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Dane County
2008 Annual Report
You are not alone
2059 Atwood Avenue, Madison WI, 53704
(608) 249-7188
NAMIWalks for the Mind of America
Sunday, October 5, 2008 Olin-Turville Park, Madison
64 teams
600 walkers
Business Team Chair
Jeff Charlson
Honorary Chair
Susan N. Dreyfus
Family Team Chairs
Bill Greer and Peggy Sleeper
2008 Annual Report
NAMI Dane County is a support, education, and advocacy group dedicated to the
improvement of the quality of life of people whose lives are affected by mental illness. During
this confusing and difficult economic time, it is more important than ever for NAMI Dane
County to continue providing support, education, and advocacy for people in our community.
Because of government funding reductions for non-profit service providers, essential services for
mental health care are being reduced and sometimes eliminated. Our mental health system is at
risk. Individuals with mental illness and their families are at risk. Our society is at risk.
In March, NAMI National released Grading the States 2009. This state-by-state assessment
of our nation’s public mental health services shows that we are painfully far from what we
envision and need. The baseline grade for all states was a D in 2006. Three years later, we
are still at a D. It is also painfully obvious that Wisconsin is not making consistent efforts to
improve. In 2006, Wisconsin earned a B. In 2009 Wisconsin earned a C. We are falling back.
We as a community must make an effort to improve systems and promote recovery despite rising
demand for services, serious workforce shortages, and inadequate resources to meet needs.
The implications of untreated mental illness continue to be overwhelming for the individual,
the family, and society. Failure at school, lost wages, homelessness, criminalization and
early death are too often the result of this failure to provide an integrated system of care that
recognizes that mental illness tends to be long term and episodic. We must be committed to
work to increase access to appropriate and effective assessment and treatment services, intensive
case management, adequate housing, employment opportunities, effective medications, in-patient
care when needed, and treatment for co-occurring disorders.
In 2008 NAMI Dane County has continued to build a strong consumer program with the
focus on recovery. Recovery means that a person has and takes the opportunity to build on
his/her strengths, develops life skills, embracing supportive relationships, gaining control, take
responsibility and live his/her life with dignity and respect. Consumers continue to seek training
to facilitate groups and educational programs. More and more individuals are attending our
support and educational groups. Family members are learning more and more through NAMI’s
programming about mental illness and the effect on the family and individual.
We have continued to advocate for mental health services, treatments, and programs. Our
work with the Madison Police Department, Sheriff’s Department, and school districts continue to
foster increased knowledge, sensitivity and compassion for individuals and families living with
mental illness.
We have accomplished much in 2008. Enjoy reading about our accomplishments and thank
you for supporting NAMI Dane County in 2008.
--Bonnie Loughran, Executive Director
NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, had its beginning in Madison in 1977. A
group of twelve people found each other, mostly by chance, and began meeting for mutual
support and to advocate for better services for people with serious mental illnesses. They named
the organization “The Alliance for the Mentally Ill” --AMI. Two years later, in 1979, with the
assistance of the UW-Extension, a national conference was convened in Madison and NAMI
was born. The headquarters is now located in Arlington, VA. NAMI now has more than 210,000
members and affiliates in every state.
2008 Annual Report
NAMI Dane County is a support, education and advocacy group dedicated to the improvement
of the quality of life of those whose lives are affected by mental illness.
Support groups: Our peer-led support groups met 18 times every month in 2008, and served
more than 300 individuals.
Ú Depression/Bipolar Support Group
Ú Schizophrenics Anonymous,
Ú Family Support Group,
Ú Anxiety Disorders Support Group
Phone Mentor Program: NAMI Dane County volunteers make phone contact with people
who request one on one support.
Phone calls and office visits: Staff provided information about mental illness, about services
through NAMI and in the community, and, most importantly, provided personal support and over 1000 individuals.
Hand-to-Hand, a class for parents of young children with a mental illness, was taught in early
2008. In the fall, NAMI Basics, NAMI National’s 6-week course for parents of children with
mental health issues was first taught in Dane County.
Family-to-Family Education, NAMI’s signature education program, was offered to family
members of people with a serious mental illness in fall of 2008.
Peer-to-Peer, NAMI Dane County reintroduced the Peer-to-Peer class in the fall of 2008.
This nine-week educational class is designed for persons with any mental health diagnosis,
emphasizing recovery and relapse prevention.
Resource Guide: Navigating the Mental Health System in Dane County, A Guide to Resources for Consumers of Mental Health Services in Dane County and their Families, was updated and reprinted in 2008. These 36-page booklets are available at no charge. This guide was
translated into Spanish and printed thanks to funding from The Madison Rotary Foundation. Our website continues to provide information on mental illness and on our services. Designed and updated in-house, it is always a timely and up to date
source of information. Our Resource Guide is available in expanded form online.
Library: The NAMI Dane County lending library is updated frequently with new books,
videos, and books-on-tape. We have nearly 1500 items, books, pamphlets, CD’s, DVD’s and
audiotapes available for loan. We have large print books, audio books, Spanish language materials
and dictionaries of mental illness terms in Spanish, German, and French. It is one of the best
library collections in Dane County for providing information for mental health consumers, family
members, students, professionals and others.
Information Booths: To increase public awareness of the facts about mental illness and to
reduce stigma, we provided information booths at the Farmers’ Market, the Allied Drive Pig Roast,
the Triangle Fest, Fiesta Hispana, the Atwood Festival, and other city fairs. NAMI Volunteers and
staff participated in Health Fairs in the community, and Madison Urban Ministry service fairs.
2008 Annual Report
Fact sheets: NAMI Dane County has available helpful and current materials for distribution.
We have fact sheets on mental illnesses, helpful phone numbers and our local resource guide.
Monthly Program Meetings: Over 500 people attended monthly education meetings in
2008. In September we moved our meeting location to the United Way Building, where our office
is located. Programs are free and open to the public. Announcements of date and topic are made in
the local newspapers and in The Pioneer.
Ú January-- Brett Brasher, CSW, LMFT, CSAC, ICS--Double Trouble: Substance Abuse
and Mental Illness
Ú February--Deb Stapleton--Using Your Voice to Make a Difference
Ú March—Eric Garland--QPR Suicide Prevention Training
Ú May-- Mary Grabot--The Dane County Mental Health System and the Challenges it
Ú June—Ron Diamond, M.D.--The Meaning Of Medication: How It Can Help,
And How It Can Get In The Way.
Ú July-- Ava Martinez and Mary Cassidy--In Our Own Voice
Ú August-- Open House
Ú September-- Kevin McConeghey, Dave Davis--Mental Illness and Substance Use
Ú October-- Kristen Esbensen, Barbara Boustad--Emergency Mental Health Services
in Dane County
Ú November-- Susan Neff, RN, MS, CS--Disordered Eating
Ú December-- Volunteer Appreciation Celebration
Newsletter: Eleven issues of our timely and informational newsletter, The Pioneer were
published, with a monthly circulation of 1100. We provide news of NAMI Dane County, scientific
articles, personal stories and a comprehensive two-month calendar of NAMI meeting schedules.
Training for Police Recruits: NAMI Dane County members presented an interactive
training session for the Madison Police Department. Consumers and family members shared their
experiences with the criminal justice system and how it affected their recovery.
Speakers’ Bureau: NAMI Dane County members shared their unique experiences and
explained our services to dozens of school and church groups, to local high schools, MATC,
Edgewood College and UW classes, and other community service agencies.
In Our Own Voice :NAMI Dane County has many trained presenters for the NAMI
educational presentation In Our Own Voice (IOOV). The IOOV presentation pairs two
presenters that tell their personal stories of their journeys with mental illness. These stories
include Dark Days, Acceptance, Treatment, Coping Skills and Successes, Hopes and Dreams.
These presentations are available for audiences of consumers, families, mental health service
providers, educators, students, law enforcement and any persons or organizations wanting to
learn more about living with a mental illness
Annual Awards Banquet: The annual NAMI awards banquet was Tuesday evening, April 8,
at Lowell Hall. The following awards were presented:
Ú Ed Stoll--Unsung Hero Award
Ú Don Becker--Distinguished Service Award
Ú John Bird--Community Citizen Award
Ú Mark Benson--Award for Excellence
Ú Ginny Wichita--Alma Taeuber Service Award
Ú Brock Bergey--Media Award for Excellence
2008 Annual Report
NAMI Dane County members kept their elected officials aware of the needs of people with
mental illness and their families. Members contacted their County Board Supervisors to voice
their concerns about proposed cuts in mental health services in the Dane County Budget and participated in Parity Day, making state legislators aware of the need for insurance parity in Wisconsin. Our members served on government committees, testified at hearings, and continued to work
to effect change in government policy.
Collaboration: NAMI Dane County works closely with other community agencies. We provide
job training opportunities to clients of Chrysalis, Goodwill, Age Advantage, and Community Support
Programs. Our members are part of the United Way Collaborative Committee On Services For
School Age Children With Mental Illness, and the Dane County Long Term Care committee.
We work with members and staff of Yahara House, New Directions Information Service, and
the Mental Health Center of Dane County to share information about resources and services in Dane
NAMI Dane County participated in and partnered in the Safe Communities/HOPES Suicide
Prevention Summit at the American Family Training Center. Bonnie Loughran participated in the
Task Force .
Cultural Competency: NAMI Dane County continues to be welcoming and inclusive. We
have fact sheets and brochures in Spanish, and the library contains materials in Spanish, German
and French, as well as large print books, books on tape, and close-captioned videos whenever
possible. Our office is completely handicapped accessible, and our website is user friendly and
Consumer Council: The NAMI Dane County Consumer Council marked its one year
anniversary in October of 2008. Consumer Council members were active in several trainings in
2008 including trainings for the new police recruits in Madison. They took part in a statewide
conference for mental health consumers and advocates entitled Living With Mental Illness and
they participated in several local neighborhood festivals.
NAMIWalks: Our third NAMIWalk was attended by more than 600 walkers and raised
$82,361. Our Honorary Chair, Susan N. Dreyfus, led us on the lakefront path from Olin-Turville
Park to Monona Terrace and back. Despite the rain, it was a wonderful day, filled with friendship,
fun and lots of stigma busting.
New in 2008
Ú In Our Own Voice (IOOV) the NAMI educational presentation that pairs two
presenters that tell their personal stories of their journeys with mental illness was brought to
NAMI Dane County in 2008
Ú The Anxiety Disorders Support Group, for persons experiencing an anxiety disorder
and concerned family and friends was formed and meets the first and third Monday of every
Ú Peer to Peer, a 9-week class for persons with any mental health diagnosis, emphasizing
recovery and relapse prevention.
Ú NAMI Basics, a 6-week course for parents of children with mental health issues
Ú Conozca los Servicios de Salud Mental Del Condado De Dane, the Spanish translation of
our Resource Guide, Navigating the Mental Health System in Dane County, was published.
2008 Annual Report
Our deepest appreciation to our dedicated volunteers. These are the people who make NAMI
Dane County accomplish all that it does!
Facilitators: Mary Cassidy, Chuck Del’Accio, Diane Lustgraff, George Orlick, Sue Petkovsek,
Paul Thompson, Nancy Wait, Mark Walters, Ginny Wichita, Mark Young
Teachers: Doug Rouse and Judi Bradshaw-Rouse, Jo Anderson, Allen Liegel, Mary Binkley,
Beatrice Zahn Cantelmo, Betsy Zahn, Mary Cassidy, Ava Martinez, Donna Stapf
Consumer Council: Gail Auerbach, Mary Cassidy, Jennifer Doubeck, Heather Dunn, Jim
Hinsberger, Janice Leute, Dianne Lustgraaf, Adam Malueg, Ava Martinez, Karen Milstein, Donna
Stapf and Ginny Wichita
Office Volunteers: Anne Duffy, Karen Jacobi, Linda Kaemmer, Mary Alice Krull, Rosie Quinn
Committees: Nancy Abraham, Heather Dunn, Carol Grogan, Merle Margolis, Kris and Tom
Thommesen, Bev Young
Board Members: Mary Cassidy, Dave Davis, Elaine Gundlach, Bobbi Kirby, Faith Lerner,
Kitty Moon, Sue Petkovsek, Corinda Rainey-Moore, Peggy Sleeper, Ruth Ann Smith, Debra
Stapleton, Donna Ulteig, LeAnne Ware, Mona Wasow, Ginny Wichita, Mark Young
Walk Volunteers: David Aceti, Jo Anderson, Mary Berg, Greg Black, Joe Brewer, Victoria
Browning, Mary Cassidy, Susan Connors, Anne Duffy, Heather Dunn, Lisa Glueck, Ray
Griesbach, Elaine Gundlach, Karen Jacobi, Kronic Jones Band, Chris Kammer, Kohl’s Cares for
Kids Volunteers, Faith Lerner, Joan Liegel, Al Liegel, Eric Lindblom, Dianne Lustgraff, Mary
Mangan, Mad Rollin Dolls , Oscar Mayer Volunteers, Kitty Moon, Pattie Noble, Jerry Noble, Andy
Olsen, Laure Quinart, Corinda Rainey-Moore, Deb Stapleton, Donna Ulteig, Mona Wasow, Ginny
Wichita, Teri Witkowski, Amy Wolff, Jim Wolff
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2008 Annual Report
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2008 Annual Report
Statement of Activities
Years ended December 31, 2008 and 2007
United Way of Dane County
NAMIWalks event
Interest Income
Banquet income
Miscellaneous income
Total unrestricted support and revenue
$ 41,494
163, 644
$ 38,503
Program Services
Management and General
Total expenses
Change in unrestricted net assets
Net assets - beginning of year
Net Assets—end of year
Board of Directors
Corinda Rainey-Moore, President
Dave Davis, co-Vice President
Elaine Gundlach, co-Vice President
Peggy Sleeper, Secretary
Sue Petkovsek, Treasurer
Kitty Moon, Past President
Mary Cassidy
Faith Lerner
Ruth Ann Smith
Debra Stapleton
Donna Ulteig
LeAnne Ware
Mona Wasow
Ginny Wichita
Mark Young
Corinda Rainey-Moore, President
Elaine Gundlach, Vice President
Peggy Sleeper, Secretary
Sue Petkovsek, Treasurer
Gail Louise Auerbach
David LeCount
Lynda Paasch
Linda Preyz
Kristen Roman
Debra Stapleton
Donna Ulteig
LeAnne Ware
Heather Wolfrom
Mark Young
Bonnie Loughran--Executive Director
Jim Hinsberger--Administrative Assistant
Heidi Hastings—Walk Manager
Barbara Wolff—Administrator
Ava Martinez—Consumer Council Coordinator
2008 Annual Report