club joker 2015



club joker 2015
Club Joker – 03
Tradition obliges Tradition makes the difference. For more than six decades Westfalia
has been converting vans manufactured by VW into motorhomes.
There are good reasons for the fact that the first motorhome ever
built in Wiedenbrück in Westphalia was a VW T1.
In these six decades Westfalia has created motorhomes that have set standards. Innovations that set the pace. Products of inimitable functionality and
quality. There are good reasons why the Westfalia models based on the T1,
T2, T3 or T4 are today among the most famous and most desirable secondhand vehicles with prices far above their previous purchase price, in particular for the T1 and T2 models.
The new Club Joker continues in this tradition. See for yourself!
For more than six decades Westfalia has been
converting vans manufactured by VW.
Longer than any other motorhome manufacturer.
Innovation, design and quality – these
three words have characterised Westfalia
for more than 60 years. Thanks to these
characteristics we have also become a
reliable OEM partner for the automotive industry, be it Opel, VW, Ford or
Philosophy – 05
Living area – 07
Better LIVING! If you want to set standards you cannot accept the existing conditions.
The first time that you step into the Westfalia Club Joker, you will be struck
by the generous and luxurious space. This impressive feeling of space is a
result of the combination of colours and materials throughout the entire
Bright, friendly white and beige colours are contrasted with black and defining aluminium silver. The floor in a bright boat deck pattern supports this
impression even more. The big windows make for an atmosphere flooded
with light. When it is dark, LED spots provide highlights and therefore an
interesting and comfortable atmosphere.
All materials used in the Club Joker are of particularly high quality and their
interaction results in a luxurious overall impression. Holidays mean relaxation. The new Club Joker offers you the living space you need to relax.
A motorhome that is all of a piece. All surfaces, colours and textures are perfectly
matched and create a comfortable lounge
The new Westfalia Club Joker wins you
over with its generous and inviting interior design concept. Design and functionality complement each other to form a
perfect unity, setting new standards in
usability and practicality.
Living area – 09
The details win you over.
Living area – 11
Cooking – 13
Enjoy your meal!
The optional rooflight above the kitchen
guarantees perfect ventilation
Cooking is closely related to passion. But you also need a lot of passion to design and develop a motorhome kitchen, in particular in a van.
Space and functionality – these two factors always battle with each other
when developing the functional areas in a motorhome. Only experience,
know-how and skill can resolve this contradiction.
That is why the kitchen in the Club Joker is based on more than six decades of experience in the construction of motorhomes, thus making it a real
masterpiece. Let’s have a look at function: 2-burner hob, sink with sink
mixer and a big worktop give you the space you need to prepare a meal
with passion. Pots, plates and cutlery can be neatly put away in the floor
cupboards as well as the ceiling compartments above the counter top. There
also is a spice rack of course. And the optional rooflight above the kitchen
ensures perfect ventilation.
The 2-burner hob is perfectly integrated into
the counter top.
The 50 l compressor-type refrigerator is built in at
a medium height and therefore easily accessible.
The kitchen equipment can be neatly stored in
the numerous ceiling compartments and floor
Enjoy your meal.
The kitchen in the new Club Joker makes
a convincing impression thanks to its
functionality. You will find everything you
need to prepare your meal within easy
reach. All utensils can be stored in the
generous cupboards. The counter top
with integrated 2-burner hob and sink is
big and practical.
Cooking – 15
Space to dream
Sleeping – 17
Sweet dreams Opting for a high roof also means opting for more holiday quality.
Westfalia has achieved an innovative room design by means of the high roof
in the Club Joker. The advantages offered by this concept are obvious.
Not only does the high roof offer you continuous headroom from the
driver's area to the rear kitchen and bathroom area, but the 130 cm wide
double bed is also perfectly integrated in the high roof. The bed of course
features a multi-dimension spring system offering you additional relaxation
and comfort.
In addition to this the seating in the Club Joker can of course be easily converted into an additional bed.
We have thought of everything –
LED spotlights for reading
and a shelf for books and glasses
The seating in the living area of the motorhome can be easily converted into a
comfortable bed.
The double bed in the high roof features a
multi-dimensional spring system, thus
offering perfect sleeping comfort.
Another highlight that goes the extra mile: even if you have already pulled
out the upper double bed you can still use the seating because the room
offers sufficient headroom. Sweet dreams.
The big double bed in the Club Joker is
more than 130 cm wide and located in
the insulated high roof. It can be easily
pulled out and allows for a good night's
rest and perfect relaxation.
Sleeping – 19
Bathroom – 21
What could be better then starting the day perfectly refreshed? The
bathroom in the Club Joker offers you everything you need.
The outside shower can be easily fixed
to the rear flap with a suction cup hook.
In fact the advantages of the high roof concept are not only visible in the
sleeping area but also in the bathroom area. You will find a bathroom worthy of the name in the rear part of the vehicle. The flexible entrance doors
allow you to turn the bathroom into a toilet or shower, just the way you
want it. With a separate washbasin, numerous storage areas and a towel
holder, you won’t lack anything you need.
Economising on water? Not in the new Club Joker, thanks to the powerful hot
water system and the generous tanks with 70 l fresh and 70 l waste water.
Ventilation in the bathroom of the Club Joker is provided by means of hot
water convection heaters and a large roof hood, which not only leads the
steam to the outside but also allows a lot of light into the bathroom.
Ready for the new day. Everything in the Club Joker is designed to make
you feel refreshed.
The Club Joker is equipped with a complete bathroom in the rear of the vehicle.
With its big fresh and waste water capacities there is no feeling of restriction or
being short of anything.
Bathroom – 23
Driving – 25
Interior fittings
Fabric „Tasamo“
Basic vehicle Volkswagen T5 with long wheel base
Diesel engine 2.0 l TDI 62 kW / 84 hp (further engines optional)
Gearbox 5-speed transmission
optional: 6-speed manual transmission & 7-speed DSG
Front wheel drive (optional four-wheel drive)
L / W / H in mm
5,292 × 1,904 × 2,800 (width incl. outside mirrors 2,283)
Wheel base 3,400 mm
Mass in running order (DIN 1646-2)* 2,540 kg
Maximum permissible weight 3,000 kg (can be increased to 3,200 kg)
Trailer load (braked) 2,000 kg
Sleeping spaces / seats 2 / 4 (additional sleeping spaces optional)
80 Ah additional gel battery
50 l compressor refrigerator
80 l fuel tank
central electronic system to control and monitor on-board functions
4.8 kW hot water heating
Fresh and waste water tank 70 l / 70 l
optional leather
Body colours*
One colour paint
Candy white
Pure Grey
Salsa Red
Sunny Yellow
Ontario Green
India blue
Toffee Brown
Natural Grey
Sand Beige
Night Blue
Olympia blue
Bright orange
Metallic paint**
A: Interior height
Living area: 2,120 mm,
Kitchen area: 1,870 mm,
Wet cell: 1,840 mm
B: Wheel base 3,400 mm
C: Length 5,292 mm**
D: Width 1,904 mm
E: Height 2,800 mm
Pearl effect paint*
Deep Black
* Mass in running order includes driver, full fuel tank, fresh water 90% full, gas store with bottles, as well as tools,
adapter cables and extension cables.
** 17ft 4in
Reflex Silver
Dark Wood
* Please check colour availability at time of order.
** Metallic paint is optional.
At time of printing.
For technical printing reasons, the colours shown may vary from the original.
Technology and Colours – 27
Being independent People like you, who are interested in a vehicle like the new Club
Joker from Westfalia, value mobile comfort as much as well thoughtout functionality.
The Club Joker will win you over on both counts. With its compact external
dimensions the Club Joker is your true companion in your daily life as well
as on extensive holiday trips. Wherever you decide to go.
The Club Joker offers you independence. The hot water heating runs on
diesel and the 50 l refrigerator on electricity, therefore gas is only needed
for the cooker in the kitchen. So it’s up to you, where and when you want
to stop. 70 l fresh and 70 l waste water tanks offer you enough reserve, and
the shower in the vehicle makes you independent of campsites.
In the new Club Joker you need gas for
cooking only.
The double floor underneath the kitchen and
bathroom area not only contains the technical
equipment but also offers a generous storage
compartment for bulky camping equipment.
Day: Seating and living area on the ground floor
Night: Bed on the first floor
With a central control panel you can easily
manage all the functions in your motor home.
Technical data and floor plans – 29
Westfalia quality 01.
The overall impression of the motorhome is
luxurious, in particular due to the use of
high-quality materials.
The production is based on the requirements
of the German car manufacturing industry.
It is only because we meet those requirements that we are allowed to manufacture
OEM vehicles.
The certified Westfalia quality has been confirmed by means of ISO certification.
You will have seen the expression ‘Westfalia class’ in this catalogue
a number of times. You will see that this expression is so much more
than just a marketing promise when you take the time to take a
closer look at a Westfalia.
It is the choice of materials that captivates at first sight and convinces at
second sight thanks to their durability. Westfalia sets standards with its
perfect craftsmanship. As a partner of the automotive industry we are used
to meeting the tolerances of car manufacturers; this is why we talk more
frequently in µm than in cm in our vehicles.
This is the quality with which each vehicle is built here in Wiedenbrück:
craftmanship matched with innovative manufacturing processes. This quality
is also reflected in the ISO certification we obtained last year. This is very rare
for a motorhome manufacturer.
It is the readiness to innovate that makes each Westfalia motorhome a
milestone in its respective vehicle class. New solutions and trendsetting constructions available exclusively from Westfalia.
Quality that wins you over at first sight
and enchants you at second sight
Westfalia has been converting vans into
motor homes for more than 60 years.
A rich experience from which you can
benefit. And quality you can experience
every day.
Westfalia Quality – 31
The general terms and conditions of Westfalia Mobil GmbH apply. We cannot be held responsible for misprints or errors.
We reserve the right to make technical changes. Vehicles in the pictures may feature optional equipment not included in the standard version.
Westfalia Mobil GmbH
Franz-Knöbel-Straße 34
D-33378 Rheda-Wiedenbrück
Fon +49 (0) 52 42 / 15-0
Fax +49 (0) 52 42 / 15-471
[email protected]

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