EmbroideryStudio e2 - Stocks Sewing Machines



EmbroideryStudio e2 - Stocks Sewing Machines
For multi-decoration design professionals
Wilcom EmbroideryStudio e2 HAS
It’s perfect for:
Professional embroidery digitizing
Any vector art creation
Customization and logos
Rhinestones – NEW!
Fashion design
Multi-decoration design
Textile art creations
“We found that Wilcom was intuitive
and much easier to use than our previous
software and all of the competitors’ software
we tried. I really can’t say enough about
Wilcom. I love all the features.” - Vivian
" EmbroideryStudio is an awesome
product. The best available. Wilcom's
technical support team is the best
I have ever worked with.” - L. Barthel
"The software is absolutely fantastic. I
switched right from my previous software to
Wilcom in a day and it's working great. It's
making my life so much easier and productive
now. Thank you so much." - D. Fierstien
ilcom EmbroideryStudio’s quality, precision and intuitive design has made it the professional embroiderer’s choice
the world over. The enhancements to this version are things that really make a difference to your business.
No need to purchase different software for different processes, EmbroideryStudio e2 has it all! With CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite X5
integrated into the product, take vector artwork and combine stunning print, embroidery, appliqué, sequins and now rhinestone designs.
Produce professional worksheets for client approval and production. And export the file into whatever machine format you need for production.
You can now work even faster with improved loading speed and a host of time savers to deliver seamless results your machine will love!
Superior Wilcom
Stitch Quality
Includes the complete
CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite X5
Wilcom’s unrivalled stitch processing
technology ensures you get the best
quality embroidery results and efficient
sewing time, every time. And if lettering
is a big part of your everyday work,
Wilcom provides easy-to-use tools that
give you the precision you need and
the famous Wilcom lettering quality
– right down to 4mm letters!
CorelDRAW® X5, the complete graphic suite offering powerful graphic
illustration, is a fully integrated part of EmbroideryStudio e2. It features
best-in-class bitmap to vector tracing, enhanced illustration capabilities,
photo-editing and professional clipart images.
New features include:
r Enhanced Corel® PowerTRACE™
r Re-designed Color
Management Engine
r Market-leading File Compatibility
r Responsive Drawing Tools
r High-value Digital Content
and learning materials
Built-in Intelligence
Powerful Editing
Edit raw stitch files
Wilcom is the only software that
allows you to fully edit raw stitch
files (such as .DST) as if you had
just created it. Not only that, but
Wilcom's object-based editing
is unparalleled in efficiency
and control.
Creative Stitch Effects
Ensure consistent, quality
output by taking advantage of
EmbroideryStudio’s Auto Fabric
Assistant. It will apply underlay,
pull compensation and stitch
density settings based on your
chosen fabric. Use best-practice
default settings or apply your own
‘tried and true’ combinations.
Plus you can speed up the design
creation process with automatic
conversion from vector art to
embroidery, sequin or rhinestone
objects which you can then edit
and embellish as desired.
Easily convert vector
artwork to embroidery
Easy Multi-decoration
Tools such as Contour Stitch,
Color Blending, Accordion
Spacing and the new
Freehand Embroidery tool
allow users to demonstrate
true artistry – a hallmark of
Wilcom EmbroideryStudio.
Ease & Efficiency
To keep up with customer
demands and remain
competitive, businesses are
pushed to deliver more in
less time. All tools and features
in EmbroideryStudio are built
around this reality. Customers
around the world choose
Wilcom for ease-of-use and
quality results.
With the CorelDRAW®
integration, options are
endless for creating brilliant,
multi-decoration designs.
You’re free to create designs
layered with combinations of
print, embroidery, appliqué,
sequins and rhinestones.
Work fluidly between different
decoration techniques,
visualize the finished results
and keep it all in the one file
for production.
Wilcom is all about quality. You’re not just getting another software package, but tried and true, ever improving tools that
will transform your business. Support and training is a standard service for all customers. Rather than take our word for it,
let our customers speak for us:
Quality Results
Corel Strategic Partnership
“The proof is in the pudding” and when it comes to Wilcom software
there’s no comparison. It’s built on a core of unrivalled complex stitch
processing algorithms which means that what you create and see on
screen are the exact needle penetrations your machine will stitch.
Which is why machine techs love Wilcom…
Wilcom International and Corel Corporation are strategic partners;
working together to redefine what is possible in the decorated
goods industry.
“I love the integration with CorelDRAW – the fact
that you can move back and forth from Graphics
Mode to Embroidery Mode with the click on a
button; incorporating printing and embroidery in
one place. It has helped me in my business
because it saves me a lot of TIME! ” - Y. Laskavy
Training & Support included
Wilcom has been doing lettering for 30 years, use their expertise.
Simple, fast, productive, accurate, legible and fewer thread breaks.
(Translation...”1 less call to me!”) - B. Singer, Barudan
“We use Wilcom software because the stitch engine is
very powerful… I can rely on the engine and not worry
about the end product once it’s stitched out.” - ZigZag
Easy to use
“Wilcom is by far the easiest and most intuitive to use, with
many time-saving features.”
Of the other products I’ve looked at, it is my belief that Wilcom
is perhaps the most user friendly and versatile, and with
a little know how and experience it will give professional
results every time.” - C. Straw
Your partner in success
“By creating quality, it increases productivity and ultimately the
customer is very happy when they come to get the garment
- which means it produces great revenue for me.” - F. Rittenhouse
“I just wanted to say thank you Wilcom for your
excellent service in all respects. I am really impressed
with everyone I have dealt with, the courtesy and
efficiency is second to none. This excellence of service
is so very rare in our modern world. The free online
training sessions for the software are fantastic, an
unexpected added bonus and any problems that are
‘user error’ are dealt with quickly and kindly.” - Tania
“This is my 30th year as a digitizer. Starting on the
old mechanical punching machines, I have been with
the industry through many changes. Wilcom gives
me the flexibility to go manual when I want to and to
use all the excellent short cuts when I can.” - S. Miner
Product Visualizer
# Shape Size
Count Name
421 ss12
448 ss6
510 ss6
520 ss12
Total Bobbin
Visualize and Improve Production
Professional Approval
PDFs for your customer
Rhinestones are extremely popular and a very profitable venture. Add
some bling to your business with EmbroideryStudio! No other software
makes it this easy to create dazzling rhinestone fill shapes, runs and
patterns. Built-in intelligence removes overlaps, converts vector shapes
to rhinestone designs and works out how many rhinestones you’ll need
for each color! And, no matter whether you use a rhinestone machine
or a cutter, EmbroideryStudio can export the production file you need.
Not only does EmbroideryStudio work to the best stitch settings based on
the fabric you are using, it now also visualizes it for you on the garment! This
saves precious time and frustration by providing professional Approval PDFs
to give your customers. And, when it comes to production, don’t get caught
out with designs that are too big for the hoop – EmbroideryStudio’s new
Hoop it! tool also visualizes the design within your chosen hoop.
Team Name Templates
Team Name Improvements
You can now create team name layouts and save them as templates to
re-use on other jobs. We’ve also included a library of team name layouts
to save you even more time!
If you offer sports apparel or uniforms these improvements will make your
life a lot easier. Based on feedback, we’ve made the Team Names features
more user-friendly. Plus you can now have multiple lines of text to include
things like name, year and team for example.
There’s also the new Auto Letter Spacing which calculates and adjusts
the letter spacing based on the number of letters in a word, so no need to
manually adjust short or really long names!
Work quickly by using
the Mouse Wheel Zoom
Stipple Fill
Freehand Embroidery Tool
Carving Stamp
Unit System
New Artistic Tools & Stitch Effects
Work Faster!
Offer your clients something different and speed up your digitizing
work with new stitch effects including Cross Stitch Fill, Carving Stamp
and Stipple Fill. If you have a tablet, you’ll love the hand drawn effects
you can achieve with the Freehand Embroidery tool.
Yes we’ve listened! With a few tricks we’ve been able to make
EmbroideryStudio load faster so you can get to work sooner.
Plus with a host of time savers, such as Mouse Wheel Control-Scroll
or Zoom and Measurement Unit System you’ll be working that
much faster. No need to exit the software to swap from inches
to millimeters!
Digitizers will love the Apply Closest Join feature which not
only reduces trims for more efficient production, but now also
re-calculates the closest join when objects are reorganized.
Bling Machine
Quickly export to different machines
Dazzling Sequins
Multi-decoration Export
Sequins are a major fashion item and EmbroideryStudio e2 gives
you the tools to shine. You can now select any object and convert it
to Sequin Fill. Create beautiful sequin-filled shapes, apply Borders
and create Multi-Sequin Patterns. Plus, advanced editing tools allow
you to adjust, move, delete and replace individual sequins.
And when it comes to producing multi-decoration designs, you can now
export them all in one go with the new Multi-decoration Export feature.
It figures out which parts of the design needs to be exported to different
formats, be it print, bling, embroidery or appliqué elements. Naturally you
can choose from a variety of formats to suit your production equipment.
Whether you are a small shop or a global fashion label, there’s something for everyone. EmbroideryStudio e2 caters for
sports apparel and uniforms, promotional products, fashion and custom novelty and gifts. The good thing is, you can
start at any level and upgrade as your needs change.
Level 1 Standard Digitizing (ES 21D)
Corporate, Sports, Fashion
EmbroideryStudio Level 1 – Standard Digitizing
package introduces you to the power of
professional embroidery digitizing. Backed
by Wilcom’s advanced lettering and editing
features, Level 1 Standard Digitizing delivers
a suite of sophisticated tools that provide the
flexibility to create high quality and reliable
embroidery designs.
Level 2 Creative Digitizing (ES 45)
Level 3 Advanced Digitizing (ES 65)
Creative Flair, High Fashion, Inspiration
High Volume – Maximum Power
Boasting a blend of powerful digitizing tools
and creative stitch effects, Wilcom’s Level 2 –
Creative Digitizing software gives you the
competitive edge by enabling you to create
superior embroidery designs faster and easier
than ever before.
Armed with the complete power of Wilcom
EmbroideryStudio, Level 3 – Advanced
Digitizing you’ll have the industry’s most
powerful digitizing tool. This is the only
choice for the advanced digitizer!
Upgrade to Level 2 GOLD
Upgrade to Level 1 GOLD
DecoStudio e2
EmbroideryStudio e2
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
CorelDRAW® X5
Multi-decoration Export
Sequin Fill
Twin Sequin
Knife Tool- Manual/Automatic
Measurement Unit System
Mouse Wheel Scroll or Zoom Control
Start up Speed Improvements
Apply Closest Join
Travel By Trim
Auto Start and End Enhancements
Automatic Letter Spacing
Team Name Templates
Product Visualizer
Approval sheet
Production Worksheet Enhancements
Hoop It!
Cross Stitch Fill
Stipple Fill
Close paths with Close Object Tool
Embroidery Freehand Tool
Carving Stamp
O = Optional
Go for GOLD!
Increase your capabilities
Upgrade your software to
Gold Level for a great deal
more features from higher
product levels. A really
economical way to add more
capabilities to your business!
Wilcom is now proud to
offer flexible payment
plans so you can start
using your software now,
and simply pay by the
month. Wilcom software
has never been more
affordable. Talk to your
sales representative to
find out more.
For a full feature comparison list see www.wilcom.com.au
To find your nearest Wilcom
representative, simply visit
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