Mar 31st, 2014



Mar 31st, 2014
Issue 2 2013-2014
Meadowfield School
April 2014
From The Principal …
Dear Parents and Carers
Welcome to the Spring 2014 edition of our newsletter.
I hope that you enjoy reading about what our pupils are
learning across the school. You will also read about
Mark Pearmain our new Family Liaison Officer, therapy
programmes, pupil premium, safeguarding, how we
support mainstream schools in Swale and much more!
You will be pleased to read Mr Richards’ contribution to
this newsletter. As the leader for Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC)
learning across the school, Mr Richards has written about some of the ways in
which we promote SMSC development, including: school council, assemblies,
our school newspaper and clubs.
In addition to the Meadowfield School newsletter, Governors will soon be
publishing a newsletter which will detail the role of Governors, the
contributions they make to school, the role they play in establishing the
school’s vision and priorities and how Governors monitor and evaluate the
work of the school. Look out for the first edition of the Governor Newsletter
next term.
Do you know about Parent View? Parent View gives you the chance to
express your views about school and the Office for Standards in Education
(OfSTED) will consider your views when inspecting school.
Parent View asks for your opinion on 12 aspects of school, from the quality of
teaching, to dealing with bullying and poor behaviour and by sharing your
views, you can help school to improve.
Please visit:
When you are next in school, please take a minute to view our new
‘Meadowfield Art Gallery’ which is located along the main hallway. Thank you
to Miss Van‘t Riet who created the gallery for the school as an opportunity to
showcase the impressive artwork created by our inspiring pupils.
Sincerely - Jill Palmer
Deputy Principal’s Report
Safeguarding is a wide ranging area including child protection, behaviour
management, Health and Safety and safer recruitment. We have adopted the
KCC policy on Safeguarding and a copy of this can be found on our website or
a copy may be requested from the school office.
I am the lead designated child protection coordinator (DCPC) in school. In
addition, Heads of Department and Mr Pearmain, the Family Liaison Officer,
are also trained DCPC’s. The Governor for safeguarding is Brenda Hammond.
All staff receive safeguarding training every three years in addition to regular
updates, including information on e-safety.
Pupils are encouraged to take responsibility for their own safety. The PSHCE
curriculum addresses a range of safety issues including: personal safety,
safety in the home and sexual safety. Pupils are made aware of e-safety and
special, whole school safety days have been organised where a range of
community workers put on demonstrations and talks for pupils. Information on
Childline is displayed in school and pupils are aware that they can go to a
member to staff if they have a worry.
Our Behaviour Management Policy emphasises a positive response to
behaviour. All Key Stages have systems in place to reward pupils for good
behaviour, these include: reward charts, first this/then that cards, visual
timetables Pupils are encouraged to take responsibility for their behaviour and,
if appropriate, are involved in developing class rules.
Where poor behaviour does occur, this is dealt with at the time by the staff
involved. Where behaviour is challenging, this is recorded on behaviour
analysis charts and the observations assist in developing appropriate
interventions and support for pupils behaviour.
Pupil behaviour towards each other is good and pupils work together across
Key Stages in some joint projects. Where incidents of bullying are reported
this is dealt with through discussion with the pupils involved and with parents if
In Term 5 an External Consultant will be conducting a safeguarding review.
This review will include observation of the pupils, discussion with senior
leaders, governors and pupils and a check on our policies and procedures.
This review will enable us to identify areas we need to develop in regard to
Deputy Principal
Ms G Hurstfield
Hello… name is Lisa Candy and I am delighted to be the new Deputy Principal
at Meadowfield School and am getting to know all the pupils and staff.
Some of my key areas of responsibility include monitoring pupil progress
including how we are using our Pupil Premium funding and working with staff
to develop the curriculum in line with the changes being implemented in
September 2014.
Deputy Principal’s Report
How well are pupils achieving?
Our core purpose as a school is to ensure that every pupil reaches his or her
full potential and is supported to develop into a confident, resilient and as
independent a young adult as possible. To achieve this we are setting
challenging and aspirational but realistic targets. Progress toward targets is
monitored each term through close analysis of the progress data and
detailed discussions in pupil progress meetings. This close monitoring
enables extra support to be put in place quickly. Over the course of this
academic year pupil progress, particularly in reading and maths, has
increased with the majority of pupils on track to achieve their end of year and
end of Key Stage targets.
Information on Achievement and Progress can be found on the website
under Key Information. If you have any concerns regarding the progress your
child please speak to the class teacher or subject teacher in the first instance
but if you have further concerns please do contact me.
Pupil Premium funding – what is it?
Pupil premium is Government Funding paid to schools to reduce the
attainment gap between specific vulnerable groups and their peers. These
groups are pupils entitled to free school meals at any time during the last 6
years, pupils who have been in Local authority care for 6 months or more
and pupils of parents serving in the Armed Forces. At Meadowfield School
our data is showing that pupils entitled to pupil premium funding are
achieving as well as or better than their peers.
How are we using our Pupil Premium funding?
In line with the guidance from the Department for Education Pupil Premium
Champion we are using the pupil premium funding to support whole school
interventions and specific strategies to improve progress for identified groups
of pupils.
continued …..
Deputy Principal
Mrs L Candy
Deputy Principal’s Report
How are we using our Pupil Premium funding? (continued)
Whole school strategies include the implementation of Numicom, Sounds write
and Letters and Sounds as strategies to improve progress in number and
reading; the mid-year data is showing a significant improvement in pupil
progress across the school. Some of the group strategies include Dynamo
Maths, an ICT based Maths programme, Spellwise - an additional phonics and
writing programme, Challenger Troop - a uniformed youth leadership, team
building and engagement programme. Some of the individual strategies
include specific sensory equipment, iPads, reading resources and further
specific resources to support literacy. The details of the interventions are
available to see on the website.
Does my child qualify for pupil premium?
If you receive any of the following support payments your child may be entitled
to free school meals:
Income Support
Income based Jobseekers Allowance.
Income related Employment and Support Allowance
The guaranteed element of State Pension Credit.
Child Tax Credit ( providing you are not also entitled to Working Tax Credit
and have an annual gross income of no more than £16,900)
Working Tax Credit run-on – paid 4 weeks after you stop qualifying for
Working Tax Credit.
Universal credit.
Application forms are available from the school office.
Registering your child for free school meals does not mean your child has to
take a school meal, but does enable them to access a range of additional
resources and support. If you have any questions regarding eligibility for free
school meals, or support with applying, please contact our Family Liaison
Officer, Mark Pearmain, who will be happy to help. Mark can be contacted by
phone via the school office, email [email protected], or directly
through the website.
I am looking forward to continuing to get to know all the pupils and to meeting
with you all over the coming weeks.
Deputy Principal
Mrs L Candy
Secondary Department News
Learning Walk
In January the Secondary Department arranged a Learning Walk. This was a
chance for the team to look at current practice, celebrate what we do well and
look at what we can improve. During the two day event pupils, Governors and
staff had the chance to observe our learning environments, lessons and break
and lunch times. I am pleased to say that the Governors and the Leadership
Team were impressed with what they observed and could see that the majority
of pupils are making good progress in their learning. Pupils come into school
quickly and are ready to work immediately. The pupils and staff are respectful
to each other and, when out at break and lunch times, pupils interact well
together. The pupils asked for more break time activities; we are looking into
this. The pupils said they liked coming to school and they feel safe at school.
Some areas for development were highlighted and these include:
more areas to display pupils’ work,
improved signage around the school,
changes to the layout of the KS3 and KS4 areas,
development of a new library area,
the creation of a new reward system, and
development of the curriculum to bring it in line with the new National
Challenger Troop
Ten pupils have been working with the Challenger Troop for one day each
week and they have just completed phase one of the training. They are all
very enthusiastic about the programme and are keen to share what they have
learnt when they return to school. As part of the programme the Troop had an
overnight stay at a Ministry of Defence site in Folkestone. Pupils and staff all
took part in various activities which included map reading, first aid, cooking and
laser battles and everyone learnt some new skills.
New Timetables
The structure of the school day is changing so that timetables will allow for 6
lessons across the day instead of the current 5. Secondary lunch will now start
at 12.10pm until 1.00pm; there will be more lunch time clubs for pupils.
Department News
Three members of staff are leaving Meadowfield this term - Heidi Alexander,
Teacher, Tom Holden, Teaching Assistant, and Kelly White, Teaching
We say a fond farewell to these friends and colleagues and I am sure you will
join me in wishing all of them all the very best for their new ventures.
Assistant Principal
Head of Secondary Department
Mr A Clements
6th Form News
Earlier this term we were notified that we were to have a full ASDAN Audit.
ASDAN is the 6th Form’s main life skills awarding body; most of our life skills
achievements are accredited through them. In a full audit an examiner
comes to school for a day to scrutinise all our policies and procedures, to
check student work and to ensure that, as a school, we consistently reach
the quality standard required. The good news is - we passed with flying
colours, receiving a very positive report with no action points! “Well done” to
Mrs Butcher and all the staff who contributed to this achievement.
School Song/ Teddington Visit
Students in the 6th Form are currently leading a project involving pupils from
both the Primary and Secondary phases of the school; the students and
pupils are coming together on a Tuesday afternoon to rehearse for a
performance, singing and signing the school song together, ready for a trip
to the Normansfield Theatre in Teddington at the end of April. The big
performance will take place there, on stage, in the beautiful Victorian theatre
attached to the Langdon Down Centre and Museum of Learning Disability.
Those attending will be filmed in order for them to share their adventures
with everyone at a whole school assembly following the visit. The 6th
formers are showing their leadership skills through a buddy system of
support and have been excellent at helping the younger pupils learn their
signs and feel secure.
Work Experience
6th Form students have been out to work experience this term. Every
Wednesday they have been working at various local businesses and
organisations who generously offer these opportunities to our young people
to enable them to have an experience of “real” work. Some of our young
people have had outstanding reports, including one which said “Martin is the
best work experience student we have had from any school”. This is an
important part of the work we do and we would also thank all the local
businesses and organisations who support us.
Head of 6th Form
Mr D Dalton
Early Years Foundation Stage
Department News
Since our last newsletter children in Rabbits and Squirrels have been busy
working on their topic of Favourite Rhymes and Stories. They had a visit from
Ann Pilcher of the Libraries Service who led a lovely story time session. She
engaged the children with sensory stories which allowed them to explore the
sounds and textures associated with the stories.
In class activities the children were immersed in storytelling and rhymes to
help them experience and develop the language of story. Parents were
invited to share in a story telling session which was thoroughly enjoyed by
We have now started our topic of ‘Spring’ and thankfully have had some
beautiful weather to support it. Children have been busy exploring the garden
for buds and flowers, learning about flower parts and life cycles and planting
On the theme of learning outdoors we now have new storage for our outdoor
resources; this will enable children to further develop exploration and enquiry
skills alongside their physical development.
Head of Early Years
Foundation Stage
Mrs C Cardosi
The Year of the Horse
Honey Bees have been learning about Chinese
New Year …….
Honey Bees News
Children helped to make a dragon head and
wear the head.
We practiced moving up and down like a
dragon and danced to Chinese music.
Teacher in Charge
A Howe
Teacher in
Mrs A Howe
Do you have a child with
additional learning needs?
Do you need help and advice on play
activities and learning?
Honey Bees nursery are running free stay
and play sessions for parents and their
children. Days of sessions vary according
to your child’s needs.
Sessions will be held at
Honey Bees Nursery,
Swanstree Avenue, Sittingbourne
ME10 4NL
Cold refreshments will be available at a minimal
For more information or to book a place
Please contact
ANGELA HOWE 01795 477788
Curriculum news
When we returned from the Christmas break our topic was European
Countries. The children had a great time making passports and ‘visiting’
different countries. We learnt about the language, food, culture and
traditional clothing of a variety of European countries.
Primary Department News
In Term 4 we have been focusing on the European country that we live in Britain. We have been learning all about famous British landmarks, artists,
authors, the diversity of cultures in Britain, our changing landscape,
indigenous wildlife the Royal Family and British celebrities.
Changes, updates and improvements …..
At the beginning of Term 4 the Leadership Team, together with our External
Advisor and School Governors, undertook a Learning Walk of the
Department. This took the form of lesson observations, a scrutiny of pupils
work, a review of our thematic curriculum, teaching & learning, progress,
behaviour, the learning environment and listening to pupils’ views.
Here are some quotes from the report: “Standards in the Primary
Department are good and now ready to move to outstanding because, as a
result of better teaching and learning, pupils are making better and more
rapid progress in their learning.” The work of Mrs Alderdice, our Reading
and Phonics Manager, was also positively acknowledged in the statement:
“The impact of literacy interventions is outstanding and there is a clear link
to the rapid progress that pupils receiving these interventions make in
literacy and numeracy.”
In the coming months we will be striving to achieve ‘outstanding standards ’
in all areas.
Special acknowledgements …..
….to all the parents and carers who came to share an afternoon with their
child in class. The open afternoons were, again, a huge success and I would
like to thank all the staff for facilitating this opportunity.
I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank all the
department staff & pupils for their tireless work and efforts which resulted in
a very positive Learning Walk outcome.
We say a sad ’good bye’ to Natasha Mitchell who is moving on after Easter
and wish her every success in her new post.
Finally, I hope you have a wonderful Easter break and I look forward to
seeing all the children again when we return on Tuesday 22 April.
Head of Primary Department
Mrs D Driscoll
As the Family Liaison Officer, I am here to offer support and advice to Parents/
Carers, children and their families.
I work closely with Housing, Benefits and voluntary services to ensure that you
get the best possible support for your family.
I deal with attendance and attendance issues too, so if you have any questions
about your child’s attendance contact me directly and I will be happy to help.
Family Liaison Officer
I am available most mornings at the front of the school to meet and greet
Parents/Carers and offer guidance with any queries or issues that may have
arisen. Where possible, I will try to deal with any queries directly, but if more
appropriate I will signpost to other local services.
I will help you and your family in any way I can, so call me for a chat or pop
along to the school; my door is always open.
You can contact me by calling the school on 01795 477788, or come in to
reception and ask to see me. If I’m available I will see you straight away, if I’m
busy dealing with something else, then our Receptionist will be happy to make
an appointment for you to see me.
Our recent survey:
Some of you were a little confused about how the school makes sure that your
child is well prepared for the future. This is something that we take very
seriously here at Meadowfield. Apart from ensuring that every child makes
progress in learning, we help children prepare for all kinds of change, for
Changing year group and class
Having a new teacher
Changing key stage
School trips and outings
Leaving school
Going to college or work.
We do this in a number of ways and by tailoring to each child’s needs; we use
signs and symbols, social stories and taster sessions. We work very hard, using
the knowledge we have about each individual pupil to ensure that each transition
or change goes as smoothly and worry free as possible. Our staff will go along
with pupils to introduce them to new situations, places or people.
We support them every step of the way, so that they are well
prepared for the future.
Family Liaison Officer
Mr M Pearmain
Hello ….
I am Yve Cherry, the M.O.V.E. and Mobility Coordinator for school. I
work closely with the Physio Therapists and Occupational Therapists to
support class teams to carry out therapy programmes. I also work with
small groups of pupils on sensory integration programmes. I am a
trainer for manual handling and I write the risk assessments and give
advice for all manual handling and use of hoists in the school. I also
train new staff. Along with other colleagues I am trained in Rebound
Therapy; a form of exercise therapy which uses trampolines to provide
therapeutic exercise and recreation for pupils.
M.O.V.E. and Mobility
M.O.V.E. - Movement Opportunities Via Education
M.O.V.E. teaches functional skills for sitting, standing and
walking. I am a trainer for M.O.V.E. and we now have a
group of staff in school who will be taking forward the
M.O.V.E ethos. We are introducing M.O.V.E.
groups in addition to integrating movement
opportunities into the daily curriculum.
At present we have one M.O.V.E. graduate; Dean has
completed the M.O.V.E. programme and now is
independently mobile. I am looking forward to graduating
more pupils when they meet their individual targets.
I am also involved in maintaining hydro
programmes including working with the
Speech and Language Therapist in
delivering therapy in the pool.
M.O.V.E. and Mobility
Mrs Y Cherry
In September 2013 I joined the staff of Meadowfield School in the role of
Inclusion and Outreach Manager for the Swale Specialist Teaching and
Learning Service (STLS).
Specialist Teaching and
Learning Service (STLS)
The STLS from Meadowfield School work in partnership with schools by
supporting pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) in
mainstream schools across the Swale District. We provide high quality
advice, support and training on all aspects of Special Educational Needs
(SEN) and aim to support inclusion and improve learning outcomes for
children with Special Educational Needs and Disability.
Schools and settings can access the service via the weekly Local Inclusion
Forum Team (LIFT) meetings. At the meeting, access to other schools’
experiences and expertise, educational psychology and specialist teacher
advice and support is available. Where appropriate, direct support is given to
schools enabling staff to successfully include children and young people with
SEND in accessing the curriculum at an appropriate level. During LIFT
meetings discussions around whole school issues and training needs can lead
to additional support.
We have worked closely with MIDAS (Meadowfield Inclusion Development
and Support centre) to deliver a wide variety of training for parents and school
staff, for example:
Early Bird Training; this has been successful in supporting
families and allowing parents and school staff to train alongside
each other in supporting the needs of children.
SENCO Conferences; we invited Swale School SENCOs to join
together to access Local Services, workshops and listen to
messages from outside speakers on new Government legislation.
We are currently in the process of organising a similar conference
for Early Years practitioners in Swale.
Initial Teacher Training in SEN; we recently completed training in
ASD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Behaviour Management for
students from Canterbury Christchurch University College which
was well received.
Several Specialist Teachers are involved in the “Think Right Feel Good”
project involving multi-sensory impaired students from Meadowfield School
and other District Schools across Kent. Recent evaluations show a marked
improvement in confidence and well-being of these young people as the year
Finally, we are now well established at our nearby base - Orchards - where we
are able to meet colleagues from Speech and Language Therapy, Portage,
Educational Psychology and the Disabled Children’s Team and Paediatricians
on a daily basis. This aspect of multi agency working is really helping to
provide a seamless service for the children and young people we support.
Inclusion and Outreach
Mrs C Charnock
Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Learning
Since November we have been changing the way that the school provides
opportunities for pupils to engage with each other. There are often questions
asked by parents about what happens to children when they leave school. It is
our responsibility as parents and educators to ensure our pupils have the
opportunities to develop independence, self-help and social skills for
becoming responsible citizens.
At Meadowfield, I believe we all have a responsibility to improve the pupil and
students attitude to life and shape them in dealing with moral dilemmas,
develop a sense of self pride, spiritual fulfilment and have open minds to other
people we encounter in the community.
Spiritual, Moral, Social
and Cultural Learning
School Council
To develop this in school we have been working on developing the pupils’
voice by starting a new School Council. Each class had a representative
elected in to the Early Years and Primary, Secondary or Sixth Form councils.
These councils meet once a term and discuss ideas on how to improve their
school and what else they’d like us to try and develop. From these three
councils we then asked the members to elect ten pupils onto the whole School
Council which takes every child’s needs into consideration. A selection of the
whole School Council recently met the Governors and explained what they
had been working on.
We have changed the way that assemblies are run, now having whole school
assemblies and separate departments to create a stronger sense of school
community. During these assemblies we have been learning the signs for a
school song (voted by pupils); it is Katy Perry’s “Roar”, although we may end
up developing a range of songs to sign and sing along to!
Pupils have stated in their council meetings that they wanted the opportunity
to share news with each other rather than just in the newsletter. Secondary
and sixth form pupils and students have been creating articles for this and
hopefully they will finish it just in time for Easter!
Lunch time and after-school Clubs
To aid pupils to improve confidence and make friends, we are beginning to
expand our lunchtime club provision in the Secondary Department. This will
be trialled in Term 5 and then we will explore opportunities to develop this
further. Secondary pupils have expressed an interest in clubs for Makaton
signing, trading cards, X-Box, Sensory, cooking and choir, amongst others.
We are also looking at creating clubs for after school; more details will follow
about these in due course and we will be asking for parents and carers views.
SMSC Lead Teacher
Mr G Richards
Rowing Competition
Meadowfield School entered a Rowing
Competition at the Medway Park. The boys and
girls all worked very hard; the boys were highly
commended, Margaret won Gold and Abbi won
Well done to all of them!!
Sports Relief
Everyone took turns cycling around the playground on Sports
Relief Day.
Joshua raised £48.20 in a
Sponsored silence; he didn’t
speak all day!!
Janine and Alisha raised £46.20; they “stepped” all day - they
were very tired by the end of the day!!
The total amount raised for Sports Relief was an amazing £327.42.
Thank you to everyone who supported the day’s events.
Some of the students in the 6th Form have been handling exotic animals as part of their ASDAN course.
As you can see from the photos, they have all thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
Pets As Therapy
We are working with Pets As Therapy, a
national charity which was founded in 1983,
and we are pleased to share with you that
Meadowfield’s Pets As Therapy programme is
now established.
On Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday and Friday mornings pupils are
supported by either Tessa (Bearded Collie) or
Freddie (Bearded Collie) with Mrs Feast or
Dylan (Springer Spaniel) with Miss Van‘t Riet.
There are many benefits to our Pets As
Therapy programme and these include:
increasing pupil confidence, increasing the willingness to communicate and interact with others,
developing a greater sense of well-being and developing the ability to trust. Class Teachers
nominate pupils to take part in the programme depending upon their individual needs and, of course,
we seek parents’ permission. All Pets As Therapy dogs have passed a special assessment to
determine that they have a suitable temperament to support children in school.
Once again the Primary Department took part in the sign2sing event
in February. They learnt to sing and sign a new song; Get Up and
Sign. The event took place in the school hall and the pupils really
enjoyed singing and signing together. We are proud to be part of this
record breaking event.
Sing Up Assembly
Friday 14th March was National Sing Up day. The Primary and
Secondary Departments all attended a special assembly where they
sang a number of songs and a song especially written for the day,
the Big Song. There were performances from Jam Club, and S4 gave us their version of Eye of the
World Book Day
On World Book Day, pupils from primary and secondary departments met with each other to read and
share books. Older and younger pupils interacted beautifully together; the enjoyment they had is clearly
evidenced in the photos below. Pupils and adults alike loved the morning, so much so that it has been
decided that this should be repeated on a termly basis.
Useful Information and Contacts
School to Home
We use the “Home Connect”
system to contact parents/carers
in cases of emergency - for
example, if the school is closed.
Important or urgent information
can be shared with you via a text
message or an e-mail.
In order to receive text message
updates, please ensure that we
have the correct, and current,
mobile number for the first
priority contact held on our
records. Please let us know if the
mobile number we hold for you
has changed. It would also be
very useful to have an e-mail
address for sharing nonemergency information, such as
Newsletters, trip letters etc.
Up to date information is always
posted on our website:
Term Dates
Term 4 2014
Term begins............ Mon 24 February
Term ends ............... Fri 4 April
Term 5 2014
Term begins............ Tue 22 April
Bank Holiday ........ Mon 5 May
Term ends ............... Fri 23 May
Term 6 2014
School Closed ........ Mon 2 June
Term begins............ Tue 3 June
Term ends ............... Wed 23 July
Staff Development Days
still to be advised
Term 1 2014
Term begins............ Wed 3 September
Term ends ............... Fri 24 October
Term 2 2014
Term begins............ Mon 3 November
Term ends ............... Fri 19 December
Term 3 2015
Term begins............ Mon 5 January
Term ends ............... Fri 13 February
Term 4 2015
Term begins............ Mon 23 February
Term ends ............... Wed 1 April
Term 5 2015
Term begins............ Mon 20 April
Bank Holiday ........ Mon 4 May
Term ends ............... Fri 22 May
Term 6 2015
Term begins............ Mon 1 June
Term ends ............... Fri 24 July
Things you need to know ....
How You Contact Us …
Contact details for Meadowfield School
are as follows:
01795 477788 and
choose one of the
following options -
Option 1 ......... Report child absence
Option 2 ......... Finance
Option 3 ......... Personnel/Payroll
Option 4 ......... Main School Office
Option 5 ......... MIDAS Centre
Option 6 ......... Clerk to the Governors
Fax:................. 01795 477771
E Mail:
[email protected]
Please remember it is the
responsibility of parents/carers
providers when
your child is
school after absence. Failure
to do so may mean your child
is not picked up for school.
Any problems or concerns you
have regarding your child’s
transport arrangements should
be directed to the KCC
Transport Integration office on
01622 605761.
If you need to collect your
child from school early for a
medical appointment please
School Office
so that we can
him/her to be
ready for you.
that any such
requests must
be made by a
For non-urgent messages, please use
your child’s Homework or Home/School
contact book and a member of staff will
respond as soon as possible.
The Chair of Governors, or any other
Governor, may be
contacted via the Clerk
in the School Office.
How We Contact
You …
Please ensure that you advise us
immediately of any changes to your
address or telephone number(s) –
including mobile phone numbers as these
are very often the easiest way for us to
contact you. Please also ensure that the
contact details we have for friends and
family are kept up to date, and that these
contacts are happy for us to call them if
we need to when we are unable to
contact you.
If your child
from school,
we ask that
you contact
the school
office on the
first day of
absence and inform us of the
reason. We are required, by
attendance records for all
students and notification of
absence must be given by a
parent or carer. Bus drivers
and escorts may pass on
written absence notes on your
behalf, however, please do not
ask them to pass on verbal
messages as this is not
sufficient to authorise the
absence. We are very grateful
for your co-operation in this
All schools are required, under
Section 29 of the Education
Act 2002, to have in place a
procedure to deal with
complaints relating to the
school and any community
facilities or services that the
school provides. The law also
requires the procedure to be
If you have any reason to
make a complaint, please, in
the first instance, contact us to
discuss the matter.
Should you require a copy of
the Meadowfield School
Complaints Procedure, this is
available from the School
Please consider the environment and think about reading
future Meadowfield Newsletters electronically.
The Newsletter is always published on our website:
If you would like to receive your newsletter by email, please
complete the form below and return it to the school office.
To: School Office
Please send me my newsletter by email in future
Name ……………………………………………………………..
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Meadowfield School
Charity Boot Fair
Charity Number 285436
Swanstree Avenue, Sittingbourne. ME10 4NL
Saturday 5th April 2014
Sellers from 9.00a.m
Open to the public from 10.00am –12.00
Refreshments available – Tea/Coffee & Bacon Rolls
Pre Booked Pitch £5.00 per car/£10.00 per van
Pitches available on the day - £7.00 per car/£12.00
per van

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