Great Graffiti from Great Graffiti from Group 6



Great Graffiti from Great Graffiti from Group 6
of the
Our Pupils of the Week this
week are: Aaron (G1), Jack
L (G2), Jack M (G3), Daniel
(G4), Scott (G5), Ben (G6).
Well done, you’ve worked best in
your groups!!
Movie Stars
Staff award a Movie Star to
any student who has done
something significant. This
weeks Movie Stars are: Jake,
Caleb and Brett (G2), Jack M (G3)
Louie (G4), Dominic and Ben (G6)
Well done to all for an outstanding
Super Stars
Two Movie Stars make a
Super Star.
Unfortunately, nobody
managed the double
this week!
Mega Stars
This award is won by
those students who
have been gained no
fewer than three Movie Stars.
Nobody quite managed the top
spot this week.
Lunch Menu for Week Commencing
Cornfield School
31st March 2014
Beef Burger
Baked Bean Lasagne
Apple Crumble and Custard
Roast Gammon
Lentil Roast
Chocolate & Orange Shortbread
Turkey Bolognaise
Vegetarian Schnitzel
Lemony Sauce Pudding
Lamb and Sweet Potato Curry
Quorn Cottage Pie
Raspberry Flapjack and Milkshake
Mushroom and Sweetcorn Pizza
Fish Pie
Apricot & Mandarin Muffins
Great Graffiti from
Group 6
28th March 2014
All main meals are served with a selection of fresh
vegetables. Fresh bread, fresh fruit and a selection of
yoghurts are available daily.
Cornfield School
Cornfield School
Cornfield Close
West Sussex
Volume 5
Phone: 01903 731277
Fax: 01903 731288
e-mail: [email protected]
Issue 25
Wasps in Action
Key Assessment
Congratulations are in
order to all those
students in KS4 who
this week spent the
entire morning on
Monday working on
their Controlled Science Assessment (CSA). Split
into two tasks, the research task and the practical
task , the CSA is really important as it makes up
25% of the marks that go towards the student’s
Science GCSE. With a further morning devoted to
the Assessment next Monday, the students can
be justifiably proud of the hard work that they
have so far put in!
Great Graffiti
This week we had the
pleasure of a visit from
Paul Burrow who, under
the street name Aroe, is
well known both here and
in America for his graffiti art. This is not the first
year that Paul has kindly spent time with our Year
11 students showing them how to further
develop their artistic skills. Examples of this year’s
work now adorn and brighten our walls!
Cornfield Wasps (the seniors) were in action yet
again this week when they took part in a
national football competition for EBD schools in
Loughton, Essex. Despite the long journey and
some really stiff competition the Wasps acquitted
themselves with honour, both on and off the
field. The team fought through to a nail-biting
quarter final which they only just lost on a
penalty shoot out. Man of the match was Robbie
Stevens who played throughout with great
Next Monday it is the turn of the junior team who
are competing in a local competition at the
Triangle Centre, Burgess Hill. We wish them the
best of luck!
Well done, Medals!
Gold Medallists
Stephen and Dominic
(G6), Jack L and Kieran
(G2), Aaron and Max (G1).
Silver Medallists
Shaquille (G6), Louie and Daniel (G4),
Brett (G2).
Bronze Medallists
Ben (G6), Jamie (G4), Harry E (G3), Jake
Memorable Dates
Calshot Residential Week
We are fast approaching that time of year when
our Key Stage 3 students get the
opportunity to spend a number of
days at the Calshot Activity Centre,
Hampshire. For those students
who have not been before it is a
great experience, a really fun filled
week packed with an amazing
range of activities. Only those
students who can clearly
demonstrate excellent behaviour
and the ability to work together
as a team will be chosen to go.
Make sure your name is on the list!
Term Ends 4th April
Summer Term starts 22nd April
Calshot Residential Week 28th April to 2nd May
Bank Holiday—Monday, 5th May
Students’ Progress Setting Week—
6th May to 9th May
If any of this information is not
clear please telephone the school
on 01903 731277 where
someone will explain it to you.

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