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“Hell Gives No Refunds” - Holiness Messenger Home
In direct contrast, the enemy will paint you a picture of pleasure
without a penalty. There is “pleasure in sin for a season” but then
comes fall. We enjoy the pleasantries of summer in the natural
sense, and many times endure with a groan the dying leaves, and
brisk winds of fall. But we always have that hope, that if we can
just make it through fall and winter, that summer will be back
again. That is not always the case in a spiritual sense.
struggle and strain. (For we wrestle not, against flesh and blood,
but against principalities and powers... ...if any man be my
disciple, let him deny himself take up his cross and follow me).
Though he is honest about the pain, he is equally honest about the
pay. (In my fathers house are many mansions, if it were not so I
would have told you, I go to prepare a place for you...)
In spite of all the warnings in God’s word, and those screamed
out by conscience, many still prefer to believe the lies of sin and
satan, that you can sin and get by. But the devil is a jealous vendor,
and he refuses to allow you to partake of his pleasure without
paying his price. “Be sure your sin will find you out.” Take
careful notice that this scripture does not read, “your sin will be
found out”, but “your sin will find you out”.
Once sin has been partaken of, and you realize the torment that
giving into temptation brings, all reactions are the same as Judas’we long to undo the dreadful deed. If only we could call back time,
or use an eraser on life, we would gladly exchange our failures for
success, and our defeats for victories. Many seem to think that
if they just ignore the penalty it will eventually go away, but that
is just not so. He shall be driven from light into darkness, and
chased out of the world (Job 18:18). When sin is partaken of, it
demands payment and refuses to consider a refund. No one can
outrun it, or escape it. Psalm 140:11: Evil shall hunt the violent
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God lets us know up front, that the life of a Christian involves
Judas, like many others who have viewed sin with desire, found
out that when the bait was swallowed, the penalty and guilt of his
sin rushed into his mind at once, and he realized that he had just
made the worse deal of his life. Seeing how he has been burned
he thus sets out to undo the terrible deed. There is just one
problem, hell gives no refunds.
Tax time! The time has come that you have waited for all year,
some with dread and others with desire. Its hard to imagine
anyone harder to deal with than the government. But although
they may be tough to deal with, (and they certainly require it their
way) they do occasionally give refunds. That’s more than you
can say for sin, just ask Judas.
Evangelist Mark Lowery
Matt. 27:3-5 When Judas,
which had betrayed him,
when he saw that he was
condemned, repented
himself, and brought again
the thirty pieces of silver to
the chief priests and elders,
Saying, I have sinned in
that I have betrayed the
innocent blood. And they
said, What is that to us? see
thou to that. And he cast
down the pieces of silver in
the temple, and departed,
and went and hanged
“Hell Gives No Refunds”
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Non-Profit Org.
U. S. Postage
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Permit 347
cease. It is used to sell everything that is
sold in the world, and even in selling good
things. Advertizing is propaganda.
Ralph Cox
P. O. Box 472202
Tulsa, OK 74147
(918) 252-2967 or
(904) 824-4253
Rev. Bill Parks
9743 E. 66th. St.
Tulsa, OK 74133
(918) 249-1944
FAX: 918-252-1244
Aaron Brock, Glen Brashear, Leon Farley, Lloyd Shuecraft
tongue is
the pen of
a ready
Ps. 45:1
The object for which it is formed is: To preach the Gospel of
Jesus Christ, and promote a better understanding among all brethren.
The Word of God alone shall be the Doctrine, Practice,
and Discipline of this Board of Members: it being understood
that we receive it as the inspired Word of God and the Divine
rule of faith and conduct.
We believe in God the Father Almighty. Maker of heaven
and earth, and in Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son, who was
conceived by the Holy Ghost, born of the virgin Mary, suffered
under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died and was buried and
arose on the third day according to the Scriptures, afterwards
ascended into heaven where He is now seated at the right hand
of God the Father, from whence He is come again to judge the
quick and dead.
We believe in Water Baptism and that it should be
administered to every believer according to the Scriptures given
by St. Matthew 3:17;28:19; St. Mark 16:15; Acts 8:36-38. We
teach that the Blood of Jesus Christ cleanseth from all sin, and
sanctifies the believer, thus making him or her eligible to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost which is given to them that
obey (Acts 5:32) and the evidence of such experience shall be
according to Acts 2:4.
We believe in the resurrection of the dead and the Communion of the saints, the Lord’s Supper and washing the saint’s
feet. We believe that divine healing for our physical bodies was
included in His suffering as mentioned by the prophet Isaiah
53:5. It is still available to all who meet conditions and according to His will (James 5:14).
We believe that all ministers should be of good report (1
Timothy 3:7-12) including Pastors, Evangelists, Deacons and
Elders (Titus 1:5-7); and husbands of one wife.
We believe the Church of Jesus Christ to be a living
Organism. The Body of Christ, and habitation of God through
the Spirit (Ephesians 2:20-22), and that each true believer is a
member of the Body (1 Corinthians 12:14; Acts 2:47).
By Brother Ira J. Roberts
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GOVERNMENT CHANGE OFADDRESS, or a postcard. Give your old address as it appears on this
issue, and your new address. We appreciate your
Rev. Ralph & Doreen Cox
9737 E. 66th St. Tulsa, OK 74133
reetings by way of the printed page.
There is an ancient saying, "The pen
is mightier than the sword." This ancient
saying has proven correct. Nothing on
earth has done more harm or good than
the pen. While the pen is a powerful tool
to promote the gospel, it is also a tool that
has fell into the hand of the devil.
Now I have told you this that you may not
be shocked to know that it is used in religion also. The devil used propaganda in
"Eden's land of perfect delight" and there
are many people who are falling for evil
propaganda. I want to remind you that it
was a sweet talking, hired prostitute that
teddied and babied, cooed and coddled,
shouted and pouted Samson out of his
seven locks of consecration. All that cute
beaut saw was the eleven hundred pieces
of silver, while all he saw was her. Beware of all those that propagandize the
minds of people; and also beware of the
preacher who has a veneer of charisma
about him. Beware, for that angel of light
may be the devil in disguise. There are
some who are making good at disguise
and the New Testament has warned us that
it would be so.
It bothers me is that
The word propaganda
among full gospel
comes from the Latin
folks we have a
word propagate or
A fisherman, when he
“fringe” of people who
propagatus, meaning
has a great fish on his
can’t see where they
"to spread." Few
hook, lets out the line, so
are. They can’t be
people realize to what
that the fish may swallow
loyal to a home church
intent this has been
and some even change
down the hook, and be
carried. When Adolph
churches so much that
more surely caught.
Hitler began his world
they have warped the
conquest (thank God
Even so the devil, when
minds of their children
he failed) he began by
he has a poor sinner
with exposure to varipropaganda, saying he
upon his hook, doesn't
ous twisted doctrines.
wanted peace. He
These foolish parents
made promises he
have talked about so
could never keep. He
many people that they
so that he may more
told lies often enough
really don’t know
and clever enough that
securely hook him.
who is living right.
they were accepted as
Well, I can tell them
truth. He undermined
who is living right.
governments by this
not open your eyes,
method and took over lots of countries.
you. They are at
Many wars have been won by this lying
and midweek.
Young folks, just listen to the advice of
I think I told you before, but one wicked God's faithful ones and they will lead you
movie star though told that smoking mari- right. Parents, our youth get bombarded
juana and drugs like cocaine were addic- with enough of Satan's propaganda in the
tive, she replied, “Don’t be ridiculous, I’ve world without us being a source of it in
used them for years,” She smoked herself our homes.
to death, as she smoked one hundred per
day. Propaganda of the evil sort will never
Beware of the fanatical critic who picks
Page 2
everyone else to pieces. I got the news of one family miles and
miles from the state of Oklahoma that left a church and said "we
aren’t going to raise our children in such a mess," referring to
bad propaganda there. I applaud their course. Here we are attempting to live a decent holy life and claiming to be saved, sanctified and Holy Ghost filled, (I am speaking of the holiness movement in general) and we are rejected for some radio preacher
that they know nothing about. These tricksters will do anything
to keep a crowd except be consistent and stable. There are those
when warned to stay away from these money grabbers and false
prophets; still go away from a home church that has stood by
them for years. Shame on them!! I am going to camp out at
Calvary and set my sights on that place called heaven. I am
going to write and preach like I am called to do and join God’s
children in worship and praise. I am open for correction by any
good living person. I am even going to listen to children, teenagers and any aged person that can help me. None of this “big
shot” nonsense for me, I found my place long ago and I am
depending on Jesus on a daily basis to keep me saved.
There are those who live rotten lives, get caught, and then go
join some other movement and run down the independent folks.
The organized folks glory in it and take them right in and delight
in the scandal of how bad the free people are, when it isn’t true
at all. This is propaganda, just on a smaller scale of when Hitler
stepped out on a small balcony and held up one arm and just said
"Germany." The countless crowd would go wild. I saw the
news reels as a young boy and it was awesome, but awful. Fires
of war and death rolled across the earth, fanned by the winds of
propaganda! It was the big jeering crowds who crucified Christ;
who themselves were influenced by the propaganda of the Pharisees! The French revolution stirred the huge crowds to do awful things to their fellow humans! Keep your ears free from Hell's
Let's be charmed by Jesus, who stepped to the bow of a ship in
a storm and said "Peace, be still" The waves laid down and the
howling wind became calm. He and the disciples calmly rode the
smooth waters. What magnetic power there is in Christ! Let's
follow Him and propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ! I’m running scared but I’m unafraid. I agree with Paul who knew he
could become a castaway but only if he strayed from the power
of Jesus Christ. I have no time for the absurd. Preaching for
gold dust is not for me. Jesus is not my idea, but my ideal. Glory
to His exalted name!!! Jesus says I am His. He told me how to
be and I am trying, that’s a fact.
The devil tries to imitate the charms of Christ and the gullible fall
for it. Why do they do this? They get cold and the devil gets
bold. The professional musician says he must practice every
day and if not, he notices it. If you neglect prayer and constant
contact with the Holy Ghost, you will be charmed by the devil.
Watch what you mix with. Unless He (the Holy Ghost) is in it,
leave it alone.
Bro. Ralph Cox
The Holiness Church Directory has
been compiled by Troy Pater and
printed by Independent Holiness
Publishers (Brother Matthew
Vance). There have been extra copies printed for those who may have
forgotten to order.
There are 780 Holiness Churches
around the country in this directory
and for those of you who travel and
can not find these churches you
may want to get a copy. It would
help if each church would make
one order, if that is possible, sending one package to the pastor instead of one package to each
person. It would be easier to ship and it will help with the shipping cost.
To order call Brother Troy Pater at 864-231-6396 or send $5.00
per copy to 2018 Hwy 29 S., Anderson, SC 29626
Sis. Shirley Savage has
compiled and written a book
entitiled "Fruitful Seasons."
Along with Sis. Savage, eleven
other ladies express their
hearts, in hopes of encouraging Holiness Ladies. This is
similar to her book "Leaving a
Available in March will be the
fourth volume of the series of
books that consist of sermons
of Holiness Preachers. It will
be titled "Men Leaving
Also available are Volume 1, Men with a Message. Volume 2,
Men with a Call. Volume 3, Men with a Vision.
Contact: Sister Shirley Savage, 78 Lizzie Mills Rd. Castleton,
VA 22716 #540-937-5380
From the Mouth of a Babe
A 5 year old girl was awakened and dressed every Sunday
morning. Her mother would remind her, "We are going to
visit God's House."
One Sunday morning in the pew, the little girl asked,
in a loud voice, "How come God's never home?"
Page 3
"Even the Youth...Shall
Mount Up with Wings as
the Eagles."
Bill and Melanie Parks
9743 E. 66th. St.
Tulsa, OK 74133
918-249-1944 E-Mail: [email protected]
Our guest this month is a young who has
recently felt the call into the ministry. He
has overcaome a lot of obstacles in his
life by God's help. Here's how it happened in his own words.
n January, I preached a message about
how great Jesus really is! There is no
way we could ever imagine how great
and big he really is. He has proven to me
time and time again to be greater than
you or I could ever think.
Here are some ways he has proven himself to me. On November 18, 2000, it was
a cold day and I was out riding a 4wheeler when it turned over on me and
ripped my face from ear to ear and several other places. Not only was my face
ripped open but all the bones in my face
were crushed. This included my eyesockets, nose, cheekbones and palate.
Along with the palate my teeth were
knocked out. There was a large hole in
the side of my head from the skull buckling and breaking from the blow to my
head. This caused a blood clot on the
brain. They had to remove a portion of
the brain, the right lobe that controlled
the movements of the left side of my body.
Doctors told my parents if I did live I
could never move the left side of my body
at all.
Quite some time later while I was still in
the hospital in Dallas, a good preacher
friend of mine came in to see me, others
were there also and they began to gather
in and pray for me. The spirit of the good,
sweet, Holy Ghost came into my room
and started moving. In just a little bit I
started feeling it. My right hand went up
in the air and pretty soon the left hand
started up out of the cover. It didn’t go
up quite as high as the right but it was
moving and raised praising the Lord!!
Not only was my hand and arm moving
but I had tears running down my face! I
didn’t even have tears ducts to cry. They
had been torn out also. Let me tell you
Time had gone by and
I still was blind and unable to talk or walk. I
had no balance or
strength. One morning
I awoke from sleep
and I could see!!! My
dad could tell there was
a difference immediately and ran over to me
and said, ”Can you see
me?” I shook my head,
yes. He asked me to
touch him on the nose.
I did that and then he asked me to touch
my mom on the ear. I did that. I guess he
couldn’t believe. Ha! He asked me to
touch my sister on the eye. I put my finger right up to her eye, but didn’t poke it.
After all this, they said, I just turned over
and went back to sleep.
A while later Bro. Larry Wood and Sis.
Janice came in to see me. My dad told
them I had woke up earlier and was able
to see! ! This was approximately two
months after the accident. I had been
completely blind up until now. After a
while I woke up and started climbing out
of bed. My dad hurried trying to unhook
different tubes that were running out of
me. Bro Larry immediately held me up
because my legs were so weak and unstable. I pointed to the window so Bro.
Larry helped me to it. You have to understand the most I had walked in a day
was probably 10 to 15 steps or less with
help. Bro. Larry asked, “Luke can you
see that tree down there?” I shook my
head, yes. Then he asked if I could see
the fence. Again, I shook my head yes.
About that time something I call the good
Holy Ghost got down in my feet and
when it did, I went to jumping and took
off running out of my hospital room and
up and down the hall!!! I ran and worshipped the Lord for 3 1/2 hours. I would
sit down because my parents were worried about me but I couldn’t contain it
and I would take off again. Jesus proved
to me again that HE IS GREAT!!!
The doctors said that I would never live
but if by chance I did, I
would never see, hear,
talk, or walk in other
words I would be a vegetable. As of right now
I have had 61 surgeries
and I can see! I can
hear! I can talk! I can
walk! The last time I
checked I have a
98.4% grade point average in school.
With all the things I’ve
had to go through I have
never backslid or turned
against my parents or God. He has proven
to be faithful. God has shown me how
big he really is not through my parents or
anyone else, but he has done it for me
and in me. So whether you’re young or
old let God work in you, always live for
him, do his will and follow his plan for
your life. HE IS FAITHFUL!! HE IS
I would like to take this time to thank everyone for all your prayers and support
for my family and I. I am facing many
more surgeries so, please continue to pray
for us.
I hope that I can help others by giving
my testimony and preaching his word.
Luke Armbrister
1400 S Reavis Rd.
Claremore, OK 74017
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Lord and so faithfully stood by us during this time. Before his
death, he told some of the family he wanted the work of the
Lord to go on. Shortly after his death, the church voted our
son, Daryl, as pastor to carry the work forward. Special thanks
to you saints for your prayers and support you have given.
Jo Ann Brewer
ust a few lines to express our thankfulness to be raised in
such a Godly home.
OH, WHAT A HERITAGE!! Our home was filled with such
love, and the sweet Spirit of the Lord. Daddy and Mother have
showed us the right way to live OH, WHAT A TREASURE!!
Daddy taught us such faithfulness to the House of God. The
Lord always gave Dad a burden to reach the lost and he alur family would like to acknowledge all the many acts of ways had a word of encouragement for the discouraged. We
kindness shown to us during the sickness of our loved will always be thankful for Godly parents. We love and miss
Dad greatly.
one with cancer.
We appreciate the comforting words spoken at the funeral
and grave-side by Bro. Ben Shaw, Bro. Tommy Toliver, Bro.
Larry Wood, Bro. Braxton Bigot, Bro. Dennis Knapp and Bro.
Kevin Webster.
We have many precious memories, even right up to the death
of Bro. Brewer. The saints would join our family as we sang
the songs of Zion. The presence of God was so near. The day
before he passed away, Bro Brewer wanted to hold his Bible
and then began preaching while sitting in the recliner. Though
weak in body, his spirit was uplifted and he had a desire to do
more for the Lord.
At 1:24 a.m., as our children and grandchildren were standing
by his bedside, he passed to a better land beyond this vale of
tears. Right before his departure, the Holy Ghost moved into
the room in a comforting way. Then after he took his last breath,
The Holy Ghost spoke. How precious it is to know the Lord in
times of sorrow.
Our first pastorate was in 1964. We pastored churches in Fouke,
AR; Fort Worth, TX; Wichita, KS; Citronelle, AL; Coweta,
OK; and Athens, AR. In 1991, the Lord directed him to start
a work in Broken Arrow, OK, in the Oneta area. He told me
(wife) in about a one mile area where he felt God wanted the
work to be. Unknowing to us at that time, there was a Holiness Church in the early 1900's with the same name and onehalf mile from where we located. God's work was not finished
in this area.
The Lord gave us a wonderful group of people that love the
The Brewer Family,
(Mark, Mike, Lisa, Daryl, Marlin)
When God looks down, He see's the heart of man.
But not only God could see the heart of this man,
With a heart too big to hideWe could all see what was inside.
For there was a love flowing from this man,
You could feel it by his outstretched hand.
It wasn't just his family that knew this was true,
But the whole community knew it too.
Dad's ambition wasn't wealth and fame.
But his desire was to leave a good name.
We know that God is now gone,
But his testimony still lives on.
For we can see the fruit of his labor,
Because his children and grandchildren all know the
And we all know, a crown he has won,
For the Lord has said, "My child well done."
I love you Dad.
Your son, MIke
Page 5
man to overthrow him. The man guilty of sin is hunted as a prey
by its predator until he be overthrown.
Judas longed to right his wrongs, but found it within the power
of self to be an impossibility. Laden by his guilt, he hanged
himself, unable to receive a refund from not only the Chief Priests
and elders, but supremely from hell. How many tormented souls
have found themselves in this same position. Esau, found no
repentance, though he sought it carefully with tears. Pilate who
in washing his hands for eternity would never escape those
bloody hands of guilt.We have all been tempted, and will be again,
and again, but my prayer for us all is to never forget that hell gives
no refunds.
“John 10:10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill,
and to destroy:” From the beginning this has been the intent of the
devil. But thank God the devil does not have the final say. No
matter how terrible the dealings of the proprietor of hell, there
has been sent a pardoner from heaven. “ I am come that they
might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”
“1 John 3:8 For this purpose was the Son of God manifested, that
he might destroy the works of the
Peter’s fall was
just as great and
he wept scorching tears of
regret just as
Judas, but
somehow he had
the heart knowledge that failure
can only be
atoned for at the
feet of Christ.
We have a wonderful promise from
the Lord, that he will “restore unto you
the years that the locust hath eaten.”
Judas went to the wrong place seeking
a refund, you can never get one from
hell. Restoration can only be found
through Christ, who will gladly pardon
the soul who has drifted far, if they will
but cry from a heart of conviction, and
Judas came to be known as the
supreme symbol of failure. But in all reality, what was his greatest
fault? No one will deny the fact that his ghastly deed was indeed
horrible, but was it any different than Peter’s cursing and
traitorous denial? His supreme mistake was to run to the chief
priests and elders, instead of to God. Peter’s fall was just as great
and he wept scorching tears of regret just as Judas, but somehow
he had the heart knowledge that failure can only be atoned for at
the feet of Christ. Only He can restore what has been stolen, killed,
and destroyed at the hands of Satan.
A Word Of Wisdom
Let not then your good be evil spoken of...
Romans 14:16
It is the tendency of Christians today to only want to live good
enough to keep out of Hell. Their question is, "If I do this will it
send me to hell?" Their devotion to Christ is not deep enough
that they would ask, "If I do or don't do this will I bring glory to
I must counter this shallow living by saying that we were not
just saved to prevent us from the agony of eternal punishment,
but we were saved that we may bear the image of Christ and
bring glory to Him upon the earth by our witness.
I hope you do not mistake me, when I say that a Christian who
is interested in more than missing Hell, will hold himself to a
higher standard of living than just the ten commandments.
It is elementary knowledge that Christians should reflect Christ
in our speech and behavior. That is why we are called CHRISTians. That is why Paul admonishes (Romans 14:16) that we should
strive to live so that who and what we represent will not be
subject to blasphemy (evil spoken of).
Adam Clarke's comments upon this verse are thus: "Do not make
such a use of your Christian liberty as to subject the Gospel
itself to reproach. Whatsoever you do, do it in such a manner,
spirit, and time, as to make it productive of the greatest possible
The story is told of Sophronius, a wise teacher, who would not
suffer even his grown-up sons and daughters to associate with
those whose conduct was not pure.
The father forbade his daughter to visit a reckless girl by the
name of Lucinda. "Dear father," said his daughter Eulalia, "you
must think us very childish if you imagine that we should be
exposed to danger by it."
Silently, the father took a dead coal from the hearth and reached
it to his daughter and said, "It will not burn you my child, take
We have all had moments of heart sickening failure but the it." Eulalia did so and her beautiful white hand was soiled and
important fact is if we fall, we not fall on our face, but on our blackened - as well as her dress. The daughter was vexed.
knees. “Psalm 37:23-24 The steps of a good man are ordered by
the Lord: and he delighteth in his way. Though he fall he shall not That wise father said, "You see my child, that coals, even if they
do not burn, they blacken; so it is with the company of the
be utterly cast down:”
Hell gives no refunds, but thank God Heaven does.
As true CHRISTians we should be concerned not only with what
Evangelist Mark Lowery will BURN but what would BLACKEN.
Tuscaloosa, AL
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Special Services
Youth Services
Elizabethtown, KY
Pentecostal Fire Youth Conference
April 7-8
Fri. Night ................. Bro. Ryan Ralston
Sat. Afternoon ...... Bro. Kevin Webster
Saturday, a devotion will be given by
David Brock Jr. and followed by classses
taught by Philip Webb and Kevin Lloyd. A
class for young ministers will be taught by
Bro. Lloyd and Sis. Ruth Brimm will speak
to ministers wives. Recreational activities
will follow the afternoon rally.
Contact: Bro. David Webb
Blanchard, OK
Trinity Holiness Curch
Youth Fellowship Meeting
May 5-6
Services, 7:30 PM & Saturday,
10:00 AM
(speakers to be announced)
Contact: Bro. Lendell Birdsong 405387-2346 or Bro. Jarrod Mize 405-8305946
Elco, IL
Elco Youth Camp
June 19-22
Contact: Dwain Galiher
Sapulpa, OK
Sapulpa Holiness Youth Camp
June 27-30
Contact: Doug Hash
Purcell, OK
Central OK Youth Camp
July 4-7
Contact: Steve Moore
Mt. View, MO
Ozark Holiness Youth Camp
July 10-14
Contact: Dwain Galiher
Fellowship, Camp Meetings
Idabel, OK
Holiness Assembly
Holiness Convention, Feb. 22-24
10:00 AM ......................... Visiting Ministers
7:30 PM .......................... Bro. Ricky Savage
Pastor Philip Snow 580-286-3545
Sterlington, LA
Sterlingtion Holiness Tabernacle
Annual Fellowship Meeting,
March 10-12
10:00 a.m. ............................... Bro. Bill Parks
6:00 p.m. ................................ Youth Service
7:30 p.m. ......................... Bro. Randy Webb
Pastor T. D. Boyd
(318) 665-0788
Wilmer, AL
Tanner Williams Holiness Church
Fellowship Meeting, March 13
7:30 PM ..................... Bro. Lloyd SHuecraft
Pastor Donnie Williamson
Citronelle, AL
Cedar Creek Holy Church of God
Fellowship Service, March 13
7:30 Pm ............................... Bro. Joey Hight
Pastor D. R. Lakes Jr.
Semmes, AL
Allentown Holiness Church
Fellowship Meeting,
March 14-17
10:00 AM ......................... Visiting Ministers
6:00 PM ............................... Youth Services
7:30 PM .......................... To Be Announced
Pastor Eugene Futral
Dundee, FL
Faith Holiness Church
Annual Fellowship, March 16-19
10:00 Am .......................... Visiting Ministers
6:00 PM ............................... Youth Services
7:00 PM ................................ Bro. Don RIch
Pastor W. F. Thompson
Jacksonsville, AL
Pleasant Valley Holiness Church
Fellowship Meeting March 21-24
10:00 AM ........................ Bro. Randy Webb
7:00 PM ................................ Bro. Don Rich
Pastor Bruce Johnson
Chipley, FL
Spirit of Holiness Fellowship
Fast Convention
March 22-24
Spkr .............................. Bro. Junior Morgan
Contact: W. D. King 850-773-2836
Springdale, AR
Springdale Holiness Church
Fellowship Meeting, March 24-26
10:00 AM .......................... Visitng Minsiters
6:30 PM ............................... Youth Services
7:30 PM ...................... Bro. Lloyd Shuecraft
Pastor Dorsie Martin
Pensacola, FL
Beams of Light Holiness Church
Fellowship Meeting, March 31 - April 2
10:00 AM ......................... Visiting Minsiters
7:30 Pm ........................ Bro. Kevin Webster
Pastor Philip Deane
Coweta, OK
Oneta Holiness Church
Homecoming, March 31 - April 2
Day Spkr ......................... Visiting Ministers
Night Spkr ..................... Bro. Dale Crawford
Pastor Daryl Brewer 918-6399 9585
Franklin, OH
Roberts Road Pentecostal Holiness
Campmeeting, April 4-6
Day Spkr ........................ Bro. Mike Roberts
Night Spkr ...................... Bro. Ralph Horton
Pastor Jimmy Jewell
Conservative Christian
Ladies Retreat in the Smokies
May 18-19
Middle Creek Valley Chalets'
McDaniel Conference Center
Sis. Cindy Birdsong
Sis. Bessie Galiher
Contact Sis. Connie Harman
email: [email protected]
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Stuttgart, AR
Stuttgart Holiness Church
Campmeeting, April 4-7
Day Spkr .......................... Bro. Lee Strickler
6:00 PM ................................. Youth Service
Night Spkr ..................... Bro. John Gabbard
Pastor Kevin Bloomfield
Wilder, ID
Calvary Holiness Church
Fellowship Meeting, April 5-7
10:00 AM ......................... Bro. Nate McCoy
&Visiting Ministers
7:00 PM ......................... Bro. Daryle Toliver
Pastor Matthew Hunt
Decatur, TX
Bible Way Church
Holiness Campmeeting, April 6-9
10:00 AM ......................... Visiting Ministers
6:00 PM .....................................................
7:30 PM .............................. Bro. Joey Hight
Pastor Davy Smith 940-627-9052
Wallville, OK
Wallville Holiness Church
Fellowship Meeting, April 14-16
10:00 AM ......................... Visiting Ministers
6:00 PM (Sat.) ........................ Youth Service
7:30 PM ...................... Bro. Jonathan Brock
Pastor Al Hunt
Charles Town, WV
Mission Tabernacle Holiness Church
Holiness Convention, April 18-20
10:00 AM ......................... Visiting Minsiters
6:00 PM ............................... Youth Services
7:00 PM ................................ Bro. Don Rich
Pastor Lee Strickler
Raven, VA
Westside Holiness Church
Annual Homecoming, April 26-30
10:00 AM ......................... Visiting Minsiters
7:00 PM ........................... Rev. Paul Markee
Pastor Mike Roberts 276-963-9497 or
Jacksonville, FL
Bethel Holiness Church
Fellowship Meeting, March 28-30
Night Speakers: Rev. Joseph Chambers,
Rev. Joey Yates, Rev. Bob Goodwin
10:00 AM ......................... Visiting Minsiters
Pastor Eugene Smith
Verona, VA
Laurel Hill Full Gospel Church
Mother's Day Fellowship,
May 9-14
Spkr ................................ Bro. Curtis Cordle
Pastor William Strickler
Erwin, NC
Full Gospel Mission Church
Fellowship Meeting, May 11-13
10:00 AM ......................... Visiting Minsiters
7:30 PM .............................. Bro. Lynn Head
Pastor Glenn Lucas 910-897-7148
Longview, TX
Trinity Holiness Church
Annual Homecoming, May 12-14
Sat. Morn ................... Bro. Michael Switzer
Sun. Morn ................... Bro. Bobby Norman
Night Spkr ................... Bro. Kevin Webster
Pastor Paul Hillis
Bristow, OK
Bristow Holiness Campmeeting
June 12-15
Contact: Chairman L. D. Moore
Connersville, IN
Eastern Indiana Pentecostal Campmeeting,
June 20-23
Day Spkr ...................... Bro. Gary Hampton
Night Spkr .......................... Bro. Joey Hight
Chairman: James Parrett 765-825-3813
Savannah, GA
Holy Church of God
Campmeeting, June 25-30
Mon. Night ................ Bro. Michael Switzer
Morn. Spkr ......................... Bro. Lynn Head
Night Spkr ................... Bro. Kevin Webster
Pastor Ryan Ralston 912-748-3335
Elco, IL
Elco Campmeeting
July 3-7
Contact: Bro. Geoff Bond
Gastonia, NC
East Gastonia Church of God
Holiness Campmeeting, July 10-14
10:00 AM ........................... Bro. Bill Preskitt
11:00 AM ......................... Bro. L. D. Savage
7:00 PM .......................... Bro. Randy Webb
Pastor Glen Mecum
Verona, VA
Laurel Hill Full Gospel Church
Holiness Convention, July 11-14
Spkr ...................................... Bro. Don Rich
Pastor William Strickler 540-248-7872
Jacksonville, FL
Bethel Holiness Church
Campmeeting, July 16-21
10:00 AM ....................... Bro. Curtis Teague
Night Spkr ......................... Bro. J. D. Turner
Pastor Eugene Smith 904-781-5400
Paden, OK
Trinity Tabernacle Fellowship
July 23 - Aug. 6
Contact: Bro. Paul Heard 405-932-4263 or
Bro. Steve Green 405-567-0240
Richlands, VA
Richlands Tabernacle
Campmeeting, Aug. 6-11
8:00 AM ........................... Visiting Ministers
10:00 AM ................... Bro. Johnny Gabbard
2:00 PM ........................... Visiting Ministers
7:00 PM .............................. Rev. Joey Hight
Pastor Ralph Horton 276-964-4124
Mt. View, MO
Ozark Holiness Campmeeting
August 14-18
Day Spkr ......................... Visiting Ministers
Night Spkr ..................... Bro. David Horton
Contact Dwain Galiher 417-257-1055
Tatum, TX
Tatum Holiness Campmeeting,
Aug. 2-4
Contact: Bro. Tommy Ferrell
Tuscaloosa, AL
Harmony Holiness Church
Homecoming Fellowship, Sept. 11-16
Saturday, 16th, Homecoming,
Night Spkr ........................ Bro. Neil Bridges
Pastor Ralph Lowery, 205-752-4147
Sumter, SC
Pocolla Holiness Church
Fellowship Meeting, Sept. 22-24
Day Spkr .......................... Bro. Neil Bridges
Night Spkr .............. Bro. Bennie Sutherland
Pastor Tim Hudson 803-481-3541
Please send us the info for your special services in
advance of the meeting 2-3 months if possible.
We will post the dates of meetings as early in the
year as possible for vacation scheduling.
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