Annual Report - Jackson School



Annual Report - Jackson School
-W P, an educational collaborative sponsored by
the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston, is a Catholic elementary school
and a Montessori pre-school serving children from 2.9 years of age
through sixth grade. Together with our families, we sustain and
perpetuate a reflective, spiritually driven, dynamic learning community.
Dear Friends,
Our devoted parents, current and past, mounted a very successful and sold out Fashion Show in the fall of 2010 to benefit
improvements to technology and special projects at JWP. As a result of this, our Montessori students will enjoy the use of iPads in
their classrooms, and every classroom and our library at Jackson
now boast Smart Boards, as well as iPads for use in the library.
We look forward to a new venue for the fashion show this
coming year to accommodate this growing event and express
our gratitude to a fantastic team of present and past parents.
Our Annual Auction Gala raised a record $150,000 and
was a great night of festivity and friendship, thanks to parents
and friends of JWP. Funds from the “paddle up” have allowed
us to completely overhaul the main athletic field on our campus, and we have purchased additional equipment for the
Montessori playground as well as new athletic equipment.
Our thanks to the dedicated committee of parents from both
schools who worked tirelessly to make this event so successful.
During 2011 and 2012, we will celebrate the forty-fifth
anniversary of the founding of both schools. Thank you for
your ongoing support in bringing us to this historic milestone.
his Annual Report highlights
a year of outstanding progress
for JWP Schools. As you will see
in the school reports that follow,
2010-2011 was a productive,
growth-filled, and exciting year for
our students. As sponsored ministries of the Sisters of St. Joseph of
Suzanne Perry
Boston, we strive to develop in our
students the values and tools they need to be responsive and
responsible citizens of the world. Parents and Friends of JWP
partner with us to make these goals a reality for our students
and we are most grateful.
This year, our JWP Annual Fund Appeal raised $145,000.
These funds made comprehensive workshops in Responsive
Classroom available to faculties of both schools, and students
from both schools have benefited from this social curriculum.
Your unrestricted gifts to the annual fund also made it possible
for scientists from MIT and BU to enrich the science curriculum through multiple presentations to 4th, 5th and 6th
graders, and made it possible for our students to experience
working with an Artist in Residence as well as a Native
American Storyteller this year. A designated gift provided
our older Jackson students with transportation to and from
Trinity High School, and use of the Trinity gymnasium
during the winter months.
Warm regards,
S P
Jackson-Walnut Park Schools
Dear Friends,
As we continue to dare to dream we are constantly seeking
to achieve the more, the more that will allow us to expand, enrich and enhance the educational offerings and activities of the
Jackson-Walnut Park Schools. We do this always in relationship
with you, the parents of our children, along with friends and
benefactors. This past year witnessed to your growing support
of the JWP Annual Fund, your creative commitment to the
annual action and generous funding of specific projects.
It is thrilling to be part of this wonderful endeavor to
educate your children to their fullest potential. As trustees
we commit ourselves to continue working together with you,
along with the administration, faculty and staff to co-create
a thriving future for the Jackson-Walnut Park Schools.
Let us together dare to dream!
ecently I attended a meeting
where the theme was “Dare to
Dream.” This theme resonated with
what is happening at the JacksonWalnut Park Schools where daring
to dream results in “creating a climate where students are motivated
to achieve excellence in and out of
Rosemary Brennan, CSJ
the classroom. Where they appreciate how their skills and abilities affect them and those around
them deepen their understanding of their connection to the
whole global community.”
The Jackson-Walnut Park Schools Annual Report presents
a positive financial picture which represents solid strategic planning. As trustees of Jackson-Walnut Park Schools, we are dedicated to providing exceptional academic programming which is
financially sustainable and promotes the values of our sponsor,
the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston. We do this always in relationship with the capable leadership of our president Suzanne
Perry, Mary Rockett, Head of School of Walnut Park Montessori, Susan Niden, Principal of Jackson School along with our
competent and talented faculty and staff.
With gratitude,
R B, CSJ
Chair, JWP Board of Trustees
Walnut Park Montessori School
010-2011 brought many opportunities for the children and
families of Walnut Park Montessori
School to learn and grow and live
the mission of our sponsors, the
Sisters of St Joseph, Boston.
Beginning with the Presidency
of Suzanne Perry, we welcome a new
warmth and a new energy to campus. Suzanne’s deep respect for the
Mary Rockett
CSJ mission and charism is apparent
in all that she does. She has established many new friendships
and much support for her enthusiastic plans for the bright future of Jackson-Walnut Park Schools. She is a passionate leader
and an exemplary guide.
Casserly house at Christmas, hosting a pot-luck dinner,
sharing a rich, cultural family heritage in the classroom, or
bringing an eighteen wheeler to campus for the children
to explore, Walnut Park parent volunteers provide the
foundation and cornerstone of the spirit of giving. They are
a true example of loving service.
In the spirit of our Sponsors
Last November, past faculty and friends were welcomed back
to campus with a Sunday afternoon reception at Jackson
School. The joy and camaraderie of old friends was
punctuated with peals of laughter at stories and photos from
the vibrant history of Jackson and Walnut Park schools.
Faculty and parents were also treated to a panel of Sisters of
St Joseph, sharing the ways in which they continue to live
out the CSJ mission in the 21st century. Their stories were
vibrant, heartwarming and inspiring.
This mission of our Sponsors is entrusted to Walnut Park
for the continuity of future generations. The role of Mission
Effectiveness Facilitator, this year held by Ms. Sandra Selvarajah
and Ms. Marcie Fleming, is instrumental in keeping a focus on
love of neighbor, service, peaceful conflict resolution and social
At our opening school picnic in September, the Honorable Mayor of Newton, Setti Warren, an alumnus of Walnut
Park and Jackson Schools returned to campus after many years.
S. Rosemary Michalski presented the Mayor with a photograph
from his days in her classroom at Walnut Park and many delighted in giving the Mayor a tour of the school and grounds.
The picnic was a grand success and adeptly orchestrated by our
PSA (Parent School Association) officers Cathy Morrill, Teresa
Leonard, Adrienne Noriega, Rory Phimister and countless
other parent volunteers.
justice. We see these values reflected in the day-to-day actions
of the children in our care and the larger service projects undertaken on campus. Children were invited to make table decorations for the CSJ convocation this year. Teachers explained to
the children that they would not be bringing their artwork
home, it would be a gift to the Sisters of St. Joseph to decorate
the tables for a special dinner. One of the children, upon completing the task exclaimed “Saint Joseph is gonna LOVE this
one!” These are the seeds of generosity and joy planted by the
Walnut Park experience.
The Spirit of Giving
The children of Walnut Park Montessori are so enriched
by the innumerable ways that parents serve the school
community. Whether contributing to the sock drive for
Walnut Park Montessori School
The JWP Auction
In April the Casino Night auction/gala was held at the
Newton Marriott. A crowd of over 300 JWP families and
friends enjoyed a night of bidding and betting. Walnut Park
received a new sandbox, stump jumpers and a climbing wall
after a thorough cleaning, grading and re-mulching of the
playground. The children attending summer camp have
enjoyed the new additions!
Professional Development
Professional development funds allowed our teachers to attend
a January conference of Montessori Schools of Massachusetts
featuring keynote speakers on “Use of Technology in the
Montessori Classroom” and “Understanding and Preventing
Bullying” two timely and engaging workshops. The Walnut
Park faculty is blessed with both the desire and the resources
to continue learning and growing to stay in step with best
practices in early childhood education.
JWP Director of Admissions, Nicole O’Brien and Room
4 teacher, Jesmine Lok presented a workshop at the National
Montessori Conference in Chicago in March. The presentation
on “Third year student retention” was well attended and well
received. At a time when many schools are struggling to maintain enrollment, Walnut Park has steadily increased retention
over the past three years and has also increased the number of
applications received. This is a luxury for which to be most
grateful in these economic times!
Walnut Park Montessori School
First Thursdays
Parent Education mornings were another terrific addition to
the calendar this year. Many parents took advantage, staying
for an hour after drop-off to learn more about the Montessori
curriculum, assessment and conferences and student
placement beyond Walnut Park Montessori. Curriculum
information is presented by the experts, Walnut Park
classroom teachers! Some featured the children demonstrating
their work and all had interesting handouts and visual
presentations to support the topic.
and above a typical
terrific preschool experience. The mission
entrusted to these
schools by the Sisters
of St. Joseph, is thriving. Each member of
the community plays
a role in our future.
If the present is any
indication of what we
can create together,
the path ahead is long and bright.
Field Day
On Field Day in May, in addition to pony rides and the
usual field games, a Native American storyteller named
“Eagle Bear” shared stories with the children after lunch.
The children were rapt by his authentic dress, peaceful,
respectful demeanor and the wonderful stories he told.
His message of love, care for the Earth and all living things
was most appropriate.
It is through the continued enthusiasm, support and
generosity of the JWP community that Walnut Park
Montessori remains able to provide these many extras over
M F. R
Head of School, Walnut Park Montessori School
Jackson School
here is really nothing that can
compare to the energy of an
elementary school – especially here at
200 Jackson Road. From the moment
you walk through our doors, you can
feel the energy, spirit and tradition
that defines Jackson as a community
where our students are known and
loved. We often speak of the Jackson
difference where children are
Susan Niden
nurtured in a learning environment
that is warm, enthusiastic, challenging and respectful.
Here at Jackson-Walnut Park Schools this difference is
realized as our programs continue to thrive and grow through
the generosity and care of our families and friends. Reflecting
on the past academic year, it is a great pleasure to highlight
through the 2010-2011 Annual Report, those events and
activities that represent the abundant joy of learning alive on
our Newton campus.
“As we move forward on to different schools, I hope that we will
remember these experiences. Jackson and its loving students,
staff and teachers will always hold a place in my heart. As we
leave Jackson, I think we should remember that we will face
challenges ahead. There will always be success in our lives, but
we will have to work hard for that success, and Jackson School
has given us the tools that are necessary to do so.”
This fall, these alumni will attend the following schools:
Baldwin School in Philadelphia, Belmont Hill School, Belmont Middle School, Boston College High School, Boston
Latin School, Brimmer and May School, Buckingham Browne
and Nichols School, Catholic Memorial High School, Mount
Alvernia High School, Newton Country Day School, Our
Lady’s Academy, Roxbury Latin School, Southfield School and
Ursuline Academy.
Responsive Classroom Practices Enhance
Social Curriculum
Jackson faculty trained with educational consultants from
the Northeast Foundation for Children who developed the
Responsive Classroom program. Throughout this year,
we implemented school wide practices such as “Morning
Meeting” and we also established a common school signal
to get children’s quick, quiet attention anytime and anywhere
in the school. A new approach to moving lunch time after
recess resulted in better eating habits, less visits to the school
nurse and improved recess behavior. Faculty members have
continued Responsive Classroom training throughout the year.
Congratulations to the Class of 2011
On June 9, 2011, our thirty-member grade six class became
the newest alumni of Jackson School. We are very proud of
these talented students and offer them every good wish as
they embark on the next exciting phase of their secondary
education. During the class’s closing exercises held at Our
Lady Help of Christians Church, classmate Shamus Clair
shared the following reflection about his Jackson experience:
Jackson School
Children’s Mission Statement Becomes Alive on Canvas
Over the past several years and in collaboration with technology specialist Mrs. Lorraine Leo, artist Bren Bataclan has
spent memorable days at Jackson working with our students
on various projects. Bren has gone worldwide with his “Smile
Boston Project” and has begun to paint murals and exhibit
his paintings across the country.
In November, Bren returned to Jackson to work with our
fifth grade students. Together, they created images that would
represent our Children’s Mission Statement:
As students of Jackson School, we strive to love God and all
creation. We take care of each other, work hard, and always try
to do our best.
Antarctica where they were postmarked and returned to them.
During October, fifth graders Skyped to share costumes and
information about the class’s historical figure day with friends
in Buenos Aires and Australia. Students across the grade levels
connected with our friends in Sendai, and Aichi Japan to send
audio files and Scratch multimedia projects offering words of
encouragement after the March 11th earthquake.
The resulting three-panel mural is now proudly displayed
in the main hall.
Science from Scientists Program
Thanks to targeted funds from donors, Jackson School
worked together with Science from Scientists, a program that
pairs elementary and middle school children with expert
professionals to enrich the science concepts taught in
the classroom. The dynamic, interactive approach was
enthusiastically received from both teachers and students.
“It serves as an enrichment opportunity for the students, and
it provides hands on activities in addition to their classroom
work,” explained one Jackson School teacher. Coordinated by
grade four teacher Miss Lauren Desautels, faculty worked
Understanding the World
During the month of January, the Jackson School again had a
unique opportunity to host twelve young visitors from South
Korea. Several generous members of the Jackson community
opened their homes to these fourth, fifth and sixth grade
students, and their lead teacher and interpreter, Ms. Eunbyul
Lee from the ACME English Speaking Program. This student
immersion program provided our students with an enriching
experience to expand their knowledge and appreciation of
South Korean culture.
At Jackson, our students deepen their knowledge of themselves and the world through a technology-infused curriculum.
This past year our first graders learned about the effect of global
warming on the Adelie penguins in Ross Island, Antarctica.
They created penguin postcards that were sent to Ross Island,
Jackson School
together with SfS instructors and carefully chose lessons that
matched the content they covered in the classroom. Working
with Science from Scientists is yet another way that Jackson
School faculty strive to incorporate different instructional
methods into the curriculum to best meet the diverse needs
of their students.
Jackson’s connections with other CSJ ministries through
giving tree donations during Advent provided toiletries, children’s gifts, books and office supplies to Bethany Hill School
and The Literacy Connection. Faculty members faithfully
continue to staff Bethany Hill Camp each summer and serve
on CSJ Ministry Boards.
Commitment to Service
Rooted in the mission of our sponsor, the Sisters of Saint Joseph
of Boston we seek to nurture an attitude of respect, compassion,
forgiveness and generosity. Throughout the academic year our
students sponsored a family in need at Thanksgiving time,
collected items and worked on site at Cradles for Crayons
headquarters in Brighton, created Valentine cards for Veterans
and raised funds through holding dress down days to respond
to the devastation caused by the tsunami in Japan.
Grade 5 students ended the school year with energy and
love of the dear neighbor as they organized a drive for toys and
other items for children who spend time in The Blum Pediatric
Resource Room at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute at Children’s Hospital. This drive was organized in honor of a fellow
fifth-grade student, who was diagnosed with Leukemia earlier
in the school year continues to receive treatment at Children’s.
Jackson School
Generous Support of Donors
This year’s generous contributions from donors made it
possible to purchase learning materials for classrooms, to
provide funds for our library, to support faculty and staff
professional growth, and to enhance athletic programs. The
impressive list below highlights what goals were attained:
• Funds from the Spring Book Fair and the Grade
Six Class Gift updated the Library with new
acquisitions, new tables, comfortable chairs and
ipad technology.
• Renovation of the JWP athletic field and installation
of sprinkler system
• New Reading program will be implemented for
grades 1-3.
We thank you once again for you generous support of
our mission and look forward to your future involvement with
Jackson-Walnut Park Schools.
• New Math learning materials for grades 4-6
• Responsive Classroom Staff Development
• Fifth and sixth grade students were able to participate
in winter basketball program at Trinity Catholic
School gym.
S G. N
Principal, Jackson School
Nicole Pascarelli O’Brien
dmissions successes for Jackson-Walnut Park Schools this
year can be attributed to the great
collaboration among the members
of the administrative team, the
strength of the individual schools,
and the growth of the campus as a
whole. As a person who enjoys data,
I share a few pieces of data that
demonstrate points of pride on our
JWP campus:
• the growth of Jackson School to three sections for
every grade and a waiting list for kindergarten
• the increase in numbers of Korean students who
participated in the Korean immersion program with
Jackson School students this past winter
• the increase in first grade children coming from Walnut
Park Montessori School this fall to Jackson School
• the growth in giving – and more importantly
participation – in the Annual Fund and Auction
among new families
• a waiting list at Walnut Park Montessori School
• the growth in retention of third year children
(kindergarten age) at Walnut Park Montessori School
For all these reasons, and many more, this has been a
great year.
JWP Marketing
Online advertising that is more focused and longer in duration
has led to a growth in inquiries for both schools. Those viewers
who click through to our website are interested in our schools.
Targeted use of surveys has resulted in valuable feedback about
how we can reach more families and where those families live.
If review of the data does not meet our goals, we are able to
change the plan – target different or additional towns for
example – without having to wait an entire cycle.
Now in the second full year of this streamlined form
of marketing, both schools can boast of a record number of
inquiries and waiting lists at their entry point years. This
information was shared last fall at the Association for Catholic
Admissions and Advancement Professionals of New England
Conference at Holy Cross, with the Archdiocese of Boston’s
Catholic Schools Office and at the National Catholic Education Association Conference in New Orleans, LA. These public
forums brought great attention to the successful marketing
strategies in use at JWP Schools.
Together with Walnut Park Montessori Lead Teacher
Jesmine Lok and Head of School Mary Rockett, we looked
at how we market Walnut Park to prospective families, and
initiated the following:
• Jesmine created a Walnut Park admissions video
• As a faculty, Walnut Park focused on educating parents
through “First Thursdays,” an opportunity to learn
more about Montessori education from the experts –
the teachers of Walnut Park.
These strategies led to a significant increase in the number
of children who stay at Walnut Park for their third year (or
fourth year). This is most beneficial in the classroom, but also
on our campus since many more children continue on to
Jackson School for first grade.
This information and newly formed “best practices” were
showcased this past winter in Chicago, IL, at the American
Montessori Society Conference. Jesmine and I shared with
over 200 participants the results of a successful retention plan
that involves administration, teachers and parents.
Retention at Walnut Park Montessori School
This year was also the third year of a focused effort to look
at retention at Walnut Park Montessori School. Retention at
any school is important, but at a Montessori school there is a
unique issue that arises if there are few to no “oldest” children
(kindergarten age). Without children to be the leaders in the
classroom, the younger children do not have the needed peer
role models.
D  A
Jackson-Walnut Park Schools
In July 2011, Nicole assumed the new role of Director of Admissions at Cambridge Montessori School. We are happy to say that she
remains a part of the JWP community as a parent.
Your Gift at Work
2010-2011 JWP Schools Fund
The JWP Schools Fund is JacksonWalnut Park Schools annual
gift-giving campaign. It is an
essential component of JWP’s
operating budget and vital to the
continued growth and achievement
of the schools. Each year, we look to
the community at large, including
trustees, parents, past parents,
Maria L. Meaney
grandparents, alumni, and friends,
to provide the funds needed above the tuition to uphold our
level of excellence in education.
The JWP Schools Fund was an enormous success this year
with $146,080 raised, a 20% increase over last year’s fund as
we continued to invest in faculty, new technologies, educational
programs and the maintenance of our existing facilities.
As the culture of giving at Jackson-Walnut Park Schools
continues to grow and evolve, we look back with gratitude for
the ongoing support and generosity of all members of the
Jackson Walnut Park Schools community. Thank you.
This report seeks to acknowledge each and every donor
to JWP and let everyone who participated know that every
gift counts.
July 1, 2010 – June 30, 2011
Unrestricted (Distributed to JS and WPM)
Restricted to Jackson School
Restricted to Walnut Park Montessori School
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JWP Auction
TOTAL Auction
Friends of JWP Fashion Show
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Jackson School Book Fair
Jackson School Library
TOTAL Special Events
CSJ Diversity Grant
The Jonathan Frederick Greatorex Memorial
Scholarship Endowment
JWP Scholarship Fund
TOTAL Scholarship Funds
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Jackson-Walnut Park Schools
ESHS Nursing Grant
2010 - 2011
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Scholarship Funds
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2 0 1 0 - 2 0 1 1 G I F T S TO J A C K S O N - WA L N U T PA R K
Julia DeVoy
Heather Gutierrez
Rita Leone
Erin Stulb
Christina Sykes
A special thank you to the 2010-2011 Annual Fund committee
members for their dedication and hard work. Their time and
energy in reaching out to each family has resulted in the outstanding
success of this year’s Annual Fund.
J P M
S (,+)
Sisters of Saint Joseph (Trustee)
CSJ S (,-,)
Anonymous Donor
(Current Parent)
Vincent and Laura Barletta
(Current Parents)
The Baupost Group, LLC
(Matching Gift)
John and Julia DeVoy
(Current Parents)
Andrew and Margaret Ferrara
Prof. Colleen Griffith and
Prof. Thomas Groome
(Current Parents)
Gerald and Margaret Jordan
(Current Parents)
Gerard and Kathleen Martin
William and Mary Elizabeth
McCormack (Trustee)
P’ C
William and Julie Booth
(Current Parents)
Beth Germano and
Lucas Feininger
(Current Parents)
Mary Lynne Hedley (Trustee)
Paul Rideout and Rita Leone
(Current Parents)
Gary and Christine Todd
(Current Parents)
Drs. Jason Wakakuwa and
Kathleen Hogan
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Paul and Mary Lou Afonso
(Current Parents)
Tenley Albright, MD
Bank of America (Matching Gift)
Jennifer Gibbons Blasi and
Robert S. Blasi, Jr.
(Current Parents)
BNY Mellon Community
Partnership (Matching Gift)
Brideswell Charitable Fund
Daniel and Marianne Burke
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Michael Callnan (Trustee)
Dennis and Karen Clair
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Maggie Schmidt and Ken Danila
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Tim and Dawn Davis
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Alfonso and Jennie De Vito
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Anonymous Donor
(Current Parents)
Charles and Gia Nicolazzo
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Kevin and Marilyn Parker
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Suzanne Perry (Faculty/Staff )
Global Impact Fund Pitney
Bowes (Matching Gift)
Kevin and Leigh Slayne
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Michael and Angela Sullivan
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Timothy and Martha Thompson
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Leif and Bridget Thomsen
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Michael and Ellen Louise Tucci
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Drs. Kalpana Gupta and Gary
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Miguel and Mariela Vega
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JWP P (-)
Mary Lou Amrhein (Trustee)
David Beavers and
Ann Schlesinger
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Mario and Eileen Fabiano
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John Farrell and Carmen Bozic
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Daniel and Dana Fulham
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Jack and Kelly McDonough
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Chris and Nicole O’Brien
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Ms. Roxanne Ferreiro and
Dr. John O’Donnell
(Past Parents, ’08)
Daniel and Susan Passacantilli
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Tiffany Angel and Alberto Puig
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Patricia Thomas and Brian
Savage (Past Parents ’10)
Chris and Erin Stulb
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Past Parents, ’96, ’99)
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(Matching Gift)
Michael and Susan Scannell
(Current Parents)
Brian Wallace and Anna LeoneWallace (Current Parents)
John and Mia Yee
(Current Parents)
2 0 1 0 - 2 0 1 1 G I F T S TO J A C K S O N - WA L N U T PA R K
B (-)
Anonymous Donor
(Current Parents)
Marion and Connie Angel
Sarah Barrett (Trustee)
Thomas and Jennifer Blakely
(Current Parents)
Rosemary Brennan, CSJ (Trustee)
Phillip Brown and Sheila O’Keefe
(Past Parents, ’09)
Stephanie Cibeu and Richard
Bryan (Current Parents)
Jane Burgoyne (Faculty/Staff )
Niall and Gretchn Carney
(Current Parents)
Nicholas and Candace Catalano
Gary and Pam Chase
(Current Parents)
Chris and Margaret Condron
Lawrence and Carolann Costello
(Faculty/Staff )
Charles and Cheryl Cremens
(Faculty/Staff and
Past Parents, ’85, ’87, ’93, ’00)
Meghan Dailey (Current Parent)
Alexander and Frances Davis
(Current Parents)
Winston and Aneta Dodson
(Current Parents)
Trevor and Mayumi Dunn
(Current Parents)
Susan Edwards (Friend)
Jason and Angela Falchuk
(Current Parents)
Rory and Fatema Fazendeiro
(Current Parents)
Joseph and Maureen Fico
(Faculty/Staff )
Marcie Fleming (Faculty/Staff )
Ken and Kim Fogarty
(Current Parents)
Marsha Moses and Gerald
Gardner (Past Parents, ’06)
Peter Wright and Lisa Gill
John Gill (Grandparents)
Jessica Greatorex (Faculty/Staff )
Mei Duh and Vincent Ho
(Current Parents)
Gary and Rebekah Hunninghake
(Current Parents)
Richard and Arlene Iannella
(Current Parents)
Spiros and Debbie Jamas
(Current Parents)
David Korb ’84 (Alum)
Litha Balakrishnan and Sabu
Krishnan (Current Parents)
Steven and Donna Lam
(Current Parents)
Pompeo and Carmela Leone
Mary Kim and Louis Maggio
(Current Parents)
William and Julia Mahoney
Jean and Lucille Marius
(Current Parents)
John and Eileen McAuliffe
(Trustee/Past Parents, ’06, ’10)
Michael and Kristen McKeigue
(Current Parents)
Annmarie Mazzocchi and
Richard Mead
(Current Parents)
Maria Meaney (Faculty/Staff )
Kerrie Mercuri-Smith
(Current Parent)
Dmitri and Svetlana Mikhailova
(Current Parents)
Stephen and Katie Myers
(Current Parents)
Dina Conlin and David
Newman (Current Parents)
Nokia, Inc. (Matching Gift)
NSTAR Foundation
(Matching Gift)
Neil O’Brien (Faculty/Staff )
James and Eileen O’Sullivan
Hyemee Han and Kenneth Park
(Current Parents)
Thomas and Jennifer Peterson
(Current Parents)
David Piper (Faculty/Staff )
Sandra Azzalina and David
Querusio (Current Parents)
Sandra Giordano and
Gaetano Ragusa
(Current Parents/Faculty)
Jon and Jennifer Routh
(Current Parents)
Richard and Mary Russo
(Past Parents, ’84)
James and Denise Ryan
(Current Parents)
2 0 1 0 - 2 0 1 1 G I F T S TO J A C K S O N - WA L N U T PA R K
Sornalatha Rathnasamy and
Karuthapandian Sanker
(Current Parents)
Dominic and Josephine Sera
Neveen Zaky Mina and Sameh
Sidhom (Current Parents)
Michael and Constance Speidel
(Past Parents, ’00)
Lumpoon Sungkharom
(Faculty/Staff )
Monica Pacheco-Tougas and
David Tougas
(Current Parents)
Joseph and Samantha Walsh
(Current Parents)
Andrew and Brenda Warshaw
Hiroyuki and Shinobu Yoshida
(Current Parents)
Herbert and Melissa Zeller
(Past Parents, ’87, ’97)
P (U  )
Anonymous Donor
(Faculty/Staff )
Andrea Allen ’95 (Alum)
S. Roseann Amico, CSJ (Trustee)
Mary Antonellis (Grandparents)
Gerald and Lydia Beaudreault
(Past Parents, ’09)
Sr. Kathleen Berube, CSJ
(Faculty/Staff )
Sr. Alice Mary Brady, CSJ
(Faculty/Staff )
Hans and Sarah Brings
(Current Parents)
William and Ann Bruno
Daniel and Michelle Bulger
(Current Parents)
Francis and Patricia Carney
Sr. Pauline Curley, CSJ
(Faculty/Staff )
Daniel and Ilene DeAngelo
(Current Parent)
Sr. Janis Delaney, CSJ
(Faculty/Staff )
Sean Dempsey and Magdalena
Gabilondo Dempsey
(Current Parents)
Patrick and Therese Donoghue
Richard and Joanne Downey
John Edwards (Friends)
Christine Fahey (Current Parent)
Jiarong and Min Fang
(Current Parent)
Sr. Charlene Favreau, CSJ
(Faculty/Staff )
S. Anne Gavin, CSJ
(Faculty/Staff )
Rustem and Tulun Gode
(Current Parents)
Samar and Toni Gupta
(Current Parents)
William and Heather Gutierrez
(Current Parents)
Mary Margaret Gutierrez
(Current Parents)
Jim and Sue Halfman
Mary Finn and Peter Ireland
(Current Parents)
Upul and Dona Jayasundara
(Current Parents/Faculty)
Sr. Ann Marie Lawless, CSJ
(Faculty/Staff )
Rosemary Michalski, CSJ
(Faculty/Staff )
Aleta Mustone ’88 (Alum)
Sr. Diane Neumyer
(Faculty/Staff )
Sarah Niden ’96 (Alum)
George William Niden ’99
Catherine McGurrin-Novack and
Michael Novack
(Current Parents)
Diana Najarian and John Philley
(Past Parents, ’00, ’03)
Amy Pote (Faculty/Staff )
Michael and Christine Power
(Current Parents)
P. Joseph and Camille Presti
Sr. Eileen Marie Prior, CSJ
(Faculty/Staff )
Rehka Ratan (Faculty/Staff )
Mary Rockett (Faculty/Staff )
Mario and Dolores Rufo
(Faculty/Staff )
Christopher Russo ’87 (Alum)
Sandra Selvarajah (Faculty)
Frank and Cesidia Leone
Ronald and Elena Loukas
(Past Parents)
Stephanie Marcucci
(Faculty/Staff )
John and Marina McCoy
(Current Parents)
John and Martha McLaughlin
James and Catherine McLean
(Past Parents, ’97, ’01)
Diana Meyer ’95 (Alum)
Doro Simone (Faculty/Staff )
J. Owen and Eileen Todd
Hung and Ann Tran (Current
S. Judith Ward, SND (Trustee)
Bruce and Suzanne Whitcavitch
Shaun Zeller ’97 (Alum)
Nicole Kiernan and Zachary
Skelding (Current Parents)
2 0 1 0 - 2 0 1 1 G I F T S TO J A C K S O N - WA L N U T PA R K
ackson-Walnut Park
Schools premier event,
our annual Auction-Gala was
celebrated on April 1, 2011.
This year’s themed evening,
“Casino Night” unfolded
beautifully with tremendous
support from families, old
and new, and friends coming
together to enjoy each other
and to further bond the JWP
community. The event raised
$150,352 and our Fund-ANeed generated over $23,000
to refurbish the playing field
and upgrade the pre-school
playground. Thank you to all
who donated, attended, and
supported the event – there
were many of you!
The Auction Committee
was comprised of a remarkable
group of volunteers. A special
gratitude of thanks to our
volunteers who worked so
diligently before, during and
after the festivities to make
this year’s event spectacular.
Pam Chase
Teri Deodato
Eileen Fabiano
Kim Fogarty
Marcie Fleming
Rita Leone
Franz Loeber
Joseph Near
Nicole O’Brien
Amy Pote
Erin Stulb
Boston Duck Tours
Boston Red Sox
Elizabeth Bostrom
Katherine Brenna
Rosemary Brennan, CSJ
Hans & Sarah Brings
Eric & Rosemary Browning
Busy Bee Florist
Cabot’s Ice Cream
Michael Callnan
Canobie Lake Park
Karen Casey Ward
Celebrities for Charity
Gary & Pam Chase
Charles River Canoe & Kayak
Charles Riverboat Company
Cheesecake Factory
Richard & Patricia Cloonan
CoCo Key
Coolidge Corner Theatre
Corrib Pub Restaurant
Pauline Curley, CSJ
Dario Preger Photography
Darryl’s Corner Bar & Kitchen
Mark Davis & Alba Cruz Davis
Dawn Davis Yoga
Davis Farmland and Mega Maze
DeCordova Museum
Dedham Community Theatre
Joe & Teri Deodato
Event Sponsors
Michael Callnan
Karen & Dennis Clair
Mary & Ed Dailey
John & Julia DeVoy
Donna & Stephen Kilcoyne
Mark and Nancy Mulligan
Kevin & Marilyn Parker
James & Christina Sykes
Gary & Christine Todd
The Village Bank
Auction Donors
Thank you to all who
provided the goods and
services that contributed to
the great success of our event.
Paul & Marylou Afonso
Mary Lou Amhrein
Baker’s Best
Bren Bataclan
Bay State Skating School
Bead Art Resources
Belmont Hill School
Big Apple Circus
Boston Beer Company
Boston College – Flynn
Recreation Center
Al & Jennie De Vito
Winston & Aneta Dodson
Double Tree Guest Suites
Elizabeth Grady of West Roxbury
F1 Boston
Mario & Eileen Fabiano
Jamie Fava
Lucas Feininger &
Beth Germano
Andy & Maggie Ferrera
David & Randi Ferrero
Folett Books
Forever Fit
Daniel & Dana Fulham
Michael & Theresa Gallagher
2 0 1 0 - 2 0 1 1 G I F T S TO J A C K S O N - WA L N U T PA R K
General Environmental Services
Jessie Greatorex
Guard Up! Inc.
Harvard Art Museum
Hayward Photography
Hellman Jordan Management
Company, Inc.
Sr. Rosaire Hickey
Himalyan Bistro
Robert &April Hughes
Hy-Line Cruises
Icing on the Cake
Improv Asylum
International Tennis Hall-ofFame & Museum
Isabella Steward Gardner
Jackson School Administration,
Staff & Faculty
Jackson School K-6 Families
James R. Littleton, CPA
JB Edward Uniforms
Jeff & Susan Terrey
John Dellaria Salon
John Smith Soccer School
Johnny’s Luncheonette
JP Licks
Judith Sargent Photography
JWP Kids’ Corner
Steven Kamens Gil &
Marina Gil-Santamaria
Sohel Karim &
Supriya Chaudhury
John F. Kennedy Presidential
Library & Museum
Katherine Kennedy
Mark Kerwin &
Annmarie Lewis-Kerwin
Kids’ Fun Stop
Konditor Meister
Kumon of Newton
Lands End
Lapels Dry Cleaning
Learning Express of Newton, Inc.
Legal Sea Foods
Mark & Teresa Leonard
Pompeo & Carmela Leone
Limelight Stage & Studios
Miguel Llopiz & Susan Healy
Franz & Marci Loeber
Alex Long & Cecilia Fernandez
Longfellow’s Wayside Inn
Vincent Longo
Lord’s & Lady’s International
Lyn Evans Potpourri Designs
Sarah Lyne
Rick Luppy & Katherine Kasper
Magic Beans Toy Store
Marcou Jewelers
New Art Center
New England Aquarium
Newton Marriott Hotel
Chuck & Gia Nicolazzo
George &Susan Niden
Oak Square YMCA
Chris & Nicole O’Brien
Neal O’Brien
Kevin & Marilyn Parker
Pat’s Peak Ski Area
Pat’s Tickets
Paulette’s Ballet Studio
Peabody Essex Museum
People’s Federal Savings Bank
Suzanne Perry
Plan A Organizing and Design
Planet Gymnastics
Plaster Fun Time
Plimoth Plantation
Paul Revere House
Paul Rideout & Rita Leone
Ruth’s Chris Steak House
Jack & Jan Ryan
Jim & Denise Ryan
Sebastian’s Barber Shop
Domenic & Josephine Sera
Sisters of Saint Joseph, Boston
Six Flags New England
Sky Zone Trampoline Park
Snip Its
South Shore Music Circus
Southwick Zoo
Robert Staulo
Sterling Golf Management, Inc.
Chris & Erin Stulb
Michael & Angela Sullivan
Swan Boats, Inc.
Swartz True Value
Taj Boston
T.G.I. Friday’s
Leif & Bridget Thomsen
James Marini
Jim & Katherine McGaugh
Shaun &Maria Meaney
Kathryn Kennedy
Eileen McAuliffe
William & Marybeth
Metro Rock Climbing Center
Monster Mini Golf
Montessori Movers
Mike Hanlon
Needham Community Theatre
Preservation Society of
Newport County
Marie Presti
David Querusio &
Sandra Azzalina
Paul Rideout & Rita Leone
Paulette’s Ballet Studo
Riverside Theatre Works
Roche Brothers Supermarket
Mary Rockett
Rosenfeld Bagels
Paolo & Cyndi Rufo
Mary Tiernan
Gary & Christine Todd
True Value by Ideal
Turtle Lane Playhouse
Michael and Bernadette Vanaria
Stephen & Julie Vasil
Brian and Anna Wallace
Waltham YMCA
Walnut Park Montessori School
Faculty & Staff
Walnut Park Montessori School
Rooms 1-5 Families
2 0 1 0 - 2 0 1 1 G I F T S TO J A C K S O N - WA L N U T PA R K
Gloria Gavris
Lawrence Gennari &
Denise Pelletier
Ann Ghiloni
Bill Gode-von Aesch &
Kia Freeman
Donna Greatorex
Jessie Greatorex
Christina Greene
Gerard Greene &
Mary Lou Amhrein
Joe & Eleanor Greene
Mark & Mia Halfman
Martin Hall & Sarita Uribe
Mike & Margaret Hanlon
Watertown Savings Bank
Edward & Susan Weiss
West Newton Cinema
West Suburban YMCA
Westin Waltham-Boston Hotel
Wheelock Family Theatre
Worcester Art Museum
Zoo New England
Auction Attendees
and Supporters
Our gratitude to all who
attended and supported
the auction:
Joseph & Sophia Aiello
Roseann Amico, CSJ
Mariana Antelo
Jane Apau
Brad & Laura Balter
Vincent & Laura Barletta
Sarah Barrett
Marion Batho, CSJ
David Beavers &
Ann Schlesinger
Lisa Beckles
Stephen & Jean Behenna
Kathy Berube, CSJ
Robert & Jennifer Blasi
Elizabeth Bostrom
Andrew & Erin Boucher
Rosemary Brennan, CSJ
Hans & Sarah Brings
Erik & Rosemary Browning
Martin Brunswick &
Cynthia Coull
Richard Bryan &
Stephanie Cibeu
Patrice Buckley
Paula Buckley
George Bulger
Darrell Byers & Margaret Mode
Michael Callnan
Cathleen Campbell
Christine Canavan
Kathleen Carr, CSJ
Jeff & Elizabeth Catalano
John & Kabrina Chang
Pamela Chase
Dennis & Karen Clair
Devin & Erin Condron
Larry & Carol Ann Costello
Cheryl Cremens
Megan Cunningham
Pauline Curley, CSJ
Ken Danila & Maggie Schmidt
Matt Davey
Alex & Frances Davis
Dawn Davis
Mark Davis & Alba Cruz-Davis
Al & Jennie De Vito
Joseph & Lisa De Vito
Janis Delaney, CSJ
Michael & Mary Rose Delaney
Joe & Teri Deodato
Lauren Desautels
John & Julia DeVoy
John & Anne DiGiovanni
Winston & Aneta Dodson
Eileen Fabiano
Patricia Fallon
Jamie Fava
Charlene Favreau, CSJ
Rory & Fatema Fazendeiro
Lucas Feininger & Beth Germano
Cecilia Fernandez
Andy & Maggie Ferrara
Bryan & Catherine Ferrera
John & Tracy Fiasconaro
Maureen Fico
Allan & Janet Fields
Billie Fitzgerald &
Gretchen Weimer
Kim Fogarty
Daniel & Dana Fulham
Magdalena Gabilondo-Dempsey
Michael & Theresa Gallagher
Barry & Helen Gaughran
Tim & Cara Gavin
George & Sandra Gavris
Bryan & Jackie Harte
Chad Hawkinson
Mary Lynne Hedley &
Robert Urban
Andrew & Carrie Hickey
S. Rosaire Hickey
Lee Hogan, CSJ
Harry Huang
Paul & MB Jarosik
Dona Jayasundara
Jerry & Meg Jordan
Frank & Kathy Joyce
Yoon Hee Kang
Timothy & Suzanne Kearney
Diane Kelly
Mary Kelly Burke
Kathi Kelly
Joseph & Heather Kelley
Katie Kennedy
2 0 1 0 - 2 0 1 1 G I F T S TO J A C K S O N - WA L N U T PA R K
Patrice Kester
Ravi Khanna
Stephen & Donna Kilcoyne
Sunhee Kim
Linda Krim
Ranjan & Cristin Lal
Robert & Laurie Lane
Ann Marie Lawless, CSJ
Randy & Tiffany LeBlanc
Lorraine Leo
Rita Leone
Anna Leone-Wallace
David & Michelle Lepore
Annmarie Lewis-Kerwin
Jim Littleton
Miguel Llopiz & Susan Healy
Franz & Marci Loeber
Jesmine Lok
Tom & Gabi Lowe
Rick Luppy & Kathy Kasper
Sarah Lyne
Paul & Nichole Mace
Alex & Sarah Magararu
Louis Maggio & Mary Kim
Laura Magni
Stephanie Marcucci
Jean Marius
Genevieve Masters
Eileen McAuliffe
William & Marybeth
Jack & Kelly McDonough
David & Kerry Nero
Brenda Nicolazzo
Gia Nicolazzo
George & Susan Niden
Neal O’Brien
Nicole O’Brien
Bernie & Patricia O’Kane
Kevin & KC O’Leary
Jim & Nathalie O’Sullivan
John & Cathryn Pappas
Kevin & Marilyn Parker
Daniel & Sue Passacantilli
Karen Pennelli
Donna Perry& Ralph Forgione
Suzanne Perry
Rory & Lara Phimister
Amy Pote
Fran Presti
Marie Presti
Eileen Prior, CSJ
John McGee
Rosalind McGrail
Sandy McGrath
Barbara McHugh, CSJ
Stacy McIntyre
Mary McLaughlin
Tom & Kerry McLaughlin
Brendan & Betsy McSheffrey
Rick Mead &
Annmarie Mazzocchi
Maria Meaney
Rosemary Michalski, CSJ
Rod & Christine Miller
Brennan Molina
Cathy Morrill
George & Kathleen Mourgis
Mark & Nancy Mulligan
Michael & Suzy Murray
Katie Myers
Stephen Myers
Elaine Pulgini-Broderick
Rosemary Purtell &
Andrew Henniger
David Querusio &
Sandra Azzalina
Gaetano Ragusa &
Sandra Giordano
Rehka Ratan
Anthony & Melissa Raucci
Eileen Riccardelli
Leighon Richardson &
Janine Whitter
Charlene Rideout
Jacqueline Rideout
Michelle Riviello
Mary Rockett
Dolores Rufo
Paolo & Cyndi Rufo
Jack & Jan Ryan
James & Denise Ryan
Chris & Judi Sargent
Michael & Susan Scannell
Tom & Maureen Scannell
Sandara Selvarajah
Darlene Sweall
William & Susan Sparks
Richard & Deborah Stande
Chris & Erin Stulb
Eileen Sullivan
Michael & Angela Sullivan
Lumpoon Sungkharom
Paul & Judy Swett
Beata Swierczynski
Jim & Tina Sykes
Michelle Tavener
Walter & Lynn Tennant
Jeff & Susan Terrey
Vinnie Than & Sandy Tran
Tim & Martha Thompson
Leif & Bridget Thomsen
Hung & Ann Tran
Michael & Louise Tucci
Julie Vasil
George & Julia Vien
Jason Wakakuwa &
Kathleen Hogan
Tim Walsh
Joanne Walker
Judith Ward, SND
Edward & Susan Weis
We apologize for any errors or omission. Every effort is made to print all names accurately. Please contact the Mission Advancement Office to make any corrections.
he financial goal for Fiscal Year 2010-2011 was to improve/strengthen the financial position of both schools
while maintaining the quality of the education provided to
our students.
The Fiscal Year 2010-2011 was a year of financial success
for the Jackson-Walnut Park Schools. Thanks to the efforts of
all parties involved in the financial process, both schools were
able to exceed their respective budgets for the year. This financial success was accomplished by following the goal of the
Jackson-Walnut Park strategic plan of achieving a balanced
budget while maintaining a quality educational product.
The financial highlights for the year are as follows:
• For the Jackson School, positive variances in enrollment
and development revenue resulted in a positive revenue
variance to budget. This positive revenue resulted in
the Jackson School achieving a net surplus before
investment income for the fiscal year.
For both schools, investment income exceeded budget
reflecting a positive stock market for the fiscal year.
The financial goal for both schools for Fiscal 2011-2012 is
to generate a net surplus while continuing to improve the quality
of the education that the schools provide to their students.
• For the Walnut Park School, increases in enrollment
resulted in a positive variance to budget for gross
tuition income. This positive variance together with
increased development revenue resulted in a net surplus
that exceeds budget for the fiscal year.
J R. L
Chair of the JWP Finance Committee
Financial Statements
Walnut Park
2010 Actual
2010 Actual
2010 Actual
Tuition and Fees
Financial Aid
Mission Advancement Revenue
In Kind Donations CSJ
Investment Income
Net Income
After School Program
Summer School Program
Total Revenue
Salaries & Wages/Fringe Benefits
Educational Supplies
Fundraising Expenses
Repairs & Maintenance/Contract Services
Telephone and Utilities
After School Program
Total Expenses
Financial Statements
Walnut Park
2011 Actual
2011 Actual
2011 Actual
2011 Budget
Mission Advancement Revenue
In Kind Donations CSJ
Educational Supplies
Fundraising Expenses
Repairs & Maintenance/Contract Services
Investment Income
Net Income
Tuition and Fees
Financial Aid
After School Program
Summer School Program
Total Revenue
Salaries & Wages/Fringe Benefits
Telephone and Utilities
After School Program
Total Expenses
Jackson-Walnut Park
Educational Collaborative
Board of Trustees 2011-2012
Roseann Amico, CSJ
Mary Louise Amrhein
Alum Parent
Sarah Barrett
Representative to the
Sponsored Ministries Corporate Board
Elizabeth Ann Bostrom
Rosemary Brennan, CSJ
Michael T. Callnan
Kathleen Carr, CSJ
Jennie M. DeVito
Alum Parent
Mary Anne Doyle, CSJ
James R. Littleton
Vice Chair
V. James Marini
Eileen Ryan McAuliffe
Alum Parent
Mary Elizabeth McCormack
Barbara McHugh, CSJ
Rod Miller
Suzanne Perry
President, JWPEC
Mary T. Tiernan
Frances Tocci
Alum Parent
Judith Ward, SND
JWPEC Administrators
Susan Niden
Principal, Jackson School
Mary Rockett
Head of School, Walnut Park Montessori
Jackson-Walnut Park Schools
71 Walnut Park
Newton, MA 02458
(617) 202-9713
Jackson School
200 Jackson Road
Newton, MA 02458
(617) 969-1537
Walnut Park Montessori School
47 Walnut Park
Newton, MA 02458
(617) 969-9208
Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this report. If we have inadvertently made an error,
please notify the Mission Advancement Office and accept our sincere apology.
Design by Lucas Feininger, DeskTop Graphics.

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