Vice President for finance



Vice President for finance
Naperville, Illinois
Vice President for Finance
Position Specification Spring 2016
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The Opportunity
North Central College is one of higher education’s great success stories. A 155-yearold comprehensive liberal arts institution located in Chicago’s western suburbs, North
Central has experienced four decades of continuous enrollment growth, balanced
budgets, salary increases, additions to its physical plant and harmonious relations with
its host community of Naperville. This is particularly impressive given broader trends
in higher education in recent years. With a strong balance sheet, the good will of its
students and alumni, the stability of both its leadership and its academic program,
and a college community committed to its values and mission, North Central
aspires to build upon its success to date. In January 2013, the College welcomed an
entrepreneurial and energetic new president to help lead the College forward from
this position of strength.
North Central College now seeks a thoughtful and innovative Vice President for
Finance to serve as a key partner with the president, other members of the cabinet,
faculty, administration and Board of Trustees in envisioning and building the
College’s future. The new vice president will succeed an incumbent who is retiring at
the conclusion of an extremely successful tenure in the position.
North Central College has grown consistently since its founding in 1861, expanding
considerably over the past 25 years. Today, undergraduate enrollment averages 2,733
students, more than half of whom live on campus. They can choose from more than
55 majors. Additionally, 229 students are enrolled in six areas of graduate study. The
College retains the ethos of and commitment to the liberal arts while embracing a
number of carefully chosen pre-professional and graduate programs. It is a founding
member of the Association of American Colleges and Universities and is recognized
by U.S. News & World Report and The Princeton Review as one of the best colleges in
the Midwest. North Central students garner such national recognition as Goldwater,
Fulbright and Soros scholarships. Consistent athletic success is one of the school’s
many hallmarks. North Central is ranked among the top in the NCAA Division
III Learfield Sports Directors’ Cup standings, and its teams have won 31 national
Recently completed capital projects include a state-of-the-art, suite-style residence hall,
a performing arts facility and an innovative and environmentally friendly residence
hall/recreation center, which has been nationally recognized for its sustainable design.
In addition, plans for a new science building came to fruition in 2015, and the new
125,000-square-foot facility will be ready for classes in March 2017. It will transform
the College’s academic experience and STEM education for decades to come!
North Central’s new vice president for finance will join a flourishing institution that
is at a pivotal point in setting the course for its future. There is much to accomplish
and the vice president will collaborate with the president, faculty and other senior
leaders, as well as an engaged and generous Board of Trustees to ensure the College
will continue to achieve its ambitious goals. The ideal candidate will possess a deep
understanding of higher education and the comprehensive liberal arts mission, an
unwavering commitment to students and their success, leadership skills appropriate
to the challenges and opportunities of this role, and the personal qualities necessary to
thrive within a collegial environment.
North Central proudly calls Naperville its home, a dynamic community of nearly
150,000 residents. Naperville is located only 35 minutes from Chicago via express
train and attracts reverse commuters to local employers, including the College.
The town is notable for its lively downtown, picturesque historic neighborhoods,
outstanding schools and spirited, involved citizenry.
For information regarding how to express personal interest in this position, please see
the section entitled “Procedure for Candidacy” near the end of this document.
A Strong Financial Position
North Central College is a college on the move with a proud history as a fiscally
conservative institution and balanced operating budgets over the past 44 years. The
College engages in long-term borrowing primarily to construct revenue-producing
structures, such as residence halls. During 2014-2015, the College refinanced its debt
to lock in favorable rates into the future. Net tuition revenue was $49.4 million—
the primary source of operating funds. At June 30, 2015, the endowment was $105
million. The College continues to build net assets (currently $138 million) through
construction and acquiring property. Maintenance and renovation projects receive
high priority and recent facility updates have occurred at Oesterle Library, Kaufman
Dining Hall and Seager Residence Hall.
While higher education in general is facing some very tough challenges, North Central
College has maintained its enrollments, added tenure-track faculty, broadened its
demographics and increased total net tuition.
The Role of the Vice President for Finance
The Vice President for Finance (VPF) will be an engaged, inspiring leader with a
demonstrated commitment to the College’s mission and core values. She or he will
work effectively with the president, faculty, cabinet and Board of Trustees in pursuit of
strategic initiatives that will further strengthen the College and the community. The
VPF will actively seek consensus among all the College’s constituencies, exercising
superb management and decision-making skills. He/she will communicate effectively
with both internal and external constituencies, articulating clearly and passionately
the College’s mission and strategic aspirations.
The VPF reports to the president and is a member of the president’s cabinet. The
College’s vice president for business affairs is retiring after a remarkable 38-year
tenure at the College. His departure has provided an opportunity for the president
to rethink and expand his senior leadership team. Two individuals who previously
served under the vice president for business affairs will join the president’s cabinet July
1, 2016. The cabinet includes the following:
»» Vice President for Enrollment and Athletics
»» Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
»» Vice President for Institutional Advancement
»» Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
»» Vice President for College Operations (effective July 1, 2016)
»» Vice President for Information and Technology, Chief Information Officer
(effective July 1, 2016)
The VPF will be in direct communication with the College’s Board of Trustees as a
liaison and/or member of the Board’s Business Affairs, Audit, Buildings and Grounds
and Investment committees. The person in this position also serves as the assistant
secretary of the Board of Trustees, the treasurer of the College and Chief Financial
Additionally, the VPF oversees the Business Office and the Office of Human
Resources. As such, the following positions will report directly to the VPF:
»» Assistant Vice President for Finance and Controller—responsible for day to day
accounting, audits, tax returns, billing and collection, and accounts payable.
»» Assistant Vice President for Human Resources—responsible for personnel
policies; employee compensation; employee recruitment and hiring; negotiation
and management of employee benefit plans; payroll processing for faculty,
staff and students; employee training; salary and benefits budget; and workers
compensation process.
Other important VPF responsibilities include procurement, risk management/
insurance and legal affairs.
The VPF will serve as the College’s chief financial officer, possessing strong
leadership experience in strategic planning and extensive involvement in capital
project planning and development. The College’s VPF will play an essential role in
all major undertakings of the College, and will demonstrate excellence in managing
finance, accounting, budgeting, control and reporting.
S/he will demonstrate unquestioned integrity, exhibit outstanding communication
abilities, and exercise strong and effective interpersonal skills that foster and promote
collaboration. S/he will establish strong working relationships with faculty, staff,
students, administrators, trustees, alumni, business partners, peer higher education
institutions and organizations, and other institutional constituencies.
Respecting the value of student tuition dollars and recognizing the economic and
ethical importance of sustainability, the VPF will work closely with the president to
extend and expand the College’s mid-term financial vision by seeking opportunities
to invest in sustainability projects that yield institutional energy cost savings.
North Central College seeks a VPF with vision, a collaborative spirit and extensive
financial acumen to take an institution with a long history of balanced budgets and
remarkable financial strength and move it forward to thrive well into the future.
Doing so will require a deep appreciation for the College’s mission of preparing
students to be informed, involved, principled and productive citizens and leaders over
their lifetime; a steadfast commitment to liberal arts education; communication and
interpersonal skills to collaborate with faculty, staff, the president and the president’s
cabinet and trustees while fostering a compassionate customer service environment
for students; and an abiding commitment to preserving North Central College’s role
as a cornerstone organization in its hometown, Naperville, Illinois.
The VPF will be a respected institutional leader generating financial reports for
the president, the president’s cabinet, the Board of Trustees, the College’s budget
committee and others with budget responsibilities. S/he will have demonstrated
excellence preparing balance sheets, statements of activity and cash flows, tax returns,
and government and regulatory agency reports. The VPF will conduct ongoing
analysis of the College’s financial position, prepare and manage revenue and expense
projections and monitor actual figures.
Exceptional management skills are critical for the VPF, who will oversee the Business
Office and the Office of Human Resources. Both units are expected to provide a
high level of “customer service” communication and service to faculty, staff, students,
parents, vendors and others who interact with the College. Similarly, the VPF will be
a demonstrated hands-on manager with great integrity and a deep passion for working
in a dynamic, mission-driven higher education environment.
The VPF will oversee the activities of independent auditors, ensuring that the
preparation of the annual financial statements comply with U.S. GAAP, federal and
state guidelines. To successfully accomplish this on an annual basis, the VPF must be a
well-organized and detail-oriented individual who nurtures similar skills throughout
her/his team. S/he will also oversee risk management, which includes all insurance
policies, and s/he will serve as the primary legal liaison with insurance companies and
An effective VPF will develop and maintain processes that ensure regulatory federal,
state and local compliance directly and indirectly related to the College’s business
functions. Accomplishing this important objective requires the VPF to stay informed
of trends, regulations and tax laws that may impact the College, its students and its
faculty and staff. Furthermore, a successful VPF will have an ability to effectively
communicate such information with the president, the president’s cabinet and others
at the institution.
The College’s campus is conveniently nestled into Naperville’s Historic District and
positioned adjacent to the vibrant downtown. The VPF, in collaboration with the
president, the president’s cabinet and the Board of Trustees, will guide the College
through the process of updating its Master Land Use Plan (MLUP), required by the
City of Naperville every 10 years. The MLUP communicates the College’s strategic
vision for use of its property and is critical to the institution’s long standing positive
relationship with the City and the College’s residential neighbors. The next MLUP is
due in the year 2020.
Exceptional collaboration skills are an absolute requirement, as are the interpersonal
and relationship-building skills necessary to create sincere engagements with both
internal and external audiences. In addition, candidates will have the following
professional qualifications and personal characteristics:
»» Academic accomplishments: An undergraduate degree in accounting or
finance; a graduate degree in an appropriate field (MBA preferred) and status as a
Certified Public Accountant (CPA).
»» Commitment to quality: A record of effectively and efficiently managing and
maintaining the financial health of an organization.
»» Commitment to diversity: A track record of individual action and organizational
leadership to advance diversity, particularly in developing human resource
strategies to recruit diverse faculty and staff.
»» Exceptional communicator: Ability to consistently help the cabinet and the
campus community to understand the financial health of the College; foster
a customer service environment throughout her/his areas of responsibility;
establish effective communication strategies to keep the campus community well
informed regarding human resources and business office policies, procedures
and expectations.
»» Entrepreneurial spirit: Eagerness to seek creative approaches to maintaining
the College’s fiscal health, particularly related to sustainability initiatives that
simultaneously yield lower energy costs, support the institution’s ongoing “green”
commitment and educationally engage the College’s students in the analysis and
»» Strategic vision: The ability to engage others in deliberation about the College’s
future, and the acumen to generate ideas for financially supporting continued
growth and improvement of the College.
»» Management experience: A minimum of seven years of experience in
administrative leadership positions in financial management and a thorough
understanding of complex organizations to manage the overall budget;
collaborate with the president, cabinet colleagues and trustees on capital projects;
guide, support and develop effective business and human resources teams; and
form effective partnerships across the College in support of multiple strategic
plan initiatives.
North Central College: At a Glance
North Central College is a student-centered, comprehensive liberal arts college
with 2,733 undergraduates and 229 graduate students. The College is committed to
academic excellence; a climate that emphasizes leadership, ethics, values and service;
a curriculum that balances job-related knowledge with a liberal arts foundation; and
a caring environment with small classes. The College has historic ties to the United
Methodist Church and proudly celebrated its 150th anniversary during the 2011-2012
academic year.
North Central College is a community of learners dedicated to preparing students
to be informed, involved, principled, and productive citizens and leaders over their
North Central College is governed by a Board of Trustees, which meets three times
a year, in October, February and May, and includes the president of the College. The
president is assisted in his duties by an administrative cabinet, which will consist of
seven vice presidents effective July 1, 2016.
North Central College views itself as a public trust even though it is a private
institution. Consistent with a mission commitment to leadership, ethics and values,
the College seeks transparency in its finances, policies, results and accreditation
reporting. Informative links on the College’s website include Accreditation and
Affiliations, Annual Report 2013, Financial Statements and Self-Study Report.
North Central College is recognized as:
»» One of the country’s top institutions for internationalization, through a 2015
Senator Paul Simon Award for Comprehensive Campus Internationalization
»» A top producer of Fulbright scholars
»» One of “America’s Best Colleges” by U.S. News & World Report
»» A 2016 “Best Midwestern College” and “Green College” by The Princeton
»» One of Forbes magazine’s “America’s Top Colleges”
»» A “Military-Friendly School 2015” by G.I. Jobs Magazine
»» A 2015-2016 “College of Distinction”
North Central College is proud of its tradition of academic excellence and its mission
to prepare students to be informed, involved, principled, and productive citizens and
leaders over their lifetime. With undergraduate degrees awarded in 55 areas and six
master’s degrees, North Central’s reputation for academic excellence attracts students
who are motivated by scholarly achievement and seek an environment for mentoring
and collaborative research.
The strength of North Central’s academic program is expressed by these commitments:
»» Excellence in teaching and learning
»» A strong liberal arts foundation, balanced curriculum, rich array of extracurricular experiences and emphasis on leadership, ethics, values and service
»» A culture that supports collaboration across disciplines and interdisciplinary
teaching and learning
»» Witness by faculty, staff and students for values of free and open inquiry, integrity
and civility
»» An education that is personal in character, with a mentoring, engaged faculty,
small classes, and a healthy student/faculty ratio
»» “One faculty, one degree” for all graduates, high academic standards and rigorous
expectations of faculty as teachers and scholars
»» International learning
»» Recruitment and support of qualified students, faculty and staff from diverse
ethnic, religious and economic backgrounds, consistent with the inclusive
tradition of the United Methodist Church
The College offers a variety of academic opportunities and programs that build on its
character, mission and location, including coursework reflecting an institutional focus
on leadership, ethics and values; a Chicago Term for urban and suburban studies;
December Term courses both on campus and around the world; an emphasis on
East Asian studies with Japanese and Chinese language tracks; a focus on preparing
teachers for high-need schools; an expansive study abroad program; Richter Grants
to fund student travel and research; and award-winning cocurricular activities such
as Model United Nations, Mock Trial, Forensics, Enactus, American Marketing
Association, and the College radio station, WONC-FM 89.1, named the Best Radio
Station in the Nation in 2015.
The First-Year Experience (FYE) Program fosters assimilation into the campus
culture. FYE 100 is taught by the student’s faculty advisor and is organized around a
contemporary case study and summer reading assignment.
Students with a passion for critical thinking and academic achievement may participate
in the College Scholars Honors Program, which focuses on independent research that
culminates in a senior thesis; interdisciplinary seminars; global awareness through
study abroad; and one-on-one advising for Rhodes, Fulbright, Truman, Goldwater
and other prestigious awards. In recent years, high-achieving students and alumni
have achieved remarkable successes in receiving honors as Goldwater Scholars,
Fulbright English Teaching Assistants, Dunn Fellows and Soros Fellows.
Across all disciplines, students participate in research and are encouraged to present
their efforts at the College’s own Rall Symposium for Undergraduate Research
and at the National Conference for Undergraduate Research (NCUR). In 2015,
North Central College sent a record 59 students, giving 52 accepted undergraduate
presentations as part of the 29th annual National Conference on Undergraduate
Research (NCUR). North Central placed in the top 2 percent (No. 8 of 391) of the
nation and had the most accepted proposals of any college or university in Illinois.
North Central College is committed to exploring ways in which it can use new
technologies, both pedagogical and administrative, to improve its quality, efficiency,
visibility and outreach. While the campus is now Wi-Fi enabled and there is some
infrastructure in place, like Blackboard, at present the College offers no online and
few blended courses. New initiatives are underway to explore technology-enabled
course delivery methodologies, both in traditional classrooms and in blended/online
Over the next five years North Central College will execute a once-in-a-lifetime
transformation of its academic facilities. The lynchpin will be a new facility for
science, a long-recognized and oft-discussed necessity for the College. The institution
has worked hard with faculty to formulate a plan for the new building. The new
facility will house the laboratory sciences, including chemistry, biology, physics and
neuroscience, as well as mathematics, computer science and psychology. In addition,
significant common areas for students and classrooms will be available to the entire
campus community.
Great teaching has always been central to the mission of North Central and the
College’s sense of itself. North Central students thrive in small classes with professors
who love teaching, mentoring and interaction outside the classroom. For 2015-2016,
the College hired 14 tenured positions, of which nine are new additions to the faculty.
A distinctive professional term and development grants encourage continued research
and professional growth for 117 tenure-track faculty who annually publish numerous
articles and books but whose primary mission is teaching. The College has 13 endowed
chairs for esteemed faculty along with the Ruge Fellows program, which is designed
to reward senior faculty for extraordinary teaching abilities.
A 2010 visit by the accrediting team from the Higher Learning Commission of the
North Central Association of Colleges and Schools resulted in continued accreditation,
with the next review scheduled for 2019-2020. The team was impressed by North
Central’s culture of assessment, fundraising efforts to build new facilities and the
overall comprehensiveness of the self-study process.
• Certified Management
• Certified Public
• Corporate
Actuarial Science
Applied Mathematics
Art Education
Art History
Athletic Training
Broadcast Communication
Chemical Microscopy
Classical Civilization
Classical Languages
Computer Science
Conflict Resolution*
East Asian Studies
• China
• Japan
Elementary Education
Engineering (dual-degree)
English Studies
• Literature
• Writing
English Language Learner*
Entrepreneurship & Small
Business Management
Environmental Studies*
Exercise Science
Film and Screen Studies*
Gender and Women’s Studies*
Global Studies
Graphic Arts
Health Education*
History of Ideas*
Human Resource Management
Interactive Media Studies
• Graphic Arts
• Interactive Media
• Convergent Media
International Business
Jazz Studies
Liberal Studies
Management Information
Middle Eastern and North
African (MENA) Studies*
• Instrumental
• Jazz Studies
• Vocal
Music Education
• Choral
• Instrumental
Music Performance
Musical Theatre
Nuclear Medicine Technology
Organizational Communication
Physical Education
Political Science
Radiation Therapy
Religious Studies
Secondary Education
Social Change Leadership*
Social Science/History
• Community Studies
• Criminal Justice
Speech Communication
Sport Management
Theatrical Design and
Urban and Suburban Studies*
Health Sciences
• Dentistry
• Nursing
• Occupational Therapy
• Optometry
• Pharmacy
• Physical Therapy
• Physician Assistant
• Podiatry
• Veterinary Medicine
Business Administration
Education (M.A.)
• Curriculum and
• Leadership and
International Business
Administration (M.I.B.A.
Leadership Studies (M.Ld.)
• Higher Education
• Professional Leadership
• Social Entrepreneurship
• Sports Leadership
Liberal Studies (M.A.)
• Culture and Society
• Writing, Editing and
Web and Internet Applications
Accounting, CPA Track/Master
of Business Administration
Business Administration
International Business
Leadership Studies
Liberal Studies
Web and Internet Applications
During 2014-2015, North Central students provided 26,000 hours of community
service, such as helping resettle local refuge families, preparing tax returns for lowincome citizens and participating in a full day of community service called Intersection.
The College’s Career Development Center includes a full-time internship coordinator
to help students access the rich array of opportunities available in Naperville and
Chicago. Students have interned at organizations like the Goodman Theatre, Chicago
Cubs, Calamos Investments, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Argonne
National Laboratory, Ravinia Festival, major media outlets, health care providers and
dozens of other prestigious institutions and corporations that prepare them for either
graduate studies or careers upon graduation.
Athletics at North Central is another point of great pride. The College has amassed 31
team national championships, more than any other member of the College Conference
of Illinois & Wisconsin (CCIW). With more than 600 student-athletes in 25 sports,
North Central’s program is an NCAA Division III leader for its balanced emphasis
on academics, leadership and athletic performance. In 2016-2017, North Central will
add programs in men’s lacrosse and women’s triathlon and operate the largest athletic
department in the CCIW.
The athletic department has developed several leadership programs to involve older
student-athletes in mentoring young students, provide community service, and
promote and market athletic events. Annual spring break trips for athletes, who
travel together to assist with Habitat for Humanity projects have become popular for
building camaraderie.
Student Life
North Central’s students come from 32 states and 35 countries but predominantly
from Illinois and the upper Midwest. The typical North Central student is looking
for a personalized academic experience, opportunities for Division III athletic
participation and access to internships and the cultural riches of Chicago.
Of the College’s more than 2,900 students, the majority are 2,733 undergraduates that
are of traditional age (18- to 24-year-olds). More than 1,500 live in college housing,
and the remainder live off campus or commute. An additional 143 undergraduates,
many of them working adults, are enrolled part time in day or evening classes, and 229
are enrolled in graduate programs.
North Central College’s minority enrollment constitutes 21 percent of the student
population. About 40 percent of the College’s incoming classes report they are the
first-generation members of their families to pursue a four-year degree. The Office
of Multicultural Affairs and the Office of International Programs assist in promoting
a diverse academic community that respects, appreciates and celebrates human
differences within and among cultures. The College has an active Black Student
Association, Raza Unida Association, Mosaic multicultural group, and other student
programs to promote a culturally rich campus.
With a growing population of students living on campus over the past decade,
North Central has become a vibrant, 24/7 community in the heart of a “metroburb”
of 2 million people. Fine arts productions (ranging from the Chicago Symphony
Orchestra to 15 student theatre performances a year), cultural events, athletic contests,
ministry and service opportunities, residence life activities, recreational sports and
wellness programs, and more entertainment options in downtown Naperville have
transformed the campus environment.
In addition, to complement academic initiatives, the College has introduced a wide
array of new student service programs, aimed at improving academic success, but also
providing opportunities to grow leadership skills and engage the wider community
through spiritual activities, team-building, service projects, volunteerism and
cocurricular competitions.
Every team enjoys a relationship with at least one faculty mentor, who serves to bridge
the divide between academics and athletics by offering counsel, friendship and spirit
to the team.
Another important dimension to student life is the access to international programs
and cultural events, 50 study abroad opportunities, an international student population
and visiting scholars, a variety of short-term international study trips during December
Term, a campus-wide academic focus on global topics, and an active International
Club (one of the campus’ largest student organizations). The Office of International
Programs is devoted to ensuring that every student’s education has an international
North Central College students gain tremendous benefits from the College’s blend of
academic and cocurricular opportunities that prepare them to become global citizens.
»» Full-time undergraduates . . . 2,590
»» Part-time undergraduates. . . . 143
»» Graduate students. . . . . . . . 229
»» Total headcount
enrollment . . . . . . . . . . 2,962
»» International and
exchange students . . . . . . . . 80
»» Minority students . . . . . . . . 590
»» States and territories
represented . . . . . . . . . . . . 32
»» % Full-time
undergraduates men . . . . . . 44%
»» Countries represented. . . . . . . 35
»» Resident students. . . . . . . 1,538
»» % Full-time
undergraduates women. . . . . 56%
»» % Degree-seeking undergraduates
25 and older . . . . . . . . . . . .5%
»» Six-year graduation rate. . . . . 67%
»» Average age of full-time degreeseeking undergraduates. . . . . . 20
»» Retention rate. . . . . . . . . . 80%
North Central College is committed to sustainability, particularly with initiatives that
lower energy costs, engage students and advance the College’s “green” cause.
North Central College has been regularly included in The Princeton Review’s guide to
green colleges. Among the initiatives cited in the “2015 Guide to 353 Green Colleges”
are the College’s robust alternative transportation program, fleet of two electric vehicles
and dual electric vehicle charging stations, bike-sharing program, LEED-certified Silver
Residence Hall/Recreation Center, refillable bottle program, a Community Garden project
that supplies fresh produce for campus dining facilities, efforts that include donating used
oil and grease from dining halls to green diesel research, food waste composting program,
faculty-student research in the area of sustainability, student clubs, and Career Center
assistance with locating green jobs.
In addition, the College received grant funding to install LED lighting in its athletic
facilities, which will result in saving 647,721 kilowatt hours annually.
The College also received grant funding for the December 2015 installation of 30 solar
panels on the roof of its new residence hall, providing 30 percent of the energy needed to
heat domestic hot water.
The College became one of the first colleges in Illinois to receive gold status, the state’s
highest recognition of energy-saving and environmentally friendly initiatives when it
committed to the Illinois Campus Sustainability Compact.
One of the first green projects in North Central College history was the Res/Rec Center,
completed in fall 2009. To reduce the building’s footprint, the College wrapped a new
residence hall around a new recreation center in a unique 201,500-square-foot structure
that earned the Silver standard for Leadership in Energy Efficiency and Design (LEED)
sustainability certification. The building was constructed to use 17.5 percent less energy
than if it had been constructed without its energy-efficient features.
Notable construction and renovation projects:
»» A 125,000-square-foot Science Center to open March 2017 will house STEM
disciplines and other academic spaces to benefit the academic experience for all
students. Upon completion of faculty relocation to the new facility, long-range plans
include reimagining and repurposing two older academic buildings.
All students, faculty and staff at North Central have access to a voice, video and data
network, including full Internet access from residence halls, classrooms, computer
laboratories, and offices, computer networking and multimedia labs. Wi-Fi availability has
been extended throughout campus.
»» A 229-bed residence hall opened in September 2015 that appeals to upperclass
students who want to live in suites.
The College also has a state-of-the-art psychology laboratory, several computer labs, a
dual-boot Macintosh lab and access to a fully equipped television, film and photography
studio. North Central’s Oesterle Library offers students and faculty ready access to more
than 50 million items from 80 college and university libraries in Illinois in addition to
more than 200,000 volumes in its collection and access to millions of online articles.
»» The Residence Hall/Recreation Center (2009) added nearly 400 beds to campus,
along with a 200-meter indoor track, recreation facilities, a sports history gallery and
athletic training classrooms. It received Silver certification for Leadership in Energy
and Environmental Design (LEED) from the U.S. Green Building Council.
»» Meiley-Swallow Hall, acquired in 2004 and completely renovated in 2007-2008,
accommodates speakers, concerts, small stage productions in a 235-seat thrust stage
theatre and provides three stories of art classrooms.
»» The $30 million Wentz Concert Hall and Fine Arts Center, dedicated in 2008, features
a 605-seat concert hall, 150-seat experimental theatre, an art gallery, rehearsal rooms,
classrooms and offices.
»» Kiekhofer Hall and historic Koten Chapel, which provides spaces for academics and
ministry and service after a $4.25 million renovation in 2005-2006.
»» The historic, fully refurbished A.A. Smith House, built in 1885 by longtime College
professor Henry C. Smith.
»» A free-standing bookstore.
»» The Rolland Center Boilerhouse Café, dedicated in 2004, expanded opportunities for
informal community gatherings.
Comprehensive charges, including tuition, room, board and fees for the 2015-2016
academic year are $45,510 per student. The College’s Composite Financial Indicator Score
is 3.0, the highest possible rating.
The Institutional Advancement (IA) area has an extraordinarily strong record of
contributing to the College’s resource base. IA is leading a $150 million Brilliant Future
Campaign that is funding Science Center construction and other facility updates, endowed
faculty chairs and scholarships, new programs and additional assets for the North Central
College Fund. Annual giving for 2014-2015 was $12.7 million. This consistent success
can be attributed to strong alumni and community support, administrative expansion and
restructuring, the efforts of experienced fundraisers, a dedicated and involved Board of
Trustees and a mature planned giving program.
North Central College is proud of its location in one of the country’s most desirable
small cities: Naperville, Illinois. The charming Historic District—adjacent to
downtown Naperville and the Metra train station with connections to Chicago—is
home to the 68.5 acre campus.
Among its many accolades, Naperville was named in the “Top 10 Best Cities for
Families,” reports a 2015 nationwide study by Money Magazine
included Naperville in 2014 among the “Top Earning Towns” and, in its last six
editions, named Naperville among the “Best Places to Live” in central United States
with a population more than 100,000.
The advantages of calling Naperville “home” include its thriving economic
environment and numerous corporate headquarters, two school districts with
national reputations and top achievement scores, a diverse population with supporting
faith and social organizations, progressive recreational and environmental programs
with a focus on the community’s Riverwalk that links to North Central’s campus, and
cultural opportunities both locally and in Chicago. All these factors make Naperville
ideal for opportunities for family members and for North Central College students.
Fine Arts and the Naperville Community
To meet expanding program demands and burgeoning community needs, the College
in 2008 opened the Wentz Concert Hall and Fine Arts Center, which houses three
versatile arts venues—the acoustically spectacular concert hall, a black box theatre,
and an art gallery—under one roof. Around the same time, North Central acquired
and renovated Meiley-Swallow Hall for theatre and art, adding a 235-seat theatre ideal
for intimate stage productions and visiting speakers. The new venues were designed to
complement the historic 1,050-seat Pfeiffer Hall.
Together these facilities create a campus arts district that borders Naperville’s vibrant
downtown. The construction of new arts venues has enabled the College to become
Naperville’s fine arts “presenter” by offering a wide array of music, dance and theatre
performances each year to the more than 2 million residents of Chicago’s western
suburbs. In recent years, legendary performers have graced the Wentz stage—
including Yo-Yo Ma, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Wynton Marsalis, Bernadette
Peters, Celtic Woman and the Vienna Boys Choir. Having a world-class hall has
enabled North Central to forge partnerships with organizations such as the Chicago
Sinfonietta, the nation’s most diverse orchestra, which has made the Wentz its home
venue in the Chicago suburbs.
Perhaps most importantly, the fine arts facilities have helped recruit a talented pool
of theatre and music students, many of whom already have or aspire to become
professionals in the Chicago and national art scenes. And, each fine and performing arts
season provides opportunities for students to see world-class artists and performers.
Since its move to Naperville in 1870, North Central College has been an integral part
of the life of the city—and vice versa. As the community grew to a city approaching
150,000, the College has been an important contributor to its quality of life, sharing
expertise, facilities, cultural activities and, most significantly, students, employees,
and graduates with the schools, city government and downtown and area businesses.
The College’s historic role as the place where the community gathers—fulfilled
since the 1920s by Pfeiffer Hall and Merner Field House—took on significant new
dimensions in the last 20 years with the construction of Benedetti-Wehrli Stadium
(1997-2000), Zimmerman Stadium (1998), Wentz Concert Hall and Fine Arts
Center (2008), Residence Hall/Recreation Center (2009), New Hall (2015), and the
renovations of historic Kiekhofer Hall (2006) and Meiley-Swallow Hall (2007) for
theatre and art. The arts facilities, in particular, were envisioned from inception as
shared resources with the community—a key element in a successful $30 million
fundraising effort that attracted nearly 500 new community donors. Set to open in
spring 2017 is the Science Center, the centerpiece of the College’s Brilliant Future
Campaign, one of the most transformative upgrades to academic facilities in North
Central’s history.
Another important relationship exists between the College and immediate
neighborhood—residents of the charming Historic District. The College addresses
neighborhood concerns through a multifaceted and consistent investment in
communication, building adaptation, landscaping, parking and traffic management,
and the sharing of facilities.
In fact, the donors of the magnificently restored $3.5 million A.A. Smith House (home
of North Central’s first president) in 2008 cited the College’s record of stewardship as
one of the reasons for their gift.
»» Bachelor of Arts
»» Bachelor of Science
»» Master’s degree in six areas
»» Top 5 majors of 2014-2015 graduates:
Psychology, Exercise Science,
Marketing, Management, Interactive
Media Studies
»» Interdisciplinary core courses
»» College Scholars Honors Program
»» Study Abroad Program
»» Chicago Term
»» Full-time . . . . . . . . . . . . . .150
»» A top producer of Fulbright scholars
»» Half-time. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33
»» One of “America’s Best Colleges” by
U.S. News & World Report
»» A 2016 “Best Midwestern College”
and “Green College” by The Princeton
»» One of Forbes magazine’s “America’s
Top Colleges”
»» A “Military-Friendly School 2015” by
G.I. Jobs Magazine
»» Three-week December Term
»» A 2015-2016 “College of Distinction”
»» Summer session for credit
»» International Baccalaureate credit
COSTS 2015-2016
»» Freshman acceptance rate. . . 57%
»» Freshman yield rate. . . . . . . 14%
»» Average ACT score Freshmen . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25
»» Tuition . . . . . . . . . . . . $35,241
»» New freshmen - Fall 2015. . . . 599
»» Fees . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $180
»» New transfers - 2015-2016 . . . .317
»» Room and Board. . . . . . . $10,089
»» New graduate
students - 2015-2016. . . . . . . 229
»» Undergraduate. . . . . . . . . 2,733
»» Graduate. . . . . . . . . . . . . 229
»» Illinois residents. . . . . . . . . 92%
»» Men . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44%
»» Women. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56%
»» Minority . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21%
»» States represented. . . . . . . . 32
»» Countries. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35
»» One of the country’s top institutions
for internationalization, through a
2015 Senator Paul Simon Award
for Comprehensive Campus
»» Three 10 ½-week terms
»» Advanced Placement credit available
Procedure for Candidacy
»» 26,642 living alumni
»» 2,676 live in Naperville
»» 16,150 live in the Chicagoland area
»» Tenure-track. . . . . . . . . . .117
»» Tenure-track faculty
with Ph.D. or terminal
degree in field. . . . . . . . . 99%
»» No teaching assistants
»» Full-time administrative
and support staff. . . . . . . . . 268
»» Average class size. . . . . . . . . 20
»» Student / Faculty ratio . . . . . . 14:1
»» % Teaching by
full-time faculty . . . . . . . . . 66%
»» % Teaching by
half-time faculty. . . . . . . . . 11%
»» % Teaching by
part-time faculty. . . . . . . . . 22%
»» Net tuition and fees. . . $49,413,359
»» Total revenue . . . . . . $87,778,503
»» Net tuition and fees (as percentage
of total revenue). . . . . . . . . 56%
»» Market value of endowment June 30, 2015 . . . . . $104,784,000
»» Net assets June 30, 2015 . . . . . $228,340,485
»» Total giving five-year average. . . . $8,848,884
The anticipated start date for the College’s next Vice President for Finance is May
2016. Interested individuals can formally express their candidacy by completing
North Central College’s online application process at: https://northcentralcollege. As part of the application process, interested
individuals should provide a letter describing their interest in and qualifications for
the vice president for finance position, current resume or vitae, and the names and
contact information of three references.
Confidential inquiries, recommendations of possible candidates, and questions
concerning this search may be sent by email to [email protected] or directed to
Marty Sauer at 630-637-5801.
Applicants who would enrich the diversity of the campus community
are strongly encouraged to apply. EOE.

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