C-Clear Partners Brochure



C-Clear Partners Brochure
Veeva & Salesforce.com Consultancy Services
Our Commitment
to Your Success
What our Clients are saying
Christine Jordens, Boehringer Ingelheim:
“C-Clear Partners has very experienced employees
excelling in both the technology side and business
side of a CRM implementation in the Pharma
industry. From the planning phase till the execution
of our project we were able to rely 100% on C-Clear
Jacqueline Tejeda Carnot, Project Management
Director Merck:
“In a very challenging project C-Clear Partners showed
commitment and flexibility in delivering the Veeva
Solution to our local markets. They understood our
questions and made sure the Veeva solution was
to the fullest. They have supported us understanding
the technology and managing a critical part of the
program for us. The collaboration with our internal
What our Partners are saying
Pierre Marsat, Veeva, Veeva Program Manager:
“Through my experience working with the C-Clear
team on a global CRM implementation, I was able to
witness firsthand a group of highly skilled individuals
whose strong knowledge and commitment was
instrumental to the program’s success. They
seamlessly blended into our project team, making it
easy to ensure a well-coordinated and tightly managed
implementation. I look forward to our ongoing
partnership with C-Clear Partners.”
James Kelling, Veeva, VP Global Services:
“C-Clear has demonstrated a strong partnership
working in collaboration with Veeva to deliver key
Technical and Project Management skills. Their
industry knowledge and dedication to customer
success have made them a valuable part of the Veeva
C-Clear Partners
Armand Segerslei 118, B-2640
Mortsel, Belgium
Geert Adams
Managing Director
[email protected]
+32 496 51 29 80
C-Clear Partners in Life Sciences
C-Clear Partners is a leading provider of Veeva and
Salesforce.com consultancy services for the Life Sciences
Industry. We focus on bringing value to our customers by
identifying our customers’ business goals and realising
their successes. We have more than a decade of experience in implementing CRM processes for the Life Sciences
industry, working as Project Managers, Business Process
Consultants, Technical Architects and Developers.
Partnership with Veeva and Salesforce.com
C-Clear Partners does not only partner with its customers
and employees. Since several years we have built a strong
partnership with Veeva and Salesforce.com, where trust,
flexibility and commitment are key. Because of these
partnerships, our customers can be assured that all our
consultants are well certified and that they can get the
support of Veeva and Salesforce.com when applicable.
Our proven track record of Veeva and Salesforce.com
implementations, using an Agile Scrum methodology, has
allowed us to build the necessary accelerators to deliver
the project in the quickest and most efficient way. With
each new Veeva implementation we try to optimize and
find new ways to streamline your processes. Together
with our Salesforce expertise we are able to leverage your
platform to the fullest and provide our customers with a
broad range of solutions.
As Veeva evolves, so do we. We’re an early bird when it
comes to adopting new Veeva modules as we realize that
innovation is essential in the ever changing Life Sciences
Industry. Keeping up with new trends and demands and
engaging in the customer channel is a must when you
want to stay ahead of the competition.
We believe that a Veeva implementation will only succeed
when the needs of all stakeholders in your company have
been met and the global business objectives of the
company can be achieved.
Our Veeva footprint spans nearly all the continents. We’re
able to operate in global and virtual teams depending on
our customers’ way of working.
Gert Pauwels
Director of
[email protected]
+32 475 60 14 11
Kasim El Bastani
Sales Director
[email protected]
+32 479 90 33 74

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