore of art; that is you.
I hear you, an utopian aria of gaiety.
I breathe you, and no longer the chemical element that is atomic eight;
And it becomes inferior.
I hold you, warmth of a thousand suns - and perhaps impeccability in
its highest form, you fit me without flaw, I try to make up for it and bind
around your tremendous frame.
I want you, enfolded around my flawed unattired body.
I need you, like melancholy does the shade of grey.
You ask me, and I tell you that I wear your name on my lips eminently.
I love you, enough to give you the moon, the tides are withal yours.
I said I love you enough to give you me.
Leigh Asanya
The Pain of My Affection
Uniq Sistar
Dedicated to
“Anybody who has been in this situation before“
My Love 4
My heart hurts
My soul is crying
And I feel like a suspended chord in the lurch,
I wish I could find somebody
Who could identify with me real fast like a Google search
This feeling has awoken me out of a deep sleep and now I’m too alert,
Too alert to the fact you are everything I want but can’t have,
Makes me sad.
There is a light that shines special for you and me that allows us to
Have so much in common,
We both like our window seats and any Jill Scott vibe that
Makes us feel golden,
I wish God could do a Maxwell and stop the world
Make us the same age so I could be your girl
Develop this into a marital affair more importantly
So our love could go on and on but for eternity.
Better yet
I wish I didn’t know you
Or you were just a mere acquaintance
But the fact you’re just that little bit more makes my heart
Want to cry for you like Jodeci,
You have me feenin’.
I only told you I like you
But that’s just the tip of, like the brand name, Iceberg.
Whenever I think of you I feel this surge
Of affection
That I can’t handle
So I do everything I can to dismantle
From my mind body and soul.
My Love 4
But that’s the thing of these emotions I’m not in total control so
What do I do?
I would like to know if you feel the same way too but hold your peace
Cos if I find that the feeling’s mutual I’ll just be like sheesh!
Such a fine, handsome somebody
Creative, intelligent and into the same things as me
I guess friendship will be the tree, our branches will continue to grow
And I guess I feel better because you finally know.
However, still, my heart hurts
My soul is crying and I feel like a suspended chord in the lurch
One day, someone like you, will make this suspense a major one.
Uniq Sister
1066 A.D. Soldier Love Poem
Francis Xavier Labiran
Dedicated to
Enduring Love“
My Love 4
As the sun sinks
Bloodying the skies
My heart sinks with it,
The moons crescent smile
And the sparkle of its distant relatives
Do nothing to comfort me, but she would.
I long for her,
Lying on this dew coated field
Recalling memories of our love, rising like a phoenix from the ashes
Surfing on air currents
Our hearts pin-balling off clouds
As our fingers skimmed heavens divinity.
Will I ever return to her arms?
Did I stain our final moments with predictions of my demise?
Perhaps I should have held on to her,
And dared the earth to shake me off its crust.
When deaths blade harvests my soul,
What will be her pulse?
Will his mercy bring her with me?
Or force her to live a sleepless life.
The dust laden wind awakens my fresh wounds.
The sun is rising,
After every dusk
Awaits another dawn
She is waiting for me,
I must return to her side.
Francis Xavier Labiran
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