Studio Tour Dates



Studio Tour Dates
Studio Tour Dates
0ct 5, Nov 2, DFD&
JBOFeb 1, Mar 1, 11am to 4 pm
info: 949.497.0722
Muffin Spencer-Devlin
David P. Cooke
Blown Glass
“I make blown glass vessels in the
brightest colors I can find.”
Oil Painting and Printmaking
A Laguna Beach painter of 20 years
showing in San Francisco, Santa Barbara
and New York.
[email protected]
Gavin Heath
Artist 0pen Studios is a celebration of Laguna’s thriving
visual arts community. It is not only a fantastic opportunity to see, buy or commission art, it is also a venture to
explore the city’s iconic artist colony – a time to uncover
new talent and rediscover established artists. Who could
resist the chance to step into the heart of where art is
Art Glass
Hedy Buzan
Painting, Printmaking and Collage
Hedy Buzan is known for her use of color
and intriguing compositions. She works
with diverse media to create works of
dynamic balance, often referencing
Cynthia Britain
Gina Mead Howie
Oil Paintings
I am an impressionist painter,
painting in the ‘plein air’ tradition.
California landscapes, seascapes and
figurative works available. I also create
commissioned works on request.
Oil and Acrylic Painting
In my paintings I explore the vastness of
pictorial space as well as the expression of
the creative, ethereal spirit.
Bruce Burr
created, to experience something unique, something
you just can’t see anywhere else?
[email protected]
Mixed Media
Work done in layers to create
dimensionality. And mini Goats.
This program is funded by the lodging establishments
and City of Laguna Beach
Cliff Wassmann
Shelly Rapp Evans
Oil Paintings and Photography
Contemporary traditional oils of coastal
scenes and the desert southwest as well
as fine art photography on metallic and
pearl surfaces.
Fiber Arts
Work comprised of multiple resources to create a
John Repka
Oil Painting
“I’m creating art where subject is
secondary to object. Working around
grids, I want the viewer to perceive form
and then be drawn in to the line and
texture of the abstraction.”
Maggie Spencer
Kiln-Formed Glass
Unique works of glass art have
capricious colors and shapes,
infused with the pan-Asian zen
philosophy of a more joyful and
enriched life.
Sandy Groves
Elizabeth Bridy
Functional and Sculptural stoneware,
porcelain, and raku ceramics.
Deborah Paswaters
Figurative Painting and Sculpture
A visual Multi-Media artist whose abstract/
figurative style conveys the human figure via
her evolving creations. Paswaters’ art work
is collected, represented and exhibited by
galleries nationally and internationally.
Mixed Media
Contemporary Art involving various materials on
Elaine Cohen
Bronze Sculpture and Mixed Media Painting
My sculpture is figurative and life-like, created with
emotional emphasis. My paintings are abstracts
with complexity and vivid as well as soothing
colors and themes. All original works.
Tom Swimm
Oil, Acrylic and Watercolor
“Light is the most important aspect of my work,
offering the ultimate challenge and reward. To
capture its elusive qualities on canvas offers
great personal satisfaction, and it’s what I thrive
on artistically.”
Fitz Maurice
“I am already on an incredibly exciting “Quest”
to paint “live” in the Great National Parks
of America. I am traveling to and exploring
each National Park searching for the Ultimate
Scene, then creating an original oil painting
on location.”
Sheryl Seltzer
Painting and Printmaking
Large format woodcuts, monotypes,
monoprints and oil paintings are
contemporary interpretations of all
things natural.
Cheyne Walls
Landscape Photography
Exclusive Limited Edition Fine Art
Landscape Photographs; Captured
with a panoramic camera system then
printed by Cheyne on European fine
art crystal glossy paper.
Deborah Weinstein
Linda Ames
Oil, Charcoal and Pastel
Figurative art in oil paint and charcoal.
Metalsmith, Sculptural Art Jewelry
Tidepool inspired designs, woven jewels and lost wax cast original wearable art.
Lorenzo George
Drawings and Paintings
Classic Academic Portraiture and
Figurative Fine Art.
Paul Gardner
Mixed Media Paintings
“My work continues to move the image
beyond traditional landscape to reveal the
endless wonders the earth manifests in
my latest mixed media paintings. I explore
themes relating to the ocean, geology and
Buddhist thought.”
Lydia Delgado
Michael Ervin
[email protected]
Acrylic Painting
Figurative and landscape abstracts.
Striking combinations of color and
textures that are vibrant, spontaneous,
free and rich, evoking an emotional
Native Californian, Lydia Delgado’s painting
style is a celebration of nature. From the
desert to the garden, each piece is individually
designed and evokes a sense of style, grace
and appreciation of timeless beauty.
Michael Situ
Oil Paintings
Michael Situ is a nationally recognized
and an award winning artist. He is
a Signature Member of Oil Painters
of America, California Art Club and
Laguna Plein Air Painters Association.
Lani Emanuel
Oil Paintings
“I create traditional oil paintings en
plein-aire and in studio. Subjects include
portraits/figure, landscape/seascape
and still life.” Commissions welcomed.
Louis Longi
Original Bronze Sculptures
Abstracting the human form expressing
the strength of human will. Experience
firsthand this unique style and technique
using the Lost-Wax process, unmatched
in the art world.
Paintings on silk
Using vibrant dye-colors on stretched
silk canvas, Batchelder creates evocative
abstractions heralding the inner forms of
the natural world. Current series is Earth,
Water, Fire, Air.
LCR - Laguna Canyon Rd