Technical specifications - 21 April 2010 - Qrooz 3



Technical specifications - 21 April 2010 - Qrooz 3
Technical specifications - 21 April 2010 - Qrooz 3
General specifications
23,85 m
5,00 m
1 - 1,20 m
3,45 - 3,75 m
Water displacement
80 - 95 t (flexible water ballast)
Usable floor area
105 m2
Deck area
35 m2
Cruising speed
6 knots
Maximum speed
8,5 knots
30 t steel + 4(four) integrated steel coated ballast tanks approximately 3000 liters each. Electronic valves with touchscreen handling in pilot house.
Hull material
Grade A steel, sandblasted, frame distance 500mm
10 mm - 8 mm - 6 mm - 5 mm plates (bottom to roof)
Hull has been welded continuous on both sides. Superstructure has been welded continuous on the outside and tack welded on the inside. Not all weldings are grinded
smoothly on the outside of the ship for practical (= stronger) and esthetic reasons (= industrial look).
CE certification
The Qrooz 3 has been built according to rules set by the European Authorities and will be delivered with a CE-certificate. The ship is designed according to category C.
OFFSHORE: Designed for offshore voyages where conditions up to, and including, wind force 6 and significant wave heights up to, and including, 2m may be experienced.
2 integrated steel diesel tanks approximately 1500 liters each, electronic and visual measurement.
Fresh water
1 integrated steel fresh water tank approximately 6000 liters. Pump with pressure tank 8L,flow rate 10 L/min Shurflo 12v. Electronic measurement on touchscreen in pilot
Waste water
BEVER combi Compact version 2.
3 tanks diameter 815 mm with a height of 1057mm.These will be connected with PVC pipes.
The Bever Combi Compact is a decentralized wastewater treatment system for biodegradable domestic wastewater coming from homes, holiday homes, office locations
and operating locations. The system works with the activated sludge process and is controlled by a single aeration unit. The Bever Combi Compact can be used in situations
ranging from 1 to 12 p.e. (pollution equivalent) which is the average pollution of one person per day. This is approximately 135 liter domestic wastewater per day.
General specifications (2)
Black water
This tank is situated before the IBA tanks.
Stainless steel 316 L, integrated bulkheads and inspection hatch
+/- 100 Liters
Level meter and hose fittings for cleaning tank
Breather and “No smell filter” hoses
Homa cutting pump 230 V, and for back up Rheinstrom cutting pump 24V
The whole ship has been sandblasted and degreased before the paint system is applied.
Underwater Epoxy primer Hempel`s – Hempadur - 410mU DFT
Antifouling Hempel`s – Olympic
Hull side Epoxy primer Hempel`s – Hempadur – 310 mU DFT
Epoxy Filler Hempel`s – ProFiller
Finishing primer Hempel`s – Hempadur
Top Coating Hempel`s – Topcoat
Superstructure Epoxy primer Hempel`s – Hempadur – 200mU DFT Epoxy Filler Hempel`s – ProFiller
Finishing primer Hempel`s – Hempadur
Top Coating Hempel`s – Topcoat
Interior steel+
Engine rooms/fore peak Epoxy primer Hempel`s – Hempadur –100 mU DFT
Fresh water Epoxy Primer Hempadur Multi Strength- 300mU DFT
Hull color: RAL 5009
Aluminium ship windows, powder coated in RAL 9005 black 70%. Welded corners.
The windows on starboard and port side are glazed with the special structural glazing Stopsol Super Silver glass, isolated formation 8-12-6 mm, toughened quality in total
14 pieces.
The backside is provided in a clear glazed type extra isolated glass 8-12-6 mm toughened quality. Provided is a sliding door with the dimensions of 2600 x 2200 mm.
In the hull there are provided 10 windows with isolated glass 10-10-6mm, outside sheet grey tinged, inside sheet clear, toughened quality. Provided is a hinged door with the
dimensions 750 x 1865 mm.
Insulation thermo
All outside walls, 2 layers of Merford Polyester wool. 1 layer of 25 mm covering everything including frames and 40 mm in between frames on top.
Insulation sound
Isolated with 40 mm Merford Polyester wool
Steering positions
Double steering positions: in the pilot house and outside on the sun deck
Propulsion specifications
2 x Steyr M0114, 110HP, 81kW
Electronic transmission, 3300 rpm, 4 cylinders Hydraulic reverse gear ZF 45-1
Aqua-drive CVB 21.10, thrust bearing
Bow thruster
20 kW, 300 kg/f Electric 96 V Proportional Driven 410 x 8 mm tube 2 x 50 mm stainless steel propellor shafts, water lubricated by an internal circuit.
Motor control
2 x Electronic motor control (EMC) by Hydronautica for inside and outside steering position propellors
2 x EP 4B, bronze, 21 inch, 83%, 4 blades
70mm St.Steel rudder stock
2 x Steel double plated rudder, shaped as a fish tale
Rudder tube steel with roll bearing on top and below railco cylinder bearing.
Hydraulic Steering cylinders with 60 / 80- degree angle.
2 x manual helm stock
Steering installation
Proportional load sensing pump plus proportional back-up pump for emergency steering
Electric installation
3 main supplies
400 Volts AC
230 Volts board system
24 Volts board system
Shore connection 230 Volts 25m Cable
15 groups service panel
Mitsubishi S4L2, 13,5 kVA, 1500 rpm, 230/400V Stamford generator
Wall power
25 meter cable
15 inch screen (shared. 2 15 inch screens total)
2 combi charger / inverters 48V, 3000 watts, 50 A
1 back-up charger, 75 amp
2 Battery combi charger/inverter Studer 24V/1 phase 140A, 10.000 watts
Inverter / charger
Set Main batteries 24V 1350 A C20
2 Start battery 12V 200Ah, loaded with 24 V 80 A dynamo on 1 main engine
Bow thruster battery 16 pieces 6V (96V) 350Ah C20 type Rolls back up 48 V system 2 x 350 Ah.
Solar panels
6 x Suntech STP200, 9m2, max. 1000 kW yearly, 42.000 Ah loading 24V batteries
Outside lighting
Inside lighting
Electric sockets
Light switches
16 x Philips Markers, build-in on all 3 decks and swimming platform
42 x Philips EcoHalo
All over the ship 44 pieces. Mostly double sockets
3 “hotel switches”
Electric installation (2) light plan upstairs
Equipment specifications
Stainless steel Pool anchor 75 kg, stainless steel anchor plate.
Anchor chain
30 meter, 13 mm
Trelleborg fender on the sides and round the back of the ship, 100 x 100 type CF-A (rubber with hard polyurethane top)
4 cylinders, 300 * 900 mm, black
4 * 25 m, 20 mm polyester
Anchor whinch
Lofrans Titan A
2 wind shield wipers
Navigation lights
Hella LED, according to CE
Deck wash pump
Bilge pumps
Bath room pump
Koshi 24V - 100 l/min
2 Electric pumps with level switches (Jabsco) one in the engine room, one in the front space.
2 Manual pump (Jabsco) fixed in the engine room and fore peak space in case the electric pumps do not work.
Sanivite silence
ballast pump
Ulex 400V - 310 l/min.
Depth meter
2 x Raymarine
Aluminium foldable mast with anchor light and antenna's
4 on the aft deck, 4 on the front deck
Drinkwater filter
Electric crane
Fire protection
Turnable by hand with an 24V electric winch, max 300 KG
3(three) automatic system Fire Pro +/- 4 kg each in engine room
2(two) manual 2Kg extinguishers in kitchen and owners cabin, or as much mandatory by our surveyor for CE.
Connections for dryer and washing machine in downstairs hallway
build-in convectors
Daaldrop 80 liter 400/230 V - 5250W/1500W – powered by engine and shore connection
Boiler installation
Kabola HR500, 19,5 kW, with use of cooling elements on engines.
in progress
2 Itho ventilation units
Kitchen specifications
Kitchen specifications (2)
Kitchen specifications (3)
Kitchen specifications (4)
Kitchen specifications (5)
Kitchen specifications (6)
Kitchen specifications (7)
Upstairs interior
All furniture (as shown on the layout) in Birch Plywood. Veneer optional. All cabinets open (except in pilot house: partly doors / partly open).
Cork according to specs De Gier. Underfloor: 18 mm plywood on 10 mm elastic absorber on steel plates. Provisional sum 50 Euro/m2 incl. labor.
All ceilings will be finished smoothly with glass fiber and painted white.
All ceilings will be finished smoothly with glass fiber and painted white.
Pilot house chair
Type Hollex (black), adjustable height, back and loin, with arm and feet rests
Pilot house
The ship will have a helmsmen place with installed the following nautical equipment:
- A helm stock for manoeuvring the vessel
- A joystick for handling the bow thruster
- A river radar
- An electronic chart display
- Operating module of the engines
- Electronic motor control
- A data system for operating the ballast valves automatically, and information sheet for tank levels.
Starboard kitchen cabinet, floor to ceiling. Closed off by a white door.
Also see “kitchen” and “electric - light plan”
Upstairs interior (2) layout
Downstairs interior
mosquitto nets
2 x 80 x 200 cm (masterbedroom)
2 x 80 x 200 cm (Guestroom)
2 x 80 x 200 cm (staple bed)
all opening windows with mosquito netting
Cork on all inside floors (except bath rooms) , according to specs De Gier. Provisional sum 50 Euro/m2 incl. labor.
All ceilings will be finished smoothly with glass fiber and painted white.
6 white doors downstairs, 2 locked from inside
The cabinets / storage spaces in the rooms downstairs will be closed of by doors. All timber work in natural plywood. Optional Veneer.
All ceilings will be finished smoothly with glass fiber and painted white.
Sanitary specifications (2 bath rooms)
Cork floor. Provisional sum 50 Euro/m2 incl. labor.
Royal Mosa "colors" collection
Water taps
Shower tray
2 x Duravit Vero 50 cm
2 x Grohe essence
2 x Grohetherm 3000
1 x Duravit Starck 90 x 90
1 x Duravit Starck 80 x 80
2 x hardened clear glass
2 Electric toilets, silent with cutter pump
Toilet trough pump to black water tank
Shower door
Downstairs interior (2) layout
Window decoration
Timber work
Spud poles
outside cushions
Weather station
Camera system
Camera system
Alarm system
Digital compass
Dry exhaust system
River pilot
Hydraulic generator
Kitchen B3
Beamer preparation
cooling water by pass
Deck covering
Cork floors
Luxaflex on all side windows upstairs (14 windows), type “Mega view” 25 mm, white.
Communication between pilot house an aft deck.
All timber cabinets in Oak veneer
2 x telescopic poles, 4 meters under ship’s hull.
Sun deck cushions
Cresta Weather station
1 camera to the rear
4 camera’s
“Woonveilig” basic alarm syteem
Furuno (advised as unnecessary)
Hopper cooling underneath the ship’s hull plus dry exhaust
2X River pilots instead of helm stock
On main engine by PTO
as agreed, offer 4485
Wire preparation for beamer, socket in ceiling for screen and beamer, a cove to hide the screen.
cooling elements on engines
Marinedeck, 9 mm hard pressed cork on all 3 outside decks and swimming platform (35 m2).
Provisional sum for all inside floors including labor

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