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Fall 2013
s”ga, u,x
From Jacob Cytryn, Director
This past summer, we welcomed Nivonim 2000 to camp for their
thirteenth-year reunion. As usual, it was a wonderful weekend for the
alumni, their spouses and children, and it was great fun for me to
reconnect with an eidah for which I hold a special affinity: my sister
is in that eidah, as are many of the counselors I worked with as a
Rosh Eidah. As we were reconnecting on Friday afternoon, however,
little did I expect the treat that one alumna, Shira Goldstein, who
now works at the National Museum of American Jewish History in
Philadelphia, would offer: an aerial map of Camp Ramah in Wisconsin,
drawn by camper Bill Agress in 1963.
The map itself is a bit like visiting an old house or neighborhood that
we lived in many years ago. There are familiar landmarks but much is
different. I am sure many alumni can shed some light on some of my
questions: Why are cabins 3 and 6 connected, while halfway across
camp sit 4 and 5? Did campers play in the swamps?
What is amazing, especially when we compare the 1963 map to
recent aerial photographs, is how much of the camp is still where it
once was, from the “main house” (now our business office) to beito
(the “director’s cabin”), the merkaz (then “arts and crafts’), and the
bet am (“social hall”), as well as many of the cabins. We now call the
“guest house” OGH – the “original” (or, as some prefer, “old” guest
house), having been supplanted by a newer version sometime in the
intervening 50 years.
We know, however, from testimonials of grandparents who were
themselves campers as well as many alumni who return to visit,
that the physical changes in the camp, so noticeable upon one’s first
arrival after years or decades away, are quickly overwhelmed and
made irrelevant by that Ramah feeling which permeates the place.
It still feels like the same place it once did; and many of the
conversations, activities, and experiences that we see campers
and staff having around the campus bring back sometimes visceral,
often vivid memories of our own experiences years ago.
This past summer, my first as director, I remember clearly watching
our youngest male campers schlep their bags across the basketball
courts, down between the Beit Am and Beito, and then up what we
once called “Halutzim Hill” to the boys cabins (in 1992 when I arrived,
as in 1963, #1-2). Every once in a while I’d catch a smell – French
toast wafting through the Moadon during Shacharit or the indescribable
fragrance of the trees along the garbage trail – that hauls me back to
some moment in my Ramah past.
In the office, we love those moments when we hear from alumni of
all ages about their Ramah memories, which confirms for us what
we know: the place slowly changes and evolves, with hairstyles and
how the kids wear their shorts and jeans and Shabbat outfits; but the
experience, our mission and the core experience we provide to
campers and staff, remains constant from generation to generation.
The Story Behind the Map
By Bill Agress
The question you may ask is, “How does a teenager from New Jersey
go to Ramah in Wisconsin and how does a map he drew in 1963 wind
up in Philadelphia 50 years later?”
My parents had heard about the Ramah camps from friends in New
York. Now no child from Congregation Brothers of Israel in Trenton,
New Jersey, had ever gone to Camp Ramah. By the time we inquired
the only camps with room for me were Wisconsin and California.
Since Wisconsin is closer to New Jersey, that’s where I went.
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Ramah Wisconsin then…and now
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From Rabbi David Soloff, CEO
Ramah Wisconsin Mission Statement:
We are all about summer camp. Our core mission is to run the best
overnight and day camps to serve our communities. The pages of
this newsletter highlight the amazing 2013 seasons at Camp Ramah
in Wisconsin and Ramah Day Camp.
Ramah Wisconsin is the term we use for all that we do at Camp
Ramah in Wisconsin, Ramah Day Camp in the Chicago area, as well
as alumni and community initiatives across the country. I’m happy to
share that Ramah Wisconsin is growing. In 2013, Ramah Day Camp
enrollment increased by 20% to 258 campers. The younger divisions
at Camp Ramah in Wisconsin grew by 15%. Ramah Wisconsin
Family Camp, held mid-August at Camp Ramah in Wisconsin, was
the largest ever with 26 families including 60 children!
I am privileged to partner with an amazing professional team, as well
as lay leaders and rabbinic colleagues, to refine our strategic vision
and continue to seek out opportunities to strengthen and support our
mission. And we are so fortunate to have generous donors like you to
provide the scholarship support that enables more folks to participate.
I’d like to emphasize several initiatives that have taken hold over the
last six months.
Following a recommendation from our strategic plan we increased our
senior professionals and lay leadership presence in the Twin Cities
from five days annually to over 20 days this year. We have appointed
a Twin Cities lay leader to our Executive Committee and have
recruited lay leaders from each of our Twin Cities congregations to
form a Twin Cities Ramah Wisconsin advisory subcommittee.
We strengthened our Tikvah and Atzmayim programs by
connecting with inclusion professionals in the Twin Cities Jewish
community, and we are grateful to the Ramah parents who facilitated
this partnership. In the spring we presented to a group of professionals
and lay leaders in the Twin Cities, and early in the summer we hosted
a site visit from these leaders at camp. Later in the summer we
returned to the Twin Cities to visit the inclusion programs at the
Sabes JCC, and Olami and Butwin Day Camps. This has already
led to new synergisms between our inclusion programs and those
offered in the Twin Cities.
We’ve continued to strengthen our outreach programs. We piloted
our new Ruach Ramah program and brought 31 entering third
graders from Ramah Day Camp to Camp Ramah in Wisconsin for a
fun-filled four-day field trip. Later in July we held focus groups in the
Twin Cities and are pleased to announce there will be a Twin Cities
delegation of entering 3rd graders participating in the Ruach Ramah
program next summer together with the Chicago area participants.
We’ve continue to expand our Family Camp, which has become
a powerful new entry point to Ramah Wisconsin programming.
This summer 26 families participated including 60 children! As part of
Family Camp we welcomed two synagogue groups, one from Adath
Jeshurun in Minneapolis and one from North Suburban Synagogue
Beth El in Highland Park, Illinois. A terrific group of Ramah Day Camp
families participated, and we were excited to welcome alumni from
around the Midwest who wanted to experience Ramah Wisconsin
with their young families.
Expanding the portals of entry to Ramah Wisconsin is a theme we
will continue to develop across our region and we look forward to
working with our key partners to find the right approach for each
community we serve.
Helaine and Howard Resnick and family dedicated the Max and Anna
Resnick Advanced Hebrew Language program, which utilizes Israeli
cinema to improve language comprehension.
Ramah Wisconsin serves the Jewish community of the Midwest
through three pillars: Camp Ramah in Wisconsin, the Chicagoland
Ramah Day Camp and through year-round programming:
We welcomed 31 enthusiastic entering 3rd graders to our first ever Ruach
Ramah program! These boys and girls, who attend Ramah Day Camp in
Wheeling, Illinois, were on a 3-night “field trip” accompanied by their day
camp counselors. Ruach Ramah 2014 will include participants from the
Twin Cities together with the Ramah Day Camp group.
On Visitors’ Day we dedicated an expanded and renovated cabin for boys
in our youngest divisions. The building was expertly designed by Sarfatty
Associates, Ltd., constructed by our maintenance team led by Tom Merkel,
and dedicated by Susan and Marc Sacks in honor of their children Joshua,
Steven and Daniel.
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From Arnie Harris, President
As we embark upon a new camp year, the community can be proud
of our accomplishments: engaging more than 1,000 campers and
staff in our summer programming; establishing a number of alumni
and community programs in various cities; raising $1.7 million from
over 1,000 donors for Camp Ramah in Wisconsin and Ramah Day
Camp scholarships, programming, and capital needs and so much
more. All of this is done with the professional direction of our CEO,
Rabbi David Soloff, and our directors, Jacob Cytryn at Camp Ramah
in Wisconsin and Lori Stark at Ramah Day Camp. What makes this all
work is the very strong partnership between our professionals and
our lay leaders.
One example of that partnership happened on a warm summer
evening this past summer in Conover, when I attended a meeting for
the entire staff. As part of the meeting, Jacob Cytryn, Rosh Aidah
Tali Ribnick, and counselor Daniel Warshawsky led a session about
the importance of tzedakah and of “giving back” to camp. They
explained that 50% of the campers receive financial support to attend
Ramah, and that every gift makes a real difference in bringing the
camp community together. Jacob, Tali and Daniel inspired the staff
to create a Tzevet 2013 Scholarship Fund, and 90 staff members
volunteered that night to contribute $20.13 from their summer
paychecks. Some even contributed more which resulted in a total of
$3,000 raised for camp scholarships. What a brilliant way to create
and strengthen a “culture of giving.” Our community must take note
of what Jacob, Tali and Daniel have taught us. Moments like that
re-energize the volunteerism in all of us.
Members of the Ramah Wisconsin Committee
You may know that there are hundreds of volunteers who work with
our professionals throughout the year. Some serve on our Camp
Ramah in Wisconsin Committee, Executive Committee and our
Ramah Day Camp Advisory Committee. Others provide pro-bono
services to strengthen our institution. They all volunteer their time
and energy to guide our recruitment, Tikvah programs, medical
policies, alumni programs, fundraising and so much more.
If you would like to be more involved, our army of volunteers would be
glad to have you. Drop me a note any time at [email protected]
As we support our camp professional staff, we dedicate ourselves to
create a culture of giving, a culture of commitment, and a lasting
partnership on behalf of the Jewish community.
My Journey from Camper to Staff Member By Ben Paley
Earlier this summer, I joined a group of campers at the end of Shabbat.
The air became still as one of the participants led us in Havdalah
creating a peaceful and meaningful experience. While I was standing
there swaying back and forth with everyone else, a thought came to
me: what would I do without Ramah in my life?
When I first arrived at Camp Ramah in Wisconsin in 2006, I was a
14-year old who was quite anxious about starting something new.
My mom had told me about the Tikvah program, for kids with
learning and social difficulties. I had just completed my first year
at a Jewish day school where everything was new to me and here
I was about to experience another extreme change in my life.
Now when I think back on it, I realize how great my summers in
Tikvah were. Tikvah campers are integrated into the general camp
community for honest and real experiences. In elementary school
I was in a secluded classroom. I cannot tell you what a great feeling
it is to be accepted in camp activities and not to feel like an outsider.
Some highlights were playing on the Machon (10th grade) softball
and basketball teams.
And now I will tell you about an experience that allowed me to
become a member of the Ramah staff. It all started during my third
summer when I was given the opportunity to take lifeguard training
with Machon. I was told that I would not be given any special
treatment and that I would have to complete all the training exercises
like everyone else.
I didn’t want any special treatment. I wanted to prove to not just
everyone at camp, but to myself, that I could complete Lifeguard
Training. Guess what? I did! The good stuff doesn’t end there,
though. I was given
the opportunity to be
on waterfront staff
during the summer of
2011 when I participated in the Atzmayim (vocational)
program, and now
I am a full staff member. I am a member
of the swim staff,
working this summer
as a lifeguard and
2013 Waterfront Staff (Ben Paley, standing
second from right)
swim teacher. Back
at home I am a
journalism student at Broward College in Davie, Florida.
Of course, a big part of my Ramah experience is the Jewish community. Over the course of four summers, I have had the opportunity
to lead Ma’ariv (evening prayers) and Shir HaShirim (Song of Songs)
in front of the entire camp, read from the Torah on various occasions,
recite a section of Eicah (Lamentations) during Tisha B’Av (a fast
on the ninth day of the Jewish month of Av), and lead different
services. Judaism is even a part of my waterfront staff experience
since I always try to integrate Hebrew into my swim lessons!
Ramah has helped me in more ways than one, and I am forever
grateful to the wonderful staff members who helped me grow in
ways I never thought possible.
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Camp Ramah in Wisconsin - where fun
Kochavim (entering 4th grade) joined the entire camp in a spirited
Yom Sport that included everything from a kayak race to gaga to
cup-stacking to swimming from the island.
Garinim (entering 5th graders) showed great energy at the campwide
Zimriyah song festival. This years theme celebrated 65 years of Israeli
Halutzim (entering 6th grade) navigated kayaks, canoes and sailboats
in the annual Lake Buckatabon regatta.
Solelim (entering 7th graders) entertained the camp with their awesome
presentation of Annie, one of five musicals performed in Hebrew.
Shoafim (entering 8th graders) focused on tzedakah, raising funds and
volunteering at the Vilas Country Food Pantry and Trees for Tomorrow.
As part of the Jewish Teen Philanthropy Initiative, they explored the
importance of giving back and made philanthropic decisions based on
the values that are important to them.
Bogrim (entering 9th graders) chose a specialty activity during Shavua
Sababa, translated as “Awesome Week.” Professional mentors led
workshops in the arts and music and even Jewish pastry baking. Josh
Lake, the founder of Outdoor Jewish Adventures, took campers out
into the woods to explore the wilderness and their Jewish connection
to the outdoors. They used natural material to create shelters and
creative sculptures.
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and friendship build Jewish lives!
Machon (entering 10th graders) participated in Ramah’s intensive
sports program together with all campers. They learned new skills
in basketball, tennis, softball, volleyball and soccer and participated
in awesome inter-aidah games.
Nivonim (entering 11th graders) led campwide events and served as
role models for younger campers. Here they formed a reception line
to welcome the community to Kabbalat Shabbat at the lakefront.
The 24 campers in the Tikvah program filled their days with new and
exciting activities like the high ropes course, boating, dancing on
the kikar and creative art projects. Here the campers show off their
colorful t-shirts after an epic paint toss.
Seventeen Atzmayim participated in the Tikvah vocational training
program, with job internships in the local Eagle River area.
Nineteen new and veteran Israeli staff members joined us through a partnership with the Jewish Agency. Through their
work as counselors, teachers, art, dance and outdoor education specialists, the Mishlachat infused Hebrew language,
Israeli culture, and connection to Israel into every day.
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Recruitment for the 2014 season is underway and new campers can save up to $1,000!
Go to for details or call 312-606-9316 ext. 221.
Todah Rabbah to campers generously supporting the Yud Gimmel
Project and Ramah Wisconsin Scholarship Fund in honor of their
Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations. The Yud Gimmel Project helps
repair and maintain our camp Sifrei Torah.
We awarded the first annual Derech Eretz Awards, a project
supported by the Asaf Leibovich Memorial Endowment. One camper
from each aidah was recognized for “raising the profile of kindness,
respect and warmth in camp and all around mensch-like behavior.”
Campers, staff members and parents enthusiastically welcomed
the leadership team of Jacob Cytryn and Yael Bendat-Appell in
their inaugural summer as Director and Assistant Director.
The Story Behind the Map Continued
In the summer of 1963 I was in the Machon, and my cabin was
Yud Alef, one of four very rustic log cabins on a hill side. My head
madrich was Dave Benson and junior counselor was Ira Shoulson.
Also living in our bunk was waterfront director Mike Menitoff.
Rabbi Burt Cohen was the Camp Director.
I remember one special morning we rowed out to an island in the
lake where we davened, built a fire and made Rocky Mountain eggs.
The musical performed that summer by Machon was My Fair Lady.
I still remember the words in Hebrew to “Get me to the Bet Knesset
on time.”
By the summer of 1964, there was room for me in the Poconos,
so I never went back to Wisconsin. I also spent a summer at what
was called the American Seminar at Ramah in Nyack, New York.
Of the three Ramah experiences, my fondest memories are of
So why did I draw the map? I found the size of the camp in Wisconsin
a bit intimidating, and drew the map to help me navigate. I understand
the swamp has been drained but back in 1963 it was cattails and
In 2010 I heard about the opening of the National Museum of
American Jewish History in Philadelphia. I called one of the curators
explaining that I still had all of my “stuff” from Ramah and USY
in the 1960’s. The museum was very interested in my papers, play
scripts, USY hat, Ramah t-shirt and sweatshirt, song books and even
my map.
Camp Ramah undoubtedly changed my entire life. I am “multisynagogal” – active at Adath Israel in Lawrenceville, New Jersey and
the Perrineville New Jersey Jewish Center. I teach in the religious
school of Brothers of Israel, now located in Newtown, Pennsylvania.
My son Andrew spent five summers at Ramah Poconos, was very
active in USY and now attends Brandeis University.
I am now an empty nester, living alone with our dachshund.
I hope some day soon to get back to revisit my favorite memories
at Camp Ramah in Wisconsin.
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Donor Honor Roll
October 1, 2012 – September 30, 2013
* represents gifts made in-kind
CEO’s Circle
Gifts of $250,000 and above
Harvey L. Miller Family Foundation
Director’s Circle
Gifts of $100,000 and above
Zell Family Foundation
President’s Circle
Gifts of $50,000 and above
Dr. Rebecca and Daniel Blumenthal
Nina and Arnie Harris
Susan and Marc Sacks
Dr. Michael Steuer
Rosh Aidah
Gifts of $25,000 and above
Anonymous (1)
Barbara and Larry Field
David Kabiller
Karen and Mitchell Kopin
Ner Tamid Congregation of North Town
Lynne and Andrew Redleaf
Andrea and Kenneth Saffir
Leslie and Howard Schultz
Lori Stark and Dr. David Shapiro
Karen and Hal Sider
Dr. Margaret and Alan Silberman
Karyn and William Silverstein
Rosh Anaf
Gifts of $18,000 and above
Anonymous (1)
Jennifer and Stewart Flink
Jack & Goldie Wolfe Miller Fund
Dr. Rebecca Schorsch and Dr. Scott Moses
Mindy and Dan Ribnick
Melissa and Marc Spellman
Gifts of $10,000 and above
Anonymous (2)
Carol and Dr. Ronald Fogel
Mindy and Jeffrey Gordon
Kathryn and Scott Happ
David Harris
Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago
Beth and Dr. Jeffrey Kopin
Cyndi and Jamie Rosenthal
Ruderman Family Foundation
Silverman Family Foundation
Emily and Rabbi David Soloff
Esta Stecher
W.J. Minkus Charitable Trust
Idyth and Jay Zimbler
Gifts of $5,000 and above
Anonymous (2)
Mark Altschul
Mary and Alan Becker
Eve and Richard Biller
Karen and Ethan Budin
F. Bruce Cohen
Ellen and Yehuda Cohen
Dr. Nehama Dresner
Beverly and Richard Fink
Kim and Stuart Frankenthal
Neera and Michael Kaufman
Stephanie and Dr. Kurt Kavanaugh
Dr. Lena and David Kushnir
Andrea and Jeffrey Meltzer
Mesirow Financial
Kim and Daniel Price
We gratefully acknowledge these annual gifts made during our recent fiscal
year to Camp Ramah in Wisconsin and Ramah Day Camp. Todah Rabbah for your
generous support of scholarships, innovative programming and stateof the art facilities serving over 1,000 campers and staff each summer.
Lori and Richard Rabinowitz
Amy and Mark Rotenberg
Robin Newberger and Steven Sacks
Lynn and Skip Schrayer
Marci and Keith Shapiro
Michelle Wasserman and David Smith
Joanne and Dr. James Smith
Miriam and Morton Steinberg
Rick Storch
Strauss Family Foundation
Deborah and Adam Winick
Northern Lights
Gifts of $2,500 and above
Anonymous (1)
Anne Opila and Todd Abraham
Dr. Wendy and Dr. Howard Bach
Faye and Benji Bearman
Sarah and Sam Caplan
Gabe Chasnoff/ Whiteout Media Adventure*
Deborah Shalowitz Cowans and
Bruce Cowans
Barbara and Daniel Fox
Kim and Alan Frankel
Rebecca and Ben Gerber
Harold Grinspoon Foundation
Diane and Shai Halivni
Lorie Chaiten and Harold Hirshman
Rochelle and Dr. Steven Katz
Debra and Arnold Landis
Lake Forest Bank & Trust Co
Elyse and Dr. Ron Less
Meredith and Benjamin Lewis
Charlotte and Michael Newberger
Rabbi Amy Eilberg and Dr. Louis Newman
Ellen Sue and Dr. Jon Parker
Judy and Dr. Mark Paschen
Vicki and Gary Phillips
Elyse Rabinowitz and Jim Porter
Roselind and Sheldon Rabinowitz
Louise and Jerry Ribnick
Jill and Michael Rose
Aviva and David Rubin
Fran and Jonathan Sherman
Eric M. Siegel
Leslie and Bryan Sloane
Lisa and Steven Tenzer
Tami and Reuben Warshawsky
Gifts of $1,800 and above
Adath Jeshurun Congragation*
Dr. Phyllis Gorin and Rabbi Morris Allen
Sonia and Ted Bloch
David Brown
Rabbi Burton Cohen
Margaret and Lee Cohn
Terri and Sol Eisenberg
Nancy and Maury Fertig
Sheila and Larry Gerber
Nami and David Goldenberg
Suzy and Dr. David Hakimian
Heilicher Foundation
Terri Krivosha and Rabbi Hayim Herring
Marlene Kaplan
Karen and Michael Kesner
Ally and Jordan Kirshenbaum
Georgi and Dr. Jay Kleiman
Ari Klein
Bryna and Rabbi Vernon Kurtz
Ron Lavin
Madalyn and Robert Less
Lynn and Dr. Louis Philipson
Robin and Dr. Sanford Reikes
Harriet and Joey Resnick
Randee and Robert Romanoff
Betty and Dr. Irving Rozenfeld
Tamar Newberger and Andy Schapiro
Carol Ann and Michael Schwartz
Katy and Joshua Silvers
Rubin Singer
Rabbi Joshua Skoff
Jodi and Bryan Sugar
Linda and Al Winick
Robin and Dr. Clifford Wolf
Judy and Rabbi Carl Wolkin
Michael Zaransky
Gifts of $1,000 and above
Anonymous (2)
Carolyn Abramson
Angela and Larry Adler
Marlys and Elliott Badzin
Nina and Bryan Badzin
Rita and Edward Balk
David Bonowitz
Julie Strauss and Joel Brown
Amy and Rabbi Eric Cytryn
Tamar and Jacob Cytryn
Karen and David Ebroon
Jessica Ettinger
Gail and Jeremy Fingerman
Harriet and Bill Freedman
Sarina and Robert Gerson
Leslie and Paul Gotlieb
Denise Longoria and Dr. Gary Grad
Micki and Uzi Halevy
Linda and Michael Hoffenberg
Judy and Dr. Mark Hoffman
Ann and Mike Hofkin
Chaviva and Ralph Jacobson
Joseph M. Levine Foundation
Alison and Isaac Judd
Lynnsie and Dr. David Kantor
Ellen and Mark Kardon
Rachel and Michael Klein
Cindy Reich and Rabbi Harold Kravitz
Shary and Dr. Marc Levitt
Richard Levitt
Joellen and Robert Lidov
Leslie and Michael Litwack
Naomi Newman and Jason Litwack
Lawrence Loewenthal
Hedva and Dr. Moshe Matalon
Mondelez International Foundation
Jonathan Oberlander
Susan Feigenbaum and Dr. Jay Pepose
Cindy and David Pogrund
Jaynie Schultz and Ronald Romaner
Tamar and Neil Rosenberg
Rose and David Ross
Stacy Palestrang and Tomer Rothschild
Robin and Rabbi Steven Rubenstein
Miriam and Michael Rudolph
Dr. Geraldine Keyes and Dr. Michael Safran
Erica and Rabbi Michael Schwab
Season of Change Foundation
Cheryl and Larry Sklar
Sheila and Michael Small
Janice and Richard Small
Blanche and Neil Sosland
Jane and Joshua Sosland
Liba and Dr. Tom Stillman
Malka and James Weitzman
Suzanne and Adam Zimbler
Leila and Gary Zuckerman
Gifts of $500 and above
Anonymous (1)
Lisa and Micah Arbisser
John Bailey
Karen and Marshall Brill
Sarah and Allan Budweg
Patti and Alan Caplan
Ada Beth and Charles Cutler
Talia and Ari Derman
Marlynn and Rabbi Elliot Dorff
Sara and Dr. Mark Drexler
Karen Lobl and David Eisenberg
Dr. Sandra Sheinin and Alex Feller
Tobi and Ken Gold
Dr. Ranna Rozenfeld and Shane Greenstein
Beth and Jordan Grey
Jodi Gruber
Jonah Harris
Sharon Liebhaber and Rabbi Alan Iser
Jeanne and Dr. Stanley Kagin
Rachel Katz
Judy and Jerry Kaufman
Dr. Michael Klein
Vivian and Sheldon Kopin
Amy Elfenbaum and Scott Kramer
Sara and Richard Kushnir
Leslie Family Foundation
Sandra and Dr. Mark Levin
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Mann
Edward Marks
Rabbi Michael Mishkin
Livia and Noah Moline
Diane Lowenthal and Bradley Moskowitz
Barbara and Donald Newman
Leslie and David Orenstein
Rachael Gray-Raff and Elliot Raff
Marilyn Green and David Rebnord
Talia Ribnick
Alyssa Wiener and Jay Rosenbaum
Jennifer Pehr and Jonathan A. Ross
Kimberly and Dr. Ari Rubenfeld
Karen and Russ Rubin
Rochelle and Earl Rubinoff
Arona and George Sarfatty
Lilach and Carl Schrag
Rabbi Zachary Silver
Mrs. Lenore and Rabbi Melvin Sirner
Roberta and Dr. Hillel Skoff
Mae and Mark Spitz
Leah Steuer
Karen and Jack Stopnicki
Samuel Tatel
Bruce Taylor
Phyllis and Dr. Gary Traub
Brenda and Max Wasserman
Margie and Dr. Don Wasserman
Patty and Matthew Weiss
Naomi Wexler
Gail and Robert Wilensky
Gifts up to $500
Anonymous (8)
Sandra Aaron
Julia and Donald Aaronson
Rachel and Dr. Drew Abeles
Shira and Rabbi Steven Abraham
Wendy and Richard Abraham
Bonnie and Alvin Abrahamson
Sarah Abrams
Cantor Nancy Abramson
William Agress
Julia Allal
Avi Allen
Adina Allen
Max Alper
Lynn and Alfred Altschul
Susan and Joseph Ament
Irving Applebaum
Brandi and Dan Argentar
Rachel and Yaakov Ariel
Stephen Arnovitz
Jeane Aronoff
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Donor Honor Roll continued
October 1, 2012 – September 30, 2013
* represents gifts made in-kind
Amy Aronow
Amanda and Berek Awend
Naomi Hoffman and Loren Bach
Rebecca and Wade Bacon
Josephine and Gordon Bailey
Leora Balinsky
Laura Elkayam and Ezra Balser
Roger Barak
Devorah Lissek and Dr. Joshua Barash
Chloe Bayhack
Elizabeth and Ronnen Belkind
Nancy Bellew
Yael and Rabbi Jordan Bendat-Appell
Karen and Dr. David Benson
Abraham Benson-Goldberg
Berger Health Systems*
Robert M. Berger
Cheryl and Rabbi Kenneth Berger
Laura and Rabbi Jonathan Berger
Sonia Berk
Seth Berkman
Ari Berkowicz
Ruth and Sydney Bernard
Aryeh Bernstein
Hope and Marvin Bernstein
Barbara Bernstein
Henry Bernstein
Jean Best
Rachel Billow
Deena Fox-Birnbaum and Andrew Birnbaum
Fredda and Rabbi Mark Bisman
Norma and David Blecker
Marilyn Blonsky
Theodore S. Bloom
Zoosie Bloomberg
Eliot Blum
Jennifer and Philip Blumberg
Jennifer Stark-Blumenthal and
Dr. Jeffrey Blumenthal
Annie Blumfield
Anne and Marvin Bonowitz
Jessica Borison
Mindy and Armand Botbol
Emilie Botbol
Eleanor and Albert Boxerman
Sam Boxerman
Elizabeth Boyle
Edward Brener
Richard Brener
Stephanie Brill
Reena Spicehandler and Jeremy Brochin
Sharon Brodkey
Tammy and David Brody
Carrie and Adam Broms
Ross Broms
Marilyn and Tim Broms
Shirley and Jared Bryan
David Bubis
Scott Burstein
Deborah Burton
Deanna Burton
Elaine Burton
Rochelle Calvin
Paula and Dr. Jeffrey Cantor
Nanci and Ben Caplan
Jane and Professor Dennis Carlton
Dina and Joey Carr
Sandra and Alexander Chack
Amy and Joshua Charlson
Rebecca and Dr. Steven Charous
Danielle Cherrick
Lorraine and Jordan Cherrick
Anne and Chris Chivetta
Michelle Chizever
Kathy and William Cissna
Dr. Ron Citro
Gabriel Ciuraru
Debra Goldstein and David Cohen
Rabbi Michael C. Cohen
Nadine Cohen
Conference Of Consulting Actuaries
Congegation B’nai Amoona Sisterhood
Sheri and Neil Cooper*
Sharon and Leonard Cooper
Stephanie Cooper
Jamie Cooper
Gloria and Peter Cooper
Gloria Cotlar
Sara and Steve Coven
Babette and Mark Daskin
Esther Goldberg-Davis and
Rabbi Alexander Davis
Debbie Denenberg
Sheila and Stewart Derechin
Benjy Derman
Roseanne Diamond
Debra and Dr. David Dobkin
Thelma Dobkin
Abigail Drazner
Alison Dreifuss
Ilana Dworin
William Dworsky
Eran Ebstein
Karen and David Ecanow
Shelly and Bruce Edwards
Alexa Ehrlich
Rami Eilian
Judy Groner and Ronald Eisenberg
Barbara Eisenberg
Beverly Eisenstadt
Michael Eisenwasser
Deborah Swichkow and Ray Ellis
Fern and Dr. Michael Ellison
Fran and Dave Elovitz
Arthur S. Elstein
Jennifer and David Elyashar
Tibor Engel
Gerry Engelhart*
Louis Engleberg
Rebecca and Michael Epstein
Lena Eskin
Joseph Eskin
Harry Eskin
Kitty Calhoon and David Ettinger
Barbara Fedor
Sarah and Erwin Feiertag
Judy and Steven Feinberg
Sarah Feinberg
Krayna and Rabbi Charles Feinberg
Samantha Feinberg
Ari Feldman
Michael Feldman
Sharon Ferch
Ruth Fertig
Jesse and Rabbi Jeremy Fine
Beth Heifetz and Glenn Fine
Jeremy Fineberg
Aaron Fineberg
Ellie Fineman
Teresa and Paul Finer
Judith Finkelstein-Taff
Roberta Fischer
Barb and Andy Fishman
Miriam Fishman
Michael Fishman
Mollie Flink
Shayna Flink
Joshua Flink
Benjy Forester
Karen and Richard Fox
Avram Fraint
Wendy and Benjamin Frank
Yael and Phillip Frankel
Gretchen Frankenthal
Laura Seidenberg and Alex Freedman
Aaron Freeman
Andrew Freeman
Jerry Frick
Miriam and Morris Futernick
Dr. Rebecca and Dr. Gustavo Galante
Eric Galante
Minda and Rabbi Ronald Garr
Yaela Garr
Celia and Dan Geiger
Talya Prombaum and Josh Gepner
Gabriel Gershowitz
Marlene and Herb Gerson
Karen Gerson
Sheila and Vern Gideon
Dr. Betsy Gidwitz
Michelle Gilats
Nancy and Sheldon Gilman
Steven Ginsburg
Mark Gittleman
Isaac Glassman
Josh Gleicher
Jonah Glick
Jody-Lynn and David Glickman
Ariel Gliksberg
Sarah Gold
Esta and Gerald Gold
Terri Hartman and Bruce Goldberg
Gideon Goldberg
Dr. Leslie and Bernard Goldblatt
Lesley and Matt Goldenberg
Cheryl Goldenberg
Natalie Goldfein
Debbie Goldman
Elana and Neil Goldsmith
Susan Goldsmith
Angela Goldstein
Shira Goldstein
Sharon and Eric Goodman
Dr. Michael R. Goodman
Hannah Gordon
Maor Gordon-Guterman
Brian Gorenstein
Ashlyn Gorlin
Rachael Gotlieb
Amy Gottesfeld
Carrie and Jeremy Gottstein
Betsy and Pelleg Graupe
Lev Gray
Mark Grayson
Rani Halpern and Joel Green
Shaina and Jonathan Green
Elan Green
Dean Greenberg
Ronya and Lawrence Greenberg
Judith and Michael Greenberg
Marci L. Greenberg
Diane Greenberger
Ronna Bach and Michael Greenwald
Karen and Steven Grey
Tamara Kushnir Groman and Jeff Groman
Richard Gross
Allyson Gross
Evelyn Gross
Darla and Dr. George Grossberg
Andrea and Scott Gruber
Orlee Tatarka and Yehuda Gruenberg
Elizabeth and Simon Halfin
Betty and Bertram Hamilton
Rachel Hammel
Maxine and Jacob Handelman
Ruth and Mark Harris
Evelyn Harris
Eden Hazani Zion
Billie and Simon Hellerstein
Samara Hendin
Marcia and Paul Herman
Cheryl Siegelman and Nate Herscovitch
Eunice and Bruce Hershman
Jennifer and Joshua Herz
Lena and Dr. Jack Heyman
Barbara Barenholtz and Milton Hieken
Shai Hillman
Becky and Rabbi Brad Hirschfield
Annie Grossberg
Noam Hoffenberg
Alysa Hoffman
Stacey and William Hoffman
Tamar Green and Ben Hofkin
Amy Hohulin
Joy Horwich
Sarit Horwitz
Eliana Horwitz
Benjamin Igielnik
Debbie and Simon Igielnik
Shara and Rabbi David Israel
Dr. Sherry Israel
Kim Jackson
Shanna Jadwin
Emily Jaffy
Susan and Dr. C. David Joffe
Jill and Brad Johnson
Lois and Mark Just
Zachary Kafitz
Lizzie and Micah Kafitz
Eve and Steve Kafitz
Jeffrey Kahn
Rabbi Jane Kanarek
Dr. Michele and Dr. Nelson Kanter
Jacob Kanter
Debbie Kaplan
Charlotte and Alan Kaplan
Alvin Kaplan
Geraldine Kaplan
Golda Kaplan
Kaplan Family Foundation
Marilyn Karasov
Gita Karasov
Stefanie and Robert Karon
Karen and Dr. Irving Katz
Eitan Katz
Isaac Katz
Tamar Katz
Zoe Katz-Kaplan
Rebecca Katzman
Pam and Dr. Ronald Kaufman
Marcia and Rabbi Alvan Kaunfer
Sharon Van Dyck and Richard Kelber
Delores Kelber
Shira Kelber
Lauren and Todd Keller
Rachel Kesner
Janet Zell Kessler
Betsy Kestenbaum
Shom Klaff
Carla and Tibor Klausner
Sydelle Klein
Michael Klein
Samantha Kopin
Shosh Korrub
Abby Kozberg
Gabriel Kravitz
Doris and Jerry Kravitz
Hannah Kreindler
Dr. Eliezer Krumbein
Barry Krumstok
Becky Kupchan
Shuli and Noey Kupchan
Riva Kupritz
Laura and Matt Kushner
Kashmir Kustanowitz
Jonathan Kutas
Rebecca Landis
Geoff Rice and Dan Lange
Sarah LaPorte
Adrienne and Dr. Gerald Lasin
Joshua Lawrence
Susan Lazar
page 9
We are grateful to nearly 50 synagogues, communal funds, local Jewish federations and foundations
for their ongoing partnership and scholarship support.
View a complete list online at:
Sally and Morton Leder
Sherry Leffert
Beth Leonard
Bonnie Lessing
Laurie and David Levi
Lois and Samuel Levin
Arlene and Dr. Michael Levine
Polly Levinson
Lisa and James Levitas
Carol and Paul Levitch
Stephen Lieberman
Gregory Linden
Debbie and Gary Lindon
Rebecca Linfield
Tamara Linne
Jane and Harvey Lippow
Susan Litoff
Jessica Manela and Matthew Litwack
Rachel and Rabbi Asher Lopatin
Dr. Pnina and Dr. Marshall Luban
Jessica Lubetsky
Arielle Kaufman and Ohad Ludomirsky
Zella Ludwig
Ilana Lupovitch
Christine and Dr. Alan Lyss
Brian Lyss
Paula and Dr. Albert Madansky
Justin Main
Rhoda and Don Mains
Daniel Malina
Suzanne and Howard Malmon
Fred Manaster
Carolyn Mandlman
Manitowoc Jewish Federation
Tonya and Kent Manning
Holly Margolin
Trisha and Rabbi Fredric Margulies
Dani Marx
Philip Matsuhashi
Bryce Jacobs and Matthew Mayers
Theresa and Robert McEnaney
Michele and Seth Meisler
Shoshana and Edward Melman
Rita Mendelsohn
Sue Meyers
Rebecca Millberg
Minna Ziskind and Gabriel Miller
Nathan Miller
Patricia Miller
Jaclyn and Jacob Millner
Judy Teibloom-Mishkin and Larry Mishkin
Jonathan Mishkin
Rachel and Marc Modlin
Joni Crounse and Rich Moline
Alison and Alan Molotsky
Jean Moses
Rena and Roberto Munster
Beth and Ronn Nadis
Leah Nash
Ellen and Micah Nathan
Lois and Fred Neikrug
Deanna Neil
Leslie and William Nelson
Roberta and Bruce Nemer
Miriam Newman
Allisa Newman
Etan Newman
Stuart Nolan
North Suburban Synagogue Beth El
Nurite Notarius-Rosin
Marissa Oberlander
Elaine and Jeffrey Oberlander
Dr. Romer Ocanto
Leah Oko
Shira Olson
Rachel Orbuch
Lucy Orenstein
Barrie and Steve Orloff*
Nadine Orloff
Bruce Orloff
Sandy Starkman and Larry Pachter
Eveline and Rabbi Herbert Panitch
Tamar Rubin and Adam Parker
Rachel and Gary Parnes
Danielle and Jonathan Pearl
Marla Peckler
Marcy and Vincent Pellegrino
Rabbi Micah Peltz
Morissa Pepose
Beth Kissileff Perlman and Jonathan Perlman
Tova Perlman
Michelle Perlmutter
Kathleen Peterson
Benjamin Philipson
Rachel Pickus
Betsey and Dale Pinkert
Brooke and Dr. Matthew Plofsky
Emily Podgursky
Dalia and Rabbi Shalom Podwol
Hannah Berkowicz and Brian Pogrund
Gregg Pollack
Esther and Gary Polland
Hannah Porter
Tom Price
David Price
Joshua Price
Keren and Rabbi Simcha Prombaum
Hillel Prombaum
Rebekah Pure
Anne-Monique and Edward Rapoport
Dr. Maryjane and J. David Rapport
Rebecca Rapport
Joel Ratner
Ariella and Tzvi Raviv
Marsha L. Raviv
Angela Reiser
Frieda Reschke
Mary and Joel Rich
Rebecca Rich
Jodi and Daniel Rosen
Helaine and Harvey Rosen
Nancy and Rabbi James Rosen
Dina Shiner and Mark Rosen
Allison Rosen
Larry Rosen
Rabbi Daniel A. Rosenberg
Rachel and Charles Rosenberg
David Rosenberg
Shirley Rosenberg
Renee and Seth Rosenberg
Susan Ticker and Hazzan Henry Rosenblum
Lauren Rosenthal
Dr. Elaine Hantman and Dr. Paul Rosenthal
Adrienne and Adam Rosenthal
Sally and Miles Ross
Marilyn and Dr. Gary Rubin
Adina Rubin
Tracey Rubinoff
Amy Rubinoff
Deanna and Dr. Perry Rudich
Rachel and Alan Russo
Rebecca and Rabbi David Russo
Sabes Jewish Community Center
Randye and Don Sable
Michael Sackett
Steven Sacks
Harold Sadoff
Sarah Saide
Martha and Arthur Salkin
Judith Levin and Gerald Salzman
Susan and Rabbi Neil Sandler
Adela and Raymond Sasson
Ruth U. Schack
Dakota Schee
Robyn Levich and Benjamin Schein
Deborah and Randy Schepis
Naomi Schiffer
Sandra Schloff
Esther and Marshall Schneider
Dr. Larry Schochet
Louise and Steven Schoenberger
Ron Schrag
Elana and Seth Schrank
Kathryn Schubert
Michael Schur
Estherbeth Buchbinder and Jeffrey
Judah Schvimer
Marci Dickman and Ralph Schwartz
Jesse Schwartz
Allison Schwartz
Aviva Schwartz
Stanley Schwartz
Elena and Eric Scott
Alison and Jonathan Segal
Dr. Marcia and Dr. Edwin Segal
Fern and Donald Segal
Leah Segal
Lauren and Marty Segelbaum
Adam Seidenberg
Marsha and Joel Seltz
Noah Shaffer
Irene and Samuel Shanes
Amy Reynolds and Benjamin Shapiro
Micah Shapiro
David Shapiro
David Sharken
Cyril Shaughnessy
David J. Sherman
Ronna and Tom Sherman
Caleb Sherman
Audrey and Steven Sherwyn
Karen Shevet Dinah
Naomi Shisler
Judith and Arnold Siegel
Daniel Siegel
Jorie and Andrew Sigesmund
Elaine and Morton Silver
Cara Silverman
Samantha Silverman
Rebecca Silverman
Nancy Siteman
Sharon Skidelsky
Aaron Sklar
Faith Roessel and Matthew Slater
Ayelet Slovin
Lynn and Eliot Slovin
Susan Agate and Michael Slutsky
Stephanie and Michael Smerling
Edis and Professor Aaron Snyder
Danya Snyder
Ronnie Jo Sokol
Phyllis and Wilfred Solomon
Judy Solomon
Julie Coplon and Whitman Soule
Sari and Solomon Spector
Jeffrey Spector
Rachel and Howard Spiro
Nori and Robert Spiro
Gloria and Sanford Spitzer
Daniel Stamos
Valerie Stark
Michelle Steiman
Sheila and Dr. David Steiman
Emily and Adam Steinberg
Christy and Sandford Steinberg
Candice Goldstein and Abraham Steinberg
Dr. Robin Judd and Dr. Ken Steinman
Rebecca Steuer
Samuel Strauss
Miriam Brosseau and Alan Sufrin
Shaina and Brad Sugar
Joanna and Peter Sussman
Dr. Linda and Rabbi Sheldon Switkin
Stuart Taussig
Michael Taxy
Karin Klein and Joel Teibloom
Barbara and Harvey Temkin
Eli Temkin
Temple of Aaron Congregation
Elana and Jason Tennenbaum
Deena Tenzer
Rosetta and Stephen Teplitz
Miriam Thorne
Dana Traub
Rosilee and Dr. Philip Trotta
Edith and Amos Turner
Sarah Ungerman
Amy Yenkin and Robert Usdan
Adam Vales
Joan and Dr. Joseph Vander Walde
Ari Vandersluis
Janna and Bryan Villano
Alicia Vinocur
Brenna Wagner
Helene and Hillard Ward
Glenn Warshaw
Daniel Warshawsky
Joshua Warshawsky
Leigh and David Waterman
Maxima and Rabbi Burton Wax
Joan and Marvin Wayne
David Weber
Sarah Weil
Marcia and Martin Weiland
Frances Wein
Heidi and Eric Weinberg
Lisa and Michael Weiner
Joan and Jerome Weinstein
Aliza and Stuart Weinstock
Arthur Weintraub
Dr. Avrum Weinzweig
Janice and Richard Weisman
Karen and Steven Weiss
Jonathan Werner
Rhoda Wertheimer
West County Endodontists
Pamela and Sherwin Willner
Betty Winer
Steven Wiseman
David Witten
Tara Purohit and John Wojak
Dr. Toni Ellis Wolf and Steven Wolf
Aaron Wolf
Joanne Wolf
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Wolff
Stanton Wolkoff
Mei Chiang and Dean Yoost
Renee Young
Ina and Joseph Young
Bonnie and Marvin Zeff
Rivka and Matthew Zell
Aaron Zell
Rachel Zeman
Jonathan Zimbler
Ruth and Albert Zimbler
Amir Zinkow
Julie Zinn
Jennifer Zukerman
Every effort has been made to
include all contributions and to
verify the correct listing of donor
names. If your name has been
omitted or listed incorrectly,
please contact Linda Hoffenberg
(info on page 16).
page 10
Camp Ramah in Wisconsin counts on the generosity of alumni and friends to provide high quality programs and facilities to campers at
a reasonable tuition level. You can help ensure the future of Camp Ramah in Wisconsin by including the camp in your estate plan.
After your lifetime, your bequest or planned gift will become a part of the Ramah Wisconsin Endowment. Your legacy gift will support the
camp in perpetuity and forever identify you as a devoted supporter of Ramah.
We began our Ramah journey as campers
and staff from 1980-1992. We went on
hiatus until 2007 when our children started
their love affair with camp. Our family’s
connection with Conservative Judaism and
the American Jewish community has been
wonderfully influenced by Ramah. We are so
thankful for the generations that created and
nurtured this amazing institution. We feel
a responsibility to share that with others.
Being part of the Legacy Society gives us the
opportunity to “pay some of that forward”
to future generations.
Elyse and Dr. Ron Less
Legacy Society Members
Anonymous (6)
William Agress
Dr. Phyllis Gorin and Rabbi Morris Allen
Abby and Sheldon Badzin
Shanna Baumgarten
Faye and Benji Bearman
Betty Benson(z”l)
Miriam and Dan Berger
Robert M. Berger
Jean Best
Marilyn Blonsky
Cookie Feldman Bloom
Karen and Marshall Brill
F. Bruce Cohen
Roberta (z”l) and Rabbi Burton Cohen
Sarah Bierman and Rabbi Joshua Cohen
Ellen and Yehuda Cohen
Margaret and Lee Cohn
Debbie and Gary Cortes
Rita M. Cortes
Deborah Shalowitz Cowans and
Bruce Cowans
Tamar and Jacob Cytryn
Evan Dreifuss
Arthur Elstein
Jennifer and Stewart Flink
Betsy and Scott Forester
Kim and Alan Frankel
Kim and Stuart Frankenthal
Charlotte Singer Gelfand
Marvell Ginsburg
Leslie and Bernie Goldblatt
Nami and David Goldenberg
Laurie and Joel Goldsmith
Marlene and Sam Gordon
Mindy and Jeffrey Gordon
Rabbi Yosi Gordon
Harold Grinspoon
Michal and Uzi HaLevy
Evelyn Harris
Nina and Arnie Harris
Ruth and Mark Harris
Linda and Michael Hoffenberg
Sara and Jon Hoffenberg
Vivian and Ralph Jacobson
Camille and Rabbi Rob Kahn
Orlee and Jeffrey Kahn
Beth and Dr. Jeff Kopin
Gabriel Kopin
Rabbi Myer Kripke
Dr. Lena and David Kushnir
Elyse and Dr. Ron Less
Madalyn and Robert Less
Renee and George (z”l) Levine
Leslie and Michael Litwack
Aaron Magid
Arthur and Lois Marc (z”l)
Adam Margolis
Edward and Roslyn (z”l) Marks
Julie Rabinowitz and Gary Marx
Judy Teibloom Mishkin and Larry Mishkin
Dr. Rebecca Schorsch and
Dr. Scott Moses
Barbara and Donald Newman
Sandy Starkman and Larry Pachter
Dana Yugend-Pepper and Larry Pepper
Benjamin Philipson
Roselind and Sheldon Rabinowitz
Lisa and Mark Ratner
Harriet and Joseph Resnick
Mindy and Dan Ribnick
Ann Lesley and Scott Rosen
Shari (z”l) and Dr. Herbert Rosen
Jonathan Adam Ross
Dena (z”l) and Fred Rothschild
Betty and Dr. Irving Rozenfeld
Robin and Rabbi Steven Rubenstein
Susan and Marc Sacks
Martha and Arthur Salkin
Louise and Steven Schoenberger
Jaynie Schultz and Ron Romaner
Carol Ann and Michael Schwartz
Phyllis and Sidney (z”l) Shalowitz
Lori Stark and Dr. David Shapiro
Fran and Jonathan Sherman
Karen and Hal Sider
Dr. Margaret and Alan Silberman
Sarah Small
Sheila and Michael Small
Emily and Rabbi David Soloff
Melissa and Marc Spellman
Adam Steinberg
Miriam and Morton Steinberg
Mayer Stiebel
Rebecca and Rabbi Loren Sykes
Anna Tarkoff
Lisa and Steven Tenzer
Phyllis Hofman Waldmann
Joshua Warshawsky
Tami and Reuben Warshawsky
Richard D. Weiner
David Wolkin
page 11
Declaration of Intent
In the Jewish tradition of sharing our blessings, I/we take deep satisfaction in declaring my/our intent to help Camp Ramah
in Wisconsin provide for the needs of future generations of Jewish children.
I/We have made provision, or
I/We will make provision to include Camp Ramah as beneficiary in:
a bequest in my/our will
a deferred lifetime gift
through a trust fund and/or foundation
through a retirement fund
a life insurance gift
Please add my/our name(s) to the Ramah Wisconsin Legacy Society.
Print your name as you would like to be listed in the
Ramah Wisconsin Legacy Society
I/We do not want to be listed.
Please fax to 312.606.7136 or mail to: Camp Ramah in Wisconsin, Legacy Society, 65 East Wacker Place # 1200,
Chicago IL 60601
Please consult your attorney or tax advisor for professional guidance in this area.
For additional information contact Linda Hoffenberg, Director of Institutional Advancement, at 312.606.9316 ext. 225 or
[email protected]
page 12
Alumni and Community Initiatives
Summer family picnics in Chicago and the Twin Cities
Great turnout and lots of fun at the spring Chicago scholarship fundraising event
Stay connected!
“Like” Camp Ramah in Wisconsin and Ramah Day Camp on Facebook, follow @ramahwisconsin
on Instagram and check out the Alumni pages at
page 13
Our post-season Family Camp continues to grow! This year's group - 26 families including over 60 children - enjoyed a fabulous,
fun-filled Ramah experience. Save the date and join us next summer on August 13-17, 2014.
National Ramah Israel Challenge: Last spring, 75 individuals representing
every Ramah camp, biked or hiked from Jerusalem to Eilat to support
Ramah special needs programs across North America. Thanks to their
efforts, over $375,000 was raised from 2,700 donors to support special
needs programs in the eight Ramah camps.
Reshet Ramah, a National Ramah initiative to increase adult Jewish
engagement using the power and passion of the Ramah alumni
network, is helping to strengthen our alumni programming. Here Roshei
Aidah Tali Ribnick and Adina Allen wear their cool Reshet Ramah
sunglasses on Visitors’ Day.
Follow Reshet Ramah on Facebook for details on upcoming Shabbat
dinners and other alumni events!
page 14
2013 Reunions
Nivonim 1988 Reunion
Back row from left:
Dan Gutstein, Neil Weinstein,
Aaron Weiner, Ted Raviv,
Aaron Feldman, Micah Nathan,
David Kushnir, Sam Tatel,
Dan Sobelman, Joshua Cohen
Front row from left:
Shira Shiloah, Suzy Frisch,
Karen (Kogan) Ebroon,
Karen (Herstig) Gerson,
Lisa (Tecktiel) Levitas,
Tamar Newman-Shapira,
Rebecca Behrmann,
Abby Pickus
Nivonim 2000 Reunion
Back row from left:
Ben Hofkin, Anat Shinar,
Tamar Rubin, Shira Goldman,
Yael Resnick, Marci Fiedler,
Kara Behr, Jessica Ettinger,
Hilary Wiseman, David
Front row from left:
Tamar Green, Sam Baker,
Adam Parker, Ari Derman,
Talia (Goldblatt) Derman,
Ilana Dworin, Shira Goldstein,
Shoshana (Eisenberg) Geller,
Lucas Isleman, Tiffany (Berg)
For information on Family Camp, alumni and community initiatives and 2014 reunions,
contact Robin Rubenstein at [email protected] or at 312-265-6653.
page 15
Now you can own these limited edition photos
by Greg Shapps!
Greg Shapps (Nivonim 1986) joined us as artist-in-residence this summer and took these spectacular photos of our beautiful
Northwoods setting. A limited edition of these photos, printed at 16 x 20" on high quality archival paper, are now available
for $180 each. Greg is generously donating all proceeds from the sale to the Ramah Wisconsin Scholarship Fund.
Night Sky
Order online:
click “Shop” at the top of
the home page at
or call 312-606-9316 ext. 221.
Ohel Yitzhak
page 16
From Lori Stark, Director
Ramah Day Camp’s 15th season was a huge success! With special
theme days like Yom Yisrael and Yom Sport, fun visitors like the Bible
Players and our friends at Pony Acres, festivals like the Zimriyah and
Rikudiah and of course an awesome staff, campers couldn’t wait to
get to camp each morning!
From left: Director Lori Stark with Tali, Leila, Gary and Noam Zuckerman
We are so proud of our beautiful six-acre, tree-filled oasis in Wheeling,
Illinois. Campers explored the natural setting as part of our Teva
(nature) program and enjoyed cookouts and archery in the wooded
area of the property. Campers learned about leaves and plant parts,
went on bird walks and expanded on nature themes through scavenger
hunts and art projects.
Our camp Geena (garden) was a real highlight. Campers planted,
watered, weeded and watched as the first tomatoes and peppers
ripened. They were amazed to see the cucumber plants flower and
then grow fruit. We grew tasty herbs, including lemon balm and mint
that we used in our cooking activity. What a wonderful opportunity this
was to learn and recite the blessing “borei pri ha’adamah,” thanking
God for bringing forth fruit from the earth!
Picking vegetables in the camp garden
So many people work tirelessly and give of their resources to make
our program a success. This summer we recognized a generous
contribution made by Leila, Lev, Noam and Talia Zuckerman in memory
of Leila’s mother, Rebecca Towb, and in honor of Gary Zuckerman
“Volunteer of the Century.” Their gift will be used to support the
Ramah Day Camp garden.
I want to also take this opportunity to thank the Harvey L. Miller Family
Foundation for providing a $250,000 challenge grant last fall to help
reduce the Ramah Day Camp mortgage. Thanks to the generosity of
our community, we have met the challenge! Through this support and
the efforts of so many others, Ramah Day Camp continues to go from
strength to strength! Todah Rabbah!
Ramah Day Camp is a warm and nurturing environment
where kids come to make great friends, grow socially, learn
Jewish values and most importantly - to have fun! Campers
entering kindergarten through sixth grade enjoy sports,
swimming, music, cookouts, arts & crafts and so much more!
Chicago area campers entering grades 4, 5 and 6 can experience
both Ramah Day Camp and Camp Ramah in Wisconsin in one
summer at special rates! Kochavim offers entering 4th graders the
opportunity to spend twelve action-packed days at Camp Ramah
in Wisconsin and the rest of the summer at Ramah Day Camp.
Two sessions are available. Garinim (for entering 5th graders) and
Halutzim (for entering 6th graders) offer four weeks at Ramah
Day Camp and four weeks at Camp Ramah in Wisconsin.
For details call (312) 606-0444 or email [email protected]
Campers look forward to fun
theme days and special visitors
Camp Ramah in Wisconsin
65 E. Wacker Place, Suite 1200, Chicago IL 60601
Rabbi David Soloff, Chief Executive Officer
Jacob Cytryn, Director, Camp Ramah in Wisconsin
Yael Bendat-Appell, Assistant Director
Lori Stark, Director, Ramah Day Camp
Benji Bearman, Chief Operating Officer
Arnie Harris, President
For additional information contact:
Linda Hoffenberg, Director of Institutional Advancement,
(312) 606-9316 x 225, E-mail: [email protected]