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oklahoma county sheriff`s office
Telmate Verified Leads Investigators
to Cop Shooter’s Money Trail
Law enforcement can spend days unearthing leads to a criminal investigation. The
appropriate paperwork needs to be filed, vetted and approved. Once approval is met, the
search begins. Hundreds of man hours are spent looking for possible ties to an inmate or a
crime. Thousands of dollars are spent holding suspects for questioning.
Case notes:
A 30-year-old suspect shot Oklahoma County Sheriff, Major John Waldenville in the face
while he worked an off-duty security job at Cattlemen’s Steakhouse. The assault took place
as the officer was making a bank deposit just after closing. The suspect was arrested but
pleaded not guilty to the charges. Corporal Investigator Jason Bass’ challenge was to find
the bag of money the suspect stole from the officer. He looked to Telmate for help.
Bass, together with a team of investigators listened to the suspect’s phone calls through
the Telmate system for over 5 months. During a conversation with his girlfriend, the
suspect directed her to retrieve a bag of money. Investigators located her using
information available through Telmate Verified, an automated identity verification system
that is the core of Telmate Investigator tools. The suspect was ultimately arrested because
Bass both unearthed and tracked down a crucial piece of evidence using the tools.
Today, Bass continues to share his knowledge with other investigators by leading handson training nationwide for law enforcement officers, federal agents and district attorneys.
To date, he has trained thousands of investigators in over a hundred facilities and 25
agencies (local, state and federal) across the country.
SOURCE: KOCO Oklahoma City News: http://www.koco.com/news/oklahomanews/okc/
“Every day, I run queries to look for associates, criminal activity and indicators
leading to a criminal enterprise,” said Bass, who has been using the system
since 2009. “If I didn’t have Telmate, I would not be the detective I am today.”
Corporal Investigator Jason Bass, Oklahoma County Sheriffs Office
For more information on how Telmate can assist your facility and your
investigators, please contact us at [email protected] or visit

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