2008-2009 Annual Report



2008-2009 Annual Report
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Stamford Downtown Special Services District Five Landmark Square Suite110 Stamford, CT 06901 T: 203-348-5285 F: 203-348-6857
Editor: Annette Einhorn Illustration: Michael A. Lombardo, Creative Insight, LLC Photography: Happyhaha Studio
A N N UA L R E P O R T 2 0 0 8 - 2 0 0 9
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Stephen J. Hoffman
Sandy Goldstein
hile the decline of the national economy has impacted business and real estate in Stamford Downtown, the Downtown District continues to be the central driving force of the city’s corporate, retail and cultural life. Our Grand List is a
compelling $1,954,455,470, nine percent of the city’s total $22 billion Grand List and
once again, as has been the case for the last decade, the largest portion of the List.
With the recent revaluation factored into the computation, the Downtown’s Grand
List has grown by 175% during the last five years. Such strength is noteworthy, especially in these challenging economic times. However, the effect of the economic
downturn on Downtown’s critical market sectors (office occupancy and development, residential development, culture, arts and retail) is significant.
The vision for Stamford Downtown is of a diverse, dynamic,
people-oriented economic center; the premier urban
neighborhood of the metropolitan region.
The Downtown Special Services District is responsible for creating,
managing and promoting a quality environment for people, which
enhances the economic vitality of the Downtown.
There are currently 6.1 million square feet of office in the Downtown (exclusive of
RBS’ new office headquarters.) As of first quarter 2009, Class A office vacancy is at
11.5% up 2.1% from first quarter 2008. However our vacancy rate is 1.1% lower
than the rate for the rest of Fairfield County. While 58,600 people work within one
mile of the Downtown, the unemployment rate has risen by 1.3 percent (from 5.6%
to 6.9 %), lower than the national average of 8.5%, but certainly significant for
Stamford which has had an unemployment rate of 5% or below, for the last decade.
Real estate sales continue to show strength. Three office buildings sold in the
downtown during the last 15 months at an average price of $200 psf. The prior year,
1 Atlantic Street sold for $253 psf, up 74.5% from the building’s 2002 sale price of
$145 psf.
ness, Downtown restaurants participated in Restaurant Weeks, a robust marketing
campaign, which resulted in significantly increased restaurant patronage during
the quietest time of the year (late summer, early winter.) This popular promotion
now generates over 4,000 lunches and dinners during a two week period.
This was a particularly difficult year for the region’s most significant cultural
institution, the Stamford Center for the Arts (SCA). Because theatres are economic
engines for the downtown (each dollar spent on a ticket generates $25 in ancillary
spending), the vitality of the SCA is particularly important. In 2008, the SCA filed for
protection under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code, in order to reorganize and become a stronger organization. Two critical decisions vis-à-vis the SCA were made
during the last half year, both designed to strengthen the theatre. First, in order to
limit the financial risk of show production, the SCA will engage promoters to
produce all theatre concerts. These promoters will assume all risk of concert
presentation and the SCA will earn its money through ancillary services. Second,
the SCA entered into an agreement with NBC/Universal to lease the Rich Forum to
produce three of its national TV shows. This eliminated the financial drain of maintaining the Rich Forum while generating rental income. In addition, the production
of the shows will bring several hundred people downtown a week, create 200
well paying jobs and economically stimulate local businesses which will be used
for all the goods and services needed by the shows.
RBS’ new office headquarters is scheduled to be fully occupied by December, 2009.
Its 574,831 sf building with 1800 employees will have a significant domino effect on
the economy. UBS, which is similar in size and purpose to RBS, in the past has
poured approximately $20,000,000 a year into the economy to engage the services
of local printers, designers, technicians, couriers, caterers, employment agencies,
hotels, restaurants, car services, florists and photographers, as well as for its support of cultural and nonprofit institutions. Whatever the amount that RBS ultimately
spends on these ancillary services, the stimulus to the economy will be significant.
The retail market in Stamford mirrors the weakened retail market nationwide. Yet,
there are some bright spots worth noting. Restaurateurs are still actively seeking to
locate in the Downtown with the 2009 addition of 6 quality restaurants (BUtterfield 8
on Bedford, Buffalo Wild Wings, Mary Ann’s and Barcelona on lower Summer,
Layla’s Falafel on Main and Chavin and Esposito’s Deli on Atlantic.) Scheduled to
open in June is the new boutique night club, 84 West Park Place. To stimulate busi-
The new Trump Tower on Washington Blvd. and High Grove on Forest Street, both
high end condominium projects totaling 272 units, are scheduled to open in 2009.
The housing market has been hit the hardest nationwide and sales of units in Stamford mirror the latter trend. However, both developers are preparing an aggressive
marketing campaign for summer and fall 2009 to capture the market uptick that is
being forecast.
The Downtown is a dynamic place which reflects and reacts to economic trajectories. On the whole, the downtown is still robust and able to take on the challenges
which a national recession has thrown at it. We at the DSSD look forward to positive growth in the coming Fiscal Year as the economy begins to recover.
DSS D A N N UA L RE P ORT 20 0 8- 20 0 9
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To foster Stamford Downtown’s
economic growth through a strong
retail retention and recruitment
The creation of a vibrant retail environment is at the core of DSSD’s mission. Retention
took “center stage” in 2008/09 with a major push focused on supporting existing retailers. Three major programs were embraced:
THE I-SHOP STAMFORD DOWNTOWN program attracted 62 Downtown businesses which are currently participating in the seven month promotion designed
to get people to. . .
“Think locally” when deciding where to make their purchases
“Buy locally” more often
“Act locally” by supporting our Stamford Downtown retail community
A total of 40,000 FREE I-Shop Stamford Downtown cards were distributed to 10,000
Stamford residents, more than half of those residing in Stamford Downtown, 5,000
people who work in Downtown, as well as DSSD’s newsletter recipients. For further details on the I-Shop program log onto www.stamford-downtown.com.
WOR 710AM RADIO produced a live broadcast from Stamford Downtown Broadway Kitchens & Baths of CT, spotlighting 3 of our Downtown restaurants, napa & co.,
Market and Columbus Park Trattoria, which each assembled a fabulous food & wine
pairing during the event for the live audience of 75 people. The show hosted by famous Chef Michael Colameki, aired to an audience of 500,000 people in the NY, NJ, RI
and Philadelphia metro areas.
Avon Theatre, photo by Don Hamerman
which encouraged Stamford Downtown merchants to keep their windows clean and
clear of promotional signage. Forty five storefronts were targeted and improved during the campaign.
STAMFORD TABLES – Downtown’s restaurant association continued to grow
with the addition of 8 new restaurants including Aria, Capital Grille, Kona Grill,
Mitchell’s Fish Market, California Pizza, P.F. Chang’s, Twenty of Stamford and Market Restaurant. In November 2008, DSSD held a Legislative Breakfast with Stamford Tables members and our State Legislative Delegation, to discuss bills slated to
be heard in the upcoming legislative session pertaining to the restaurant industry.
napa & co.
STAMFORD TABLES RESTAURANT WEEKS were held during the last two
weeks of August, and during the last week in February through mid-March.
Twenty- one Stamford Tables restaurants participated in Summer Restaurant Weeks
and sixteen Stamford Tables restaurants participated in Winter Restaurant Weeks
culminating in a total of 9,000 lunches and dinners served as a result of this event.
New partnerships were formed with Stamford Hospital and The Avon Theatre adding
an educational and entertainment component to this marketing campaign.
2009/2010 GOALS:
Continue the vitality of the Downtown restaurant association
by growing the membership and hosting popular events
such as Winter and Summer Restaurant Weeks.
is currently being explored by DSSD in conjunction with the
Downtown merchants. The feasibility of sponsoring a well
advertised “Weekend Getaway” in the Fall is being researched. The program would possibly feature cooking &
art classes, an entertainment or performing arts component,
all benefitting Stamford Downtown businesses.
To ensure the appropriate economic development of Stamford Downtown through
comprehensive planning and advocacy.
The DSSD is the watchdog for appropriate
Downtown development, balancing the
challenge of intensity with environmental and
quality of life objectives. Using Stamford’s
Master Plan as a guide, the District has helped
to foster a full array of retail, office, cultural,
recreation and residential uses in the Downtown. Through a strong program of advocacy
for appropriate land-use planning and development, the Downtown will continue to grow and
thrive as a regional retail, office, housing and
cultural destination.
Stamford Town Center
NEW DEVELOPMENT OVERSIGHT – This past year DSSD’s Economic
Development Committee reviewed and analyzed several development proposals including: Harbor Point, Archstone Washington Boulevard, Lord & Taylor,
760 Summer Street, Atlantic Hotel, Columbus Park West and the renovation of
the YMCA. DSSD positions were developed for each of these projects and
publicly articulated to appropriate city boards and committees. With each, we
strove to ensure that Downtown remains the center of destination retail and
major hotel development, as clearly articulated in Stamford’s Master Plan.
OLD TOWN HALL – The exterior “façade-lift” of Old Town Hall in the heart
of the Downtown was completed, work began on a full interior renovation and
construction commenced on an architecturally compelling exterior feature.
The DSSD is a designated member of the Old Town Hall Redevelopment
Agency which is spearheading the drive to renovate, build and activate the
BOARDS AND COMMISSIONS – DSSD staff sits on the Boards of numerous, significant public agencies and corporations including: Stamford Center
for the Arts, Mill River Collaborative, Keep Stamford Beautiful, Ferguson Library, Stamford Chamber of Commerce, Stamford Partnership, Stamford EMS,
Tully Center and Stamford Police Foundation.
2009/2010 GOALS:
Trump Parc Stamford Rendering
DOWNTOWN MASTER PLAN & COMPREHENSIVE REZONING Stamford has not had comprehensive rezoning since the mid 1950’s.
A new citywide Master Plan was developed in 1999 but the downtown
area was not covered in enough depth to serve as the basis for rezoning.
The DSSD in partnership with the Stamford Urban Redevelopment Commission has initiated a community-inclusive process to produce a Downtown
Master Plan, followed by comprehensive rezoning to ensure appropriate
future development.
NEW DEVELOPMENT OVERSIGHT – Monitor new development
downtown and in the adjacent community through review and analysis of
prospective projects. The DSSD will remain actively involved in reviewing
proposed new developments and monitoring changes in already proposed
but not yet constructed projects.
DSS D A N N UA L RE P ORT 20 0 8- 20 0 9
DSS D A N N UA L REPORT 20 0 8- 20 0 9
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Boyz II Men at 2008 Alive @ Five
The DSSD has a strong and focused calendar of events featuring the following: an outdoor sculpture exhibit, outdoor summer concerts, a farmers’ market, an arts & crafts
show, the second largest helium balloon parade in the country as well as Heights &
Lights featuring Santa rapelling down Landmark Tower coupled with a major Christmas
tree lighting. The events draw renowned artists, musicians and sponsors, successfully
attracting hundreds of thousands of spectators annually who ultimately shop, dine and
enjoy all the Downtown has to offer.
To attract people to
the Downtown through
comprehensive signature
events and marketing
Harrison High School Marching Band at 2008 UBS Parade Spectacular
DOWNTOWN EVENTS – To continue to enhance the district’s program of signature events
while insuring that each event leverages economic benefits for Downtown businesses.
53 sculptures by J. Seward Johnson were placed in the Downtown and the gallery at UConn.
exhibit featuring large animal sculptures from eighteen national and regional artists.
ALIVE @ FIVE – Successfully produced seven concerts featuring Blues Traveler, Blind
Melon, Southside Johnny, and Boyz II Men to record crowds.
UBS Parade Spectacular
ALIVE @ FIVE – To produce an exciting and entertaining concert series while ensuring a
more secure environment. To the latter end several new rules will be implemented:
age requirement of 21 and over after 6:30pm; $5 admission charge and one main gate
with many portals.
POPS IN THE PARK – Produced Pops in the Park featuring the Stamford Symphony with
conductor Eckart Preu, Barbara Cook and Bowzer’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Party featuring soloist
Lynn DiMenna. This Wednesday evening event attracted significant audiences.
ARTS, CRAFTS & BLUES ON BEDFORD – Implemented fourth annual Arts, Crafts & Blues
show on Bedford Street which has become one of the most successful shows in the region.
UBS PARADE SPECTACULAR – Brought in new floats with entertainment themes including
DOWNTOWN STREET BEAT – To develop a new street musician event on two Wednesdays
in July creating a sense of place throughout the downtown.
Teen Star Tiffany Giardina and the ZOOperstars!
INTERACTIVE WEB OUTREACH – To further expand Stamford Downtown’s presence on
MySpace, YouTube and Stamford Downtown’s blog and to increase our email mailing list.
STREET BANNER PROGRAM – Assembled a committee of marketing executives to review
design submissions for new banner campaign. Saw project to completion through design,
production and installation in Stamford Downtown.
Forever Marilyn by J. Seward Johnson
DSS D A N N UA L RE P ORT 20 0 8- 20 0 9
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STAMFORD DOWNTOWN DIRECTORY – In-house publication and distribution
of 35,000, 78-page annual Downtown Directories containing paid advertising, detailed free listings for 225 downtown businesses and 16 pages of
valuable editorial information.
To plan, initiate and manage enhanced
operational services, which improve
Downtown’s physical environment.
The District operates five major programs to address the
Downtown’s outdoor experience: a Clean Team to control
sidewalk, park and curbside litter 7-days a week; Downtown Ambassadors to provide a secure environment 200
patrol-hours, 6-days a week; a Green Team to enrich the
streets with seasonal plantings; Streetscape Operations to
interface with city operations and property owners on all
downtown maintenance issues; and the Sidewalk Snow
Removal program to enhance the pedestrian experience in
the winter. All mesh together to ensure well-maintained
public spaces and parks, resulting in an environment that
attracts people, fosters retail development, increases property values, and creates a sense of place.
STAMFORD DOWNTOWN DINING GUIDE – Produced a sponsor funded dining
guide to supplement Directory distribution.
2009/2010 GOALS:
PARKING MASTER PLAN– Orchestrate the completion
of a 4th Downtown Parking Master Plan and submit to
city boards for approval subsequent execution.
CONTRACT NEGOTIATION – Negotiated favorable labor contracts for
Downtown Ambassador and Sidewalk Cleaning staffs.
AMBASSADOR PROGRAM MONITORING – An electronic route verification
system is carefully monitored to ensure consistent, reliable and efficient
Downtown Ambassador patrols.
Left to right: Giovanni Rojas, Agazio DiMasi, Mitchell Murphy,
Michael Stripling, Gary Walker, Wesner Bernadel
GRAFFITI DOCUMENTATION & REMOVAL – Monitored all incidences
Agazio DiMasi, Account Manager
Veteran’s Park experience for those who live, work or
visit downtown by fostering installation of a background
music system and a ban on skateboard use.
HOLIDAY LIGHT POLE DECOR – Replace hanging holiday
basket program with a more prominent holiday display.
of downtown graffiti and followed up with photo documentation,
police reporting and immediate removal.
COST SAVINGS – Reduce cost of security, cleaning
DESIGN REVIEW –Worked with Zoning Enforcement to ensure enforcement
2009/2010 DIRECTORY – In-house publication and
distribution of 35,000 Downtown Directories on a
positive cash flow basis.
and adherence to newly adopted Design Guidelines.
BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS RETREAT – Arranged and facilitated details of a
professionally moderated Board of Commissioners Strategic Planning Retreat.
and landscaping with no reduction of services.
DESIGN REVIEW – Work with Zoning Enforcement
to ensure enforcement and adherence to Design
verification system for the Downtown Clean Team to
ensure optimum performance and effectiveness.
BANNER PROGRAM – Handled RFP process, vendor selection, production
Left to right: Vincente Santos, Edgar Melgar, Hugo Enriquez
and installation of 400 new downtown banners.
TAX & ASSESSMENT DATA – Generated and maintained Grand List analysis,
evaluations and forecasts.
CITY FUNDING REQUESTS – Produced detailed reports for Mayor, Board
of Finance and Board of Representatives for city funding requests.
WEBSITE ADVERTISING – Designed, launched and successfully
marketed an advertising component to the DSSD website.
SPRING STREET – Following years of lobbying and collaboration,
Spring Street was changed to two-way operation.
DSS D A N N UA L RE P ORT 20 0 8- 20 0 9
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Page 11
The DSSD is funded primarily by 126 property owners who pay an annual fee to the District based on their property assessments. The formula was adopted in 1992 when the
District was incorporated and subsequently amended in 1998 to reflect the impact of
re-evaluation. In addition to assessments, a significant portion of the DSSD’s program
income is derived through sponsorships.
Who pays what:
5 property owners pay 55% of total program cost
averaging $175,976 each (4% of taxpayers pay 55% of taxes)
• Top
Where the
money goes:
Operations, Clean,
Safe & Green
• Top
property owners pay
of total program cost
each (8% of taxpayers pay 76% of taxes)
Retail & Economic
• Top
property owners pay
of total program cost
each (16% of taxpayers pay 88% of taxes)
• Smallest annual assessment is
• Highest annual assessment is
• Average Atlantic Street assessment is
• Average Bank Street assessment is
• Average Broad Street assessment is
• Average Bedford Street assessment is
• Average Main Street assessment is
• Average Summer Street assessment is
Where the money
comes from:
General Administration
Marketing &
Event Promotion
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Page 13
DSS D A N N UA L RE PORT 20 0 8- 20 0 9
Many District property owners voluntarily
supported our 2008-2009 initiatives through
donations and in-kind sponsorships, which
are in addition to their tax assessment:
Avalon Communities
Avon Theatre Film Center
Bildner Capital Corp.
Emmett & Glander, Attorneys at Law
First County Bank
Gibraltar Management Co., Inc.
Heyman Properties
Hoffman Investment Partners
People’s United Bank
Purdue Pharma L.P.
Reckson, A Division of SL Green
RFR Realty, LLC
Seaboard Properties, Inc.
Silver Golub & Teitell, LLP
Stamford Town Center
United Realty of Connecticut, Inc.
Valeur Realty
The following non-profit organizations
support District initiatives through
monetary or in-kind partnerships:
Boys & Girls Club of Stamford
CTE’s Lathon Wider Community Center
Curtain Call
Diocese of Bridgeport, Catholic School System
The Ferguson Library
Keep Stamford Beautiful
Mill River Collaborative
Saint John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church
Shippan Point Garden Club
Stamford Big 5 Volunteer Fire Department
Stamford Center for the Arts
Stamford Chamber of Commerce
Stamford Emergency Medical Services
Stamford Garden Club
Stamford Hospital
Stamford Museum & Nature Center
Stamford Partnership
Stamford Symphony Orchestra
Stamford Youth Foundation
Unitarian Universalist Society
University of Connecticut
Visiting Nurse & Hospice Care
Many thanks to the generosity of our
Downtown restaurants and nightclubs
whose donations, participation & gift
certificates make numerous patrons
very happy:
122 Pizza Bistro
Aria Restaurant
Bank Street Events
Bennett’s Steak & Fish House
Black Bear Saloon
Bobby Valentine’s Sports Gallery Café
Bradford’s Grill & Tavern
Buffalo Wild Wings
The Brick House Bar & Grill
BUtterfield 8
California Pizza Kitchen
The Capital Grille
Capriccio Café
Chez Jean-Pierre Bistro & Wine Bar
Columbus Park Trattoria
12 stamford-downtown.com
Curley’s Diner
Emme of Capri
EOS Greek Cuisine
Fin II
Hula Hank’s Island Grille & Bar
Il Falco Ristorante
Jenna Marie’s Deli
Kona Grill
Kujaku Japanese Restaurant
Lucky’s Classic Burger & Malt Shop
Market Restaurant
Mitchell’s Fish Market
Mona Lisa Ristorante
Morton’s, The Steakhouse
napa & co.
The Palms
P.F. Chang's China Bistro
Rack ‘N’ Roll Cafe
Remo’s Brick Oven Pizza Company
Republic Grill Asian Bistro
SBC Downtown Restaurant & Brewery
Sundance Café & Wine Bar
Tiernan's Bar & Restaurant
Tigin Irish Pub
Twenty of Stamford
The District thanks a dedicated and
talented group of volunteers led by
Marion Glowka, for their invaluable
assistance in designing, planting and
maintaining our beautiful downtown
Alice Ballin
Gloria Battinelli
Pasquale Battinelli
Jo Ann Benson
Mary Bohen
Wanda Brennan
Alma Burdock
Penney Burnett
Maureen Carson
Lynn Cerran
Rosemary Cox
Elaine Daley
Wilma Deicas
Carole Dell’Aquila
Ulli Delmar
Cathy Cole
Suzanne deMilt
Lenore DiPalma
Clare Duffy
Paula Eytel
Joe Ezzo
Libby Fatum
Jeanne Hersh
Tim Huff
Diana Hughes
Terry Kelly
Emily Kreis
Pat Langley
Beazie Larned
Carol Matteson
Barbara Miller
Ricki Miller
Georgia Norstrand
Pat Pemberton
Betty Roberts
Susan Romanowski
Ed Selig
Barbara H. Smith
Mary Starke-Wilson
Re Telep
Jane Waugh
Diane White
Charlotte Wolter
The District thanks a dedicated
group of volunteers, the Friends of
Downtown, who annually raise
money for art in public spaces:
Joan Fields, Chairperson
Karen Denker
Lynne Fife
Ginny Fox
Rose Marie Grosso
Eileen Heckerling
Steve Heikin, Icon Architecture
Elayne Jassey
Phyllis Kapiloff
Nancy Kucera
Betsy Levinson
Alice Lyons
Gail Malloy
Pamela Mullender
Ellen O’Neill
Shae Rosenthal
Maddy Shapiro
Camille Tomasello
Special thanks to Mayor Dannel P.
Malloy whose vision of a strong and vital
Downtown has been instrumental in the
success of the DSSD’s initiatives. Much
appreciation is also extended to the
Mayor’s team of outstanding city
employees who contribute their time,
energy and ideas toward making the
Downtown the city’s neighborhood.
Numerous corporations and individuals
both inside and outside the District
support our work through generous annual donations to programs and events.
Included as well is the generosity of City
and State Boards, Commissions and
Agencies who through their funding
recognize the importance of a
revitalized downtown.
Mayor Dannel P. Malloy, City of Stamford
785 Records
A. Vitti Construction
Danielle Abdelnour
Bill Ackley
The Advocate/Greenwich Time
Agabhumi, The Best of Bali
Agora Spa at the Stamford Marriott
Pamela Akgun
Mary Alipranti
Allied-Barton Security Services
Sharon Anderson
Apollo Real Estate Advisors
Sarah Arnold
The Ashforth Company
Ashforth Management Services
Angela Aulenti
Captain Roman Balzar
Bank of America
Barbara Boutant
Ben Barnes
Bartlett Tree Experts
Mike Berkoff
Best Friends Pet Care
Board of Finance, City of Stamford
Board of Representatives, City of
Bobby Valentine’s Sports Academy
Nick Bochicchio
Bridgeport Downtown Cabaret Theatre
Building and Land Technology
Bull’s Head Pet Hospital
Cacace, Tusch & Santagata
Chief Barry Callahan
Bob Callahan Design
Camp Bow Wow
Krissy Carboni
Tom Cassone
Tom Chukas
City Carting
City of Stamford Health Department
City of Stamford Operations Department
Les Cohn
Kathyrne Colatrella
Dan Colleluori
Conair Corporation
Connecticut Light & Power Company
County TV and Appliance of Stamford
Cox Radio, Inc.
Crystal Rock
CT Cigar Company
CT Commission on Culture and Tourism
CT Transit
Cytec Industries Inc.
Jeff Dean
Denise DeFrancisco
Dr. Bruce Lee Denker DDS
Kathleen Devanney
Sgt. Ryan Devanney
Monsignour DiGiovanni
Dichello Distributors
Mickey Docimo
Downtown Golf
E. Gaynor Brennan Golf Course
Wendy Epstein
Fairfield County Weekly
Robin Faller
Frank Fedele
Fidelity Investments
Flowerworks, Inc.
William Forker
Frank Mercede & Sons
Alexander Frenkel
Karen Fusaro
GB Parking
Ed Gentile
Bill Gerardi
Bob Goldstein
Grade A ShopRite
Louisa Greene
Marie Gregg
Peter Griffith
Hampton Inn & Suites
Seth Weinstein,
Hannah Real Estate Investors, LLC
Happyhaha Studio Photography
Eileen Heckerling
Steve Heiken, Icon Architecture
Heineken USA Incorporated
Hilton Stamford
Larry Hoff, WB 11 Morning News
Doug Hoyt
Jim Hummerstone
The Insurance Exchange
Michael Jacopino
Lavrel Johnson
Juner Properties
Alan Kalter
King Features Syndicate
Steven Kisendall
Jimmy Koplik
Jenny Lake
Patricia Lamouthe
The Lane Childs Company, Inc.
Marc Lanzarotto
Chief Brent Larrabee
Dr. Johnnie Lee
Kerry Leonard
Betsy Levinson & Family
Rich Levitt
John Leydon
Lindt Master Chocolatier
Jon Lipshutz
Lisa Lockwood
Bobby Longo
Lord & Taylor
Tim Lynch
Maiden Lane Company
Martha Mahoney
Mann, Fowler and Hoffman Families
Ron Markey
Chief John McCabe
Suzanne McCloskey
Kevin McKloskey
Laurie Guzda McEvoy
Chief Robert McGrath
Brad Meling
Ryan Meserole
Michele’s Pies, LLC
John Michelson
Ruth Miner
Lt. Nick Montagnese
Bruce Moore
Bruce Moore Jr.
Cheryl Moore
Denise Morgan
Captain Bill Mullins
Murtha Cullina, LLP
Mark Muscarella
My Gym Children’s Fitness Center
Myrna’s Mediterranean Bistro
Nagi Jewelers
National Realty & Development Corp.
Nestlé Waters North America
Joan Nizolek
Asst. Chief Bob Nivakoff
Noble Hair Salon
Nobu Florist and Events
Noelle Spa
NY Metro-Smart Water
Joe Nunn
Tony Olive
Ernie Orgera
P&G Beauty
Perren Page
Parade Volunteers & Balloon Handlers
Ralph Pastore
Patriot National Bank
Pedigree Ski Shop
Michael Pelazza
Elissa Piazzaroli
James Polisky
Marie Poolah
Post Road Entertainment
Bill Price
George Proakis, City of Lowell, MA
Mike Putrino
Pyramid Real Estate Group
Tami Raymer
Red Bull North America Inc.
Debi Reinecke
Riccio Sports
Zamendin Riyasat
Robustelli World Travel
Hannah Rosenberger
Sherri & Allen Rosenthal
June & Rolf Rosenthal
Gary Rowland
Royal Restrooms
Anita Sabato
Elizabeth Sabia
Jim Sabia
Michele Sabia
SAC Capital Advisors, LP
Saks Fifth Avenue
Ron Sala
Salon Shahin
Roy Schiffer
Steve Schneider
Heather L. Scott
Jim Serafino
Serpe Brothers
Jami Sherwood
Sheryl Blais Studios
Shock Electric
William and Sylvia Silberstein Foundation
Simply Signs
Robert Sitkowski, Robinson & Cole
Jason Soto
Steve Soyland
Splash Car Wash
Stamford Golf Authority
Stamford Marriott Hotel & Spa
Stamford Parks & Recreation
Stamford Planning & Zoning Boards
Stamford Police Department
Stamford Professional Firefighters
Local 786
Stamford Public Schools
Stamford Sports and Spine
Stamford Wine & Liquor
State Farm Agency–George Boyce
Ste. Michelle Wine Estates
Sterling Farms Golf Course
Steven Wise Associates, LLC
Strada 18
Maria L. Sturges
Jen Swarts
Sharon Tappe
Teddy’s Limousine
Terry Connors Ice Rink
The Insurance Exchange
The Switch
Richard Tibbitts
Tully Health Center
Turning 70
Brian VanOrsdel
Dolly Veit
Vinnie Vetrini
W&M Properties
Mort Walker
Phil Wesson
Jim West
Jon Westberg
Woodloch Pines Resorts
Yankee Gas
Jim Zielinski
DSS D A N N UA L RE P ORT 20 0 8- 20 0 9
11:30 AM
Page 15
Front from left to right:
Carl Bildner, Greg Caggainello, Michael Marchetti, Marjan Murray, Stephen J. Hoffman,
Sandy Goldstein, Kathryn Emmett, Norman Lotstein, Robin Stein, Kathleen E. Walsh
Back from left to right:
Christopher L. Bergstrom, Courtney A. Nelthropp, Lynn McGee, Steven Wise,
Robert H. Kahn, Michael J. McAndrews, Michael Freimuth, John J. DiMenna Jr.,
Rocco Veltri, Todd M. Kosakowski, Richard E. Taber, Robert Karp, David R. Martin,
Michael M. Ego, Jack Condlin, Merle Spiegel, Mary Schaffer, Werner Valeur-Jensen
Missing from photograph: Neil M M Grassie, Gregory Lodato, Dannel P. Malloy, Mayor
Stephen J. Hoffman, Managing Partner
Hoffman Investment Partners, LLC
Marjan Murray, Vice President,
Regional Manager
People's United Bank
Kathryn Emmett, Esq.
Emmett & Glander
Michael Marchetti
Columbus Park Trattoria
Richard E. Taber, Chairman & CEO
First County Bank
Christopher L. Bergstrom, Executive Director
Urban Redevelopment Commission
Carl Bildner, President
Bildner Capital Corp.
Greg Caggainello, Sr. Vice President
Reckson, a Division of SL Green
Jack Condlin, President & CEO
Stamford Chamber of Commerce
John J. DiMenna Jr., President
Seaboard Properties, Inc.
Michael M. Ego, Associate Vice Provost
University of Connecticut, Stamford
Michael Freimuth, Director
Office of Economic Development
City of Stamford
Neil M M Grassie, Head of Property
RBS Americas
Robert H. Kahn, President
United Realty of CT, Inc.
Robert Karp
Representative of The Lane Childs Company
Todd M. Kosakowski, Managing Partner
Post Road Entertainment
Gregory Lodato, President
MarLo Associates, Inc.
Sandy Goldstein
John Ruotolo
Vice President of Operations
Norman Lotstein, Vice President
Pyramid Real Estate Group
Lynne Colatrella
Vice President, Events & Marketing
Dannel P. Malloy, Mayor
City of Stamford
Annette Einhorn
Director, Events & Marketing
David R. Martin, President & Deputy Mayor
Stamford Board of Representatives
Jacqueline R. Wetenhall
Director of Retail Development
Michael J. McAndrews, General Manager
Stamford Town Center
Marion Glowka
Streetscape Coordinator
Lynn McGee, Owner
The Bridal Suite
Maryann Rockwood
Office Manager
Courtney A. Nelthropp, Owner
Sir Speedy
Cheryl Vukelic
Operations Project Coordinator
Mary Schaffer
napa & co.
David Klein
Coordinator, Events & Marketing
Front left to right: Lynne Colatrella, Sandy Goldstein, John Ruotolo, Jacqueline Wetenhall
Back left to right: David Klein, Marion Glowka, Annette Einhorn, Cheryl Vukelic, Maryann Rockwood
Merle Spiegel, Senior Director of Corporate
Purdue Pharma L.P.
Robin Stein, Land Use Bureau Chief
City of Stamford
Stamford Downtown outdoor pole banners designed and illustrated
by Creative Insight, LLC. www.creative-insight.com
Werner Valeur-Jensen, Owner
Valeur Realty Holding Co.
Rocco Veltri, Regional Head of Security,
UBS Investment Bank
Kathleen E. Walsh, President & CEO
Stamford Partnership, Inc.
Steven Wise
Steven Wise Associates
Left to right: Alice Lyons, Maddy Shapiro, Eileen Heckerling,
Joan Fields, Sandy Goldstein, Camille Tomasello, Lynne Fife,
Ellen O’Neill, Phyllis Kapiloff, Karen Denker.
Missing from photograph: Ginny Fox, Rose Marie Grosso,
Elayne Jassey, Nancy Kucera, Betsy Levinson, Gail Malloy,
Pamela Mullender, Shae Rosenthal.

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