Cody Hopkins



Cody Hopkins
Grass Roots
Small farms, growing strong.
What are the
cooperative’s goals?
• To make sustainable
agriculture a viable way of
life for farmers on smallscale farms.
The Problem…
• To provide economically
disadvantaged minorities
the opportunity to earn a
living wage.
• To improve consumers’
access to healthy,
humanely raised foods.
The benefit of cooperating?
By sharing production, processing, aggregation, distribution, and
marketing resources, our farmers can focus on their farming and
raise animals using the most humane, responsible practices.
Our standards are developed and implemented
by our production staff.. They are reviewed
annually and may be revised to reflect
The production staff regularly visits each farm
to ensure that the standards are being met. Any
violation is reported to the board, who decides
what action is required.
Scale and Consistency
Transparency and
-The full-length version of our
production standards are
published on our website.
-Any customer who wants to
come out and visit one of our
farms to see how we operate is
invited to do so.
-Bi-annually we have a series of
open-farm days where farms in
different regions host large
groups of customers who want
to tour the land and enjoy a
meal of local foods.
Sales Channels
● Grass Roots Delivered
● Restaurants
● Institutions
● Distributors
We connect our
farmers to markets
and ensure quality
and integrity from
pasture to plate.
Grass Roots
Small farms, growing strong.
Cody Hopkins
[email protected]

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