Walley`s Resort Gets a `Facelift`



Walley`s Resort Gets a `Facelift`
Walley’s Resort Gets a ‘Facelift’
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e resort and all amenities are
open 7 days a week and visitors are
astonished with the improvements
that have already been made to the
e founders of SummerWinds
Resorts —Joseph Pat Joyce and Dawn
M. Joyce along with Darren Abbott —
are no strangers to the resort industry.
Dawn Joyce will be the onsite manager
and has made Genoa her residence.
Pat Joyce said, “We made this
purchase to restore a historic icon in
the Carson Valley community and
want to bring back what David and
Harriet Walley envisioned years ago.”
Along with the renovations, a slight
name change also was made to
represent the landmark status of the
property. e name is now 1862 David
Walley’s Hot Springs Resort & Spa.
SummerWinds has a two-year
An additional $1.1 Million in
upgrades to the spa and pool
facilities will include:
• A new roof for the spa
• New lockers, flooring, and equipment for
the spa
• Replacing existing plumbing for the hot
springs, pool, and Jacuzzi
• Remodeling the wedding pavilion & spa
re n o v a ti o n p l a n th a t i n c lu d e s
extensive upgrades, including already
completed renovations to the 10,000
square foot, two-story restaurant.
e 1862 David Walley’s Restaurant
and Saloon renovations include maple
wood floors, luxurious leather seating
and new equipment throughout the
restaurant and bar. e outstanding
new menu features premium meats,
fresh seafood , elk, antelope,
rattlesnake, bison and many other
savory entrées adding to this new fine
dining atmosphere. e menu also
features Greg Norman’s signature line
of Australian Wagyu beef, which is
known for its intense marbling and
unmatched flavor. We are currently
striving to achieve a Wine Spectator
Award, which will feature wines from
virtually every region around the world
and will include over 200,000 different
Quoting Harriet Walley, “Walley’s
will cater to the palate with delicious
food that includes all substantial, and
every delicacy, in season.”
Today, we are following her ideals by
continuing to offer nightly specials
that feature seasonal delicacies to
entertain your palate. 1862 David
Walley’s Restaurant and Saloon is open
7 days a week and is serving breakfast,
lunch and dinner.
Keep watching for more exciting and
new updates from 1862 David Walley’s
Hot Springs Resort & Spa.
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