Business Challenge
With the advent of sophisticated targeted attacks, organizations are facing a growing demand for extended
network forensics solutions and scalable storage as they work to protect, detect and remediate network attacks.
Today’s security professionals rely on an unprecedented volume of data and must be able to control and quickly
analyze the data they capture. They seek a solution that will be able to store and retrieve crucial data in a timely
and cost effective way.
Solution: Blue Coat Security Analytics and NetApp’s
High-Density Storage
The integration of Blue Coat’s Security Analytics with the NetApp
E-Series Fibre Channel storage array enables customers to conduct
more comprehensive analysis and swifter resolution of attacks and
breaches, even in the largest, most demanding networks. Customers
pairing these two solutions will be able to capture, store, analyze and
retrieve complete network traffic instantly and at a lower total cost of
ownership. Blue Coat Security Analytics works to provide proactive
incident response through continuous network traffic capture, real-time
threat intelligence and notification of malicious activity for focused
incident response and network forensics. NetApp delivers high-density
storage to expand the window of captured data to weeks, months or
more for more comprehensive and complete investigations.
Certified E-Series Configuration
NetApp E5660 storage extends the capture window for Blue Coat Security Analytics to
days, weeks, months or more.
Remote Office
Data Center
Security Analytics
Security Analytics
Security Analytics
SSL Visibility Appliance
Internal Network
NetApp E5660 – 240T Fibre Channel Storage Array
RAID Controller
E5660, 12GB Controller
Security Analytics
60-Drive Chassis
4U-60, DE6600, 2PSU
Disk Drive
4TB, 7.2K Self-Encrypted NLSAS
6Gbps 3.5” Hot-plug HD
Battery (Cache De-Stage)
Host Interface Card
HIC, E5600, 16Gb FC, 4-ports
Partner: NetApp
Optical Module
SFP. 10Gb iSCSI/16Gb FC, Unified
Partner Products: E-Series 5660
NetApp E5660
(Extended Storage)
Blue Coat Product: Security Analytics
About NetApp
The combined Blue Coat Security Analytics and NetApp E5660
Storage solution:
Leading organizations worldwide count on NetApp for software, systems
and services to manage and store their data. Customers value our
teamwork, expertise and passion for helping them succeed now and
into the future. To learn more visit
• Significantly reduces time to incident response, by up to 85%
• Minimizes the cost of threat resolution and mitigates on-going risk
• Helps answer critical post-breach questions of who, what, how,
and when?
For More Information
Learn more about Blue Coat technology partners on our website.
• Provides customers with significantly longer captured history of
breach activity for more effective response and decreased risk
• Expands the capture window from weeks to months within the same
physical footprint; thereby retaining more valuable evidence that can
help limit exposure in the event of a breach
• Provides the ability to replay and reconstruct any network activity to
determine the exact source and scope of a breach
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