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agent brochure - WholeBangShoot
holeBangShoot is an innovative online casting solution that is already
showcasing over 60,000 of SA’s Talent.
WholeBangShoot has been operating successfully since 2004 and is the
only service of its kind in South Africa that covers the entire casting process
- from beginning to end.
This complete online casting solution has been designed to allow Casting
Directors, Talent Agencies, Production Companies and Ad Agencies to
manage their casting requirements easily and cost effectively from one
central database.
Yaseen Cader
Cader // 20
20 Management
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Over 2,000 Wannabees.
WholeBangShoot Wannabees allows Agents the
opportunity to scout new actors, characters and
models. If you are enthusiastic about the entertainment
or modelling industry, load your pics and profile into
our database! Who might be the next
Charlize Theron!Casters can include Wannabees when
searching for talent.
Tamo von ArnimYaseen
/ Full Circle
/ 20 Management
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Showcase and manage your
Talent on SA’s indispensable
Talent management solution.
• Showcase Talent to top Casting Directors, Production Companies
and Ad Agencies.
• Save costs associated with ongoing IT infrastructure and upgrading.
• Universal Job Management - track your job from start to finish, from
selection and casting to options, wardrobe and rehearsals.
• Your office is accessible wherever there is internet connectivity.
• Track your Talent’s attendance record, see what they looked like at
• Have access to all the casting pictures, to update Talent portfolios.
• Nationwide marketing campaign does the marketing for you.
• Your Talent marketed 24/7.
• All notes and messages tracked and archived.
• Job notes separate from email, so you can log in and see them from
• eZCard branded digital talent packages can be emailed to anyone,
anywhere, anytime at no additional cost.
Francis McGinn / Funky Models
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Projects cast on WholeBangShoot.
Absa, Ackermans, Adidas, Allan Gray, American Express, Axe, Bakers Biscuits, Bayers
Pharmaceutical, BBC, Black Label, BMW, Bonprix, Bosch , Busch Jaeger, Bushmills
Whiskey,C and A, C&A, Capri-Sonne, Carlsberg, Castle, Cell C, Checkers, Clicks,
Coca Cola, Coke Light, Collezioni, Corbis, Cornetto, Danone, Decathlon, Dell, Delta
Lloyd, Design Indaba, Dettol, Ducatti, Duracell, Edgars, Emirates,
Engen, Ernstings, Fanta, Ferroro Rocher, Fiat, FNB, Gardena,
Green Cross, Guinness, Heineken, HSBC , Husqarna, IEC, Johnny
Walker, Kalahari, KFC, Kia, Kiabi, Kinder Joy, Kit Kat, Kleenex,
Kohls, Lapin, LG, Liptons , Little White Company, Loctite, Luella,
Lux, MacDonalds, Maggie, Max Fashions, Mentos, Mercedes,
Metropolitan Life, Mini Bodem, Mini Cooper, Muller, National
Lottery, Nestle, Next, Nike, Nintendo, Nissan, Nivea, Old Mutual,
Omo, Opel, Orange, Otto, Pampers, Panasonic, Pep, Persil,
Peugeot, Phillips, Pick n Pay, Ponds, Radox, RCS, Ravensburger,
Kids, Richot Brandy, Reebok, Renault, Rittersport, Roamer Watches, Sainsbury,
Samsung, Sasko, Shop Direct, Siemens, Skoda Car, Sony, Spur, Standard Bank, Steers,
Stimorol, Strongbow, Suzuki, Takko, Tchibo, Telkom, Tetrapak, Thomas Cook, Transnet,
Vodafone, Volkswagen, Wimpy, Woolworths, Words, Wrigleys.
Robbie Williams “Sin Sin Sin”, Will Young “TopGun”
10 000 BC, Disgrace, World Unseen, Starship Troopers III, The Abyss
Boys, Pumzi,Congo, Dr Mamba, Project Broad, Magnette Fifa
Bibi & Rebecca Bibergal / M1 Kinder
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What you get with each option.
Kaone Kario / Boss Models
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We absolutely love WholeBangShoot! Being able to search for Talent,
contact Agents quickly and easily, update details regularly and be on the
same page as everyone at the same time is just fantastic! I can’t imagine
being without WholeBangShoot right now. It really is a winning tool!
WholeBangShoot Team - we love you guys!
We have been using the WBS since 2004. Being old school we were very
relunctant to move over to the digital format but once we got our heads
around it we love it! The convenience of doing a quick and easy casting,
making sure no-one gets left out of a category and my actors love getting
a timeslots. I also like to be able to see all my clients pics of castings
they have a attended and obviously all personal details are on hand.
I find the system easy to navigate and quick to load new artists.
Thanks WBS team.
Suzi I ERM
Carolyn Forward / Topco Models
Taz Wilde I Farm Film Production
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