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letter_nondonor_new member.indd
May 2014
Dear Friend,
Why all these cards? Simply to thank donors and show the
many ways they have touched the lives of members like you.
They may have funded a passion for learning, or helped
you stay current and connected with technology. Because of
donors, you and other members could strengthen your minds
and bodies against the effects of aging. And, they brightened
the afternoons of countless people, many of whom would
have otherwise spent those afternoons at home alone.
So, as you flip through these cards, we hope you’ll take a
moment to appreciate our donors and all that they helped
to create last year. Perhaps you’ll even be inspired to become
a donor yourself.
Because of their generosity, we closed 2013 on solid financial
ground. Our constant challenge is to keep Founders Hall
going not only for next year but for the next generation.
We hope we can count on your help for that.
Of course, there is so much more to Founders Hall than will
fit on these cards. Go to our website to learn more. Or, better
yet, come in; that’s the best way to experience Founders Hall.
Grace F. Weber, Executive Director
Donors’ Hall
2013 Donors
CHAMPIONS ($10,000 and up)
Anne S. Richardson Fund
Nancy and Larry Bossidy
John and Elaine Couri
Anita and Nick Donofrio
Fairfield County Bank
Norman and Vicky Gage
Liz and Steven Goldstone
The Jacullo Family
Mr. and Mrs. Rudy L. Ruggles, Jr.
Town of Ridgefield
GUARDIANS (up to $10,000)
The Barker Welfare Foundation
The Chef ’s Warehouse
Kathy and Doug Coombs
The Robert J. and Pamela F.
Morganti Foundation
Ridgefield Crossings
LEADERS (up to $5,000)
Cori Abbruzzese
Bruce and Linda Allen
Richard Attridge
John and Lori Berisford
Lee V. Blum
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Brennan
Max and Fran Caldwell
Jo Ann and Michael Cali
John and Edith Carroll
Dominick and Keryn Cerbone
Jeanne Cook
Marylou and Joe Costa
Elaine and Kevin Cox
The Danford Foundation
Don and Kam Daughters
Frank J. Eustace
Geeta George
Maryann and Peter Grierson
The Hellman Family
Mary and Stephen Hicks
Elsie Millaway and
Michael La Plante
Laurel Ridge Health Care Center
Wadsworth Russell Lewis Trust Fund
Christine and Phillip Lodewick
Harry Manchester
Marilyn and Vincent Maneri
Stacey Mullins
Joanne and John Patrick
PYC Philanthropic Youth Council
Tom and Mary Laura Pritchard
Ridgefield Thrift Shop
Katya Rynearson
Mrs. F. F. Randolph, Jr.
Marjorie Sposato
Harold Spratt
Jim and Nancy Ullom
Union Savings Bank
Lucille and Ed Vigliano
Alayne Vlachos
Eileen and Jay Walker
Western Connecticut Health
PATRONS (up to $1,000)
Dot and Jack Alexander
Martin and Joan Alger
Beverly Barnard
Beth Becker
Patricia and Robert Becker
Bethel Health Care Center
Books on the Common
Sarah and Bernard Bouissou
Casey Energy
Donor fold out new.indd 1
John and Madeline Contegni
Sandy and George Corday
Ken and Lisa Corso
Sabina Crozier
Nadine Cancell and Craig Curry
Julienne and Jack Daniels
Sarah and Bob DeGennaro
Diebold Institute of Public
Policy Studies
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ellis
Dr. John and Beulah Fisher
John and Betty Flavin
Hancock Hall
Gary Henderson
Frank and Barbara Iannotti
IBM Employee Services
Harriet and Howard Jacobs
Georgianne and Richard Kasuli
Elizabeth Kemp
John and Michele Kohari
Ann and Frank Kromer
Mary Ann and Bill Lang
Carl and Christine Lecher
T.C. Lesko
Robert and Gerri Lewis
Joyce and Dante Ligi
Denis and Mary Ellen Loncto
Dolores MacNeill
Dr. and Mrs. Jan Mashman
Lou and Carolyn McAdams
Val and Nita Mohler
Ellen and Greg Murphy
Jane and Jim Neighbors
Dan and Annette O’Brien
Carol M. Perine
Miriam Martinez and Roger Restaino
Brenda and James Rouse
Frank and Donna Ruccia
Alice Hayes and Frank Ruth
Al Ryff
Howard and Marilyn Schnidman
The Morton & Sandra Semel
Charitable Fund
Myrna and Steve Shomstein
Simpaug Farm
Walter and Sabina Slavin
Alvin and Patricia Spindler
The Staples Family
Basha Szymanska Lewis
Harral S. and Patricia F. Tenney
Randy Ullom
Jean and James Vogliano
Dorothy A. Wright
BENEFACTORS (up to $500)
109 Cheese and Wine
Kay Ables
Joseph Adams
Lois Adamsen
Richard and Dale Ahearn
Janice Almond
Anita Designs
Stephen Antkiw
Rose M. Antonucci
Joel R. Anyan
Jessica and Joshua Auerbach
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Bangert
Richard Barnes
Katherine and Tom Barry
Maureen and Geoffrey Bartlett
Sue and John Baruc
Charlotte Bazydola
Amanda and Paul Beatty
Vernon and Nancy Beck
Ellen and Arthur Becker
Buzz Bedient
Mary and Joseph Bellacosa
Jim and Janet Belote
Videen and Christopher Bennett
Helene Berger
Bernard’s of Ridgefield
Fabio and Cynthia Biagiotti
Susan and Thomas Bibb
Gretchen Bishop
John Blair
Isabella McKamy Blake
Linda and Sam Bloch
Constance Bobletz
John and Anne Boehle
Eugene Boehringer
Nancy Boersma
Robert Boffa
Janice and Charles Bonini
Jeffrey and Jill Bornstein
Paul and Patricia Bossidy
William and Doris Bosworth
Randy and Geoff Boytos
Theodore Boytos
Frank and Elfrieda Brandon
Judy and Fred Breekland
Kathleen T. Brennan
Gladys Brogan
Pearl and Nelson Broms
Claire and Phillip Bronson
Eileen Brooking
Liz and George Brooks
Betty Gray (BG) Brown
Kerry and Gregory Brucato
Joan Bubert
Ann Buccitti
Peter P. Buckley
Orlando and Ann Busino
Barbara and Dino Calabro
Marie and Glenn Call
Dorothy and Jim Callahan
Evelyn Calvert
David and Martha Campbell
John and Joan Campbell
Richard and Carol Camuso
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Canale
Virginia Canfield
Rosa Cannistraci
Kerry Cannon
Julia Sheila Cardinal
Thomas P. and Jeannine M. Carr
Georgia Carrington
Joanne Casey
G. Dina Cerutti
Charles and Dorothy Chapman
An-Li and Huk Cheh
Chevron Humankind Matching
Gift Program
Sally and Ping Chow
Jim and Giselle Christiano
Chris and Laurie Christiansen
Lyn Trodahl and Dick Chynoweth
Salvatore R. and Janet A. Cianci
Antoinette Cice
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Cleveland
Doug and Grace Clewell
Fern and Hersh Cohen
Susan Cole
Ken and Carolyn Coleburn
Virginia Collier
Margie and Larry Collora
Colonial Cleaners
Gary and Deirdre Condon
Josephine and James Connelly
Torrey Cooke
Ruth Corbett
Carole N. Corsetti
Mary M. Costa
Mary Jo Costabile
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Couri
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Crilly
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Crowl
Bruce and Debbie Crystal
Howard and Gloria Cummings
Deanna and Joe Cunningham
Kay and Roy Cuny
Louise and Walter Dages
Amy Dale
Carol Dalessio
Beatrice Davies
Bob and Sue De Falco
Anton and Ann Deiters
Edward and Lucille Delany
Patricia Depew
Lee and Bill Dickinson
Barbara and Jerry Dineen
Barbara and Robert Dobbin
Anne H. Doty
Joe and Alison Doucet
Meg Downs
Shirley Duboff
Kerry Anne and Ken Ducey
Bill Dunn
Bernard and Shirley Dzielinski
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Edman
Joe and Aileen Egan
Barbara and Jon Elkow
Joseph Ellis
Kyle Ely
Inga Engstrom
Diane Eppert
Carole and Harvey Epstein
Fred and Ellie Ernst
Suzanne and Dwayne Escola
Elizabeth W. Esser
Chris and Karin Fallon
Barbara and Clancy Fauntleroy
Felice Designs
Walter Feltmate
Jane Leff and Ross Fenster
Connie and John Fenton
Mary Ann Ferraro
Rosalie Ferrillo
Filosa for Nursing and Rehabilitation
Lee and Brenda Finkel
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Joe Fisher
Elizabeth Fitzgerald
Jack and Elaine Flannery
Ellen and Mark Floyd
Alice Forrest-Peschel
David and Carolyn Foster
James and Mary Foy
Hope Franz
Cheryl Freeman
Melody and Neal Fritz
Beverly and Allan Gabel
Mary and Eugene Gaisser
JoAnne and George Galdo
Raffaele Gallo
Patricia and Jim Gareau
Isobel Garvett
General Reinsurance Corporation
Jane and Frank Gengo
Sherry and Paul Gervais
Clarence and Maria Louisa Getz
Deedee and Michael Giersch
Sam and Pat Gill
Sue and John Gillaugh
Jim and Sally Gilrain
Gilbert and Joyce Gleit
Katharine Gluck
Richard and Evelyn Godbout
Nancy Goettman
Joan Goldberg
Elizabeth Goodman
Herbert Goodman
Donald and Janine Gordon
Marilyn Gordon
Carlotta and Greg Gramas
The Gray Family
Joan S. Gregory
George and Wanda Grochowski
Mr. and Mrs. Vince Gugliaro
Jean Gwynne
Rabbi Jon and Jean Haddon
Margaret Keane and Jerry Hajdarovic
Paul and Veronica Haley
Janet Hamm
Adele Handlers
Sarah and Paul Harris
Stephen H. Hart, Jr.
Barbara and Steve Hartman
Ray Hastings
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hatzakis
Betsy Hauck
Alice M. Hayes
Judith Haynie
Mrs. Rosemarie Hehn
Ms. Hope Heller
Diane Hendrickson
Rhonda Hill
Lisa Hipwell
Hiro and Anita Hiranandani
Irene C. Holcroft
Mrs. Ruth I. Holzthum
The HomeVision Group
Jean and Jim Horend
Teresa and Richard Howard
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence W. Hoyt, Jr.
Daniel and Roseanne Hudson
Sandra and Jan Hurd
Kathleen and Robert Hurley
Kay and Harold Hval
Jane and Samuel Ingram
Gloria and Richard Jaccarino
Janet Jacobs
Dave and Mary Janasek
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jaykus
Peggy Jett
Diane and Craig Johnson
Robert and Ann Johnson
Cathy and Kevin Jones
Mr. and Mrs. William Jordan Jr.
Bob and Millie Joyce
Maria and John Joyce
Rose Joyce
Mary Kaletta
Sandy and Rich Kalriess
Kane Funeral Home
Michael and Barbara Kaplan
Marilyn Keating
Terry Keller
Brian Kelley
Claudia and Jim Kelly
Patricia Kelly
Elizabeth Kenny
Sally and Doug Kenny
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Kessler
Nick and Eleanor Kilsby
Joann Kish
Louise and Kirby Klump
Margaret Q. Knoche
Jane Knox
Nancy and Todd Kolb
Alexandra and Peter Koppen
Maryjane and Mladen Kresic
Bessie Krysiewich
Joy and Hank Kuchta
Mary Jane and David Kuehn
Ann E. Kull
Thomas and Anne Marie Kwalwasser
Chuck and Francoise Lampe
Bunny and Frank Lancaster
Mr. and Mrs. Chip Landon
Gys Landsberger
Michael and Eva Lynn Langan
Bill and Bernadette Langenstein
Linda Laqueur
Diane and Dick Larson
Mary V. LaTronica
Aline Lawrence
Alice E. Learman
Lawrence and Christian Leary
Loire and Bob Leavitt
Gail and Mark Lehmann
Arnold and Nilda Leichtman
Zigrida LePow
Vera Leslie
Anita and Norman Lindsey
Lock Install of Ridgefield
Dorothy Lockwood
Peggy and John Loehr
Maria Cinta Lowe
Robert Lowell
Charles A. Luisi
Marny and Jim Lundy
Marie and Bill Lutzius
Frank and Marie Madden
Jeremy Main
Guido and Toni Maiolo
Maria Maley
Patti and Tom Maloney
John and Jeanette Mannuzza
Grace, Olivia, Stef and John Marra
Anne T. Martin
Mr. and Mrs. R.H. Martinsen
Suzanne and William Mason
Willie and Kay Mayr
John E. McAuliffe
Kevin and Lorain McBurney
Margaret McEachern
Susan McGourthy
Tom and Joan McKee
Bill and Toni McKeen
The McMaster Family Foundation
Pat and Frank McPike, Jr.
Beth Meagher
Nancy and Dennis Meany
Susanne Handler and Todd Meck
Vicki Merten
Mary Joan Meyer
Carolyn and Earl Meyers
Diane Michaelsen
Julia Michaelsen
Catherine Michetti
Mary and Robert Migliorino
Bil Mikulewicz
Dean and Theresa Miller
Anne P. Mitchell
Wendy and Paul Mlinar
Donna Mokszycki
William and Frances Monti
James Moore, Jr.
Joanne M. Moore
Kathy and Bob Moriarty
Liz Morley
Bill and Diane Morlock
John W. Morris
Helen and Ray Morse
Irene and Eugene Mortensen
Winnie and Tony Mortimer
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Mosiello
Karen and Geoffrey Moss
Chris and Marion Mueller
J. Mulvaney Plumbing and Heating
Helen Mannis and Fritz Mundorff
Joe and Nancy Murphy
Joellen and Robert Murphy
Alice Nell
Mark Nielsen
Rose Nilsen
Christina B. Nolan
The O Scarf
Ann and William O’Brien
Elizabeth O’Brien
Mary Ann and Tom O’Grady
Austin and Sondra O’Hanlon
Old Flames
Olive My Skin
Jan A. Olmer
John and Marnie Olson
Noreen O’Mara
Michael and Barbara Orenstein
George and Adrienne Orlan
Beverly and Bill Osgood
Linda and Glenn Ostrander
Richard and Grace Owczarzak
Carmen Owens
Regina and Bill Owens
The O.W.L.S.
Helen E. Pachul
Gilda Pambianchi
Charles and Judith Pankenier
Francis and Joan Panno
Alberta and Robert Pappolla
Timi Parsons
Carol and John Paterson
Richard and Marianne Patterson
Toby Payne
Edwin and Cloris Pearson
Herb Pearson
Nan Perell
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas S. Perna
Bob G. Perry
Cathy Perry
Jane and Jim Phelps
John and Robin Phillips
Tina Phillips
Yvonne and Michael Pilot
Pitney Bowes Foundation
Candace Plechavicius
Larry and Julia Pollock
Wulfran and Ingrid Polonius
Bernice and Joseph Pontelandolfo
Catharine Possanza
Michael E. Powers
Virginia B. Price
Ann Principi
Irene Prosk
Prudential Foundation
Carol and Frank Puskas
Gloria Putnam
Michele and Tom Quindlen
Nancy and Ramesh Ratan
Robert Ratte
Charles and Barbara Reardon
Reilly & Me
Sami and Diana Repishti
Trudy Reynolds
Sandra Riccio
Charles and Bernadine Rich
Sandy Rich
Ethel L. Richards
Ridgefield Hardware
Kathy and Kevin Riley
Rita B. Robertson
Ted and Goldie Robitaille
Anne Roche
Paul and Debbie Roche
Ron and Judy Rogers
John and Carole Rosa
Don and Peter Rose
Ellen Ross
Patricia and Stephen Ross
Lee and Steve Rossetter
Estella Round
Rhodie and Herb Rudolph
Karin Ruebeck
Judy and Nick Rummo
Pamela Rybarczyk
Lynn and Mike Ryer
Robert Sahlstrand
David and Fru Saily
Linda Saks
Joanne Salerno
Richard and Barbara Sanderson
Tad and Priscilla Sanford
Linda Santoro
Marsha and Vincent Savino
Carl and Irene Scala
Violet Scala
Jane Scarbrough
Walter and Angela Schlichting
Liz Otto and Jack Schmidt
Dr. Jeffrey Schmierer
Barbara W. Schneider
Joan Schneider
George and Sylvia Schuster
Carole Schwartz
Lyn and Neil Schwimer
Irene and Tony Sciscenti
Mary Jane and Jeffrey Scott
Carole Segal
Ted and Lori Seibert
Phyllis and Eric Setterstrom
Linda Shackelford and David Sachs
Naomi Shapiro
Tamsin Shoults
Sheila and Irving Silverman
Thomas E. Simonson
Jane and Philip Sine
Marian and Earl Sloan
Edwin and Grace Smith
Elina and Donald Smith
Jaquae Smith
Valerie and Michael Sorrentino
Nick and Martha Spofford
Edie Stafford
Margo Stalega
Bob Stauffer
J. Ronald Steiger, Jr.
Patricia Stephens
Catherine Stevens
Allison Stockel
Ann and Christopher Storm
Christian Straley
Dee and Joe Strilowich
Susan O. Strumer
Joann Sullivan
Lynne Swanson
Pat Swift
T. L. Bennett
Robert and Maryann Taraskiewicz
Helene Taylor
James and Anna Terleph
Ron and Pat Terrill
Joel Third
Charlene and Garry Thomas
Peggy Thomas
Margaret Thompson
Thorn Hill
Tom Thulin
Rosalind Till
Anne and Frank Tracy
Kathleen M. Trench
Agnes and Joe Troy
Maureen Tucker
Bob Tulipani
Tusk and Cup
Barbara B. Ughetta
Victor and Diane Ugolyn
David and Celeste Ulmer
Susan Umansky
Mary Ellen Utell
Tricia van Brakel
Kay and Ed Van Den Ameele
Kriszta and John Venczel
John Vignoli
Rachel Volpone
Richard and Shirley Walter
Alice Wang
Donna and John Ward
Carl and Donna Warren
Clifford and Jean Webb
Grace and Mark Weber
Karl and Corey Weber
Melinda and Donald Weber
Barbara Manners and Morgan Weber
Paula Weil
Michael Weiss
Peter C. Welch, M.D.
Julie Welsch
Bryn and Pat Welton
Kim and Guy Welton
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wendel
Pat Wiley
Don and Jayme Wilkinson
Anne L. Willett
Tim and Heidi Williams
Gina Wilson
Mark and Susan Wilterding
Alan and Susan Winsor
Lora and Gene Wishod
Tom and Mary Lee Wolf
Lester and Sharon Wormell
Mary Lou Worrall
Ann Wray
4/24/14 12:47 PM
You make so much possible.
Donor fold out new.indd 2
Whether you’re a member giving back because of the joy you find here; or a sponsor affirming
the importance of this population in your community; or a daughter shopping for hats at
Wine, Cheese & Accessories because you know how much this place means to your Mom, you
are vital to Founders Hall.
The name rings true because without you, Founders Hall wouldn’t survive.
“Donors’ Hall” has a nice ring.
A Single Strand
The Aaronson Family
Judith Abbott
Ruth Abrahamson
Veronica Alfredo
American Flora
Mike and Bobbie Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. James Arcuri
Mary Arena
Art Bags
Carmela Atkinson
Zofia Awlasewicz
Theresa Bach
Jack Baldaserini
Louise and Stan Baldyga
Janine Y. Banette
Sue Bankes
Anthony Barber
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Barber
Robert T. Barlow, CPA
Anita Barz
Carmel and Mario Battista
Sondra B. Bearden
Ralph and Emily Beck
Glenys Burton and Stephen Becroft
Barbara M. Bell
Ferne V. Bendel
Joan Benowitz
Phyllis and Jim Best
Elsa Beste-Gold
Devera Black
Dirk Bollenback
Donna and Michael Bonelli, Sr.
Mary Boyce
Tom and Nancy Bradbury
Zelda S. Brenner
Michelle Brewster
Dolores Briody
Greg and Anne Brodginski
Monica and Bill Brown
Mary Ellen Bruder
Maria and Guy Bucciero
Bob and Marty Burford
John and Margaret Burgess
Eileen and Gim Burton
Clarence Butler
Rosemarie Butler
Virginia Cain
Virginia Campbell
Elaine Canavan
Jean Cannistra
Mary Caravella
Quinn Caravella
Richard Carboni
Pat Carey
Dorothy Carr
Sara Champion
Jay Chase
A.F. Chiodo
Ed and Barbara Chrostowski
Kathryn Ciccolo
Cinture Belts
Donald C. Ciota
Dorothy Citro
Jinny and Warren Clark
Del Claussen
Shirley and John Clifford
Richard Cofone
FRIENDS (up to $100)
Ruth Coles
Suzanne Conlin
Sandra and Joseph Consentino
Cynthia Conti
Anne Cook
Kathleen Cook
Claire Copen
Florita Rose Coppola
Rosemary Corwin
Valerie M. Cosgrove
Dr. and Mrs. John Costa
Fred and Tina Cowles
Ruth and Charles Creamer
Kate and Larry Creedon
Joe and Colleen Cugine
Jane and Mark Cupkovic
Frank and Lisa Curra
Milo and Mary Jo Dalbey
Chester G. Dalzell
Dale Daniels
Ellen and Murray Darvick
Anita and David Daubenspeck
Helen DeFlorio
Muriel DeLorio
Ralph and Maria DeLucia
Richard and Marilyn Dempsey
The Denismore Families
Nina and Gerald DePass
Carmine and Donald DeYoung
John and Gloria Dickey
Julia and Anthony Diesu
Helen and Bob DiNucci
Mary Alice DiSalvo
Elizabeth M. Dolen
Ellen Doubraski
Irene and Michael Doyle
Tracy and Brett Dubin
Lorraine Duffy
Denis P. Duggan
Agnes Dunn
Penny Edwards
Mary Ellen Egan
Ellen, Kenny and Jonathan Elias
Gene and Ralph Ellis
Mr. and Mrs. L. Eng
Ann B. Erskine
Carol and Robert Essig
Etoile Gifts
Gen and Jim Fagan
John and Ann Faraguna
Suzanne M. Farina
Theodora Farrell
Beverly D. Faulds
Nellie V. Ferraris
Arlene M. Ferree
Alfred Fick
Zita Fine
Ann Fitzgerald
George and Jayne Flynn
Norene and Dan Foley
Isabel and Michael Forbes
Nancy Kilborne Fox
Dorothy M. Franks
Marion Freer
Resa and Charles Fremed
Laura Fried
Robert F. Fried
Barbara Frisenda
Margaret Froehlich
Thomas and Laura Fry
Carolyn Fuller
Functionally Fun
The Gabriele Family
Virginia Gager
William Gagnon
Antoinette and Michael A. Galella
Whatever your reason for giving, we are grateful for you; and we’re extraordinarily grateful that
there are too many of you to fit on a 4"x 6" card. So, open this fold-out (and open, open and
open again) to find your name. Then, take a moment to understand how you touched more
than 3,200 lives with your donation. When you do, we hope you’ll be inspired to donate again.
Julia Wright
Klaus and Elke Wunderlich
Barbara and Bill Wyman
Elizabeth H. Yohan
Victoria and David Yolen
Phyllis and John Gargiulo
Vern and Fay Gaudet
Frederick Gay
Mary Gelfman
Robert and Patricia Gentry
Helen and Laurence George
Catherine Ghee
Richard Gillespie
Marie and Matthew Gilmore
Marie and Sid Gladstone
Dorothy Glissmann
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Gluck
Ray Goddard
Avis Gonshak
Marjorie J. Goral
Carol Grasso
Merrile and Norman Green
Barclay and Sally Griffiths
Marjorie Grunebaum
Albert and Kathryn Guido
Kathy and Ray Gutierrez
The Gutman Family
Conte Guzman
Elise and Jay Haas
Carol J. Haley
Al and Dottie Hall
Arlene Hallett
Irene B. Hammler
Beth and Chuck Hancock
Carolyn A. Hansen
Skip and Holly Hardie
Irma Harkins
Carolyn G. Harriman
Geoff and Bonnie Harrington
Pam Harrington
Samuel Harris
Barbara Harrison
Fran Head
Doris H. Healey
Mary and Donald Healey
Kathleen Helu
Hella M. Hilbert
Carol and Frank Hillenbrand
The Himmelright Family
Hip Sister
Marge Holland
Dolores Holzbach
Emelie Howard
Frank and Beverly Hubbard
Harold Huberfeld
Donald and Nancy Hulnick
Christel and Peter Imfeld
Mary Ann Iwinski
Pauline and Don Jancin
Michael Jancz
Paul and Lyn Jasinski
Linda Jaslow
Laverle Jessup
Ann D. Jevne
Shirley A. Johnson
Irene Jurdy
Mary Lu Jurik
Wendy Kalman
Annette Kappes
Dr. and Mrs. Steven E. Karashik
Marjorie Karsch
Eileen and John Karwoski
Judith Maxen Katz
Margaret Keane
Michael and Patricia Kearney
E. Allen Kelley
Richard E. Kent
Patricia Keough
Diane Kerner
Arline and Robert Kimerling
Georgia Ann Kindgren
George and Carol King
Jane Kirby
Herb and Judy Klinger
Nancy and Steven Knortz
Mr. and Mrs. A. Kokalari
Gillian and Edward Kowalchuk
Maureen and Thomas Kozlark
Bill and Laurie Krebs
Ursula Kuehling
Flora Kueppers
Grace Kulwin
Rose Mary and Jack Kunze
Robin Lageman
Barbara W. Lane
Francine and Matt Lassandro
Susan Law
Carolyn Lawrence
Ada P. Leary
Ginny and George Leeman
Janet and John Leiphart
James and Kay Leisenring
Bob and Lori Lenz
Marie Libonati
Patricia Ligos
Marion Linhart
Joan and Jerry Lish
Tony and Marianne Loomis
Anna Lossius
Mary Ann and Martin Loughlin
Ann and Jeff Lundberg
Bob Lussi
Jonathan Lustig
Betty Lynch
Suzanne and Robert MacAvoy
Pat MacLeod
Marge Maddox
Susan Madieros
Mary and Jack Maguire
David and Kathryn Maher
Michele Mahland
Julia and Doug Mahoney
Carmela Maiorano
Joan Malin
Janet and Salvatore Mannuccia
Patricia and Paul Markowski
Lisa Mann and Rocco Marotta
Claire Marra
Mrs. Mildred W. Martin
Terry Martinelli
Irene and Pete Massagli
Louis Mattera
Maureen and Frank Matuszewski
B. William Mayer
Margaret Mayer
Vera Caporale and Richard Mayhew
Helen Mayrbaurl
Joanne and Edward McCormick
Bob and Joanne McDonald
Mr. Edmond J. McElroy
Betsey A. McGregor
Patricia K. McGregor
Margaret McKitty
Monica and Philip McMorran
Simone and Frank McNamara
Vivian C. Medeiros
Victor J. Melfi
John F. Metzger
Betty Miller
Chris Miller
Mary Miranda
Mary Misciagna
Jane Moffat
Caroline Molyneux
Mary R. Morrisroe
Anita G. Moss
Renate Moss
Joanne Moyler
Lynn and Jim Mullen
Doris Mulvaney
Sandy Mulvaney
Catherine and Peter Myers
Irene R. Myers
Justine Naphols
John and Tracy Neeson
Joanna Nichols
Joyce Nicoletti
Althea and Bob Nolan
John and Elaine Noonan
Lynn and Paige O’Brien
Helen Dimos and Ben Oko
Mr. and Mrs. James Onorato
Open Arms Design
Herb and Sandy Oringel
Dick and Jean Pagano
Fran Palazzo
Marsha and Louis Panzer
Dorothy D. Parker
Gene and Joanne Passaro
Lucille Paterniani
Mary Paterniani
Iris and Richard Paul
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Pavlak
Peaceable Hill Paperie
Sol Pearlman
Jean Pedersen
Phyllis Perron
Alexis Peter
Jane Mead Peter
Marilyn Pfeifer
Liz Piekarz
Jacqueline and Harry Pierandri
Diana and Charles Pietrangelo
Barbara J. Pokorak
Peggy F. Presson
Bruce and Wendy Preston
Hans and Lise Probst
Eileen Profeta
Nancy Anne Quain
Joseph and Janet Rabideau
Carol and George Radachowsky
Mico and Otto Raebiger
Beatrice E. Ratte
Cynthia Raymond
Doris and Ron Raymond
Rita A. Raynor
Kenneth and Gloria Reed
Haakon S. and Mary Joan Reinertsen
Maureen Reville
Vittoria Ricatti
Susan and Michael Richter
Meveral Rickert
Ridgefield Men’s Club
Ridgefield Music
Thomas and Nancy Riedy
Mr. and Mrs. William Rieke
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Rigby
Alfredo Risi
Larry Rizzo
Carol Roberts
Lynn Robertson
Mrs. John Rockwell
Eileen Roehr
Dorothy W. Rogers
Pat and Ed Rohe
Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Rolseth
Ruth and Al Roseff
Geraldine Rudnick
Barbara Ruschil
Russian Crafts
Inge Sands
Sarah Bernhardt Ceramics
Florence Sarath
GussieAnn Savoca
Thomas and Catherine Savoca
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Scala
Rita and Barry Schaffer
Manny and Nancy Schecter
Joanne and Thomas Schiller
Ann Schmitter
Suzanne and Charles Schmitz
Shirley Schneiderman
Leann and Mark Schumann
Zelda and Raphael Schwartz
Anne and Roger Scott
David Scott
Joan Scribner
Shel Secunda
Sigmund Sedlmaier
Nancy Seibert
Richard and Ruth Sell
Raymond and Catherine Sementini
Elizabeth and Vincent Sganga
Miriam and Arthur Shane
Joseph Shapiro and Ilene Traiger
Ben and Darla Shaw
Eileen S. Shaw
Frank and Pat Shaw
Robert L. Hurtgen and Eugene F.
Margaret Short
Jan and Paul Siegel
Mary Sileo
Joyce Silverstadt
Ida Silvestri
JoAnn Simon
Gary Singer
Ann and Dan Sitomer
Irma Slavin
Claire F. Sloan
Josephine C. Smith
Peter and Christine Smith
E. Marilyn Smyth
Alicia and John Snakard
Bea and John Soi
Ralph and Rita Specht
Joann L. Spence
Anthony Spinelli
Nancy Squitieri
Dolores Stankey
Rose Stanton
Lina Stefanelli
Ali and Bernard Stein
Helen Stevens
Edith Stilwell
Judith Stotz
James and Elma Stoveken
Rob and Judy Strom
Sylvia P. Sturges
Florence Sunkens
Jonas Swenson
Martha Talburt
Marjorie Tango
Dr. Barbara Tansky
Joseph and Helena Tauber
Donald Taylor
Paul and Catherine Tedesco
Edward T. Thompson
Ellen and David Tillem
Mary Tobin
Marjorie and John Toner
Peter A. Torzilli
Irving Touval
Gisela Trimarchi
Carmela Tripi
Michael and Jane Troy
Pearl Turk
Barbara Ullmann
Albert and Elayne Ungar
Josina van der Maas
Joann Vasi
Linda and George Vasil
Carol and Richard Vazzana
Rosanna Velluzzi
Veronica and Vincent Viggiano
Hank and Peggy Vosswinkel
Eva Wajda
Gail Wallace
Janet Oakley Wallace
Nancy Warzecha
Barbara Watson
Frank A. Weber
Carrie R. Wells
Lisa and Jay Whelan
Walter K. Wieland
Josette and Hank Williams
Marie C. Williams
Joan Wilson
Perry C. Wilson
Wilton Artisans Seaglass
Breeda Winston
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wisniewski
Beth Yanity
Vicki and Darwin Yoran
Dolores York
Paul R. Young
Adriana Ippoliti Zandri
Amy Zhang
Jerry and Carol Zilinskas
Lee Blum’s 90th birthday
Sarah Bouissou
Nancy Carotti
Treva Collins
Paul and Ann Coughlin
Elaine and John Couri
Julienne and Jack Daniels
Sharon Dornfeld
Tracy Dubin
Barbara and Harry Egnor
Jon Elkow
Harriet and Howard Jacobs
Peggy Jett’s 80th birthday
Olivia and Ava Jones
Rose Joyce
Deborah Katchko-Gray
Elizabeth Kemp
Rhoda Klarsfeld
Vicki Merten
Frances Oakley
Catherine Stevens
Grace Weber
Arnold Abrahamson
Dominic J. Antonucci
Imelda Attridge
Deno and Florence Bellagamba
The Berges family
Justine Butler
Mario Carotti
Mary Chiodo
John Citro
Sally Cornell
Deceased members of the
Corsini family
Christine Dartley
Amy Wang Davis
Joan Degnan Driscoll
Pat Figliola
Patrick J. Fisher
Deceased members of the
Fisher family
Bill Fitzgerald
Judy Gaugler
Dino and Jean Giardini
Julius Goodman
Cathy Hart Hughes
Carolyn Hartigan
Belle and Simmy Hartstone
Ann Hastings
Stephanie Boles Kavanagh
Marion King
Fay Weiss Knapp
Louis Kull
Bob Law
Ada Leary
Helen Leary
Pamela Lowell
R.C. Marra
Betsy McAuliffe
Scott McKeefe
Chuck Merten
William Glenn Monti
Alberta Morris
Deceased members of The O.W.L.S.
Christian Pachul
Helen Rella
Paul Richards
Marcella Rizzo
Elissa J. Ruccia
Janice Sahlstrand
Bernard and Muriel Schmierer
Alain Schmitter
Bobbie Schneider
Joseph Schneider
Henry Schulman
Barney Setterstrom
Alice Shreiner
John Silvestri
Cora Spratt
Bud Swerz
Clarice Taylor
Bettie Jane Third
Irv Toplin
Georgine Tulipani
The Ughetta family
John Ur
David Watson
Margaret Weiss
Donald K. Willett
Angelo Zandri
Albano Appliance and Service
Ancona’s Market
Benizger Family Winery
John and Lori Berisford
Laura and Bill Borofsky
William and Doris Bosworth
Brooks Brothers
Max and Fran Caldwell
Jo Ann and Michael Cali
Elaine Canavan
Casey Energy
The Chefs’ Warehouse
Colonial Cleaners
Suzanne Conlin
Jeanne Cook
Valerie M. Cosgrove
Mary Jo Costabile
Beatrice Davies
Distinctive Favours
Meg Downs
Events Party and Tent Rentals
Richard and Evelyn Godbout
Marilyn Gordon
Carol Grasso
The Gutman Family
Ian and Margaret Jenner
Bessie Krysiewich
Mary Ann and Bill Lang
John and Jeanette Mannuzza
Renate Moss
Mueller Designs
Peaceable Farms
Tina Phillips
Candace Plechavicius
Tom and Mary Laura Pritchard
Nancy and Ramesh Ratan
Inge Sands
E. Marilyn Smyth
Lina Stefanelli
Stop and Shop
Joel Third
Alayne Vlachos
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