FY 2011 Annual Report



FY 2011 Annual Report
2010 / 2011
Letter from the President and Executive Director
The theme of our 2010/2011 Annual Report is
Reclaiming and Rebuilding Lives.
Reclaiming and rebuilding lives is what we
do at Apna Ghar (Our Home). This is what
we have been doing for over 20 years. Yet,
an ally to help her navigate the legal system. She
our work is far from over. Domestic violence
that will allow her to become economically
is isolating. Abusers force victims to sever ties
independent. Each woman is rebuilding her
with their family and friends. The stigma of
life to secure a better future for herself, for her
domestic violence forces a victim into silence.
children, and for future generations.
Cultural acceptance of violence continues to
make victims invisible. Our children suffer
uncovers resources that lead to stable housing,
healthcare, and education. She develops skills
This was also a year of rebuilding for Apna
Ghar. As the new board chair and new executive
director, we are dedicated to fulfilling the vision
Each day women from all walks of life call our
of our founders to end the cycle of domestic
hotline or come through our doors seeking
violence across our communities. The economic
refuge. Each woman is making a courageous
downturn of the last few years has not been easy.
first step to reclaiming a life free from fear and
By coming out in record numbers to participate
in Stride Against Violence, celebrating with us at
When a woman comes to Apna Ghar, she is no
longer alone. She finds a place to call home. She
gains space to heal emotionally. She discovers
Taste for Life, and by investing your money and
time in Apna Ghar you are helping the women
we serve not just survive but thrive.
On behalf of the staff, the board, and the women whose lives you touch, we thank you,
Rambha Radhakrishnan, MD
Serena Chen Low
President, Board of Directors of Apna Ghar
Executive Director
Sara‘s Journey
In fiscal year 2011, Apna Ghar provided over 12,000 hours of direct services to our
clients. But beyond statistics, the most significant results of Apna Ghar’s work are
found in the stories and personal successes of our clients. In the following pages, we
share Sara’s story…
*Names and identifying details have been changed to protect client confidentiality.
> Over 12,000 hours of direct services provided.
Like many of Apna Ghar’s clients, Sara is a recent immigrant. She came to the
United States when her husband decided to move to this country. Unbeknownst
to Sara, her husband brought her to the United States without proper
documentation. Already in an abusive marriage, she soon found herself far from
family, in an unfamiliar place, and without legal status in her new country. After
more than 10 years of living with violence, Sara is now determined to make a
better life for herself and her children.
> 1,820 crisis calls to the hotline.
24-Hour Hotline
Our hotline addresses the immediate safety needs of callers (and some who contact us by e-mail), who can
connect to our services, get referrals to other programs, and get information about domestic violence and
the protective options available to them.
Sara calls Apna Ghar’s emergency hotline to ask for help. The hotline becomes
a lifeline as Sara tells an Apna Ghar hotline staff member what she needs in
order to leave her abusive husband. Our hotline staffer links Sara to a legal
Legal Advocacy
> 3,409 hours of individual advocacy with civil, criminal, and immigration issues.
> 200 total clients: 189 adults and 11 children.
Legal Advocacy
Our legal advocates guide residential and non-residential clients through the US legal system. Advocates help
clients access available legal remedies, including obtaining orders of protection (civil and criminal), pressing
criminal charges, obtaining crime victims’ compensation, filing for divorce, custody, and support, as well as
acquiring legal immigration status through protective statutes such as the Violence Against Women Act. Advocates
also help clients obtain legal representation through an in-house legal clinic and partnerships with area legal aid
agencies and volunteer attorneys.
A legal advocate explains to Sara that US law protects her against domestic
violence even though she is undocumented. Sara now better understands her
rights and the legal options available to her. Apna Ghar connects Sara to a pro
bono attorney to help her file for divorce and child custody. Our legal advocate
also begins guiding Sara through the immigration process so that she can
remain in the United States with her children. The legal advocate introduces
Sara to one of Apna Ghar’s counselors and finds her a place at our emergency
Counseling Services
> 1,558 hours of group and individual counseling.
> 119 total clients: 91 adults and 28 children.
Our counselors use individual and family therapy, support groups, art therapy, and conflict management
and communication training to help women and their children process and heal from the trauma of abuse.
Counseling is provided to both residential and non-residential clients.
Sara attends weekly counseling and participates in our art therapy program.
These sessions help Sara understand the cycle of domestic violence and
recognize the tools her husband used to isolate her from friends, family, and
community. She identifies ways to make her life safer and more stable, and
begins the emotional transformation from victim to survivor.
Emergency Shelter
> 5,194 nights of shelter provided.
> 64 total clients: 47 adults and 17 children
Emergency Shelter
Our 15-bed, 24-hour emergency shelter provides women and their children who are escaping abuse a homelike atmosphere where they can regain control of their lives. Care is taken to maintain a culturally sensitive,
secure, and healing environment.
At the emergency shelter, Sara starts building a community with fellow residents.
Sara participates in group and peer support sessions that help her realize that
she is not alone. She also starts helping other survivors by sharing her own story.
Sara‘s case manager at the shelter helps her identify and apply to academic and
job training programs, healthcare providers, and other community resources.
Supervised Visitation and Exchange Services
> 1,291 supervised visits and safe exchanges conducted.
> 295 total clients: 83 custodial parents, 83 non-custodial parents, and 129 children.
Supervised Child Visitation and Safe Exchange Center
Our Supervised Child Visitation and Safe Exchange Center (CVC), one of only three free CVCs in the City of
Chicago, provides a safe place where children can interact with their non-custodial parent in the presence
of a trained facilitator. The center also offers a safe location for parents to pick-up and drop-off their children
when the courts determine that the non-custodial parent may have unsupervised visits.
When the courts allow Sara’s husband their right to see their children, Sara
turns to Apna Ghar‘s CVC. She feels safer knowing that she will not have to see
or interact with her husband at any time during the visit. She also takes comfort
in the fact that her husband‘s visit will be supervised by our trained facilitators.
> 9,705 nights of shelter provided.
> 23 total clients: 16 adults and 7 children.
Transitional Housing
Our seven transitional housing apartments offer Apna Ghar shelter clients, who have moved beyond an
emergency phase, the space to establish long-term self-sufficiency. Transitional housing is available for 1824 months. All transitional housing residents receive ongoing, intensive case management during their stay.
After four months in the emergency shelter, Sara entered our transitional
housing program. She now has a rent-free home for two years. Thanks to her
new legal status, Sara is eligible to work in the United States and has access to
health, education, and other public benefits. Sara is also planning for long-term
financial security by taking classes to become a certified nurse assistant. She
continues to work with a transitional housing coordinator, legal advocate, and
counselor to build a safe, stable, and self-sufficient life. Sara—and the many
women we serve each day—are proof that together, we can end the cycle of
domestic violence.
For over 20 years Apna Ghar has equipped women like Sara with the skills, tools,
and resources to reclaim and rebuild their lives. Our co-located service model and
strong network of community partnerships allow our clients to meet their immediate
safety needs and take their first steps toward long-term stability without the anxiety of
navigating unfamiliar systems and connecting with multiple service providers on their
own. Our multicultural and multilingual staff have significant experience addressing
the institutional barriers immigrant women and children face when accessing social
services. Our commitment to listening and learning from those we serve, has allowed
Apna Ghar to become an agency tailored to meet the needs of immigrant survivors of
domestic violence.
10 | Financial Information
- Fiscal
Year 2011
1, 2010
30, 30,
- Fiscal
(July 1,- 2010
- June
Statement of Activities
Statement of Activities
Total Revenues
FY 2011: $1,327,546
Total Expenses
FY 2011: $1,348,693* 
Statement of Financial Position
Statement of Financial Position
Current assets: Current liabilities:
Current assets:
Current liabilities:
cash equivalents 227,773
and accrued
expenses 18,535 18,535
and accrued
Investments 1,421
revenue 3,792
Grant and contract receivables 215,310 Mortgage payable - current portion 12,693
Pledges receivables
Total current liabilities
receivables 16,000
Total current
liabilities 35,020
and deposits
Prepaid and deposits 16,416
Other receivables 2,494 Mortgage payable 602,003
Total liabilities
Total current
assets 479,414
(net of depreciation)
939,703 Total long-term liabilities Net assets:
Total liabilities $1,419,117
Temporary restricted
Fixed assets (net of depreciation) 939,703
Total assets $1,419,117 Temporary
Total net
assets restricted 637,023
Unrestricted Total liabilities and net assets
Board designated 421,618
Total net assets 782,094
Total liabilities and net assets *Expenses include $29,844 in depreciation. Revenues exceed expenses for FY 2011 when depreciation is not included.
For additional information, Apna Ghar's audited financial statements and 990 are available online.
*Expenses include $29,844 in depreciation. Revenues exceed expenses for FY 2011 when depreciation is not included.
For additional information, Apna Ghar‘s audited financial statements and 990 are available online.
Grantors and Donors
Apna Ghar (Our Home) thanks its foundation and government grantors
Alphawood Foundation
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois
Chicago Tribune Charities – Holiday Campaign, a fund of the McCormick Foundation
Illinois Bar Foundation
Kamala Lakshmi Foundation
Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago
Little Angel Foundation
Michael Reese Health Trust
Million Dollar Round Table Foundation
Ravenswood Health Care Foundation
RR Donnelley Foundation
Sidley Foundation, LLP
Soumit’s World Foundation
The Chicago Community Trust
The General Fund of the Chicago Foundation for Women
The Hitachi Foundation
The Thomas M & Mary M Owens Foundation
United Way of Metropolitan Chicago
City Arts Program I of the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and the Illinois Arts Council
Department of Family Support Services
Domestic Violence Division, City of Chicago
Illinois Department of Human Services
from the Domestic Violence Prevention & Intervention, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, and
Family Violence Prevention and Services Programs
Office of the Attorney General of the State of Illinois
Office of Community Planning and Development,
US Department of Housing and Urban Development
Office on Violence Against Women, US Department of Justice
through the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority
Office on Violence Against Women, US Department of Justice
The Safe Havens: Supervised Visitation and Safe Exchange Grant Program
Office for Victims of Crime, Office of Justice Programs, US Department of Justice
through the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority
US Department of Health and Human Services
US Department of Homeland Security, Emergency Food and Shelter National Board Program
US Department of Housing and Urban Development, Community Development Block Grant
Note: Some federal government support is distributed through other public or private agencies. With budget cuts at the federal, state, and
municipal levels, it is important to recognize each government source so you can advocate to preserve the critical funds used to save the lives
of domestic violence survivors.
Apna Ghar (Our Home) expresses its deep gratitude to the donors listed
below who gave between July 2010 and June 2011.
$5,000 and above
Amrit Mittal Anonymous
ASG Foundation
Ashima Mehta
New York Life
Ramzan and Parvin Dhanji Telic Systems Inc. Usha and Darsh Wasan $1,000 - $4,999
Asico LLC Asma Waheed Bala and Bhim Hans Bangalore Murthi Be Strong Stay Strong Bhupen and Bhadra Bhuva Brij and Prema Malani Chandu and Nandana Bhakta Club of Indian Women Dipankar and Alpana
Mukhopadhyay Gauri Chopra Jayanti and Rama Patel Kamala and Kanwal Ghaey Kishor and Kumudini Ajmere Madhavan and Ruth Nayar Management Principles, INC Norman and Jane Li Paragi and Umang Patel Patrick Marsden
Pradeep Singh
and Margaret Abraham Pramod Dubale Prem Sharma Rahul and Anuradhika Roy Rahul Nand Rajeev and Tejal Mehta Rajeev Kinra Rambha Radhakrishnan Ravinder Ahuja Saira Waheed Sameer Chhabria Sanjay and Kallolini Tailor Santosh and Roshan Lal Satish and Kinna Shah Shalini Verma State Bank of India Sudarshan Sharma Surinder Nand Vasanthi and Ramesh Seeras Vijayalakshmi
and Sanker Jayachandran Vivek and Neha Iyengar Zainab Ekbal $500 - $999
Abid Ali Alpa Patel Anjali Goyal Anonymous
Arun and Pamela Sobti Asbahi Law Group Ashwin and Shobha Kumar Choji‘s City Inc. Damayanti Vasudevan Dandamudi‘s and Cabinetry David Schulke Dipankar Dasgupta E.J. Coyne & Company Hema and P. Rajagopalan Indian American
Medical Association Joyce C. Fielding K. Sujata Lakshman and Hansa Sehgal Level Construction Lisa Rone Mitha and Prema Rao Nabeela McMillian Nidhi Singh Raj R. and
Kanchana Rajasekhar Ranjana Khipple Khan Ranveer Nand Ravi and Neelam Kacker S. J. Hasanain Sabrina Hans Shashi and Arun Ohri Shastri and Tara
Swaminathan Shobha Sharma SJA Medcare Ltd Sreenivas and Anitha
Katragadda Sridevi Reddy St. Gregorios Orthodox
Church of India Sudha Rao Suresh and Lalita Batra Suryakumar and Pankaja
Tanna Tarak and Amita Paul Vachikam Kalakendra Inc. Victoria Lautman Vithal and Ajita Kasbekar $100 - $499
Aaditya and Priti Mahajan
Aarthi Sarode Aby and Mariamma Abraham Al-Karim Tajuddin Alpita Shah Amer Ahmad Amishi Sawlani Amit Rana Amy Patel Anant Radhakrishnan Andrew Pigott Aneet and Sonia Ahluwalia Anita Banerji Anjali Bhatt Anjali Mehta Anju Saraswat Ankit Shah Ann Kalayil Anthony Abbattista Anthony Chin Anup and Sital Salgia Aparna Sen Yeldandi Aparna Sharma Arif Khan Armeen Siddiqui-Mirza Aroon And Richa Pal Arup and Sumitra Das Arvind and Lakshmi Menon Asha Murthy Ashruta Patel Ashyana Banquets Asif and Shaheen Sayeed Asif Fakroddin Asok and Purnima Ray Athimoolam and
Vasantha Naidu Avinash and Madholika Dear Axita Patel Basanti and Manatosh Banerji Bellur and Sunita Prabhakar Bernard Rajaratnam
and Ann Liza Charles Nand and Bharati Belani Bhargavi Devineni Bhawna Jain Bijal Bhuva-Doshi Bina Rao Bobby and Toral Bhansali Brad Willingsworth Brahma And Manju Gupta Brenda Doherty C. M. Naim Charanjit and Harcharan Kalsi Charanjit and Parbhur Singh Charles and Alison Lo Charles Carmakal Cheryl Nelson Chicago Family Health Center Clea James Colathur Palani Cynthia Bassuk Czarnecki & Schlenker, LLC David Kelly David O‘Connor Deepa Sahrawat Deepak and Anita Mital Deepak and Febe Kapoor Diana Ali Diane Rosenfeld Dinesh and Vimala Patel Easter Seals Metropolitan
Chicago, Inc. El Rincon Community Clinic Electrical Systems & Services
Elizabeth and Charles Orsay Faraz Khan Fatima Mohyuddin First Midwest Bank Ganesh Medical, S.C. Genious Chaudhry Ghafran Chishti Haidari Shikari Ina Winston Insurance World Agency Jagdish and Vandana Shah Jagjit and Rani Jain Jagriti Ruparel Jagruti Gupta James Burton James Gilligan Janardan and Amita
Khandekar Jasjeet and Satinder Sangha Jaslyn Singh Jatinder Bedi Jatinder Singh Jayant Geete Jeff Forbeck Jeffrey Lowe Jitendra Saraswat John Nelson
and Prathibha Varma John and Sandra Mundt John Bader John Kerastas John Soeti-in John Springer John Stibich John Tullsen and Evan Siegel Joshua Reitman Juda and Susan Jona K. and D. Chadha Kamal and Urmilla Chawla Karen Coyne Karen Schneider
and David Mogul Kartik Sreenivasan Kavita Kapadia Matsko Kavita Kumar Kavitha Janardhan Ketki Steffen Kilowtie Sahi Kishwar Husain Kohli Prem Kripal Zala Krishna Chand Krishna Vallabhaneni Kush and Naina Agarwal Leena Nanda Levier Barreda Little Blossom Montessori
School Inc. M. Latif Rana Madhu Malhotra Madhu Uppal and Alka Sood Mahendra Katau Mala Vohra Mamta Malik Manasa Perera Manish and Archana Chawla Manjula Mallick Manohar L. Sharma Manu K. and Vibha Sharma Manuel Gonzalez Marella and Pankaja
Hanumadass Martin Zadigian Mary Beth Madonna Maureen McGann-Ryan Meera Narasimhan Meher Ali Mehul Shah Mennaxi and Meera Sanghani Midwest Cardiac Consultants
Mieke Holkeboer Mihaela Nair Mike and Jan Dengis Minu Benawra Mirza Baig & Company Misha Garg Moeed Ekbal Mohammad A. Kazmi Mohini Chopra Donors
Mohsin and Sandra Qureshi Monica Kelley Monika Sharma Morgan Stanley Mumtaz Husain Nalina Prabhu Naomy Levy Naresh and Kamlesh Julka Naseem Khan Naureen Amjad Navaid Abidi Navdeep Chandel Neetu and Gopal Lalmalani Neha Gill Neil Brahmbhatt Nimit Aggarwal Nizar Jiwani Om and Kanan Dhingra Padma Tumuluri Pakistani American Bar
Association of North
America Pamela Crutchfield Pamela Myerson-Gratz Pamela Wilson Pankaj and Malini Patel Parag Bhansali Paresha Shah Patel Pravin Patricia Kratochwill Paul Cusimano Paula Prock Peter Chhabria Peter Lim Philip Andrew
and Anu A. Matorin Phyllis Amabile Prabhamami Iyer Prakash and Alice Desai Pramod and Kamayani
Narang Pratap and Bharathi Marri Prem Datt Priya Foods Priyam Sood Punjabi American Association Rabindra and Manjula
Malhotra Radha Parekh Rafiq and Maila Ahmed Raj and Monika Arora Raja Krishnamoorthi Raja Parvathaneni Rajeev and Monika Bahri Rajeev Nagpal Rajinder and Madhu Guliani Rajya Karipineni Rakesh Patel Rakhee Jepson Ram Velamati Ramakrishnan
Ramanarayanan Ramesh and Beena Loharikar Rami Peltz Ranjana Bhargava Ranjit Singh and
Narinder Kaur Singh Rao Madamala Rashmi Chugh Rebekah Levin Reena Sood Riaz Ahmed Baber Rishsi Patel Ritu Radhakrishnan Robert and Carol Lifton Robert Forsythe Harris Rohitkumar Vasa Romila Mushtaq Roshan Alvares Roshan Shrestha Roy Dsouza Ruby Sanny Ruchik Desai S & C Electric Company Sagina Hanjrah Sahaja Reddy Saiyed Rabbani Sally Knox Salvador Rinella Samir Desai Samir Patel Sanganur and Janaki
Mahadevan Sanitha Poothakary Sanjay Shivpuri Sanjay Sukhramani Sanjaykumar Patel Sanjeev and Shalini Lulla Sanjida Chowdhury Sanjna Das Sant and Premlata Singh Sapmodel LLC Sarah Eversman Satish and Manju Dhanda Satya and Jaya Ahuja Schweta and Ajita Kasbekar Seema Bavisi Selma D‘Souza Seneca Distribution Systems
Shaan Ahluwalia Shahnaz Chowdhry Shahreen Hossain Shaifali Sandhya Shairoz Fazal Shamim Kanchwala Shamsheer Gir Shanta Nair Shanta Ttee Shantibhai and Savita Patel Sharmeen Khan Sharon Feehan Sharon Kayser Shefali Mehta Shefali Nathan Shefali Shah Sheila Donoghue Sher Rajput Shereen Basith Shirin Muzaffar Shobha Lakhani Shriram and Rohini Udupa Shriya Kapoor Sima Patel Simi Agarwal Sireesha Allamneni Sonal Gupta Sonali Muzumdar Sreenivas Reddy Sudershan Saxena Sumeena Jairaj Supriya Jasuja Surendra Gulati Surinder Singh Susan McDonald Susan Rosas Susan Steinhoff Svati Patel Swati Saxena Swetal Patel Syed and Waheeda Anwar Sylvia Vatuk T. and Asha Subramanian Taher Hafez Thavaseelan Dorairaju Thiruneermalai
and Radhika Sriram Tim and Patricia A. Somers Todd and Charlotte Goldberg Tracie Miller Tracy O‘Dowd Travis Capers Tushar and Ketki Parikh Umang Patel Usha Rani Nimmagadda V. Chowdary
and Aruna K. Jampala V.K. and Shobha Sharma Vandana Patel Vaseekaran Janarthanam Vasudevan Rajaram Ved and Rita Yadava Vibha Sabharwal Vijaykumar and Prema Rao Vinita Khanna Vinod and Promilla Bansal Vinod and Suniti Dalal Vishali Chadha Vivek and Nameeta Kapoor Wrigley Jr. Company Yasmin Mody Yatin Shah Yogesh Gandhi Zahra Somani In-Kind Donations
Air India
Alpana Singh
Amiel Harper
Ande Breunig
Andrew Levin
Anupy Singla
Aroon Pal
Asaya Technology Solutions
Asma Waheed
Barbara Hoff
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Counseling Centers of
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Gaylord Restaurant
Geja‘s Café
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Hema‘s Kitchen
Hopeline Midwest/
Verizon Wireless
Illinois Coalition Against
Domestic Violence
Inchin‘s Bamboo Garden
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John and Sandra Mundt
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Mariam Satchu
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Varsha Pandya
Vinic Wine Company
Zahida Noorani
We apologize if we have
inadvertently omitted any of our
generous donors from this list.
Apna Ghar Team*
Board of Directors
Serena Chen Low
Executive Director
Rambha Radhakrishnan, MD
Sameer Chhabria, JD
Vice President
Vasanthi Seeras, CPA
Alpa Patel, JD
Surinder Nand, MD
Member-At-Large / Past President
Jatinder Singh Bedi
Ramzan Dhanji
Sabrina Hans
Ranjana Khipple Khan
Dipankar Mukhopadhyay
Saiyed G. Rabbani
Monika Sharma
Madhu Uppal
Shalini Verma
Hiranmayi Bhatt, Facilitator, Child Visitation Center
Aisha Chaudhri, Shelter Advocate
Sanjna Das, Director, Clinical and Housing Services
Nicole C. DuMont, Facilitator, Child Visitation Center
Courtney W. Feuquay, Shelter Supervisor
Gabrielle Friedman, Community Advocate
Robert Gallenbach, Supervisor, Child Visitation Center
Neha Gill, Director, Legal Services and Client Data Systems
Sabrina Iga, Community Advocate
Bettina Johnson, Shelter Advocate
Pawan Kumar, Controller
Hajira Mahdi, Community Advocate
Irena Mantulev, Financial Assistant
Manij Marashi, Transitional Housing Coordinator
Bernadette McIntosh, Shelter Advocate
Clea Mirza James, Shelter Advocate
Kanika Pahwa, Domestic Violence Counselor
Rina Rothmann, Shelter Advocate
Monica Silva, Facilitator, Child Visitation Center
Kalpana Simhan, Director, Development
Ashley Tsuruda, Event Coordinator
Asma Waheed, Office Administrator
Tynisa Watson, Facilitator, Child Visitation Center
Prem Jay Datt
Zainab Ekbal
Kanta Khipple
Santosh Lal
Ashima Mehta
Jagriti Ruparel
Shaheen Sayeed
Prem Sharma
Usha Wasan
Languages spoken by staff:
Arabic, Bengali, French, Gujrati, Hindi, Japanese, Luganda,
Malayalum, Persian, Polish, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish,
Ukrainian, Urdu
Roshan Shrestha
Sameer Afsar
Kulsum Akbar
Asif Ashiqali
Ahmed Khan
Samira Nazem
Smreti Rajgarhia Didwania
*as of 2/1/2012
Apna Ghar (Our Home)
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