Noahs Ark ACH Online Payment Instructions



Noahs Ark ACH Online Payment Instructions
Noah’s Ark Online
Automatic ACH Payment
Step One:
Go to and click on MYFBC in the upper right corner of
the page.
Step Two:
If you do not already have a FBC account you will need to create one. Click on
create my account and follow the directions. You will need this account so that
we can associate you with your payment.
Step Three: Once you have signed in you will click on Your Giving button (Please note you
are not giving to FBC Bentonville but paying for a service.)
Step Four:
Click the Green Schedule Giving button on the left side of the screen.
Step Five:
Use the drop down box under Give To… to choose Noah’s Ark Preschool and
also choose the amount of the tuition you are going to be paying. (VERY
IMPORTANT to choose Noah’s Ark Preschool in the drop down menu or you
payment will not be received.)
NOTE: The amount you put in this field will either be paid once a month,
twice a month or weekly. You will need to decided how you will be
paying your child’s tuition and put the appropriate amount to be
withdrawn monthly, twice monthly or weekly in the amount box.
Example: If you have a child in the Preschool program that is attending on
Mondays and Wednesdays the tuition is $210.00 per month. If you would
like to pay the full amount at the beginning of the month you will put
$210.00 in the amount box. If you would like to pay half ($105.00) at the
first of the month and then the other half ($105.00) on the 16th of the
month then you will need to put ($105.00) in the amount box and set the
schedule on the next screen.
Step Six:
Create your schedule for your payment.
Please Choose September 2014 – May
prorated; please pay for August at Noah’s Ark.)
Step Seven:
2015 . (August is
Use your Checking Accounts bank and routing number to complete
Auto draft Payment Setup.
Step Eight: Review and Confirm your Scheduled Auto Draft Payment Plan.
To make any changes to your payment plan simply log back in to MYFBC and
click on the schedule payment to make the appropriate changes.

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