The HBHS Record - Herne Bay High School



The HBHS Record - Herne Bay High School
Autumn Term 2015
The HBHS Record
GCSE Results 2015
The results this year once again reflect the hard work and commitment of the students and their
teachers in achieving the highest levels of individual personal success.
This year there has been a slight increase in the number of students achieving 5+ A*-C grades and
those achieving 5+ A*-G grades. In addition, there has been a noticeable increase in the numbers of
students achieving the highest A* and A grades across a range of subjects, from the traditional
EBacc subjects such as Geography to the more creative subjects such as Art, Dance and Catering
Studies. Students have also achieved well across the vocational BTEC courses including Business
Studies, Health and Social Care and PE and Sport, many securing merits and distinctions for their
As the community school for Herne Bay we remain committed to providing the range of
appropriate academic, creative and vocational courses to engage and challenge students in order
that they can achieve. These GCSE and BTEC qualifications then provide a sound basis on which to
develop individual post-16 study pathways. I am pleased to report that this year we have received
a record number of enquiries and applications for our sixth form and look forward to welcoming
back many of our students, as well as students from other local schools, into Year 12.
Dr Owen (Principal)
Herne Bay High School
A level Results - 13th
August 2015
We are celebrating another successful year of A level
This year 100% pass rates were achieved in the
following A Level subjects: Health & Social Care,
Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Art Graphics,
Photography, Art 3D, Fine Art, Geography, History,
Religious Studies, Psychology, Sociology, English
Literature, Media Studies and Product Design.
Our vocational subjects excelled and as a Sports
College we have continued the 100% pass rate on the
BTEC Sport (Development, Coaching & Fitness)
courses and 10 (double or triple A Level) students
achieved the highest award possible of double or
treble Distinctions*.
Of the students who sat their final exams this summer
over half of them will be going to university and have
secured a place, studying a wide range of courses. In
addition to more traditional subjects, we also have
students opting for courses in Paramedic Science,
International Events Management and a variety of
courses in sport, theatre and dance. Although some
students have elected to follow higher education
courses locally, two thirds of the cohort are choosing
to study at a university outside Kent, including
London, Loughborough, Southampton, Chichester,
Coventry, Suffolk, Hertfordshire, and Brighton.
Other students will be taking up workplaces or
undertaking professional training e.g. apprenticeships
with companies such as Pfizers and STA. A small
number of students have elected to work and travel on
a Gap Year.
Over 150 students have applied to join the 6 th Form in
September and we remain in a strong position to offer
a full range of successful courses for the students who
live in and around Herne Bay.
Residential trip to Paris
On 15th July, 44 students went on a three day trip to Paris.
The trip was organised by Miss Willetts. On our first day
we visited the Cité des Sciences, the Arc de Triomphe
and after dinner we walked to the Louvre. On day two,
we visited Notre Dame where we stopped to take photos,
then we walked to Jardins de Luxembourg where we
split into groups and journeyed to the depths of the
Catacombes. After lunch, we boarded the Batobus which
took us along the Seine river to the Eiffel Tower. By this
time is was 38 degrees but everyone managed to climb
the 367 steps to the first floor, and most of us continued
up 674 steps to the second floor! The view was
spectacular. After dinner we were so tired we went
straight to bed, ready for our third day at Parc Asterix.
We had a really great trip and it was lovely to see a
different city. The food was good and we all had a really
good time!
Mr Jenkins (Vice Principal Post 16)
Victoria Williams JRS
CoPE group enjoy a
residential trip to the
Lake District
At the end of the summer term the
CoPE Level 3 course culminated in the
pupils undertaking a residential trip to
the Lake District which was part of the
course criteria. This entailed them
having to plan the trip, organise the
activities and raise all the money
necessary to make the visit financially
viable. A great time was had by all!
Mr Horton (Head of OAA)
Louis Walsh’s new band visits
Hometown, Louis Walsh’s new band, visited HBHS in July to
perform a gig for Year 7 students.
The band played some of their own songs and covered other
famous tracks.
The Year 7s were overwhelmed by the whole experience,
which was organised as recognition for their excellent work
and behaviour over the year.
HBHS hosts its own General Election
There is a significant body of
evidence that suggests that
young people are becoming
increasingly disengaged with
electoral politics. Indeed around
50 years ago approximately the
same number of 18-24 year olds
voted as those people over the
age of 65. However by 2005 only
28 per cent of 18-24 year olds were
voting compared with 75 per cent
of over 65s.
Although there has clearly been
a significant drop in young
people voting in General
Elections, there is a school of
thought that suggests that young
people have turned to nonelectoral forms of engagement:
ones that are issue-based, rather
than political party-based.
At HBHS we believe that it is
important that our young people
are given the opportunity to
engage in political discussions
and become more aware of the
political process and the need to
seriously consider the role that
each individual has in shaping
their own and others’ futures.
It was with this in mind that the
school organised its own General
Students were informed of how
the political process operated, and
they were challenged to consider
what issues were important
to them and which political party they What has also proved
felt was most representative of their
interesting for the students to
own views and values.
consider is that their own
Mini Community may not
On the same day as the real General
have voted for the
Election (8th May), students were
Conservatives in large
encouraged to cast their votes on the numbers, but the Tories still
basis of policies not people – in other won the school election.
words they weren’t voting for a
particular person but rather for the
The Mini Community results
political party that they felt they
were as follows:
would like to see in power.
 Jupiter ~ 1st place Labour,
Over 700 students voted and the
2nd place UKIP, 3rd place
results were as follows:
 Mercury ~ 1st place Labour,
2nd place
 Neptune ~ 1st place
Conservatives, 2nd place
Green Party
UKIP, 3rd place Labour
 Saturn ~ 1st place UKIP, 2nd
By just 28 votes the Conservative
place Conservatives, 3rd
Party won the HBHS General Election place Labour
from UKIP.
 Venus ~ 1st place
Conservatives, 2nd place
What has proved fascinating for
UKIP, 3rd place Green Party
students to consider is how the real
 6th form ~ 1st place Green
General Election result for our
Party, 2nd place Labour, 3rd
constituency (North Thanet) mirrored place Conservatives
the school result with Sir Roger Gale,
for the Conservatives, being reelected, with UKIP coming second,
Labour third and the Green Party
Democracy in action – HBHS’s own
General Election
General Election – some useful information:
A UK Parliament has a maximum duration of five years. At the end of the five years, or before, a general election must take
place so new members of parliament (MPs) can be elected by the people. In the 2015 General Election 66.1% of people voted.
What is a General Election? The election of all MPs for each constituency (local area) is called a General Election. In the UK we
vote for the candidate in our local area (constituency) who we wish to represent us in the House of Commons. The UK has 650
constituencies. The UK system is different from the USA’s system where they vote for the President/Vice-President they wish to
see and then they vote for their local representatives separately. In the UK, the winning candidate from each constituency
becomes an MP and takes a seat in the House of Commons. The political party with the most MPs in the House of Commons
gets to form the government and that political party’s leader becomes Prime Minister .
Technology Trip to London
On the 14th of July we went on a Technology trip to the Tower Bridge, London and the Design
Museum. We arrived at school at 8:00 and signed in at 8:30 with Mr Man, Mrs Cooper, Mr
Reynolds and Mrs Shaw in the covered courtyard. There were two groups A and B and Mr Man
told us all which groups we were in. The journey took one hour and a half and everyone was
excited. Once we had got off the coach we walked in front of the museum and separated into
our two groups and were told where we were going and what time. Group A went in the
museum until lunch and did a session learning about materials of different products and group
B walked onto Tower Bridge and also learned how it was built and who built it until lunch.
Once lunch was over the two groups swapped over until it was time to go back to school.
Everyone enjoyed the trip and would love to go back even though some people were a little
scared about going onto Tower Bridge. It was a great experience and everyone learned so much
from the museum. The museum was very interesting as it had products from the past and what
things that we might see in the future. We got back at school at 5:00 and everyone got collected
by their parents. It was a great and successful day!! (My favourite part of the day was Tower
Bridge even though I was scared and also I loved the gift shop). The reason why I was scared is
that I don’t like heights. The glass floor on the tower makes you feel that you will fall down as
you can see the cars beneath
you, but as I stepped on it I was fine and I faced
my fear!
Article by Kierney Oliver JMA
Photos by Sophie Waller NDF
Attendance – the facts:
Regular attendance at school is vital to help children achieve and get the best possible start in life.
Children who frequently miss school often fall behind.
There is a strong link between good school attendance and achieving good results. For example, only 12% of
pupils with below 80% school attendance achieve five or more GCSEs at grades A*-C including English and
Maths, compared to 68% for pupils with attendance greater than 95%.
Furthermore, good attendance at school shows potential employers that a young person is reliable.
At HBHS we place a very high value on attendance, as research suggests a clear link between high
attendance rates and future success both within school and ultimately within the workplace. Indeed Kent
County Council research suggests that students with an attendance of 95% or better have a 91% chance of
gaining 5 A*-C grades, whilst students who fall below 95% attendance have a 36% chance of gaining 5 A*
to C grades.
A document was published by the Government on school attendance which came into effect from the 1 st
of September 2013 see:
Some notable elements include:
 A Headteacher no longer has the discretion to grant any leave of absence during term time.
 Medical appointments. Missing registration for a medical or dental appointment is counted as an
absence. Schools are to encourage students to make appointments out of school hours. Where this
is not possible, the pupil should only be out of school for the minimum amount of time. Illness –
change to guidance means that for any child that is absent for 15 days or more through illness, a
referral should be made immediately to the local authority via the GP, so that education can be
accessed at home.
 Guidance is categoric that there must be no delay in these cases. Also, as is our normal practice,
schools can request parents to provide medical evidence to support illness and record it as
unauthorised if not satisfied with the seriousness of the illness compared to the amount of time
taken out of school.
 If you have any concerns about your child’s attendance or wish to discuss attendance issues,
please speak to Mrs Molloy, the school’s Attendance and Administration Manager, on 01227
Mrs Molloy (Attendance and Administration Manager)
Kent School Climbing League
The final of the Kent School Climbing League (KSCL)
was held at HBHS during the summer term and once
again proved to be a great success for Herne Bay High
students who won two out of the four categories.
Anybody interested in learning more about the league
should access at the following website:
OAA in the community
Members of the HBHS OAA team have been
assisting St Nicholas’ School to deliver the BCU 1 star
award so their school’s pupils are able to gain
accreditation whilst having fun.
The Outdoor and
Adventurous Activity
(OAA) trip to the
Ardeche in France
The OAA educational visit to the Ardeche
in July was, as always, a great success with
all pupils loving their time away and
benefitting from the life skills that they
gained. The next Ardeche trip will be July
2017 and open to years 8,9,10 and 12. Please
speak to Mr Horton for further information.
Primary school poets showcase their way with words
Pupils proved they had a winning way with words at a school event dedicated to the power of
Youngsters from Briary Primary School, Swalecliffe Primary School, Joy Lane Primary School in
Whitstable and Whitstable Junior School joined students from Herne Bay High School for the first
ever ‘Slam by the Sea’ – a showcase of the coastal towns’ creative talents.
The celebration culminated in a final featuring nine solo, paired or group performances of work
written by the young poets themselves. A panel of Herne Bay High School students scored each
entry and chose the Poetry Brothers from Briary as the winners, with Hollie Lobban from
Swalecliffe as runner-up.
Poetry Slam organiser Mrs Vass, Head of Key Stage 3 English at Herne Bay High, said the
standard had been incredibly high.
She said: “I was really impressed, and it’s a cliché but all the performers were winners. There was
some fantastic work and really confident performances and I think we achieved our aim, of
showing that poetry is anything but boring.”
Poet Dan Simpson, who was the district’s Poet Laureate last year, worked with the pupils and
also compered the event. He told the children of a phrase credited to poet Marc Smith, who
staged the first ever poetry slam, that the points were not the point but the poem was the point.
The Briary Poetry Brothers team, made up of Year 6 pupils Bradley Payne, Elliot Webster, Jamie
Jones and Danny Gardener, performed a piece written by Bradley on the theme “I come from…”.
Their initial performance earned standing ovations from two of the judges, who praised their
confidence and original ideas.
Holly won praise for her passionate performance which connected with the judges as well as her
use of imagery in her poem.
A Briary duo, Harry Collier and Joe McLean, were awarded third place after impressing with
their props, high standard of performance and hard work in preparing their piece.
The pupils had started work on their poems in sessions at their own schools, with Herne Bay
High School pupils, and had also worked together in groups on the morning of the slam.
Some of the poems created that day were performed while the judges deliberated.
Year 10 pupil Katie Ashenden, who judged the finalists alongside Charlotte Evans, Liam Rider
and Aodhan Dunican, said it had been a difficult decision.
She added: “We marked each performer out of 10 but they were all outstanding and it was very
hard to separate them.
“I really enjoyed being part of the event and I was so impressed with what each group achieved.”
Reminder to parents.
If you are parking in the local vicinity, could we ask that you are mindful of
our neighbours and not park across driveways
Gold School Games Kitemark
The School Games Kitemark is the Government-led awards scheme that rewards schools for their
commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community. We were
awarded the Gold standard for the last two years against the criteria which relate to the amount of Level 1
School competitions (intra-school mini-community sport), Level 2 inter-school sport and Level 3 (county
and national competitions). The criteria also assesses the involvement of students in the organisation,
leading and officiating of sport and competitions and the school’s links with community clubs. In July we
were delighted to hear that we have been awarded the Gold Kitemark once again for our good practice in
2014-15. Mrs Bourne (Director of Sport)
Primary Skate Project – “Sidney’s Skate School”
HBHS hosted the 3rd primary skate project in the Bay Arena. Pupils from local primary and infant schools attended
the project for 5 weeks, many starting as complete beginners. Over the weeks they have progressed from novice to
competent skaters with the help of Mick Harris and coaches from Herne Bay Roller Hockey Club, and assisted by
Herne Bay High sports leaders.
The initiative is the brainchild of Sarah Green, a primary teacher at Herne Junior School. She set up the first project in
2013 as part of INSPIRE, the Kent Schools’ Education Olympics Legacy Programme. The continuation of the legacy
has been made possible by the collaboration of local teachers, HBHS, Active Life and HB Roller Hockey Club. Over 50
primary pupils have been involved from Hampton Primary School, Herne Infants School, Herne Bay Junior School,
Herne Junior School and Briary Primary School.
Visit to Kings College, London
A group of year 9 students were invited to visit King’s College London as part of The Future Scholar’s
Award Scheme. The scheme is set out to give students a taster of the courses available at university.
During the day there were numerous activities including a lecture, question sessions with students and a
tour of the campus. The event was informative and helped students to discover the benefits of attending
A student who visited wrote: “On the trip to the university, we walked past a number of monuments
including Buckingham Palace, The National Gallery and Nelson’s Column. Going on the train was exciting
for me because it was my first train journey in 10 years. Once we got into Victoria Station it took us about
30 minutes to walk to the university. We didn’t take the underground so that we could see the monuments
around London.
When we got to the university, we had a warm welcome with tea and coffee and then we waited to go into
the lecture. In the lecture theatre some people associated with the university explained what student life
was like. I found this interesting because that was a question I had on my mind too. In fact, for 30 minutes
a number of our questions were answered. We had a teacher from the King’s College University give us a
lecture on parasites. It gave me an idea of what the teaching would be like there. I especially enjoyed the
tour of the university. A student from the university showed us around, I saw a couple of the lecture
theatres and they looked great. The building was very old fashioned and had lots of historical features.
The standard of the cafeterias looked amazing and we had our lunch there, which was very nice. Due to
the fact that the university was in the centre of London, there were lots of places you could visit easily.
At the end of the day, two people came in and had a talk with us about living our dreams. They were
really funny and made us all laugh. They gave me some good ideas to help me stay focussed on our work
and dreams.
I was worried about the cost of university because I also have a twin sister who would like to go to
university. We were told that you can pay the loan back once you are earning a good wage. We were also
told that if you do not earn a certain amount of money each year, you would not have to pay back the
Goodbye and Thank You
This term we sadly say goodbye to Sally Luckhurst who joined HBHS as Partnership Development Manager
in September 2003. Sally has built from scratch the phenomenal Herne Bay and East Kent School Sports
Partnership which is such an important part of our work in the community in PE and Sport. Sally and her
team have impacted on the sporting lives of literally thousands of young people across the local area and the
Partnership has been nationally recognised for being in the top 10% in the country for engaging young people
to participate in clubs and competitions and for developing opportunities for all in competition, leadership
and volunteering. Sally leaves an enormous legacy not just at HBHS but across the network of primary and
secondary schools in Herne Bay, Whitstable and Faversham. Sally will be returning to teaching and we wish
her all the very best in her new challenge.
Mrs Bourne (Director of Sport)
A Big Welcome to our new Senior Student Leadership Team
Dr Owen received many excellent applications from sixth formers to become the next Head Boy and
Head Girl of the school, and after a rigorous selection and interview process the decision was made
that Holly Carver and Conor Summers be the new Head Girl and Boy (both on the far right of the
picture), and Luke Holland and Sophie Lateu would become the Deputy Head Boy and Girl.
Who needs the Great British
Bake off?
On Wednesday 1st July, in temperatures
reaching 34°C (measured by the school’s
weather station), year 10 students were
taking their GCSE Catering ‘practical’
examinations. Despite the unbearably
hot temperatures students worked
feverishly to prepare and cook four
dishes (one of which had to be savoury)
to be served for ‘Afternoon Tea’. All
students did exceedingly well and
should be congratulated on their efforts
in such challenging and uncomfortable
The 10 most borrowed books from the LRC
for 2014-2015
There have been around 13,00 loans from HBHS LRC over
the academic year and for the most borrowed books list see
The Enemy by Charlie Higson
Brilliant world of Tom Gates by
Liz Pichon
The bunker diary by Kevin
Zom-B by Darren Shan
Billionaire boy by David
Diary of a wimpy kid: long haul
by Jeff Kinney
Fault in our stars by John Green
Megan by Mary Hooper
All the truth that’s in me by Julie
10 Wonder by R J Palacio
Reading is a skill that improves with practice so please continue to support your reader.
Students should develop good habits in order to get the best out of
Students must ensure that they are fully prepared for their day at school in order to ensure that they give
themselves the very best chance of fulfilling their potential and enjoying and getting the best out of their
It is therefore vital that students develop and maintain good habits with regard to preparing for their day
at school. We have identified seven good habits that every student should practice:
Student should make sure that they complete their homework on time.
 Students should check ‘Show My Homework’ regularly and use their diary if they find this a
useful way to note down homework tasks. If a student is unsure about their homework then they
should see their teacher before the hand in date to ask for help.
Students should make sure that every homework is completed to the very best of their ability.
 Students must devote enough time to their homework each evening to produce homework that they
are proud of. Students should develop good habits at home regarding when they do their homework
and where they do it, so it becomes a normal part of their day.
Student should make sure that they have all the equipment they need for their lessons.
 Every student has a personalised timetable and they should keep copies of this at home and in their
school bag/blazer, in addition some students find it useful to take a picture of their timetable on
their phone as well. Each evening students should pack their school bag and the following morning
just have a quick check that everything is in their bag for the day ahead.
Students must make sure that they have this swipe card.
 Students need to get into the habit of bringing in their swipe card to school every day, otherwise
they can’t print work out. If a student loses their card they should go to Main Reception where
they can purchase another card.
Key Stage 3 students must make sure they bring a reading book to school every day and read
regularly at home.
 There is overwhelming evidence that literacy has a significant relationship to students’
educational outcomes, life chances and general well-being, we therefore are eager to promote
reading both in school and at home for all of our students.
Students, if they have PE, must make sure that they have their complete PE kit.
Students, if they have catering, must make sure that they have all the necessary ingredients for
their cooking lesson.
A key element of the ‘Home/School Agreement’, that is signed by all parents/carers and students upon
entry to the school, highlights the strength of student, parents/carers and the school working together to
ensure that each child achieves to their potential. Therefore we ask that parents/carers continue to
support us and their child in helping them to get ready for each school day.
We would ask that parents/carers and students to ask the following two key questions, preferably every
evening but certainly each morning prior to leaving for school:
1. Has all of the required equipment been packed for the day ahead eg. books, pencil case,
calculator, PE kit, catering equipment, diary, reading book, swipe card etc.
2. Has all homework been completed to a high standard.
If a student needs support in developing good habits, then they should speak to their mentor who will
help them to develop appropriate strategies and approaches.
HBHS’s Pupil Premium Package
Free School
school trips
Additional financial
support if
Economic times are tough with
very few people receiving pay
rises, record numbers out of work,
a lack of jobs available, benefits
and overtime being cut and prices
ever increasing. Arguably then it
has never been more important to
ensure that everyone takes
advantage of any financial
support that they are eligible for.
To be eligible for the PPP the
pupil's family must be in receipt of
one of the following benefits, and
claiming Free School Meals, Income
Support; Income Based Jobseekers
Allowance; Child Tax Credit (not
including Working Tax Credit) - if the
household income is below £16190; the
Guaranteed Element of State Pension
Credit or be Asylum Seekers.
As such schools are encouraged to
publicise the Pupil Premium
Package (PPP). The PPP is
additional money that the school
receives to support its children.
It is worth noting that HBHS is
committed in ensuring that any
child who receives the PPP is not
singled out or made to feel in
anyway different.
At HBHS, we have a PPP that
aims to offer individualised,
practical and financial support to
our children, this will include
subsiding school trips, helping
with the purchase of resources to
support students’ progress and
responding to individual requests
for financial support to ensure
that all students have the same
opportunities and progress at the
same rate.
The school has also established
ways to ensure that no-one, other
than the child, will know that they
receive Free School Meals (FSM) as
each lunch time they will have
their cashless catering card
automatically credited with £2.44.
This can be spent in the school’s
restaurant on either hot or cold
Should the child not use their FSM
allowance or have not spent it all,
at 1.20pm their card is
automatically wiped. It is worth
considering that this means that a
child who receives FSM will benefit
from an additional £12.20 per week
or around £450 per year.
If you wish to have more
information or ask any questions
please email
[email protected] or
phone the school and ask to speak
to Mrs Clifton (Dr Owen’s Personal
Mrs Clifton will also be able to
point parents in the right direction
to apply for this opportunity.
Year 12 Induction and Trip to
Year 11 students have the opportunity to apply for the
6th Form at Herne Bay High from Nov – Feb.
Information Advice and Guidance meetings take place
in March and part of the Conditional Offer is to attend
the Year 12 induction programme from the 6 – 8 July.
This year over 170 students attended the induction
including a large number of external students from
other schools. The first two days of the induction
enables students to have ‘taster’ lessons on their chosen
subjects and to have an idea of how 6th Form life will
be. The final day of the induction is a trip to Brighton
and this allows the 6th Form Team and students to get
to know one another and provides the students with a
feel for the culture and diversity of Brighton.
Joshua to play for England
Joshua Branchett, as well as being picked
for the U17 England Roller Hockey Team
last year, has been picked this year to
play for the England Under 20 Team.
This team will participate in the 2015
World Championships in Barcelona,
Spain. Well done Joshua!
Trip to see The Lion King
On Thursday 4th June, Year 12 and 13
students went to see the production of the
‘Lion King’ at the Lyceum Theatre in
The Disney animated film has been
transformed into an amazing, colourful and
spectacular performance. Set against the
majesty of the Serengeti Plains to the
evocative rhythms of Africa, this spectacular
production explodes with glorious colours,
stunning effects and enchanting music to tell
the timeless story of Simba and his epic
journey to fulfil his destiny as King of the
All students were captivated by the amazing
costumes, singing and dancing. One Year 13,
said ‘It’s out of this world!!’
Mrs L Wrigley 6th Form Manager
Herne Bay High School’s Rules
Students must not bring the name of the school into disrepute either by their words or actions, whether
these be physical or electronic.
Students are expected to behave in a polite, courteous and considerate manner at all times and to all
members of the school community and should behave sensibly, quietly and walk when within the school
Students must not leave the school site at any time during school hours, including break and lunchtimes,
without prior agreement between the school and parents/carers.
Students are expected to be punctual and to be in the right place at the right time.
Students must not use electronic methods eg. social networking sites, text messaging or email to post or
share pictures, videos or comments relating to any member of the school community without their express
Students are expected to wear the correct school uniform and conform to the school’s expectation on
jewellery, make-up, hair colour and style.
Students should bring an appropriate bag to school every day and carry with them the following items of
equipment, at least two pens; two pencils; a set of colouring pencils; an eraser; pencil sharpener; a ruler;
compass; protractor; scientific calculator and Key Stage 3 students should carry a reading book. We
encourage our KS3 Heron and GCSE French students to purchase and bring a French school dictionary to every
Should a student wish to bring a mobile phone to school, they must turn it off between 8.30 and the end of
the school day and must not send or receive calls or messages until they have finished school for the day.
Any contravention of this rule could result in the student’s phone being taken from them and securely
stored until the end of the day or until a parent/carer is available to come in to collect the phone.
Note - the school is unable to accept responsibility for any items of value brought into school that are either lost
or damaged, such as, but not exhaustively, mobile phones, laptops, ipods, games consoles, bicycles or money.
The following are a list of “prohibited items” (as
detailed by the Department for Education) that
must not be brought to school:
* knives and weapons
* alcohol
* illegal drugs
* stolen items
* tobacco and cigarette papers
* fireworks
* pornographic images
* any article that has been or is likely to be used
to commit an offence , cause personal injury or
damage to property; and
The following items are "banned items" within Herne
Bay High School:
* Drug paraphernalia
*Matches or lighters
* E-cigarettes
* Legal highs
* Energy drinks
* Laser pens
* Shisha pens
* Catapults
* Guns of any kind including replicas and BB guns
* Offensive material (pornographic, homophobic,
racist etc.)
* Permanent markers
The Department for Education's document from February 2014 in which behaviour and discipline in schools
is discussed can be found at This document lays out both the responsibilities and the powers that schools have re. this area.
Surrey University Summer School
During the summer term, I attended Surrey University’s summer school for ‘The Business World’. This
was a mixture of subjects such as law, business and engineering. I took part in the law subject strand and
stayed at the university for four days, enabling me to meet students that were of the same mind-set as
myself and experience university life, meaning that I could discover whether it was the right option for
me as an individual.
Throughout the four days, I participated in various group activities. For example, I took part in client
interviews, writing up letters, negotiating clients terms with solicitors and being involved in mock trials.
Additionally, I got the opportunity to sit through lectures on different aspects of law, such as, defamation,
sentencing and punishment.
Furthermore, as well as taking part in the academic side of what university offers its students, I was able
to experience the social aspect of university life. During the evenings as groups, we went out for dinner
and took part in activities within campus and also outside of campus in Guilford town, and at the leisure
centre near by. This meant that we could experience making new friends and this helped us to understand
what we could expect from living in halls with others.
From the experience itself I’ve gained copious amounts of knowledge about my future and how suited I
feel to university life. Additionally, I have come away with valued insight of law as a subject and what I
can expect from the degree. This has enabled me to decide whether it’s the right choice for me. By taking
part in the summer school, I have also made lots of friends who I am still in contact with. I valued my
experience deeply and express profusely that it is an amazing opportunity for anyone who is unsure
about university or just wants to experience a short glimpse into their future as students.
Sophie Lateu
Year 13 Leavers’ Prom @ The Horsebridge Centre
A beautiful summer’s evening at The Horsebridge Centre Whitstable was the setting for the Year 13
Herne Bay High School Leavers’ Prom. It was an evening of celebration following all the hard work
throughout the year and the end of the advanced examinations.
Many thanks to Head Boy – Louis Wilson and Head Girl – Rebecca Johnson for their commitment
and hard work during the year.
Over 70 students and staff enjoyed this annual occasion and we wish all students well in their
future plans.
Head Boy/Girl Article
Being Head Girl and Boy of Herne Bay High School has been an amazing experience for the both
of us and we are very proud to have been elected for the position. We will really treasure the
experience and opportunities even with the highs and lows involved and we feel the experience
has helped us to develop our skills as individuals. One of the very first opportunities we had was
to speak at the Year 6 Open Evening in front of over one thousand people on behalf of the student
body. This in itself was a challenge as neither of us have had much experience in public speaking.
After the nerve racking few moments of our speech we received a confidence boost from the
applause at the end. After this we had the pleasure of organising the fund raising events for
Children In Need, we arranged a large cake sale and competition which helped raise more than
Throughout the year we have faced challenges managing our role alongside our A’ Level studies.
This has helped us gain valuable skills such as time keeping, prioritising, communication and
organisation; these will all prove priceless in later life.
It has been an honour and a privilege to represent our school throughout the year, we have both
had so much fun doing so. We are eternally grateful for being given this opportunity and we feel
very sad that our time as Head Girl and Head Boy has come to an end; but this point also marks
the end of our time at Herne Bay High. Although it will be difficult for us to leave our school, we
are confident that the new Head Girl, Holly Carver and Head Boy, Conor Summers, along with
their deputies Sophia Lateu and Luke Holland, will take up the reins and do really well. We wish
them every success for this coming year and the very best of luck!
Rebecca Johnson & Louis Wilson ~ Head Girl & Head Boy (2014/15)
Herne Bay High School’s Uniform Policy
All students:
Black blazer with the school badge
· Plain white shirt with a ‘classic’ collar, with a top button that should be done up for the
whole day
· School tie related to the Mini-Community to which the child belongs. The school tie should be
worn at the correct length with the top Heron logo showing below the knot when the tie is done up
All students should have a plain outer coat (not a fleece, sweatshirt or denim jacket/coat)
· Hoodies are not permitted in school as either outer coats or as a replacement for the school
jumper or blazer
Girls’ Uniform (in addition to the above):
Boys’ Uniform (in addition to the
The standard school skirt (available from
Rogers’ Menswear)
From September 2015, the only girls trousers
that should be worn are either the two different
styles of standard school trousers (available
from Rogers' Menswear in Herne
Bay). Or, with effect from September 2015,
there will also be an approved list of black
trousers which will be available from other
outlets that girls are welcome to wear, see
· Formal black trousers (not
corduroy, denim jeans, cotton drill or
track suit bottoms)
Plain black shoes and black socks
· Optional ~ The school plain V-neck
black pullover with the school logo be worn under blazers.
· No other jumpers, sweatshirts or
cardigans etc. are permissible
 Style No. T76/3708
Style No. T76/1273P,default,pd.html
Style No. 319/3181/1925/200/1048
This list will be updated accordingly in the event that outlets
change the ranges they offer or indeed if other suitable
trousers become available from other outlets.*
Black shoes with a sensible heel no higher than
5cms (measured from sole to instep)
Black socks must be worn with trousers
Plain black tights or ankle length black socks
may be worn with the school skirt
Optional ~ The school plain V-neck black
pullover with the school logo or the school
cardigan with the school logo can be worn
underneath the school blazer
No other jumpers, sweatshirts or cardigans etc.
are permissible
Girls are permitted to wear discrete make-up.
Extreme hair styles (cut and/or colour), as determined by the Principal, are deemed
inappropriate and hair colour should be within the natural range.
Facial piercing is strictly prohibited, e.g. nose studs, eye brow bars or rings as are visible
For health and safety reasons the wearing of jewellery is not allowed within school
except for a watch and a single discrete stud in each ear.
During the summer term, students are permitted to wear a:
White polo shirt with the School Sports College Logo in place of the formal white shirt,
blazer and tie
Over the polo shirt students may wear any of the following items, and a coat if
School blazer with the school badge
School black fleece tracksuit top (no other tracksuit top or hoodie is acceptable)
School black jumper or girls may wear the school cardigan with badge
Shoes, trousers, skirts, socks and tights are as above
Should students choose not to wear the summer uniform they will be expected to wear their
‘normal’ uniform in accordance with the guidelines listed above.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sanctions for those students who fail to abide by the school’s Uniform Policy
The school follows the Department for Education advice regarding dealing with uniform issues,
and as such should a student breach the school’s uniform policy (see above), this will be seen as
defiance of school rules and a failure to abide by the terms of the Home/School Agreement that
all students and parents/carers signed when they joined the school. As such the student will be
subject to school sanctions, these may include such things as a lunch time detention on the day
of the uniform issue or students may be issued with an after school detention or they may be
removed from their normal classes. In addition, following Department for Education advice, for
serious or repeated breaches of the school’s uniform policy, the student may face exclusion
even if the student does not otherwise display poor behaviour (see
*The clarification regarding what girls' trousers would be acceptable from September 2015 was
communicated to parents/carers by Dr Owen in a letter home on 9th June 2015. In addition all
students had assemblies where the Uniform Policy was discussed over the week beginning 29th
June 2015 and 20th July 2015. In addition this website guidance was updated in June 2015 in
order to give parents/carers and students plenty of time to prepare for the clarified approach.
Bay Bellas Workshop
During the summer term, The Rolling Tones came to HBH to run a workshop with the new girls’ choir,
newly named, Bay Bellas.
The Rolling Tones are an a cappella group from King’s College University in London.
During the workshop, the girls heard a range of performances from The Rolling Tones, considered
harmonies, experienced vocal percussion and then arranged their own choice of song to perform to the group
at the end.
It was a new experience for our students and they enjoyed it immensely.
The Rolling Tones commented on how quickly our students picked things up and how much confidence they
gained during the course of the morning.
Mrs Short (Joint Head of Music)
GCSE Music Trip to The Royal Opera House
On 8th June, students studying GCSE Music visited The Royal Opera House at Covent
Garden in London to see a performance of Don Giovanni by Mozart. The world famous
Tenor, Rolando Villazon (from Popstar to Opera Star) was playing the role of Don Ottavio.
The visit, which normally could cost up to £200 for a single seat was put on especially
for schools, and was subsidised for students by the music department. We were fortunate
to be given seats in the orchestra stalls, which gave an amazing view of the lavish
set and projections close up. Certainly a day to remember.
Miss Reece (Joint Head of Music)
Pfizer ATA Higher Apprenticeship
It was brought to my attention in May, that Pfizer’s in Sandwich would begin taking on applications for new
apprentices. After hearing about Mr and Mrs Goodwin’s experiences of working at Pfizer I kept my eye on the
apprenticeship website, ready for the positions to be made available so that I could apply.
Two days after applying I received a phone call, this was a phone consultation with the company that would be
running the apprenticeship at Pfizer. At the end of the phone call, I was told that my application and details
would now be passed onto Pfizer, and they would decide if they wanted to invite me for an interview.
Two weeks later I was phoned again and invited to an assessment day the following Tuesday. I was sent all the
details that I needed and began planning what to wear and what questions I should ask. I also began
researching about Pfizer, just in case any questions came up about the company.
The following Tuesday, I was taken to the Discovery Park in Sandwich – this is where Pfizer’s is based. I signed
in and was taken through to a conference room in which I would spend the majority of the day. All together
there were 12 applicants, and only 2 of us were girls. We were given an agenda sheet mapping out what we
would be doing throughout the day.
We were given an introduction to the apprenticeship, where we were told that this is the first year that Pfizer
have run a higher apprenticeship course. They explained that alongside working 4 days a week onsite, if we
were successful we would be completing a foundation degree in Chemistry or Life Sciences through The
University of Kent or Manchester Metropolitan University.
We were split into two groups and given a tour of the laboratories in which we could possibly be working from
September. The labs looked like such amazing places to work!
After our tours we were taken back to the meeting room, kept in our two groups and were asked to complete a
group exercise. We were being observed the whole time but it was not difficult to focus on the task we were set.
Next we were given a lunch break where we were joined by some university students who are completing a
sandwich degree. So they were spending their third year of university at Pfizer before finishing their degrees the
following year. This was a really good opportunity to ask questions to people who were a little older than
The last part of the agenda was three separate interviews with people from the three departments that were
offering apprentice positions. The interviews consisted of questions to find out a bit more about myself and
technical questions relevant to each of the three departments. After everyone had completed their interviews,
we were all free to sign out and go home.
Nine days later I was contacted again. This time it was to inform me that I had been successful and had been
offered the apprenticeship; conditional to me achieving my grades. The position would be within the CRD
(Chemical Research and Development) department! I am so proud that I gained my grades and am now
working at Pfizer’s and am ready to start my degree alongside my new job.
The day I found out I had been successful was also the day that I officially signed off from 6 th form. It was the
most perfect way to finish an amazing 7 years at Herne Bay High!
By Rebecca Johnson (Head Girl 2014/15)
Primary School Art day
During the summer term, as part of The
Coastal Schools Art Alliance Partnership, 6th
form Art Leaders at Herne Bay High School
ran an artist themed art day hosted by Herne
Bay Junior School. There were 60 primary
school students from various schools who
took part and all were taught by our 6th form
art leaders how to paint in the style of British
landscape artist Kurt Jackson. The primary
school students all produced a sketchbook of
painting techniques and then created their
own Kurt Jackson style seascape painting.
The day was really successful and highly
creative with lots of expressive pieces of
artwork being produced. Well done to
Charlotte Ashenden, Shona Ryan, Chloe
Alexander, Sophie Barton, Sophia Lateau and
Lucy Gowers who inspired all of the
budding young artists who were there.
Carnegie Reading Group hits the Whitlit
A group of staff and students enjoyed a trip to meet
award winning author, Alan Gibbons, as part of the
Whitstable Literary Festival. Alan is an award winning
author whose books are often borrowed from the LRC,
The Edge and Shadow of the Minotaur being most
popular. The Edge has been borrowed 180 times! The talk
focused on Alan’s new book “Hate” and the true story it
is based upon. Many of us left with a signed copy.
Symphonic Rock at the Royal Albert Hall
The music department took a group of KS3 and KS4 students to hear ‘Symphonic Rock’ performed by
the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall.
This visit came about after some students in Year 9 asked to visit the Royal Albert Hall after seeing a
video clip of the concert hall in class.
It was a fantastic evening, with amazing music and a brilliant laser light display.
Miss Reece (Joint Head of Music)
Year 7 Football team win the District
Cup at the end of the last season
In a thrilling match the Year 7
boys football team beat Simon
Langton 4-2. The victorious team
Harvey Kemp
Harry Parpworth
Ewan Richards
Robson Hulks
Evan Chandler
Reece Waldron
Alfie Eyles
Ryan Neal
Max Ndah
Kieran Stubbs
Will Gladwell
Owen Wickens
Higher Education Convention – University of Kent
A group of 6th Form students attended the Higher Education
Convention at the University of Kent. This event was part of the CEIAG
(Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance) programme for
6th Formers. It aims to open up their thinking to the opportunities that
exist through going to university.
Over 150 exhibitors were at the event offering information and ‘hands
on’ experiences. There were seminars available on how to write a
personal statement, student finance, studying abroad and employability
skills. The students who attended were very appreciative of the ideas
they had been offered and how these might help them make sound
choices when their current courses are completed.
Mrs L Wrigley – 6th Form Manager
The Ten Pound Challenge
For the first time HBHS entered the nationwide competition to find the next generation of budding
entrepreneurs. The Business Studies team signed up to the Tenner Challenge and encouraged students from
Year 7 to 13, who wanted to get a taste of what it’s like to be an entrepreneur, to take part.
Mr Hudson said “It gives students a chance to think of a new business idea and make it happen, using real
money to take calculated risks in the business field, hopefully make a profit and maybe make a difference.”
The basis of the challenge is to come up with a feasible business idea, get it started and make as much money
as possible – all in 4 weeks! There was a greater than expected uptake to the challenge and £10 was given to
each of the 50 students that signed up.
“My friend and I participated in the ten pound challenge in February/March. Our teacher Mr Hudson was the one who
informed us about the challenge being held and gave us information about the activity and how we could sign up. We
came up with the idea of selling phone gadgets such as phone cases and earphones, alongside beauty products such as
bath bombs. This challenge was a great way to socialize with my friends and speak to new people outside my friendship
group. It gave us the chance to create our own mini business which was brought on by our own ideas. For the challenge
we had to try to sell our products to the public and see how much profit we could make from £10. As a group we decided
to sell our products in the school courtyard at lunch. This was a good idea of ours as it allowed us to stick to a certain
target audience and gave us a big group of people to sell our products to. Overall I enjoyed taking part in the £10
challenge as it allowed us to have fun together, earn our own money, and get an insight to what it would be like owning
our own business. I would definitely recommend the £10 challenge as it is easy, fun and a great way of earning some
extra cash :)” Daniella Baker
“Vienna and myself thoroughly enjoyed the experience and in total managed to make £94, leaving us with £74 profit
which we very much look forward to spending. It was a great experience being able to make our own money and we
surprised ourselves with the amount we made. If the project was to be run at our school again, we think it would be a
great idea if business management workshops could be available to the participants, particularly for those who do not
study business. We also think that there could be more advertisement for the project around the school as this would
encourage more people to take part, ensuring it to be more of a friendly competition as there would be more entrants.
Thank you for this opportunity.“ Holly Birkett
Mr Hudson (Head of Work Related Learning)
Performing Arts trip
The boys dance and vocal companies went to see the award winning West End show ‘The Scottsboro Boys’ at the
Garrick Theatre in London. They were lucky enough to have the opportunity to meet some of the cast afterwards for
a question and answer session.
The Scottsboro Boys Theatre Review by Luke Paine: “The Scottsboro boys is a truly magnificent piece of theatre production.
The director, Susan Strotman, puts you through so many different emotions while telling this heart wrenching story. The use of
humour cleverly adds to the deep impact of this serious subject.
The play tells the story of nine black teenagers brought together by fate in a case that sparked the American civil rights
movements which led to two pivotal Supreme Court rulings. Set in South Alabama in 1931, the story starts on a train heading
for Memphis. A fight started between some of the boys and some white men, who were then thrown off the train. The boys’ lives
were turned upside down by two white women who accused them of rape. Hastily arranged trials were made before an all-white
jury sentenced them to death even though there was no evidence and no competent lawyers to represent the boys.
There followed many trials over many years including when one of the women admitted that she had lied and withdrew her
evidence. Eventually they were all released over many years, all except one, who tragically died while still in prison. The story
had gone worldwide and was to be the inspiration for Rosa Parks to take action.
I didn’t have any prior knowledge of the play before going to watch it so I was really shocked when I started to understand the
story. I was honestly astounded by the sheer brilliance of the thought provoking story line. It was great to learn history in a way
that I could understand it through amazing musical numbers, dance and fantastic acting.
The combination of the racial discrimination and the humour in the minstrel show, left me questioning if it was okay to laugh. I
was so moved by the touching story line and empathised with all the boys that I felt bad for laughing. At the end of the show I had
mixed emotions, I wanted to cheer and clap for the amazing and entertaining performance but felt so sad that such injustice had
taken place.
I would personally watch this show over and over again, it’s so moving and inspiring that you just can’t get enough of it. The
singing and dancing is just so uplifting that it makes you want to dance along with them. I would highly recommend this show to
everyone, even if you aren’t a fan of musical theatre you really need to see The Scottsboro Boys. Truly magnificent!”
Drama Showcase 2015
The Drama Showcase was staged for the second time in the summer term. The theme was based around
‘Direction and Time’ which was an exciting stimulus for the Junior Drama Company and KS4 abstract
classwork along with their devised pieces. The junior company used quotes from figures and celebrities to
create their first piece, whilst exploring skills and techniques through workshops. During this Autumn
Term, students will be introduced to the Trestle Mask Company and consider how, through the use of
masks, weird and wonderful short performances can evolve.
Miss Stockley (Drama Teacher)
Girls’ Choir
Herne Bay High has now launched a new singing initiative for girls. Following the success of Boys’ Vocal
Company that started back in September 2014, it was decided that the girls should have their own
platform to show off their skills.
After auditioning, a group of 12 singers was brought together from a range of year groups from Year 9 to
Year 13. Some of the singers have performed before, some were new to it but they all shared an
enthusiasm for singing and music as a whole. The group have been launched as a cappella choir,
meaning the girls sing with no music to accompany them. It is a new experience for many of them and
provides a new challenge. The girls have been involved in creating a name for the group as well.
The first performance was at Mini-Community Awards Evening in June and the choir was very well
Mrs Short (Joint Head of Music)
Kent choices 4 u live – Careers
A group of
Form students attended the
Kent choices4U Live event at the Kent
Showground, Detling. This event was
part of the CEIAG (Careers Education,
Information, Advice and Guidance)
programme for 6th Formers. It aims to
open up their thinking to the
opportunities that exist through
employment and vocational routes, such
as advanced apprenticeships, university
sponsorships and public service careers.
Over 100 exhibitors, including many local
employers, were at the event offering
information and ‘hands on’ experiences.
The students were very appreciative of the
advice they received.
Primary School Dance Festival
BTEC Dance students prepared for and ran our annual
Primary School Dance Festival towards the end of last
term. Each year we invite ten primary schools to
participate in this event which links and engages staff
and students alike. We would like to say a big thank you
to all those involved from; Westmeads Infant School,
Herne Infants and Nursery, Briary, Joy Lane, Whitstable
Endowed, St. Mary’s, Herne Bay Infants, Blean and
Herne Bay Juniors.
The BTEC Dance students teach a one hour workshop to
each primary school involved, they then go back to
school and rehearse and develop their piece of work to
perform it in the Festival within our theatre.
This year our theme for the festival was ‘Around the
World’, exploring and teaching a range of genres to each
school, including Irish, Bollywood, African, Flamenco,
Lindy Hop and Capoeira. Each year the standard of this
work seems to strengthen and raise expectations for the
next! The primary school pupils’ standards of work just
keeps getting better.
The most enjoyable parts, for us as a department, are
watching the students leading the workshops and the
overall sharing of work at the end event, observing our
students working together with the primary school
students and inspiring each other along the way.
It’s a thoroughly enjoyable event to be part of and we
look forward to it each and every year.
Mrs L Wrigley – 6th Form Manager
Miss Thorpe (Teacher of Dance)
Pictures from the Year 11 Prom
Pictures from the Mini Community Awards Evening 2015
Pictures from the Sports Festival 2015

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