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Noah`s Ark Newsletter - Trinity Lutheran Church
Noah’s Ark Newsletter
Trinity Lutheran Church
Our 32nd year
October/November 2012
month to give
Checklist for the "ark" this
We sang a prayer during the month of
October with these words: We give
thanks...for our many blessings, Lord, We
give thanks!! Amen”. Each of these beautiful children are our blessings
in abundance!!
And so it is...we are truly blessed. During this month, we will give
thanks in so many ways. We’ll thank our friends and families for their
love. We’ll give thanks for our warm room, bright lights, families, fun
activities, teachers, and much more. During this past month, we give
thanks also for Mrs. Burnett, Mrs. Willems, & Mrs. Gerber for
subbing for us at Noah’s Ark!!
Thanks for coming to the NA Fall Harvest BASH
in October
Thanks so much for joining us at the Annual Fall
Harvest Spaghetti Supper Bash, which supports the
2012-2013 preschool budget. Over 400 people were
served a great spaghetti dinner. Our thanks goes to the
Co-Chairs: Stephanie Erickson & Lori Borg, and the
Preschool Committee, along with the many preschool
parent volunteers. W e also thank the TLC Youth, who
worked the event with friends & mentors. Good work
everyone! You are appreciated. I hope you enjoyed the
“live” music by Hunter Hanson & Gracie!!
Special thanks to YOU for supplying items for our annual SILENT AUCTION,
that fit the these themes: "Family Fun Night", "Book Nook", "Treat Yourself",
and "Keep It Local". You were so creative! It is a fun addition to our evening!
AND WE THANK our sponsors: Indianhead Food Service, Boxx
Sanitation, Texas Roadhouse, Festival Foods, HOEFT BUILDERS, The Herr’s,
The Coffee Grounds, several anonymous donors, and Noah’s Ark. W e are
blessed by your generosity!!
the ONE
WAY on the
side of the
Washing hands before
school...and taking a bathroom
Bringing jackets, hats, mittens
for the cool months of Oct/Nov
Listening quietly for story time
Packing peanut-FREE snacks
for snack-time
Being a peacemaker at work
and play
Making choices in the room
Encouraging the NA children to
put their "People sticks" in the
Getting projects onto the wet
paint cart
Being FIRST & LAST friend
helpers in line
Learning our friends names by
playing a photo game
Figuring out puzzles together
with friends
Singing & dancing together
WOW...we continue to do a lot!!!
Ask us about it!
Our 32nd year
October/November 2012
"Beaver Creek Nature
Center"...a wonderful place to
visit on our FIRST field trip
NO SCHOOL on Wednesday Sunday, November 21-25 incl
Beaver Creek Nature Center is such a
wonderful place to visit! We are thankful for the many moms,
dads, and grandparents who joined us on our FIRST field trip of
the year. The 20 minute trip allows for us to see God’s autumn in
bloom. On our way, we saw beautiful leaves, animals in the fields,
7 turkeys, rivers & a lake, city & country, sun & clouds, and so
much more. AND THEN we arrived to the joy of nature that is
displayed at Beaver Creek. We give thanks for the naturalists
(Ruth) who keep the Center stocked with fun things for children to
explore and discover. 84 children and & 60 adults enjoyed Beaver
Creek together! Special thanks to these children for snacks &
water: Lucy Willems, Madelyn Odegard, Addy Larson, Abram
Gillett, Caden Klay, McKenzie Vinopal, and Ryan & Chase
Schultz. YUM!!! (You contributions to the snack/water part of
our field trip is soooo appreciated!! Thank YOU!)
November field trip to STATION # 5
Nov. 6 & 7
We’re excited to visit Emma’s dad’s fire station, where he serves as one
of EC Fire Fighters. The children of Noah’s Ark will travel down
Lexington to Station #5. Parent volunteers are needed, along with
simple snacks & mini water bottles. The sign-ups are already on the
bulletin boards.
We’ll be talking about STOP, DROP, ROLL, fire safety ideas, and fire
drills. We’ve already had two drills at Noah’s in September,
and another one in October. We are able to evacuate the building in
approximately 40 seconds or less. These children are also used to
finding our MEETING TREE outside the building, along with talking
about our off-site safety house in case of emergency. Do YOU have a
meeting spot outside your house????
After our visit with Station 5, we will know a lot more about fire ask us about it!
Special thanks to Emma Pekol, and her dad, David. Fire Fighters are our
All Eau Claire Public Schools are
closed for Thanksgiving
Vacation/conference day makeup...Noah's Ark will also be closed!
FYI...on field trips:
thanks for bringing the car seats in
for the volunteer drivers. Great job,
Thanks for
wearing your
Noah’s Ark Tshirts. We are a
RAINBOW for all
to see when we are out and about!!
(Thanks also for filling out the
volunteer adult forms for field trips.
It’s important to the success of the
***Please return ALL paperwork
immediately following field trips
when you drive. THANK YOU!!!
Brrrr...Fall Outside
Please remember:
1. We’ll continue to play outside
until it snows. Then we’ll be inside
until January when winter outside
play begins.
2. Thanks for wearing SAFE shoes
on the playground!
3. The children are coming in when
we call! We are sooooooooo proud
of them!
4. Please meet us's a
safety issue. Children don't know
who to listen to when you wait
outside, and they may run to you in
front of traffic. Thanks for
Our 32nd year
October/November 2012
Schultz Family Farm Field Trip...
For the T-Th children, this field trip never happened. The rain & cold
kept us at Noah’s Ark. For the M-W-F children, it was a brand new field
trip for Noah’s Ark this year. We usually rotate our trip choices every
other year/or second year. BUT this one was new!! Right before our
trip, The Farm was highlighted on the Visit Eau Claire site for
family “happenings” in the area. It was a fun ride down Hwy 93 to
Eleva. There were amazing HILLS, and marvelous vistas on the
journey!! At the farm we were able to see a pot belly pig, mini
ponies, 16 goats, a mini maze, and baby horses...and a TURKEN!
We love farms....especially FAMILY FARMS! We loved the gourds
& color books!
Noah’s Ark Book Corner
We read to your children all the time. Reading and enjoying good
literature is one of the BEST gifts you can give children. They learn
good listening skills, use their imagination, remember details, express
their emotions, and have special time with you! Please read to your
children often!!
From the Noah’s Ark Library this autumn month:
“Time to Sleep” by D. Fleming
“Red Leaf Yellow Leaf” by L. Ehlert
“Alberto, the Dancing Alligator”
by R. Waring
“Always in Trouble” by C. Demas
“We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt” by S Metzger
“The Itsy Bitsy Spider” by I Trapani
“Brown Bear Brown Bearl” by B. Martin Jr
“Nuts to You” by L Ehlert
“The Leaves are Falling One by One” by S
“Every Autumn Comes the Bear” by J Arnosky
“Ernest the Moose”
Music & Fingerplay fun in
THESE children LOVE to sing and
dance. We've been reviewing some
OLD songs, and singing a few new
ones. Here's our list for the TUNE
1. "Once There Was A Pumpkin”
2. "Toe Knee Chest Nut”
3. "I’m an Acorn”
4. "I’m a Beaver”
5. "Oh I Know That God Loves Me”
6. “Father Abraham”
7. “The Bear Hunt”
8. The Chicken Dance Polka
9. 5 Little Pumpkins
THEY ARE AMAZING singers and
dancers with super memories!!!
the NA playground!
We have said good-bye to our two Kelseys. One is off to grad school in
Madison. She volunteered many hours on Thursdays and Fridays
throughout the month of September & October. You
may have recognized Kelsey from summer Day
Camps or GLS a few years ago. She has been a
wonderful youth leader here at TLC!!
The other Kelsey is off to another preschool
experience, as part of her CVTC student teaching. We
give thanks for both of them!!
The M-W-F children are creating
a “musical fence” on the south
side of the playground. We will
be adding old metal cooking
covers, old spoons, hubcaps, etc.
THEN we’ll be able to “make
music” by banging on the
“instruments” hung on the fence.
If you’d like to contribute to our
MUSIC, old/unused items are
appreciated! We have collected a
few items so it’s still in
the “development” stage!
Our 32nd year
October/November 2012
Openings at Noah’s Ark
We’ve had several birthdays since school
began! What fun to see parents with their
children, celebrating birthdays. WE LOVE
your visit...and your children love it even
Celebrate with ALL these wonderful children on their special days:
Brady Swartz...5 on the 5 th
Wyatt Seymour...4 on the 10 th
Adam Ehrhard...5 on the 11 th
Abby Page...4 on the 12 th
Cate McCutcheon...4 on the 13 th
Tyce Gorman...4 on the 21 st
Natalie Ruenger...4 on the 28 th
Noah Thiess...5 on the 29 th
M-W-F am...two spots
M-W-F spot
T-Th spot starting
in November
Pass the word!!
Noah’s Ark
I’m still missing a few things from
some of you...PLEASE!!!
If you’d like to do summer birthdays or ½ birthdays...just pick a day &
sign up on both calendars outside the classroom doors!!
The Noah’s Ark Prayer
The playground
parking lot is a
ONE WAY...please
enter from the service road.
It’s not wide enough to
accommodate two way
traffic...and not safe for our
I’m counting on YOU!!!
Please pray for:
-ALL our Noah’s Ark peacemakers
-Don & Melissa...our custodians
-Sophie’s move out of state
-Hungry people in EC & around the world...especially hungry children
-our November birthday children
-Good relationships with others
-Mrs. Lien’s healing from eye surgery
-Safe November field trips
-Wesley...our new friend from Madison
-ALL the people of the world
-Opportunities to listen to each other
-Safe “trick or treat” fun
PLUS... did YOU
**Mrs. Lien’s home base
families park on the WEST
SIDE of the building
**Mrs. K’s, Mrs.
Knickerbocker’s & Mrs. “C’s”
families park on the EAST
SIDE (playground side).
AMEN eases congestion!!
Our 32nd year
October/November 2012
Field trip to “Charley’s
Market”...just off Madison
Street, near “Smiling Moose
Deli” drive thru.
Carolyn, the owner of Charly’s
Market, has invited the children of
Noah’s Ark to visit her grocery store/deli on Tuesday &
Wednesday, November 27 & 28 during their regular class
time. There is no cost for this field trip, but we do need
volunteer drivers. Look for the sign-up to appear early in
Carolyn said she will show us the different departments of the
store, including the bakery, deli, freezer, BIG refrigerator, and
even her office. She’s planning a snack for us, too!
Mission Opportunities at
Noah’s Ark Current FALL
projects at Noah’s Ark
Fall Harvest Spaghetti Supper ticket
sales tithing to LVA...Literacy
Volunteers of America-EC...for
their children’s programming &
childcare!. THANK YOU!
November Hunger Awareness
Calendar...collections for the EC
Food Pantry
Friday afternoon
Are you getting them? If
not, contact Ms “C”
[email protected]
Only a little over a month
Noah’s Ark welcomes
Wesley Benson
We’re so glad you’re here!!
Advent Workshop , Sunday after
Thanksgiving, November 25 th 2 PM.
Advent activities for all ages...ALL are
Angel Breakfast, Saturday,
December 8 th 8:30 -10 AM
A special breakfast for a
preschooler/Kindergartner and guest,
complete with activities, and an
ANGEL visit!
Tuesday, November 6 is Election Day at
TLC. It is also a Food Pantry Day. Be
prepared for lots of
cars/traffic. Please hold the
children’s hands as you
come in, as many drivers
will not be looking for
children!! Hugs!!
More info soon on these fast-approaching
special events!
Please bring your
children/siblings in when
dropping off for preschool.
It’s a safety issue!!
Thank YOU!!
Our 32nd year
October/November 2012
Here’s some of what we heard in October:
**“It’s my pleasure!”...a comment from a beautiful child, after a
teacher told him thank you for helping.
**“ you think my hairband is waterproof? YES IT
IS!!”...a question to a teacher, but answered quickly on their own
**Following BIG tears: “Why are you so sad?” “She banged the
animals with the dolls and it broke my heart!”...We see LOTS of
compassion in your children!!
**“I had a really silly dream- Everett’s dog, Bosco, was riding a
bike! His back paws were on the pedals, and his front paws were on
the handle bars!””
**“I can do it!”...a child learning self-help skills
**“Will you help me pull up my sleeves!”...followed by a teacher’s
comment “You can do it!!”
**“The Science Table is closed...I saw the sign!”...Room routines
“I can make everything...and God made me!”...a child’s own
“My mom said I can’t do PEACE symbols anymore!”...a comment
during a Journaling experience.
“When we went on vacation, there were so many
was like a chipmunk HAVEN!”
A boy visiting Echo: “Echo, Echo, Echo!”
During a Science discussion, a child with a holey leaf said, “A bird
must have chomped it!”
Another Science discussion about a crunchy leaf: “It must have
been from a dry wind!”
“Science table or shelf?”...a child’s question
“Will’s job is to protect me!”
“Are you Benjamin, Andrew?”...a child talking to one twin
November is Hunger Awareness Month
Look for the special BRIGHT
YELLOW family activity
calendar for the month of
November, drawing attention to
serving those in our community
who are hungry via the EC Food
Pantry here at TLC.
Each day has an emphasis for your family to discuss.
And then give thanks for your many blessings!
(If you decide to do the $$ money portions of the
calendar, the EC Food Pantry will be blessed by your
Special thanks to friends for
these gifts in October:
ºEmily for the Piggy
in honor of her 5th BD
ºReagan “stain glass” to
paint in honor of her 5th BD
ºBennett Eiselt...Noah’s Ark aprons
from Nana for our loft kitchen
ºNoah’s Ark children...nature for our
science tables
ºChase Schultz...pumpkins with
stickers to decorate & two books:
Clifford & Corduroy Halloween books in
honor of his 4th BD
ºAvery Bredl...a special “Sneaky
Squirrel” game in honor of her 5th BD
º...thank you!!! AND LOTS
of HUGS!
Our 32nd year
October/November 2012
Our 32nd year
Trinity Christian
“Noah’s Ark”
Trinity Lutheran Church
1314 E Lexington Blvd
Eau Claire W I 54701
Jeanne Cooper
[email protected]
Ginny Lien
[email protected]
Marlee Knickerbocker
[email protected]
Jill Kasmarek
[email protected]
W e’re on the web, too
Our website always includes the
latest newsletter and calendars.
October/November 2012
The Power of Positive Feelings!
(From the November 2011 e-mail)
I love the smell of burnt toast! That aroma...coupled with the odor of overcooked
coffee...always leaves a warm feeling in my heart. I once met a woman who loved the
sound of trains. In fact, she loved this sound so much that she purchased a house near
the that she could experience the bone-rattling rumbles and blaring horns
24 hours a day.
Like this woman, I learned to love something because of the unconscious associations
I developed through my experience as a child. Every time I went to my loving
grandparents’ home, my grandmother managed to burn the toast...and burn the coffee.
This woman had a similar experience. Her loving grandmother guessed to the tracks.
The power of positive feelings is immense! When our kids experience love and
joy coupled with chores...they associate doing chores with positive feelings. W hen
they experience warmth and affection coupled with learning...they come to
associate academics with positive feelings. When they feel our joy as we parent or
educate them, they’re far more likely to live a life filled with excitement and
motivation instead of apprehension and apathy.
Sometimes I get short-sighted. Sometimes I forget all of this. Some times I allow
myself to get cross and short and impatient, thinking that somehow my negativity will
inspire my kids to cheerfully learn and complete their daily dutires. I forget all of this
when I don’t take good care of myself.
Kids don’t remember all of the things we try to teach them, but they will always
remember how they felt when they were around us. Take great care of yourself,
so that you can give them the gift of loving learning, loving responsibility, and
loving them selves.
written by Dr. Charles Fay
About Noah’s Ark...
Noah’s Ark is a mission of Trinity Lutheran Church,
an extension of Children’s M inistry, and licensed by the state of W isconsin
Our purpose is to:
SHARE the Good News of Jesus Christ
ENGAGE children in activities to discover how wonderfully God has made them
ENCOURAGE children in Christian attitudes of respect, kindness, service, hope,
forgiveness, peace and love
CONSIDER what a great place church is to be
HELP children learn what it means to be a disciple