Crazy Rat



Crazy Rat
Crazy Rat
10 levels loaded of cheeses, lions and skylarking jokingly! Eat all
cheeses to come the lions see you! Use your regulation keys to go the
rat. Action prey with active 3D graphics.
Creepy Breakout
Are you ready for some creepy adventure After a visit in a Castle you
are unable to find your way home. But there is a last chance! A curse
in this castle says
y that you
y must destroy
y all gghosts and monsters from
every room in the castle to find your way home. Good luck!
Cricket Dhamaka
A simple fun filled batting game for all ages. You can whack the ball
for a six or get out for a duck. Play the Quick Play mode for a short
quick game or the Tournament mode for an unlimited version. Arm
chair cricket at it it's best!
Cristiano Ronaldo
Can you secure World Cup glory for your home country? It all comes
down to the Penalty shootout. Develop your skills in Tutorial mode
then hone them in Practice mode with the Vuvuzelas.
Croc Mobile
Help Croc jump and fight his way through 16 exciting levels in this
3D game! The lovable green reptile is now available in his first
mobile adventure as Croc Mobile: Jungle Rumble has hit the streets!
Croc must make his way
y through
g 16 levels to rescue the Gobbos
captured by Baron Dante and guarded by hoards of Dantinis and
Snakes. Croc is no mug though, he can use his spin attack to dispatch
his foes and his handy jump can prove useful when trying to reach
rafts, floating platforms or awkwardly located switches.
Cruise Ship Tycoon
If you're not a sharp-eyed old sea dog, they'll torpedo your business.
Throw in some umbrella drinks, choppy seas, and unruly employees
and anything can happen. You could be rich and famous or the biggest
schmuck on the seven seas.
Crystal Defenders
The fate of the crystals lies in your hands! Select your party from 13
different job classes from Final Fantasy Tactics A2, each with their
own unique attacks and abilities. Deploy and uprgrade units and
summon Espers
p to fend off and stop
p enemy
y hordes in their tracks!
Battle wave after wave of enemies across 12 different maps on your
quest to defend the crystals. The decisions are yours!
Cute Paws
There is an old lady who lives alone. One day the door bell rings. She
walks slowly towards the door. She opens it but it seems like there is
nobody…Then she hears meowws and purrs down below. There sits
the cutest cat ever. The cat looks tired and hungry
g y so the old ladyy
takes him home because of her tenderness. After a while the door bell
rings again. She walks slowly towards the door and opens it again and
there sits another cute cat! One cat follows another and now the old
lady has to cope with lots of cute cats!
Danger Mouse
Baron Greenback is ready to implement his plan to conquer Earth!
This time he wants to set up a Flood and transform our planet into a
vast ocean! Formidable Mouse, the secret agent in the world, and his
y assistant Ernest Penfold have to stopp the Baron and his plans
fruition! Wade in sewage and the jungle, avoiding the traps and
ambushes, and Defeat the evil Baron!
Danny Danger
Danny Danger is a brave man who loves above all adrenalin and
breaking any records. This time, he decided to break the world deep
diving record. Put yourself into his place and dive the deepest
possible. Watch out! There are dangerous
sea animals that can hurt
you. When diving, collect coins for which you can improve your
diving equipment. So, come on, the depth is calling!
Darkwood is a fantasy role-playing game with good graphics and
interesting stories on mobile devices. Darkwood mobile gaming
experience exciting adventures and fantasy role-playing, as well as
different classes of characters.
Robot Championship
Decomissioned robot championship, a first person shooter for 1on1
duel against the computer. Choose one of three robots, each with
different characteristics, and battle y
your opponent
on one of six maps.
Defend Or Die
If you have nothing to shoot with take the weapon from enemy
soldiers. If you have nowhere to run stand to the bitter end till the
enemies will run. Use their own grenades and missiles against them,
don't let their aid men do their jjob and if theyy got
g reallyy close bringg
the pioneer spade into play or even teeth but don't let them pass
through. No matter how many of them is there until you are alive they
won't pass through!
Despicable Me
The Game
You will find Gru the main character of Despicable Me, an animation
moive, in a puzzle and adventure. Try to solve the traps of Vector.
Minions will help
p you
y to catch bad character of the movie Vector.
Devil May Cry 4
Devil May Cry 4 is the fourth installment of the Devil May Cry
series. In the game, the player controls both Nero, and Dante, the
game's protagonist and the series' title character respectively and
g enemies in close combat using
g firearms, swords, and other
weapons. The characters Lady and Trish from previous games in the
series make appearances, along with new characters Nero, Kyrie,
Credo, Gloria, and Agnus. The game is set after Devil May Cry and
Devil May Cry 2.
Dil Bole Hadippa
Start sa an amateur and climb the cricket ladder. Buck up,roll up your
socks,the game's on. Challenge the best in first class cricket game.
Dirt Bike Africa
Daredevil racing comes to Africa, a land of untold beauty and wonder,
where danger meets the dust at every turn, trick and table top. Score
points for speed and complexity of each stunt to come on top. So take
the trip
p to wild Africa for the ride of your
Dirt Racers
Taste the dirt as your car careens around gravel corners in this
exciting new road rally game! Race through 16 tracks chasing 10
objectives through 3 levels of difficulty and 2 race modes. Compare
your scores to others online. Test yyour skill at the wheel and see if yyou
have what it takes to become next Dirt Racer Champion!
Dodge This
An addictive simple game that kills your time! Move the plane around
to dodge endless bullets flying randomly in the space for as long as
possible. Thought it's an easy boring game? Try and say again!
Dodo Bubbles
This game about Dodo - the small dinosaur by name Happy. Little
dino should eat the favourite meal from colourful bubbles. The more
Dodo bursts bubbles, the more quickly they collect. Every day Dodo
will grow.
Doodle IQ
Would you like to know if you are an intelligent person or a complete
idiot? Try the Doodle IQ Challenge game where you will answer a
series of simple
p questions.
If you
y are reallyy intelligent,
y will
certainly have no problem to answer them. Or will you
The year is 2020. Dramatic changes in climatic conditions around the
world caused by relentless destruction of the environment have
the hole in the ozone layer.
y Unprotected
from above, all the
major cities are being bombarded by gamma rays, radiation and
fireballs, threatening to envelope us in darkness. A Doomsday
Dr Nos
Sequence Maker
Dr. No's Sequence Maker game is where u have to put the Sequence
of Number in the right order to make numbers in sequence.
Dragon And
Dracula Iceland Adventure
There is another mission for the little brave Dragon! Dracula is back,
he plans to conquer the whole world! You'll have to outsmart evil
monsters and defeat Dracula in the final battle. Don't forget
g to collect
gifts and eat some food ! Many dangers will be on Your way. The first
opponent you will encounter is a zombie. This creature is not only
blind but extremely stupid as well. The knight is a much tougher
Dragon Eyes
Episode 1 The Fellowship
A mysteriously pass through a mural they've been painting and find
themselves in the magical land. The dragon has a momentous task for
Dragon Hunter
Take your sword and prepare to live a fantastic adventure in a world
of fighting and magic. Battle the minions of the king of the
underworld through 6 action-packed levels. Improve your magical
powers and yyour fighting
g techniques
to defeat
bosses and overcome the dragon king. Your destiny awaits you!
Dragon Rage
Once upon a time while the kingdoms were established and
demolished, where practicing magic was like breathing, dragons were
gliding freely upon the skies. The breath of the dragon is charmed. A
sword enchanted with a dragon's
breath has the ultimate ppower giving
its owner great powers. “He who forges his sword with the breath of
the dragon will gain the ultimate weapon and thus the ultimate
power.” said the prophecy. A greedy, malice king who had a strong
desire for power started to hunt down dragons. Dragons withstood
until the last three of them remained
Dragon Rider
Fantastic flight to fearless dragon through the magical depths of the
volcanic world of infinite! Survive the flight as long as possible and
set a new record.
Dress To Impress
AMA Dress to Impress is a fashion application that aims at helping
girls develop, refresh or keep their sense of style in a fun and
interactive manner. The application is made up of three entertaining
fashion sections and two very
y cool mini-games.
Q reveals yyour
fashion style and tendencies. Demonstrate your fashion skills by
answering 15 witty questions.
Drift N Park
A game where you have to park your car in the right area and that too
in a given time limit!

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