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July - Tengizchevroil
«Теңізшевройл» жауапкершілігі шектеулі серіктестігінің басылымы
Информационная газета ТОО «Тенгизшевройл»
Tengizchevroil Newsletter
№ 07 (205) 2014
XXI World Petroleum Congress
In this issue:
TCO reps at World Petroleum Congress in Moscow
On target
Page 2
uring the
week of the
15th June
Moscow was hosting
the World Petroleum
Congress, a major event
in the global oil and gas
industry, now held for the
21st time. Attending the
forum were about 5,000
delegates representing
80 countries. Kazakhstan’s delegation was
represented by companies – members of
KAZENERGY Association led by ROK Ministry
of Oil & Gas.
Uzakbai Karabalin acting as the leader
of the Kazakhstan team cut the ribbon inviting visitors to the booth of Kazakhstan at
KROKUS EXPO Center in Moscow.
The total area of the national stand
of Kazakhstan was estimated at 180 sq.
m. The exhibit was divided into 3 sections introducing the investment climate
in Kazakhstan, the development of major
projects in petroleum sector and the ads for
EXPO ’17 Exhibition in Astana.
Besides TCO, the petroleum sector of
That is the Service
Page 4-5
the Republic of Kazakhstan was represented by NC KazMunaiGas, ExxonMobil
Kazakhstan Ventures Inc., Karachaganak
Petroleum Operating B.V., JSC KazTransOil, Petro Kazakhstan Group, Nort
Caspian Operating Company B.V. (NCOC),
JSC MaghistauMunaiGas, JSC NC AstanaExpo 2017 and Eurasia International.
During the days of the congress, a
series of expert presentations and conferences were held on the premises of Kazakhstan’s exhibit introducing companies’
Uzakbai Karabalin, Tim Miller and Aset Magauov.
pioneering technologies and best practices
in corporate social responsibility. TCO
came up with two presentations on Sour
gas injection – from concept to success,
made by Murat Munbaev, TCO Strategic
Planning & Analysis general manager and
the Future Growth Project – another major
expansion of Tengiz facility, made by Nurlan Kaliev, deputy director of FGP- WPMP.
Also a separate session was hosted
by Kazakhstan Ministry of Oil & Gas on
the subject of Prospects of Kazakhstan
Petroleum Sector Development, supported
by Minister Uzakbai Karabalin, CEOs of
Kazakhstan companies and investment
projects, petroleum sector analysts and
representatives of international organizations and KAZENERGY. Tim Miller made a
report on The Republic of Kazakhstan and
Tengizchevroil – success through partnership and innovations specifically highlighting the importance of partnership relations
for stimulating of the national economy
growth, enhancing kazakhstan’s attractiveness to foreign investors, innovative
development and the use of state-of-the-art
technologies. It is noteworthy that attending
the Kazakhstani ministerial session was a
large number of delegates which served
the evidence of high-level recognition of
the Republic’s achievements and rating
on the world petroleum market and also
was indicative of the strong interest to our
At the Congress Tim Miller, general
director of Tengizchevroil was bestowed
a medal of KAZENERGY Association for
outstanding contribution to the development of mutually beneficial cooperation.
The award was handed in by ROK Minister
of Oil & Gas Uzakbai Karabalin, assisted
by general director of KAZENERGY Asset
By Meruert Sukhankulova,
Page 5
We give a strong credit
to our heroes of sports
Page 7
Seeking expertise from
friends and partners
Page 8
On target
The orientation also included
comprehensive phased training organized in packages. The
program was first implemented
during the 2013 turnaround at
During the 2014 turnaround
TCO management focused Oper-
№07 (205) 2014
fully accomplished. However,
the management requested that
Operations maximized the use of
local content during the turnaround which was also expected
to receive comprehensive training in the methods of performing
complex repair works. Naturally,
this circumstance has somewhat
extended the term of the turnaround at KTL.
In order to establish effective supervision of maintenance
and implement all upgrades
projected, a special additional
group for KTL turnaround was
lik Niyazgaliev, who volunteered
to do the night shift to doublecheck all project paperwork in
order to transfer a few operations
from turnaround list to routine.
A large scope of work has been
done by shift engineer Myrzagali
Nurmanov, a specialist having a
long record of operating complex
compressor units. Among the
novices who took part in the turnaround for the first time were KTL
turnaround coordinator Salamat
Kurmangaliev and consultants
Tlegen balabaev and Kanatbek Shortanbaev. Interestingly
in focusing their teams on fairly
complicated targets involving
implementing of Seasonal Gap
Reduction Packages. The longest
and most sophisticated job during
turnaround 2014 has been the
responsibility of our KTL longlivers Vadim Boldarev, Gibatolla
Ergaziev and their supervisor
Valeriy Leonov of Support Group.
Demonstrating superior excellence at the Control Room was
Michael Kashirin, who also
provided coaching for a group of
young operators dispatched to
the Control Room for advance
organized, staffed both with expert operators with a work record
above a decade and some young
specialists. Strong support has
also came from engineers and
technicians, who often stayed
extra days after their hitch was
over. I would like to particularly
recognize the important role of
KTL Ops Support Supervisor ma-
enough, the guys have exhibited
a good talent of organizers along
with no-nonsense attitude in supervision of technical routine and
quality of repairs. Speaking of
the best team leaders, without a
doubt the best leaders of a team
of turnaround operators were
Erkin Shimanov and Kairbeck
Mendeshov. They succeeded
training during turnaround.
Currently insulation works are
being completed at KTL as part
of winterizing effort. The turnaround is completed, so Uralbek
Nazhimov, head of KTL Projects
Support Group focused his
coordinators on the thorough plus
and delta analysis of the jobs
Rasymkhan Matenov
nother turnaround at
the KTL Plant is over.
The technical target set
by TCO management for TCO
Operations has been achieved
successfully. So far, the major
part of operating costs in tengiz
has been associated with meeting the challenges of the harsh
climate in Tengiz known for its
rough extremes. It is a common
knowledge that every technological process requires constant
pressure and temperature,
therefore the group of Operations
Support under TCO Projects has
worked out a program of Seasonal Gap Reduction designed
to effectively address the issue.
In fact, the actual name of the
project looks more sophisticated,
yet its ultimate idea is very clearcut – to reduce the impact of the
Tengiz climatic extremes on the
operation. During the past 12
months the program has been introduced to the groups involved.
ations on the following priorities:
1. Safety of works
4. Completed the job on
Essentially, #4 could be
achieved automatically, provided
#1 through #3 were success-
PFU project success story
he Plant Firewater Project (PFU) is charged
with revitalizing the
existing firewater supply system
at Tengiz and as part of this identified an opportunity to use HDPE
hydrant pits, a new technology,
which is simpler to install and has
better watertight integrity.
One of our partners, KMG
expressed an interest for us to
source these pits from within
Kazakhstan, which our project
attempted to do without success,
until we identified BSD – who
had potential but limited history of
HDPE manufacturing.
Working together with DMD
and Supply Chain we helped
BSD to develop a business case
which extended beyond PFU to
include future project demands
over the next five years, other
oil and gas companies and local
government agencies. This provided a sound basis for this opportunity to provide a long term,
sustainable business which will
benefit Kazakhstan by providing
employment and an appropriate
technology to combat the local
ground water conditions.
To date an order has been
placed by PFU project with
options for future larger orders
based upon successful perfor-
BSD / PFU – Kick off Meeting mance by BSD. Manufacturing
equipment and material have
been ordered to construct the
pits and personnel have already
undergone training in the HDPE
welding technology in Estonia.
PFU have assigned personnel to
oversee the production – who are
already on site working with BSD
to ensure that the manufacturing
process goes smoothly once the
material and equipment arrive.
BSD, are an innovative
company who have already suggested improvements in the base
design developed by PFU project
which have been approved. They
also have a plan to develop their
business over time to include
the manufacture of low pressure
large diameter pipe needed in
the products assembly. This will
make the operation much more
efficient and allow for internationally competitive pricing to be
achieved avoiding the need for
TCO to pay a premium to obtain
Kazakh manufactured pits in the
In summary the success to
date, has been based upon
• Identification of an opportunity and encouragement by our
Trial Pit Manufactured by BSD Personnel
• Cooperation between different groups within TCO to develop
the capability.
• Acceptance and management of risk by both the contractor and TCO.
Both TCO and BSD are look-
ing forward to developing the
business opportunity over the
next year and maintaining a close
working relationship which will
see the establishment of a productive, technologically superior
business within Kazakhstan.
№07 (205) 2014
Plant electronic registry
Starting in January of 2014, a new web-page has been opened on the Intranet under TCO Operations hosting
Electronic Work Permit Registry. Today we can proudly report the project has been very successful.
he implementing of the
Electronic Work Permit
Registry and adapting it
to TCO Documentation Management System provided the following strong benefits:
• Provided an easy access to
end users to the special central data base to keep a proper
record of all jobs done in the license area of Tengiz and Korolev
• Allows for amending or
updating the procedures within
TCO Ops area of responsibility
with regard of accumulative data
TCO Operations and General
Maintenance are the primary users of the current data base kept
in hard copies in Tengiz. After
introducing the new electronic
version, the list of users will be
extended, as the access will be
given to Logistics and Service
companies in charge of catering, housing and transportation
services provided on a daily
schedule to the staff involved in
routine operations, but from now
on also aligned with the term of
each work permit. For example,
for the Logistics Group the interval between turnarounds is a very
important information necessary
for planning. Similarly critical to
the Services is the data showing
the number of people involved in
the routine and preventive jobs,
major capital projects and design
Highly important to the users
involved will be the new feature
of the electronic data base allowing for normalizing the process of
effective identification, monitoring
and reporting of risks potentially
jeopardizing safety, health of personnel and environment for the
above ladies are analysts Arthur
Bulebayev and Gulnur Dauitova
who have profound experience in
creating and analyzing the data
base for TCO Contractors. Also
belonging to the team are Nazgul
Tasimbayeva and Gulnur Dauitova, off-plot facilities work permit
coordinators who started their career as safety inspectors for the
Bolashak Plant. Among the latest
reinforcement of the work permit
coordinators’ group are young
specialists, recent graduates of
universities Bota Gabbasova and
Alikhan Bulebayev. Giving invaluable support to them are Sergei
Murzagaliev and Askhat Ruslanov, recognized specialists in
technical terminology. More priceless assistance, particularly durtypes of works which require essential work permit
issuance. The electronic
work permit registry will
not cancel the procedure
of work permit issuance
in hard copy and respective additional permits for
hazardous operations.
The data base of the
electronic registry will
administer practically all
aspects of plant activity
involving maintenance,
repairs and construction
To implement this
project TCO Operations assigned a special
group and committed the job
specifically to Assel Shekenova
and Guldana Koshenova, permit
coordinators for KTL. Their previous vast experience in Tengiz
will surely appear useful to them,
same as their skill of coordination with both the leaders of large
department and the rank-andfile workers taking care of plant
routine. For example, Guldana
has contributed to the project
her personal ideas how to best
organize systematic supervision of safety at the early stage.
Among the staff reporting to the
ing turnaround meetings, comes
from Eva Dadzhiyeva, simultaneous interpreter. Special credit in
the area of operational safety is
given to Ablaikhan Sagidanov
and Nazgul Tassimbaeva. To all
the abovementioned individuals
the mission associated with the
Electronic Work Permit Registry
is deemed an exciting challenge,
plenty of room for creativity and
solid basis for future career. It
is also important to mention the
special role of the leaders in this
project – Rod Webster and Brady
Schenkewitz who have profound
experience in building effective
teams staffed by various type
specialists. One of them can brag
of his success story implementing the automated controls for the
Second-Generation Plant, while
the other was in charge of the
project Unit Operators’ Routine
Duties implemented in Tengiz.
As the Electronic registry will
be brought in operation, it will be
gradually supplemented by more
metrics and tables.
The presentation material to introduce the Electronic
Registry has been prepared in a
very short term. During 30 days
presentations were made before
supervisors of KTL and Off-Plot
Facilities, who provided many
valuable recommendations. In
particular, Maulen Kereyev abd
Serik Umarov provided counsel
for the criteria and significant indicators of the data base, also on
the exporting and importing data
to other managerial and working
documents used by TCO Ops.
The new project is a part of
a large-scale process of Operational Excellence which is
defined as “systematic control of
safety, health and environment,
reliability and effectiveness of
equipment to achieve world-class
performance.” This comprehensive process assigns a strategic
objective to every employee and
work group at TCO which is To
be recognized and respected in
the industry and the community
as a Company showing worldclass performance.”
The specific mission of the
team working on the Electronic
Registry of Work Permits is
clearly in line with the above strategic objective and contributes to
its success.
By Rasymkhan Matenov
Letter of appreciation
To: General Director of LLP Tengizchevroil
Dear Mr. Tim Miller,
The Association of Voluntary Societies of the Disabled in Astana hereby thanks the management of LLP Tengizchevroil for the opportunity to provide goods and services to TCO as local supplier. Starting from January of 2013, we
have been successfully performing as supplier, producing windsocks on the work-order awarded to our company.
We are proud to be partners to TCO on an important social mission, contributing to the professional rehabilitation and social involvement
of the disabled people. Although commenced
not too long ago, our partnership with Tengizchevroil has provided sufficient evidence of
TCO’s strong corporate social responsibility
and true good neighbor attitude.
In particular, we would like to recognize the
exemplary style of the Kazakhstan Content
Development Group manifested through custom-tailored approach in addressing various
issues of cooperation, prompt response to
related challenges, guaranteed performance
against commitments and superior professionalism of the staff.
Wishing all the best to your great team of
Yours very respectful,
V. Shebunyaev,
deputy chairman of Astana Association
of the Societies of the Disabled
April 10, 2014
That is the Service
It is common knowledge that both the Tengiz Oil and Gas
Project and Tengizchevroil (TCO) operate like a well-tuned
mechanism. Tengizchevroil is one of the leading business units of Chevron, a global power corporation and it is
recognized to have been the largest and safe company in
Kazakhstan over the last few years. It firmly holds a leading
position in many functional areas.
owever, such a powerful company cannot
operate without its own
infrastructure that would support
and ensure proper operation of
its base business. TCO Business
Services is a department that plays
an important role in this area.
“The very first person whom
any visitor to our Company meets
is the one from the Business Services Department,” Irina Dragush,
Superintendent of TCO Atyrau
Facility Management Department,
is proud to say. “Any theatre begins
with a cloak-check while any
company starts with a reception.
A visitor contacts with a front desk
employee first and the first impression counts a great deal to set a
style for further cooperation.”
Irina Victorovna is absolutely
right to make such an assumption
because even a tone of welcome
words counts. Business Services
personnel is virtually everywhere
in the TCO Atyrau Headquarters
here. The business service support
is great here,” this is what Anatoly
Ustinenko thinks. Anatoly is a
journalist, who takes regular visits
to Atyrau and Tengiz to perform
his creative business. He is not
an engaged person and he is not
fast to speak out his assessment of
anything. In addition, he has traveled half-way around the world and
he has seen the best in the world.
Everybody is pleased to hear
praise but let us go back to reality. The TCO Business Services
Department is a multi-functional organization. It consists of six groups
that include dozens of specialists
and common workforce. They are
Administrative Service of Company
Atyrau Headquarters, Administrative Service in Tengiz, Translation
Center, Mail Room, Information
Center and Plant Technical Archives. The formal list of services
the Company employees enjoy
from the Business Services Department includes 40 various types of
charge of the Tengiz oilfield. Now it
includes tons of old paper documents which sometimes look untidy
but are of great value for specialists. The Business Services took
quite an effort to scan and digitalize
these unique documents and
provide access to them for all who
need them via Company Intranet.
The Archives staff pursues this effort to complete the job.
“Human resources determine
everything!” These are the words
№07 (205) 2014
I.Dragush said about the basis
of successful performance of the
team she used to be in charge in
the recent past. “The major rule
of our Service efforts (and facility management is a service after
all) assumes that every employee
should know exactly what he/she
does and why he/she does this or
that. A new hire should understand
objectives and priorities of his/her
group first of all and he/she should
be able to share the established
team spirit and work so that to keep
high and foster the team image.
I cannot imagine quality performance of our team without such
skills as reasonable communication
skills, politeness, competencies
and responsiveness to customers’ requests and
needs. At any
area where we
provide our services,” convincingly added Irina.
It is quite
a challenge
to develop an
employee who
would meet the
above straightforward and
stringent criteria
at the same time.
Mrs. Dragush
has completed
Irina Surkova (left) –
Reception – HQ reception
Gulnara Janguzina – Mail Center Assistant
- Translators Yuri Baranov and Bagitzhan Myrzakhanova
Natalya Ovchinnikova – feels good!
TCO HQ Mail Center
Information Center Team
Repographics – our mini typography
Nurlan Mukanov and Leonid Kim, Audio and Video Specialist
TCOV Library
Plant Technical Filing Room
Irina Dragush
but you will never notice them. It
is not magic, it just shows how
professional the Business Services
people are. Whenever you come
to a printer, you will always find
neat stacks of paper nearby any
time of the day. I doubt anybody
has ever complained of lack of
printing paper. When you come
to a conference room, you will
always have wireless earphones
to allow you to enjoy simultaneous
translation, if needed. Have you
ever come across a situation when
somebody has missed them when
in the conference room? I doubt it.
There are many similar examples
that confirm a high level of BUSINESS SUPPORT TCO employees
enjoy. These minor details make
up an overall business style which
is of quite a high quality in TCO.
Company employees, contractors
and visitors, all of them are of the
same opinion.
“I really appreciate all the things
I find here. You are sure to have
a proper response to any of your
questions or you will be provided
with a relevant solution for any of
your outstanding concerns. You
feel comfortable and easy, you
have all the things you need to
perform our job with high quality. I come here twice a year and I
always feel happy during my visits
support services to ensure smooth
operation of the Company. Some
of them are unique, too.
First of all, we should discuss
operation of the Plant Technical
Archives. Few company employees are aware of the significance
of the Archive operation. Only the
ones who have to use its services
can really appreciate opportunities
it provides. The Archive is a unique
accumulation of information about
the Tengiz Production Complex,
it has been retaining documents
starting from the Plant construction
period when Tengizneft Oil and
Gas Production Company was in
Photographed by A. Ustinenko
№07 (205) 2014
Zemfira – what is your
name’s story?
Various dictionaries give multiple versions of this name’s
meaning and etymology, yet all of them are applicable to
this lady’s appearance and character. Perhaps, sapphire
and gem would be best fit and comprehensive attribute.
Want to know why? OK, let’s go in detail.
– New Business Service Group Supervisor
quite a career in Tengiz, too. She
joined the TCO Security Service
as a translator back in 1996. She
was soon appointed to work as an
analyst and then as a supervisor of
the Analytical Service. The strict
and qualified specialist attracted
attention of Brian Olson, Manager
of the TCO Services Department,
and in 2002 he managed to have
her transferred to his Department.
Nowadays Irina has two university
degrees, one in linguistics and
teaching and one in law. This is
quite an example to follow and
many employees in her team pursue a similar path. The disadvantage of such attitude is a continuous turnover of employees in her
team. When a new hire develops
into a highly qualified specialist, the
team often has to say good-bye to
him/her. Other TCO departments
are happy to acquire her former
reports whom Business Services
have turned into professionals.
“Business Services is a kind
of a launching pad into career development,” agrees Irina Dragush.
“I can recall many names: Gulmira Bissembaeva, Zulfat Amanbaeva, Leila Chegreeva, Beibut
Altybaev, Irina Surkova (current
Business Services Manager who
was appointed last June), Ainur
Bekenova, Irina Kotlyarova, and
many others. All of them started
to work for TCO in our team and
today they are leading specialists in
their departments. Roza Seitkalieva is a Deputy Superintendent
of the Tengiz Facility Management
Department. Zhibek Khairullina
is the Supervisor of Aviation and
Logistics. I am happy whenever
our employees get a promotion.
The better professionals monitor
their work, the faster they get their
promotions. Yuri Baranov and
Peter Larkin they ar top quality
translator’s, Nurlan Mukanov is an
experienced engineer in audio and
video equipment, Valerii Dyukarev
is a leading specialist in procurement. There are many others who
are pleased to help young employees to grasp all the details of our
multi-functional assignments. All
of us do our best to perform as
well as possible. This is what our
Service requires from us.
It would take me a long time to
name all regular services the Department provides: timely mail delivery, well printed business cards,
high quality translations, timely
delivery of requested information.
These are the things which most of
us take for granted in our everyday
business. At the same time, all of
them make up a huge and varied
workload for which Business Services is responsible.
Business Services is like air
which we never pay attention to but
we will die without it. It is nearly
invisible as air is and it has similar
importance for Company performance!
Georgi Trukhin
Picture taken by author
Wherever our character,
Zemfira Shamileva shows
up, she immediately starts
to work the center of gravity. This beautiful, buoyant
and sportive woman has
the magic of energizing
everything around through
her outstanding zest for
life. However, the above
properties are by far not all
her talents. You just need
to start talking with her, and
soon you will feel the difference and admire this person
of unique individuality and
intelligence manifested
through her manner of
speaking and regard. Zemfira’s job is financial analyst,
yet you can try a vast variety
of subjects talking with her,
only to prove invariably she
is absolutely competent.
To date, this young
specialist (Zemfira’s record of work
history is six years, starting from
graduation from university) managed to make a successful career
with TCO Finance. Quite recently
she was back from her 2-year
overseas assignment in Farnborough, England where she worked in
a position of high responsibility for
Future Growth Project. To cut a long
story short, this was a job that can
be trusted to a reliable and knowledgeable specialist only. Besides,
FGP is anything but a routine work
process where the young engineers
involved can take their time to
mature gradually enjoying a longterm support of patient mentors. On
the contrary, this is a world-class
project marked for ambitious targets
and pioneering ideas which require
fast and responsible decisions,
plus ability to perform under stress
and demonstrate a great deal of
self-sufficiency. To achieve such a
degree of competence and reliability
through four years of work is a remarkable talent, indeed.
– Tell me, Zemfira, what do
you think, which of your personal
properties primarily helped you to
advance this fast in your professional career?
– Well, believe it or not, this is
a quiz I have been trying to guess
myself and I am still seeking an
I saw the young lady looked
absolutely unabashed by this question of mine.
– I must say in the first place I
am not a place hunter in the least,
so I am not on the pitch seeking
positions of higher responsibility by
all means. What happens is from
my early childhood I developed a
knack for leadership which continue
to generate my strong motivation.
Zemfira gave a hearty laugh, yet
regained seriousness and thought
she needed to give a more solid
reason, but, obviously, failed to
provide one off the top of her head,
so she once again smiled and said:
“Well, I can’t do anything about it. It
happens all by itself. I have a feeling
I must assume leadership whatever
the assignment, so I am looking for
effective and innovative ways all
the time.
This pursuit of innovation has
day at school, and I intended strongly
to study in Moscow. But this was not
to happen… You can easily recognize my origin from my appearance.
My father Abdul-Manat is Chechen
national, and my mother Nadezhda
has infusions of Ukranian, Polish and
Russian blood in her veins. In early
2000 Moscow survived a serious
turmoil as a result of severe terrorist
attacks, so the general atmosphere
was rather grim. I had to decide
been her typical style from the very
beginning. Zemfira worked in her initial position of senior analyst for Internal Control for one month only, then
was promoted to a position of higher
responsibility – clearly an extraordinary fact. Yet there was a very good
reason to such a decision, because
the young specialist demonstrated
an outstanding talent in identifying
controversies or unnecessary duplications in financial procedures and
never hesitated to bring up the issue.
As a result, many procedures have
been improved and streamlined to the
benefit of the Company’s business,
and the change appreciated by all
involved. Next promotion happened
soon. Some time later, nobody was
surprised to see Zemfira in the role
of facilitator for coaching sessions
and going on regular business trips to
Tengiz to provide valuable professional counsel to colleagues. It became
very obvious Zemfira Shamilyova’s
choice of career with TCO Finance, a
department of prominent function and
high level of competence, was in the
right time and in the right place.
Dear readers, now you will be
surprised to know Zemfira found
herself in Tengiz by sheer chance,
and her affiliation with the Finance
Department was a random choice.
Now you probably feel the intrigue,
so I need to give some background
“I was dreaming of making a career of a doctor, confessed Zemphira
with a touch of sadness in her voice.
- I had kept this dream until the last
myself, so I was scared to go there.
I considered an option of foreign languages for my career, because was
strong in English since the 6th form at
school, but later abandoned this idea,
and the decision was finally made
very quickly. I submitted my papers to
the Kazakhstan Institute of Economy
and Management (KIMEP) and was
She lived a very active life full of
events at higher school, and her talent of leadership manifested in many
ways. Yet before final graduation
from the institute, Zemfira received
an offer from a prestigious firm. She
never thought of a career with TCO,
although at the time this was a job
sought after my many. She refused
to even think about employment at
Tengizchevroil, because believed
this was a dream next to unreal, a
white elephant or a mountain peak
high above Almaty, an attractive, yet
impossible mission, therefore easily
compromised by her. But life is full
of mystery and unexpected happenings…
“A large group of TCO specialists
arrived in Almaty to hold what they
called an Employment_Recruitment
Fair, so among other volunteers I
decided to knock myself for a loop.
Honestly, this was a shock when I
received an offer from TCO while
an undergraduate at the institute,”
reminisced Zemphira, giving a smile
to her own exciting memories. – I had
to make my choice, so I made it. That
was in favor of TCO, while by the way
another company’s base business
was very remote from petroleum
When on her assignment in
Farnborough, Zemfira Shamilyova
faced a serious challenge. She
found herself on the stuff of a very
strong team, side by side with
specialists from Chevron’s affiliates
all across the globe, with a strong
training background and expertise.
All of them adhered to various business practices, some
very different from those
accepted at TCO. The
challenge was to bring all
ideas in balance in order
to achieve the target.
“Tengizchevroil has
changed me dramatically,
involving both my general
outlook and professional
skills, - said Zemfira,
analyzing her two years
of most recent overseas
assignment. – Speaking of Farnborough,
this assignment sort of
expanded my vision of
opportunities. I saw my
job at a new angle which
expanded its scope and
allowed for its global
positioning, thus I started to treat my
duties differently. FGP gives everyone on board of this team the sense
of working at a new frontier of petroleum upstream, making an important
personal contribution to its progress.
Meanwhile, I have also benefited
beyond my profession – culturally.
Guess what, I even managed to
make my time and dedicate some
after hours to my favorite hobby –
dancing,” said Zemfira.
This is yet one more evidence
to prove Zemfira is a multifaceted
personality. She has been fascinated by dancing since childhood
which is normal with girls. However,
by far not all of them eventually
are able to develop the will power
strong enough to motivate them to
work hard and commit themselves
to continuous perfection. Zemfira
has demonstrated the commitment through many years, as she
practiced Latin dances in a dancing
studio, then turned to folk dances
and presently fell in love with salsa,
so she managed to find a salsa club
in Farnborough and continued to
“Ah, looks like I have a problem
with salsa, she said, laughing. – This
is once again the problem of my
irrepressible leadership. In salsa
the leading role belongs to the male
partner, who leads the lady to follow
the tune. He is the master. Not with
me though. It doesn’t work here. I
don’t know how this happens, but
eventually I seize the initiative all the
time. And they blame me for doing
so only naturally.”
Zemfira Shamilyova’s present
position is senior analyst for the
Budgeting, Forecast and Financial
Analysis Group. She was one of
the fist young specialists involved in
the Finance Development Program,
a brand new project designed to
develop professional skills through
cross-training and transfers to various groups within TCO Finance. The
program is planned for two years,
so this will be 24 months of intense
training. Well, sounds like perfectly in line with Zemfira’s personal
continuous drive and pursuit of
Zemfira stands for “maverick”
or “unsubdued” in Arab and Turkic
languages. In Latin it means “airy”.
In Russian literature the image of
Zemfira is associated primarily with
the character created by Pushkin in
his dispute with Byron – the proud
Gypsy beauty who believed strongly
the human life without Love and
Freedom is void of sense…
Zemfira Shamilyova, what is
your name’s story? Our readers
should be able to decide whether
our character is worth a sapphire or
a gem.
By Georgy Trukhin
№07 (205) 2014
Seat belts save life
Such was the motto of the BBS Day held at TCO HQ
in Atyrau on Wednesday, the 25th of June, 2014.
Behavior-Based Safety
injuries which could be caused by the
belt itself above all. Its design failed
to guarantee protection in event of
abrupt stop or collision, thus the auto
community refused to treat it seriously
and rather considered a sheer stylish
widget of no practical value.
A newer, more effective design
appeared later, after WWII, in 1951
he sponsor of the day, TCO
BBS Leadership Committee
has chosen this particular
subject for interactive discussion for a
very good reason. According to multiple
observations, pretty many TCO employees still persist with a wrong habit of
unbuckling their safety belts prematurely, before bringing their car to a complete stop, while some scorn the use of
this important device which means they
knowingly imperil their lives.
Therefore, many our colleagues
volunteered to share their own experience with the seat belts, telling their
true stories to prove the strong effectiveness of this device which saved
them from injury or worse ramifications in traffic accidents. We deem
the value of seat belts is absolutely
undisputed and tremendous!
The entire team of TCO RMG
made their time to watch the video on
the given subject made by BBS enthusiastic supporters in 2013 and found it
extremely useful. During the demonstration we made pauses to discuss
each episode in order to identify and
properly analyze the mistakes made
by passengers.
By the way the traffic police in
Kazakhstan is also very serious about
mandatory observance of seatbelt
rule, ready with a ticket for every
abuse of the law. Another reason to
use the seatbelt at all times is the
statistical data of traffic accidents
available which speaks for itself. The
statistics and research provide convincing evidence to prove unbuckled
passengers face the risk of fatal traumas in an accident even when driving
at a seemingly safe speed of 13
miles per hour, not to mention serious
speeding where the use of safety belt
often decides to be or not to be.
Generically speaking, we owe the
By Gulnara Sarniyazova, epidemiologist for TCO Clinic
otulism is a potentially fatal paralytic
illness caused by a toxin
produced by bacteria Clostridium
botulinum. The disease begins with
weakness, trouble seeing, feeling
tired, and trouble speaking which may
then be followed by weakness of the
arms, chest muscles and legs. Advanced botulism can cause respiratory failure by paralyzing the muscles
of the chest; this can progress to
respiratory arrest. Bacteria Clostridium botulinum is the most acutely
lethal toxin known, with an estimated
human median lethal dose (LD-50)
around 3.0 ng/kg intravenously or
intramuscularly. This natural exotoxin
(poison) is 6 million times deadlier
than rattlesnake venom and by far
stronger than chemical poisons!
The Clostridium botulinum spores
(extremely resilient copies of genetic
material that bacteria can use to
survive harsh conditions) are known
for extraordinary survival capacity
exhibited in unfriendly environment.
Most strikingly, they are resistant to
freezing and insiccation (drying-out),
survive 18% concentration of sodium
chloride, up to 6 hours of boiling at
100°C and perish completely only
after autoclaved for min 30 minutes
at high pressure and temperatures
above 120 Celsius. Typically, acting
present-day active safety automotive philosophy to Nils Bohlin, Volvo
engineer who 54 years ago developed
a three-point safety belt with straps
based on harnesses used by military
pilots. The following year, the threepoint belt became standard for all
Volvos built in Sweden.
However, the first seatbelt patent
was issued yet back in 1907, essentially soon after the first automobile
was invented. The device appeared
very primitive and uncomfortable in
practical use, thus failed to get a lot of
credit from the drivers and passengers. Basically, the seatbelt invented
in 1907 was a model which consisted
of a single belt that stretched across
your lap, aka a lap belt that goes over
the waist. In the meantime, the physics prompted this two-point design of
the seatbelt was clearly controversial. The basic idea of a seatbelt is
very simple: It keeps you from flying
through the windshield or hurdling
toward the dashboard when your car
comes to an abrupt stop. Inertia is an
object’s tendency to keep moving until
something else works against this motion. If a car is speeding along at 50
miles per hour, inertia wants to keep
it going 50 mph in one direction. But if
the car were to crash into a telephone
pole, it would be obvious that your
inertia and the car’s were absolutely
independent. The force of the pole
would bring the car to an abrupt stop,
but your speed would remain the
same. Without a seatbelt, you would
either slam into the steering wheel at
50 miles per hour or go flying through
the windshield at 50 miles per hour.
Just as the pole slowed the car down,
something would have to exert force
on you to slow you down. A sufficient
restraining momentum will be equal to
3,000 to 5,000 kg, so, essentially, this
is the function performed by the seatbelt. Given the above, the two-point
variant posed the danger of severe
when Roger W. Griswold and Hugh
DeHaven, two airmen in the US
received the patent for invention of the
Y-type seatbelt with the buckle on the
waist in front of the body. The diagonal
three-point design had yet one significant drawback – it was buckled behind
the seat. The resolution of the problem
was finally proposed by Nils Bohlen
who worked with SAAB at the moment as specialist in safety systems.
Exactly in late 50s Bohlin was busy
working on the design of a tree-point
seatbelt, and his primary target was to
suggest a model both easy-to-use and
providing effective protection. In 1957
Bohlin emerged with the first reliable
design of safety belt, replacing the
Y-type belt with a V-type model which
effectively secured the driver’s body to
the seat, both the top and the bottom
part of it. Plus the belt had only one
buckle which could be operated with
one hand. The new idea of the seatbelt appeared innovative to Volvo, so
the company invited Bohlin to join its
design bureau. Starting in 1959, Volvo
pioneered with the first serial models
of cars having seatbelts on them as
standard equipment. Comprehensive
tests showed the new diagonal treepoint seatbelt guaranteed survival in
a crash at a speed of 31 mph, while
unbuckled driver and passenger
faced a fatal risk yet at 13 mph. The
practical value of the invention was
deemed apparent, thus soon after all
auto producers accepted the seatbelts
as essential standard equipment. In
late 60s legislation was adopted in
various countries around the world
establishing mandatory use of seatbelts. This was also a very right thing
to do, because the life of an individual
is priceless, and the safety belt gives
him the chance to survive.
TCO supports very stringent rules
on the use of seatbelts. The BBS
Day once again confirmed there is no
single person among TCO employees
who would contest this policy. It seams
all at TCO know only too well the
safety belt is a valuable item which…
works. However, from time to time, we
observe people on the company bus
who ignore the seatbelt, while others
driving forget it completely when driving private lux cars. Regretfully so.
In the final part of thematic presentations, each floor of TCO Headquarters hosted quiz games specifically addressing the given subject. The
most active participants were awarded
with chocolate bars and apples in line
with original tradition to make the BBS
event a Sweet Day. It seems nobody
was against it.
So, our dear colleagues and
friends please remember to buckle
up! Do not forget your family is waiting
for you back at home safe and sound.
Good luck to you!
By Marzhan Bissembayeva,
member of RMG Atyrau BBS
Leadership Committee
One more on our health
Evil genie from the can
as the disease carriers are domestic
animals, rats, fish, various types of
mollusks and infected humans who
are often tested positive for bacterial
spores, flourishing inside their bowels
and found in excrements. The spores
can get into silts of lakes, spread
around the seas, the soil, water,
rest on vegetables, fruit and remain
alive long enough because «are very
hardy» in various adverse environments.
How we can get infected?
Botulism can occur in a few different
ways, yet the typical case is through
eating canned food, both homemade
and available from the shop, including
canned fruits, vegetables, meat, fish,
mushrooms and more, which appear
ideal environment for generation of
bacteria and toxin.
Often the illness is the result of
eating smoked or salted meat, or
ham, or sausage, hence its common name of sausage disease, even
though the above products are no
canned food. However, the solid
structure of muscle fiber they are
made of provides the low oxygen levels ideal for generation of the toxin.
Nested intoxication of a product
is typical case, which means some
parts of it can remain absolutely intact
and safe, while others can be baneful. Thus organoleptic properties of a
product such as appearance, smell
and taste do not change very often.
That is why, after having eaten the
same product, some can get off
cheap, while others may not recover
even after intense care. The latent
stage duration can vary from 2 hours
to 10 days, depending on the dose of
Speaking of the signs and symptoms of botulism, the initial stage of
infection is rarely associated with high
temperature. The muscle weakness
of botulism characteristically starts in
the muscles supplied by the cranial
nerves, thus the first symptoms would
be general weakness, cephalalgia
(headache), the sense of burning in
the stomach area, nausea and vomiting. A group of twelve nerves controls
eye movements, the facial muscles
and the muscles controlling chewing and swallowing. Double vision,
drooping of both eyelids, loss of facial
expression and swallowing problems
may therefore occur, as well as difficulty with talking. The weakness
then spreads to the arms (starting in
the shoulders and proceeding to the
forearms) and legs (again from the
thighs down to the feet).
Severe botulism leads to reduced
movement of the muscles of respiration, and hence problems with gas
exchange. This may be experienced
as difficulty breathing, but when
severe can lead to respiratory failure,
due to the buildup of unexhaled
carbon dioxide and its resultant
depressant effect on the brain. At this
stage the sick person can often feel
the sense of fear and panic, yet later
turn to apathy and drowsiness. This
may lead to coma and eventually
death if untreated. Recovery takes a
long time, even with those diagnosed and hospitalized early. Some
manifestations of the illness may
stay for months. Recovery does not
necessarily create immunity, hence
botulism is a recurrent disease very
often. Light cases are also possible.
The outcome largely depends on the
severity of intoxication and timely
How can you help the sick person
when symptoms signal of botulism?
First thing, the sooner the better, you
need to do the stomach lavage using
5% solution of baking soda to clean
the bowels. The next thing to do will
be to give activated carbon and saline
purge, and call the medics.
The key prevention strategy
for botulism is rigid supervision of
industrial hygiene during production
of canned food. Because the botulism
toxin is destroyed by high temperatures, home-canned foods are best
boiled for 10 minutes before eating.
Metal cans containing food in which
bacteria, possibly botulinum, are
growing may bulge outwards due to
gas production from bacterial growth;
such cans should be discarded.
Cases of a fatal disease were registered originating from sheer use of a
fork previously used on the product
containing the toxin. It is important to
know that the diagnosis of botulism
is confirmed on a typical clinical
picture and botulinum toxin detection
in blood, emetic masses or samples
of liquid from gastric lavage, also in
suspected foodstuff. Therefore, whenever possible, it is necessary to keep
the flush waters and the remains of
a suspected product for laboratory
research. For all individuals who ate
the same product together with the
diseased, medical supervision within
10 days and necessary preventive
treatment is established.
While improperly preserved food
is the most common cause of foodborne botulism, cases of botulism disease caused by spores are exceedingly rare. Wound botulism can occur
due to wound infection which creates
conditions similar to anaerobic, thus
allowing the spores to germinate in
low-oxygen environment. Infants
are susceptible to infant botulism in
the first year of life, with more than
90% of cases occurring in infants
younger than six months. Typically,
the majority of the infected were
bottle-fed infants. The infant gut may
be colonized when the composition of
the intestinal microflora(normal flora)
is insufficient to competitively inhibit
the growth of C. botulinum and levels
of bile acids (which normally inhibit
clostridial growth) are lower than later
in life.
Perhaps, our readers have rarely
heard of this disease in their lives,
yet it is common in many parts of the
world. Many of my colleagues had to
deal with this severe infection during
their medical practice, so they know
from own experience the outcome
largely depends on the level of
awareness of the diseased and their
family about the initial symptoms of
botulism, timely first aid and availability of comprehensive treatment.
You will hardly be able to tell 100
percent the bad can of pickles or a
piece of sausage, or an appetizing
looking fish with a colony of bacteria
in it from a normal, however this does
not mean you need to panic or forget
your favorite products and delicacies. What is important is to pool our
effort to increase the general sanitary
awareness, improve our knowledge
and methods of safe cooking and
storage of food products and commit
ourselves to learning basic methods
of first aid – the measures critical
to build a secure barrier against the
deadly poison and safeguard the lives
of countrymen.
№07 (205) 2014
KAFP and TCO – partnering
to combat hypertension
Within the framework of TCO’s Community Investment Program
(CIP) the Kazakhstan Association of Family Physicians (KAFP)
in partnership with Tengizchevroil carry on successfully with the
project Expanding opportunities for reduction and treatment of
hypertension problem for the Atyrau Oblast.
gional Hospital were the total of
20 staff members of local clinics,
including physicians, pediatricians,
a cardiologist and doctor’s assistants of local polyclinics, outpatient
s part of the project two
workshops on Management of patients with
HTA employing the guidelines of
Practical manual for clinics for
treating of patients with arterial
hypertension approved by ROK
Ministry of Public Health have
been completed, complemented
by Schools of Hypertension activity and large-outreach preventive
campaigns organized to involve the
Kazakhstan Association of
Family Physicians (KAFP) mobilized a staff of expert specialists,
working as consultants for KAPF,
including Elena Uzhegova, Ph.D.
doctoral candidate, assistant
Professor of Family Medicine at
the Institute of Advanced Training,
Asfedyarov National Medical University of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Daulet Dautov, assistant
Professor for internal medicine
propaedeutics department of Medi-
cal State University in Semei, who
acted as facilitators holding a 3-day
workshop on Treating of patients
with arterial hypertension. Involved
in the advance training organized
on the premises of Akkistau Re-
knowledge and skills, and were
given respective certificates of
advance training as appropriate.
In order to reinforce the impact
of the training, a group of guest
lecturers visited the city of Akkistau
where KAFP consultants organized
reception of patients together with
local physicians and provided
counsel for complicated cases,
thus creating a superior value for
regional healthcare.
A computer class has been
donated by TCO to pilot Polyclinic
#7 in Atyrau which appeared a
valuable support to the computerbased distance education program
for Hypertension Treatment made
available to local healthcare professionals under TCO CIP. Acting as
facilitator for the remote education
class is Lyudmila Sokolova, assistant of Family Medicine Department
at Asfedyarov National Medical
University in Almaty.
KAFP has been sponsoring
mass campaigns providing arterial
blood pressure screening for local
communities in Atyrau which also
involved initial consulting for effective hypertension prevention attended by 1000 plus patients. This
came on top of ongoing support for
pilot polyclinics #2 and #7 in Atyrau
where KAFP continues its initiative
providing cholesterol, triglyceride
and blood glucose testing for local
We appreciate the strong support given to us by leaders of Kutti
bilim NGO uniting patients with
By Lyudmila Astashkina, physician, coordinator for Kazakhstan
Association of Family Physicians,
clinics, ambulance stations and
hospital in the towns of Ergaliev,
Tushikuduk, Zhanbai, Isatai and
Zaburin. The training was extremely productive; all the medical
professionals have updated their
We give a strong credit to our heroes of sports
TCO hosted an award ceremony at Company HQ in Atyrau to recognize TCO Cup ’14 winners
“Redeeming power in our world is the sport – on him still flies
the flag of optimism, here follow the rules and respect the opponent
no matter which side victory.”
John Galsworthy, famous English dramatist
he Thursday of the 26th
of June saw an award
ceremony held in the
Auditorium of TCO HQ in Atyrau to
recognize the winners of the TCO
Cup ’14, the annual event traditionally sponsored by Tengizchevroil
which includes competitions in the
three sports events – mini-football,
basketball and volleyball.
The owners of the action succeeded in creating an atmosphere
of a true festival of sports.
Every attendee was given a
ticket at the entrance allowing for
participating in the raffle.
The visitors enjoyed a wonderful spread prepared in their honor
by the sponsors, as the stage as
important part of the setting was
adorned by colored balloons and
amusing inflatable puppets demonstrating brave athletes.
One of such optimistic looking
characters essentially homesteaded his place in the presidium
and acted as co-presenter for the
ceremony, making a charming
company to the ladies, contributing
his winsome smile to the general
festive spirit.
General Director of Tengizchevroil Tim Miller took the floor
to make his welcome remarks and
offer greetings to the honorable
athletes. He thanked all the participants and organizers of remarkable
sports events for their earnest effort
in supporting the popular competitions.
Ascending first on the podium
to receive the cup for the best performance in the mini-football event
was the team of TCO HR, followed
by FGP and Facilities Engineering
taking their prizes for the silver and
bronze respectively.
Showing the best result in basketball and endowed their cup were
the players of TCO HR, who once
again appeared the strongest team
after the success in 2013. RMG followed with silver and Major Capital
Projects took
the bronze.
team of TCO
IT Group
of volleyball
with HR in
the second
and FGP
in the third
place on the
As a
result, the
athletes of TCO human resources
secured two titles complemented
by a bronze which is a performance
to admire. On this outstanding
achievement they were congratulated by the leader of department
Sholpan Altybaeva, general manager, HR.
Then the floor was given to the
best players – laureates of the title
in each event.
In mini-football they were Timur
Turkpenov (FGP) as best playmaker, Meirkhan Ashibayev as best
keeper and kairat Kenzhebayev
recognized as best full back.
In basketball the titles were
awarded to Talant Amrenov (RMG),
best playmaker, Derk Kavana
(MCP), best defender and Merei
Shinikulova recognized for best
In pursuance of the established
tradition, in the finale the sponsors and the audience recognized
the woman athletes, participants
of the games which appeared the
most exciting and beautiful part of
the ceremony. The brave ladies
enjoyed their bouquets of fragrant
purple roses. It is noteworthy that
Aziza Nazarova playing for HR
volleyball team, holding the title of
vice-champion of TCO Cup ’14 was
one of the presenters and performed similarly great on the stage.
Then it transpired the award
ceremony was not the final item
on the agenda. The raffle became
a pleasant surprise to all. The first
winner of the special prize selected
by the drawing was representative of TCO IT Group Zhanargul
Aminova, who was also an active
fan. She truly enjoyed the photo
opportunity in company with TCO
general director.
Then more winners took their
memorial prizes, including some
meaningful and useful items of
sports equipment.
Finally, I would like to thank the
event organizers for their dedicated
effort in preparing the wonderful
entertainment to all of us and organizing this exciting ceremony. We
will be looking forward to attending
more of such great competitions.
Many thanks to all athletes,
participants of the games for the
brilliant performance and the
charge of positive emotions they
provided to all fans.
Thank you to all the fans for
the strong support they gave to the
players throughout the tournament.
Svetlana Zereninova,
№07 (205) 2014
Seeking expertise from friends and partners
If somebody asks me whether happiness actually exists and where it can be
found, I will definitely advise to seek it in the Perm Region of Russia. Local
folks are all known for particular friendliness and hospitality, and also they
know for sure the happiness is out there, behind the corner. At least such a
motto can be read on top of the pier on the shore of the Kama River…
arrived in Perm on business,
to attend a workshop organized by Lukoil. Our partner
in Tengizchevroil LLP has been long
credited by our colleagues for fascinating and informative programs in
the area of internal and external communications. This time they hosted
a conference on Crisis Communications. The event gathered around 100
Government and Public Affairs team
leaders and specialists representing
all affiliates of Lukoil, who came to
discuss new trends and challenges,
and also share best practices.
The Perm Region was no random
choice. The first reason was this is
the home of 19 businesses affiliated
to JSC Luloil essentially representing
the entire cycle of petroleum industry,
from upstream operations to the
marketing of end products. Secondly,
2014 appears to be the 85th anniversary of first oil in the Perm Region
produced from Well #20.
The participants of the conference were provided accommodation
in Demidkovo health resort close
to the Kama River, a picturesque
retreat about 40 km from the city. The
agenda and itinerary of the event
looked impressive.
The initial day of the conference
included, on top of the lectures and
discussions of the subject of internal
and external communications, a tour
of the Lukoil-PermNefteOrgSyntez
Refinery, aka PNOS, property of
Lukoil, a facility rated among the largest Russian refineries, with estimated
capacity of 13 million metric tones per
year. The license area also accommodates the filling and packing facility
for Lukoil motor oils. We enjoyed a
tour of the plant area, visited many
shop floors and the Central Control
After the tour of the plant, the
conference continued on the premises of local Palace of Culture named
after Yuri Gagarin. A very interesting
report was made by deputy general
director of Lukoil West Siberia Government and Public Affairs Sabirzhan
Yunusbayev, who was born in Kazakhstan. He spoke about methods of
communicating with media. Being a
private property, this affiliate of Lukoil,
besides the base business, also
founded its media holding company
which has become a major broadcasting company in Russian Siberia.
Today, West Siberia is the owner of
four TV and 6 radio broadcasting
stations, plus a few newspapers.
Honestly speaking, we were truly
amazed to know this and admitted
this was a brilliant success story and
a set of tools every PR specialist will
surely admire.
Sharing its ideas and vision of
the company media’s mission and
Monthly Newsletter of
LLP Tengizchevroil. Printed in
Kazakh, Russian and English.
free distribut.
with local government. According
to the data of reports made at the
meeting, during 2013 only Lukpol
committed RUR 1.3 billion in social
projects in the Perm Region. The
region benefited through receiving
newly built kindergartens, social
infrastructure, module-type outpatient
clinics, churches and mosques. We
were truly pleased to hear words
of recognition and appreciation addressed to our partner.
Said governor Gennadiy Tushnolobov, “this is indeed our pleasure
to do business with Lukoil. The Company is our trusted partner of choice,
and we have not had a single reason
strategy at the conference was
also Pipe and Metallurgy Company
(PMC). In order to enhance the effective corroboration with customers,
partners, employees, shareholders
and business rivals, PMC started
the project of a Company journal
YourTube. The name looked very
similar to the famous media resource,
and the similarity is in fact anything
but a sheer coincidence. The journal
founders deliberately chose the name
that would catch the eye, for sure,
and they altered the spelling slightly,
so nobody claims patent abuse of
copyright. YourTube came to replace
the original company newsletter and
became extremely popular among the
readers somehow connected with the
business of PMC.
The last item on our itinerary for
the opening day was a visit of At the
Bridge Theater, known as the one
of a kind mystical theater, the recent
winner of the Golden Mask theatrical
prize. The actors apparently had in
mind to scare the spectators to death
by their extravagant version of the
play Pannochka (Landlady) by Nina
sadur, a drama written on the motive
of Viy, the novel by Nikolai Gogol.
The story and performance were
so impressive, we thought better to
Editor in chief – Georgy Trukhin.
This Edition of the Newsletter was
released by: David MacInnis, Chanel
Jolly, Aibar Khamiev, Svetlana Kairgalieva, Yerlan Islyamov, Shalkar
Yeleshev, Sergei Maltsev.
make tracks as soon as possible
immediately after the show was over,
leaving the place and the squall of
applause behind.
The second day began with a
meeting hosted by Gennadiy Tushnolobov, Head of Government of the
Perm Region at Lukoil – Perm HQ.
He spoke about effective cooperation with the Company led by Vagit
Alekperov and reported on multiple
community involvement projects
implemented by Lukoil in partnership
for headache working together.”
Taking the floor next were young
and competent specialists of Luikoil
Public Affairs, who presented their
concept of Company PR strategy employing Twitter as effective media resource to establish business contacts
with EU authorities. It transpired,
the politicians in Europe have been
frequently and actively using social
networking as effective tool to communicate their ideas of state policy
to citizens and simply as socializing
This publication is registered by the Ministry of Culture,
Information and Public Accord of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
License No 2482-Г issued on November 21, 2001.
Address of the Editorial Board:
POB 060011, Republic of Kazakhstan, Atyrau,
Satpaev Str., 3, HQ of LLP Tengizchevroil.
Office phone: +7(712) 302-6248 / 6870.
FAX: +7(712) 302-6729. +7(712) 302-6752
Tim Miller
Anuarbek Jakiyev
Ted Etchison
Rzabek Artygaliev
Murat Munbayev
Sholpan Altybayeva
Samat Azhenov
One more product of Lukoil
Public Affairs was introduced to us
by representatives of the Marketing Group. Specialists from Lukoil
– North-West Product produced a
business application for smartphones
and tablets which helps the driver to
locate the closest gas station and get
the update on the fuel prices. The
young guys are planning to further
build on success and add a fuel meter and more useful options.
Finally, upon arrival back to
Demidkovo, we started to pack, yet
found out soon this was a little bit
too premature, because the hosts
invited us to the dinner and ceremony
to award certificates of attendance
which was an open-air event on the
premises of the Museum of Carpenter’s Craft in the town of Khokhlovka,
40 km down the Kama River.
The place was absolutely stunning! This is a site which accommodated a group of typical wooden
buildings of ancient Russia, including
log houses with elements of interior
and utensils made of wood, Russian
bath houses and churches. This was
for the first time I saw the famous
stove described in many old Russian
fairy tales, and I can bet each of us
could hardly resist the temptation to
try it out and climb on top of it. After
we saw all items on display at this
unique museum, we were once again
invited to enjoy the genuine Russian
hospitality and saw a glorious spread
with multiple delicacies.
Next morning the participants of
the conference split into two groups.
One went on a tour of the oilfield
where Lukoil produced crude oil.
The other, where I belonged, led by
Grigory Volchek, manager of Lukoil
Overseas PR & GR embarked on a
cultural program. From the morning
hours and through the night time, we
covered a distance of a few hundred
kilometers, visiting churches and
shrines in the town of Kungur, local
ice cave and the monastery standing
on the White Mountain. Grigory who
was coming from the Per Region had
plenty of cultural sites and unique
historical places to show, and also
shared with us many interesting facts
about this native land. We were back
to Perm around midnight and spent
the remaining energy walking along
the Kama embankment.
I would lioke to take advantage
of this article to thank the organizers
of the conference for the valuable
update they provided to us in the
area of public affairs. I also strongly
appreciated their hospitality and the
effort they spent introducing us to this
wonderful region of Russia.
By Yerlan Islyamov,
lead specialist for TCO PGPA
The make-up and layout of the Newsletter is done
by the Department of Policy, Government and
Public Affairs of LLP Tengizchevroil. The edition is
printed at JSC «Leader Offset Printing Company»
in Almaty. Printer’s address: The Republic of
Kazakhstan, Almaty, Rayimbek Str., 212 A.
Office phone: 8 (7272) 68 55 68
Number of copies printed – 1000. Order #

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