promotional plan



promotional plan
Promo On Air
Press Conference
Announcement for the Press Media
Launch Party
Online Actions
For the launch marketing, three different types of on-air promos were produced
1. Telenovela Trailer – focused on the production and main characters, also
showing, with fewer details, secondary stories and characters
2. Press Clip – presents all the groups, characters and themes that are dealt
with in the telenovela in a detail, with a broader view and longer duration
than the trailer
3. Shout-outs – short lines in which the main actors of the telenovela present
themselves and invite the viewer to watch the program. The recordings are
done with: Carolina Dieckmann, Tony Ramos, Mariana Ximenes, Rodrigo
Lombardi and Reynaldo Gianecchini.
4) TEASERS For the launch marketing, teasers were shown in our programming, presenting the cast,
the production and the relationships between the characters. This material is contained
so that you may show it on your channel. For this purpose, it comes with separate
narration channels and without credits. For English subtitling, I'm sending the scripts in
Portuguese and English, opting for the version that best suits your needs. Please see the
broadcast order in Betacam..
01) Character Relationship Teaser - Gerson, Mauro and Diana
02) Character Relationship Teaser - Totó, Gema and Bete
03) Character Relationship Teaser - Berílo, Jéssica and Agostina
04) Character Relationship Teaser – Candê and Fred
05) Character Relationship Teaser - Família de Totó
06) Sinopsis Teaser – The Secret
07) Character Relationship Teaser - Danilo, Fátima and Sinval
08) Character Relationship Teaser - Olavo and Clô
09) Character Teaser - Saulo
This event is designed to officially present the telenovela to journalists. Following the standard procedure,
everyone present receives a presskit on entry, which contains the complete synopsis of the telenovela,
describing the themes that will addressed; production info and the profile of all of the characters. To start
the conference, a brief clip is presented on-screen that highlights the characters and scenes from the
telenovela, and finally the cast, director and author make themselves available for photos and interviews.
For your information we're sending this promotional kit and synopsis mentioned above
The event was held two weeks before the event.
Publication took place a few days before the launch.
A few days before the launch, Rede Globo released the advertisements from its advertising
department to popular newspapers and magazines to advertise the telenovela. In the case of
Passione, the announcements dealt with the duality between Passion and Reason. Each of
the announcements highlighted one of the main characters of the production. The actors
appeared with a pensive air, and on their left side were displayed passionate thoughts and on
the right, rational thoughts. Under their photo, are the photos of the other characters of the
cast with their names.
We now present the advertising works for your perusal.
The Passione Launch Party had the colors and flavors of the telenovela. The event brought the
whole cast together at Casa Fasano in Sao Paulo. A huge suprise was revealed to the guests right
at the entrance: 1,800 sunflowers, creating the allusion to Tuscany, where Totó's family lives. At the
reception, parts of bicycles and Stock cars decorated the walls, protraying characters from the
Gouveia family. Pastas and Italian spices, of course, made up the menu. And the music mixed
dancefloor successes from around the world with the latest hits in global e-music.
Weeks before the launch, the site was already
available online, only highlighting material about
characters, and a small selection of photos of
• Information about the characters and episodes
• Online Accompaniment of the plot through summaries of the episodes
• Exclusive interviews with the actors
• Behind-the-scenes photos and videos of the production
• Videos showing scenes of the next episodes.
• Exclusive scenes shown only on the Passione portal
As well as the action already mentioned, a campaign was created with the theme "I didn't kill
Saulo", they invited the internet user to put a ribbon with this sentence on their online avatars. An
investigation center was also created in which the user can play detective and try to discover who
is the killer. It's a game that turns Clara into an angel or a devil.
Actors and actresses appeared in various interviews, articles and
on magazine covers, advertising the new production.

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