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Complete Product Line - Snap-on
Touchless Wheel
Alignment Clamps
Complete Product Line
AC400 Touchless
Wheel Alignment
Clamping System
Fast and easy to use, the
AC400 Touchless Alignment
Wheel Clamp from John Bean
provides secure clamping
without touching the rim. This
patented technology allows service technicians to receive accurate
and repreatable results coupled with ease of use and durability.
Secure Clamping
Without Touching
the Rim*
*Patented and/or Patent Pending
ƒƒ Only the tire is contacted
ƒƒ Clutch limited clamping
force ensures accurate and
repeatable results
ƒƒ Durable and lightweight
magnesium construction
Wheel Alignment Systems
Vehicle Audit Systems
Wheel Balancing Systems
High Performance Tire
Changing Systems
ƒƒ Alignment Lift Systems
ƒƒ Automotive Lift Systems
Imaging Wheel
Alignment Systems
Audit System
John Bean V3400
V3450 Alignment
Audit System
The wireless John Bean V3400 uses
live, computerized 3D modeling
and high-resolution cameras to
provide fast and accurate wheel
alignments. Patented Digismart™
Technology allows the cameras
to track all four vehicle targets
automatically and at any height.
Rolling compensation can be
performed without lifting the
vehicle. Available mobility kit eases
relocation of the measurement
The wireless John Bean V3450
Alignment Audit System
significantly improves shop
efficiency as any service
technician can perform a fast
and easy wheel alignment
audit with readings in under
60 seconds.
ƒƒ Drive the vehicle to the
audit area
ƒƒ Scan the VIN code
ƒƒ Mount the targets
ƒƒ Roll back procedure
ƒƒ Remove targets
ƒƒ Results print automatically
V Series aligners provide accurate, live measurements that improve
shop efficiency and throughput. Easy-to-use software with a
comprehensive database ensures professional results. Optional
AC400 clamps* are lightweight, easy to use and avoid wheel damage
by never touching the rim.
V3D-EL Series Imaging Wheel Alignment Systems
Fast and Easy to Use
Utilizing patented imaging technology, the V3D-EL and V3D-ELS
provide accurate, real-time measurements; reducing setup and
measurement times while generating serious productivity benefits.
ƒƒ Clamping is accomplished
with a single fast-action
adjustment knob
ƒƒ No accessories needed to
accomodate the full range
of tire sizes
ƒƒ Large, comfortable handle
allows ergonomic use
Prism Portable Imaging Alignment Systems
The Prism Imaging Alignment System leverages a wireless
communication system with Bluetooth® technology, cordless
pods powered by Lithium Ion batteries, and components made
from lightweight magnesium.
For more information regarding John Bean products
Call 800.362.4618 (US) or 800.362.4608 (Canada) Simple Six Step
V Series Imaging Wheel Alignment Systems
John Bean is committed to product innovation and improvement. Therefore, specifications listed in this brochure may
change without notice. © 2015 Snap-on Incorporated. John Bean is a trademark, registered in the United States and
other countries, of Snap-on Incorporated. All right reserved. All other marks are marks of their respective holders.
04/15 SS133322D
* AC400 clamps are compatible with the V3450, V3400 and V2300
Tire Changing
High Performance
Wheel Balancing Systems
Automotive and
Alignment Lift Systems
Automotive and
Alignment Lift Systems
2-Post Automotive Lifts
All John Bean 2-Post Lifts feature:
•Single-point safety lock release
for 2-hand lift lowering
•Mechanical safety locks at
multiple positions
•Easy reach, adjustable stacking
screw lift pads - ensuring level
•Padded overhead shut off protecting tall vehicles from
overhead damage
ATC 900
ATC 1000
ATC 900
Semi-automatic, center Pilot
hole clamping tire changer
with dual bead breaker
ATC 1000
Fully automatic, center pilot
hole clamping tire changer with
dual bead breaker
John Bean’s Tire Changers are capable
of handling a wide range of OEM
and aftermarket wheels.
Fully Automated Diagnostic
Wheel Balancing System
The RFV2000 is the only fully automated
diagnostic wheel balancing system that
offers touchless measurement and
analysis. Fully automatic inputs remove
the chance for error and inaccurate
15k 2-Post Lift
BFH Series
Available in lifting capacities of 10k, 12k, 15k and 18k. Our new
10K 2-Post offers asymmetric/symmetric lifting, long reaching
3 stage front arms, double telescopic lift pads and versatile height
adjustability. John Bean 2-Post Automotive Lifts offer the versatility
to meet your lift demands regardless of the shop layout, vehicle size
and/or style.
4-Post Alignment Lifts
4-Post alignment lifts come in
open-front and closed-front styles.
14K* and 18K lifting capacities
are available. John Bean lifts offer
rugged durability and multiple
safety systems. Roller Jacks are
included standard.
(Turnplates must be purchased separately)
Lock & Lighted
Alignment Lifts
High Performance Video Display Wheel Balancers
Utilizing Virtual Plane Imaging Balance technology and automated
hardware to quickly provide accurate wheel balance results.
14k Scissor Lift
Scissor Alignment Lifts
Maximize your bay’s productivity with 10k and 14k Scissor Lifts featuring the industry’s widest runways, highest lift height and
longest wheelbase capabilities. These lifts feature clear access
between runways for superb alignment accuracy. Turnplate cutouts
and integrated rear slip plates make these lifts alignment ready.
14K 4-Post
BFH 1000
(Turnplates must be purchased separately)
Also Available: Locked & Lighted
and Flush Mount Configurations!
• 10,000 Lifting Capacity (4810605LL / 4810605LLFM,
4810605XLL / 4810605XLLFM)
• 14,000 Lifting Capacity (4814605LL / 4814605LLFM)
BFH 800
B Series
Fast Semi-Automatic Data Input
B Series balancers provide high productivity, excellent accuracy and
Patented lighting system is
mounted to the front
turnplates and rear slip plates,
accommodating varying vehicle
track widths. Increases
productivity by locking
turnplates and slip plates
EHP System V
(Available in 2 Speed)
EHP System II-E
(Shown with Optional Safety
Restraint Arm)
* 14K 4-Post is also available in Lock &
Lighted configuration
All Lifts are built to the current ANSI/ALI, ALCTV lift standard
All Lifts are built to the current ANSI/ALI, ALCTV lift standard

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