2016 Ice Palace Permission Form



2016 Ice Palace Permission Form
July 29, 2016
Dear High School Parents/Guardians,
The entire high school has the opportunity to participate in a bonding activity at Ice Palace on Friday,
September 2, 2016. Students and faculty will leave Assets at 8:00 AM and return by 12:00 PM.
Transportation to and from the campus will be provided by chartered bus.
Students must wear covered shoes and appropriate school coordinated/First Friday attire. Students
must have socks with them and their own money if they wish to purchase snacks at Ice Palace. They
will eat lunch at school upon their return to campus.
School coordinated/First Friday attire:
• Jeans/pants must be appropriate to body proportion, and not skin-tight or baggy; not be tattered,
torn, or marked; and not reveal skin and/or underwear when moving, standing, sitting, or bending.
• Crew neck T-shirts/class T-shirts/blouses may be worn. Shirts and tees must be tasteful and not
altered; be free of offensive or derogatory wording, logo, designs or illustrations; not promote illicit
or illegal products and/or activities; must fit appropriate to body proportions and not be oversized or
too tight; and must not reveal skin, cleavage, or underwear.
It is suggested that students also bring a jacket or sweatshirt with them because of the cold temperature
at Ice Palace.
Signed permission is due no later than Wednesday, August 31, 2016 to your student's homeroom
advisory teacher. This is an all high school field trip.
Thank you.
Suzy Travis
- - - ✂ - - cut and return to your Homeroom Advisory Teacher by Wednesday, August 31, 2016 - - - ✂ - - My son/daughter,
, has my permission to participate in the
field trip to Ice Palace on Friday, September 2, 2016, from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Ground Transport
Incorporated will provide transportation.
Parent/Guardian Signature

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