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After having grown up on everything from classical to punk rock, Brad’s ear turned towards electronic music in the
early 90s. He has had a long and varied musical development as a musician. Beginning early on, the first instrument
he studied was the piano, and at the constant irritation of his teacher, he had an inclination to re-arrange the lessons
in his study books. Later, he would go on to play everything from trumpet to bass guitar, and even a stint with the
marimba while living in Oaxaca, Mexico. Studies in both classical and jazz theory were taken seriously and to heart.
And after years of playing in jazz bands, orchestras, and other traditional performance ensembles, the switch was
flipped when he discovered electronic music.
Extensive musical training gave him the technical foundation necessary to begin producing electronic music by the
mid/late nineties. By 2000, he moved to Chicago from Kalamazoo, MI, home of Black Nation Records, which was
integral part of some of the most notorious raves and parties for anyone lucky enough to attend in the mid 90's. In
2001, he had his first international vinyl release under the name Quarry, on a left field techno label from Berlin, Germany (First Cut, Fc004).
Over the last 12 years, Brad has been developing a sound that could be described as a versatile mix of original deep
minimal tech-house, ambient and occasionally downtempo beats. His music has been heard by many over the years
in nightclubs large and small, as well as at an unknown amount of late night underground parties in the city. He has
been an integral part of the illmeasures DJ collective, and one of the central producers of the infamous Chicago based
Freakeasy Collective. The Freakeasy parties became a monthly staple for the underground party culture in Chicago
for over 2 years. A veritable collection of beautiful freaks, party people, and bass-heads, it was an all-around celebration of creativity in all it's forms A regularly sold out event, with monthly attendance of at least 500+, the Freakeasy
collective moved on to a variety of larger venues, most often to the famous Chicago music institution Metro/
Smartbar, as well as the Congress Theater, just to name a few.
Freakeasy at Smart Bar
Opening set for Claude Von Stroke (Smartbar)
Sweet Home Chicago
And last but certainly not least, playing major roles in the annual Chicago burner community party RESONATE has
been a real treat. 2012 will mark the 7th year that Resonate will re-emerge, and Brad has rocked out every single year
since the beginning. Over the years thousands from around the United States have attended this annual DIY event of
sound, light, video, and pure spectacle. Aside from performing at all of the incarnations of Resonate, he has played a
wide-range of behind the scenes roles to make the party happen.
Brad and the crew has supported a wide range of international talent, ranging from bass-house sounds of The Dirtybird SF crew and Johnny Fiasco, to the Detroit techno icon Kevin Saunderson, to the playa breaks of Bassnectar and
Karsh Kale, to the abstract vibes of Daedelus, and the live deep techno musings of Dandy Jack, among many others.
The illmeasures collective has gotten involved since 2010 with a concert series hosted by the Harris Theater in Chicago, IL for a concert series named MusicNow. MusicNow is slowly growing into a national event which began in
San Francisco, then moved onto Chicago, and has had it's recent debut in Miami. It is the brainchild of composer
Mason Bates; the concept behind the event is to merge more traditional orchestral instrumentation with modern electronic instrumentation and compositional techniques, as well as multi-media combinations. In the last year he was
happy to play a supporting role in the series' offering of Mouse on Mars collaborating with the Chicago Symphony
Brad has also been contracted to do such projects as creating original electronic music for corporate videos, as well as
one instance in which he was tasked with creating an audio backdrop that was used to create the sound of a bustling
train station for a performance by the world famous Joffrey Ballet. Sound design and audio bed composition has
been a natural extension of his many years of writing music for the nightlife scene.
He incorporates a set of original music dating back to creation as early as 1999. Though his studio output has been
prolific, his main focus has always been to compose for the live audience by presenting original music in a flowing
way that makes most onlookers think that he's DJing, regardless of what style fits the mood. After having played
countless times to thousands over the years, he's had the opportunity to learn to read the crowd and play accordingly
to the vibe and timing of the evening.
His collection of tracks available for sale are available online through iTunes, and his personal favorite, Beatport.

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