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Saints Alive! - St George Episcopal Church
Saints Alive!
Number 176
Sept./Oct. 2016
Saints Alive!
The bi-monthly newsletter of
St. George Episcopal Church
1250 Paige Place
The Villages, FL 32159
The Rev. F. John Kelly, Rector
The Rev. Ed Bartle, Associate Rector
The Rev. Tom Bankowski, Deacon
The Rev. Nancy Bryson, Deacon
The Rev. Weldon deMeurers, Pastoral Care Associate
Barbara Coulter, Music Director
Donna Bott, Choir Director
Lana McKinzie, Chimes Director
Bob Lance, Senior Warden
Bob Hasbrouck, Junior Warden
Ruth Wadman, Treasurer
Diane Prather, Asst. Treasurer
Tom Trainor, Sexton
Debbie Shartle, Office Manager
We will soon enter the fall season with hundreds returning from vacation spots and the joy of grandchildren. Morse Blvd. will get busier and the restaurants
will again overflow. Parking will once again become an
Olympic event as people find that one elusive spot! It is
good to remember the virtue of patience. Happily, the
Spirit is at work as the bustle of activity will return at St. George. We will
welcome back old friends and make new ones.
While we enjoy our life here in The Villages, Christ calls us to be a
Light to others. The Lord Jesus calls us to serve the Christ in those who are
less fortunate than us. At St George we are meeting their needs in a few exciting ways. First, our ministry in Haiti is taking off. We have entered into a
formal partnership with St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Archaia, Haiti. Together with St. Michael’s in Marblehead, MA, we are helping St. Thomas’
School complete its feeding program for its children (pre-k through 6th grade)
and to provide for teachers’ salaries. We are also exploring ways to help them
complete a small scale building program for 7th and 8th grade classes. This is
St. George has become a partner of the Soup Kitchen ministry at St.
Patrick’s Church in Northeast Ocala. Presently 38 parishioners help at Gateway to Hope, providing meals to homeless veterans and families that reside in
the Ocala forest. Through the auspices of the Brotherhood of St. Andrew, parishioners offer hands on support two days a week. Approximately 150 people
are fed each day. Our church ought to take pride in this work. Our bishop has
taken notice- we are a parish with an Outreach focus. Thank you, everyone.
The Light of Christ shines as we pray for each other, as we read the
Scriptures together, and as we worship together. Soon, all of us will be back in
our places. The Choir will return. The work of Christ will keep moving forward.
Fr. John Kelly
From Your Senior Warden
The Second and Third Quarters were very exciting
times at St. George. The Loop Hearing System was
successfully installed in the sanctuary. The reports I
have received from the parishioners with T-Coils in
their hearing aids have been very positive. If you are
not taking advantage of the system, discuss with your
audiologist how you can do so.
From a technological standpoint, we have made some
significant changes. We have replaced our server
which was no longer supported by Microsoft and
loaded he latest version of Windows server. We have
also replaced our phone system with a VOIP (Voice
over Internet Protocol) system enabling our clergy on
call to receive emergency phone calls after hours and
will be more cost effective in the future. We are close
to finishing the redesign of the website and will go live
this quarter.
On a personnel standpoint, St. George now has position
descriptions for all clergy, staff, committee chair people, and ministry heads.
God bless,
Bob Lance, Senior Warden
Our Mission
Our mission is to proclaim by word
and action the healing love
and Good News of God in Christ.
Ruth Melay, Donna Rankin,
Frank Rutty
Ron Kiedrowski, Grace Miller,
Pat Shrader
Chuck DuPree
Eleanor Albertson, Peggy
Don Smith
Lynn Danahy, Barb Ebacher,
Victoria Fernandez, Michael
Mary Burgett, Linda Nagolski,
Ruth Wadman
Dave Haptonstall
Ann Taylor
Lloyd Clarke, Bernard Grant
Bob Mossman, Ben Shrader
Keith Bonn, Peggy Gough,
Diane Prather
Clyde Teetsel
Franklyn Ackley, Jill Tribbet
M’Liss Monforte, Gail
Mossman, Sharon Robosan
Dotsy Barry, Robert McLane
John Ruhsenberger
Karen Bigford, Kay Watters
Al Ayers, Ruth Graesser
Laura deSomer, Nancy Parris,
Rob Yeager
Bill Simpson
Dianne Carroll, Joellen Davis,
Joseph Fernandez, Tom Ryberg
Audra Strolin
Stephen Kuhn, Susan Young
Nancy Kirchdoerfer, Carolyn
McLane, Ray Souliere
Deborah Casey, Betsy Joy, Betty
Mark, Jim WIllette, Linda Williams
Andy Nelson
Pat Hyde
Paul Goda, Jan McElroy
Jim Mullis, Anne Vilseck
Tom Cypher, Neil Pickens
Dorothy Franklin, Barbara Turner
Bill Clayborn
Don Chaplin, Jim Dunnie, Dave
Ebacher, Perry Kelley, Jane Ann
Emil Pignetti, Jean Rutty, Arlene
Bob Gunn, Diane Heup, Jim Hubbard,
Joan Martin
Sheryl Noland, Lee Southwell
Sue Ann Corkish, Carmel Haptonstall
May Dahl
Audrey Mattocks, Steven Plugge
Jackie Preston
Pat deMeurers, Linda Lewis
Beverly Zubick
Jim Castello, Barbara Kelley
Karl Fairbanks, Cindy McMahon, Les
Pickance, Marylou Ray
Walter Berg
Gary Astrologes, Jane MacEllven
Marilyn Hood, Marilyn Sundstrom
Wayne Bryan, John Portlock
Frank Garrison, Lavon Scott,
Jackie Bankowski, Fr. John Kelly
Shirley Culver, Bob Updike
George Guzzardo
Phil Partington, Ben Pilla
Dwight & Donna Davidson
Dan & Sharon Vaughn
Bob & Pat Turner
Dennis & Cindy McMahon
Bernie & Mary Ann Roberts
Carl & Lisa Woodward
Ron & Barbara Kiedrowski
Lee & Pat Southwell
Don & Elaine Carr
Richard & Barbara Freed
Frank & Jean Rutty
Brian & Carmen Buss
Richard & Barbara Veltre
Allan & Ruth Wadman
Canon Bill & Margaret Squire
Jimmy & Denise Ridge
Ron & Susie Barker
Chuck & Jean DuPree
Dean & Sandy Razzano
Jerry & Eleanor Albertson
Kirk & Nancy Kirchdoerfe
Chet & Mary Lee Naylor
Bill & Mary Verneer
Dave & Barb Ebacher
Barr & Sheryl Noland
William & Connie Petree
Frank & Bernie Gambino
Gerald & Nancy Hurst
Perry & Barbara Kelley
Ben & Pat Shrader
Tom Hawkinson & Nancy Steiner
Hank & Lois Bittner
Bill & Jean Simpson
Bob & Nedra Updike
Bob & Audra Strolin
Leroy & Sheree Warner
Russ & Marie D’Emidio
Richard & Nancy Parks
Jack & Karen Bigford
Ray & Carlyn Bryan
Malcolm & Barbara Strickler
Nino & Iris De Rosa
Jim & Diane Urquhart
From Your Junior Warden
We have replaced the sod in several areas of our
building grounds and performed a review of our sprinkler
system. Several adjustments and repairs were made and the
sod is doing well.
The Church front door stain did not weather well and
the painter and sealant manufacturer met and the door was
repainted at no cost to the Church.
The florescent bulbs in the library had sleeves installed which will protect the donated bible from damaging
UV rays.
We purchased a battery operated leaf blower to replace the old one which was broken.
Several lights were repaired or replaced to correct the
electrical problems we were experiencing.
The reserved parking signs for Father John and Father Ed were received and installed.
Bob Hasbrouck, Junior Warden
Important Town Hall Meeting!
If you are a member of St. George Episcopal Church and your birthday or
anniversary is not on the list, call the Parish Office at 750-1010 so that
we may update our records.
Thank you.
The Long-Term Planning Committee is hosting a
Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday, September 27, at 6PM in
the parish hall. A presentation will be given outlining the
“12 Keys to an Effective Church”, which identifies the
twelve essential qualities of successful, growing churches
and offers congregations a way to unlock their potential for
effective ministry. It is important to the Committee that everyone understands its goal and the process being utilized to
meet that goal. Also, updates on our Haiti mission and
Church security will be presented. All parishioners are invited and encouraged to attend! Finger foods will be served.
Photo Directory
Hard to believe but it is just about five
years ago that we did our last photo
directory. We are therefore setting up
to do a new directory, and we hope
that we will have a good response
from you, the parishioners, because
there have been many changes, and
many new people have joined us. This
is a wonderful way to get to put faces
with names, and each year I know that I have a harder time remembering who’s who.
You will be hearing more on the sign-up for pictures in future
bulletins and by phone calls.
The photos will be taken the first two weeks in November, and
your pictures will be available for Christmas, but the directories
will be delivered after the first of the year.
We are looking forward to having everyone participate in this
parish project.
Journeying through Grief Support Group
The Journeying through Grief Support Group (formerly known
as Soul Survivors) meet the first Tuesday of each month from
9:30 - 10:30 a.m. in the Library of the Parish Hall. Our mission
is to provide encouragement for healing in any loss, in a small
group setting.
Money Matters
YTD Balance through March 31, 2016:
April Operating Budget Income:
May Operating Budget Income:
June Operating Budget Income:
July Operating Budget Income:
April Operating Budget Expense:
May Operating Budget Expense:
June Operating Budget Expense:
July Operating Budget Expense:
YTD Balance through July 31, 2016:
The summer months are almost behind us, traditionally a low
point in the budget year, and our financials are still very encouraging - thank you for keeping your pledges current
through this time.
Financial statements will be mailed the beginning of September to all pledging members as we work together to keep St.
George "in the black".
Ruth Wadman, Treasurer
♫ Music News ♫
On May 15, the choir sponsored a retirement party for outgoing director Ann Taylor. The Vestry presented her with several gifts in
honor of her dedication to the music ministry at St. George. By the
time you read this, Ann and Jerry will be well into their five-month
road trip, and we hope they are having a very good time.
Choir life is always in flux as is evidenced by the departure of
Sheryl Hutton and her husband Tom, who have returned to Minnesota. They will be missed. On the other hand, Danika (Dani) Lamza
has joined the soprano section. Welcome Dani!
Rehearsals will resume Wednesday, September 7 from 4:30 to 6:00
p.m. under the direction of our new choir director Donna Bott. New
members are always welcome! If you wish to join, contact Barbara
Coulter or Donna Bott. The choir’s new year will be launched on
September 11.
Women’s Guild
The Women’s Guild held their luncheon and fashion show on
Friday, June 19th. It was a good time had by all. The luncheon prepared by Marilyn Hood and her helpers was excellent.
The fashion show was chaired by Sandy Pack. Manager Amy
O’Brien, from Anthony’s Ladies E\Wear in Colony Plaza, did
the commentary for the six ladies who modeled a dress and
two outfits each.
Haven House is still in need of paper goods like toilet paper
and paper towels.
According to Lana McKinzie, Chimes Director, rehearsals will begin in September. New members are most welcome. Speak to Lana
or Barb Coulter if you are interested.
The Guild would like to thank all the parishioners and their
friends for their generous support and understanding during
our endeavor to raffle the Royale car.
Please note that Sunday, September 18 will be a very special day in
that all former choir members are invited to join the choir in the
We wish to thank Sharon Redding for playing the organ at this
summer’s Saturday service, and Bob Hunt for playing for the Sunday 10:00 a.m. service. It is also important to thank the wonderful
soloists and ensembles who provided the offertories at the 5:00 p.m.
and 10:00 a.m. services.
Our next meeting will be on Thursday, September 8th.
Submitted by Diane Wright for Alice McMasters, President
The Geneva Bible
The Geneva Bible, donated by parishioner Mike Wilmott, has been
repaired and is now on display in the St. George Episcopal Church
Parish Library. The Bible was one of approximately 150 editions
printed in the 16th century. It had originally belonged to one of
Mike’s ancestors, a traveling Wesleyan minister and has been passed
down through his family through the years.
It is a very significant Bible for a number of reasons. For the very
first time, a mechanically printed, mass-produced Bible was made
available directly to the general public. It was the first English Bible to use verse numbers and to come also with a variety of scriptural study guides. The Bible has elaborate woodcut illustrations,
maps and tables which lead to its reputation as history’s very first
study Bible.
The Geneva Bible was the primary Bible of 16th century English
Protestantism and was the Bible used by William Shakespeare,
Oliver Cromwell, John Knox, John Donne and John Bunyan, author
of Pilgrim’s Progress (1678).
Other interesting facts about the Geneva Bible:
● Scotland passed a law in 1579 requiring every household of sufficient means to buy a copy.
● In the illustration showing Adam and Eve, Adam is shown wearing a typical Elizabethan beard and moustache.
● Geneva Bibles were sometimes referred to as a Breeches Bible
because in Genesis, Chapter 3, Verse 7 reads, “Then the eyes of them
both were opened, and they knew that they were naked, and they
sewed fig tree leaves together and made themselves
breeches.” Later, the King James Version of 1611 changed the
word “breeches” to “aprons.”
● Despite popular misconception, the Bible initially brought to
North America by the Puritan Separatists or Pilgrim Fathers aboard
the Mayflower in 1620 was the Geneva Bible not the King James
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The Geneva Bible—continued
Many interesting objects were found in the repair of this Bible by the Conservator, Alexandra Von Hawk, American Institute for Conservation of
Historic and Artistic Works.
A few of the more fascinating objects are:
 An apple seed: This apple seed is many times larger than the apple
seeds of today. The seed was donated to Cornell University which has
begun genome testing on the seed. Preliminary testing has shown that this
genome is unknown in today’s world and the scientists at Cornell are excited to begin the process to replicate the species.
 Cornell University has authorized a children’s book based on this
seed. The book will be used to inspire the careful use of our environment
and the role that trees play in the ecosystem.
 A dead fly: The scientists at Cornell have identified this fly as a blowfly
or corpse fly. These flies are only found where there is a decomposing
body. It is assumed that the person who possessed the Bible at the time
was reading from the Bible (perhaps officiating at a service), and the fly
became trapped when the Bible was closed.
 A small blue ribbon – possibly from a baby and/or used as a bookmark
or keepsake
Please take time to come see this historic Bible
located in our parish library!
A dedication ceremony will be held in September.