Oct - Military Vehicle Collectors of California



Oct - Military Vehicle Collectors of California
2011 Issue # 10
Did you donate parts or buy tickets for the
Jeep Raffle? If so please contact your Area
MVCC VP. your board needs your Help!!!
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Visit our website: www.mvccnews.net
Visit our website: www.mvccnews.net
President Kurt Lesser
(408) 238-8277
[email protected]
Secretary/Treasurer LK Viola
(831) 293-8228
[email protected]
From the Desk of the Secretary/Treasurer:
Happy Fall everyone!. Let’s not mention how many
shopping days there are until Christmas, okay?
Central Coast VP Clint Thrasher
(831) 206-5474
[email protected]
Divisions 831, 805 west & 408
On Saturday September 3rd, the M.V.C.C. was
again invited to attend the annual K.I.A. (Killed In
Action) flag raising ceremony, swap meet, and military vehicle display at J&S Surplus in Moss Landing.
This year's event broke the record for being the largest to date. The vendor area was packed full of
sellers, as every spot had been sold. The live band
kicked-out the tunes all day long, and the BBQ
meats were very tasty and affordable. Quite a few
club members attend this event, some drove from far
away. We even had a visit from our club members
that own the Vietnam Huey.
The raising of the flags, as well as the guest speakers, were very moving. Fellow M.V.C.C. member,
Jimmy Gilbertson, is the main sponsor and organizer for this annual fun-filled event. Some of the
members present were: George Escobedo, Tim Colburn, Louie Escher, Jerry & Donna Mambretti,
Chris & Kim Jorgensen, Brad & Laura Carrott, Kurt
& Joann Lesser, along with myself.
Our fall meet at Tower Park was again a huge success! Lots of swap meet deals, fun, food, and fellowship.
Veteran's Day is coming and lots of parades are happening in various areas. I hope most of you can participate on this very patriotic day.
Since this will be published after our Fall meet at Camp
Delta/Tower Park, I hope we all had a good time.
I’m still busy working on my “digital age” challenge, and
there are a few issues to deal with, but overall I’m enjoying
the fellowship of the “new” Board.
I’ve had a few membership requests come through so it
reminds me to remind you to save your pennies to re-up
your membership. We’re working on new cards. I can just
see you jumping for joy (it’s a little scary).
Linda-Kathryn Viola
Northern Region VP Dennis Deck
[email protected]
Divisions 530 & 916
For up to date listings of activities, check the MVCC
website and our G503 forum often.
Dennis Deck
Clint Thrasher
Visit our website: www.mvccnews.net
IKE in a Dodge WC-56
MVCC Newsletter Editor
Dave Ball
(408) 805-0065 [email protected]
Please submit all contributions for publication in
the newsletter by email to the editor by the 15 of
the month. Members Ads are Free. Pictures will
be sized to fit, space providing.
Webmaster Sean Nichols
[email protected]
Visit our website: www.mvccnews.net
East Bay VP Larry Pirack
(510) 522-6440 [email protected]
Divisions 510 & 925
Hello to all from the East Bay.
The Fall meeting is about to take place at Camp Delta, and
we hope for a good show of members support. I would
like to inform all, about something that's happening at the
N.A.S. Museum Oct 7th,8th,9th, It's called " First Raid "
Historically themed miniature board games . These games
include, Ancient warfare, Civil war,WW2,air land and sea
battles all on tables in the Crows Nest upstairs. We will be
open Friday evening 4pm till 12 Midnight, Saturday 10am
till 12 Midnight and Sunday 10am till 5pm.This is a first
time event for us, so we hope It's a success. That's all for
now, See you at Camp Delta, over and out. The 40s Larry
Central Valley VP Nick Bombini
(559) 664-1726
nbomb[email protected]
Divisions 559,209,760 &805 East
North Bay VP Sonny Hanson
(707) 552-6918
[email protected]
Divisions 707 & 415
For up to date listings of activities, check the MVCC
website and our G503 forum often.
Sonny Hanson
South Bay VP Kim Sievert
(408) 253-9469
[email protected]
Divisions 408 North & 650
For up to date listings of activities, check the
MVCC website and our G503 forum often.
Kim Sievert
The Castle Air Museum open cockpit day on Sept. 4th was another success as usual.
There was a large turnout of visitors checking out the planes as well as the military
vehicles on display. There was a Dodge WC12, slat grill jeep, 40mm bofors and the
museums M422 Mighty Mite along with several of the permanent display emergency
vehicles. A lot of fun was had by all. A few events to announce:
Oct. 1st - 21st Annual Emergency Vehicle Display Show & Law Enforcement
Recruitment Fair in Ripon, CA. If anyone is planning on attending, a follow up on any
MVs present would be wonderful. This would be a great show to display the
crossover vehicles that fit into the MV class as well as emergency response class.
Nov. 11 - Veteran’s Day Parade & Military Vehicle Show Parade: 10am – Downtown
Bakersfield, CA Military Vehicle Show – 2-7pm. More info on the club website.
Nov. 11 - Fresno Veteran’s Day parade. I will be getting more info on the parade and
have it posted on the website. If anyone has info, please let me know.
That’s all I know of going on in the valley soon. If there are any more parades or
events happening, please let me know right away so I can get the info posted.
As usual, any follow up articles and pictures from these events would be great.
Visit our website: www.mvccnews.net
10 barrel 1870 Gatling Gun to be used by Dan McCluskey in Cavalry reenactment
Mac McCluskey
If you have any questions or have information regarding a meet or activity in your area, contact your regional vice
president or any of the officers to let them know. Be sure to visit our website for any last minute activities or changes
to activities/events. Please submit information regarding upcoming activities to the newsletter editor at least one
month before the scheduled event. All articles must be submitted to the newsletter editor by the 15th of the month.
Visit our website: www.mvccnews.net
North Bay West VP John Neuenburg
(415) 491-1601
[email protected]
Divisions 415, 707 west
October 2011 North Bay West VP report by John Neuenburg
By the time you read this the Camp Delta Fall meet will be history. Hope everybody made it home in one piece and
had success doing whatever you did. My Travis Air Show photos are up on the Gallery page on our website, and maybe some from prior events if Sean can squeeze them in. The Pacific Coast Air Museum Air Show in Santa Rosa was
another good show featuring many vintage and modern military aircraft plus aerobatic acts. Michael France reports 22
MVs on display from motorcycle to halftrack and all sizes of trucks. Jim Neider is a great POC for this and some other
North Bay events. This newsletter may not arrive in time to let you know about the Yountville Parade on October 2,
but if so, contact POC Lee Hoskins at 707-328-2316. Parade is at noon and he reports it’s the next best parade in the
region after the Petaluma Veterans Day Parade. Speaking of Petaluma, if you want to be a part of a 40+ MV parade on
Nov. 11, sound off to Jim Neider at 707-823-2192. When you are on his radar screen he will phone you with any
news. Pre-stage at the Veterans Memorial rear parking lot by 1100, move to staging area by noon and parade at 1300.
Informal display after the parade back at the vet’s hall and they will likely be serving hot dogs plus the bar is always
open. Back to October – if anyone wants a great place to watch the Fleet parade on Saturday Oct. 8, may I recommend
the east parking lot of the St. Francis Yacht Club? No reserved area planned so get there before 0830. If anyone wants
to meet other MVers, I will be the clearing house and put in touch with others. See www.fleetweek.us for general
event info including ship tours. Air show is Saturday and Sunday with ship parade Saturday morning only.
Navy League Fundraiser Car Show Report
By John Neuenburg
I finally got the M20 back on the road and on 9/11 drove it to Oakland on 9/11 for the Navy League car show hosted
by the Warehouse Bar & Grill. Light turnout of cars and only Willy Denninger, Ed Roberts and I displayed MVs. It
was nice to see “long lost” MVCCer Ed with his trusty ’42 GPW. Ed promises to “re-up.” Willy brought his MUTT.
Event was a fundraiser for the gigantic BBQ the Navy League Oakland Council does for the troops on Columbus Day
Monday in San Francisco during Fleet Week.
(Dave, photos are attached to email)
Camp Delta 2012 and 2013 Spring Activities Being Planned
By John Neuenburg, Camp Delta Activities Coordinator
Unless we decided something different at the recent Fall Tower Park meet, the displays next April are shaping up as
“Concours d’Eleguns” for MVs with mounted or towed ordnance, 0830-1130 on Friday. Dave Aro is POC,
[email protected] Deactivated or non-guns please, for example no firing pin.
“Engineer & Work Vehicles” – those not designed for carrying general cargo or personnel. 1300-1600 Friday. I am
POC, see contact info elsewhere
“All IHC Trucks” for International-brand MVs. Saturday 1330-1630. Paul De Nublio is POC,
[email protected] This replaces Motorcycles & Scooters however we can create a casual display and
photo op for these if you like. Will probably schedule the formal motorcycle display in 2013.
We’d like to see seminars or discussion groups at these meets. Any ideas?
We don’t schedule much for the Fall meet but we’d like to because we’d like to grow the meet. Anybody have any
ideas? For Spring 2013, let’s do “U.S. Navy and U.S.M.C. Vehicles!” Plenty of time for you to scrape, paint, and
Visit our website: www.mvccnews.net
Visit our website: www.mvccnews.net
Saturday, September 10th, John Bodnar and I set up at the Rim High School Car Show near Lake Arrowhead
in the mountains above San Bernardino. Enlisting help from our own crew and help from some of the high
school kids, we had .30s. mounted on 2 Jeeps, a .30 cal. on a low tripod and a .30 cal. on an Anti Aircraft
tripod, all with belts of shiny ammo that attracted the young, the old and everyone in between. John really
went all out. He brought both of his Jeeps and their trailers, cammo netting for both shade covers, kitchen
equipment, rifles, radios...you name it, we had it on display. He even brought a flag pole for his 48 star flag
and a mortar! I added my Jeep to make it a threesome. There was lots of time for kids and Kodak moments, a
few WWII veterans with good stories and we even cooked up some grub. My fiancée, Mary, was in charge
of "Mary's Mess" and kept us well nourished. John's gal, Julie, spent lots of time answering questions from
the nearly 1000 spectators who showed up. A local Boy Scout troop did a wonderful job of raising the flag at
the beginning of the activities and they were followed by a memorial ceremony for 9-11. At the end of last
year's show, the organizers said they would add a couple more trophy classes. It's a good thing they did because both John and I drove away with a trophy. It was a fabulous day and we are all looking forward to next
year's event.
Erik Terberg
Visit our website: www.mvccnews.net
All events published in the newsletter or on MVCCNEWS.net are open to anyone interested. You do not need an invitation, just call the POC listed
for the event for more information or to RSVP. Check the VP reports for activities in your area.
April 15-22, 2012
Spring Meet at Camp Delta - the Largest
Annual MV Meet in the West!!!
Stockton Delta KOA (800) 778-8937
JoAnne Lesser [email protected]
Sept. 23 - 25 California International Air Show,
Salinas California
Need military vehicles for static display.
Overnight camping available. Please contact:
Jim (831) 455-5105 Mick (559) 789-3651
May 16 - 20, 2012 - Get Together Camp Roberts
POC Dave Ball [email protected]
October 2nd, 2011 - 34th ANNUAL YOUNTVILLE
September 10, 2011 - Rim of the World High School
Charity Car Show - Lake Arrowhead, CA. 9am - 3pm.
Click HERE for event flyer and entry form.
September 10 - 11, 2011 - California Capital Air
Show - Bruce Risley has invited the MVCC to participate
in the Sac. Air show. No charges and the vehicles will
be secure. POC Bruce W. Risley
[email protected]
POC: Lee (707) 328-2316
See MVCC website for more info.
October 8th, 2011 3rd annual Mustang Days
Nut tree Vacaville. Email or call Larry Smigla
707-689-4848 [email protected]
October 19 - 23, 2011 - Camp Gridley - Click HERE
for event flyer Butte County Fairgrounds, Gridley, CA.
Full Hookups. Sponsored by the Northern Recon Group
POC NRG President Dave Palmerlee 530 370 3701
[email protected]
September 11, 2011. Navy League Fundraiser Car
& MV Show Oakland Sept. 11 1000-1600. 402 Webster
St. Supports the Fleet BBQ they do for the troops during
Fleet Week. See article in this newsletter for registration. POC Mike Dennis 925-200-0005 or madennis53"at"aol.com, or Ed Roberts 415-706-9741 or
November 11, 2011 - Sacramento Veterans Day
Parade Capital Mall from 3rd Street to 9th Street. Grand
September 11, 2011 - 10th Anniversary of 9/11
November 11. 2011 Oroville Veterans Day Parade
Diablo Valley Flag Brigade is partnering this year with
to commemorate the tenth anniversary of 9-11-2001
for a "Never Forget" a tribute to America.
Event will be held at the Alameda County Fairgrounds
Hwy 680 S exit Bernal Ave, Pleasanton., California.
POC: [email protected]
Visit www.impactforamerica.com.
September 18– 25, 2011 - Fall Meet at Camp Delta The Second Largest Annual MV Meet in the West!!!
Stockton Delta KOA (800) 778-8937
JoAnne Lesser [email protected]
Marshall for the parade is General Chuck Yeager. We want to
propose the General ride in a Command Car. Anyone interested? We need a POC but until then contact John Neuenburg at
415-306-3607 Click HERE for flyer and click HERE for entry form.
Line up at corner of Feather River Blvd.
and Montgomery St. 9;00 am
November 11, 2011 Marysville Veterans Day Parade
Line up at corner of 6th and D St. 9;00 am
POC Cary Simpson
November 11, 2011 - San Jose Veterans Day
Parade Contact Kim Sievert:
[email protected]
November 11, 2011 - Petaluma Veterans Day Parade,
biggest on the North Coast with tons of vehicles
POC is Michael France at [email protected]
Visit our website: www.mvccnews.net
Willy Denninger at Oakland car show with his Mutt 2011
John Neuenburg
Visit our website: www.mvccnews.net
Visit our website: www.mvccnews.net
NOTE: Member For Sale/Wanted are posted for two months.
Parts for sale International M-3-4 - M-5H-6
Battery boxes, Gas Tanks, Brake drums and many
other parts.
Contact Dave Ball (408)805-0065
[email protected]
New 60' x 40' steel building, all metal construction,
steel panel sides and roof, (3) 14' x 14' door openings,
one man door, wall to wall insulation, 16' at face's 19'
at peak, 26k invested, *make offer. (Sonoma county,
CA) [email protected] listed for family sale
Asking: $4500.00 and drive it away today!!!
Runs good, original parts. Body in good shape,
running gear good. "Needs TLC."
Contact: Art for photos and information
(831) 297-9121 Hollister, CA or
[email protected]
FOR SALE: 10 Spare take off 5 ton tires,
1100x20 tires, $450 for all.
Set of Troop Seats for 2 ½ ton cargo, $100
PICK UP ONLY in Paso Robles, CA Craig Clifton
FOR SALE 1964 M38A1
US Marine Corps Very Clean Original complete
with Tie Down Kit and New Canvas Top Serial #
95561 - DOD 11/64 $10,000 Call 530-533-2500
FOR SALE 1953 M38A1
US Army, Parade Ready and complete including
GRC3 Radio set and New Canvas Top, Serial
Number 67937 $12,500 Call 530-533-2500
For Sale1953 M-100 trailer $500
John Ince 559-924-9260
For sale: WW2 Ben Hur 1 Ton Trailer. US Navy
Markings, Good Condition, Has landing Leg, $850
Call Jon McKee (707) 459-5873
FOR SALE:1941 Dodge 4X4, most all original
and in great shape. I an considering selling after
having it for over 30 years.
Please respond to Bill Huston,
[email protected] for info.
For sale a metal G518 1 ½ ton Ben Hur trailer in good
condition with only surface rust. The front landing
wheel and the stock tail lights have been removed.
Only holes are a few bullet holes in the tail gate and 6
drilled holes in the bed for a piece of equipment. The
trailer has always been used off road and has never
been registered. The tires hold air but they need to be
replaced and the ID plate is missing. The trailer is located in South San Jose. I would like to get $700.00
for it or BO. For questions and pictures please
e-mail [email protected]
For Sale: 1944 Ford GPW Military Jeep
Price: $18,000
Restored Ford GPW Marine Corp Jeep has most all original
parts. Frame, tub all original. Vehicle is 95% restored Most
parts are F-marked, has all new tires. Electrical wiring
harness still needs replacing, along with the gauges. I will
include with sale . Transmission, clutch, steering box, brake
cylinders and more have been re-built. Data plates are
original. Has Beachwood canvas top, and new seats; made
to original government specifications, repainted in Marine
Corp green from the Korean war era, with original
(USMC) military numbers. California registration and title
Jeep is licensed as a historic vehicle. Located in San Jose,
CA For additional information or photos contact:
Vince Bradley (408) 978-8400 email: [email protected]
For sale WW2 International M-2-4 parts. Parting
several trucks. Email Paul DeNubilo
[email protected]
Visit our website: www.mvccnews.net
NOTE: Member For Sale/Wanted are posted for two months.
For Sale: 1951 Dodge M37 new brakes, runs good.
Have winch for $1000 extra truck without winch $2000
1940’s GPW/MB no engine, roll cage, power steering.
1968 deuce , seized engine, comes with spare engine.
Missing: front bumper, winch and radiator. $1000
CUCV truck, good engine, 30,000 miles, rollover, $800
M274 Mule/Generator engines, NOS, $550 each.
CJ2A no engine or transmission $300
CJ3A has Agro stuff and Engine Transmission $800
Sand Blasting Cabinet with dust collection system
Phone: Mark Bosley (408)438-1797
Email: [email protected]
For sale: 1943 Ford GPW 95% original Jeep always
stored inside no rust. Has a few modification's to make
it easy to service and use. 12 volt, Heater, later military
rims and one piece windshield. Has new Tires, Brakes,
Canvas and doors. Currently registered in California.
$7500 Phone: (209)532-5770
Email: [email protected]
For sale: 1953 Dodge M 37 (V-41) Telephone
Maintenance truck. Very original and very clean.
Runs great, stops on a dime and impresses with its rare
service body. Hard to find spot light on drivers door.
Has good 9:00 X 20 tires and T-245 Dodge L-Head 6
power. Four Speed transmission. All yours for $10,000
Call Brad (818)419-9989
For Sale: 1953 M101A1 Trailer Case-Master Body Inc.
Complete with cover in good shape Registered in CA.
Phone: John Amaral (408)564-1647
Wanted: WW2 International 6x6 M-5H-6 parts
or whole trucks no matter condition let me know
what you have or what you have seen
Contact Dave Ball (408)805-0065
[email protected]
Wanted: for Dodge 1/2 ton WC6 Command
Car: Front and rear doors Any condition let
me know what you have.
Phil Tracey 408-258-2371
[email protected]
Wanted for ½ ton Dodge close cab pickup
Black out light mounting bracket
Any rubber products such as: wind lace,
steering column grommet and fender
welt & Etc.
Windshield latch
Greg Lampman 805-756-5182 during the day
[email protected]
Wanted for 1/2 ton Dodge ambulance
Front seats
Defroster fan
Greg Lampman 805-756-5182 during the day
[email protected]
Wanted: Do you need to clean up your
Garage to make room for that new winter
project? Then this is the place for you send
in your ads and get them mailed to 475+
members and also on our website.
Free to members and associates.
Send ads to: [email protected]
Classified Ads
Ads are free for military items. Your ad will run for two issues. I cannot accept ad requests over the phone, they must be in writing.
You may send your ad by email: [email protected] Send your ads to me by the 15th of the month. If you wish to run your ad
longer than two issues, you must notify me in writing. Please use the following format for your ads: Name of item, price, description, contact information, and any special instructions or notes.
Please send your change of address information or payments for ads and membership to:
LK Viola Email: [email protected]
Ad prices: full page $45 Half page $35 Quarter Page $20 Business Card $5
Visit our website: www.mvccnews.net
NOTE: Member For Sale/Wanted are posted for two months.
Wanted: 1944 Federal 2G 4x2 Deuce Parts or
info on parts trucks sighted or for sale.
Need: 1.5 yard Dump bed and hoist, Drivers
side hood panel, Frame mounted Fuel tank,
Contact Dave Ball [email protected]
Wanted: for M5A1 Stuart Tank: 37mm ammo
storage racks (left and right side) that mount to the
rear bulkhead.
Wanted for M5A1 Stuart Tank: Transmission cover
sheet metal (left and right side) with 37mm nose
welded to them
Wanted for M5A1 Stuart Tank: Usable exhaust (left
and right side) pipe system (after headers) to borrow
or to buy.
Wanted for M5A1 Stuart Tank: Drivers and codrivers seat cushions and seat backs with metal.
Wanted for M5A1 Stuart Tank: Track idler wheels,
with good rubber.
Wanted for M5A1 Stuart Tank: Turret seats with
Wanted for M5A1 Stuart Tank: Most of the interior
metal boxes.
Wanted for M5A1 Stuart Tank: Most of the electrical
distribution boxes.
Wanted for M5A1 Stuart Tank: Most of the electrical
Wanted for M5A1 Stuart Tank: Headlight locking
brackets, that mount to front hull.
Wanted for M5A1 Stuart Tank: 37mm shell casings
(the casings that have rims)
Wanted for M5A1 Stuart Tank: Engine fan blade in
excellent condition.
I have for trade, NOS windshields for a M24 Tank
I have for trade, a M3A1 Stuart 37mm ammo rack,
grade 2 condition.
Kim Sievert
Email; [email protected]
Phone; (408) 253-9469
MVPA # 5253 Life Member
1944 Ford GPW for restoration - let me
know what you have John Manuel (510) 821-0355
during the day
Thank you, John Manuel
PCF Patrolling the Delta in Vietnam
Visit our website: www.mvccnews.net
Military Vehicle Collectors of California
Membership Application
Membership is for the calendar year and includes the MVCC News. Vehicle ownership is not required for
membership. Please complete and circle any changes from last year. If renewing, please check here:
Remember to mail your application by January 15th!
Member’s Name:_____________________________________ MVPA Number:_______________
Associate Member’s Name (s): _____________________________ _____________________________
Address: ________________________ City: ________________________ State: _________ ZIP: ____________
Phone: HM:_____________________ Cell:______________________ Email: _______________________________
Dues: Member: $30.00
Three year discount: $75.00
Associate @ $5.00 ea.
Business: $60.00
(includes business card ad in each newsletter) Life Membership: $400.00
Mail to:
LK Viola Treasurer - MVCC
P.O. Box 1765, Carmel, CA 93921-1765.
Phone: 831-293-8228.
Email: [email protected]
Visit our website: www.mvccnews.net
International 1944 M-5H-6 Owner Dave Ball
Editors Collection
Visit our website: www.mvccnews.net
International M-5H-6 on a Train 1951
Ford GP “doing touch and go”
Visit our website: www.mvccnews.net
Recently Seen 1944 IHC M-2-4
There is a DUKW in the back ground
Pvt. Parts
Visit our website: www.mvccnews.net
National Archives
Visit our website: www.mvccnews.net
Marine Takes a nap on an M50 Ontos
Visit our website: www.mvccnews.net

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