Drops e-liquids is born to give an answer to an obvious need in
the e-liquid industry. We are the first company orientated
towards distributors only and exclusively.
We strongly believe that our success is an extension of that of
our contributors. Therefore we support our distributors
providing them with all the benefits of Drops. Our corporate
philosophy is to help the growth of our associates, not only with
a great product, but also as an advice resource.
To that end we have a production, presentation, monitoring and
quality control program of the product never seen before.
Become part of the Drops family and start profiting from all of
it’s benefits.
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Contact details
C/Eduard Fontserè
08191 Rubí
Skype: Drops-eliquid
Sales to distributors:
[email protected]
Drops e-liquids catalogue for distributors ·
Business presentation
In Drops we know well the challenges and difficulties
that the distributors face when they start establishing business relations with non-European suppliers.
The first problem that we face is the difficulty of
having a fluid communication. In many cases the
person who attends to us has serious difficulties to
understand and be understood.
Then we have the product quality. Some are cheaper,
but offer many gaps in their quality and safety. Until
now many distributors closed their eyes to this fact,
either for the difficulty of finding reliable alternatives,
or substitutes that would improve the quality of such
Later on, difficulties do not disappear when our
order arrives at the customs office. Many shipments
are paralyzed and even confiscated and sent back to
the original place. This leaves the distributor without
supplies and produces a financial loss.
Last but most important, the users of e-liquids
increasingly opt for consuming a higher quality product that offers the highest guarantee level. Sure that
among your clients, there are people who demand
this product and don’t settle for less.
Drops: The difference
Drops marks a turning point in the e-liquid industry.
Drops e-liquid is born based on the
needs and opinions of the distributors.
For the first time, someone takes care of
all details concerning production, presentation, quality and distribution of the
Our product, based on the highest quality and safety, has as a climax an exquisite
presentation and a quick, simple and
effective distribution process.
Drops e-liquids catalogue for distributors ·
Drops advantages
It is not easy to opt for what is the best advantage of Drops. Drops purpose is to make a difference
compared to other e-liquids. For this reason we take care of our manufacturing, packaging, presentation and distribution processes.
All our manufacturing is performed entirely in
Spain. We use ingredients of the highest European quality and our process is performed under
the strict ISO 9001:2009 and FSCC22000 rules.
Also, all of our e-liquids contain a batch number
to ensure traceability and expiration date. Thus
we can ensure the excellence of Drops flavour
to the user.
The entire process guarantees that each of our
e-liquids, has been, from the beginning to the
end, manufactured and handled in Europe.
We, unlike others who do not manufacturate
their nicotine bases and import them from
other geographic areas, create our nicotine
bases from scratch in our own laboratory with
nicotine of a purity of 99,5% and using only the
highest quality standards.
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Drops e-liquids catalogue for distributors ·
Drops advantages
The deep knowledge of the aromatic components of the fruits, vegetables and other natural
substances is the starting point for creating the
best flavours. Each aromatic note is usually the
mixture of several substances or aromatic components. Long experience is necessary to identify each component and to know how to properly combine it. The sensitivity and creativity of
our team of experts are as fundamental as the
analytical developement and the use of the most
innovative techniques and processes.
The aromas evolve over time and are sensitive
to factors such as light, temperature, humidity...
so it is necessary to predict their behavior in
order to ensure stability. It is necessary to know
deeply each application to provide the best
Our aroma specialists are recognized among
the best professionals worldwide.
One of their secrets lies in domestic production
of raw materials to extract the aromas. There
are hectares and hectares of fruit horticulture
production at the disposal of this flavour
Drops goes deeper into its commitment to
safety. Our e-liquids are free of allergens and
aromas that come from raw materials produced
from genetically modified organisms. This gives
you the confidence to use Drops without fear
of having allergic reactions for these reasons.
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We are the first company that has these important details in mind. In contrast, other manufacturers do not pay attention to this important
issue, endangering customers for a purely
economic goal.
Drops e-liquids catalogue for distributors ·
Drops advantages
Drops e-liquid revolutionizes the image we had
of an e-liquid.
The bottle with a unique label for each flavour
that clearly identifies the product, includes a
child safety cap and a closure tamper to
evidence improper handling to ensure the product integrity.
The cap in different colours, indicates the quantity of nicotine contained in the bottle. The
black cap indicates 18mg/ml, red for 12mg/ml,
blue for 6mg/ml and the white that doesn’t contain nicotine at all. We discard the other manufacturers system, that require to read hardly
visible mini labels to identify the flavour and
nicotine quantity. This system has proven to be
unreliable, especially for people who have visión
and make a quick inventory.
Once again, the presentation achieves what
seemed impossible, to improve our e-liquid.
The display box deserves a special mention.
Customers recognize the product quickly, while
it helps them to choose one of our great
flavours. Once opened and placed in display
mode, it becomes a great tool for any shop
window to come to life.
Besides this, the box is helpful to stock control
Drops e-liquids catalogue for distributors ·
Drops advantages
This is another factor that Drops takes into
account. Many manufacturers give an estimated
time that most of the time is not met.
We know how annoying is not knowing for sure
when we will get an order. Also, if this is a priority and urgently needed order, the answer of
other companies is either useless or non-existent. In Drops, we give the option of choosing
how the distributor wants to make the shipment. We offer a normal shipment mode and an
urgent one.
We establish and respect the delivery times.
Our distributors, from the moment an order is
placed, have an exact delivery date. Additionally,
a tracking number of the order is received, so
you can check the status and location of your
order in real time.
With Drops, there are no more surprises in
Drops e-liquids catalogue for distributors ·
Drops advantages
Your exclusive e-liquid
Your business is inimitable and deserves an
inimitable e-liquid. Drops e-liquids puts all the
knowledge and its excellent professionals at
your disposal.
Now you have the chance to have an e-liquids
Drops exclusively manufactured for your business. A liquid, that becomes part of Drops catalogue, and only available in your establishment.
Pricing policy
With the intention that our distributors maintain a fair competition, Drops sets a mínimum
selling price to be respected.
If a distributor does not stay true to this fair
competition spirit, we stop serving him our
product and remove him from the distributors
list and map.
We also suggest a recommended price range,
but unlike the minimum price, the máximum can
be exceded by our distributors.
Distributors map
Drops works every day to help grow and better
position its distributors. Not only do we include
them within our website, on the distributors
map for the client to locate it, but also put a link
to your website.
Together to grow more!
Drops e-liquids catálogo de distribuidor ·
European quality e-liquids
All our manufacturing is completely performed in Spain under the strictest guarantee and safety european controls.
In our production we use only aromas that are free of allergens and that do not come from genetically
modified organisms (transgenics). For the aroma extraction we have our own fruit horticulture
production, which gives our e-liquids its authentic flavour.
Distributors prices
Drops works exclusively with distributors. We do not sell to end customers. Unlike other companies,
in Drops we want to be an ally, not a rival to our contributors.
Our pricing structure in ranges is designed to meet the needs of all distributors.The simple order form
automatically changes of range depending of the amount of the order.
For further information please contact us on [email protected]
Drops e-liquids catálogo de distribuidor ·
Fruit series
An extensive selection of the best fruits from
around the world, masterfully mixed by our flavourists, has resulted in an incomparable e-liquid. With a
definitive evidence you can perceive banana at first,
strawberry and apple in the exit. For the rest of
nuances, we will let your palate to find out about
them, unexpectedly overcoming each of the dominant fruits. All this, makes of ELIXIR, an enigmatic
and surprising e-liquid.
Essential pineapple
We are in front of the tropical fruit par excellence:
sour, sweet and fresh. An excellent sensory and
irresistible combination that you will not be able to
do without. Drops has pampered its preparation,
from choosing the best pineapples to the right point
of acidity and sweetness, and the exact proportions
of these elements.
ESSENTIAL PINEAPPLE, doing honour to its name,
becomes an unique and indispensable liquid.
Eve’s apple
Only the best apples can discover their fresh spring
aroma with the skin removed. EVE’S APPLE will
make you feel, from the start, fresh fruit freshly
picked from the tree. A deep, sensuous scent that
will accompany you wherever you go.
Fruit series
Golden mango
Sweet and semi-sour. GOLDEN MANGO will make
you feel all the flavour of the tropics. It’s throat hit is
remarkable and its scent will persist in your mouth.
GOLDEN MANGO is an ideal liquid to vape all day,
adventurous, exotic and that will not leave you indifferent.
Hazelnut Punch
Unmistakable aroma of roasted by fire hazelnut.
HAZELNUT PUNCH will not only make you enjoy
a pleasant vaping, it will also make those who are
around you enjoy it. HAZELNUT PUNCH will
impregnate your mouth with a sensational aroma of
crunchy hazelnut that you will not forget.
Orange’s experience
It could qualify as the world’s best orange liquid.
Made with self-produced oranges, it will seduce
your palate from the first to the last drop.When you
taste our sweet and cured by the Mediterranean
sun orange you will not want to try any other one.
Fruits series
Raspberry rush
Double of raspberry on its exact acidity and we will
obtain RASPBERRY RUSH, an extremely aromatic
and penetrating liquid. Impressive at the start with
its strong throat hit, but not less than at the exit
with its pleasant and distinctive flavour that will
flood your taste buds. If you are looking for a real
rush of flavour, this is your e-liquid.
Red velvet peach
Tasty and fresh Peach. Not a regular peach, this is a
top sales. Its excellent aroma will force you to use it
all day, becoming a reference liquid to anyone who
dares to try it.
RED VELVET PEACH will make you affirm. It’s
Ultimate Strawberry
All good things come in threes. Why develop a
strawberry with a hint of flavour if you can give it
two and three hints? Here is the result, our mystical
ULTIMATE STRAWBERRY comes to light with the
unmistakable aroma of strawberries selected by
Drops®: sour, sweet, of a deep red colour and with
an irresistible aroma.
Tobacco series
American luxury
A thorough aromatic mixture of the best tobacco
leaves and an excellent job of our flavourists have
been the perfect combination for creating AMERICAN LUXURY by Drops®. A solid throat hit and a
complex association of flavours make it a perfect
liquid for those looking for the feel of a true
analogue cigarette.
Black Djinn
Rebel from start to finish, aggressive and untreatable. From the beginning, we became obsessed with
creating an aromatic tobacco, of remarkable sensations and with a strong throat hit, even at low nicotine levels. Several months of work have resulted in
an explosive mixture that will cause a stir.
Route 66
Only suitable for adults, not a topic.You’ll feel a hard
steam blow of the best selection of aromatic tobacco, absolute of virginia tobacco and an exclusive
recipe of nuts hints. If you want to feel satisfied after
a coffee and remmeber your old analogues this is
your choice.
Tobacco series
Turkish Fire
Absolute oriental tobacco flavoured with earthy
traces and nuts. Of an intense aroma,TURKISH FIRE
will not make you remember of your former cigarettes, it will make something better, after trying it
you won’t feel like taking one analogue never again.
Spice series
Big Bang Chocolate
Authentic black chocolate that will leave in your
palate that sweet and tasty taste characteristic of
artisan made chocolate. BIG BANG CHOCOLATE
is an essential liquid for lovers of sweet and sharp
Cinnamon Soul
Cinnamon at its best. We have reformulated our
CINNAMON SOUL to release a cinnamon liquid
that can be vaped all day long, without becoming
heavy or unfinished. An exclusive recipe created
with the essences of the world’s finest cinnamon
that will make you rediscover the word flavour.
Spice series
Coffee CLUB
There are coffees... and COFFEE CLUB OF DROPS
E-LIQUID. It’s unmistakable aroma will make you
enjoy the best feelings of a good cup of the best
coffee. With a good throat hit, but soft and sweet on
the exit.
Maniac Mint
Fresh and natural... and we’re not talking about menthol. MANIAC MINT has been produced with
aromas synthesized from natural mint. Most mints
are reinforced with mentol and are usually heavy
and artificial. We have chosen to reinforce mint with
more mint. So you can enjoy its pleasant taste and
freshness throughout the day.
Vanilla Charm
This is an exclusive liquid of DROPS®. VANILLA
CHARM adds a flavour layer out of the ordinary
that will blow your mind. Its unmistakable hint will
easily make you remember your favourite vanilla
Arctic Attraction
Arctic Attraction is a unique experience of freshness and intensity. A single swallow of this vapour
brings an exquisite result. So cooling, this vapour is
a must during the hottest months of the summer,
revitalizing the senses with a taste that is both clean
and enduring. From the beginning, Artic Attraction
enlivens the palette with this purely fresh and
unmistakable aroma from the Drops brand.
Signature series
Old Cavendish
Old Cavendish begins with a selection of the best
Virginia and Burley tobaccos that have been cured
slowly in a pure and traditional style in barrels used
for aging rum.The aroma that is still present impregnates the tobacco during the curing process which
results in a complex mix of flavours that combines
the best of oak-aged rum and the most select tobacco leaves. Having been ever so gently matured, it’s
rounded and velvety nature sets the bar in our
range that has that special touch making OLD CAVENDISH a liquid that will become a favourite right
from the start.
Druid's Blessing
Bringing together the ancestral traditions of the
Druids in harmony with Mother Nature, Drops
presents DRUID’S BLESSING. Using a selection of
fruit that has been allowed to ripen to its most optimum point and combining these with a selection of
just picked roots and plants makes the perfect
balance between flavour and freshness. With light
bittersweet notes that are difficult to describe but
really easy to enjoy, this liquid does honour to its
name as from the very first drop, it is a blessing for
the senses.
Signature series
Fausto’s deal
Because occasionally the pure pleasure of vaping
requires a touch of elegance and distinction, Drops
has launched a suitably refined composition. A selection of the very best tobaccos have been used,
which have been expertly blended and with just
exactly the right amount of sweetness added. Inviting touches reminiscent of RY4, the combination of
its dense vapour, that culminates in a solid hit against
the throat, and the full rounded flavour is the magic
formula of this liquid. From the very first draw, so
enchanted will you be that Fausto’s Deal will have
you signing a contract of eternal faithfulness.
Valkyrie’s Bounty
Valkyries’ Bounty releases all of its flavour in a
potent sensation of unlimited freshness. Red fruits
and citrus have been deeply infused to offer you a
seriously pleasurable taste. Without doubt, its dense
clouds of vapour and its unmistakable hit as well as
the lowest levels of nicotine will definitely seduce
Presentation 10 ml bottle
Easy identification of
nicotine concentration as
color cap.
Triangle tactile warning for
blind people.
Cap with evidence of
tampering and child
Transparent PET bottle.
Label with product
name big and clearly
Display box of 20
units. Exclusive by
flavor that facilitates
product identification for inventory.
Anatomy of the flavor
Required in the majority of countries and an essential
element in our bottles.
• Our products are exclusively for over
18 years:
The sale of our products to minors is
forbidden and not recommended for
pregnant women.
• This is by nicotine. At high doses
nicotine is a toxic product. It is easily
absorbed into skin contact.
The concentration of this product
present in our liquid is no more
dangerous than is present in a
conventional cigarette.
Our cap incorporates a child safety
system according to ISO standard 8317.
We also use a system of evidence of
tampering. In this way it is assured that it
is the first to use the product.
Define the product and the taste of it.
Our e-liquids are free of allergens and
aromas from raw materials originating
from genetically modified organisms.
The cap in different colors, marks the amount
of nicotine containing in the bottle. Black to 18
mg / ml, red for 12 mg / ml, blue to 6 mg / ml
and white without nicotine. We left the
system, which require read mini hardly visible
labels to identify the amount of nicotine. This
system has proved to be unreliable, especially
for people who have vision problems.
We incorporate to our e-liquids containing lot number to ensure traceability and
expiry date. In this way the user can
ensure excellence taste of Drops.
Features crystal bottle 30 ml
Incorporating a fine pipette tip
is extremely useful for filling.
For optimal conservation
against the sun
Which facilitates identification.
Caution: Keep away from de childrens and pets.
More information and warnings avalible at:
Ingredientes: Propilenglicol, glicerina vegetal,
food glace flavors.
Made in Spain by:
Drops E-liquid S.L.
C/Eduard Fontserè, 08191, Rubí, Barcelona
Expiration date
Batch number
Volumen 30ml