Dragon Kamado - Barbeques Galore



Dragon Kamado - Barbeques Galore
Dragon Kamado
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Take an ancient Japanese cooking method, add all the mod-cons, and you get the ingenious Dragon
Japanese for ‘stove’, the Dragon Kamado barbeque can barbeque, smoke, grill, bake, and roast,
and uses charcoal or Heat beads™ to cook.
With its insulated, double-skin construction, the Dragon Kamado’s high-temp painted steel outer
body finish is touch-safe so it’s safe to be used around kids. The Dragon Kamado also comes with a
trolley which featuresside shelves and a bottom shelf for extra storage.
The adjustable vent in the top hat of the Dragon Kamado allows for airflow control, and therefore cooking
temperature control. Keeping a close eye on the cooking temperature is easy thanks to the built-in
temperature gauge. High heats can be achieved and held inside the kettle for high temperature grilling,
or drop the temperature for sustained slow cooking. You can even use a wok with the Dragon Kamado.
The firebox is constructed of vitreous enamelled steel, and the included warming rack is chrome plated
steel. A removable ash collector makes cleaning out your Dragon Kamado quick and easy.
The Dragon Kamado comes with a 12 month structural warranty, and may require some assembly.
Number Of Main Burners
Cooking Grill
Warming Rack (included)
Warming Rack Dimensions
Firebox Material
Roasting Hood
Cast Iron
Chrome Plated Steel
470 x 230 x 130 mm
Gloss Vitreous Enamelled Steel
Gloss Vitreous Enamelled Steel, High Temperature
Painted Steel
Warranty On Firebox
2 Wheels
1 Year
Warranty On All Other Components
1 Year
Support rack (suit optional wok or optional heat
deflector) Cooking Grill with Removable Centre
Piece, Grill lifter, Adjustable Damper Top and
Removable Ashpan
Some assembly may be required