irst Responders` Celebration



irst Responders` Celebration
irst Responders’ Celebration
A Sunday to Remember at Trinity
The celebration of first responders
at Trinity was all at once a worshipfilled thanks to those sworn to
protect their neighbors in times of
fire and disaster, and also a chance
for citizens and protectors to rub
elbows with each other, on
September 28th, 2014.
Springfield (Delaware County) Fire
Preaching on St. Michael and All
Angels Sunday, and drawing upon
language from the First Letter of
John, Pastor Dane Skilbred
mentioned the role of angels in the
Bible to serve as “messengers of
Good News” who remind believers
“not to fear, for God is with you…
Rejoice over what God has done for
you.” Skilbred took note that humans
may never see spiritual angels as
referenced in Scripture. “But I want
to focus today on angels we can see,
who bring us God’s good news.
Today we want to recognize those
who give their lives in service to
others…They are the first ones there
in times of fire and disaster, bringing
us good news … as tangible angels.”
Each fire company and FEMA
received certificates of appreciation
from Trinity, presented by Senior
Pastor Paul Lutz, and a check for
$300 from Trinity’s Endowment Fund
in recognition of each department’s
service. First responders on hand
from the immediate Trinity family
included John Strobel of the
Fairmount Company, Joan Anton
and Bernie Heinze of the Fire
Department of Montgomery
Pastor Skilbred noted that “a lot
is going wrong in the world” with
groups like ISIS in the Middle
East sowing seeds of hatred
and even Christian groups asking
for revenge... “Today we give thanks
for angels seen in this world. We
give thanks to God for placing them
in our midst,” Skilbred preached.
Pastor Skilbred’s congregation
at 10:45 included some 40 first
responders. Invited to join Trinity
members for a celebratory breakfast
and worship were the Fire Department of Montgomery Township,
the Colmar Fire Department, the
Fairmount Fire Company of
Lansdale, the Volunteer Medical
Service Corps of Lansdale, the
Towamencin Volunteer Fire
Company, the Hatfield Volunteer
Fire Company and the Federal
Emergency Management Association (FEMA), represented by Steve
Edwards, himself a lieutenant for the
During the 10:45 service Trinity’s
worshipers received a fresh reminder
of how “on call” responders are, as
at least two companies departed the
church to perform emergency duties.
“Today we want to recognize
those who give their lives in
service to others…They are the
first ones there in times of fire
and disaster, bringing us good
news … as tangible angels.”
During the Children’s Sermon
“firefighter” Pastor Skilbred entered
the sanctuary in full turnout gear featuring a self-contained breathing apparatus and other firefighter gear.
Heinze explained the exercise was
designed to desensitize children to
the frightening-looking appearance
of rescue personnel during emergency situations. “I’m honored to wear
this equipment for a little while,”
Skilbred told the children. “I hope
you will never have to face a
situation involving firefighters, but
if you do it is important for you to
understand that underneath the
equipment is a person who cares for
you and wants to keep you safe.”
Bernie Heinze was the key planner
for the event, working closely with
such disciples as Cricket Snearing
and a dozen or more Hospitality
Committee planners and breakfast
servers; Cindi Kramer, of Trinity’s
Hospitality Committee, who works
with Heinze on Trinity’s Disaster
Preparedness Task Force, and Julia
Menzo of Liberty Lutheran Services,
who is the regional coordinator for
Lutheran Disaster Response.
Heinze was the Biblical storyteller
for the day, telling the Gospel of the
day from Luke 10.
The delicious breakfast enjoyed by
Trinity members and first responders
included scrambled eggs, hash
browns and breakfast sausage. Fifty
pounds of sausage for the occasion
and beyond were donated in part by
Clemens Meat Market and Hatfield
Quality Meats. As first responders
entered Hyson Hall for breakfast,
they were greeted by hearty
applause from other diners.
At the conclusion of the 10:45
service Trinity disciples and first responders adjourned to the parking
lot in spectacular sunlight for a
blessing of emergency apparatus
including a prayer of thanksgiving for
the safety of first responders. The
backdrop featured an archway at
Trinity’s Parking lot entrance formed
by the extended ladders of the Colmar and Fairmount Companies with
a strikingly large American flag as
the overhead centerpiece. A banner
celebrating first responders and the
occasion hung from the veranda
over the entryway to the church
from the parking lot.
The responders, Lutheran Disaster
Response and FEMA brought
educational materials and displays to
encourage Trinity members to better
prepare their households for natural
and other disasters.
Senior (Pastor) Moments
Dear Disciples of Trinity,
Why do we have to bother with the church’s Advent?
Have you noticed how the church is the only place in
the world (or so it seems) that isn’t celebrating Christmas in December?
Few experience a
second coming, a rebirth of
What gives with that? You’d think, of all peoples the Christian church would
new life, and the presence of
silence during December?
that peace, hope, healing,
want to make certain the celebration of Christmas was done well. So, why the
If you listen to the radio, watch TV, surf the web or read the paper – and it’s
difficult not to do so in December- then you might be tempted to think that the
love, or joy promised to
those who need them most.
Twelve Days of Christmas (you know, a partridge in a pear tree and all) are the
12 days before Christmas. And if you give in to that temptation you would no
doubt be culturally correct and theologically wrong. Then again, does it matter?
For many of us December (AKA - the church’s season of Advent) is
preparation for a secular Christmas through frantic, exhausting, escapist
behavior. We eat too much, party too much, stay up too late. And when
Christmas does comes (BTW- the Twelve Days of Christmas are from
December 25 through January 5 ), we fall apart having experienced what
some want to call “Christmas joy” – a season when the lonely tend to experience
greater loneliness, the broken have their wounds opened again, the weary
end up more tired, and everyone is poorer. Few experience a second coming,
a rebirth of new life, and the presence of that peace, hope, healing, love,
or joy promised to those who need them most.
Why Advent? To hear a word of hope, the possibility of birthing new life,
a rekindled vision to which we might give our lives. Why Advent? To remind
ourselves that the object of our anticipation is not a fantasy, but a reality ever
near to the eyes of faith. The story of Advent is that we are to watch for the
coming of what has already come – the presence of God in our midst. Only
Advent prepares us to recognize that which finally satisfies our longing.
Yours in the watching,
The season of ADVENT, the
first season in the church year,
begins four Sundays before
Christmas. During Advent
Christians prepare themselves to
celebrate the birth of Jesus
Christ as their Lord and Savior,
as well as think about Christ's
coming again. It is a time of
remembering, preparing, planning, contemplating, celebrating,
anticipating, and waiting!
This year Advent begins
November 30, 2014.
The Rev. Paul Lutz, Pastor
Wednesdays in Advent
December 3, 10, 17
7:30 pm
Celebrating Advent
with our winterfest
November 23rd
4:30 to 7:00 p.m.
Come and enjoy making an Advent
Wreath and Christmas Crafts, finish
with a wonderful Spaghetti Dinner
(no fee) on Sunday, November
23rd. Winterfest is a potluck dessert,
please bring your favorite dessert to
share. Pick up your Winterfest tickets
for the Spaghetti Dinner and crafts at
the WELCA table in Hyson Hall. A
signup sheet will be available. Make
sure that you and your family are on
the signup sheet so that we have
enough crafts for everyone to enjoy.
[email protected]
Holden Evening Prayer is a beautiful
sung-service that combines gorgeous, tuneful, singable music with
the traditional elements of Evening
Prayer. The service includes moving
passages of scripture like Psalm
141, the Annunciation and the
Magnificat from Luke’s Gospel.
Even if you have not participated in
a Holden Evening Prayer service
before, you will find the music to
be elegantly simple to sing and so
memorable that you’ll be humming
the songs on your way home. Best
of all, you will be reminded of the
true reason for this season: our Lord
and Savior Jesus Christ.
December 7th
Community Interfaith Thanksgiving
EVE worship service
Wednesday, November 26th
7:30 p.m
This Community Interfaith service
will include Jews, Christians and
Muslims gathering together
for worship. Reception to follow the
worship service.
The North Penn High School Choir
and the Cantabile Children’s Choir
will be performing at the service.
Please bring food items to be
donated to Manna on Main Street.
Do you like baking cookies or would
you like to learn to bake cookies?
Come to the Hyson Hall kitchen and
help us bake extra cookies for the
Annual Cookie Shoppe on Dec. 7th!
Children are welcome if accompanied by an adult and middle school
and high school youth can come on
their own! No experience necessary. Come when you can and leave
when you must! Questions and to let
us know when you'll help…. Cricket
610-715-5438. You can also sign-up
on the sheets on the FEAST white
board in Hyson Hall!
Tuesday, Nov. 18th
Saturday, Nov.29th
Thursday, Dec.4th
Friday, Dec. 5th
Saturday, Dec. 6th
6 - 9:30 pm
11 am - 3 pm
6 - 9:30 pm
6 - 9:30 pm
10 am - 3 pm
Sunday, January 25th
Join us for the ONE worship
service at 9:30 am on Sunday,
January 25th, followed by the annual
congregational meeting at 10:30 am.
A brunch will be served at noon for
the whole congregation. Mark your
Thank You!
October 12th, approximately 150
people walked in the 36th Annual
North Penn/Lansdale CROP Walk.
We had 25 walkers, and a couple of
four-legged friends. Thanks to all the
volunteers, walkers, and those who
financially supported our efforts.
A special thanks to Amy, Gary and
Jenna Toth for taking the role of
CROP Walk Coordinator.
We will report final numbers once
they are available in a few months
from Manna on Main Street.
Thank you, Trinity, for helping those
hungry in our neighborhood and
Before December
comes Think
about Christmas
in a new way
STOP - Evaluate absolutely
everything you do for the Christmas
season. Does it give life and joy?
Does it bear Christ’s light into the
world? If not, say “goodbye.”
PRIORITIZE - Family comes first. Make space in a hectic schedule to enjoy
the beauty of the season together in your own home.
SIMPLIFY - Instead of a gourmet extravaganza, host potluck dinners or invite
friends for a cup of Christmas tea and a plate of cookies.
DO IT DIFFERENTLY - Instead of hosting a dinner, go to a soup kitchen and
serve those who are not overfed this season. Now, that is welcoming one
another as Christ has welcomed you, to the glory of God.
SABBATH TIME - Savor the relationship you have with God, the relationships
you have with others, the gift of this day. Be still. Listen. Give thanks.
Prayer: Holy God, help us to stop, prioritize, simplify, do it differently and honor
Sabbath time. Help us remember that Christmas is about loving and caring
and welcoming, not about extravagances. Give us insight and strength to
make changes in our Christmas celebrations. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
Discussion Questions:
1. When would be the best time to evaluate everything you do for the
Christmas season?
2. Name three things you can start doing now to SIMPLIFY Christmas.
3. Are you willing to “do it differently,” to serve the needy? If not, why not?
4. Name one new way you can honor Sabbath time.
Partnership with AM KULP
Trinity Lutheran Church is excited to announce an exciting new partnership
with The North Penn School District - we have partnered with AM Kulp
Elementary school in Hatfield. We will be working with the school
administration and the Home and School Association to identify any needs of
the school that we can support. This is an initiative with the North Penn
Partnership of Churches, and they have asked local churches to be "allies and
advocates through service, presence, volunteering, encouragement, financial
contributions and availability." We have many members that work for or attend
the school so we are glad to be partnered with AM Kulp. This is a new
program for all involved and we hope will develop into a fulfilling partnership
for both AM Kulp and TLC!
As part of our outreach we will be helping with food baskets for Kulp families.
We are asking Trinity members to donate frozen turkeys or a $25 Giant gift
card that can be purchased at the WELCA table on Sunday mornings. Frozen
turkeys can be dropped off in the kitchen on Sunday mornings. Donations for
Thanksgiving need to be received by November 16th and December 13th for
the holidays. For more information, please contact Jennifer Willison at
[email protected]
Parents night out
(and some afternoons)
Family Ministry is sponsoring free
babysitting for children ages 0-10
on the following dates:
Friday, December 5th from 6-9 pm
Sunday, January 25 from 1-4 pm
Saturday, February 7 from 6-9 pm
Sunday, March 29 from 1-4 pm
Saturday, April 18th from 6-9 pm
Enjoy a Date Night, go shopping
or just hang without the kids. Mark
your calendars and sign up in Hyson
Hall at the Family Ministry table
or email Karen Strobel at
[email protected]
Invite friends and family.
All are welcome!
Wednesday Morning
Bible Study
Wednesday morning Bible Study
engages the book of Mark.
Join us most Wednesday mornings
in room 125/127 from 10:00 to 11:30
am for an informative and lively
discussion on the Gospel of Mark .
This is the gospel reading for most
Sundays in the 2015-2016 church
year. We will be looking at the gospel
from four Lutheran lenses – devotional, historical, literary and theological readings. The class will be facilitated by Pastor Lutz.
Please submit articles
and information by the
following deadlines:
January 8, 2015
to [email protected]
WHITE gifts sunday
January 4th & 11th
Alternative Christmas Ideas Make Memorable Gifts
Looking for a unique, one of a kind gift perfect for everyone on your holiday
list? A gift that will share the Christmas spirit with your recipient and will be a
blessing in the life of someone less fortunate. Then come to the God's Global
Barnyard table to learn more!
Stop by our table in Hyson Hall on Sunday, November 30, and December 7
and 14 from 9:15 to 11 am. You will be able to "purchase" an animal that will
make a world of difference for a family in need. These animals provide food to
eat, fertilizer to grow crops, and offspring to sell at market. Your gift can help a
family escape the cycle of hunger and poverty for good. Prices range from $10
for chicks, to $50 for a goat, to $500 for a cow. Come browse the wide
selection of animals. For each donation, a gift card will be available for you
to give to your loved one.
You can also visit to browse and “purchase” your gift
directly. The children in Sunday Church School can also participate by filling
the coin banks they will receive. Their nickels, dimes, and pennies will be
counted and also sent to God's Global Barnyard, a program of the ELCA.
Banks will also be available at the table.
Please consider supporting this appeal and honoring your loved ones with a
gift that provides life-changing programs around the world!
Sponsored by the Social Ministry Committee
Joyful Choristers will be
selling Singing Telegrams
once again! Purchase a
singing telegram for someone
who is homebound in Hyson
Hall on November 23rd, 30th or December 7th. Delivery will take place
during the afternoon of December 14th. For $20, a small group of Joyful
Choristers will go to the house or nursing home of the homebound member,
sing a Christmas song and deliver a small craft made by the kids. In addition,
we’ll take a picture of the recipient with the kids and send out a photo
Christmas Card the week before Christmas.
Singing telegrams are a win/win experience for everyone! Homebound
members and friends deeply appreciate the contact with other Trinity folks
(especially children!), children experience the joy of serving as they share
music and make a difference in someone’s life, and you help us to raise funds
for our trip in the sping of 2016!
Please contact Andrea Baxter in the office or at [email protected]
with any questions.
On Sundays, January 4 and 11,
2015, we will be celebrating White
Gifts Sunday. As we remember the
Wise Men and the gifts they brought
to the Baby Jesus, we, too, are
asking you to bring gifts for infants
and toddlers in our community.
Please bring items such as:
 Diapers of all sizes but Small
 Baby Wipes
 Desitin or Balmex diaper rash
 Non–medicated saline nasal
 Pedialyte
 Small baby toys, layette or
handmade items, etc.
Diapers, baby wipes, and diaper
rash creams are especially needed.
Please bring White Gifts and place
them in the mangers in the lobby on
Jan. 4th. Please do not wrap your
gifts to avoid the unnecessary use of
The items collected will be given to
children in our community through
the Abington Health Children’s
Clinic. Cash contributions are also
accepted to help the Children’s
Clinic Discretionary Fund. The
money is used to help families of
infants obtain medical care, transportation, and other needs for their
little ones. Checks should be made
payable to Trinity, put in an envelope
marked “White Gifts”, and placed in
the offering plates. In case you miss
the collection on January 4, the
mangers will be in the lobby through
January 11. Thanks for sharing the
love of Jesus with the children in our
Family Ministry
On Sunday, September 26th, thirty of our young adults affirmed the baptismal promises made on their behalves when
they were baptized. Dare to Deviate (D2D) is Trinity’s confirmation program, and for this group of students, this journey
began in September 2012. Over the past two years they have learned, prayed, praised, shared, grown and had a lot
of fun together. They met every other Wednesday night to learn and relate the scriptures to their everyday lives,
served together after Super Storm Sandy and got away from their everyday lives during weekend retreats. They built
relationships with each other, grew closer to the incredible adult guides that walked with them on this journey and as
a result learned to love and trust in God even more. During their last retreat the students were asked to write out their
faith stories basically ‘what do they believe and where has their walk with God taken them.’ This was not an easy
process for them. Thinking about and reflecting on your faith journey can be daunting. As we heard from both
Madelyn and Max as they shared their stories at the Affirmation of Baptism service, their journeys are vastly different,
but trusting in God is something they both shared. The maturity in the faith of these young folks is a witness to
God’s love and we would like to share a couple more of their stories:
Pictured left to right : First Row: Samantha Mroz, Emily Shaw, Ashlyn Catto, Melissa Hoff, Caroline Daniels, Anna Pedicone, Missy Paul-Guide,
Linda Graeff – Guide, Meghan Posteraro – Guide. Second Row:Mike Shaw – Guide, John Strobel – Guide, Jack Strobel, Max Behr,
Madelyn Dougherty, Mary Kate Clifton, Rachel Denning, Carley Benavage. Third Row:Tomasso Catanzaro, Mason Juckniewitz, Zachary
Benavage, Darren Deeck, Daniel Kolecki, Chase Cordi, Evan Rondinelli. Fourth Row: Pastor Dane Skilbred, Trevor Nentwig, Hunter DiDomizio,
Benjamin Walton, Mitchell Gilbert, Siena Garbaccio, Hazel Rubinkam, Katie Benson, Nathan Baxter, Justin Parry, Matthew Graeff, Senior Pastor
Paul Lutz, Michael Murray – Guide, Kate Kilpatrick – Guide. Not pictured: Noah Wendt
If you are the mother of a child (infant through kindergartener) and interested
in having a morning out while building friendships with other moms and
enjoying breakfast, Trinity’s MOPs (Mothers of Preschoolers) group is for you!
Join us 2nd Wednesdays of every month, at 9:30 –11:30 am
Trinity’s Hyson Hall,
Childcare is provided!
Questions? Interested? Contact Ashley Han
(215) 275-8212 or [email protected]
Reflections from Confirmands
When I was little, the only thing I thought about church was that it
was something that I had to go to. I wouldn’t even pay attention; I
would just draw on those little drawing pads to occupy myself during the sermon. After the sermon, I would go to Sunday school and
sit through just another lesson that my teacher was talking about
that day. I was raised Lutheran so I thought that was just something
every little kid did. I was always scared of the pastors because I was
so tiny and they were very intimidating in their attire. I guess
that’s not a problem anymore judging that I’m 5’10“ now! As a kid,
I didn’t think much of church and like most kids the only thing I
got out of Sunday school was that Jesus loves me.
When I was a teenager, I started to help out in Sunday school for the
4-5 year olds. I started to realize that some of the kids I was helping
were exactly like me. They just come to church, played with play
dough, learned that Jesus loves them and then went home. So I made
it my goal to have the kids learn why they are actually coming to
church in the first place. I wanted to take my years of going to
Sunday school and worship every Sunday morning and all holidays and use it to inspire the next generation.
I think that coming to church has really inspired me to do so many
things that I never thought I would be able to do. Knowing that God
loves you no matter what can give you so much confidence to do what
you love no matter what anyone else thinks. There were some times in
my life when I was made fun of for being creative and doing what I
love. Knowing that God loves me and will never turn away from me
has gotten me through those tough times. All of the countless Bible
stories have taught me to be myself and not care what anyone else
thinks. This may not have been the deepest story ever, but this was
what I got from my faith and continuing to go to church. A quote
from a song that I love says, “The first step is the one you believe in
and the second one might be profound.” This has been what inspired
me to try to achieve as much as I can and I plan on staying on
this path.
Katie Benson, 2014 Confirmation Class
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I have been going to church for
as long as I can remember. I was
baptized at Trinity, I had my first
communion here and now I am
getting confirmed. Since I was
raised Lutheran you could say
I didn’t have a choice in my
religion but I am glad it happened
this way. Going to Sunday school
every week and constantly being
told that God loves me helped me
become who I am today. Whenever I’m in a tough situation or need
guidance, I remember that I can
look to God for help.
I think my dad influenced me
the most in finding my faith. I
remember one of the first times
I ever got communion during the
service. We went back to our
seats and my dad kneeled down
and prayed. I asked him what he
prayed for and he said he prays
for anyone he knows who is sick
or going through a hard time.
Before that, I saw no meaning or
purpose of communion. Now I see
it as a reminder that I am blessed
because God loves me. So when
I pray for others and even myself,
I like to think I am passing His
love along.
Sometimes I think really negatively
about myself and beat myself up
for all the mistakes I’ve made
because there have been a lot.
It’s these moments when I forget
about God. From these experiences, I can honestly say life
without God and faith is not
something I ever want to go
through. When I remember God is
there for me, I pray and it completely changes my outlook and
renews my faith all over again.
Being Lutheran has helped me
love and help others (and myself)
in the best way I can. It is for this
reason that I am so glad to be
ricket Snearing—Trinity’s Decorator Laureate
Close your eyes and recall for a
moment the striking Christmas and
Easter decorations you customarily
enjoy at Trinity. Or, the memorable
window displays for Harvest Home
Sunday, reminding observers of
local and world hunger challenges.
What about the inspiringly personal
window memorials telling the stories
of Trinity’s “Cloud of Witnesses”
on All Saints Sunday? Or, the
delectable Advent cookie shop –
buy a can and fill it with your mouthwatering favorites, donations (thank
you) going to support unbudgeted
needs at Trinity and beyond.
Can anyone really imagine what
Trinity would be like without the
creative décor mastery of Cricket
Snearing and her crew of talented,
visually gifted and baker orchestrators?
A resident of Blue Bell and native of
Grand Rapids, MI, Cricket Snearing
grew up in Fort Wayne, IN, where
she enjoyed Luther League and
choir activities at Trinity.
She lived in a household with strong,
take charge parents, who insisted on
chores. “I remember we did the
dishes at night. One night my twin
sister would dry. The next night I
would dry. We didn’t have a
dishwasher in those days,” she
recalls. She became an art major at
Indiana University, graduating in
1974. And she inherited 500 cookie
cutters from her Mom, reminders of
the baking they once did together.
Her love of art and children led
Cricket into a career as an
administrator for a variety of Girl
Scout and other private camps.
At one time she was field director,
administrator and property manager
for four Girl Scout camps in three
states – New Jersey, New York and
Pennsylvania. After her mother died
at Christmas in 1986, she left the
Girl Scouts and worked for a time
at camps in Colorado and in the
Catskills. There was an interlude
where she returned to Indiana to be with her
father, who was in failing health.
For the past 25 years she has
been the administrative director for
Sesame-Rockwood Camps in Blue
Bell. One of her responsibilities each
winter is to plan and book travel and
accommodations for youths aged 11
to 15 to take educational trips along
the East Coast and Canada for five
to 10 days at a time. Stops along the
way include places like Boston, Ottawa, Washington, D.C., and Atlanta.
“I like kids,” Cricket says. “The
summer camp experience is ideal
for teaching young people life skills,
how to be independent and make
the right decisions.” She insists on
strict rules for the campers she
oversees, some of whom, she
explains, feel entitled in the materially advantageous settings where
they are being reared. She has strict
rules against bullying and insists on
model behavior when visiting tourist
attractions and cities. One example?
Take up no more than one-half of
the sidewalk to leave room for other
pedestrians when touring. She
also encourages the youth to sit
and converse with each other, away
for a time from their tablets and
other devices. She works
also to instill an appreciation for
certain values she was taught in her
own youth. “I learned early in life that
it was important to serve others, to
volunteer,” she says. “My parents
always told me to ask others what I
could do next to help out.”
And help out is what Cricket strives
to do at Trinity in myriad ways.
After being away from church for
many years, Cricket decided in the
mid-1990s she wanted to go to
church on Christmas Eve. A
colleague at the camps, Caesar
Ricci, belonged to Trinity. “I had
driven by the church many times,
and so I decided to visit,” she says.
She joined the congregation in 1995.
Almost immediately, volunteer
coordinator Carole Kriebel
recognized her “spiritual gifts” during
membership classes and got Cricket
involved in many of the activities she
enjoys today.
Cricket’s hallmark phrase is: “I like
to make people feel welcome.”
“What I enjoy the most at Trinity is
the fellowship,” she says. Her main
activities involve church decorating
and hospitality. She is a coordinator
for Wednesday night FEAST events.
She enjoys serving bread for Holy
Communion and administering at
healing services. “Serving bread for
Holy Communion really feeds me,”
she says. She’s sung on the
Women’s Choir, served two terms on
Congregation Council, participated in
worship planning, participates in the
prayer chain initiative administered
by Grace Walz. Cricket picks up
greeting cards here and there, and
when she learns of someone in
need enjoys sending them a card
expressing compassion or support.
“I use social media like Facebook,”
she says. “But I especially enjoy
sending messages and cards
through postal mail.”
She has deep love and appreciation
of her volunteer associates, among
them the angels and butterflies
crafted by Nancy Maier for
Christmas and Easter, and the
work of John Kriebel, the “oven
man,” who bakes at church for the
Cookie Shop. (Many Trinity disciples
bake at home for the event.) The
Cookie Shop proceeds have
benefitted unbudgeted items such
as Saving Graces, a Gulf Coast
flood recovery initiative; On Eagles
Wings and travel expenses to
Northwest Territories, and property
needs, such as a tractor. For Harvest Home Cricket remembers how
the late Ruth Delp fashioned a
window with only a black drape and
a small bowl of rice with a sign explaining, “This is what a Third World
family of four has to eat for a week.”
The “Cloud of Witnesses” window
displays are extraordinarily personal
and move viewers to tears. As a
memorial to his father, who liked to
race cars, George Turner has
displayed his late Dad’s racing outfit.
(George runs an auto repair shop in
Ambler with his wife, Pat.) She tries
to think about where members of the
Trinity family will sit when arranging
the windows, so the mementos will
be close by. But the remembrances
also extend long distance. Having
been invited to participate, a family
in Florida told Cricket, “But we live in
Florida now.” “That doesn’t matter,”
Cricket told them. The family sent
large photographs for the event.
“I like managing projects and volunteers,” Cricket explains. “Sometimes
someone will tell me they are not
sure they will be good at something. I
encourage them and tell them they
will really feel good at what they
accomplish. I tell them what they do
matters. I think it is important to ask
people to help out.”
A number of Cricket’s working
colleagues are Jewish, and she
enjoys Seder and other Jewish
holiday events with them, appreciating the interfaith blessings they bring
to her, she says.
Cricket’s decorating endeavors
extend beyond Trinity and in many
directions. Her works of art, such as
distinctive mirrors and decorative
chairs, have benefitted charities like
Laurel House, Cystic Fibrosis, Living
Beyond Breast Cancer and the
Philadelphia Eagles Youth Partnership. She serves on the Kate Svitek
Memorial Foundation Board, an outreach that honors a friend’s late 22year-old daughter, who died tragically in a snowboard accident.
“The list keeps growing,” she says of
the charities. “Someone will hear
about me and just call me up. I like to
find an inexpensive piece like a mirror at A.C. Moore and really dress it
up. It may be inexpensive for me to
buy, but the charity will be able to
sell it for $100, perhaps more…”
Got an empty vase or two or five you
aren’t using? Donate it to church.
Cricket will fill it with a glamorous
arrangement for some deserving
purpose. Your vase will never have
looked so good.
Mingle & Game Night!
Sunday, November 16th
7-9 pm in the Parlor
Join us in some games and
activities to get to know each
other even better.
Bring a friend and get a prize!
Also as part of the AM Kulp
Elementary School partnership,
we will help put together food
boxes for local families in need.
Wednesdays everyone is
Dinner 5:00—6:15 p.m.
God on Tap
Pouring at a location near you!
Join us the 4th Monday of the month
at 7 p.m. at Molly Maguires. This
group meets the 4th Monday of the
month to enjoy a beer and talk
about our faith and Christianity.
The group is open to all - Christians,
non-Christians, beer drinkers, and
designated drivers. All are welcome.
Enjoy the half-priced appetizers
with us.
Discipleship Opportunities
Code Blue - A Serving Opportunity
The cool weather foretells
the approaching winter
season with night time
temperatures dropping.
When the air temperature
drops to 20o, CODE BLUE is
activated by Montgomery
County and the shelter
located in Luther Hall on
Trinity Lutheran’s campus is
opened. This is a program
which provides safe, warm
lodging during the night time
hours for those without
homes. Dinner and breakfast are also served to the guests.
This program is fully staffed and operated by servant leaders from the North
Penn area and our Trinity community. Assistance is being sought to staff three
shifts as noted below; as well as cooks to provide the evening meal.
Servant Leader Shift Schedule/Responsibilities:.
Register guests as they arrive, serve dinner, and visit with the guests.
Be awake and aware should someone need help (We especially need
help for overnight shifts)
Serve breakfast and clean-up guest sleeping area, guest eating/
fellowship area and kitchen.
Prepare a hot meal for 4-5 people and deliver to the shelter by 8:00 pm.
Other opportunities:
Donations of bus/train tokens or money to purchase them, individually
wrapped snacks, bottled water, waterproof gloves, hats, socks, lip balm
and/or hand/feet warmers to give to our guests as they leave the shelter
would be greatly appreciated. A bin will be placed in the Main Lobby of Trinity
marked for Code Blue Donations. Any monetary donations may be placed in
the offering plate during worship or sent directly to the church office clearly
marked for Code Blue.
To sign up to help or request further information, please send an e-mail to:
[email protected]
Training for each shift will take place at the shelter located in Luther Hall on
Sunday 11/24/14 at 1:00 pm and Monday 12/1/14 at 7:00 pm.
Ushers for All Services: If you would like to serve as an usher at the 9:30 or
10:45 am services, please contact Vicki Seal at [email protected] in
the church office or Bob Reitz, [email protected]
Sunday Open & Close Building: Are you interested in either opening or
closing the building every six weeks on Sunday mornings? We need one more
team of two disciples. Please contact Vicki Seal at [email protected]
or John Walz at [email protected] for more details.
New Ministry
Meal Delivery
Receiving a home cooked meal after
a hospitalization can be a godsend.
Can you give in this manner? Prepare a meal and then deliver to one
of our disciples just discharged from
the hospital. If you have a gift with
Mercy, Hospitality or Encouragement, here’s an opportunity! Please
contact Janet Frederick at 215-3937528 for more information on this
Manna on Main Street is in need of
volunteers to fill a number of spots
for the successful operation of servicing the people in need in the North
Penn School District.
For those disciples of Trinity who are
looking to utilize their special individual gifts, this is an opportunity to fulfill
this desire. For as little as two hours
a week you can touch our neighbors’
lives. To meet state requirements, it
is necessary for all of their volunteers
to attend a brief orientation class
before serving. Spend an hour
learning about their operation, and
you are ready to sign up for whatever
service you prefer. These orientation
classes are scheduled on a regular
basis to fit into your busy schedules. Just visit to
find out more about this great service
organization in our community and
how to "give your time" effectively.
Trinity Health Ministry
Trinity Health Ministry is looking for
certified health
to assist with blood
pressure screenings on the fourth
Saturday and
Sunday of each
month for approximately 30 minutes after a chosen
service. We need RNs, LPNs,
CRNPs, certified nursing assistants,
physician assistants, EMTs, doctors
(MD or DO) to help monitor parishioners' blood pressures. Only one service
per volunteer is necessary. Sign ups
are on a monthly basis. There is no
commitment to volunteer for every
month. This is a valuable ministry to
our Church members. If interested,
please contact Sue Slawinski via
phone 215-393-9636 (leave message)
or by email at [email protected]
Any help would be greatly
VOLUNTEERChange your life!
Can you GIVE?
Currently we have what amounts to
4 ½ teams of youth. We are still looking for some adult leaders to join us
so that we can take all the youth who
want to go. We don’t want to leave
ANYONE home!
Adult leaders must be a minimum of
25 years old. If you have ever considered joining our ASP family, this is
the year to do it. This is our THIRTY
YEAR anniversary. You can make it
a great success by signing up for the
trip, June 27 to July 5. No specific
talents or skills are needed. Only
YOU are needed.
Please consider bringing in some
much-needed food and supplies
for Keystone Opportunity Center
and others in emergency need in
our community upon personal
request. Leave them in the large
white boxes in the lobby and
Hyson Hall. In-demand items:
canned soup, canned meat, cereal,
pasta, diapers, and baby formula.
Please contact either Sara Heil
215 723-7498,
[email protected],
or Karen Wenhold 215 264-7042,
[email protected] , for more
Christmas Memorials and Honorariums
You have an opportunity to sponsor in honor, memory or celebration of a loved one at Christmas.
Presented By: _______________________________________________________________
Last Name
First Name
Phone _______________________ Amount Enclosed $_______________ Env. #________
 I wish to provide a sponsorship for the Christmas Eve Bulletins at $100.
In honor of ____________________________________________________________
In memory of __________________________________________________________
 I wish to contribute _____ Christmas Dinner(s) for Center City Food Cupboard at $5 each $_________.
This contribution will be used to purchase food for needy families and will be distributed through our Lutheran
churches in Philadelphia.
In honor of ____________________________________________________________
In memory of __________________________________________________________
 I wish to place _________ Poinsettia(s) at $15.25 each - $___________.
They will be used to decorate the chancel on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. You may pick up your
poinsettias following the service on Christmas Day or Friday morning, December 26.
In honor of ____________________________________________________________
In memory of __________________________________________________________
______ I will pick up the poinsettia(s) on Thurs., 12/25, following the 10:00 a.m. worship or Friday, 12/26.
______ Please deliver the poinsettia(s) to a shut-in.
at Trinity
The Philadelphia Master Chorale
Performs Handel’s ‘Messiah’
Oratorio-December 7th at 6 pm
The Philadelphia Master Chorale’s
performance of Handel’s “Messiah” is
December 7 at 6 p.m. Sunday at the
Trinity. This is the 4th annual performance by the Philadelphia Master
Chorale and the ‘Symphony in C’ Orchestra of this world famous composition. Tickets will only be sold at the door
on the day of the performance for $20.
The performance includes a chorus of
50 singers with the professional chamber orchestra ‘Symphony in C’ providing the accompaniment. The “Messiah”
features artistic conductor Changho
Lee, and the vocalists include In Young
Lee, soprano (professor at West Chester University); Ryu Kyung Kim, mezzo
soprano (professor at University of Dayton); Jin Hwan Byun, tenor (professor at
Kean University); and Kyu Won Lee,
baritone (director of Opera Libera).
SPSO Concert
Usher in the holidays with the Southeastern Pennsylvania Symphony Orchestra
on Sunday, December 14 at 3:00 p.m.
at Trinity. The concert is a musical
celebration of the Christmas season, and
is a perfect way for audiences of all ages
to experience music for the holidays. In
addition to holiday favorites, the concert
includes a special tribute to Christmas at
the movies and the memorable music
from great holiday films.
The highlight of the Family Holiday
Concert is the popular Kid Konductors!
Children ages 3-12 sign up in the lobby
prior to the concert to conduct the SPSO
during the concert. A child from each age
group (3-5, 6-8, and 9-12) is randomly
selected, and is given a special conductor's baton to keep. Kid Konductor’s is a
great SPSO tradition and a
wonderful experience for young and old.
Single tickets are $25 for adults, $20 for
seniors and $5 for students. For your
convenience you may purchase your tickets through with a credit card.
Interested in singing with us?
Go to
at Trinity-Mark your calendar! Get your tickets.
Sunday, February 8, 2015, 4:00 p.m.
The famous St. Olaf Choir will be performing at Trinity. Tickets are expect
to sell-out. Tickets are available via their website
(navigate to Performance Calendar) or by calling 800-363-5487. You also
can get tickets in the church office and Sundays in Hyson Hall starting
mid-November. Tickets are $35 per adult and $15 per student.
We will also need help with hospitality for both the choir and concert-goers.
Although all of these needs are not yet known, we do know they will include such things as help serving the meal for the choir and handing out
concert programs.
Contact Eric Gombert ([email protected] or 267-498-5912)
if you are able to help in any way or with questions.
When you shop on Amazon
this holiday seasonRemember Trinity
While online shopping for the
holidays on amazon, go to first. Sign in with
your amazon account and Amazon
will donate 0.5% of the price of your
eligible AmazonSmile purchases to
Trinity. You must select Trinity
AmazonSmile is the same Amazon
you know. Same products, same
prices, same service. Just extra
savings for Trinity!
Lutheran Congregational Services
offers a 6 hour Marriage Preparedness Series for engaged couples.
This skills-based series centers on
communication, conflict, values, finances, intimacy and spirituality.
Cost per couple is $60 ($80 for full
day series which includes lunch.)
Register at
www.lutherancongregationalservi, under the "education" tab.
Questions, contact Pr. Jennifer
at [email protected]
or 610.425.2981.
SUMMER STAFF-Bear Creek will be hiring fun, energetic and God-loving
people for many positions including: Counselors, Kitchen Staff, Maintenance
Workers and Junior Counselors. For more information about the Summer
2015 Staff Positions and to download an application, visit
There is no need to wake up early on Black Friday or fret about what to get
that special someone in your life. The Bear Creek Camp Store has everything you need to outfit everyone on your Christmas list in great gear! We
have items ranging from sweatshirts to Nalgene bottles to notebooks!
Formerly known as The Order of the Bear, the Trailblazers Club is a group
of individuals, families and churches that provide generous and consistent
financial support to Bear Creek Camp.
 1.5 ton dump truck
 46 inch or larger flat panel HDTV
 White copy paper
 Basketballs
 Kickballs
 Volleyballs
 Footballs
 Pool balls
 Your time and/or talents (many volunteer opportunities available)
 Bird seed
 Suet
 Bird feeders
 Repto Filter or Top Fin (medium) disposable filter cartridges
 Repto Filter or Top Fin (large) disposable filter cartridges
Trinity WOMEN’S
Save the dates
April 24th-26th for our
Annual Women’s Retreat.
Programs are held:
Sundays, March 15 and 22 (snow
date March 29), 2015, 2-5:00 p.m. at
Grace, Royersford.
Saturday, June 20, 2015,
9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at
Reformation, Media.
Saturday, Sept. 26, 2015,
9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.,
Emmanuel, Pottstown
Learn more
Organ scholarship
We are currently accepting
applications for Trinity’s organ
scholarship for 2015. A modest
piano background is the main
prerequisite to apply. For more
information and applications
contact Eric Gombert,
[email protected]
Daily Silent Prayer
Feeling stressed or worried?
Don’t feel like you have any time for
silence or to just listen for God during
the day? You are invited to come to
Trinity’s chapel any time from 9-9:30
am weekdays to join Pastor Skilbred
and others for silent prayer. Feel free
to contact Pastor Skilbred with
any questions at
[email protected]
Thrivent Financial Charitable Grant
As of November 6, eligible benefit
members of Thrivent Financial for
Lutherans have designated
$24,179 Thrivent Choice Dollars to Trinity
for 2014! Through the Thrivent Financial
charitable grant program, members can
select where Thrivent Financial distributes
part of its charitable grant funds –
including Trinity. Don’t miss this opportunity to help support Trinity. Go to or
call 1-800-Thrivent and state
“Thrivent Choice” to designate funds.
General Fund Operations for the nine months
ended September 30, 2014:
Giving & Other Income* $1,684,693
Net Giving Excess
<shortage> of Expense
*Actual giving and other income includes $410,707 of
bequests received.
Another opportunity is
here for us to invite - Christmas.
Research shows us the majority of our unchurched family, friends, neighbors and coworkers are open to an invitation to worship at
Christmas. These individuals, drawn by the pull of
religious memory, family history and cultural influence, are even more likely to respond positively to
a sincere invitation at Christmas than at other
times of the year.
Throughout the season of Advent, the four weeks
leading up to our Christmas celebration, we will
pray for those inviting and those being invited,
hear stories from those who came to faith through
an invitation of a friend, and consider different
ways we might extend our invitation. Our goal is to
encourage everyone of every age to invite their family, friends and neighbors
with them to our Christmas services and activities.
Please review the entire Advent/Christmas worship and congregational
activity. Consider which special worship service and/or seasonal activity would
be a good event for you and your friend to attend together – Advent Wreath
Making, Christmas Eve or Christmas Day worship, etc..
Remember, we simply invite. The Holy Spirit working through us, our
Christmas worship and congregational activities, the Biblical stories and this
community of faith, works the miracle of a powerful witness. Most people come
to faith and a relationship with Christ over a period of time. They do so through
the experience of authentic and caring friends who invite and model
discipleship. We do have a gift worth sharing.
Let’s invite this Christmas.
Homebound Birthdays
The folks listed below are members of
Trinity who, for one reason or another,
can no longer attend worship services
regularly. Please consider making their
special day a bit brighter by sending
them a birthday card. Be sure to let
them know that you’re a member of
Trinity and that their presence
is missed.
Mrs. Carolyn Weber
1348 Brittany Pointe
Lansdale, PA 19446
Mrs. Shirley Knauff
SN-3rd Floor, Room 313B
12 Lutheran Home Dr
Telford, PA 18969-1787
Mrs. Bernice Sensenig
101 Sunset Dr
Lansdale, PA 19446
Mrs. Louisa Verhovshek
142 Farringdon Ln
Souderton, PA 18964
Mrs. Miriam Husted
Peter Becker Community
800 Maple Ave – PC-142-2
Harleysville, PA 19438
Mrs. Marion Bubeck
2328 Brittany Pointe
Lansdale, PA 19446-6524
Mr. Jeffrey Frock
733 Calabria Dr
Ambler, PA 19002
Mrs. Charlotte Shindle
Spring Meadow – Room E104
1800 Walnut St
Lansdale, PA 19446
Mrs. Evelyn Lichtenwalner
1141 Snyder Rd – Apt G6
Lansdale, PA 19446
Mrs. LaRue Billig
Meadowood at Worcester
251 Holly House
Lansdale, PA 19446-5879
Mr. Kenneth Saul
Elm Terrace Gardens
660 N. Broad St – PC-311
Lansdale, PA 19446
Charles Albright, Sr.
Amanda Hovermale
George Aaronson
Naomi Moyer
Peggy Hunter-Sildve
Courtney Silbert and Sean Shepardson
Tracy Huber and Michael Farmer
Julie Kinzel and Amy Smith
Heather Massimo and Matthew Katyl
Joshua Joseph Boeh, son of Matthew and Elizabeth (Leach) Boeh
Ethan Chien Lee, son of Douglas and Amanda (Reeder) Lee
Sarah Elizabeth Colonnello, daughter of
Michael and Rachael (Gamble) Colonnello
Lucy Wren Miller, daughter of Wren and Tara (Thomas) Miller
Charley Rae Stoczko, daughter of
Christopher and Amanda (Lahiff) Stoczko
We are an inviting
congregation growing
in faith through
worship, learning,
serving, and fellowship.
Published by
Senior Pastor
Pastor for Family Ministry
Interim Pastor for Visitation
Eric Gombert
Director for Music
Andrea Baxter
Associate Director for Music
Sue Sheppard
Associate Parish Musician
Lisa Corr
Director for Early Learning
Cathy Grever
Nursery Coordinator
Mike Scharff
Director for Finance & Administration
Cathy Pezzuti
Financial Assistant
Victoria Seal
Director for Discipleship Gifts
Victoria Thomas
Director for Communication
Karen Strobel
Assistant to Pastor for Family Ministry
Karen Brown
Carolyn Hoagland
Dennis Smith
Manager for Buildings & Grounds
Sarolta Bartos
Submit articles for the next issue to
[email protected] in the church
office by noon on September 10, 2014.
Saturday Worship
5:30 p.m. in the chapel
Sunday Worship
8:15, 9:30 & 10:45 a.m.
1000 West Main Street, Lansdale, PA 19446-1926
215-368-1710 Fax 215-361-1710
e-mail: [email protected]
Christmas Tree Sale
The tradition continues at Trinity, where ASP youth and adults hold
their annual Christmas Tree Sale beginning Saturday, November 29th.
The proceeds support the ASP trip with 20% going to a local charity. This is a
great time for fellowship, community outreach, and meeting new people
while supporting the youth as they continue to enrich their lives through
their commitment to helping others.
The Tree sale is located on the Valley Forge Road side near the playground.
Saturdays beginning November 29th 8:30 am—4:30 pm
Sundays beginning Novermber 30th 9:15 am—4:30 pm
The trees are premium Douglas and Frazier Fir. They are cut
FRESH the week they are delivered. The trees range in height from
5 feet to over 9 feet and are priced from $30 to $65. Each tree can
have a fresh cut trunk and will be bound and placed in your car by
the students. If needed, local delivery can be arranged.
Non-Profit Org.
Permit No. 167
Lansdale, PA

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